4610/Must be Monday

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Must be Monday
Date of Scene: 05 January 2021
Location: Main Room - Titan's Tower
Synopsis: Caitlin and Kate mull ove the Dopple Problem
Cast of Characters: Kate Bishop, Caitlin Fairchild

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate is in the middle of the Main Room, her customized tablet for the building in her hand as she stares at the large screen. Not bothering to sit and drink caffiene for once while she is working.

Up on the screen are all of the sensors, security system readouts, and internal camera feeds. "Hm." she is musing to herself. "Okay... so Dopplegangers.. no way to know.. and Nadia locks herself in the lab after claiming this. I mean.... if anyone is smart enough to build a dimensional bridge and escape a bad dimension with mustache twirling.. it would be a Nadia dopple." she is also glancing through back footage to try to see if there has been anything suspicious since Nadia's t-comm message.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
"I'm going to assume Nadia's ... Nadia," Caitlin says, from her chair. She's got a tablet pulled up as well, and a furrowed brow to express her frustration with the situation at hand. "She didn't break the security protocols, she just logged through them correctly. I think this might be a bit of her bipolar disorder feeding her paranoia, but I don't think she's gone full darkside."

Caitlin drums her fingers on the tablet. "Unfortunately, all of our password protocols have biometric-based bypasses. We had to do that when Gar kept forgetting his login privileges and accidentally triggered a War Simulation lockdown. So theoretically, anyone from the... alt-verse, could just request a password override with their biometrics."

A pensive look crosses her face. "I think I'm just about the only person who couldn't have a doppleganger, but there's no way to know that for sure. In fact, it'd be the sort of thing you'd expect a doppleganger to say."

Kate Bishop has posed:
"I mean... it sounds like that dimension was .. is a hellscape of a post apocalyptic crap world. I'd kinda assume most of us younger ones probably wouldn't have even been born or survived to cause superhero trouble... so Nadia if from there might just be a super smart troubled teen but not like.. shrinky dinks."

Kate reaches blindly and picks up her can of soda and sips it. "Of course yeah the biometrics fucks with everything if they are actually identical. I mean... I am tempted to ask Nadia if she can just build us up a background raditation or dimensional energy reader." pauses "Though that might just flag everyone who has done dimensional travel... would Rae's demon dream dad fight count I wonder.... I imagine your trip with the others counts..." big sigh.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Caitlin winces at Kate's casual foul language. "I had a similar idea and already ran into that dead end," she tells Kate. "I had an idea about measuring radiation emissions but I don't think it'd work. Carbon dating's too broad a measure and particle half-life decay normalizes too quickly. I could tell you /if/ someone's been through a dimensional rift lately, but there's no way to use it to tell who is or isn't from here natively. About the only thing we can rely on is like, shared personal experiences. But so much of that's on YouTube or archived here that we can't know for sure it won't get compromised the longer the clones-- dopplegangers-- are here."

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate didn't even notice the wince or the fact she casually sweore like that. I mean she usually tries to not make Caitlin flinch, but when she is stressed or tired she slips up more. The whole paranoia of this sitch has her pretty stressed.

"That was what I was saying.. just less um.. scientific. Too many of us have probably been through portals recently. I imagine Vorps rabbitholes might even mess that up because if I believe that cat we are going through Wonderland or something. For the record not sure I believe him though."

"Well unless they knock one of us out though they shouldn't have the T-Comm assigned to us right... what about that angle?"

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
"Right," Caitlin says. "Except for all the spares in the monitor room. And in storage. And the tech rooms." An apologetic, wry expression crosses her face. "Sorry, that sounded mean. T-comms have the same problem, everything can be bypassed with biometric encoding."

"We don't have a lot of options here except to be super vigilant and try to catch our ... evil twins up on a verbal mistake. Even two-factor authentication won't work because we have no way of knowing how deeply they've infiltrated. For gosh' sake, we don't even know they don't have some low-level telepathy or something. ZZGU had a strong psychic hold on people. For all I know they can scan our brains and pull whatever thoughts they want out of us."

Kate Bishop has posed:
"Well I know for one this whole thing is giving me a headache." she carries her tablet and soda over to the couch and throws herself onto it curling up against one of the arms. Leaving all the feeds running on the screen for now.

"That last bit is disturbing." then she pauses "Though if one replaces my dad I am unsure I would be able to tell an evil version from the normal ruthless tycoon." she is joking, mostly. "So what do we know so far... have their been problems?" god knows we don't do AARs in the Titans so she isn't aware of any attacks yet.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
"I figure we'll hear about it on Twitter before we see it anywhere else," Caitlin admits. "'Film Star Gar Logan Turns Into Elephants, Rampages Through Midtown'. Let's face it, a lot of the good work we do looks /really/ bad in the right light. If you wreck a couple buildings stopping Toyman, the right reporter looking for the right angle can cost us a lot of money."

"Kara's really the only one we know for sure isn't compromised. What we need to be doing is... very quietly, I think, start thinking of ways to interrogate each other. And we do it one at a time, with the sort of questions that only we--" she gestures at the Tower-- "would readily know the answer to. So think about what you know about me, or Nadia, or Siobhan or Nightwing, and I guess try to think of ways to trip up someone who didn't experience it all firsthand?"

Kate Bishop has posed:
"My main concern with this plan is if I trip up anyone you just listed I could be atomized.. well except Nightwing he would just sink me in the bay if he was an evil dopple... but evil Siobhan would just suck my soul out with a curly straw Caitlin." she leans back popping her neck.

"I can probably clear Karolina with this method. The rest of the stuff I know about most of the team would be in the archived footage." she frowns. "It would be so easy to just have the tower serve up all the footage of any one of us to watch privately and learn so damn much."

"Oh hey Karolina or Supergirl could clear me I imagine no problem... though honestly my dopple would probably just 86 me and take my life back home and not deal with Titans ever again."

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
"Yeah, I'm not exactly sure how we'd deal with Siobhan," Caitlin admits, uncomfortably. "Or Nadia, for that matter, but that's falling under 'Can't do anything about it, so don't worry about it'. If she's compromised, it's already too late, and if she's not, then she's the person best suited for stopping her. Herself. Her alt self."

Caitlin sighs. "I think I've got an idea or two forming but I can't really talk about it. I think I'm gonna have to spring it on everyone as a surprise, and ... well, I hope you know not to take it personally," she apologizes, getting to her feet. "If this works though, I think we can at least check some names off the list, and as we eliminate possible intruders we can focus ourselves a bit more effectively on who possibly /is/ a threat."

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate smirks a bit. "Not going to take anyone being squirrelly right now the wrong way.. this is wild." she peers at her tablet. "Also not going to be insulted by people not trusting me until we can get this sorted out further. Just don't expect me to make accusations about anyone to anyone but Supergirl right now sicne too many of you could throw me through a building if I ahah'd! you alone right?"

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Caitlin pauses. "Kara I know for sure is safe," she reassures Kate. "I want to think Kori, too, but ZZGU's influence is pretty hard to overstate. My... dad, wouldn't have been around in this reality, since the government collapsed, but it'd be best not to just take my word for it," she concedes. "But everyone else, there's... there's just too many possibilities. Meanwhile I'm gonna do what Nadia's doing, and see if I can come up with a solution that can't be easily controverted."

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate tilts her head and peers over at Caitlin then nods. "Okay I'll see about being cleared then and then I will go clear Karolina. If I am reduced to sparkly galaxy dust everyone mourn me and hunt down the evil rainbow princess though okay?"

She scoops up her tablet and rolls to her feet now flicking the controls to kill the monitor and log herself out of all the feeds she had up on it so no one pulls it out of sleep and sees all that info.

"Good luck Cait lemme know if you need anything."