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Misfit Is A Good Fit
Date of Scene: 05 January 2021
Location: Historic Clocktower - Training Facility
Synopsis: Stephanie visits the Clocktower while Charlie is training. Charlie learns her identity.
Cast of Characters: Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe, Stephanie Brown

Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe has posed:
Today was very long.

First Day of School.

Not like first day back from Christmas Break. Nope. First Day Of New School after dropping out and being homeless for the better part of a year.

It also didn't go very well. The private school Babs enrolled her in is for rich kids. The extra privacy and ability to get her in with almost no questions asked and transcript fudging is a feature when trying to place a kid you aren't officially the Guardian of and get her an education. But God Help Charlie she is not PRivate School Material. She may not be public school material either to be fair.

So yeah. Hard Day.

Right now she is winging bat-a-rangs at the target board with unusual vigor trying to work out teen angst.


Stephanie Brown has posed:
The door to the training area opens and Stephanie Brown strolls in. She's been absent from the training room for awhile, forgoing physical training for other types. With good reason. A severe beatdown by Bane that was finally ended by Steph hitting that 'Emergency' button in her cowl's heads up display that she hadn't been brief on yet.

Good button, as it summoned Supergirl, who after getting nowhere hitting him, flew Bane into the upper atmosphere until he passed out from lack of oxygen.

The whole matter left Stephanie with a mess of bruises, making Christmas not the happy holiday it was meant to be, thought thankfully they had faded enough by New Years to be able to wear a borrowed dress of Barbara's to the Wayne charity gala.

Now, Steph is dressed in some yoga pants and a sweatshirt, looking as if she's ready to get back into the physical training. "Hey Charlie," she says, flashing the younger teen a smile. Stephanie eyes where the last, hard-flung batarang ended up. "You look like you are... letting off some steam?"

Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe has posed:
Charlie isn't even aware of the Bane problem or Stephanie's beat down. Lot of things around here she isn't aware of. Who Stephanie is ..well that is one of them.

Another bat-a-rang is hurled into the target board THUNK with verve and pretty darn good aim honestly. Then the teen jumps a bit when her name is called, she wasn't really expecting anyone tonight between dinner and homework o-clock before any chance to patrol.

She turns "School was GREAT..." then she freezes mouth opening then closing. There is a couple of owlish blinks and then she tilts her head totally derailed. "Uh." very articilate. "..." eyes narrowed. She looks Stephanie over. Not Orphan. "mmmm" god she may never make a good dectective. Of course there are a lot of birds in the roost, and some other blondes. The voice though. Still if she asks the other young woman if she is XYZ.. would that count as imperiling XYZ... guh.

Batwoman's last lesson is really messing the kid up tonight about opening her mouth and assumptions and secrets.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown walks over to Charlie, watching as the latest missile whirls through the air into the target. "Nice one," she says. "These things are a pain to make yourself and have them come out aerodynamic, let me tell you," she says, picking one up and examining it closely. Something she's done many times, though not yet tried (again) to make one herself.

Stephanie turns and throws it, sailing it into the middle of the target and burying the sharp edge into the wood. "I'm Stephanie," she offers. "I figure it's probably time to let you in on that. Formerly Spoiler. From the bank. Though I'm Batgirl now," she says. She reaches out, offering her hand. "Good to finally meet face to face like this."

Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe has posed:
The redhead turns her head watching it sail along and slam into the target there. "Nice.. and yeah I totally got some from a pawn shop in Gotham and a couple off ebay before I started. I am pretty sure the pawnshop had a real one the other two were horrible.... I didn't really have materials to even try making them." she mms picking one up as rambles "These though are all so uniform and perfect..."

The revelation earns a deep breath and a slow exhale and then she grins and shoves her hand into your hand enthusiastically. "Woah.. you are .. like way younger than I would have guessed." is that a compliment "Uh.. Charlie.." pause "Which you said and knew... I kind of thought you might be Spoiler .. or Batgirl.. the hair but.. " she thinks before she blurts about wigs. "Looks can be... um decieving... and I've been told to keep my mouth shut and not make assumptions by one of the older bats."

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie gives Charlie's hand a hard shake before letting it go. "Thank you, I'll take that as a compliment," she says with a warm laugh. "And that's some good advice. People's identities is a pretty big deal. The more people that know, the more risk our loved ones can be in. Even if none of us would ever intentionally reveal something? There's ways of getting information."

The blond moves over to lean against one of the tables that has equipment setting out on it. "But I also know what it's like to be in the dark. I didn't have the easiest path getting here. And I can tell you're heart is in the right place. A lot like I was at your age," Stephanie says. Then laughs. "Which the others might not say as a compliment, but really. I'm glad to have you with us," Stephanie says.

Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe has posed:
"Yeah... I asked her if she was married to batman or his sister. She did not take that well at all." she shakes her head very sadly. "So I figured I should waitr for you to explain.. though it was hard not just blurting out my theory." she admits it at least.

"That is what she said.. that anything I do could give away everyone.. that we are all interconnected and I am being trusted with way more than just my or Oracles identity ..even if no one else even ever takes off their masks it could still be used by the wrong person to domino too many of us. Constant vigilance and paranoia she said pretty much.. which is heavy but I get it for sure."

The compliment though has her jkust grinning this goofy sort of grin "Thanks!.. I mean I am trying and I am super proud ot be here...... so they gave you a hard time?"