4616/Win Some, Lose Some (Powers)

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Win Some, Lose Some (Powers)
Date of Scene: 05 January 2021
Location: Gun Range: Triskelion
Synopsis: Friends share news, ICER shots, and weaknesses in plain sight.
Cast of Characters: Jane Foster, Daisy Johnson, Jemma Simmons

Jane Foster has posed:
Assemble Team... Not doppelganger?

Pity any doppelganger of Jane Foster. They would have double the work and half the fun the astrophysicist does. Maybe her evil self went into evil medicine, which would be an interesting twist. Alas, no such proof of SHIELD infiltrated by the wicked Fosterling, and they instead have the bog-standard one emptying bullets into a standard target outline. No chicken, no shape of a frightening monster leering over her. With ear-protecting protective gear and plastic glasses on, she looks exactly like she comes down here irregularly. Enough to satisfy the annual requirements, not enough to make her a sharpshooter.

The golden bracelet on her wrist has something enough to say about that. Guns are for suckers. Now an Asgardian wrist-mounted mini-harpoon firing energy blasts...? Stylish. Except that's not an option. Undrjarn is just a bracelet for the moment, quiescent, biding its time. And Jane? A peaceful moment between assessing her respectable mediocre firing results, and a new target is ramped up. Her expression tells of being elsewhere.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
This Daisy is clearly no doppelganger.. Still dealing with the consequences of what happened at the saudi arabia heist where she lost her powers due to overuse. Or at least that's the theory so far. The rest of herself is apparently fine, if it wasn't for the tremors on her arms from time to time... Which makes being at the shooting range.., quite the ordeal. But she is anything if not stubborn. And as with anything she'd make sure to get through it..

Daisy has that same protective gear, the plastic glasses, one ICER in hand and she taptapping it against a target on a booth not far from Jane. Teeth are gritted, expression tense as if trying to control herself .. When the tremor comes she misses of course, tossing the gun down on the bench with a frustrated sigh and stepping back...

"Damn it!" Hands on her hips.

Jemma Simmons has posed:
An evil Jemma Simmons? Could there really be such a concept in this world?

Fortunately...not yet. There hasn't been any rumours of such a creature in this side of reality. So, when the familiar form of one Doctor Simmons walks into the gun range (half-heartedly, from all appearances) those present can be sure that it really is Jemma walking in. If that wasn't a clear indication...the fact that Jemma walks in still wearing her own labcoat....and her own protective gear...and her own glasses should be a clear enough sign that yes, this is definitely the real deal.

Jemma does walk in just after Daisy curses her shaky hands. Probably a good thing that the good doctor did not see Daisy trying to shoot. She might have words...

Jane Foster has posed:
Three Furies, none of them content with their performance or having to be here. Maybe they should be the three original Muses instead.

Jane's troubled expression darkens when the count shows her statistics in cold, hard numbers that cannot be avoided. The ICER's depleted buzz speaks to a need to recharge or flip over to another practice weapon, but she really isn't in the mood. The dull blue glow, usually so satisfying, plays off lines fanned over her brow and turning down her mouth. Lights flash in the cage she occupies, one of several lined up, announcing her failure for all. Or rather, an opportunity for growth.

She sets the ICER aside, lifting her hands to her temples and scrunching chestnut hair into messy bunches that doesn't do much for framing her face artfully. It's less Bardot elegant and more like tired scientist scrunch. "I give up. You win, Snidely Target," she announces, maybe a bit louder than usual, with the earphones, but still not loud. Which makes slouching out towards Babyl--- the others--- a whole lot more exciting, since that brief pause reveals Jemma at least. "Oh dear. You are on the rotation too? I want to find who thought it was a good idea to make all of R&D get fifty points or three hours in by the end of the month. Then firmly tell them we have a lot to do."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Yea..., good luck with those fifty points.. At least for Daisy. It's not as if Daisy had been that forthcoming to her superiors about the tremors. They just happened *so* rarely! (Not really). Yet she didn't really want to get sidelined now. For without her powers, who was she anyway?

She is just taking down her earplugs in time to hear the complaint from Jane, along with the greet towards Jemma. Her expression immediately lights up and those troubles seem forgotten for now, she turning on her heels to make way closer to the 'gang', "Heeeey... Here we all are.." She lets out a tired sigh, her eyes looking sunken, the scoreboard on her target clearly showing a very below average score from what her usual is along with the smile being a bit too forced, "Jemms. You do know they actually have specific protective gear down here in the range, right?" a tsk given to her friend.

"How are you two doing?" She then finally asks.

Jemma Simmons has posed:
There is a shake of the head, followed with a slight grin from Jemma. "While there is specific protective gear at the range....it is not *my* specific protective gear. And, if I must practice shooting, I will do it with my own gear, thank you very much." That slight grin spreads out to a full grown smile as Jemma actually giggles. "Well, I doubt I would do much better in any gear anyways. It isn't like the targets are neo Nazis or anything."

Then...a pause. "I am doing rather well. I did not expect to see both of you down here. Otherwise I would have been here much much sooner."

Jane Foster has posed:
"I'm with Jemma on that. Having your own gear is preferable. Not only for hygienic purposes, I know it better," Jane offers as she pulls off the earmuffs, the better to hear. Otherwise they are all pantomiming as far as she is concerned, that slight barrier enough to dampen all major noise. Her fingers glide up to her brow and try to smooth out the tangle of her hair but there's no helping it other than totally removing the headband and disentangling her locks entirely from the knots they want to form. "Though this feels too tight today. The wrong time to think I was going to get anything done, wasn't it? You're looking good, Daisy."

Her shoulders are too tight, her back too straight. Good posture makes for a strain. "Getting by. More than anything, I need a diversion from the monotony of too much paperwork. Wrong place for that, isn't it?" A wink softens any blow, suggesting she is teasing. Hopefully! "Here we all are. We deserve to have some kind of pastry."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Pantomining?! Lets hope not ... Mimes are shot on sight. That's a rule at SHIELD ... Daisy looks between the duo, "You could just say tyvm, Jemms. Instead of that looong line. It's the new lingo." but yes, it's clearly a tease from the hackerette, she grinning a bit more widely at Jemma and offering a wink. "And well if I knew you were here I would had brought snacks. But alas, you are spared of my efforts to contribute to your waist lines. But soon..." she promises.

Being told that she's looking good is a surprise to her but she won't complain. She is even quick to bob her head back and forth, "I am always looking good, or so they say. But yea, we do need a diversion. Pastries is just the idea!"

Daisy wraps her arms about her torso to control another shudder, it coming out as a rather faint one before she lets out a small sigh.

Jemma Simmons has posed:
"Diversions are all well and good. Sometimes they are even welcomed, too." There is a light chuckle. "Like suddenly having a Kryptonian walk into your lab and ask to speak to you by name. I wouldn't exactly say it was welcomed, but it was certainly surprising." Jemma doesn't dwell on that topic for very long at all. Not when she has socializing to do! "You know very well, Daisy, that I much rather prefer proper English to needless abbreviations." Like that last line there.

Though, as Jemma finishes, she catches the attempt to hide the shiver from her. The pleasant expression darkens slightly, as the forehead wrinkles, betraying Jemma's consideration of the gesture...and what it could mean. But no, no calling out Daisy yet. She will save that for later.

Jane Foster has posed:
The tremors might be hard to see. Hard to note and it's possible, then, that Jane doesn't notice. She has enough on her plate, smiling at Daisy and Jemma. Absorbing their company and the usual good feelings slip over the frustration, diluting any troubles down to tolerable levels. "Snacks would be nice, but you know someone would have come from the woodwork to yell about crumbs and proper protocol. I wouldn't want to be causing them gray hairs."

Nope, no gray hairs from Jane. Nay! "Pastries after this. We need to pay homage to work rather than sloughing off. What's new? Did a Kryptonian walk by and help out?"

That earns à craning look from her.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Jenkins?" Daisy refrains from shaking a fist (involuntary or not), the enemy of proper fun and bringer of bureaucracy. "I think Fitz is keeping him busy as of late, we should be safe.., for a time. Besides..." and she leans in all quiet as if this was a conspiracy meeting, "I know some safe places around away from prying eyes..." give it to Daisy to know the nooks and crannies of where to stay away from the eyes of the law!

Talking about Kryptonians on the lab has Daisy blinking but then she ahhhs. "Let me guess. Starts with an S..., ends with a upergirl?" a bit of a grin, "I know she has been busy. There was this whole thing with ZZGU, and then the dopes." because saying doppelgangers is too large a word. You see how it works, Jemms?

Arms slide away from being about her torso and hands go into her pockets, now a bit more relaxed as she is among her friends.

Jemma Simmons has posed:
"Yes, that would be the one." Cue eye roll from Jemma. "There was quite a fuss over her. But, then again, it was not like anyone could really stop her from just walking in." Daisy already knows what Jemma did, so the attention shifts towards Jane. "A brief summary. Supergirl needed a way to inoculate others from the mind control effects of that..otherworldly creature. The one Daisy so curtly calls ZZGU. I discovered that the mind control was parasitical in nature. Really an advanced form of toxoplasmosis, to be honest. So I developed what is effectively a rather specific and advanced antimalarial drug...one designed to combat existing alien parasites as well as prevent infection. It...seemed to work rather nicely."

Leave it to Jemma to understate her impact.

"Still, you will never catch me saying 'dopes', unless it is in direct derogatory to the perceived intelligence of someone. And really, I would never do that, so fully expect me to use 'doppelganger' when appropriate." All prim and proper...and almost certainly tongue-in-cheek.

Jane Foster has posed:
"We should be safe, but yes, Jenkins. Or Morrow, who is just as particular about the results and safekeeping of his precious ICERs and range equipment. Good man, for that's no easy job." Jane isn't above giving due where deserved, even if it gets in the Furiae's collective way of having a pastry party. "Speaking of, let me go turn in the ICER. The battery's getting low otherwise, or else it just has a bit of a dim glow."

A look over at Daisy acknowledges that reference to Supergirl, but she does not aim to pry further. A slight shake of her head follows, but it's only a few moments she is gone between getting back to the equipment corral where the Jenkins on duty (different from the Jenkins in the cafeteria and the Jenkins in bureaucratic limbo) accepts her turned in ICER with a few dozen places to sign. This is not a spot where regular digitization is present.

"That sounds tremendously useful. Interdimensional or truly otherworldly? As in alien, off-world, this dimension? Slight difference between the two, notably how they transferred over when..." Astrophysicist brain, go.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"First off.." a pause, because now Daisy is getting ready to go HAM on Jemma. She even lifted her brow that tiny little bit, "... I dare you to know the full name of ZZGU. Really! And second, this is like Voldemort, you can't go around full naming a Cthulhish lord entity and not expect it to hear! Of course that now it's dead, supposedly. So sure, I guess you could do it." a sigh, defeated with her own arguments.

"And rather nicely isn't even close to what you accomplished." She leans over to give Jemma a little tap on the arm with her elbow, "It was freaking awesome. I mean, I had faced the creature, and it's minions, before already. And noone could stop it until your drug came along."

She moves to get her own gun too, another small shake of her hand and she brings the weapon safely back to #gunrangeJenkins.

"Interdimensional if I am not mistaken, a earth like ours but in another universe." She says, "Which is why we now have the dopes.."

Jemma Simmons has posed:
Jemma calmly turns towards Daisy, as a smirk creeps into existence, just curling the corners of her lips. "Zhed'Zhud'Ger'Uth." Jemma says nothing else, just pausing and letting the silence linger before moving onwards. "Interdimensional. Most definitely. The trick was finding something that would work, because the assault team would have to go into the other dimension to help free it from Zhed'Zhud'Ger'Uth's grasp." Yes, she just dropped the name again like it was nothing. Voldemort implications be damned!

Still, Jemma is not going to toot her own horn. "I just did what was asked. It proved to be a rather interesting challenge, but really, I would have done it regardless. Being asked by someone who could incinerate me with just a look was merely an extra motivator."

Jane Foster has posed:
Jane arches an eyebrow slightly at that. "Anything involving that many glottal stops is just pretentious. I confess myself entirely unimpressed, though that doesn't make its threat or majesty any less. Even dead. Dead is fleeting."

Death would know. A sharp smirk lies with it. Her seething uplift of a smile.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Daisy widens her eyes. And then Jemma says the name again! Gosh.. That's just grounds to have a tentacle popping out of the ground or something. But nah, dead! So Daisy just lets out a sigh, "Playing with fire, Jemma Simmons. Playing with fire..." then a nod when Jane speaks of death being fleeting ..

"Beings like that tend to not stay dead but ..., we will see. At least it's legacy is still roaming about, all crazy about getting into our world.."

But staying here for too long isn't helping those shakes so she takes a step back and offers a quick, apologetic smile to the duo, "I need to be on my way anyways, it's time to report back for active duty." she says, "I will see you two again soon and uh, where we can talk out of this place." walls do have ears at shield afterall! "I have some stuff to share."