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Stomping Squids Like It's 1949
Date of Scene: 07 January 2021
Location: A Secret Hydra Lab, Washington Heights, N.Y.C., 1949
Synopsis: Agent May, Agent Carter, and a team of the best agents the SSR have to offer in 1949 raid a Hydra lab sat right in the middle of New York. The prizes include files that will have impact for decades to come, scientists who will doubtlessly wiggle free of imprisonment later (thanks to Operation Paperclip), and one primitive portal device that just may be the key to sending the time-lost SHIELD agent back home.
Cast of Characters: Melinda May, Peggy Carter, Bobbi Morse, Daniel Sousa, Jack Nolan, Natasha Cranston, Daisy Johnson
Tinyplot: Times That Bind

Melinda May has posed:
January 1949. It's a bright, unassuming mid-afternoon in Washington Heights, NYC. A trio of buildings, originally built back in 1880, sit on the corner of 178th and 11th. They're made of old white brick with only a small amount of ornamentation to mark the period of their construction. They have narrow windows and rise up three or four storeys each. The main building, squatter and wider than the others, sits right at the corner, the others pulled back behind a couple of parking lots. It is the focus of the SSR agents who quietly deploy on the street about it.

About 15 minutes ago, New York City police officers began quietly blocking off the streets leading to the corner lot. Now, traffic is almost nil and as many civilians as could be quietly redirected have been. Thus, the SSR strike teams, under the command of Agent Peggy Carter, are ready to commence their raid. All they need is Peggy's go-ahead.

Among them, her hair done up in a tight roll typical of the time and dressed in a functional, stylish pantsuit suitable to the time (instead of some ridiculous pencil skirt), is Agent Melinda May. It's hard to be an Agent of SHIELD in a time when SHIELD doesn't exist. She doesn't have her ICER, today. She has a Walther PPK, instead. And, while she does wear her nanomesh anti-ballistic tac suit hidden beneath her clothes (because dying in 1949 while looking for a way home would be really, really stupid!), she's not advertising that fact in any way, shape, or form. As far as any of the SSR agents know, she's a Canadian SOE agent sent down to New York to chase down some rogue technology the Allies want kept under wraps. Not that anyone's been willing to say what that technology is.

She stands near Peggy, watching the buildings with practiced eyes. She glances briefly to the other agents, having to take on faith -- and Peggy's word -- that they're up to the task. She particularly keeps an eye on the young probie Connors... to whom she really should apologize in person.

Peggy Carter has posed:
The building was monitored from the moment the SSR got the information Peggy discovered from a 'trusted, but needs to be kept anonymous' source. Even people who aren't currently on shift were photographed coming and going from the buildings, files built on them, things preparing for their arrest. But it's a little hard when facial recognition software doesn't exist. So, one of the many goals of today is to get the employment records from the place.

The teams which have quietly invaded two of the surrounding buildings, doing everything they can not to be seen, have been given three fold goals: 1. Infiltrate the HYDRA base and get every scrap of information of their current projects. 2. Get any technology they've been building as well-- It's all to be considered an 0-8-4. 3. Personnel records 4. Disable, disarm, or, if necessary, kill any workers in the building. Some might be innocents, but most are HYDRA agents. That's why Peggy has called in a higher level team with a few specialists she doesn't normally have on hand. This is the biggest HYDRA raid they've done since the war. She's going to get it right.

Wireless walkie talkies are the name of the game for communications, though Howard has managed to shrink them down to little communicators that stick on one's ear and tiny, hand held microphones with the bigger part of the technology strapped to the agents like a little battery pack. The channel is on the SSR's own frequency so about as secure as it can be. "Once you are all in place, check in. We move in five minutes. Remember, if we can get in without being recognized and get the information without bloodshed or it's destruction, that is preferred. But do not hesitate to defend yourself if necessary. There's at least two dozen techs in this place, not to mention administrative staff. So, they've got numbers. But we have skill." And intel. Everyone's been provided with clothing, lab coats, and ID badges that mark them like anyone else who belongs in the building. The women, of course, are all dressed as secretaries. They didn't get the labcoats in that place.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Agent Theresa Heat had found her way to the SSR through unusual channels. Recommendations had filtered through enough ears that suddenly the young woman had found herself in the premier secret spy agency - the SSR. She quietly suggests people call her Tessa though. The three months she'd been with the group had so far been a mind blowing whirlwind of excitement and action for her.

    Tessa is green under the belt but her aptitude at picking up this spy craft stuff, especially languages, was one of the things that got her noticed at Harvard. Her professor thought that there was no way this talented young woman would find a career that would satisfy her in the sexist world of 1949; and so he began the phone chain that eventually found its way to ears in the SSR recruitment arm.

    Dressed in a woollen brown two piece suit, jacket and pencil skirt which she modified with a gusset so that it becomes a lot less pencil like when she needs it to be (made of black satin). Stockings, brown satin and leather closed toe pumps with a fashionable bow, her hair done up in tight curls with a myriad of pins, her makeup immaculate and her nails so too. She knows that she has to look appropriately 'put together' to be considered professional in this mans world.

    The one thing that doesn't quite fit the professional image of a young woman in 1949? the under shoulder holster straps hidden underneath her suit and the small calibre pistol hidden away within it. The problem, she had found, was that she was enjoying this line of war far too much. She got to shoot her first machine pistol a few months ago and the memory of the adrenaline had not been forgotten.

    She may be a rookie, but her attitude to try anything and her aptitude when doing so are quickly earning her a reputation. That reputation she had heard quietly amongst some of the men though made her a touch annoyed and sad: "she's talented, shame she'll end up quitting to raise a family, no point investing in that" - which has only served to spur on her stubborn streak even more. Now she's been doubling down on the risky behaviour just to prove that she can do anything they can do. Except perhaps easily reach stuff on the top shelf or lift extremely heavy things.

    "I still don't quite understand. So, they're nazis, but they're not nazis, and they're called Hydra, but their symbol is a squid?," she says quietly and adds, "But a hydra isn't a squid, it has many heads not many tentacles, although technically those are arms not tentacles. Well, I suppose it could have many tentacles, but squids don't have many heads." She checks her gun and smiles a touch whimsically in an almost folksy gosh darn-it kind of way. She's been proving herself quite adept at getting men to talk.

Daniel Sousa has posed:
Daniel Sousa hooks his cane around his wrist to rub his hands together as he stands shivering in his lab coat. "Good speech," he smiles to Peggy before shifting his cane to his left hand and leaning on it. Months of practice and some better padding on his prosthetic had made walking without the crutch possible along with it being able to go along on the fun and games with the other agents, even if it wasn't strictly in the regs for chiefs to be out in the field like this. However when Jack mentioned Peggy was neck deep in weird crap again, Sousa couldn't help but lend a hand. Forget Broadway the real show in New York was usually whatever Peggy was into. "So, where do you need me?" he asks Peggy. Rank aside this was her op, Daniel was just Agent Sousa today.

Jack Nolan has posed:
Agent Kurt Malcolm was not normally stationed in New York. He was based out of SSR's Chicago office, and was highly regarded for his tactical prowess. A veteran of Tarawa, Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima and Okinawa, he has seen more combat than most of the newer members of the SSR, and has the scars to prove it. He was a bit surprised to receive a call from Peggy Carter herself, but none the less was on the next flight to New York, and was now gathered with the other agents to prepare for this HYDRA raid.

He didn't have much experience with fighting HYDRA itself, as he'd spent all his time in the war in the Pacific theater, but none the less had a good idea of what kind of tactics and equipment they could employ. He was currently wearing a grey suit, his fedora sitting next to him as it's improper to wear those indoors. Sitting next to him was a Thompson, modified with the larger drum magazine and one of SSR's experimental weapon sights. "I wouldn't think about it too much." He offers to Tessa, "Just think of 'em as Nazis and shoot 'em if they don't give up." He'd rather have a Garand but considering they're going to be clearing buildings, close quarters weapons are a better option for the moment.

Natasha Cranston has posed:
    "Perhaps their designers, such as they were, were more concerned with a menacing symbol than mythological correctness, Agent," comes a voice from out of a shadowy entryway that three cops and two agents would have /sworn/ was empty when they checked it. As heads turn toward the noise, the shadows twist, shift, solidify -- and in an eye-twisting moment go from two-dimensional to three, revealing a tall man in a black greatcoat and hat, his features concealed beneath a crimson scarf.

    The Shadow takes a slow step away from the wall, hands held well to his sides and away from his trademark weapons as he turns to regard Peggy. "Agent Carter," he says with a curt nod. "I received your missive. I hope I'm no more than fashionably late?"

    He sweeps his gaze over the rest of the assorted agents, almost seeming to weigh each of their souls in the balance for a moment before moving on -- until he gets to May, whose gaze he holds for longer than anyone might find comfortable.

    ... But then the moment seems to shatter as the figure bows curtly. "I see. This should be interesting indeed." He turns back to Peggy. "Shall we?"

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Long gone are the days in which Rose Roberts spent her time taking and redirecting calls for the SSR. With training, and very much by one Agent Carter's influence she has been taking more field work and so here she is today, visiting in from LA with Chief Sousa. Besides, she fits right into the undercover job needed for this! Being a secretary? Pffft, easy.

Because who would call this adorable woman dressed in a pencil skirt, light jacket and modest pumps an Agent? Specially with the large, wide smile, the makeup so in use at the time, the glasses, curly hair. Yep, secretary 101. Of course that she still had her gun tucked away.

"It's as I always say, squids are only good on the plate, nowhere else." This she replying to Agent Tessa with a little smile.

A look then given to Chief Sousa, standing nearby, and a nod of assurance given to Peggy. "We are ready to help where we can, Peggy." she adjusts her little purse over a shoulder.

So many new Agents, some faces she had never seen. But smiles are given all around.

Melinda May has posed:
Generally, May can handle a clearing operation. She's not sure how well she'll handle playing a 1940's secretary, but she's had lots of experience pushing paper and shovelling shit, so... Yeah, she'll just stick with Carter. It's a lot safer for her.

Besides, she can't afford to let the future Director of SHIELD die, either. Of the two of them? May is the expendable one. No matter what Carter thinks.

She watches the other agents prepare, but it's the tall, shadowy man that holds her attention. She meets his gaze, her eyes narrowing slightly. She knows full well when she's being sized up. And she can tell he's... stranger than the rest. But that doesn't cause her to back down. She's The Cavalry. Backing down doesn't happen easily. That said, she's not inclined to challenge him, either. Not if he's on their side.

In the end, though, May has never been a chatterbox. Carter's given them instructions. They should be ready to go. So, she glances at her ally and gives a faint nod. It's now or never... and it's on Carter's lead.

May just wants to see if Peggy, 80 years from now, was right about what may be hidden here. She's just not yet showing her impatience. Not *yet*.

Peggy Carter has posed:
Peg only slightly jumps as the Shadow comes up just at the end of their preparation. She looks over her old, somewhat strange ally, and gives a tilt of her head. "Nice of you to show. If you can slide in ahead of us and keep unseen, we could do with a little more intel on the internal lay out. Here. You get a toy. Give it back in one piece. The round bit goes in your ear. It's already on frequency." Peggy passes over the last little communicator she has, having kept it just in case the man actually showed.

Over the channel, she smirks a bit at Tessa's somewhat excited rambling. "They are Nazis. Just... a concentrated force of nazis with a few extra plans and a penchant for being obsessed with super humans. So, you know, Nazis. We still want to bring them in alive. I know at least three of you have knock out gas bombs because Samberly was complaining, so if you use them, give the team a heads up to get on masks. Hopefully it won't be necessary."

She gives one last look back to Rose and Sousa, something softening momentarily behind her eyes. It felt like the old days to have them here, and the pride she feels as she looks over Rose is fierce, especially since she was the one who pushed to have the woman in the field more. "...thank you both for ocming."

Malcolm is given a brief, respectful nod, "You too, Malcolm. Got the right of it, but I'd love a few to still be breathing for interrogation later. Be careful, they have a fondness for cyanide in their teeth if they think there's no escape." And with that Peggy seems content that her team is all together. May's given one more long, slightly worried look, before she motions them all to head inside. Hopefully Lamont has gone ahead.

The group is large enough that a good contingent of them are just going to try and go in the front door as a few new assignments to the office. Peggy's got on her best American accent and awful horn rimmed glasses for the job. She leads those who wish to come with her straight through the security doors and heads for the front desk. Her voice, when she speaks, is all bubbly, ditzy American secretary. "Hiii... we're the new steno pool? I am SO EXCITED to finally have a job in NEW YORK..." She gives a bubbly little laugh to the group with her.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    The pistol is holstered. The radio thingy is hidden under her jacket. She adorns her winter beret at an angle so as to cover the ear hiding the ear piece. "Well, if what Chief Carter said in the briefing is only a tenth of what these monsters get up to, I'll be surely glad to help put 'em down."

    There's a nod of decisiveness to Kurt and then her eyes widen a touch as a man emerges from the shadowy tuckaway. "As right they should have made their icon an ostrich, those things are real mean and stick their head in the ground to avoid learning the ways of the world."

    This is the first time she's seen these agents from LA. She's heard of Sousa of course and has been told about Rose. Rose is far more delightful than she had ever hoped and can't help but return her infectious smile. The real star for her is the mysterious consultant 'May' that Peggy has with her. Well, Agent Carter is absolutely her hero for sure, but just.. look at her, all quiet and stoic like. She whispers to Malcolm, hoping Sousa doesn't overhear, "Where did the chief say May was from again?"

    She smiles when Peggy's voice reaches her ears again and she nods her head quickly, "Nazis. Nazis nazis nazis. I thought were were done with them kind" But then it's go-time and she's moving with Peggy in to the building. Playing at the pretty young thing isn't exactly faking it for her, she hasn't become jaded enough at the world yet for her happy personality to not be genuine still. She peeks around Peggy to the secretary and gives a small little nod to her, showing a moment of vulnerability she was told helps avoid a knee jerk catty response or fear of being supplanted.

Daniel Sousa has posed:
Sousa nods, "Wouldn't miss it for the world, Peggy," he says of him and Rose being there. They both owed Peggy in their own way. "Just don't remember New York being this cold," he says lightly, three years in LA had made him unaccustomed to the cold.

When it's time to move, Sousa nudges Rose, offering a quiet "Good luck," to his fellow agent from the west coast before falling back to limp behind the ladies putting on a pair of thick rimmed glasses and a scowl at being stuck behind a pack of 'chattering dames'. "Would you ladies move it along," he calls from the back. "Some of us have work to do!" Adding a bit of urgency for the men at the desk to process them all through ASAP.

Jack Nolan has posed:
"Canada." Replies Malcom to Tessa, as he hears her question. He finishes putting the Thompson in a briefcase, and then follows along with the group that's going in the front door. Hopefully there won't be any security checkpoints that'll dig too deep past the thin outer cover that hides the weapon in the briefcase.

He hangs back just a little bit once they're inside, near Sousa, "You heard the man, lets go!" He calls out to the secretary up front, trying to get things moving along faster.

Natasha Cranston has posed:
    The Shadow takes the unfamiliar gadget in a gloved hand, studying it briefly. "Ingenious. Another one of Mr. Stark's inventions, I take it?" he asks, but the question is rhetorical as he fits it under his hat, presumably in his ear, then lifts the other component to his face. "I shall see you all inside, then..." comes crackling over the comm.

    ... And with that, the figure steps back into the shadows where he appeared from, and fades from view in a manner disturbingly like the Cheshire Cat, his eyes and the splash of crimson covering his mouth lingering to the last...

    And with Peggy's excellent and noisy distraction, very few people inside the building are in a position to notice one more shadow moving than there are people, flitting along the walls toward the stairs at the other end of the hall..

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Rose takes note of the appearing SHADOW.. Well, that's new. She adjusts her glasses just so to take a better look at the man. Maybe it was a trick of the light or something. "Oh my, this is getting interesting."

The smile is returned to Peggy. "Oh, come now. You know you only have to ask for .., us to come running." the little pause probably means she means Sousa. Yep!

But anyway, she did come prepared, so as everyone is finally getting done with all the preparations she leans down to pick up a small bag from the ground. Inside? A box with muffins. Because a secretary offering muffins on one of her first days of work? Typical. "They are not for us, Chief Sousa." Just in case the man tries to reach to take one of the DELICIOUS looking muffins.. "But they should make anyone that does feel like a nice nap."

She casts a look between May and Peggy and then smiles at the former. "Remember, put that smile up on your lips. You are a secretary now." a wink and off she goes with the rest of them, nodding at Sousa's words of luck, some brief look of worry crossing her face. Sure, she was an agent now but she still worried about her friends, and what could happen during a mission like this.

And then you get a starry-eyed Rose looking around in wonder at the whole place. Such a dream to have a job in New York indeed! "Oh, be quiet back there or no muffins for you!" she tells both Sousa and Malcolm. So pushy!

Melinda May has posed:
May can see in Peggy's eyes her fondness for Sousa and Rose. Which is probably why, when Rose tries to coax more of a smile to her face, she doesn't give her the patented Ice Queen of SHIELD glare. Instead, she puts the fake, my-face-hurts smile in place and gestures for the other women to go ahead of her. "It beats being a laundry woman," she mutters.

Falling in behind the women, however, then allows her to relax her face enough to assume the expression of a more demure, middle-aged Chinese woman, rather than a perky young secretary. Yes, she can pass for 40. But, she's 58. Sure, she looks damned fine for 58, but 58 she is, nonetheless. And perky she has *never* been. So, it's better to go with what she knows she can pull off. And that demure, almost shy look is about it, given the way women and minorities are so often dismissed (oh the joy of being both!).

She glances back, feining surprise as Sousa and the other men make a fuss. But that's just all part of the act. And it allows her dark eyes to dart quickly around the room, taking in the layout, scoping out the best means of attack and defense, as well as where the various security personnel are most likely to be placed.

Ask her? A Hydra base is a Hydra base no matter the time. If she prepares for the worst 2021 can throw at her, she should be able to handle most of what 1949 has to offer.

Peggy Carter has posed:
The woman behind the desk, because of course a woman is a receptionist, looks up to the group rather confused. She stands, not pushing the panic button yet, and her dark eyes look across the four new apparent secretaries. "Ah, I wasn't informed of anyone new coming in. We don't really have a steno pool here, ladies, I think you have the wrong... place..." But Rose's muffins are spied and she gives a somewhat softer smile, "Though, I did miss lunch..." She confesses gently, "Let me see your badges and maybe I can figure out where you need to go." She reaches to steal a muffin, unable to resist.

The clammer that the men behind make gets a slightly scared, intimidated look from her. It might not be the nicest place to work here, from that reaction. "Of...of course, Doctors, just go through. I can handle this! Tell Dr. Richter I've got it under control." She barely even looks at their badges, too scared to piss them off. Male privilege, eh?

The men will find an elevator, though there's only 4 floors in the building, it is state of the art. The first seems mostly empty, just the big fancy lobby and a lot of closed doors. The second is all offices and a bullpen of desks, only half full. The third? That's where the cream is. All labs, several pieces of advanced technology being worked upon, guards at every entrance and exit. Heavily armed. It's also the first floor where there's a single HYDRA symbol even visible. The 4th is all dedicated to storage, some more heavily secured than others...

Peggy flickers a confused look back to the girls with them, still putting on a good show. "Oh, no, I'm sure we're supposed to be here. That's what they said, right, Nora and Vickie? But...she's not with us. I think she came with them." Peggy nods to the demure May in the back. If she can easily get one other person through, she's going to try. "Vickie, did you have the address in your pocket book?"

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Acting! she loved doing school plays. Turns out that was a life skill after all. Her eyes wander around the room and when she hears Peggy speaking she plays the part of not being a threat, "Huh? Oh! Oh!" She smiles with vapid confusion and then digs in to her purse, drawing out a notepad and opening it to a random page, "178th and 11th, this is the place."

    She nods with the authority of someone who seems to know one thing and not much else. She nods with utter certainty to the receptionist. "I guess it doesn't matter what work we do, we're on a fixed rate anyways. We can make ourselves useful like hens in a barn," she wrinkles her nose and motions to the stairs, "I can type 50 words per minute, my ma said I have the fastest fingers in the country." She beams with pride at an utter lie. Typewriters and her do not mix.

    She holds out an arm pointing to the stairs and says, "So we just go this way then?," she says and the clop of her pumps can be heard on the marbled floor as she leaves the receptionist and makes her way toward the second floor - going for the good ol' bamboozal strategy; that or she gets kicked out and others slip in. Either works.

Daniel Sousa has posed:
That pause is definitely noticed and Sousa shoots Rose sideyed glance that's both annoyed and amused all at once. Sousa's hand stops short of one of the muffins, "Right, like the San Diego mission," though those had been chocolates not muffins, he withdraws his hand. "Rose took out ten Maggia thugs with a single box of Chocolate Caramels," he boasts of the woman quickly becoming his top field agent.

Inside the building he looks to Malcolm, "We've got work to do and she's yammering about muffins, dames I tell ya, no sense of priority."

"Finally, someone who knows what they're doing," Sousa says as the receptionist waves them through. "C'mon," he says to Malcolm as they head towards the elevators, Sousa taking one last look back at Peggy and Rose before getting down to the business at hand. Inside the elevator, "So, what do you think, first, second, third or fourth?" he asks his fellow agent looking at the controls.

Jack Nolan has posed:
Once they're through with no real trouble, Malcom considers for a second or two, looking at the elevator, "I always recommend clearing from the top floor down. That way nobody can surprise you from above." Since he's certain that this whole thing is going to turn into a firefight sooner or later.

"But without knowing much about the inner layout I can't be sure. That receptionist thought we were doctors, there's probably a lab on two or three."

Natasha Cranston has posed:
    "The third floor contains mostly laboratories, heavily guarded," comes the Shadow's voice over the comm. "Try not to break too much of it; Mr. Stark will likely believe Christmas came early if he gets his hands on it. I'd recommend joining me on the Fourth floor first; it appears to be dedicated to storage and much less intensively guarded -- and chances are there is more than one quick route from storage to the labs when they require new samples..."

    The radio crackles, then fall silent as the Shadow makes his way down the fourth floor corridors. There are guards, yes, but there always are... And the thing about guards /inside/ a guarded perimeter is that they're rarely as alert as they should be -- after all, spotting intruders is the perimeter sentries' job; very often they see their patrols as a boring formality.

    And bored minds are so very easily clouded. Watch as they move, see how they turn, then drift past their blind spots, pausing only to lift a set of keys from one of the guards' belts; they should come in handy...

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"They went to prison happy." This about the Maggia thugs, "I still have the recipe if you want to try it one day." Hopefully without drugs inside them. Hopefully!

"Oh, no no no." Rose says in dismay when she learns the poor receptionist missed lunch. These Hydra are fiends! No receptionist should ever lose her lunch. "You poor dear, but that's exactly why we are here. If there is a golden rule is that no secretary should ever be made to lose lunch!" really. She feels for this girl! So she leans in with a wink, "Cinnamon muffins." she conspires. "They are ...." she ends it with a muwah from her fingertips to lips.

When 'Vickie' produces the address and confirms they are on the right place it brings a nod from Rose aka Nora, "Must have been form 25-B that got lost in the process and of course they then forgot to notify you. It can usually be settled by having form 27-C as a precaution but nooo, noone thinks of us, do they? Oh you poor thing, if they have made you lose lunch I wonder what kind of inefficient place they are running." give it to Rose to know the bureaucratic ins-and-outs of all secretary work-type. It's also a ruse and letting the young woman digest that muffin so nap time comes..

Talk about forms, and so. That can leave almost anyone drowsy, and this secretary didn't have lunch either so she leans back on her chair. "Ufff, feeling sleepy. Hey, I need to see your .., badge.." this said to Vicky but then she closes her eyes and starts to sleep.

"Oh, you poor girl.." she sighs, moving her away from sight so noone runs into a sleeping secretary.

Rose then asks Peggy. "Want me to stay as a receptionist up here to divert attention or follow with you?" a pause, "I don't know how your friend is doing this, but he is jolly good." this last part about Shadow.

Melinda May has posed:
The men split off and May maintains her place at the back of the steno line. It makes sense, to her, to cover their six. Peggy's got point. And, actually, she's becoming more impressed with these SSR agents as moments tick by. She stays silent, listening to the soft com chatter, but attentive nonetheless.

As the Shadow mentions the labs, and she considers what she knows should be up there, she looks away from everyone else, covering her mouth as if to cough, in order to softly add, "Wherever the guards are heaviest, that's where we'll find the greatest prize." Because she knows damned well Hydra, in any era, won't be leaving anything to chance when it comes to time travel tech.

As 'Vicky' starts toward the elevators, however, May starts to wander out into the foyer as if she's trying to get her bearings, torn between going to work and staying at the counter.

By the time the woman's unconscious, however, she's made it to the door by the stairwell and is pushing it gently open for the rest to follow.

Peggy Carter has posed:
"Have I ever mentioned you are a brilliant baker, *Nora*? Because I really should say it more often." Peggy frowns in consideration to the question of if Rose should remain at the front desk, but then shakes her head, "No. They'll make us soon enough and I'd rather have all hands on deck when things start getting messy. Up we go, lets see what files we can grab and go from there."

With that, Peggy jogs back towards the doors to the stairwell but, while it might be a smoother way of getting it, it also means the guards IN the stairwell on the third floor are going to start waking up at the sound of footfalls. The sound of voices above can be heard, "All personnel must use the elevators." The man growls down towards unseen faces. He'll give one warning, and that's it.

On the 4th floor, the guys will find dozens upon dozens of filing cabinets. There's not a single folder for just personnel, but at least two full cabinets with a file folder for everyone who has come through here. But they might also find payroll records if they are lucky, or old blue prints. Depends how long they want to stay. There's a deeper vault on that floor, not guarded, but things heavily locked behind it with a turn that is as heavy as a bank vault.

The third floor has men in several labs, but the farthest back, most distant from the stairwell, is where there are two guards directly outside the door and something large and heavy on the table hovered over by 3 different scientists. Chances are, that's the most valuable thing in this building. Over all, there's at least 30 people, mostly men, between all the projects and the guards. The team is quite outnumbered.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    "Oh golly Mister," she says laying it on thick, "The elevators done busted so we're all being told to use the stairs now. It's going to be heavy traffic from here on in." Now that they've heard her voice and are imagining just what kind of body matches the voice, she turns the corner to the third floor and smiles to the guards.

    "Also, mm! you don't want to miss out on the muffins. It's your lucky day. If the elevator were working you'd have missed out entirely. Nora you got some muffins for these strong men?," she says. It's just a ploy to get them both closer. She looks harmless enough.

    Besides which, Tessa really wants to put in to action the things Peggy has been teaching. There's two guards, but then again Rose is right behind her. So the polite lil' country girl offers the man an extremely firm knee to the crotch, followed by grabbing his shoulders and dropping back on to the ground to throw his weight over him and down the stairs. Gravity is a bitch.

Daniel Sousa has posed:
"Yeah they did, you really should send them a gift basket at San Quentin,to let them know we're thinking of them," Sousa says with a grin to Rose.. The easy banter soothing any pre-mission nerves about his colleagues. "And sure, maybe if I'm having trouble sleeping," he teases about the recipe before getting down to the business of infiltration,

Inside the elevator he nods to Malcolm, I like the top too but I think you're right they'd want their labs somewhere in the mid-" he twitches a little at the sudden voice in his ear from the Shadow. "Just about forgot about these things," he says about the micro com unit. "Would have come in handy in the War," he says before hitting the button for the third floor, as May's message follows. He double checks the detective special revolver he stashed in his lab coat pocket.. "Keep that briefcase close, if they don't buy our IDs it's going to get hairy."

Then over comms he reports << Lab Coat and Briefcase here, we've reached the third floor and are going in. Will keep an eye out for heavy guard presence and report back.." >>

Then to Malcolm as the door bings open on the third floor. "After you." Letting the faster more heavily armed man take the lead while he watches his back.

Jack Nolan has posed:
Well it hasn't hit the fan yet, so Malcom is doing what he can to maintain his cool as they step out onto the third floor, "We'll secure the labs first, then head upstairs." He mentions to Sousa, a moment before he steps off the elevator.

Finding out who's running this place is important but in his opinion not as important as securing whatever they're working on. The fact that HYDRA is willing to operate a lab in the city and not in some ominous mountain fortress shows that they're clearly not following the same gameplan they used to.

He's seen the footage of Captain America's raids from the war, no doubt. Holding his briefcase in his left hand so he can draw his 1911 if they're in close quarters, he makes his way towards the lab entrance, letting Sousa pull up behind him.

Natasha Cranston has posed:
    "True," comes the response, slightly softer than before. "but a direct frontal assault might give them enough time to destroy what they don't want us to recover... A moment."

    There is a muffled scuffling noise, followed by what sounds like a sigh and a soft thud of a body being lowered to the floor before the Shadow continues. "On the other hand, if the strike from a direction they aren't expecting an attack from, the surprise should buy us the time we need... If you would prefer to lay an ambush instead, I believe I can arrange for something suitably distracting when five minutes from now Mr. Harris here fails to respond to a routine check-in call."

    "... Also, be advised that the HYDRA guards appear to have similar toys as Mr. Stark, although not quite as elegant. Look for the coiled wire along the side of their necks."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Rose follows after the rest of the girls as they go to the stairs, still holding on to that muffin box. Not that she expects the ruse will work with the guards but ..., nothing like trying! She moves fast on Tessa's heels, huffing and puffing at having to go up so many stairs. She grumbles. "I swear, worst first day ever!" she says to the guards. And even with those words she still has an infectious smile on her lips. Of course that then one of the guards is flying back towards her...

"Oh dear me..." she says, getting out of the way just in time for the guard to go down the stairs and tumble along.

And turns out those muffins aren't as useless as she thought. She tosses them at the second guard! Just enough for the man to get distracted and not immediately raise his machine gun, fumbling a bit... That little purse Rose was carrying? Rose swings it and hits the man right on the side of the face. Enough to take him down? That shouldn't had happened .. Unless a certain Rose remembered to put a brick inside it.

Yea. Rose fights dirty now. She winks at Tessa. "Good job." then to the comms.

<< I am going to take the fourth floor and start looking over files while you have fun at the lab. Toodles. >>

And then she is off to get to that fourth floor to start looking over cabinets, files, looking for info of pertinence to them.

Melinda May has posed:
Tessa and then Rose engage the men on the stairs. May, upon seeing the women can handle themselves, bounds past them. Her goal is that third floor. And she knows she can meet Sousa and Malcolm on that floor if she just gets past the goons. Which means the women in the stairwell are probably treated to their first look at the future sport of Parkour. (And the reason May was smart enough to wear pants.)

She swings over the rail and starts bounding from one stair level to another, swinging back over when she meets more resistance coming down towards them. Her feet hit a large man square in the chest, knocking him into his partner, and then sending both of them tumbling down the stairs in awkward heeps. It doesn't delay her very long.

She yanks the door open on the third floor, now, giving up on stealth simply because, by now, some Hydra goon has probably gotten a warning off. (If they haven't... well... they're dumber than their modern counterparts.) Regardless, they'll pick up on it soon enough. Especially when the Asian woman appears to go ninja all over the asses of the men guarding the 3rd floor corridor, just beyond the stairwell door.

Peggy Carter has posed:
It's not even 30 seconds after Rose and Tessa take out the stairwell guards that alarms start going off in the building. About the exact same time May has opened the door and taken out those other two guards there. The blaring is loud and nearly overwhelming, screaming internal sirens and flashing red lights of a high alert security breech. Their timeline? It suddenly got a lot shorter.

Rose can easily make it to the 4th floor and start on the records, no one is too concerned about guarding them now. The valuable things, in their mind, are on the third floor. More guards are spilling out of rooms, securing doors to each of the labs as the technicians inside start trying to securely put away experiments in heavy lock boxes or behind closed, small vaults. They have planned for this place being raided.

"I guess we're onto the disable or kill part of things!" Peggy quips over her walkie talkie and, a moment later, spills into the third floor with May. She doesn't have the same protective gear the other woman does, so she isn't fighting *quite* so recklessly, but she's a damned good fighter. She has her pistol up and is taking shots to unprotected parts of the guards' bodies. It seems she considers them less important for intel or MAYBE she's using sleeper bullets, but very unlikely. "I'll try to keep the way clear as you all get into which labs you can!" Peggy calls, swinging around another corner to try and clear the next hall. But the third floor is like a maze. They're all going to need eyes up and fast hands. "

"Shadow, we're out of time. If you can get back to whatever seems the most valuable or best guarded, we need you there YESTERDAY. Get directions to us over the mics!" She asks, suspecting that he's closer than any of them to what might be most interesting.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Tessa has a delighted grin on her face. She just hurled a man twice her weight over her and down stairs and knocked him out. She's feeling very pleased with herself. Then she sees Rose knock the guy out with a brick in her purse. She sits back up and adjusts her clothing, smoothing them down and says, "Yikes, ya'll really don't mess around on the west coast! I'm just glad I pulled off that jiu jitsu move."

    Of course, then May goes in to action mode and Tessa watches, with wide fascinated eyes. Her body twitches a little left and right as May moves, trying to imitate it without actually doing it. "Wow, how did she even do that? is that what they teach people in Canada?!," she says in surprise and wonder. She looks to Rose with enthusiasm, "We should learn how to do _that_"

    It is at this point that she realises May didn't stop.. she just kept going. "Right. Fourth floor." She chases after Rose and adjusts her speed back to regular walk as she enters the fourth floor and approaches a man wearing a suit, "Oh excuse me you wouldn't know where Dr. Richter is would you?"

    She heard the name from the receptionist down below and figured he must be very important. Very important equals someone Peggy will want to interrogate, "I'm meant to be having an interview with Dr. Richter and this building is oh so confusing and now there's this alarm going off and I'm just not sure what to do..." Ah, damsel in distress, a classic. She hasn't pulled this one out since middle school.

Daniel Sousa has posed:
Sousa takes up a position behind Malcolm his free hand wrapped around the grip of the pistol in his coat pocket. As they approach the guards that's when May springs out of the stairwell to lay into the guards. "Wow. Would'ja look at that," Sousa exclaims before one of the guards near him tries to intervene and gets a cane in his face and a punch to the head for his trouble. He draws the pistol and levels it at the guards by the door. "Trust me guys, you don't want any part of that," he says jerking his head towards where May and now beating on the rest of the guards. The Hydra goons' guns hit the floor. "Malcolm, want to do the honours?" he asks, of knocking out the surrendering guards. "We gotta get searching."

Natasha Cranston has posed:
    "Understood. Fifteen seconds." comes the terse reply as the Shadow rises from the unconscious body and sprints for the balcony, snatching up a coil of cable as he goes. Some quick knotwork secures one end along the railing; it won't hold long but it won't need to.

    The Shadow leaps the railing, holding the cable tight in one hand while drawing a pistol in the other.

    On the third floor, a hint of movement causes one researcher to look out the window just in time to see a dark, birdlike figure swooping closer before a pair of pistol shots crack the glass -- and then a pair of heavy boots with 200 pounds and plenty of angular momentum behind them shatter it completely.

    By the time anyone in the room has started processing what just happened, the closest guard has already taken an uppercut to the chin and another pair of snap shots have shattered the light fixtures, plunging the room into darkness, confused shouts... And laughter.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Parkour?! That's enough to make Rose to start sweating. Really, what do they eat up there in Canada?! She watches May go, blinking once and adjusting her glasses. "I got tired just from watching her do that. Golly!" but damn right she wants to learn how to do this. And she will!

<< Chief Sousa, can I humbly request training with our Canada counterparts? >> But then she is following up the stairs to get to that fourth floor, moving along with Tessa. With the alarm going on though whatever time they have for this is quite diminished, including their ruses to go past the bad guys..

"Oh, Vicky! What will we do now?" She is already past the man in the suit, zipping into the fourth room. Distracting enough that Tessa might just be able to handle the man more easily..

Her goal is one now, starting scouring through papers. She opens the file cabinets, looking for personnel files... Traditional, filing ways. It's normally the blue-ribboned ones. She humms while she searches. Secretary work, this is what she does. And even with an alarm going on she still has that little smile on her lips. And eureka! Personell files.

<< Found personnel files, searching for more. >>

Melinda May has posed:
May pauses, noting in an instant the state of the 3rd floor corridor. With Carter, Sousa, and Malcolm there for support, the guards are obviously no longer an immediate problem. She pulls her PPK, and glances to Carter. "You with me?" she asks. Because, even here, she knows partners are a better plan than soloing. Thus, she begins moving methodically to clear the floor, room by room, expecting Carter to join her while Sousa and Malcolm take the opposite end.

Maybe they can meet in the middle.

Jack Nolan has posed:
As soon as May decides to go to down, Malcolm jerks the briefcase down, which pops it open and he grabs the Thompson from inside. With his weapon added to the mix keeping the guards at gunpoint, it's easy enough to convince them to choose life.

He quickly moves behind each guard and smashes them in the back of the head with the butt of the SMG, rendering the ones that May has not managed to beat half to death unconcious as well, "Since our cover's blown, yeah. Lets get the lead out!" He only takes a moment to scoop up a couple of extra drums from inside the briefcase, and then uses the button behind the desk to buzz open the door so Sousa can head inside and they can start their search. He wonders how long before the heavy armored guys show up.

Peggy Carter has posed:
It's chaos now. More guards are pouring into the halls, out of rooms, as the techs do their best to secure everything. That farthest back lab is the one they really need, and six guards are remaining low in the hall around it, trying to make certain that place doesn't get touched even if other places do. Of course, the HYDRA guards aren't so nice they aren't going to start shooting back. Mostly heavy revolvers, PPKs and the like, a hail of gunfire is coming back in the SSR agents' directions.

Granted, the tommy gun is probably incredibly effective. The HYDRA goons certainly weren't using one of those. Yet. But one of them does duck into a room and suddenly there's an arch of electricity coming from some weapon in Sousa and Malcolm's direction. It's like a super tazer, more deadly, and not really all that discerning. Probably a weapon in development.

The 4th floor is quiet other than the one guard that Tessa managed to finish, everyone is far too worried about the 3rd floor. Rose will be able to find payroll, some old project notes, a whole lot of information and names. There's only one filing cabinet that is locked, the closest one to the vault in the back.

The room of guards with the Shadow was NOT expecting that sort of entrance. They go down hard and leave two techs scrambling. One is going for the gun the guard dropped and the other is trying to shove some piece of tech back in a sealed and locked closet. With himself. Behind the bulletproof fire door.

Peggy nods sharply to May, "I'm with you." She echoes to her current partner, hugging hard against a wall and dropping as gunfire is returned in their direction. She might have been winged, but it's certainly not bad enough to stop her as she shoots of two precise, deadly shots at their newest enemies. "I'm guessing the techs will be better information anyway." She hopes.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Rose is all over those files and it makes Tessa stop a think... where would the big boss's office be. This way? She moves, quickly, and opens the door just in time to see Dr. Richter, his personal secretary, and some other scientist clutching a bunch of papers entering a second secret elevator.

    The doors begin to close as Tessa reaches in to her purse and tosses a knockout gas grenade in after them. "Nein!," the doctor shouts and kicks it, *clunk* in to the metal of the now closed elevator doors. The elevator fills with the knock out gas and in the basement level, the doors open and pour out more of the gas, leaving behind three unconscious bodies.

    <<Dr. Richter is in a secret elevator. I think I got a knock out gas grenade off, but I have no idea where that elevator leads to... or how to summon it back up to the 4th floor>>

    Annoyed, she turns back around and meets up with Rose, "Do you have the good stuff? need a hand hon?" She holds out her arms for boxes. Carrying boxes is an easy thing to do and a woman fleeing a gun fight carrying boxes is not going to be stopped. That's what the employees have been doing after all.

Daniel Sousa has posed:
"Yeah, Rose, after what I just saw, count on it," Sousa says over comms. "Probably involves a lot of hockey though, hope you can skate."

A nod is given to Peggy and May before he turns to Malcolm on the way to the door at the end of the hall. He doesn't make it that far, guards pour into the corridor and Sousa, quick for a man with just one whole leg throws himself to the ground as he fires back with his pistol. "Let 'em have it!" he calls back to Malcolm.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"The nice people have their files organized alphabetically." This Rose says to Tessa while loading a box with said personel files, the payroll ones and then a few with project notes. She doesn't bother going through them or reading much. Too much technical lingo! That's not her beach. Just like SKATING isn't her beach. But she still hopes she will have words with the mysterious Parkour Canadian before they leave.

"We will carry these down. Just need to get that one open." She points to the locked cabinet. Lockpicking? That's not Rose's forte, "Can you open that locked cabinet?" she asks Tessa. Nor is it vault tampering.

<< Vault up here, did we bring any explosives? >> She asks, just in case there's anyone ready to deal with this. << Or maybe our Shadow-y friend? >> maybe she thinks he can go through walls or something!

Natasha Cranston has posed:
    When your enemy thinks getting something away from you is more important than helping fight you, take their word for it. The tech that went for the gun suddenly finds a sturdy boot landing very heavily on his wrist just as his fingers close around the gun, and the Shadow flickers back into visibility, taking two more bounding steps before taking a leap that carries him clear over the piece of equipment the tech was trying to haul and lands right on top of the tech himself, bearing him to the ground.

    << I'm afraid I left my incendiaries in my /good/ coat, >> comes the somewhat dry reply. << Agent Carter neglected to inform me it was going to be /that/ kind of party. That said, I've - >>

    The conversation is briefly interrupted by the sound of a slightly distant gunshot, followed by a much louder and less distant one. << - secured something that two non-combatants considered important enough to put up a fight to keep me from obtaining it. It seems complex; hopefully Mr. Stark can make sense of it. >>

Jack Nolan has posed:
The tommy gun is doing work, keeping HYDRA troops pinned down so the others can move, but when Mason hears the sudden whine of the electrical gun from the other room, he grabs Sousa and hauls him to the ground as the arc of electricity goes over them, cooking the air around them, "Son of a bitch!"

He rolls behind cover and then pops up to let loose with a spray of rounds into the guy with the souped up tazer, making sure to render him no longer a threat, "Stark better get me one of those." He says to himself, before turning back on the group coming down the hall and opening fire again, advancing towards them. He and Sousa can't afford to get bogged down.

Melinda May has posed:
"Likely," May says, agreeing with Peggy. She keeps herself between the future Director and the shooters, since -- yep -- May's still the more expendable (and better armoured) of the pair of them. She raises her gun and continues to fire, cracking off quick, precise shots that prove she's not a woman to waste ammo any more than she wastes words or movement.

More guards go down. Then the Shadow's message comes across coms. May judges that Sousa and Malcolm have that end under control. So, she moves forward, kicks a door open and proceeds to clear the room and ensure the non-combatants within are properly secure before moving on to the next. And the next. As far as she needs to go until she finally joins the sharp-featured man in that most fortified of labs.

"What have we got?" she asks, lowering her weapon as she enters and addresses him.

Peggy Carter has posed:
Dr. Richter is down hard. That's why those knock out gas bombs are just so useful, especially in a confined space like that! But the elevator takes his key, which is still in the thing itself, so someone is probably going to have to swing by there and pick him up if they want the guy, or his information. The Shadow definitely manages to clean up that room, no one else rushing in to fight him because they've got some bigger problems to deal with for the moment.

WHile HYDRA has numbers, a lot of these scientists weren't trained to fight and the guards were caught off guard. A coordinated SSR team is a deadly force to be reckoned with, especially with May on their side. Slowly, the tide of the fight turns. When the last guard falls, the sounds in the hallways are strangely quiet. Eeriely so. And then the quiet sound of bodies dropping in other rooms. Techs and scientists using the way out that was mandated in their contracts -- cyanide caps in the back of their teeth. As experiments have been locked away and destroyed, techs are offing themselves one at a time rather than get caught.

The files Rose and Tessa have are numerous, heavy, and useful. They will make up some of the files that form modern day Peggy's pulled research on Operation Paperclip, actually, having moved from the SSR to SHIELD in 1950. While the technology the teach is recovering is important for today, those files will provide leads for years to come, Rose might realize as she sees addresses, other companies they are working with, older forumla research, recruiting efforts... It's a goldmine.

Peggy is following after Melinda, keeping her way clear, but not going for any wild heroics with a lightly bleeding shoulder and the scene mostly under control. "...that's going to be a *pain* to get into." She mutters to the vaulted lab where the big bang bit of technology is located. The two techs are laying dead already, either thinking they destroyed the thing or locked it up well enough not to be a risk.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Tessa nods her head with enthusiasm, almost maniacal enthusiasm. This is the most excitement she's had in a week since the last mission. "You betcha," she assures Tessa and takes out her pistol, places it to the lock and fires. *bang* The lock is well and truly dead. She puts the gun away and casually opens up the locked cabinet and starts filling a box full of the files found within.

    With boxes in arms, she heads back to and down the stairs <<Heading down with files>>, she says taking as many from Rose as she can muster, leaving the more senior agent to try and sort out that vault. Once downstairs, it's easy enough to slip out with the others running away. They're being gathered up by police and so is she until she manages to put down boxes enough to show her identification, then reroutes herself back to an SSR car to put the boxes in a boot. <<I'm at the car, I'll bring the explosives up>> she says back over the radio and picks up a briefcase from the boot, then pauses as she notes the underground parking driveway in to the building. "Hang on there..." she curiously walks down the ramp in to the dark area, draws her pistol as she stalks in to the darkness.

    And there he is, like the opening of a vault, which she totally promised explosives for.. an open elevator with three unconscious bodies in it, one of whom is Dr. Richter. "Huh!," she smiles and walks back up the ramp, signially to some police officers, "Need some help over here, got three people who need to be arrested for the SSR." Officers rush over ro join her and cuff her catch. She smiles to herself as she escorts the officers to put these three in to the backs of SSR vehicles... and then remembers, "Oh shoot, the explosives." <<Sorry got distracted! On my way now promise!>>

Daniel Sousa has posed:
"Thanks," Sousa says to Malcolm as he picks himself up off the floor. "And as long as he gets me one too," he adds struggling to his feet. The fight is winding down and Sousa jerks his head for Malcolm to follow as he limps on towards the lab, grabbing a heavier weapon from one of the guards. "No!" he shouts as one of the scientists take the easy way out. He slams another back with his cane as he shouts. "We need some knockout gas in here!"

Natasha Cranston has posed:
"I've no idea to be honest, Agent May," The Shadow replies, indicating the gadget. "I'm sure Mr. Stark will have a much easier time figuring out what it does than any of my agents, so I'll leave it in your capable hands."

    He straightens up. "That said, it seems to be all over but the shouting, and my... Working arrangement... With law enforcement requires me to be gone before they show up, so I'll take my leave. Meeting you was... Interesting. Watching you work was an /experience/. You've a long way to go; travel safely, and until we meet again."

    With a nod, an almost bow, and a tip to the hat, the figure fades into mist and darkness...

Daisy Johnson has posed:
With all the boxes and files in hand it's time to gooooo. Rose is quick to fill Tessa's arms with boxes, she getting a few of your own. And boy, she can carry. Must be due to carrying a brick inside her purse all the time...

Though as they are going down and Tessa suggests going back up with explosives she shakes her head. "Nah, girl." she says, "That place is like a hornet's nest now. We can't go back in. These will be enough."

She stuffs the boxes into the waiting cars and speaks on comms. << Time to move out, boys. And having a cane is no excuse, Chief Sousa. >>

Yes, she might be a bit nervous with all the shooting going on upstairs but then she nudges Tessa with her elbow and speaks in a low tone. "That Shadow is so suave, isn't he?"

Melinda May has posed:
May watches the Shadow disappear and grimaces faintly. Yeah, he has no idea how long. Then she recalls his evaluating glance earlier. Huhn. Maybe he *does* have some idea.

Yeah, that's not unnerving. Not at all...

She moves to the machine he indicated before he faded and begins to examine it. It reminds her of some things she's seen SHIELD use when facing interdimensional threats. "This is it," she tells Peggy, her controled tone and carefully schooled expression hiding the true measure of her excitement. She frowns, refusing to show any sign of hope... just in case the hope is a lie. She pulls out an odd looking piece of rock from within its main chamber and holds it up to the light. It glitters dully, a whitish grey.

Rising, she looks to Carter. "I think we're done, here. All but the clean up."

And she'll leave that to the locals.

For now? This is the first win that's actually felt like a win since she got here. She'll take it.

It'll be nice to have something positive to tell Morse and Peggy for once. Thus, for just a brief moment... Melinda May...


Peggy Carter has posed:
It's just clean up now. With Tessa's find in the elevator and some techs knocked out by Sousa's team as well, they do manage to take 6 different scientists prisoner and 3 guards survive their wounds. All are toted back to the SSR and suddenly every holding cell and interrogation room is full. No one's going to be sleeping in the offices for a few days as they try to process everything.

While it's a bit of a pain to get into the two vaults, they are opened. Upstairs is an old model of the same thing that is downstairs and there's a pile of paperwork with the mystery machine. Something with two spinning parts, an electric converter, and with a little bit of what LOOKS like zero matter stored at the side of it, probably powering the thing. It's all highly dangerous, especially with Zero Matter that is supposed to be destroyed and all gone, but it seems in tact. Starks' going to have a bunch of work to do on it. There's also a heart stopping electric gun that has been recovered, which could kill someone without leaving any marks, and several strange serums, including several vials of something uncomfortably blue and familiar to anyone who has seen the Super Soldier serum people have been trying to make. This is probably their largest operation in New York and the SSR has cleaned it out entirely.

Day saved.