4623/Schussing The Day Away

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Schussing The Day Away
Date of Scene: 05 January 2021
Location: Oliver's Room
Synopsis: Oliver and Vanessa start their ski trip.
Cast of Characters: Vanessa Carlysle, Oliver Queen

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
The HyperLoop delivered Oliver and Vanessa to Boston, where their bags were loaded into a waiting four wheel drive SUV. Skis and snowboards went on a rack on top and then the drive up to the ski slopes of Maine took place. Traveling through the snow-covered countryside, Vanessa split her time between watching the passing scenery, and watching her boyfriend as he drove.

"I can see why people would want to live up here, even with all the snow and cold," she commented as they were passing through Vermont. "It's just so beautiful up here," she'd told him. "My first time this far north," she confirms, though he'd heard that from her at least once before.

The final approach to Sugar Loaf gives them a view of the mountain. Little cabins and chalets play hide and seek amongst the stands of trees, while the clearer stretches of white of the ski runs gleam in the sunlight, fresh powder having been laid down the night before. "I'd tell you I'm not a very good skier," she tells him as they head up a road towards the rented cabin, one of the nicer ones on the mountain. "But, thankfully I have a bit of skill from you to make up for that," she teases.

Oliver Queen has posed:
It was good to get out of the big city for a while, just a few days away up in the mountains.. 'To enter the year with our right foot' or so Oliver had argued about the benefits of this trip. Sure there was still Cupid's danger. But *they* were the targets so it's not as if he expected the city to face problems. And besides, maybe he did expect Cupid to be around. At least he had brought his tools of the trade, tucked away inside a locked case, along with a bow and arrows. They both had. Which on the down side just meant he would have to carry *more* up to their room.. *grumble *grumble*

"It is." He says in agreement. Not his first time here even if last time had been .., years ago. Before the island. "Sacrifices are worth it for the things we care for and love." he reaches over to squeeze Vanessa's hand before his eyes go back to the road, "At least New York must have made you accostumed to the cold, so no fear of you freezing off.." he teases.

"Don't worry, you will find your balance to be perfect." He tells her, "I had this burning determination when I was young to not make a fool of myself in front of the girls so ..., I trained until I was .., quite good at it." then he releasing a faint laugh at himself, "I suppose I *still* am determined, but now for the right reasons." he then goes silent, looking at the quietness up in the mountain. "Our cabin should be a bit further along .." almost there.

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
Vanessa gives a soft laugh of delight as Oliver speaks of not wanting to make a fool of himself in front of the girls. "Oh yes. I remember. Especially the twins from Michigan. The ones that looked like they were from Sweden?" Vanessa reminds Oliver, reaching over to give his side a little poke. The playful touch, and her tone enough to remove any chance Vanessa might take any umbrage at memories of things Oliver did before her met her.

She leans over closer to him as he's pulling into the little road covered with snowy trees that leads to their cabin. She gets close enough to whisper softly in his ear, "I just might feel challenged to provide you with a memory to trump that one."

Vanessa sits back in her seat normally, but leaves her hands there on Oliver's shoulder, fingers teasing where his thick neck emerges from his sweater. "I was looking at the brochure. This cabin has about everything someone could wish for. I wouldn't be surprised if they've filmed movies here."

Oliver Queen has posed:
"We don't talk about the twins from Michigan..." As Oliver remembers, they weren't much for talking either ... And now he is just giving her fuel to dig deeper. So he just relaxes more in his seat and goes quiet. Nothing to see here!

He felt he was right about safe until Vanessa goes and whispers that in his ear. There goes the plan! But that has him laughing loud. It's a good one too, that releases some of the tension of the past few weeks, making him turn to reach up and brush fingertips over her cheek. "Careful, I might just hold you to that.." there. The challenge is on.

He slows down near that last curve that gives way to the cabin. "This path is real small between the trees. And look above, the branches cross one another and almost create an arch up on the road."

As they take that turn the place looks rather quaint, cozy. It's the kind of cabin that could indeed be part of a movie. "Horror movies perhaps? Great, hopefully no Friday the 13th look-alikes prowling around.." he sighs. Yes, Starling could get weird with it's villains.

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
Vanessa Carlysle's fingers gently brush back and forth over Oliver's shoulder as Vanessa leans forward to be able to look up better at the branches that make that snowy arch above the road. She smiles and then looks back down as the cabin comes into view.

"Oh no, no getting me worried about Freddy or Jason showing up at the door," she tells him. "You know how I used to be with my locks," she says. Indeed, the trio of deadbolts plus a chain that not only are installed on her apartment door, but that she'd lock, unlock, and lock again before she could go and relax. For that matter, Oliver no doubt caught her doing the same with the lock on the front door of the Queen Mansion, though trying to do it when he wasn't around to catch it. Though in time, Vanessa did it less and less, as her comfort living with Oliver, and being kept safe by him, grew.

As the SUV pulls to a stop, Vanessa undoes her seat belt and climbs out. She gives her hair a little fluff now her head isn't against the car's headrest. Her breath makes visible fog in the crisp, cold mountain air. Vanessa draws in a deep breath and lets out a sigh before walking around the car to Oliver. Sliding her hands onto his hips and leaning in to give him a quick peck on the lips. "I'm looking forward to this," she says with a smile.

Oliver Queen has posed:
"I do." Oliver confirms about the locks. And even if he might not be aware some times someone on the household would let him know. Either Moira, or one of the servants. Or maybe even the security feed on the whole house. Because Oliver being paranoid with security? Yes... Very much so. "But if any of those came up I am sure we'd put them on their rears and send them running, mm?"

Oliver steps out of the SUV as well, closing the door behind him and taking a look over before rolling his shoulders and back. Those were a few hours driving. And with how cold it is.. Uff.., stiff. "Well, regardless of what we do we will have to get the fireplace going soon before we freeze up. We still have a bit more but we will want to have the house a bit warmer before night comes." it's that island training kicking in. Find warmth before sunset as a maximum priority.

Though if the cabin has heating..., well.., there will go his whole survival plans.. He turns to face Vanessa when she makes her approach arms up and his hands resting on her shoulders, the kiss returning. "Me too. Yet if you haven't skiied yet you should really try to forget my abilities." he suggests. "Learning is the best part of it." No it isnt!

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
"Well," Vanessa considers about forgetting his abilities. "Maybe. I'm not quite sure if I'd be better off going it on my own first, and then pick them back up to have some fun? Or the other way around. I guess probably on my own first to make it a treat getting to zoom around, knowing what I'm doing," she says.

She slips a hand into his to squeeze, then moves to get some of the luggage from the car to take inside. "Though don't think I don't know you're just wanting me to forget the twins from Michigan," she teases as she gets a pair of small suitcases out, extending the handles to roll them over to the cabin door.

She opens it up and steps inside. "Oh. Wow," she says at the decor. It's definitely the kind of place that a billionaire would rent. Vanessa knocks the snow off the bottom of the suitcases before bringing them in, setting them aside as she slips her shoes off then moves to explore the beautiful interior.

Oliver Queen has posed:
"As if you would forget those?" Oliver retorts with a playful snort, moving to help with the luggage, getting the bigger ones to start carry them inside, "You know, as you currently have my strength I want to see some heavier bags being carried next round." he teases. But she will know he is joking. He is in good spirits at least, this trip doing him good already.

Oliver follows Vanessa inside the room, blue eyes going over the decor as well, "I am going to say ..., this is going to spoil me. We should had went with the survival hut." No luxuries, no nothing. Just a cabin in the middle of nowhere and surviving. But ..., fine..., he could get used to this lush place.

He goes back to the car a few more times to get bags in and then glances about before making his way closer to Vanessa, arms wrapping about her from behind to bring her closer to him. "I am glad we decided to come here for a few." he murmurs, placing a kiss on the side of her neck.

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
Vanessa Carlysle turns back towards Oliver, laughing warmly. "I don't have your strength. Not unless I bulked up a bit physically," she says. Her lovely eyes dart to the side for a moment in thought, and then her body starts to swell with increasingly large muscles. Until she's looking like a female body builder.

After a moment Vanessa covers her face. "Oh, I don't think I can stand that," she says, laughing and quickly reverting back to her normal, lithe and graceful self. She smiles as Oliver wraps his arms around and holds her, the woman pressing back against him.

"I am too," she agrees about coming here. "And I'd spoil you even if we were in a cave with a soaked pile of wood," she teases, leaning her head back against Oliver's shoulder and wrapping her own arms atop his own where he's hugging her from behind. "I am pretty sure there are a few bottles of wine in our bags. Unless you'd like something a little harder? There are a few other bottles, now I think about it," she says with a teasing smile.

Oliver Queen has posed:
"You do realize you make everyone that trains their butt off every day to get fit jealous, right? Besides being a show off.." Oliver teases her when she goes and does the muscly-woman routine, letting out a tsk of mock disapproval. "And you know I prefer you just the way you are." He says when Vanessa reverts back, relaxing with her between his arms while they stand in the middle of the room.

The suggestion of something stronger has Oliver grinning. "Ms. Carlysle, you know we don't drink the strong stuff before 10am." he says. Not that it's even 10am but who cares! "Wine should be good to start, I like remembering." he says, turning her to him so he can look at her eyes, one hand brushing some of her hair away.

"Maybe we should give it a time before we hit the ski tracks." He suggests, "So you have time to forget about skiing. We will just have to make sure to fill our time in other ways." it's a very innocent suggestion.

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
Vanessa closes her eyes. Oliver's arm snuggled about her narrow waist, hands on the flat plane of her stomach. Soaking in the warmth of his embrace. "I do know that," she whispers back of his preferring her as she is. While he might have been talking about her physical appearance, the words took Vanessa's thoughts to his acceptance of so much more of who she is. Things that she'd never have thought a man of his stature would accept in a woman. Not for anything other than a night's visit at least.

But not Oliver. Vanessa's heart almost seems to swell in her chest as it fills with emotion. She slowly turns in his arms to face him, following his lead. "Then wine it is," she agrees, touching his face tenderly and gazing into his eyes. Leaning into his touch, the fingers brushing her hair and making her smile at him so beautifully for the gentle caress. "Skiing can wait until tomorrow," she agrees. "The best of coming skiing? Is doing it with you," she tells him before leaning in to give him a slow, deep kiss.