4627/Another You: The Truth About Garfield Logan

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Another You: The Truth About Garfield Logan
Date of Scene: 06 January 2021
Location: Lobby - Titan's Tower
Synopsis: Vorpal and Wonder Woman learn the truth of what happened to Gar...from Evil Gar. Vorpal seeks revenge in a shocking way.
Cast of Characters: Terry O'Neil, Diana Prince, Gar Logan

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Evening falls, and the daylight is fading. It was not that long ago that the Cheshire Cat and the Princess of Themyscira set out to the tower on her jet. All throughout the trip, the Cheshire Cat kept mostly quiet, trying to prepare himself for whatever was to come. He deferred to Diana in matters of how they were going to tackle this all the while dwelling on realizations of his own insignificance in the scheme of the Titans' power hierarchy . Even that child he found detestable, Robin, was deadlier than he was- and he had no powers! What good, then, was he to the team?

When they land on the roof, Vorpal clothes himself in illusion, so that he appears to be Terry O'Neil, red-headed human reporter. He isn't sure that the dooppelganger, if this Gar is indeed one, has found out yet exactly /who/ he is. Outside of being the boyfriend.

If it's any potential advantage in the field of the element of surprise, he intends to keep it.

"Let's do a sweep from top to bottom, since we're already at the roof?" he asks Diana.

And so they go... but wherever they look, Gar (like Macavity) is not there. Not in his room, nor any of the upper levels. They steadily work downwards, trying to avoid coming across any other Titans present. OUtside of a select few, they couldn't be sure there were no other doppelgangers around.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana was well aware of the ability to just use Vorpal's portals to get back here, but she wanted to take the jet anyway. It was best to plan for potential future outcomes where Vorpal wouldn't be able to use his portals to transport the Princess, let alone anyone else who might need to travel with her, thusly... they arrive via the alien-tech-powered jet.

Diana, wearing a cloak over her armor, has her gear strapped to her body, shield and javelin behind her, sword beneath her cloak's deep blue fabric.

"Are any of the other Titans on alert as to the nature of this situation?" She has to ask as they start their patrol of the tower, her tall form following along with the guised figure of Terry, whilst she keeps her senses alert.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry shakes his head, "I sent off an alert to Donna and Kara, but they might have thier hands full right now. Nadia is still locked up in her lab and as there is a doppelganger of her out there... I'd rather not risk her doppelganger getting into the lab if she were to come out. And..." he waves a hand, whispering, "We don't know as of yet who /else/ might be a doppelganger. If Gar is indeed one, the last thing we need is for him to have backup."

Gar Logan has posed:
They don't have to wait long for the one they're expecting. As it happens, when they landed in the invisible jet and went inside, Gar was on his way back from the market. Such a mundane thing, but people do need to eat. What he's got, however, is not a full shopping bag full of things. In one hand is a large, industrial-sized bottle of BBQ sauce, with another of buffalo wing sauce cradled against his side as he opens the doors to head in, shifting the second container to his free hand afterward.

That's the point at which his whistling ('Bad to the Bone') fades away. There is the cat-person he saw in the phone. Research into this version of the Titans took him a number of hours to feel like he was caught up on things enough, and he came across the story in the Daily Planet from a few months back. With him, none other than Wonder Woman herself.

If he's surprised, he puts up a good front for being anything but that. Inwardly, it's not that shocking. Terry didn't seem that comfortable the other day. "Huh. Who brought out the welcoming party? All I was doing was getting some stuff for dinner. I had a craving for chicken wings."

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana's eyes wander the area as she listens to Vorpal's response to her. "That makes sense..." She quietly says with regard to Nadia hiding from 'Hope'. She's otherwise rather quiet as they mill about, even up to the point where This Gar finally does show up, and with food. "I believe he is coming." Diana says to Terry prior to Gar indeed appearing.

When he does, he's met by a look from the Princess who is quick to give him a smile. They haven't interacted a lot, personally, but she's well aware of him and many of his deeds as a Titan. "Hello, Garfield." She says pleasantly. "It is so good to see you again." Diana says.

She raises her right hand up out of her robe, holding the Lasso of Truth. "Please place this around your wrist?" She asks him, bluntly, still smiling toward him.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
The Cheshire cat feels the fur on the back of his neck standing on end. This is where the power of his illusions gets a good flex, as the red-headed reporter doesn't move, but says "Hey Gar..."

But it's not Terry saying that. He is only an illusion. The Cheshire cat, invisible, has tiptoed on silent cat feet, circling around to try to flank this Garfield. If the green Titan tried to bolt, or flee, he would find a door slamming in his face with seemingly no-one to operate it. Terry's powers of illusion haven't been made public yet, so even though who Vorpal is may not be a surprise... the cat has a few more tricks up his sleeve than this Gar might be aware of.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan stops at a safe distance from the two. This particular Gar has no idea about any illusion powers Vorpal has, so it will give Terry at least one element of surprise. He feigns a look of innocence, looking between the two. "You seem tense. Long day? I give good massages. I can get real deep into the muscles and loosen them up for you."

Nodding toward the bottles of sauce, he gives them a slowly spreading smile. "I was hoping Kian was around. I wanted to see which type of sauce was his favorite." If this version of Kian is anything like the one he's familiar with, the faintest idea of wings and sauce would be horrifying.

However, his expression darkens slightly when Wonder Woman comes up with the Lasso. "Now why would you need me to do a thing like that?" The wheels begin to turn faster inside his head. He'd already been developing a plan of action the moment he saw her there. She looks like some great heroine here, but he can't place anyone like her where he's from. "I do the animal thing, but I'm not big on roleplay involving leashes, lady. That's not my kind of kink. So I'm gonna have to pass."

He adds, "Besides, I don't think we've met." In the immediate moment after he says this, there is a visible grimace. He should have known there would be people here he wasn't familiar with, but by admitting it just like that he's given away something significant. That means it's about to get active.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana wasn't one to really play games, so her direct approach was meant to be friendly but just-so in its results. She keeps her stare upon Gar, her dark hair draping over her right shoulder and down the front of her deep blue cloak she's wearing. The stare only leaves Gar for a moment, as her eyes dance over to Terry to 'give him a look' before she places her gaze back where it had been. She just gently shakes her head at Gar's response to her.

A breath is taken in by the Princess and the lasso lowers down to her side as she holds it beside her thigh now. "I am Princess Diana of the island of Themyscira, daughter of Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons. I am a protector of this world, and all its innocent inhabitants."

She lowers her slim pointed chin then as she looks at him more pointed. "Are you an innocent inhabitant? Normally, I would know the answer to this, as Garfield is a dear friend of ours. But... you are not my friend. You are not our Garfield. So I ask you to come forward with your true identity, peacefully, while I can still offer you my protection."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry's stomach ties up in a knot when Diana confirms their suspicions. He moves quietly and closes the door behind Garfield, careful not to make noise... because he weaves an illusion over the door so that it looks open, with the world outside still there... but it is closed.

"You.... bastard!" the illusory Terry says, balling his fists, "... where... where is my Gar?" he asks, his brow furrowing. "Answer her!"

The illusion is channeling all of Terry's emotions. The cat stands still flanking Garfield, silent. But if he were not, Gar would see that the Cheshire is glaring daggers at him.

Gar Logan has posed:
With the fakery ruined, might as well drop all pretenses. "That all sounds nice on a business card, but I really don't care who you are," Gar tells Wonder Woman, showing a lot of balls to respond to someone of her stature like that. The Gar they know would never, /ever/ say something like that to her. "I don't need your protection, and I don't want it either."

He turns a wicked smile toward Terry, or rather, the illusion of Terry. "You'll never see your Gar again. I dealt with him myself. I'm all you've got left, and to be honest I don't know what he ever saw in you. But much as I'd love to tell you all the fun details, I just remembered I have somewhere else to be. So..toodles." He flings the big bottles of sauce in the direction of Diana and Terry, turning to run out the open door that isn't, thumping into it with a gasp as he stumbles before bracing himself. "Motherf--grrr," he snarls, rubbing his nose.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Illusory Tery vanishes in a moment, and the Cheshire cat appears out of thin air. "YOU LIE!" he snarls, his voice bubbling with barely contained fury as the Cheshire cat rounds in on Gar, claws out and read to slash across his face, "You miserable lowlife!" his claw moves like a blur, slashing across the Doppelganger's face, but missing the eyes. There will be blood, "Take me to Gar /right now!/"

Flamboyant and angry. Unfortunately he's also right between Diana and Garfield, which makes the prospect of lassoing him, or spearing him, /very hard right now/.

Diana Prince has posed:
Another exhale of disappointment leaves the Princess as this version of Gar proves to be seemingly uncooperative. When he flings the bottles of delicious sauces in their directions, Diana's heightened reflexes come in to action as her left arm sweeps up out of her robe and she intercepts the bottles that were headed for her, by just sweeping them off to the side to send them tumbling across the room! Not exactly the most dramatic thing she's ever deflected with one of her bracers, but they get the job done again.

When she watches This Gar go nose-first in to the door, she brings up the Lasso of Truth and it suddenly comes to life in her half-gloved leather wrapped hands. "This is the Lasso of Hestia and with it around your body, it will compel you to tell the truth. As I said, Garfield is a dear friend, and you will not be leaving my presence until we have garnered the answers to the questions that we have."

The Princess whips her right hand back and prepares to twirl and fling the lasso toward This Gar!

... unfortunately Vorpal ends up between she and the impostor! The lasso is kept spinning, rapidly until it becomes a disk of glowing light above the Princess' right shoulder and head.

Get out of the way, TERRY! But Diana gives him a moment, at least for now.

Gar Logan has posed:
A moment is all Gar needs, though right now it's all they're getting as Vorpal reveals himself with an aggressive attack. It leaves a few lines down his cheek that turn red quickly, an ironic thing considering what he did to the Gar they know and apparently love.

"Ouch," he says, placing a hand to the side of his face and seeing the blood come off on his palm. "That's a better fight than my pitiful, inferior copy put up." He shoves at Vorpal, pushing him back toward Diana to create some space. "You want to find out where he is? I'll take you there, if you can keep up." He morphs immediately before them, changing into a rhino to charge. Not at them, however, but through the front entrance to Titans Tower.

Some people just can't be bothered to use the door the normal way.

Once outside, he stops to look back at them, ensuring they follow as he leads them toward the waterfront, with a few piers and sandy beaches, after shifting into a cheetah.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
This Gar clearly knows nothing of Wonder Woman, if he thinks a cheetah is going to leave her behind. When Gar pushes him, Vorpal stumbles backward- but he uses his Rabbit Hole to get himself out of the way instead of crashing into the Princess of Themyscira.

Instead, he crashes on the floor next to her. "Ow..." he grumbles, sitting up. The cheetah (small c) is getting away, and the Cheshire Cat gets to his feet. "Don't wait for me," he says with a hoarse voice. He is trying not to let what this Gar is saying get to him. But it's obviously hard.

He's always had a very vivid imagination. "Lasso him. Get the truth out of him... I'll be right behind you..."

And then he vanishes into thin air.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana only lingers long enough to see Terry land on the floor and note that he isn't seemingly injured in any sort of dramatic way. So by the time he starts to tell her not to wait on him, she vanishes before he can even say the word 'me'!

A blur of motion and the Princess is gone the way that This Beast Boy had burst out of the building! She's not chasing after him in a direct route either, no, she's launched herself up in to the air, giving herself a nice long arching pathway that will take her down to intercept the cheetah near to the piers that they were fleeing toward!

With an appropriately dramatic landing, Diana spins her body around, drops her cloak off behind her shoulders as her armored boots step apart from one another and her golden glowing lasso is sent twirling out toward the cheetah!

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan went cheetah for a reason, because they are fast. Very fast. However, the point wasn't to entirely escape, but rather to get more out into the open, more to a point where he could attack freely, and use what he's done against them. "Oh, /so/ close!" he taunts her, zigging and zagging until he's reached the sands.

When he does, when Wonder Woman is close enough, he turns into a large gorilla, roars at her, and tries to slam both fists down upon her! Whether a fight is wanted or not, a fight is what they're getting right now in lieu of him telling them what they want to know, or what they think they want to know.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
And then there is a Vorpal Cat. That's what you can do when you can be invisible, and have holes in reality that you can travel through. As the Gorilla attempts to attack Diana, the Cheshire Cat's voice is artificially amplified by his illusion powers.

"You... are pathetic," the cat says with a raspy voice. "The afterthought child of Mark and Marie Logan. And you? You seek to threaten /Wonder Woman/? You couldn't man up to a single waterfall, /boy/. What are you doing to do against the ocean?"

And all around them, everything is water now. The fresh smell of it, the roar, and the waves with white foam, passing through them almost intangible, they are not by the docks, but in a flash flood somewhere near the jungle.

"Gar!" Marie Logan's voice, piercing and distorted to almost a shriek over the water, "Save yourself! It's too late for us!"

The deafening roar of a waterfall suddenly explodes.

Kian didn't know it, but when he allowed Terry and Gar to mind-meld, he also gave Terry psychological weapons he never would have even considered using against Gar.

But this wasn't his Gar.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana draws the lasso back just as the Evil Gar dashes away from her glowing rope! She lets it twirl around her body as her eyes watch the large new-form of the Gorilla rush her!

His first attack is met by the raise of her left arm to block it with her Submission bracer, the second never even comes in contact with her! As the clang of her blocking bracer rings out across the pier, Diana is already lunging backward to avoid the second attack-- along with the waterworks that Vorpal brings to the party!

The Princess observes for a beat or two, hearing the psychological game being put in to effect by Terry. Ultimately her eyes are on This Gar though, in whatever form he may take...

Her left hand goes up behind her shoulder where she wraps her fingers around the shaft of the spear mounted on her back. She draws it from her harness and continues to observe the pace of Vorpal's distracting ploys...

When This Gar offers her a window of opportunity is when she strikes! The Princess of the Amazons lunges forward again, delivering three swift strikes with the spear, using it as a blunt instrument to disable This Gar, and deliver a strong blow to his head to knock him down for the count... or so she hopes!

Admittedly, she's never fought Garfield before (any version of him) she's not entirely sure what he's capable of defending against, or absorbing damage wise!

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan meets strength with strength, but Wonder Woman's fighting skill and experience proves a worthy counter to his brute force attack. They're close enough to each other that she can catch a whiff of his hot, putrid breath. Gorillas don't brush.

Before he can follow up, something happens around him. Water. Rushing water. Lots of it. Images that are all too familiar to him. The waterfall. His parents. Their voices, pleading with him. Fear the likes of which he never wanted to feel again. Maybe it's why a part of him embraced this...this ZZGU influence. It promised power and strength, but at the cost of everything else. There was no real resisting it anyway, but it felt good to have the shackles off, to no longer have to worry about holding back.

Whatever the case, he stumbles backward, holding his head as he morphs back to normal, showing pain for the first time. "No! Make it stop!" he cries out, panic in his words before he looks around wildly, a feral expression in his human features, a need to get away. Then, Diana knocks him flat on his ass, leaving him feeling woozy.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
And there they are. Mark and Marie Logan, staring at Garfield. The entire world appears to be underwater after Wonder Woman knocked him flat.

"What did you do to him, Garfield?" Mark's stern voice echoes through the water, looking at his son with the most bitter disappointment a man on this Earth could have, his blue lips curved in a rictus. Marie, on the other hand, looks like her heart is completely shattered. If she were not underwater, her eyes would be glistening. "Where is he?" her voice pleads, on the verge of tears.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana doesn't have much pity for this Gar's condition after her strikes were dealt with the specific purpose of disabling him through mind-numbing pain. But she also knew how long the pain would last, and that it would mostly fade within moments. At least fade enough that he could answer questions...

And she knew Terry would have those questions...

So with her spear going out and down, Diana dips it under Gar's right leg and lifts it up enough that she can snap her lasso out like a whip! It curls several feet around his thigh and then... has him... in its divine embrace....

The questions come, and the lasso's heat is soon to follow, to sear him in to answering. "Answer the questions, to lessen the pain." Diana urges him. "If you lie, it will only grow worse for you..."

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan grimaces, shutting his eyes to escape some of the visuals, trying to go to a happier place in his mind. Thanks to ZZGU, no such places exist any more that don't involve the death and destruction of what's immediately near, but he can't get to the point of doing that right now.

The lasso finds its mark, and given his reluctance to be here at the moment he can start to feel a heat building from it. "Y-you want to know the truth? I was..gonna tell you anyway. Just..heh heh..had to get you here first. Go ahead..ask," he says, through clenched jaw, his body tense all the same.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Vorpal's next words are quiet, but somehow they carry.

"Tell me..." and Diana could see how Vorpal was restraining himself, his body tense as a whip as the illusion subsides- there was no need for it now that Gar was in the grip of the lasso, "What did you do with Garfield Logan...." and then his jaw clenches, his hands balled into fists, "/Where is he?/" he hisses.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan looks disdainfully at the golden, glowing rope, turning his head toward the feline now, reading him like a book as the reminders of his parents and the waterfall and the trauma of that event disappear. "Did you read what I posted?" he asks, and there's a brief hiss from him as he can feel the effects of the lasso starting up again at his evasive answer. It points to the truth, but it is not the outright truth.

"Hawk. Bear. Tiger. Gorilla. That's how I did it. I mauled him, and I tore off his arm, and I ate it, and I threw what was left of him into the sea for the ocean to finish off. Look, if you doubt me." He points toward the sand below the pier, where there looks to be the remnants of some kind of fight, sand smudging over streaks of red. There is a single, solitary shoe with a familiar paw print sole to it.

The grin that spreads is the sort of grin that could chill one to the bone, his eyes full of hatred and revulsion. "That's right. I killed your Gar. He didn't even put up a fight."

Pointing at the lasso, he finishes, "You didn't even have to go this far. I was going to tell you once we got here."

Terry O'Neil has posed:

It isn't a shout. It's a scream. Just like that, the illusion shatters and there is Vorpal, standing with his hands clutched into fists. His eyes are shut tight and he is tense enough that he look that he could just break if you struck him in just the right place. He saw the shoe.

But this is the Lasso of Truth. "You lie-" it's very quiet, there's a hitch in his voice that presages the advent of tears.

A dark expanse of nothingness. Two figures flickering. In that place within a place, within the light without a glow Terry O'Neil looks on, and his outlines begin to fragment. He starts to lose definition. He curls up in agony.

The other figure, one that has been with him for months now, steps forward and envelops the fragile soul.

When Vorpal opens his eyes again, there is decidedly a change. Gone are the green irises, and instead they are replaced by an expanse of purple light. Diana and Garfield have barely a moment to react when an explosion of pure magic erupts from the Cheshire. Diana, in her divine nature, would have felt it coming and thus have a chance to shield herself- but there is no actual damage that comes out of it, it is merely pure, concentrated chaos.

Vorpal has changed. There is more muscle mass to him, but the distribution makes him look lean- bulky shoulders and legs, thin midsection, the look of a predator. His hair is a flowing red mane, and there is a constant aura of chaos and disruption that flows from him. His claws are long, sharp, and curved. The boards under him bubble and undulate, and flowers and strange flora sprouts out of concrete, twirling around nearby fixtures.

And then the Cheshire cat speaks.

"YoU tooK mY gRIN. noW i wilL TAKe EVeRyThInG ELsE"

And he launches himself forward. He moves fast, like an apex predator, and he criss-crosses Garfield Logan, using his Rabbit Hole to pass over him multiple times in astonishingly few seconds, claws rending flesh, tearing blood from green with breathtaking brutality. And then he leaps away from Logan and crouches low, like a tiger ready to pounce, staring at Gar with glowing eyes.

"BeG FOr YOur liFE!"

Diana Prince has posed:
The revelations that This Gar lays unto the heroes here and now is not the kind of information that either of them want to hear. But they live dangerous lives, fraught with perils. The loss of loved ones in this field of work, is entirely possible, no matter how powerful they may or may not be. The potentiality will always be there... but the truth of their Gar's fate is still yet to be seen.

Diana's eyes took in the sight of the 'shoe' and the rest was processed just before Vorpal's predator-style reaction leads him to rushing in to punish This Gar for the answers he'd given then.

"Terry, no!" Diana tries to stop the savage response to This Gar. "This is /not/ what Garfield would want!" Their Garfield, she means. But she's wise enough to the ways of the heart to know that her voice, her words, her advice, are irrelevant to the Cheshire-one in this moment.

"He must be contained, interrogated. What he is saying is the truth, but it does not mean that our Gar is lost. He can help us find him!" She tries to get through anyway, with Vorpal falling back to a more reasonable distance.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan looks up toward Wonder Woman with a fleetingly curious expression after he's told the truth. As a result, the lasso does not burn. Does he know the true fate of this world's Garfield Logan? No, but since he believes he killed him, that is the truth that registers.

It's Vorpal that draws more of his attention, more of his curiosity, as he feels something changing. "Oh, but you know what I told you is true. You know it at your very core. I saw the pictures of you on this," he says, his voice low as he pulls out the phone. "I took away everything that mattered to you."

He begins to laugh as Diana tries to play the role of the hero he would expect, the role he once would have played before ZZGU. The weight of the chaos magic may not be tangible, but it certainly feels like it is right now as Vorpal undergoes a change the likes of which nobody has seen before. It is a change that actually surprises him at first, as little as he knows of this Terry/Vorpal with nothing to compare to from his own world.

Then, he is attacked in a way that is almost as vicious as anything he could think of, but it's more effective and unpredictable thanks to the portals Vorpal uses to strike with rapid precision. He feels pain from the wounds that score his face, his torso, his arms and legs. It is a mauling the likes of which he has doled out, especially recently. In spite of it, he laughs. "Ohhh..hahaha..ha...haha..w-well done.." he says, sucking in a breath, briefly curling toward one side before he sits back up to face what Vorpal has become, what he has made him become.

The insanity ZZGU has brought out of those touched by the entity shows in his eyes, his expression, his words. "So you have a little fight in you after all. More than your lover did." He grimaces, and spits up some blood before wiping the back of a hand across his mouth, smearing red in the wake of it. There's a squint toward Wonder Woman as she suggests capture, then he squeezes his eyes shut to fight against the stings felt all over from those claws, forcing them back open to face the Cheshire, who is ready to pounce. "Unlike your Gar..I'll beg for nothing. Go ahead..kill me, if you have the balls to. I'm right here. Avenge..heh heh heh...me."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
?Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:

As Diana predicted, her words fall on deaf ears. Terry /should/ listen, Gar wouldn't want this. Blood rushing, growling and heavy breathing might be an excuse, but what truly blocks Diana's words is pure, unforgiving fury. Anger is all-consuming, and it knows only one desire.

Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!

Vorpal slams a fist onto the dock, and the Chaos Wave erupts with a ferocity that it normally doesn't have. The entire dock seems to /heave/ under their very feet, and then a whole section of it explodes upwards, catapulting Garfield Logan several feet in the air while the splintering wood flies like anti-aircraft artillery, aiming for Gar with deadly arrow-like precision. And yet they do not strike any killing blows, just an innumerable amount of incredibly painful ones. There's a deal of flesh that will just not be there when Gar lands, with a thud, on an intact part of the docks.

"yOU hAD fUn, dIDN'T yoU? playINg THE biG BAd WoLf? eATiNG My gAR?"

The Cheshire cat slowly sands up. A hand extends to the side, and there is a moment of pure, sickening vertigo around him as a confluence of chaos gathers in his hand and takes physical shape into that of a sword. It is a wicked-looking thing, glowing purple-red and angrily leaving traces of light in the air as it moves.

He took his vorpal sword in hand;
Long time the manxome foe he sought?

He slams his hand on the floor once again, and some more boards tearing out of it, floating in midair like a set of stepping stones over which the Cheshire bounds, leaping higher and higher. He leaps off and raises his sword as he starts his descent towards Gar, the blade glowing with a bloodthirsty glow over him.

"WELl tHen! let'S FINiSH this faiRy TALe aND cUT YOU OpEN!"

The Vorpal blade whistles through the air, splitting breezes in two and moving towards the green target without mercy or hesitation.

And hast thou slain the Jabberwock?

Diana Prince has posed:
'Where are you, Donna?!'

This thought goes through Diana's head for a moment, in that she could really use some backup in this fight. Especially with the pier being turned into a lumber yard of splintered boards by the anger that is surging through Terry.

It isn't something Diana thought he'd do. She didn't think sweet Terry would be capable of these kinds of emotions. It goes to show how little she knows him, evidently. Even at his worst, she thought he'd see some reason behind the madness, and listen to her if she asked him to.

But that apparently wasn't the case.

Diana's lasso leaves This Gar, and twirls back around her own body as she witnesses the rage and chaos that Vorpal is unleashing, not essentially on the dock alone, but specifically on the evil incarnation of Garfield who has brought this dramatic situation to their world.

"Terry!" Diana uses his real name, because 'super hero names' only go far for her when she wants to really reach a person's core.

Before he can delivery the Vorpal Sword onto This Gar, Diana-- wrapped in her own glowing lasso -- lunges toward him to block his blade with her left bracer, then sweep her right hand up and then back to smack him across his jawline to KNOCK some sense in to him, along with knocking him back on to his ass... or so she hopes!

"This will NOT bring him back!" She shouts there-after. "This will only serve the evil of this imposter's desire! You are playing in to his wishes! Stop this now!" The Princess demands, as she turns back then to face This Gar...

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan watches all of this with a sense of wonder. He's seen countless nature documentaries, no matter what version of Garfield Logan he is. At one time, he was as good and pure as this Earth's was. At one time, he sought to hold himself back, but that all changed when the world lost its sanity. In his world, he's probably even familiar with the Alice in Wonderland story itself.

Now, none of it matters. He is sent flying by the wave of pure chaos energy, lifting him off the deck of the pier as the wood pierces him in multiple places. There is a moment where the comical, lovable Gar shows up through a fracture in the cruel craziness, one little reminder of what he once was.

"Oh, I've got splinters in me..."

He impacts the pier roughly, the pain lancing through his body, feeling like it's touching every last nerve ending, and then he's floating again, or at least it feels like he is. "Big..Bad..Wolf? That would have been..ow..a good idea.." The other day, with Gar, Kian, and Terry in the Tower, the big TV showed wolves with the sheep. It was prophetic.

Gar's eyes roll back before a flash of color draws them toward Vorpal once more. No, not Vorpal. Something different. Something wild. Something feral. "I made you. I created you," he suggests proudly, the smile of a father or a mentor passing over him before a grimace of pain shows again.

"And I love...what you've become," is the last thing he says before the vorpal sword ends him.

Except it doesn't. Wonder Woman is there, suddenly, blocking the killing blow, giving him an opening. By the time she's finished scolding Vorpal, trying to talk some sense into him, turning back to look at This Gar...he is no longer on the dock. The phone remains left behind but he flits out of reach in the form of an average bird, faltering some along the way, and he strains against the loss of blood he's now dealt with as he stops to perch atop something not even he'd noticed at first: a security camera. His wings droop and he sways in place while holding his balance, and he speaks, voice still reflecting the pain even while in winged form.

"The pain of parting is nothing to the joy of meeting again." He lets the words sink in before he continues, "This is not the last time you will see me. Prepare yourselves." With as much as he can draw from whatever he's got left in him, he shifts to a falcon and flies away as fast as his wings will take him.

Terry O'Neil has posed:

Vorpal can't quite recall what happened after that. The monster had gotten away- or had he? He had nearly become it. 'I created you,' he had told him, and it had been almost right.

But Diana had saved him. From /himself./

His regular Cheshire shape had returned little by little as anger drained out of him. The Vorpal Sword had disappeared the moment Diana's bracers had stopped it.

Although this Doppelganger had left, a splatter of blood remained on the camera. /The camera/.

He had said something, pleaded with Diana. Words were hard to recall under the weight of regret and shame, but Diana had done... something. They had gone into a building. The building that owned the camera, and who would say no to Wonder Woman?

In the security room, a date had been asked- and that was easy for Terry to tell- the day Gar started acting strange. The file had been loaded, and they started scrubbing through it.

And then Gar came into the screen.

The Cheshire cat slams down on the keyboard and pauses the video, trembling just as an avian appears into the frame, striking Gar's face.

The Cheshire's eyes are wide, suddenly he is aware of where he is what he is doing.

"I don't know if... if I..." he says, his voice growing incredibly small.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana had eventually come to gather up her dark blue robe off of the edge of the pier. She'd put it back on, but she'd buttoned it back over her shoulders, turning it into a bit more of a heavy cape style garment that left her armored form still visible and not shrouded in the mystery provided by drapey fabrics.

In the security room where they find the footage, Diana remains standing, tall and graceful, her armored form glimmering in what dim ambient light surrounds them. Her eyes are on the monitors as they watched the footage, but her stare towards toward Terry.

"Be strong. Be collected. This is what Gar would want. We need this footage saved and taken to the tower for the rest of the Titans to observe it who can help with this."

The Princess' right hand comes down upon the Cheshire's left shoulder. "We won't let this go easily. You brought me here for a reason, and part of that reason is to trust in my advice."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Vorpal closes his eyes and takes a deep breath, gathering strength from Diana's touch on his shoulder before he opens his eyes again. "You're right... I owe it to him."

He hits play.

And he watches. He watches with mounting horror as the Doppelganger switches forms to attack Garfield, who /doesn't/ react.

"Gar! No! Fight-" he literally shouts at the monitor, as if he had suddenly forgotten he wasn't watching a live feed. But he doesn't move his hand from the keyboard. He's not sure if it is the shock that's stopping him.

And then Gar's arm is severed, and a strangled cry comes out of Vorpal. A sound that is quickly choked by his hand going up to his mouth as a raw cry of horror comes out, just as Gar's inert, bleeding, armless body is thrown into the ocean by the Gorilla.

If Diana feared he would destroy the room, she will be disappointed. Instead, the Cheshire Cat evaporates before her eyes, literally disappearing in streams of purple smoke and leaving behind a terrified, red-eyed, tear-stained  red-haired human.

Terry collapses onto the desk, his face hidden in his hands and his back heaving as he lets out a roaring, hoarse sob. He appears smaller than usual, not the dashing Cheshire Cat nor the intrepid fearless cub reporter at the Planet, but a broken boy.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana's eyes are on the footage, but her right hand is kept on the shoulder of the Cheshire. She watches it unfold herself, but is much more reserved in her emotions about what she sees unfolding on the television monitors.

When it's all said and done, Diana turns to the two security guards who have been standing back and letting them view the cameras. She offers them both a soft smile past her dark locks of hair draping down her right shoulder. "Can I acquire a copy of this footage?" Diana asks them in her thickly non-American accent. The men both look at her, then between each other, before they both nod and offer dopey grins. "Of course." one of them says, while the other chimes in. "Like we'd say no to you!" And he follows it up with a laugh. "Do you... uh, want it e-mailed?" Before muttering under his breath. "Or texted, cell phone, your phone number..."

Diana just smiles again. "E-mail will be great."

She turns back to Terry then and moves to put her hands on his shoulders and lean down to speak to him softly. "Come on, lets get you home." She urges him up to move with her.