4628/So Long Erf!

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So Long Erf!
Date of Scene: 06 January 2021
Location: Cockpit - Milano
Synopsis: The Guardians blast off!...with varying opinions about Earth and its people. Music is had. Drax leaves a present behind. Gamora's toughness is questioned. It's possible Nebula was replaced by a doppelganger.
Cast of Characters: Rocket, Nebula, Peter Quill, Gamora, Drax

Rocket has posed:
The last repairs have been made to the Milano, with any assistance from the Titans if needed. That means the ship is finally in flying shape again, nav systems up to speed, thrusters a-okay, landing gear safe and sound.

That also means it's high time to get going. Rocket's in his customary pilot's seat, a couple transparent screens up in front of him that his hands wave this way and that over, running scans and diagnostics checks before sliding one back out of the way again. "Anyone for stickin' around any longer? Nah? Didn't think so. Where you want me to set course for, or do we just wanna see where we go for a while?"

As far as he's concerned, they've just held their vote on getting off this miserable rock.

Nebula has posed:
    If there can be joy in Nebula's life, this is as close to it as it gets - getting off this miserable rock. No more listening to Gamora wail in chocolate-withdrawal too. "Anywhere, just not here. As quickly as possible not here," she insists and leans up against the back wall of the cockpit. This is an auspicious occasion, may they never come back to this dirt ball called Earf ever again.

Peter Quill has posed:
Side-eye commences immediately towards Rocket as he gets cozy. Two pilot seats doesn't mean ONE of them is more piloty than the other. Peter slides into the other seat and is taking communications....like Earf might actually have traffic control for orbit. They don't. "I checked, everything seems put together enough to get somewhere with better facilities. Lets get to a hub so we can see what jobs are waiting."

Gamora has posed:
    "Mmmnnnggg..." Gamora grumbles uncharacteristically, holding her head with one hand as the ship starts making positive noises. She's still... coping with her chocolate liqueur binge.
    Still, she has enough wits about her to keep up with what's going on, and will be damned if she appears too weak to be involved just because of her... enthusiasm for one aspect of this planet. "Agreed." She says after Peter speaks, "Civilization will be a welcome change after the time we've lost here. Besides..." Gamora smiles slightly - just a little! - and adds, "... we shouldn't let the Galaxy forget about the Guardians."

Rocket has posed:
While the ship technically belongs to Quill - Rocket, Groot, and all the rest joined up at different points - by nature of doing as much of the piloting as he can, Rocket has come to view it as his ship, especially when Quill isn't around to hear him say as much.

"Yeah, we gotta get some creds built back up. Being stuck on this dump ain't made it easy on things. Whole galaxy's probably on the verge of being ruined by now," he grumbles, and as he eases back on one of the sticks they'll get the familiar feeling of rising off the ground the ship had been stuck around for weeks.

Then, the landing gear retracts into the underside of the vessel, he wraps a hand around the throttle, and they zoom up into the atmosphere, leaving Earth and its orbit, the welcome embrace of the darkness of space returning. "Oh, yeah. I missed this."

Drax has posed:
Once they get into the Earth's orbit, on the way, shooting past, does it really matter?  Drax presses a big blue button at his station.  It's unclear to him whether any of the other controls are locked, so he presses it.  OUT GOES THE BODILY WASTES!  The ones that aren't recycled (if they are).  "Bombs away!"  He might actually think he let some bombs drop.

The big guy (or at least Guardian's 'big guy') brought back souvenirs over his stay.  Specifically he likes all the green heads.  He even got some other heads from other lands!  "We go!"

Nebula has posed:
    Nebula smirks at Gamora's hangover and says, "Serves you right for indulging in a primitive plants toxins." But, then they are up up and away and back in to the comforting cool darkness of space. She lets out a small sigh of relief. Being stuck on that planet was getting to her. That can't be the end of her story, she has MUCH vengeance to get.

    "Be careful of their space debris. They litter it everywhere in orbit," she warns. Still, the trip to Earth wasn't a complete loss. She found a weakness of Gamora's and knows how to exploit it in the future. That'll come in handy if she needs to haul her sister back to dad.

Peter Quill has posed:
"Yeah, well. I'm sure they got along just fine. More or less. Plenty of gigs out there waiting for a decent crew to earn some credits." Bombs....Bombs? Quill has the good sense to check again to make sure certain controls are locked towards the FRONT of the cockpit and not the back. "Wait. You were smoking?"

Peter looks over his shoulder back towards Gamora...but no. Thats a hangover of some sort. "Ahhh, can't handle your drink. Lets get some music going. Turn the lights up. Its dark in here."

Gamora has posed:
    Gamora winces slightly and glares at Nebula. "You...!" Gamora looks away and continues softly, "... could never understand."
    Goodbye, Earth, and the single wonder you held.
    Besides all the super beings, whose powers held no discernable pattern.
    That was concerning.
    Gamora squints at Peter and insists "There is nothing I can't handle." before flinching at the increased lights. "... Mmmnfff." Gamora shakes her head slightly and tries to change the subject, "Those were your people, Quill. Were they always that... eclectic?"

Rocket has posed:
"What did you just do, Drax?" Rocket calls back questioningly, shaking his head afterward. "On second thought, I don't wanna know. Just let me fly in peace." He sets course back to one of the systems they're more used to trawling through, one where they have yet to be kicked out of every marketplace they know of. If they're going to get some jobs again, best to go to a place they can actually do that in.

Then, the furry little ball of rage snickers, more of his teeth showing. The lights come up for a moment before he changes his mind again. "You want some music? Fine, but check this out." He tosses Quill a small datapad, which has a flashing red button on the touchscreen that says 'Push Me.' It also has the whole playlist that they know of. "Go ahead, do it. It ain't gonna blow us up or anything."

When he does, a panel parts in the ceiling of the cockpit, lowering a mirror ball that begins to spin as a few beams of light illuminate to strike off of it. The cockpit becomes a disco room.

Drax has posed:
"I left them a present, for all of the green heads they gave me."  As in money.  "They fit well in my pillow case."  The guy could sleep on hot coals.  "Music does not blow up anything Rocket.  Quill knows that.  You know that Quill right?"  Drax looks at the man with that hard inquisitiveness.  "I am guessing this is a trick."

Peter Quill has posed:
"Music blows something up, Drax." Peter Quill takes far too long to look over his shoulder in slow motion to Drax, to glance towards the imminent in pain Gamora before smiling widely. "Your heart." Then the big red button pushed and the horns begin. Petey has no complaints for Rocket's music choices for the moment. "Alright. Alright, you can stay. Lets get back out there."

Nebula has posed:
    Nebula scowls as the disco ball appears. She was _this_ close to destroying it until she realised Rocket had _deliberately_ installed it. And then the music begins. She rolls her eyes. But, the weird thing is.. this shared moment of solidatiry, leaving Earth behind, is as close to a real feeling of family she has ever had.

    She makes sure no one is looking and gently taps one foot against the floor. This is not dancing. Inside she allows herself to experience this moment of joy. She dare not let it show on her face - no smile will be forthcoming. It fills her with a warmth, an encouraging warmth. She shares it with Gamora, "I'm going to kill you."

Gamora has posed:
    Gamora fixes Quill with a blank look. "Is that-" she tilts her head, "... is that a figure of speech? Or-" the music starts and Gamora flinches with a sharp "Oh!"
    Gamora then peers up at the descending disco ball and intones, "... oooooohhhhh."
    Gamora grimaces and idly tugs at the clasp of her cloak with one finger, letting her gaze pass over the assembled crew. Gradually, a slight, funny kind of smile comes to her lips. This... isn't terrible.
    Gamora looks to Nebula and gently sighs: "I'll feed you to the Starknoss." in the same manner one might say 'you too'.

Peter Quill has posed:
"It'll make your heart grow three times its size." Which is also a figure of speech and sounds properly scary. After the song talks about Jesus, Peter leans towards Rocket and starts to tell him, "You know, Norman Greenbaum was actually Jewish." Then several beats later. "That doesn't mean anything to you, does it?" He'll right himself again and start swaying and humming. "Spirit in the skkkkyyyyyy...."

Drax has posed:
"Quill.  Gamora's heart is too tough to be blown up."  Drax blinks up at the disco ball.  "What is happening."  Right, no question mark.  This is his way.


At Quill's words, Drax's eyes bulge a little and he slams his palms over his ears.  Thankfully, he doesn't have to listen to Quill anymore...or Rocket.  This is a plus plus, even if Drax doesn't realize it.  He just sits there contentedly.  His heart will not explode from growing.

Rocket has posed:
"Why do you think I'd know or even care about that, Quill?" Rocket retorts, his ears flattening briefly in annoyance when Peter gets closer to him. It leads to him waving him off. "Go back to your space and let me have mine. You're encroaching." But even he's starting to hum along to the tune once he's picked up the beat, drumming his fingers along with it. "I hate you all a little less right this second."