4638/The Problems With Statuary

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The Problems With Statuary
Date of Scene: 07 January 2021
Location: Hall of Justice - New Troy
Synopsis: Iason wakes up in the Hall of Justice and is very, very confused.
Cast of Characters: Iason, Wally West

Iason has posed:
A week and a half ago, Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl and Troia brought a very curious thing to the league-only rooms of the Hall of Justice: a young man. But it wasn't just any young man- a statue of one. If the Princess of Themyscira was to be believed (and she always is), the statue came to life and spoke some words in a disoriented state... before it was attacked by a strange assailant that crumbled into marble. The youth had reverted to his bronze statue state and could not be roused... hence, the reason for which Diana brought him here, to see if there was any way to help him.

The current Doppelganger crisis, however, took precedent, and thus the statue of the young man remained in a section of one of the laboratories, recumbent on one of the tables where analysis had been conducted, now mostly forgotten for the moment while other things were seen to.
Heince the resources of the team's mystical staff were better spent tackling the current crisis, Diana had referenced an outside expert who had occasionally provided consultation on enchanted artefacts any time the mages of the team were not readily available. This expert was now ready to render her verdict on the situation.

"Thank you for your expediency," the woman with auburn hair and aquiline features says to Wally as she hands him a sealed envelope, "I've addressed this to Princess Diana, but I have decided to send it to the Hall instead of the Embassy. Under current circumstances," with Themyscira receiving overwhelming attention from the outside world after helping with the Warzoon invasion, "I think it is far likelier that she would prefer it not fall into the flow of official Embassy mail."

The front of the envelope had the photographed image of the statue of the young man, for reference, "You'll want to place it near this. It's very important that the Princess read this as soon as she is able. Thank you very much!"

And with that, the delivery point was set. The laboratory is currently not in use, and thus some of the lights are dimmed, casting the statue half in shadow, giving it a solitary, singular appearance.

Wally West has posed:
Fixing the door had taken little time. Unfixing it and having actual construction people fix it properly took considerably more time. Wally was a bit tired already, but a delivery to The Hall of Justice seemed easy enough. They had gotten a brand new sofa too. He could practically hear it calling his name.

"Got it. Lab in front of the statue. Diana has to read it asap. Got it." One last bit is heard as he zooms away. "Remember to leave a positive review if you like the service."

Unfortunately Diana wasn't answering her communicator at the moment. Probably some dreadfully important Amazonian business. That meant he could just zip to the statue, leave the note and catch some Zs on that delightful new sofa.

The lab looked like the start of a horror movie. The lights were dim, and the corners were cloaked of shadow. Batman could probably see into them, but it gave Wally the creeps. The statue seemed to him like it was looking at him. He put the envelope down and zipped over to the light switch to turn it on.

"Much better." He knew that the statue was capable of motion sometimes, and that had him uneasy. He had dealt with dormant robots before, and technically that was basically the same thing, but it sure didn't feel that way. he turned back around to reassure himself that the statue was infact still inanimate.

Iason has posed:
Whether it was pure coincidence, or that the young man heard words spoken in his vicinity in two weeks, the result is that the statue is no longer a statue once the lights are turned on. Wally's quick eye would catch the retreating hue of bronze disappearing from the surface, leaving tanned skin behind.

The youth falls back on his hands a little, his black eyes wide as he surveys his new surroundings. He is attired like those idealized shepherds of Arcadia, with a garment of loose cloth that stops at his knees, crossed over the shoulders to cover his upper body. Calfskin sandals secured by straps around his calves are his only footwear.

"Much... better?" he repeats Wally's words, a puzzled expression on his face. He glances at the ginger, and then looks to his left, and to his right, and then speaks again, in a dialect completely unfamiliar to Wally. He must see the lack of recognition on the speedster's face, because then he switches back to his halting, uncertain english.

"Where... am I /now??"

Wally West has posed:
"HOLYCRAPHOLYCRAPHOLY...." Wally nearly jumps out of his skin. "Its my soul. You can't have it." He was still jumpy, but he was starting to feel silly. He was getting a pracical demonstration as to why horror movies never let people turn on the light. In the full brightness of the overhead lights, the statue man just looked like a guy.

He had been holding his pointer fingers in a cross and holding one of his knees up by his chest as if to shield his body. He knew enough about magic to know that this generally useless, but he didn't have much else that he could do besides run, and besides generally meant not always, so the day that it would save him, he would be ready. He returned to a more neutral stance.

"You are in The Hall of Justice. Identify yourself." The longer this went on, the more foolish he felt.

Iason has posed:
The young man's eyes widened. "Hall... justice?" he says something else in the foreign dialect, and then slowly slides off the table to stand when he is addressed again. "Iason of Alexandria. I am... of Justice. Why am ... here? Where is Princess of Themyscira? She spoke... with me..." he looks lost, looking at the very advanced laboratory. "... am I in the halls... of the gods?"

He takes a few tentative steps towards Wally, studying his face before moving his eyes down to his broad chest, where the lightning insignia is displayed proudly, and he visibly grows excited. "You! You serve Zeus?" he reaches out to touch the emblem with a finger. That was definitely the lightning bolt of Zeus, forged by Haephestus himself and the greatest weapon of the greek godhead.

Wally West has posed:
"Oh hey you met Diana? She is busy fighting monsters or something. This is the hall of justice. We are not gods. We are heroes. You know, like..." He pauses and tries to think of some greek heroes. This guy is greek right? Hercules? Nope god. Ceasar? Roman emperor.

All of the sudden 'Iason' if that was this statue man thing's real name was walking toward him. Wally zips to the door. "Hold it there Iason. (Oh hey Jason like Jason and the argonaughts. He is a hero right? Kinda more like him.) No touching. I haven't determined for sure that you aren't trying to steal my soul yet. I don't serve Zeus. (Although Captain Thunder is kinda close, but I don't serve him either.) Think more Hermes."

Iason has posed:
Iason gasps as Wally zooms to the door, and the young man's next actions might be even more surprising. Respectfully, almost worshipfully, he gets down on his knees and lowers his head, extending his arms before him with his palms upwards, a slight bend at the elbows.

"I do not know of ... whom you speak, with this Captain, but I can see that I am.... in the presence Hermes Philandros. No man... moves as fast as Hermes." He raises his head to glance at Wally, "You must... have come to deliver me... to where I must go."

Wally West has posed:
"Philan..." Wally didn't know that hermes had a last name. "Whoah. Did you listen to a word I said? Heroes not gods. Someone tried to start a religion based on superman and it was super wierd..." Where was Diana. She would know what to do.

"Besides, I met Hermes." Now didn't seem like the time to mention that Hermes had once run up a huge tab at a really fancy club and then left Wally to foot the bill ('You should be honored. Few recieve the honor of paying a god's tab.') What a jerk.

"Please get up. You're making me uncomfortable. I'm just a guy. (Basically the fastest guy alive, but still (Shut up Barry and Bart. Once you break the time barrier all speed is subjective.)) I don't have to kneel before anyone and nobody has to kneel before me."

Iason has posed:
Iason looks up at Wally, unblinking for a few seconds, before finally getting back to his feet. "I see- but you must be blessed by him. I have... given? Given my name to you. I do not know by what name I am to call you..."

He looks around once again, "Am I prisoner here?" he tries to glance over Wally's shoulder, to get a glimpse of the world beyond, and then he looks back at the lightning emblem, and then to his own, loose clothes. "Strange clothes, you wear." The Princess wore a dress that was very much like a princess, but the other two women had worn trousers, like the Scythians would wear. This man was wearing something for which he had no point of comparison. "What... is it?"

Wally West has posed:
"Oh. Heh. My name is Wally West, and I am the fastest man alive. To the outside world, I used to be an ordinary mechanic until I revealed my identity to the world.With the help of my friends in The Justice league, I fight crime and find other meta-humans like me. But now doppelgangers are trying to usher in an ancient and (sort of) unknowable evil. And now our world is more dangerous than ever. And I'm the only* one fast enough to save it. I am the Flash!" It sounds a bit like the opening speech of a weekly tv show. Either that or he practices this speech in a movie trailer voice every morning for the occasions where he has to introduce himself.

"You aren't a prisoner here. I just feel like you should take your time and ease yourself into the world. It is pretty crazy out there some-- okay pretty much all the time."

Upon being asked what is going on with his clothes he rears up on another rehearsed speech. "Well its a nano-ceramic ..." He unleashes a whole bunch of terms and buzzwords in a chain that may or may not make the faintest fraction of sense to Iason. "... and it all folds up into this ring here." He points to a ring with the same logo as the one on his chest. "Basically it protects me from the wind when I run fast."

Iason has posed:
Iason tries to follow Wally, he really does, hanging on every word. The problem is that, since the 1980s, the English to which he had been subconsciously exposed while an exhibit was really somewhat limited. As such, he finally looks completey and absolutely lost in the details.

"I think... I understand the general? You are Hermes-blessed, you and your allies are protectors? And the world is in danger?"

He stands back, and puts a hand to his chest, smiling, "I am also /phúlax/, protector! Wally West, the goddess must have put me in your path so that I could help!"

He approaches Wally with an almost childlike enthusiasm, "I wish to see this new world. Are you able to show me it? I have slept for so long."

Wally West has posed:
Wally starts and then immediately stops objections to the term 'Hermes-blessed' before giving up and going with it.

"Any help you can provide is welcome. We're going to have to introduce you to alot of people, but first: Is it all right if I carry you? I think we both need to be introduced to some supper." Alas his date with his sweet sofa will have to wait. They have locations to see, starting with a food cart.