4643/This Shouldn't Take Long

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This Shouldn't Take Long
Date of Scene: 08 January 2021
Location: Penthouse - Kord Co
Synopsis: Bad Ted! BAD! *spritzes with water*
Cast of Characters: Ted Kord, Joan Wright

Ted Kord has posed:
Ted Kord's voice is tense on the speaker. "This is Kord Co-325. We just lost our engine. We/re ten mile north of Pago Pago Island... Mayday! Mayday! We're going down. Just lost nnnng hydraulics and elcti..."

Evil Ted listens another moment to make sure the transmission has ceased. Then he smiles and makes sure the message is scrubbed from the Kord Co. Logs. He double checks to make sure the message was not received by he FAA, awww the Kord Co. relay system doesn't seem to be working. Tsk, tsk. He stretches, quite enjoying living in the lap of luxury. There's a moment of worry as he looks at the JLA signaler he stole from Ted's gear. What if they call him for amission?


Joan Wright has posed:
This shouldn't take long.

That should have been the warning sign. But no. Joan still agreed to come along to help Ted with a return trip to the island to retrieve some needed parts for the new bug. (Because heaven knows the police could use a break from Ted driving on the actual roads) She's not exactly sure why she's coming along. But, her general suspicion has to do with the building structure nearby that would make the strongest of building inspectors faint.

This shouldn't take long.

For their transporation to break apart that is. And now Joan is falling to her doooooo-


Well, she's not falling anymore at least. Ted's aero-disking has allowed for him to fly over and catch what part of her he could reach in time. Her lower legs. So while they're Cirque du Soleil-ing over to the island. Joan's really thankful that she decided to wear the cargo pants today.

Ted Kord has posed:
Evil Ted pauses a moment in searching through Ted's browser history. He should get to work getting jobs for other doubles in Kord Co. But... This TV Tropes looks intriguing.
    his shouldn't take long.

Flying towards the island, Ted is disconcerted by a loud <Bzzzazzzt> from a disk. He wobbles and suddenly drops. He uses the sudden drop to get a better hold on Joan. Traditional princess carry.

"You know... you could make this easier! Lois Lane, that woman knows how to be carried! Fits right up against a hero like they're doing the tango. It's lovely. Hey... what's the matter? You look kind of... oh God no! I didn't pack Woolite... auuugh!"

Joan Wright has posed:
Swing to, swing fro, to... and fro, swing up! Ah there we go! Now right side up, Joan gives a bit of a grimace as she gets finishing channeling an inner Flying Grayson. "I also probably don't get as much pactice as she does." Joan murmurs. "...reporters." Her head sways a bit as she tries to focus on the island. Ted's protests are not ignored as she ends up looking back to him. "... blaaaargggh." She mimics jokingly.

Ted Kord has posed:
(Quick cut, cutting off Ted's entirely girly scream of fear at Joan's prank) Meanwhile...

Evil Ted has just finished shaving, finding the mirror control that lets him check the back of his head. For a moment he is overwhelmed by splendor and rubs his hands gleefully. Yeah... he can start hiring the peons tomorrow.

He turns to a drone B.O.B. 01 is engraved on it. "B.O.B. 01, get me a beer. The rest of you shit heads... look busy." Bobo is not equipped with an expressive face but a sharp eye might note the dirty look he gives Evil Ted.

Skimming the waves now Ted is almost to the island. He hangs onto Joan for dear life, scared of dropping her. He pats her shoulder. "We'll make it. All this equipment failure. But don't worry. I have my JLA signaler. I'll send a distress call as soon as we're safe. And on a pleasant note according to my readout, you've lost weight from when Bobo gave you a ride. This shouldn't take long!"

Joan Wright has posed:
Joan's eyes widen at the news, looking over to Ted in horror. "YOU KEEP RECORD OF THAT?!"

Ted Kord has posed:
Ted Kord says "Bobo has a big mouth!" He gives her a worried smile. "You know, I really like you as a friend Joan! And we're almost..."


Joan Wright has posed:
As Evil Ted gets his evil Beer the door to the penthouse opens allowing for Joan Wrong to pop on in. The woman reaches into a pocket of her cargo shorts, glancing to a card. "Mr. Kord. I got a message to talk to you about the bug?"


Joan's head pops out of the water. "Oh gah it'th in mah mouth..." Facial features all scrunched up from the oversalted taste, she starts to swim to shore.