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Back to the Roots
Date of Scene: 08 January 2021
Location: St. Agnes Orphanage
Synopsis: Daisy and Matt go on a nostalgia trip back at St. Agnes and come across one of their nemesis. Sister Maggie! She does seem to have soft spot for Matt though ..
Cast of Characters: Daisy Johnson, Matthew Murdock

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Coming back home had been a bittersweet thing for Daisy. On one end she was back with Matt, with whom she felt safe but on the other.., it was clear that something was troubling her. One that ran deeper than the occasional tremors on her arms, the loss of powers or even some lack of humor that was present on the usually cheerful hackerette.

Things were made easy by the fact that when Daredevil had to step up at night to take on crime Daisy hadn't wanted to join in if Matt asked, or even if not she had never proposed to join up as Aftershock. Which was rather uncharacteristic of her.

Today though, it was one of those few days they found they had to themselves, day off from SHIELD and Matt without a client to visit. So what did they decide? Visit St. Agnes! Maybe it would feel good to them, going back.

Back to their roots.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
It was a strange time and when things got strange Matt always found himself coming back to St. Agnes and the church that stood next door. It centered him in the same way Danny might center himself by focusing his chi or whatever it was he did. He was glad Daisy was with him though, it felt like she could use a bit of centering herself. "It's funny," he says as they approach their old home. "Spent years trying to get out of that place and now that I'm out I keep coming back."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Even Hell's Kitchen has a way of making people remember it's winter. Cold temperatures, meaning Daisy is wrapped up in comfy jeans, wooly boots, a few shirts under and a large fluffy coat around her. Not exactly MichelinWoman but she sure enough wouldn't let cold get in!

Still, one hand was wrapped around Matt's while they walked down the steps leading to the entrance, the sounds and scents of the place a memory of earlier times. Simpler ones? Maybe not exactly.

"Ditto.." She says about keeping out. "I mean, Mary Sue Poots, the church menace really made these nun's lives hell." she smiling faintly. It felt good to be back in a way. In others ..., not really. But they had other good memories, like when they had met again a few years back on this same place.

"Our lives really are different now, aren't they?"

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt for his part is dressed in a wool top coat over a sweater and jeans. It's a day off so he's got boots on for trudging through the snow and slush on the New York streets, his cane tapping its way ahead of him. As always though he's got his red lenses on.

Matt nods, "They really are," he agrees before a smile creeps onto his lips. "You've got a way better name for example," he teases before adding more seriously. "Your real name." Matt puts his arm over Daisy's shoulders and hugs her close for a moment, knowing how much knowing what her real name was meant to her.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"You know, Skye really had a ring to it.." because of course when you self-name yourself when you are an edgy teenager you think your name is super cool. "Very spy-like. The name of a superhero.." but then she can't help but agree with a grin getting up to her lips, "Or a supervillain... But yea, knowing your real name, I think that trumps both of those names."

The arm around her shoulders seems quite welcome, she pressing her warmth against Matt for a bit before continuing to lead them towards the church grounds. It's not as if anyone needs to lead Matt but .., it's good to look the part.

She lets out a soft sigh after, looking to the ground. "Now it feels like I went back a few steps.." she most likely talking about her missing powers.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"I admit it was a cool name," Matt says of Skye. "Definitely better than Mary Sue Poots," he says with a teasing grin. "I hope whichever of the sisters thought that up for you did penance for it," he chuckles, shaking his head. He slips easily into the role of being led as they approach the grounds. He gives her another squeeze of her shoulders. "You haven't. Powers or no, who you are and what you've accomplished can't be taken from you. You are still Daisy Johnson, hero, agent of SHIELD, and a pretty okay girlfriend," he says teasing with that last bit before leaning in to kiss her cheek. "The rest we'll figure out, but that much is always going to be true."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Must have been Sister Maggie..." Daisy says through squinted eyes. Yes, her archnemesis.. "But I paid her back for it..., oh yes, I did." by being the evilest, meanest Mary Sue that ever was in orphanage grounds. But she then clears her throat, a quick peek around just in case the Good Sister is hovering by. She had that ability to appear at the worst of times, specially when she was about to do mischief. Clear grounds though.

"I dunno, sometimes it feels --" but she pauses on what she's saying when Matt says she is an OKAY GIRLFRIEND. A small gasp and a playful elbowing on his side for good measure. And it made her laugh which was always a good thing. "Low blow, Matt. Low blow.."

"I dread what answers we may find. What if they are gone forever?" But she lets that stew for a bit and points to the entrance to the church. The clock on top of it shows it's almost seven in the afternoon.

"They are probably on the near end of the six pm Mass. Want to join?" The famous six pm Mass. It was one that Daisy often attempted to skip. And here she is now asking for them to go in.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt laughs as Daisy elbows him. "Okay fine, really okay girlfriend," he amends with more laughter, glad to see Daisy happy even for a moment. As for the other thing, the powers being gone forever, he lets his hand find hers and squeezes it firmly. "If that's the case we'll deal with it, but let's not give up. We don't know a lot about your powers and how all of that works, we should let Fitzsimmons try and figure things out before we worry," easier said from this side of things he knows, having been told similar things about his sight as a kid. He leans over and kisses Daisy's cheek. "Whatever happens I'll be with you though. Your okay boyfriend."

There's a smile about the service. "Sorry are you sure you're really Daisy Johnson? The girl I knew would do just about anything to skip evening Mass to mess around with the orphanage's computer," he teases before he nods yes, of course Matt wants to sit in on the end of mass.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Ooo, going up those levels, am I?" Daisy says at the 'upgrade' to really okay. But she is still amused at least and no more elbowing comes, accepting the cheek-kiss and replying. "You are gaining a few points too, from okay boyfriend. Who knows, keep it up and we can get you up to 'super cool' boyfriend." a beat, "Actually, super considerate boyfriend does sound better.." because the supposedly super cool boyfriends she had in the past often turned out to be douches. Or died.. She and boyfriends. No luck.

But Mass it is and she brings them to the entrance, starting to open the door, "It's as you said... Spent time wanting to get out but now here we are."

As the door opens the chords of the piano are heard in a quiet music. It's still the same piano of course, the song being very familiar to the two of them. Some people are gathered inside. Nuns, the priest up on the altar conducting it. On the side the piano with one of the nuns playing and people gathered for Mass along with many of the orphanage kids, young and old.

"Quite the turnout today." she murmurs to Matt, leading them to the end seats so they can settle down. "Dam-- I mean, gosh, it brings back memories."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"Slowly but surely," Matt says of Daisy going up levels as for his own levels. "I think I can live with considerate," he says with a smile as they make their way inside Matt's senses, roving over the crowd picking out familiar scents and sounds of people he recognizes. Taking his seat beside Daisy he says, "Better hope Sister Maggie didn't hear that," he says of that near slip into cursing. "You know how she is about swearing in church."Though there's a nod about the rest, "Makes sense, I haven't been back in a few months, but I always enjoy evening mass, there's something peaceful about it, so glad you're here with me, Daisy."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Another glance about. The woman could be prowling! There's just a little spike on Daisy's heartrate at the possibility she could be around. "We are safe." she conspires with Matt. No nun in sight! She settles down one of the pews with Matt, looking ahead to the priest. "It's still Father Lantom doing Mass." she squints her eyes. "I swear, the man must be over 100 now.." perhaps she is exaggerating a little.

"But yea, it does feel peaceful..." She says wistfully. It was a good way to keep their mind out of troubles too. To focus, find guidance. She relaxes quietly, listening to the music for a bit until it's replaced with Father Lantom continuing on for a little bit more.

"I am glad to be here too." she says quietly, "Though we are on the back seats.., these were the ones some of the kids thought they'd be hidden away enough so they could make out. It never went well for some reason." her tone amused. Not that she seems the type to have tried *that*.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"Yeah, but he seems like he never ages too, like he always sounded as old as he does now," Matt observes quietly trying not to disturb the other parishoners.

He nods, listening to the music as well for a moment before he smiles about what these pews were used for back in the day. "Never got to try that out," he remarks before pitching his voice a little lower, "Wanna try it now?" he asks smirking with mischief.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
The actual mischievous suggestion from the catholic practitioner Matthew Murdock has one Daisy Johnson letting out a brief gasp in surprise. But she at least suppresses the laughter that was going to follow, putting one hand in front of her mouth. "Now, now. Are you turning into a real devil of Hell's Kitchen, Matt?" She asks quietly. Not that she seems opposed. It's Daisy afterall! Mischievous to the core..

So she leans in against Matt, one cheek against his shoulder before she turns more to him. "I won't tell if you don't.." she says in that way they used to do back when they were kids and were just about to do mischief.

It's right when a clearing of the throat is heard from behind them, ominously standing nearby. How did she get there?! But Daisy clearly didn't see Sister Maggie's approach. She never could get one up on that nun.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt's relationship with the Church was a lot like his relationship with the law, he had deep devotion, but didn't always follow the letter of its strictures. So when Daisy says their old troublemaking promise he leans in to kiss her only to stop at the familiar sound of that clearing throat. "Sister Maggie," he greets the nun without turning his face her direction. Just to be the insolent little shit he was when he lived at the orphanage he brushes a kiss against Daisy's lips before settling back in his pew. "Can I help you with something, sister?" he asks his face the picture of innocence.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Daisy is all ready for the mischief, but at the clearing of throat she knows well who it is. Sister Maggie ... She pauses just so but Matt saves her from having to be the one breaking the 'law' this time and gets that kiss in. It has her both amused but also with her cheeks burning for some reason. It was too many years under this roof, and Maggie in many ways was one of her many mothers here, along with the other nuns. The rebellious streak on Matt does have her having to stiffle a laugh, turning it into a cough.

"Hey, sis.." she greets in that usual way she did in the past. All casual and cool.

The sister eyes both of them with a raised brow. "Matt Murdock and .., Mary Sue Poots. Been a while since I saw you both." she murmurs in that quiet manner of hers. Father Lantom is just about finishing Mass but she is still respectful of talking in a rather low tone.

"I see you haven't changed your ways." Yes, lots of judgement in her voice. As it should be!

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt smirks at Daisy calling Sister Maggie 'sis' he'd forgotten about that, not that he would dare push things that far, he'd grown up in the church and somethings were beyond even The Man Without Fear. He finds himself clearing his throat as well, covering his mouth to hide his laugh. "How have you been?" he asks her keeping his voice low and quietly glad she hadn't dragged the two of them out of the church by the ears as she would have when he and Daisy were kids.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"There's always children up to mischief, in that it seems we remain intemporal here at St. Agnes. Always chasing after what others would deem lost causes." The good Sister replies, still with that judgemental look, "So you can say I am well, doing what I was meant to do. But at least you are both old enough that I don't have to drag you by the ears anymore." Yes. She says what they were most likely thinking.

Daisy has been keeping silent, just smiling up at Maggie and that rats out Matt. "It was Matt's fault." but then she lets out a tentative grin, "I am sorry, we just got hit by a nostalgia wave."

Maggie just nods at Daisy, letting out a faint sigh. Hopeless troublemaker that Mary Sue was! Her focus goes to Matt, "You two seem to have been doing well enough." and that seems to warm the ice heart of the sister. "What brings you here tonight?"

Some people are seen walking out already as Father Lantom is finishing Mass, giving the final blessings for the departure.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt rises briefly for the final blessing before sitting again and turning back to look at Sister Maggie, he smiles about the ear pulling, and that Daisy rats him out. "I'm sure you could pull Daisy out by the ear at least," he says with a grin for his girlfriend before turning back to the nun. "Well enough," he says. "And we wanted to get a little bit of piece and quiet," he says before adding with a wry smile, "And I guess a warmer place than the sfreet to make out."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Et tu, Matt?! Daisy gives Matt a betrayed look.. It's details that she did the earlier betraying. But she leans away from Sister Maggie just in case she tries to reach out for her ears, "Yes, peace and quiet and--" a pause at that last line and she can't help it, bursting out in a quiet laugh, "I am sorry Sister. But you see now what I have to deal with back at home, don't you?"

Sister Maggie takes in a breath, but she seems more amused than not, eyes on Matt. "I see you haven't changed much." which by her tone one wouldn't exactly know whether its a good thing or not, "But you do seem happy." and that does seem to make her smile (Just a bit. No spoiling the children!)

"You should come by more often. Father Lantom would be glad for it." She says, "I will leave you to it, do take care and make sure to go say your prayers after your attempted sinning tonight." the woman preparing to move along.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"I am horrible," Matt agrees with Daisy about what she has to put up with, then to Sister Maggie, a nod. "We are happy," he looks to Daisy for confirmation on her part of that.

"I make it out to mass on Sunday mornings," he says, before adding. "Most of them anyhow." Sometimes his night job or various Daisy related distractions keep him in bed past Sunday morning service. "And yes, sister, the usual ten hail marys and ten our fathers?" remembering well the punishment for casual sinning from back in their childhood.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Daisy offers a quick nod of her head when Matt says they are happy. There is no hesitation in it, ever since they have been together she has known happiness. "We are happy as a ..., bear that just found a pot of honey.." Ok, maybe not the best analogy. "well, you know what I mean!" she then quickly adds.

"Yes, you know it still, Matt Murdock." The sister says about the punishment, "Now do not tarry. God is watching." she mentions before continuing along, her steps *now* heard echoing on the floor as she moves away and out of sight.

Daisy watches her archnemesis walk out before glancing back to Matt and whispering at him. "You know, I think she always had a soft spot for you. I could never get away with saying those things!" she says, a bit amazed how Matt was speaking to her.

"You were clearly more mischievous back in the day than you let know!"

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"Yes sister," Matt says at Maggie's final words to the pair of them before turning his head towards Daisy? "You think so?" he asks about Sister Maggie. "I'm pretty sure she doesn't have a soft spot for anyone." He smiles about getting in trouble more than he let on. "I'm going to have to taker the fifth on that one," he says glibly. Yes more lawyer jokes. He kisses Daisy's cheek, "Want to hang around a little bit or take off?" he asks seeming at ease with either choice.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Daisy taps her nose, "I have a nose for these things..." for soft spots! But a mystery she doesn't worry too much right now, her focus swiftly returning to Matt, "Lawyer jokes are back on the rotation." she deadpans, casting a look at Matt.

"This felt good, lets take a walk and then take out..." a beat. "After we do our hail marys and holy fathers." it's right back to being kids again!

But all in all it did seem her spirits had been a bit lifted with their time here tonight.