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Munch Munch Munch
Date of Scene: 08 January 2021
Location: The Munch Box
Synopsis: Jason joins Stephanie for an early breakfast. They part and each talk to a friend, a surprise is in store.
Cast of Characters: Stephanie Brown, Jason Todd

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown's stomach grumbles at her, loud enough that she's glad no one else is in the vicinity to hear it as she finishes up her morning jog. "Woah there," she says, giving her belly a pat. "Easy now. Eaaaaasy. We're on the same side remember," Stephanie adds, hand on her belly, and just as an elderly woman comes out of an antique store nearby in time to hear it. Stephanie just gives her a sheepish look. "Hungry," she says.

"You should try the Munch Box then, dearie," the woman says before moving off, walking slowly to avoid falling on the icy sidewalk.

Stephanie's stomach makes a sound like a werewolf scenting something delicious. "Didn't think you had ears," she tells her body part before glancing in the direction of the Munch Box. "God that does sound good," she says, pulling out her phone and checking her bank account balance. "Well. If I get Alfred to make me an extra sandwich now and then, should be able to make it through the month," she says. "The Munch Box it is."

Stephanie taps out a little update for her social media account.

> What was the point of an early morning jog only to get breakfast at the Munch Box? Oh well, sooooo worth it!

She pockets her phone, heading off for the nearby favorite breakfast joint.

Jason Todd has posed:
Jason hadn't been to bed yet. He had been investigating a few leads out of costume for most of the night and was stopped at a light when his phone pinged with a social media update. He checked it out, and seeing Steph and recognizing the restaurant having just passed it a few seconds ago, Jay turns the car out of traffic and heads back the way he came coming to a stop inside. Sending Steph a DM reading: Hey Blondie, want company?

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie opens the door to the restaurant and steps inside. She's wearing tights against the cold, and a light grey sweatshirt with a hood pulled up, it's lighter attire than one would normally wear in January in Gotham, but then the jog was keeping her warm enough. Now that she's not actually running anymore, the warmth of the interior is a welcome thing.


The waitress is on her way past and asks, "Just need a seat for one?" Stephanie's phone beeps while she's talking and she pulls it up, seeing the message on the screen. It draws a smile from her and she tells the waitress, "Two actually." The woman points her over towards a table. "If you aren't cold you look like you should be," the waitress says. "Coffee?"

Stephanie nods with a grin. "Please," she says as she moves over to take a seat at the table. She fires back a message to Jason Todd:

> Absolutely. This going to be an early breakfast or a late dinner for you?

Jason Todd has posed:
Jason walks through the door wearing a black hooded leather jacket with a faux fur lining, his hands stuffed into his pockets. Spotting Steph he makes his way over, "Early breakfast for me," he says as he slips into the booth across from Steph. "And whatever she wants too," he adds dropping a battered fifty dollar bill on the table.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Patricia comes back to the table with two coffee cups on saucers and the pot of freshly brewed, definitely NOT decaf. She turns over one cup in front of Stephanie and fills it, and then glances to Jason as he sits down. Patricia seems to make the determination he wants coffee without asking, flipping his cup over and filling it up. "Here you go hon," she says.

Stephanie grins as Jason comes in. "I just figured you were probably returning from some all-night rave that only the cool kids know the locations of," she teases softly. As he tosses the bill down, Stephanie looks like she's debating if she should protest, but instead she just says, "Thanks, Jason."

Stephanie grabs the pair of menus that Patricia brought, passing one over to Jason. She looks it over, but quickly, knowing it well enough to know what she wants. "I'll have the Abe Froman," she says of the breakfast sandwich with eggs over easy, a slice of ham, cheese, and some cerrano-cilantro mayo. And a little cup of fruit.

After, Stephanie picks up the coffee cup with both hands to savor the warmth, and takes a small sip after making sure she won't scald herself on it. "So, Happy New Year since I haven't seen you yet this year," she tells him.

Jason Todd has posed:
Jason snorts, "Nah, I was working," he says about his evening's activities, before he looks over at Patricia, "Breakfast platter with the sausage /and/ bacon and the two pancakes instead of toast," he says.

When the order is taken he nods, "Same, Blondie, get up to anything fun on New Years eve?"

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Patricia jots down their order on her pad, not that she couldn't remember it herself, but that will be passed back to the kitchen so they know what to make. "And the pancakes instead of the toast," she says. "Got it," she tells Jason before heading back behind the counter again to put their order in.

Stephanie sips her coffee slowly but steadily. "Ah, hope nothing too major," she comments of Jason working. "Not a whole lot, no. I was kind of nursing a few bruises. Small ones. Nearly broken spine. Usual sort of stuff," she says. Ok that actually doesn't sound like usual stuff. She looks over at Jason and her lips form a single word that she doesn't say aloud.


"Had some help but not before I ended up in need of a few weeks recuperation," she tells him. "But, all better now. Clean bill of health from all concerned." Alfred and Doc Thompkins. "Watched the ball drop alone from new couch. I know. I'm lame," she says with a self-deprecating laugh.

Jason Todd has posed:
"Had to mess up some guys causing trouble for a girl coming home, but yeah mostly spent it on my own." He and Val had parted ways before Christmas so he was still trying to remember how to be single again. "Lame, like you said." He takes a sip of his coffee before raising his cup. "Here's to 2021 though."

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie lifts her cup to share the toast. "There were a few good parts to 2020," Stephanie comments. "Like graduating." And being brought in from the cold by Barbara, and after extensive amounts of training, entrusted with the Batgirl legacy. "And a few not so good." Having fallen in love for the first time, only to mutually break up due to outside influences.

"Enough room for 2021 to be a better one," she says before sipping her coffee. Their food arrives soon after, Patricia setting out Stephanie's plate, and fruit cup that came with the sandwich, and Jason's much heavier breakfst.

Stephanie views it all. "I would totally make jokes about the calories there. But who am I kidding. You're freaking ripped, it won't even show," she says in a tone that takes mock umbrage with Jason's level of fitness as if pretending it wasn't hard earned.

Jason Todd has posed:
"Mmm," Jason says non-comitally about 2020 it had been an interesting year. "Got to be a real person again, so I guess that's alright." Meaning the pappers that legally brought him back from the dead. He takes a bite of the food he's brought and snorts about being ripped. "I cheat a bit, the stuff that brought me back is still doing its thing, makes me able to keep at the workouts longer than normal," he says. "And I heard you got a promotion at work," the move to Batgirl. "You don't get that just sitting on the couch eating chips and drinking beer."

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Indeed, the training was quite intense. Likely the equal of what Bruce himself would have done. If with far fewer scowls and brooding looks of disapproval. The compliment and reminder of the accomplishment though causes a bit of a smile of pride to grow across Stephanie's face, though a small, even shy one. Pride is not an emotion that there has been an abundance of in her life, neither internally or externally given.

"Thanks," she says. "It feels... good," she says simply, and in understatement. "Doing my best to live up to it.

Stephanie takes a bite of her sandwich. The two eggs over easy in the sandwich both have their yolks break at the same time, the liquid thankfully not spurting out, but rushing out fast enough to start running down her hands to her wrists.

"Ew!" Stephanie says, setting down the sandwich and grabbing a napkin. "Ok, the yolk over the rest is delicious. But so dang sticky," she says, wiping at her hands. And then peeking about to make sure no one is looking as she licks a bit of the yolk off one wrist. The blue eyes look to Jason, daring him to say something even as she grins slightly.

Jason Todd has posed:
"Well don't let it get to your head or anything," Jason offers with a smirk before digging into his scrambled eggs, eyeing the yolkcano over on Steph's side of the table, he reaches over to slide shiny metal napkin dispenser her way. "Here," he says. "So how's the rest of your life going?"

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown gives a grateful smile to Jason as he passes over the container of napkins. She pulls out a few to further wipe at her hands, and dabs one into her water glass to wet it to clean her wrist with.

"Me, things go to my head? Barbara would tell you whatever gets to my head just-" Stephanie says and then makes a whistling noise and mimes something falling out of her ear. "Right out the other side," she finishes with a soft grin.

The young woman is more careful this time with the sandwich, finding which spots the yolk is running towards and tilting the sandwich to keep them contained while she works on it. She eyes Jason across the table. "So 'the juice' helps you exercise? That's kind of handy," she says. "I mean, not that I'm saying it's ideal... ah... you know what I mean, right?"

She isn't quite sure the details around Jason Todd. Of his death she knows major parts. Of his return, much much less.

Jason Todd has posed:
Jason nods to Steph. "I know what you mean," he says. "And it could be worse I guess, or it could all be in my head, it's hard to remember the details from before. How easy or hard things were, I'm used to how I am after I woke up, so that's how all my memories feel too, if that makes sense," he says before taking a slice of bacon off his plate and taking a bite.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie looks relieved Jason took the comment well as intended. Because her sandwich is much better without a side of foot in her mouth beside it. She takes another bite, making her way through it slowly.

"This is so good," she murmurs. "One good thing about the number of calories we burn. Don't exactly have to be fastidious about our diets," she says before taking another bite.

Stephanie's phone chime and she glances at it. She unlocks it taps out a quick reply but then sets it aside, apparently nothing important. "My chemistry lab partner from last semester," she says, motioning at the phone. "Told her I'd loan her my notes from another class. Don't know her real well, but she seemed nice. Wish we'd sat together for longer," she says to Jason.

"So seeing your place the other day was kind of cool. You do much with cars and stuff?" she asks. Ok it's been a pair of weeks since she saw the Red Cave, but she saw it.

Jason Todd has posed:
"Right?" Jason says with a nod to his massive breakfast plate about their jobs burning through the calories.

"Right you're in college on top of the night job? How's that going?" he asks. Jason wasn't quite the literal murderhobo he used to be but he still basically lived the job. "Sometimes, mostly my own and Roy's if he's in town and his bike or whatever needs some work, speaking of, I need to call him back he's been messaging me lately." None of them had been 911 texts, so he'd mostly ignored them during patrol. Anyhow, why do you ask? You need some help with your wheels?"

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie takes another bite of her sandwich. It hits the spot after the long run she'd been on. And that whole guilt-free aspect just adds to the flavor!

The blue-eyed blond nods her head about her being in school. "Halfway through my freshman year and they haven't thrown me out yet," she jokes. "I'm keeping my head above water. I was hoping for better grades," she says in a mildly glum tone. "See if I can't pull it up to a B average by the end of the year. It's tough though," she says, dipping the sandwich in some of the egg yolk that ran out onto her plate.

"I've never really been the most studios. Not for academics anyway. But I don't want to let anyone down. Myself included," Stephanie tells him. She hrms quietly then as he asks her whey she's asking about the garage. "Well, I've got this little car. Compact that someone got me used. Already had a bunch of work done on it to soup it up. Was planning on doing some underground race circuit when it comes back this way. Like, literally underground, at least one of the," she says. "So... I'm kind of on my own now for working on it. Split up," she says, slipping that last bit in and going on past it. "I was thinking I could work on it at Bruce's. But I can also just see a look of disapproval when he hears I want to race in it."

Jason Todd has posed:
There's a snort about keeping grades up and all of that. "God, I am glad that part of my life is over, just remember if it becomes too much, you can always did what I did back at Brantwood Academy and kick someone through a second story window." he says with a smirk.
5rAs for the car, he says, "Sure, bring it by, I've got tools and the second bay is open, you can work on it whenever."

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie nibbles the last of her breakfast sandwich, wiping her fingers clean after. The bell on the door jingles as more people come in, a cool wind sweeping inside for just a moment before the door is closed again.

A warm laugh is given at the comment of how to get out of school. "I know just the person too," she comments, drawing with her finger on the table, moving around a bit of condensation. It doesn't end up looking anything like Jordanna Brewster to anyone else, but that's how it ends up in Stephanie's head.

"But, I need to see this through. I wouldn't be here without scholarships, and I am not going to risk losing them. Or, disappointing the family behind them," Stephanie says. She's never been able to find evidence the scholarship didn't come from the couple whose name is on them. But she still wonders. Bruce? Barbara? She wonders.

A big grin is given to Jason. "Thanks, I'll stay out of your hair. Just somewhere I can work on her. I'll bring donuts too," she promises.

Jason Todd has posed:
Jason looks at the drawing on the table. "Guessing that's a girl, so not going to volunteer to kick her through a window for you. Could always ask Damian though, I don't think he has those hangups," he jokes.

"Fair trade, garage space for donuts," he says. "And if I'm missing any tools let me know," he leans forward a bit so he can lower his voice and still be heard. "There's a few chop shops I've been meaning to vist on my night job, I'm sure they'll have whatever you need."

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie's lips quirk up in a grin towards the drawing that is less warm and friendly than her normal expressions. "Yeah. Some people just deserve a boot to the head. Unfortunately the universe seems set on making them Manolo Blahnik's or something," she tells Jason before dabbing a finger into the water drawing which end up looking like little more than some kind of face-shaped oval.

A hand gestures over to Jason's side of the table as he mentions the chop shop. "I suppose..." Stephanie says, hesitating in thought, and then finally finishing with, "I suppose it wouldn't be too bad if a few tools were repurposed for the better. I'd be happy to help out with those," she agrees.

Her phone dings again and she checks it while Jason is eating that gigantic platter of his.

Jason Todd has posed:
Jason nods about Steph's rival. "I actually know what those are," he remarks about the shoes, somewhat proudly before saying, "The key is not to wait for the universe and do it yourself."

As for the chop shop stuff. "Great. I'll bring you a long on the next shopping trip," Jason says, seeming to miss the moral dilemma his offer briefly caused on the other side of the table.

He looks up from his meal. "You can call your friend if you want to?" he says. "Not going to be offended."

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie takes a sip of her orange juice and says, "I've seen some before. I don't think Barbara wears the brand but not sure. She's got some amazing stuff. I borrowed this dress of hers for the Wayne New Years charity event." Stephanie gives a dreamy sigh at the memory of the dress. "Seriously Jason, I killed in thing. I mean not Damian-killed, but killed," she says with a grin. "The paper even took my picture in it, and I wasn't with anyone famous."

She doesn't mention the occurrence on the red carpet with the paparazzo who announced that fact to the rest of his kindred, stopping them from photographing Stephanie on her entrance. Well, the photo inside specially requested of her made up for it!

Stephanie picks up her phone and checks again. "She's just asking if I can make it over there before 8:30, as she has to head out," Stephanie says. "I should probably get moving then if I'm going to make it."

She smiles across the table to Jason. "Thanks for joining me like this. Was nice to have someone to talk to."

Jason Todd has posed:
Jason nods, "Someone I know wears them, pro tip, never damage a pair if you'll have to buy the person new ones," he says before smiling at the dress story. "Sounds like a fun time, I am sure hanging with the crowd you do these days you'll go to more," he almost warns her that the magic begins to wear off after a time but he just takes a drink of water instead.

Jason nods as Steph says she has to go, "No problem," he says. "And give me a call about the garage I should have some space cleared by tonight."

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie grins to Jason and gets herself ready brave the cold again. Pulling her hood up and getting her gloves out of the pocket in the top. "That's where I hope we have insurance," she says with a soft chuckle of damaging such shoes.

She checks herself, all bundled up as much as the jogger can be. She'll have to run to stay warm, having dressed with the assumption she'd be physically active the whole time. "I will. I can come help clear it out if you need to move stuff too. Least I can do," she offers. She gives a wave and heads outside, pulling out her phone to make a call.

"Melanie? It's Stephanie. Yes, I'm on way to stop at my apartment and grab the notes and I'll be right over," she says into the phone. After a brief moment of listening, the blond says, "This coming week? I've got a light class load actually. No big plans." Then, "What's that? A surprise? Ok, I'll see it when I get over there." Stephanie starts up at a quick run, wanting to get her blood circulating to help heat her up again.

Jason Todd has posed:
"You can if you want, I don't sleep that much I was just going to do the clean up until I got tired enough for it," Jason says with a shrug before Stephanie makes her way for the door. "Catch you later Blondie," he calls after him as his phone pings. He pulls it out and checks the message from Roy. "What do you want Roy?" he says aloud before typing the same into his phone and sending it into the ether.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
The Munch Box is a short distance from Gotham U, which means it's a short jog to Stephanie's apartment across the street from campus. She runs up the stairs instead of taking the elevator, stops inside long enough to grab a pack she can strap over a shoulder with the class notes in it, and then run back down the stairs. Ok, she actually jumps over the railing and drops a story at a time. It's good practice.

Not long after she's run over to where her friend stays. Stephanie knocks on the door and Melanie opens up, letting her in. "Here you go," Steph says, getting out her folder that has the notes. That she still has to take notes on paper drew her a sneer from Jordanna in that particular class.

"You're the best," Melanie says as she takes them. "Hey, so that thing? A friend and I were taking advantage of the extra days off for Homecoming and going down to this island by Grand Cayman. Beautiful tropical seas, white sand. And she ended up having to bail on it. Appendix had to come out. I was wondering if you'd want to go with me?" she asks Stephanie.

Jason Todd has posed:
Jason is still slouching in the booth tapping on his phone to Roy and getting as much coffee as the rest of the fifty he dropped will buy him. The messages come in rapid fire and Jason takes a moment sip his coffee before reading them all to himself. "Vacation? Grand Cayman?" then he smiles, he knew there had to be a catch, there were also some drug dealers Roy wanted to take down on the island, but he figured it'd be easy and they could spend the rest of the time on the beach. Shaking his head Jason types: >> Sure, I'm in, send me the details.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Vacation? Grand Cayman? Stephanie thought there had to be some catch. Like money. "Oh wow that sounds like a lot of fun. But some weeks I'm scraping by to eat without having to go up to Bristol," Stephanie says. Where her mom lives. Also, where Alfred's cooking can be found.

Melanie waves her hand. "It is all paid for, graduation present from her grandfather. All bought, not refundable. She didn't want me to worry about finding someone who could pay her back. Really nice, you'd like her. So, all expenses paid, except for what we eat and drink. Especially drink. Did I mention, drinking age is 18!?"

Stephanie bites her lip. Getting out of the cold of Gotham for sunny tropical shores would be amazing. "Ok," she says impulsively. "Sure, I'm in. Just let me have the details."

Jason Todd has posed:
Jason reads the details as they come in. "The Lexor Grand Island Resort?" he reads making a face as he reads where they're going.

He types in a reply. >> Superman better not find out. And yeah, sure, I can be there on Monday to deal with the drug guys. Let me guess, they're going to be our bankroll for this trip aren't they?

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Melanie bounces a bit in excitement. Her genuine emotions were always something that made Stephanie like the other freshman coed. "You're going to love it!" she says, reaching for some pamphlets on the table. "We got this cute little beach cabin, right next door to the Lexor Grand Island Resort," she says, showing Stephanie a view of the little beach-front cabin. Open windows to let in the ocean breeze, ceiling fans to stay cool, the decor nice enough.

"Back door opens right onto the beach," Melanie says. "And there's all sorts of clubs and restaurants around. If we wanted a pool we could probably sneak over to the resort easily enough. So bring your bathing suit and some stuff to go out at night," she says.

Stephanie smiles to Melanie saying, "This is really just... wow. Thank you so much for thinking of me for it!" A tight hug is given, and even faster friends are made.

Jason Todd has posed:
Of course the dealers were the bankroll. Jason didn't care though, some sun and sand might not suck after all the cold and grey of Gotham. >> Great. See you there. And Roy, SEPARATE ROOMS.

With that Jason finishes his coffee and tucks away his phone. "Guess I'm going on vacation," he remarks on his way out the door.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie gives Melanie a last hug and departs, holding in her hand a paper with all the information about their flight, departure times and the like. "Good thing I've got a passport," she says as she takes the steps down from Melanie's flat two at a time and back out into Gotham's cold.

She begins jogging as soon as her feet hit the icy pavement. Sliding a bit, but she doesn't even wobble, just lets herself drift smoothly until she pushes off again into the run.

What a great day. She's going on vacation!