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What What!
Date of Scene: 09 January 2021
Location: April's Apartment
Synopsis: Harley and the Heynas come back to the apartment. Schemes are hatched, plans are formulated, Miama Heat is a show about Vice cops and Bad Girls 4 Life.
Cast of Characters: April O'Neil, Harley Quinn

April O'Neil has posed:
April has been hard at work, doing her work. But when not hard at that work, she's hard at work trying to find leads on the Rat King, who apparently is still in Gotham, where he can freely mix himself in to the plethora of other underworld rats that dwell beneath that city's cavernous canyons of endless concrete constructs.

This is what April is doing right now, seated on her sofa she has her laptop on her lap with her left leg curled under her, she has her black-framed reading glasses on and her auburn hair is down and loose around her shoulders. Wearing a yellow hoodie-half-zipped-up to her chest and a white tshirt on beneath it, black sweat/workout pants on, she's in super casual mode while she's readhing emails from contacts in Gotham, and looking up the articles and information they're sending her.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley has been having her share of trouble too ... What with Gar supposedly dead, an evil Gar on the loose means that this start of the year wasn't going that great. It also didn't help that after April had given her hyenas those dapper wooly shirts to combat the New York cold they now spent a lot more time with her than before!

"You traitorous curs...!" This is Harley walking into the apartment after going out the block to walk the hyenas. If there was one thing that walking the hyenas is that any drug dealers selling on corners? They disappeared real quick! But now they were running over to April, waggling tail and with their goofy grin on. Traitors!

Harley hmphs, shaking her head to herself and closing the door. "Ya spoiled 'em April! They ain't the mean killin machines they used ta be. No longah the hyenas of destruction. Tamed!" She complains, waving her hands. Only then does she notice April is deep into her work.

"Ooo, what ya workin' on.." she asks, making her way closer. She is dressed in wooly clothes. Pants, big jacket, a beanie hat. It's cold in Brooklyn! (At least outside. Soon enough she will start getting out of those)

April O'Neil has posed:
April's life has changed quite a bit from her swinging bachelorette lifestyle of having no roommate in this place, let alone a roommate with two hyenas that ate (eat?) people! One such way is the drink that April made herself is inside one of those yeti-mugs with a sippy-cup lid on it because the Hyenas like to knock her drinks over. She's sipping out of htis cup when the trio arrive back at the apartment and she looks up from her work, chewing on the end of a pen, she drops it down to her lap and smiles at them in their fancy winter clothes. "Awww, you all look so cute!" She says, because well... they really do!

With the Hyenas coming over to see her, April hands her laptop off to Harley when she sits down too. Scooting to the edge of the sofa, April puts her hands on the Hyenas and tries to pet them both equally, knowing that they get angry if one gets a perceived notion of 'Moar April Attention' than the other one gets.

Her glasses-covered eyes go over to Harley after a few moments. "That's my Rat King triangulation map over Gotham. All the places he's been spotted, supposedly." She says, and sure enough that's what's on the map, like a map from L.A. Noire or something.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Ate! Past tense! Or at least unless it's very specific people, like those with names started with a J and ending with a oker. The little traitors appear to bask on the attention now, whining and sitting near the Bumblebee, tongues lolling and having Harley just sigh in dismay. "Bud! Lou! Ya been neutered!" maybe not the best choice of words. It makes the hyenas recoil a bit. Maybe they understood her in some way! Yet Harley just plops on that couch, getting out of her jacket and working on her boots and pants.

She has shorts underneath so this is very much still SFW! And then she finally takes the laptop, looking over the map of Gotham... She places one nail near the screen, tracking the spots.

"He's keepin' himself ovah this area heah? A lot of unchecked sewahs, lotsa abandoned warehouses and shit. Used ta be prime places foh hideouts back in the day." she says.

"And ya know, it's as I told ya. I dont think the rat catcha will be happy with this King comin' in his turf. The guy is territorial. Not much he can do now though, because my sources say he's been snatched by the po-po. BUT.., that means my plan might be able ta just woik." she rubs her hands together, a sinister little smile on her lips.

April O'Neil has posed:
April just grins at the banter between Harley and what the Hyenas give back to their true owner. "Oh, that's right. I play the long game, ya see. These two came in here all gruff and 'street' and I'm whittling them down to being fine gentlemen." She ruffles their ears and pets the sides of their faces. "Why maybe we'll find them some lovely lady-enas to meet someday once the transition is complete?" She jests, looking to the boys. "Betty and Louise? Hows that sound?" She asks with a big grin at them.

But then, she drops her hands back down to the tops of her thighs and leans back on the sofa to look over at where Harley is pointing at the screen with her nail. She raises her hands up to fold her arms across her stomach while slouching on the sofa some now.

"Yeah. It's all complicated, and I don't really like taking this in to our own hands either. I went to see a lawyer ya know? Over in Hell's Kitchen. Had their law office card come across my desk at Channel Six. Nelson and Murdock. I met with Nelson, nice guy. But... yeah, I gave him a brief overview of the situation, and he almost looked at me like I was a crazy person."

April just smirks at Harley. "Maybe I am. Maybe you're workin' the long game on me, Quinn."

Harley Quinn has posed:
The two hyenas just continue to waggle their tails and at the continued attention and the grin on April they bark up, having Harley look a bit alarmed at April. "Oh gosh! Am I next?!" she asks, looking down at herself. "No moouh painted haeh, normal clothes. Maybe a little top hat because I'd look so fine in one and ..." she pauses then, going on a tangent. "Really missed the opportunity ta weah one during new year's... Zatanna looked fab on hers though!" she says. "Of course that I am still the BEST in fishnets though!"

But soon enough she resumes the topic at hand. Rat King and lawyers. She turns her nose a bit at it. "Ya know what they call ten thousand lawyahs in the bottom o' the ocean...?" sure, she knows all the bad jokes about them. But then she sighs. "Nah, don't answah, it's a bad joke anyway."

"But so, no help outta this Nelson dude? I mean, my plan could use a lawyah too ya know? He's in county, still waitin' ta be transferred to a maximum security prison. So if we move fast ..., we could go in with yoh gettin' the excuse of wantin' an interview. I could be the assistant o' somethin'.." she says. "A lawyah could sell this act a lot bettah."

The comment that Harley is running the long game on April has her grinning. "I work in mysterious ways, Bumblebee.." her eyebrows waggling.

April O'Neil has posed:
April's not one to completely bandoned the attention-starved Hyenas, so as they sit at the foot of the sofa on the rug beneath it she uses her socked feet to pet them while she slouches on the sofa some, looking very ultra-relaxed. She glances at them while she listens to her roomie talk, and then looks back over at her with a sly grin.

"I don't know the answer to that joke, but I'm afraid to ask too. Fish food? I assume. I dunno. My humor is entirely situational based." She adds with another little grin before she looks back to Bud'n'Lou who continue to get foot-pets.

"He was a really nice guy. He had a nice face... ya know, like an aura about him that seemed like he was completely incapable of doing a bad thing. I walked away, not entirely sure why I'd gone, but with a sense that if I do get in legal trouble, he'll be the one I'm aiming for to help me get out of it."

"I'd recommend you go talk to him, if you'd like. He uh... probably wouldn't help with anything shady though, Harls. Like I said... 'straight and narrow' kinda guy. Least thats what I got from him."

The 'Bumblebee' nickname makes her hold a smile at the other before she nods her head slowly. "Of that, I am sure..."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Fine, fine!" Harley replies about the joke and she indulges, answering with a, "A good start!" there. Another bad lawyer joke out in the world. But is is an old one anyway!

The talk about the sanctity on Nelson has Harley quirk a brow, "Those are usually the worse..." she murmurs, she then turning her expression into one of beatific innocence, all cute like a button, her hands up against her chest. "... I can look all cute and harmless too! I am suwah he must have some dark, mysterious secret..." she nods sagely about this. It is known. But then again, she is from Gotham. And that's pretty much what happens with everyone there. Too nice? Means they are a wicked villain during the night! Or a caped vigilante... I am looking at you, Wayne.

"And uh, I could go talk ta him. But .., yea. Not suwah he'd help us with this by what you awhe sayin'.." unless she deceives him, which..., well... she rubs her chin thoughtfully.

"Well, up ta ya and how you think we should go. I think it's a good opportunity, talkin' with this guy. He can most likely lead us to oouh target. And besides, he still owes me one." never ask for WHAT though.

April O'Neil has posed:
April has to lightly laugh at this as she starts to sit up now that Bud and Lou are settling down and curled up in front of the sofa. She leans back against the soft embrace of the sofa and turns to her right to face Harley more forwardly now.

"Posing as being there for an interview does work, generally. Especially with my clout raising up, but if they catch us doing anything illegal then we'll both be locked-up. So yeah, I don't think this Nelson guy would have anything to do with that plan." She's not even /considering/ deceiving him, because of the two of them, April is definitely the 'good cop'.

Her right arm goes up to the back of the sofa while her hand goes to the side of her head to push her fingertips in amongst her hair. She exhales and bites her bottom lip as she thinks for a few seconds.

When she looks back to Harley, she nods once. "I'm in for it though, myself. I don't think this Mall thing is working out for the guys liked I'd hoped it would. They might need to go home, but they can't do that with the Rat Bastards still prowling them."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Then we set. We will move in and get a talk in with that guy. Not feelin' like we will need ta do anythin' illegal..." Harley gives it a thought. "Unless ya want ta set him free but.., not seein' the point. And besides, as I told ya, he should comply. It's in his own interest too!" the city is too small for two big rats like those!

Now that she doesn't have boots or pants she can finally bring her legs up to the sofa, folding them under her and placing the laptop between them, she also turning a touch so as to face April, "Though if they try ta lock us up.." she rubs at her chin. "Don't worry, I'd tell 'em I had kidnapped you or somethin'.." she shrugs as if it wasn't too much of a big deal.

News about the turtles not being into the Mall has Harley frown a touch. "Can't touch old turtles new tricks?" they are teenagers but that's details. "It may even be a question o' pride to 'em. They need this win." she says.

April O'Neil has posed:
April does one of those low-laughs that makes her sound like she's picturing the trouble they're surely about to get themselves in to. "Why does this sound like the plot from a 90s buddy cop, or tv show?" She questions with a grin toward her friend across from her. After another second of thought though she tips her chin up at Harley. "You getta call'em and pretend to be my assistant then, setup the interview and lay on the shmooze about how great my podcast is and how it can be such a positive influence for a place, with such amazing benefits as 'new investors' and all that kinda bullshit." She adds with a light smirk and a rare moment where April curses, even if tame-like.

She draws in a breath then and looks to the slumbering Hyenas now. "Boy, you walked them in to comas." She notes as she pushes Bud on the back of his neck with the tips of her socked left foot! Lightly of course, affectionately even!

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Ooo, ya said bullshit.." As if they were still little girls and would get amused at the other saying a swear-word. But in this case it's all true! Harley isn't used to April cursing so it's all a motive for celebration. "Maybe I am startin' ta influence ya indeed.." she says. In a bad way most likely!

When April then suggests about the plan involves her calling them it has her eyes shine! "Oooo, good idea!" she laughing out softly. "Yer a natural wheah it comes ta criminal endeavahs like ours." finally she admits it. Criminals!

"And dunno, cop shows..?" she gives it a thought. "I mean, theah's Miami heat, but that's the 80s. Do ya wanna be Sonny? I mean, he gets all the good cars."

Finally her eyes go down to the hyenas. "It's as I told ya. They have been tamed!" but she does look at them affectionately, even leaning down to rub the fur of the closest one, Lou! Not that it makes them wake up. They are content, warm, being cuddled. It's good being an hyena.

April O'Neil has posed:
The joke abou ther lack of cursing gets a smirk from the reporter who looks back to Harley. "Yeah, well, they hit you with a ruler every time you curse in Reporter School." She replies. "They beat the urge right out of you!" She flourishes her hand and drops it down to her lap with the other before she lays her head on the back of the sofa then and makes a whine noise at them being called criminals openly. "Can we at least go with 'vigilantes'?" She asks of the blonde across from her. "It sounds... more heroic?" A sharp exhale is given then.

"I thought the Miami Heat were a basketball team." She's never seen the show, and maybe not even ever heard of it either! "What about... Bad Girls, like Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, except... ya know... we're... ush, and, uh... yeah. You probably fit one of those two characters more than I do."

Her blue eyes back on Bud she pets him lightly with her socked foot. "So tamed... such gentleman now. Doesn't even poop in the stairwell anymore.... Mwah."

Harley Quinn has posed:
A ruler? "Savages!" Harley says about ruler school. She's glad she didn't take *that* one. Instead she went to psychology with the .., results that are now in sight. Much better! "Sometimes I feel like goin' ta be a psychologist wasn't so bad, yea?"

"And eh, Miami Vice! It's an old show, whateva, can't remembah them all!" She explains, gesturing with her hands, "Oo, I like Bad Girls! The Harlequin and the Bumblebee." and then of course that she starts to hum the 'Bad Boys' theme song with their little twist. "Bad girls, bad girls.., what ya gonna do.." the rest she humming along...

.... just until April mentions they not pooping on the stairwell anymore. "Errrr...." Oh no, she probably has bad news to share...

It's also her cue to get up to her feet swiftly. "I am gonna start the calls ta the prison to set this up. And then we'll move once I get the confirmation. See ya!" and she runs off to her room. Suspicious!

April O'Neil has posed:
April's other foot goes over to the back of Lou's neck since the two Hyenas are laying with their backs toward each other like a mirror reflection of only one Hyena! Leaning back on the sofa again, April just lays her head back and grabs the pillow behind her back to hold it on her stomach with both of her arms. She listens to Harley start to sing that song and it makes her instantly start to laugh before she opens her eyes again to see the other getting up.

"Okay, but you gotta put on your best Oscar Award Winning performance for this, or they'll hang up on ya and block your number." She says with confidence. "Trust me... I've tried to get interviews with enough places to, well, yeah. I'll be right here if ya need to shout out any questions, but pretend like you're usin' one of those office things where you call in to my office to talk to me. It'll sound more pro then." Harley is /definitely/ rubbing off on April, though it's likely a two way street in a lot of ways!