4658/Aw Coconuts!

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Aw Coconuts!
Date of Scene: 09 January 2021
Location: Penthouse - Kord Co
Synopsis: The rise and fall of Miss Joan Wrong. Beer is bad for you too.
Cast of Characters: Ted Kord, Joan Wright

Ted Kord has posed:
Ted Kord eyes the target for tonight. He grasps a rock in both hands and brings it down in a killing blow, on an innocent coconut. The rock bounces off and the coconut is fine. Ted eyes the palm fruit angrily. "You miserable ****!" Then he starts looking for a bigger rock. At that point he notices the rock smacked into the support of the lean to he'd constructed, wrecking it.

"Joan! Hey Joan! Where are you? You're an architect. Help me with this lean to! Where are you? Hunting for Legos!" He gets up and starts searching for Ms. Wright.

Joan Wright has posed:
While Ted was pursuing a reign of terror upon the coconut population of Pago Pago and trying his hand at creating a lean to. Joan has wandered further down the island. With the events of the last time they were there, she knew of one place to check out.

But, as she comes out of the tunnel of the not so secret lair, she hears Ted call out to her. Standing at the, even better repaired entrance than before, she waits until Ted comes into sight before waving at him. "Over here! I found the kitchen!"

Ted Kord has posed:
Ted Kord strides towards her. "What are you running off for? It could be danger... aaaaah, crab! It has my boot! Ow!" Ted kicks mightily and the crustacean flies over Joan's head into the tunnel and past her. Ted draws his gun and runs to stand in front of Joan. "Stay behind me. I'll take care of Mr. Pinchy!"

"Wait, did you say, kitchen?"

Evil Ted comes out of the kitchen bearing a tray with beers.

"So uh... how are you doing... beautiful?" What in the hell was her name again? Eh, beautiful will work for now. Evidently idiot or not, this other Ted was a player.

Joan Wright has posed:
Joan tilts her head, staying in the safety of the entrance way to the no longer abandoned lair. "Yes. Kitchen. Even people with bad understanding of building codes and the law need to eat. It looks mostly usable."

As evil Ted has wandered off to get refreshment, Joan Wrong has found a comfortable seat. Leaning back in the chair comfortably, she crosses her legs, glancing around the penthouse. Hmm. Seems this Kord also has excessive amounts of money. Probably more than he actually needs.

When Evil Ted returns, Joan glancies over, a brow slightly raising at the greeting. That's a bit more informal than she was expecting. Could it be that he-. She glances to the beers, and then to Ted. Well, considering the amount of LEGOs at her home and the garrish LEGO structure in the lobby-

Oh God. Are they dating?!

Joan Wrong gives a smile to Ted. "Oh, just doing great...dear."

Ted Kord has posed:
Ted Kord says "Great, they have fruit pies.I haven't had these since I was a kid! This is great! You are a genius!" He starts chomping on fruit pies, eying a huge microwave range and a row of coffee cans on a shelf that somehow remained standing, or was reconstructed. He rubs his chin considering.

Evil Ted sets the drinks down before... legs. He forces himself to look up into her eyes. Though the real show is down there let's face it. He rubs his chin considering and then sits down next to her and slips an arm around her shoulders. Hmmm. He should get rid of her. She was likely to realize he was a phony after all. He does have a little more respect for Ted. Judging by appearances the moron had game.

Joan Wright has posed:
As Ted starts to stuff his face with stuffed pastries the moment she shows him the kitchen. Joan grimaces. So much fruity carnage. She looks away, glancing back towards the door. "Hmm. Do you think you might be able to reuse any of the electronics in that main chamber? My phone's not working. I think it had too much of the ocean."

As Evil Ted sets the beers down, she tilts forward. Chest resting upon her knees as she grabs a bottle for herself. The change in position likely making it easier to remind Kord of the location of said eyes. Opening the bottle she leans back. Head brushing against the extended arm. There's a pause before she leans back fully. Right... Got to play along. Just long enough until she can figure out a way to get rid of him before he put two and two together. "So..." She pauses, thinking of a neutral topic, "How was work?"

Ted Kord has posed:
Ted Kord finishes off his fifth or sixth pastry. Blueberry of curse and says. "Nah, got what we need right here." He grabs a can opener and tosses it to Joan. "Open that coffee can and dump it out. I'm opening up this microwave. I'm building us a satellite... "

"... dish! You are some dish Joanie." Evil Ted pulls what's her... Joan closer and starts nibbling on her neck.

Joan Wright has posed:
Joan blinks but shrugs, walking over to the can to follow through on the request. "Should we at least... try the console first?"

Joan Wrong's smile weakens on the side away from Kord as she 'accidentally' tilts her bottle as she's pulled over, spilling it on Evil Ted's lap. She jumps up to her feet. "Oopsie!" She declares, running off towards the bathroo- Oh it's the other way? She turns, heading the other way. "Just stay there dear I'll go find you a towel."

Oh this loser is going DOWN.

Ted Kord has posed:
Ted Kord blinks... "Yeah we can do that too. You fixed the main console too. You could put me out of business." He exits the kitchen and enters the main control room...

He feels the aura of death.

"Death to this stupid clumsy bimbo!" swears Evil Ted. But how... he looks out at the pool and patio. Okay... drowning or falling works. Probably falling. That dumb ***** probably has enough plastic in her to float easy.

"Not easy at all," Ted says. The emergency lights are tritium bulbs. The power system and circuit boxes are wrecked. The generators probably corroded. Get the coffee can and follow me. I got a ton of gear and a monitor screen we can use. I'm going to tap into the WayneTech satellite and use it to hack into Kord Co.'s server. And bring me another fruit pie, please?" Nearly invisible behind said salvage in his arms the Blue Beetle Heads down the tunnel.

Joan Wright has posed:
"Well, I just put them back in place," Joan corrects Ted, "Still might need to check the wiring. But maybe there's a supply closet somewhere..."

Joan Wrong moves over to the bathroom to start rifling through the drawers and under the sink. Odd places to look for a towel...

Joan tilts her head at the added request. "Another one?" She asks questioningly, "Already?...how do you not have diabetes yet?"

Ted Kord has posed:
Ted Kord constructs a makeshift antenna quickly using the coffee can and some thin rebar wires. He hooks it onto a collection of computer guts and his phone and frowns.

"I'm locked out of the Kord Co. phone relay. Someone stuck a virus on my phone. Okay looking for a work around... I can access the security cameras... maybe if I mess with those my security guys will flag it and Douglas or Peter could figure out it's us! Hey, it's me! Holy crap! It must be one of those evil doubles we got a pamphlet on! He must have sabotaged everything... sorry I exposit when I'm upset... oh someone else coming out of the bathroom. Wow... she's a knockout That fiend has some poor gorgeous woman to inconvenience! She looks a little familiar..." Ted shuts his mouth and tries to cover the screen.

Joan Wright has posed:
Joan listens to Ted loudly giving the play by play as she heads back to the kitchen to grab another dose of sugary food. "Evil double?" Joan repeats curiously, walking over to glance to the screen. She pauses, frowning. The apple pie is smacked against Ted.

Joan Wrong takes her time getting back, seemingly making a side trip. She heads back, setting down an open beer on the table before bringing the towel over to Evil Ted. "Here you go dear. I also got you another beer too. I'll just go get rid of the empties." Humming chipperly, she turns to collect her empty bottle and Evil Ted's half finished one.

Ted Kord has posed:
Evil Ted takes the towel and then, as Joan turns he strikes, wrapping the towel around her head with a snap of one hand as he grabs the belt to her cute shorts with the other. Even as she struggles to no avail he bodily lifts her and walks to the edge of the building.

"You stupid tramp. Say hi to your idiot boyfriend when you see him in Hell!" Then he lifts her over his head and throws her over. He smiles as he hears the screams and wisely looks away before she reaches the ground. That'll be messy. He needs a story of course, hmmm distraught over his dumping her maybe...

He eyes the open beer and decides, why not? He takes a deep gulp and the burning in his throat and mouth kicks in full force on his third swallow. "Hugkkk. Ack!" He claws at his throat as he falls into the heated pool.

Ted Kord watches in silence, pausing to wipe the pie off his face.

"I guess it's a tie..."

Joan Wright has posed:
Joan looks to the on screen demises of their doubles. Mouth wide open by the time the end of it occurred. "...Ohmygod. That escalated quickly."

Ted Kord has posed:
Ted Kord looks at the screen then at Joan and puts his arm on her shoulder for a quick side hug. "Sorry... I had to make sure you were still here... I know that sounds lame. Everything I say sounds lame. I -wow. I'm so glad you came with me. I wouldn't want anything to happen to you."