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Wings and Warnings
Date of Scene: 09 January 2021
Location: Nite-Wings - CBD
Synopsis: No description
Cast of Characters: Kate Bishop, Kamala Khan

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate has spent the last couple of days coordinating with her fellow doppleganger cleared Titans and making sure to not go alone to the Tower where she might be bushwhacked by a doppleganger. She has also been skipping school.

Generally she has bunkered down with Supergirl's family in Metropolis.

At some point in which she looks skyward, well to the ceiling at least of the guest room, and curses in a way to make Caitlin sad "Fuck.. Kamala."

She sends her friend a text <<Urgent: Hey Kamala. Meet me in the parking lot 10pm near where we met last time. Black Audi.>>

Kate is waiting with chicken and drinks, no pork for sure, in her audi R8 sports car.

Kamala Khan has posed:
Kamala has not been skipping school, but neither has she been going out. She's still grounded and likely will be for the foreseeable future, so that's where she is when the message comes in. Glancing over at it where she's busy at work on her Starkbook typing up a report on this person or that, a temporary reprieve to send off a messaged reply.

<<Okay.. will be there soon as I can!>>

Because it's not nearly as easy as just going. She has to wait for her mom and dad to go to bed, then sneak out, then ride her long board over to the parking lot to look for the black audi in question.

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate is curled up in the driver's seat, her tablet linked to the Titan's computers in her lap as she goes through various files and CCTV footage.

She is also eating curly fries while she works in the dark.

Honestly it would be really hard to miss that car, it is the only Audi, let alone Black Audi, and it stands out badly in Bludhaven.

Kate is absorbed in her own thoughts though as she works, troubled by the whole mess everyone is dealing with.

Especially Gar's death.

Kamala Khan has posed:
Kamala announces herself with a gentle wrap of her knuckles against the driver side window. Having spotted the out of place vehicle and made her way over casually, long board laid against her back running beneath her always present backpack.

She hadn't yet heard about Gar's death, but there really weren't any news outlets posting this information... even deep dives would shed much light on it.. otherwise she'd be in a lot less chipper spirits when she leans down to stare in all BIG EYED (unnaturally so) at Kate.

Or maybe at Kate's curly fries.

Kate Bishop has posed:
Okay that is adorable and enough to shake a bit of Kate's funk. She cracks a smile and gestures around to the passenger's seat as the locks click to unlocked now.

She waits until Kamala gets in to offer her the bag "got lots of fries and an order of the same wings as last time for you." she notes amused.

Then she asks. "So when we met, what was I doing, and what did you lecture me about doing less Kamala?"

Odd question. Kate seems deadly serious though all of a sudden.

Kamala Khan has posed:
The grin is given a grin and Kamala makes her way around the front of the car to slide into the newly unlocked passanger seat only to be bombarded with odd questions... "Uhh you were fighting a guy with a candy cane... and you have been doing a whole lot better with your potty mouth."

Grinning all the same and reaching for the order of curly fries and wings... the ones they swear weren't near pork! Very important! For religical reasons. "How you doing? You kind of look like you've seen a ghost."

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate relaxes, visibly and eats a couple more of her curly fries as you dig in. "Not a ghost really. Just you are you which is good."

She fishes a fork out and stabs a boneless wing now and pops it in her mouth chewing thoughtfully and trying to remember what she had planned to say to Kamala.

"Okay so yeah, very long very bad week.. where to start though. I need you to be very, very careful. We are suffering from a dimensional incursion I am afraid where insane versions of people... several thousand of them based on the portal signatures at least... have come over from their world to live in ours. Their world is bad. They seem to be all nutso evil. Several have moved to replace themselves here and take over their much better lives."

She frowns "Superheroes seem to be at very high risk because their dopples were strong enough to survive there."

Kamala Khan has posed:
Kamala is mid chew when Kate delivers the news... and her dangles open for several seconds while trying to sort out exactly what it is Kate is /saying/. "wait, so.. you're saying duplicate thems are trying to take over ourlife..."

"That is...a.. lot... I mean what the heck." Frowning now, she seems a bit too thoughtful to finish the half a fry she was clutching in her hahnd whent he World stopped making sense.

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate eats another chunk of spicy chicken and then nods "Well some of them. Some dopples are just blending into the world and biding their time I guess. Problem with the other world that made it so hellish though was a psionic monstrousity .. so they are very insane and evil. No idea if curable." she frowns.

Another chicken chunk. Despite everything protien is important and calories.

"The disaster though there happened like thirty plus years ago.. so there are good odds a lot of people weren't even born to have dopples. So we may be safe.." trails off.

"Or there may be a dopple of you out to take you out and take your life over. Hence my asking.. doubt a dopple of you from evil land would know you told me to not curse so much Kamala." she smiles over to you now.