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Doppleganger: A Darker Giganta
Date of Scene: 09 January 2021
Location: Central Park
Synopsis: Dark Doris Zuel of the ZZGU dimension is defeated, along with her zoo of horrible creatures.
Cast of Characters: Doris Zuel, Diana Prince, Hank Pym, Saeko, Takako Kyozan, Wally West

Doris Zuel has posed:
"Dr. Zuel?" A woman asks of the tall woman. The large redhead blinks, turning around to look around for who called out to her. The voice sounded familiar but somehow different. Distored in a way. When she looked down toward the source, she saw a woman in a hoodie with her face partially obscured seeming to look up at her through locks of red hair further obscuring her features.

"Yes, who is asking?" The tall woman asked and then there was a tittering laughter. A twitching laughter and the woman in the hoodie stepped back a step. She brought a hand up to her face, one covered in an odd mitten and started laughing more, shaking her head as she did.

"Ha, you...found a way here, too. YOu got tall. Strong. Beautiful." She laughed more, shaking her head, the laughter becoming maniacle. The people at the hot dog stand that Doris was patronizing stepping away. The people at the edge of Central Park nearby starting to look, though many in New York keep walking. Crazy is the norm here. Sorta.

"Hey, crazy. Are you ok? What are you talking about?" Dr. Zuel tilted her head, staring at the woman and just as she took a step forward, the mitten burst open to reveal quickly growing and extending black tendrils that stretch out and whip right into Doris, sending her crashing painfully into a car.

"The disease, you idiot!" She laughs more as the hood comes back to reveal half of Dr. Zuel's face as it was before she took the serum that turned her into Giganta. The other half of hte face...was blackened, drooping, tendrils hanging from the chin. The eye stretched and lidless, staring along with the normal one at Dr. Doris Zuel. "I found a way and obviously so did you! I am cured and...I got this..." She laughs as she holds up her tendriled hand and then gestures up to her face, her body already growing, "And you...you got that?!" She laughs more as she becomes to break out of the hoodie, her form stretching out and up as she grows and that horrific hand extends.

"Crap..." Is the respons from Dr. Zuel as she watches her other self growing quickly and those horrific appendages stretching out. People start screaming even as the horrifying alternate Doris begins to attack. Doris hears a scream nearby as the tendril'd alternate monster smashes that odd appendage at a nearby bus stop. Doris is just in time, reaching fifty feet in a near instant and slamming away the appendage and shielding the people there. A small girl holding a doll looks up, clinging to her mom and smiles, "Mom! Look it! The big lady saved us! She'll save us!" Doris twitches and nods to the kid. It wasn't her thing. She wasn't a hero. She just wasn't going to let her other self hurt people.

That was when things began to get worse. As she heard strange growling and more of that hideous laughter, now greatly increased in volume by size.

"Oh Doris...want to meet my other experiments." And as the abomination states that, Doris can see something moving in amongst the growing tendrils that make up her arm and parts of her face. What look like small animals come racing out but as they do, they begin to grow as well, turning into hideous monstrosities that slam to the ground and begin to make sounds resembling gurgling roars.

A mere minute later:
Gasping for breath, Doris, shrunk back down and races behind a large truck, gasping for breath. Her left eye swollen shut, a vicious slash on her arm and a bite in her thigh. She shudders, shaking her head and looking at her shaking hand.

Doris Zuel has posed:
In the background, a laughing, distorted version of Dr. Doris ZUel stands tall at 500 feet with a horrifying mass of tendrils for a right hand swinging out and crashing into a building. Several horrifying monstrosities of varying sizes chase people down the street, one in particular sniffing closer to Giganta's position.

"Come out, Dr. Zuel! I have more tests to run!" She laughs out more as she snatches up a car with her normal hand and looks inside, laughing before throwing it into the park.

Doris looks up shaking and trying to unfray her nerves. She has rarely had to face someone on her level or multiple things on her level. Let alone something like that. This was a problem. She wasn't a hero! She wasn't. But then she saw it. There before her, something she'd missed. A simple doll. A familiar doll. Laying in a pool of red at the end of the truck. When she reached out for it, she pulled it only to find a small hand, still desperately clutching for it. A hand that was without life. A small arm, thin and...

Doris turned away and heaved. Doris could hear it in her mind. Hear the words. 'She'll save us' echo'd in her mind. She pulled in a gasping, shaking breath and her teeth ground as a tear pulled down her cheek and she coughed once. The world spun momentarily.

Then the world shrank. A moment later, that same truck sailed through the air, crashing into the side of the terrifying monster that is the alternate version of Dr. Doris Zuel. What she saw was Giganta, standing there with one arm hanging awkwardly at her side, one eye swollen shut and her teeth locked into a grinding scowl.

Doris Zuel has posed:
Giganta spit carefully raised her hurt arm, wincing as she did, glaring at it for a moment before she suddenly rushed forward. She's not super fast, by any standards, but when you are five hundred feet tall, speed is relative. She covers ground in moments and is snatches one of the large, horrible dog like monsters by the scruff as she passes it. The thing whips at her with a tentacle on its back and tries to snap at her but one hard shake backwards has it let out a pained roar before she swings it right into her darker self. The thrown monster is batted aside by that hideous arm of Dark Doris, her laughter happening right before it is cut off by a right hook right to her smug mouth that sends her stagginer backwards.

"Monster!" Giganta calls out even as the monstrous version of herself staggers back. The evil woman raises up her face, a blach ichor coming from her lips before she shakes her head and laughs.

"Takes one to know one." She then races forward and snares Giganta in those tentacles, wrapping them around her and crushing that hurt arm to her side. Their right hands interlock and Doris winces in pain as the Dark woman tries to lean in, "I'm just you wearing our soul on the outside." And then she smashes her forehead right into Giganta's, both having a similar idea at the same time. The sound is two steal beams slamming into each other, mulitplied by a hundred.

Doris Zuel has posed:
Meanwhile, around them, Central Park is in chaos. People are running and screaming this way and that. Panic is clear as two literal giants fight each other in the middle of New York City. Worse, creatures of all shapes and sizes race about causing more havok. Giganta is trying her best to hold down the main threat but even as she is focused on her alternate self, a one hundred foot long cat creature appears to be approaching her from behind. All black with tentacles coming off its back and a face stretched with some skull showing.

Around the area, creatures from as small as a car to bigger than a city bus seem to be chasing after people, smashing various objects and start to explore outward, looking for prey, trouble, and pain.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana wasn't far when the alerts inside of her personal transport went off. The 'invisible jet' angled its way toward Central Park from the East River and was there in a flash. The Princess slipped her way out of the back of the spacious (if not visible) aircraft and flew the remainder of the way down to the action unfolding on the ground on her own.

With sword and shield drawn, the Princess lands between a rampaging monster and a number of park goers who have been cornered by the beast. She glares over her shield at the strange attacker, who roars at /her/ now, only to be met with force as the Princess rushes it and shield bashes it across the Great Lawn with a powerful dull thud of her mighty round shield echoing out around her.

This gives the park goers a free chance to run away down one of the pathways, and Diana's eyes watch them for a moment before they sweep over now to the two tower giants embroiled in combat...

Hank Pym has posed:
How far is Avengers' Mansion from Central Park? Not very. Pretty far for a running man, even one sixty feet tall. Especially when he has to break out the old Giant-Man outfit with the systems letting him grow really large. Even so, he is not what he once was. Growing to 500 feet tall will be dangerous at present. He has to take it in stages and, Giganta is already there and he might do more good at his go to size. Rounding a corner Hank sees a tour bus down on its side and a black amorphous, vaguely crustacean minion trying to get inside.

"Oh HELL NO!" Giant-Man yells. He grabs a pincer that darts at him, whirling for leverage he throws his shoulder under it and uses his strength and its momentum to flip it over on its back with a crash that shakes the street. Then the creature morphs into 12 smaller crabs and they lunge at him.

"I figured something like that. I hate shape shifters!"

Saeko has posed:
Tenko were supposed to be avatars of a deity that could bestow fortune, blessings of prosperity and peace...but that didn't necessarily mean that Saeko herself was always going to be 'lucky'. Since her return to Earth after watching heroes from Takamagahara she'd already seen plenty of interesting encounters, brave souls in the form of heroes and horrors even she couldn't have anticipated walking the world. Still, giant tenactled horrors and animal hordes weren't what she'd imagined she'd encounter while out enjoying a meal.

Dressed as she was, in her skirt, button-up blouse and jacket she looked more like an accountant than some divine messenger. Simple magics had hidden away ears and her her tail to make Saeko look like a rather normal if not startlingly beautiful human enjoying a coffee in a nearby cafe.

Then windows had shattered, glass had sprayed the space from an errant sweep of the gigantic doppleganger and the fox-in-disguise was left hastily lifting her hands as a flare of arcane patterns filled the air, returing all the dangerous shards hurtling into the space in velocity till they dropped harmlessly to the floor.

Such hectic magics? Her illusion had shattered, immediately revealing the inhuman features of the kitsune woman: tails, ears and all.

A snap of her fingers as she strode from the ruined storefront out onto the street sent her outfit warping and twisting into a more 'fitting' short yukata. One thing she'd learned from observing the heroes around here? One had to look the part.

Takako Kyozan has posed:
The United Nations building is less than two miles from Central Park and when Titans the size of buildings clash, it is kind of hard to miss. Takako was sitting at her desk going over UNODA nuclear inspection reports and new reports related to the progress of Iran's increasingly troubling nuclear activities when the shaking began. She groans as her coffee spills across her desk barely rescuing her tablet and keyboard in time. There is no time to clean up the mess though as she catches sight of the new additions to the skyline outside of her office window.

Dashing down to the motorpool Takako grabs a set of keys and leaps into one of the black sedans with diplomatic plates, she can worry about the paperwork later, in the meantime she floors it out of the UN building, tires squeeling against pavement as she drives like a maniac covering the distance to Central Park in mere minutes. Traffic lights are for other people when you have diplomatic plates, thankfully she managed not to hit anyone.

Dashing from the car, Takako's skirtsuit and heals begins to glow with wispy white energy as it transforms into her morphic cloth combat uniform. Her expression is equal parts 'are you kidding me' and determined as she watches the two Giganta's fight. Five hundred feet is nearly double her comfortable range, but nothing about this situation seems like it is going to be comfortable. The white wispy glow spreads around her entire body intensifying as Takako begins to grow herself.

Wally West has posed:
Wally Happened to be in the neighborhood. Neighborhood being a relative term for someone who commutes to Metropolis from Kansas. He had been dropping by his favorite stir-fry joint after a delivery in brooklyn. He was enjoying his 5lbs of greasy chicken, beef, pork... ...and just enough ginger when he felt the ground shake.

Earthquakes happen every now and then (even in New York), but so did giant monsters and the rythm of this shaking felt more like footsteps than tectonic scraping. One superspeed wolfing down of delicious soul-food later (So like a second) he was off.

In the city, if you want to see what is happening, you go to the top of a building. One World Trade Center, or the Empire State Building were the obvious choices, but for the descerning speedster, there was this 50 story building with concrete decorative columns that ran all the way up that was perfect for super-speed climbing. He probably needn't have bothered, because halfway up, he saw the source of the shaking. There were two towering ladies having a very vigorous disagreement in central park. And then there were large creatures too.

"Hey lady. You need a permit to walk all your pets. Anything over the limit for trucks requires a permit. I know, I know, its central park. You should be able to walk all your horrific abominations in central park, but thems the rules.Aaaaand their ears are hundreds of feet up, and they can't hear me."

Well atleast Diana was here. She was an expert at dealing with women who had to purchase airspace from the zoning council to go for a walk. Wally would start on all the 'little' creatures around the place. Time to grab a few of the smaller ones and phase them into the larger ones to reduce clutter. Cleaning up litter only takes a second and makes the neighborhood much nicer. Time to start rolling the growing ball over to the next set of monsters like a katamari. People still knew what that was right?

Doris Zuel has posed:
The monster that Diana put down seems to stay down. The creature going still after such a hit. Almost immediately it begins to bubble and pop, starting to melt after that hard hit. Seems the things aren't horribly stable. All the same, she'll note quickly from the screams that there's far more out there still and no end of problems. Several elephantine creatures are stampeding after a group of people who were at a small concert in the park, letting out gurgling trumpets as they chase, each one having five or more trunks and are far more mammoth sized than elephant.

While Hank handles his crustaceous problems, Saeko gets the immediate attention of two wolf like creatures that let out low growls upon seeing her. Each of these dire wolf sized monsters stomps toward her, starting to split to either side in an attempt to flank her.

Takako gets far more immediate attention as she begins to grow. Two monsters, each the size of a city bus turn to face the growing woman. One looks like some kind of spider with far too many legs and the other is hard to describe at all. The monster is a mass of tentacles and eyes and mouths, just making horrible sounds and starting to roll toward her with ill intent.

As Wally started cleaning up some of the lesser creatures, people were starting to cheer at the sight of heroes on the scene. No one was sure what was happening or why but they were scared. They had good reason. After all, two seeming titans (not the team) were fighting in the park with many monsters around them. Speaking of which, Doris lets out a pained scream as the tentacles cling tighter but then she suddenly drops down, going into a squat and letting out a cry of effort as the dark Doris oofs and seems surprised. Then Doris leaps up ward and forward. The dark Doris is hefted up off the ground and then both flip so that the darker version of Doris Zuel slams back first into the ground, her grip loosening to allow Giganta to roll free and wince as she got up to a knee, her left arm now well and truly limp, "Stay down, you dumb bitch!" She calls out and even now, it's clear that Dark Doris isn't planning to do so. The laughter and coughing as she pushes up might be a clue to that.

Diana Prince has posed:
By this point of Diana's involvement in world wide threats of this size... she's come to know of someone who fights on their side against them, Takako. She's worked alongside her on a number of occasions at this point, and seeing the woman joining the fray here, gives her hope that the 'Giants' will at least have someone on the fight that should keep them occupied (and hopefully away from the edges of the park.)

The melting-away of the creature she'd smashed with her shield is noted as well, which gives Diana a bit of insight in to these 'things' possibly not even being real, or at least being manifested in a way that suggests they're not of this world. This changes some of her approach toward the threats, namely these elephant-mammoths thundering across the Great Lawn.

Diana flourishes her shining sword, and rushes toward the first in the line to her. She doesn't hesitate to take an advantage of opportunity to now lunge beneath the beast and strike one of its legs as she cuts it with her sword, and then grasps it by its giant snout to pull it toward the second one beside it, to smash the mighty beasts in to one another!

Saeko has posed:
500 foot tall titans were a problem, a problem that probably called for invervention from gods and being more martially minded than Saeko. She wasn't 'made' for toppling skyscrappers after all. Still, as far as she could tell the other 'Giantess' seemed to be on the side of 'good', if only for the fact that she wasn't currently sending out aberrant horrors to attack the populous. Spotting Hank's hurtled monster shattering into an array of crab-like critters, the Tenko actually moves to help when the two wolf-like creatures stomp towards her and attempt to circle her.

Most people wouldn't bet on a 'fox' against a wolf in a fight, but then most foxes didn't tend to have the mystical equivlent of a flamethrower.

A blue-white glow sweeps from Saeko's form and she sweeps her hands upwards either side, napalm-hot mystic flames errupting in a gout to try and incinerate the 'wolves' before they can circle her.

The other growing people were a mystery, Wally was a blur and Diana...Diana was something else, clearly some sort of divine warrior as she took on the beasts with sword and shield. Maybe Saeko would question her of her nature later over tea...and without monsters swarming the streets!

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym is discovering a good sharp bang with an SUV splatters the creatures for all intents and purposes. "You get 'em High Pockets!" Someone yells. The distract his long enough to let the last crab launch itself onto his face. It grabs at his head and face. Growing up the 80's, Hank chanced to see Alien. Eighteen times. With a yell of rage (or something close) legs and pincers are ripped and fly everywhere. He shakes his head and continues down the street and the gate to the park! As he walks he surges upward to hit 100 feet. That wasn't too bad.

Takako Kyozan has posed:
Takako's eyes widen as the two city bus sized creatures begin making a bee line towards her as she grows. "Oh gross, spiders and tentacles, what did I do to deserve this?!" But a deep breath later the persona of a trained fighter takes over. By this time she has already passed one hundred feet in height as she continues grow, but that hardly seems to matter with creatures adept at climbing and grappling. Her posture straightens and she takes on a fighting stance as she snaps a fierce front kick at the huge spider thing with far too many legs.

There is a cracking sound as some of those legs break and the spiderbeast screeches in pain before steel leg webbing begins erupting from hidden spinnerettes, wrapping Takako in layer upon layer of stiff silk even as she grows. Meanwhile the mass of tentacles and eyes has managed to get behind her and lunging forward finds purchase to begin to climb, limbs slithering this way and that as they attempt to encircle different parts of the now flailing giant Japanese young woman!

Wally West has posed:
Wally is vaguely disappointed when the katamari ball melts almost immediately. The disappointment is quickly replaced with a touch of disgust as the puddle nearly touches him. Well there was nothing for it. He would have to find another way to handle this situation.

After zipping some people to safety, he becomes aware that one of the giant ladies -- The blonde one. There are enough that you have to be specific here. -- is getting in a sticky situation. She is being ensnared by a giant spider thing and entangled by tentacles. He thinks he has seen this movie before, but this time it is going to go differently. He zipps up her leg and starts cutting vast swaths of the webs. "I feel like I should have a shrinking person to hold in my hand while I stand on top of her head. Then they could have someone standing on top of their head holding someone and it would be a great piece of surrealist art."

Doris Zuel has posed:
Diana's actions save the people from the massive creatures but that only means she is now the target. The first one is letting out a whine as it falls and begins to dissolve. THe attack was too much for it and the second one actually slammed it away angrilly when it was attacked by its own friend, regardless of Diana's intervention. Then the third one turns more directly on Diana while the second is getting itself stable. That third one races right for Diana, letting out a trumpeting roar and two massive tusks aiming to skewer her.

Saeko quickly has two burbling and bubbling puddles of former dog abomination around her. People let out an excited cheer as they see this happen and keep running even as they let out a few hoots for the seeming fox heroine. Of course, now the monsters that were chasing others are starting to focus more on the heroes and one nasty looking raven buzzard combo with a twenty-five foot wing span lets out a screech and turns to fly right at Saeko.

Even as Hank is entering the park, it is clear things are starting to slow for the army of nasties as those who came to help begin to thin their numbers but screams can be heard that might get Hank's attention. If he looks, there's a large, easily hundred foot plus long two headed snake thing circling its body around a group of teens and it slowly begins to shrink its coils as it angles its heads to prepare to snap.

As Wally and Takako deal with a injured but still attacking spider and a rather clingy tentacle monster, they can hear the thudding sound heading their way. Giganta's body stumbling back in their direction. She spots them and winces as she has to spin mid-air only to be grabbed from behind by the dark Doris who slams her face first into a building. Giganta lets out a cry as her hurt arm is twisted behind her back and the other Doris presses in, grinning as ichor drips down her chin, "Your world did this! They did this to me! I needed more and its gone! I'll take what is in you, though!" She laughs, "I'll figure out a way!" She laughs more even before coughing and more ichor ocming out, "I'll do it..." She coughs more and then Giganta raises a foot and slams it into the crush of her ankle causing the woman to scream out as her ankle nearly breaks and she is forced to stumble back.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana's armored boots dig in to the soft grass of the Great Lawn as she dispatches one of the three elephantine creatures that are now turning their remaining focus solely upon her.

Which is great. She's all for that. Better her than any innocents still within reach of the monstrous beasts

With the immediate threat bearing down on her, the first tusk-attack is ducked beneath, the Princess' muscular thighs flexing as she springs back up to intercept the next with her shimmering sword, slicing directly through the tusk to cause the beast to recoil!

Taking the chance of opportunity, Diana runs at the mighty beast, on her own attack! She steps quick, steps light, steps fast and runs up the beast's mammoth-like snout until she scales it to its very peak!

Atop the beast's head now, the Princess whirls around and watches as its last remaining partner turns toward them both... She lets it charge at them both as she spins her blade around and thrusts it down in to the top of the creature's head!

Saeko has posed:
Glad to see 'Kill it with fire' translates even for the divine, Saeko strikes forwards glowing blue 'lamplights' of flame swirling and orbiting around her before flicks and gestures of her hands send them surging and barraging towards the creatures that surge her way, attempting to knock the swooping, shrieking raven-thing out of the air. As it draws near, ablaze or not, the vixen heroine ducks low, her form swirling in those same lights as she shifts into a smaller black fox, eyes glowing bright blue as it races across the ashphalt and away from the possibly crashing beast.

Small paws carry the critter-Saeko across the space before she springs skywards and her form snaps back to the 'Real' Saeko, bringing her hands forward to unleash a gout of flames towards the next.

Her eyes flick toward Takako, the snared woman drawing her attention as she turns to lend assistance...but it was going to take her a moment. She didn't want to set either wally or the giant herself on fire after all!

Takako Kyozan has posed:
Wally's intervention combined with Takako's continued growth is enough to allow her to burst out of the webs. She looks down at the city bus sized spider as she attains her typical 'kaiju' battling size of 250', still only crotch level to the pair of Gigantas, but more than enough to bring her massive boot down hard on the spider creature, crushing it into the Earth with a brutal snap crackle pop, as one might crush a more mundane spider in the home.

It was Takako's hope that her growth would also break the grip of the tentacles, though they seem to be lengthening, the Shoggoth-like mass of tentacles and eyes seeming to grow with her, almost like it is somehow feeding off of her. "Okay, this is really gross!" She begins tugging and pulling at the tentacles of the now huge plasmatic entity. It's a difficult choice, while on the one hand she is prepared to take the risk and try to push her limits to help this giant woman with her clearly evil tentacle doppleganger, at the time she doesn't want to help this mass of tentacled doom get any bigger. When Giganta stumbles backward, Takako moves forward, abandoning her efforts to to break free of the tentacles for the moment in order to reach out with both hands and try to steady Giganta's hips, halting the other woman's stumble even as the creature continues to coil around her own body.

Wally West has posed:
"Well this is a worrying sign." Wally is concerned by the possibility of a giant squirming mass crushing the city. "Welp one down at least one more to go."

Wally started launching himself through the enormous mass. This would normally be limited to the part of it that was touching the ground, but with all the elevated vantage points, it was almost as good as flying. "I hope it can't survive being swiss cheesed, because I am not sure I have much better to offer."

At some point he would either destroy the monster or have to start another plan. All the relative size differences reminded him of something he had seen people do when they shrunk down. If he was going to be relatively speaking, the size of a gnat, he could do what gnats do best. Get in someone's ear. He took a run up the more human looking parts of the tentacular Zuel.

Doris Zuel has posed:
As the heroes and heroines of the day are starting to wrap up on the smaller creatures, something is happening with the two giant women that are fighting. Doris looks down at Takako, smiling a little at her and then giving her a nod before she suddenly rushes forward with that good right arm and slams it right into the face of Dark Doris. Even as she does this, Wally is rushing into her ear, causing the large, evil monstrosity of a woman to slam a hand after him only to miss her target. As he does, she lets out a gurgling scream in protest.

Meanwhile, Hank Pym is whipping a snake thing back out into the center of the park while Takako's spider goes squish and her tentacle friend is starting to fall apart thanks to Wally's interference. Even the elephant things that Diana is fighting are starting to fall apart.

As Saeko's bird creature slams into the ground, she can see it and the other creatures are starting to literaly melt, burble and fall apart. The thing is, their creator is starting to do the same.

"NO! I...need your blood...just a bit..." Evil Doris reaches out toward her counterpart. Desperation in her eyes as she reaches out toward Doris, "Please...just a bit. Just...let me find a new way. You are a survivor. I am, too. We're the same. The same...please..." And at that moment, Dr. Doris Zuel, AKA Giganta gets an angry look on her face.

"Maybe, at one point...I could have been you." She then steps over the fallen evil abomination and glares down at her, "But you're a monster." She thinks back to that doll she saw earlier, that girl so excited for help, "And now you're going to pay for it." And she raises a foot up and brings it down hard on that reaching out hand. That hand that bursts into nothing but black ichor.

Evil Doris screams out in pain and torment and raises a black, melting stomp in horror even as her whole form begins to melt and bubble and pop, "No...nO...NONNONNOnonoooo..." and her voice begins to bubble and break, too as she slowly becomes nothing more than a lifeless black ichor that is progressively losing its shape, just like every other monster here.

Diana Prince has posed:
The second elephantine is dispatched via the Sword of Athena, and just as it's about to crash in to the last of the trio, it starts to dissolve away! The third and final of the trio is yet-still charging the Amazon Princess!

But now her sword is slipped away and her lasso is brought forth! It shines to life as she twirls it outward and wraps it about the creature's tusks! With an arching jump the Princess launches herself on to the back of the mighty beast!


As the fight between the giants unfolds, the thundering stomping feet of the last Elephantine marches toward the Evil Giganta. Upon its back, Diana is 'steering' the beast with the Lasso of Truth, standing atop its neck she guides it along to observe the chaos ahead.

She knew at least one other of her Justice League allies was with her in the fight, and of course Takako 'stands out in a crowd' so to speak. But as her mount starts to dissolve beneath her armored boots, Diana release her lasso's grasp upon it and glides down the mammoth snout moments before it melts away, and her armored feet touch down upon the yard again.

She draws in a breath, her eyes scanning the area, her dark hair flowing around her otherwise bare shoulders in the cold winter winds. "What, was all this..." The Princess questions, whether anyone can hear her or not.

Takako Kyozan has posed:
Takako lets out a breath of relief as the swiss-cheesed Shoggoth-like tentacle monster sloughs off of her, no longer able to maintain its cohesion after the machinegun beating that Wally gave it and plummets to the ground with a dull plop, before dissolving into ichor like all of the rest.

Looking up over towards the Gigantas, it appears the non-tentacle-handed one has things well in hand as her rival is lain out and begins to dissolve. Takako takes another deep calming breath seemingly glad she isn't going to need to try and push her powers into dangerous territory afterall and the situation around seems to be stabilizing. She's covered in ichor and a few clinging strands of monster-spider-webbing still, but it's a small price to pay for an overall positive outcome. "Ugh, this is going to be a lot of paperwork." Takako sighs, looking around at the damage.

Wally West has posed:
Wally now understood the smug in-your-face that gnats have as he dodged the slap of a colossal hand. He was glad to see the blonde giant was free of the clingy beast. He then got to be inside the bell of Doppelzuel's ear as she in turn got her bell rung. He then runs down her as she begins to fall. He then has to relocate again as she disolves.

"Well that was exciting wasn't it Diana?" Wally says over the communicator. "I hope people managed to get clear. Some of my favorite climbing buildings will never be the same." He also felt some vague sense of cosmic insignifigance after running around in the shadow of so many giants (Which was silly because super speed was waaay better than size changing), but things could be so much worse.

Doris Zuel has posed:
Slowly, Giganta begins to shrink. She stares at a monstrous version of herself turning into so much black ichor, her eyes going over what might have been. A path taken by a different version of herself and then she looks to the side as she notes the others gathering and then she shakes her head. Diana receives no answer. Maybe Doris didn't hear her. Maybe she did. It's unclear. What she does know is she has to leave this area. She doesn't pause or anything, and instead just starts away from the pile of goop that was evil Doris. Let someone else clean this up. Let anyone else do it. She wants to be gone and she sure as hell doesn't need to talk to some self-righteous bitch like Diana or any of the other heroes.

In her mind, the voice of a child rings out again, 'She'll save us' and her teeth grind.