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In or out
Date of Scene: 09 January 2021
Location: Avengers Mansion - Second Floor
Synopsis: Wanda and Pietro decide that perhaps Genosha should be checked up on. After goulash.
Cast of Characters: Wanda Maximoff, Pietro Maximoff

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
The City has gone from snowy and overcast to clear and cold, dipping below the freezing mark consistently for the last few nights, and tonight doesn't appear to be any warmer. As a result, the unseen support staff has made an effort to be sure the mansion is as cozy as could possibly be, in that the fires in fireplaces in the common areas are lit and tended, as well as those in private rooms, should their residents so desire.

For the last few nights, Wanda has desired, if only to have something to stare into that won't stare back at her. Those, and her candles.

Now, however, the witch in red is dressed for the out of doors; jeans, boots, a dark colored sweater is worn, and on top of it all, a hat and a long woolen coat that reaches to her knees. Gloves are tucked away into pockets.

She's near the top of the staircase, her hand reaching out for the bannister as a mostly unneeded aid for balance as she begins to take the grand descent.

Pietro Maximoff has posed:
While he might live here in Avenger's Mansion, it will probably never exactly be home. Nor will this city in truth. The cold weather might be familiar enough, but the man-made monuments that stretch towards the sky will never feel right. This is just something that Pietro has long since come to terms with. Long since accepted.

Still, the fireplaces are rather nice.

Not that he can often bring himself to sit in front of one, at least not for very long. At least as others would see it. Most of the world goes by in almost painfully slow fashion for him. So while he might be a little on the restless side, he has done his best to appreciate the downtime as of late. Even for him that sometimes beats the alternative.

Even here, in what passes for 'home', the speedster is never entirely at ease, usually making a swift round of the grounds a couple of times an hour. Which is why he happens to stumble upon his sister before she takes her leave of the mansion, coming to a stop just behind her at the top of the stairs. "Going for a walk? Or is something up?"

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
In that, the twins certainly can agree, that is, where home is and isn't. The City is currently the place where Wanda feels needed, though in her experience, that can change in the next minute, hour, day.. whatever measurement of time is desired. When it comes down to it, she is, she and her brother are travelers in the truest sense. The fact that Pietro has remained this long here is undoubtedly her doing.

Let it never be said that she doesn't appreciate it.

Looking up and over her shoulder, there is the fond smile that creases her face; an expression tinged with the guilt of being found out that she's leaving the mansion for an indeterminate length of time.

"I am not leaving for good, if that is question," she returns, but of course, that's not what he's asking. She's paused on the stairs, and in her second answer to it, Wanda resumes her descent. "I want to find place that feels right. Even if for hour, day.." Now, she looks over her shoulder as she continues towards the landing, "I know you understand. And," her tones lilt in that sibling to sibling tease, "you would not be far." She relies on that.

"I am beginning to feel that others believe I need to be watched." Could be real, could be her own sense of disquieted paranoia acting up once more.

Pietro Maximoff has posed:
A sense of belonging is something that Pietro does not generally have, regardless of where he happens to lay his head. A lot of that is on him of course. He is not exactly accepting or trusting of others, nor is he particularly inclined to open up. Not that he doesn't have some pretty darn good reasons for being that way of course. But it does make it difficult to fit in with others. Even good people, like most of the residents of this particular mansion.

No, for now his home is where his sister is. And where she goes it is almost inevitable that he will follow. Or at least try to. Sometimes all the speed in the world does not make it any easier to keep up with her.

"I'm coming with you then," he says immediately, not a hint of hesitation -- or a hint that he considers the matter up for discussion. He blurs, but in an instant he is back, dressed a little more warmly.

As he rejoins her, his expression is a little more haughty, a little more defiant. He is ever protective of her. "If that is truly what they feel then they are fools. Perhaps a little time and distance will bring some small measure of wisdom to them."

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
They trade places in moments of their shared lives; one leads, one follows. It is something they do, and undoubtedly will always do unless something truly bars their way. It'd have to be one hell of a barrier, however.

So, with Wanda a touch more entrenched here than her brother, he abides. If there was ever a moment when he wished to depart? All that would be needed would be a word, and she would be there, saying her goodbyes to the others before the twins took to the road before them.

"Of course you are," Wanda concurs as she reaches the bottom step. She's more than aware that she doesn't need to wait for him to get changed for the chill; he's that quick. So, when he does rejoin her, she's only a step away from the landing and towards the front door. "Is fine." Wanda lifts her hand, the soft reddish glow coming to it briefly before she quells it, and drops a hand into her pocket. "There are times when I believe the same." She smiles at her brother, and nods towards the door. "I was thinking market, but it has been long time since we visited Genosha. Perhaps market first, then I leave note for Clint to tell him where we have gone?"

That should take care of wanderlust, get them both out of the city for a little while. And while it's still not 'their people', it's less stifling than New York City.

Pietro Maximoff has posed:
While it might not always be so, for the time being Pietro is content enough to have his home be where ever his sister is. That has meant this city, this mansion for a time. And if that changes, well, he will no doubt leave with few regrets. He might be more accepting, more trusting of their fellow Avengers then he has of most, but that is just a pale immitation of the trust he has in her. A fact that he takes few pains to hide.

He does indeed rejoin her before she reaches the bottom of the landing, the wide staircase making it easy for him to fall in at her side as he slows down again. "The market then," he says simply. It might not be to everyone's taste but it is as close to familiar as they are likely to find here in this city, aside from the parks perhaps. And if they are going to give into that urge to wander for awhile, it surely makes sense to stop there first. "Then Genosha," he adds in agreement though the line of his mouth tightens ever so slightly.

Even Genosha might not be home, but that doesn't mean that it can be considered without a stab of pain, one that even Pietro lets through that hard exterior that he frequently walks around with.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda reaches out for Pietro's hand before they reach the front door. There, she pauses to turn and look at him. "It has been too long since we have been there. With all this.. wrongness here, I forgot about them." She'll admit she was a little caught up in everything, and she continues, "It will be good. You will see."

With words of encouragement offered, Wanda reaches for the door to open it herself, which is something of an oddity in the mansion recently. JARVIS has been distracted; a strange thing for the AI. An anomaly has been reported in the mansion, and at least now Wanda doesn't think she's lost her mind when witnessing it. Only seeing it out of the corner of her eye...

It's not a magically based one, however... so science looks to be the 'cure'.

For the moment.

"Unless there is somewhere you believe we should see?" Wanda opens the door, the cold beyond a bracing one. "Name it, you do not even have to give me reason."

Pietro Maximoff has posed:
It is sometimes easy to forget behind the protective bluster that Pietro tends to throw up, that he can be zealous in trying to protect his sister to a fault, but for all that he has a tendancy to follow her lead. He rarely insists on any particular direction. The Avengers were fundamentally her choice, and he has stayed because of that. Reason enough for him.

Taking her hand in turn, the speedster pauses by the door and that hard, haughty shell cracks for a moment as it so rarely does for anyone but her, dipping his head and even smiling briefly. "I know you would. But you're right. It has been too long since we walked Genosha's beaches or looked on what was done to it. If not every memory and moment is pleasant, there is no reason it should be. Visiting, even if only briefly is probably both a good idea and a necessary one," he says quietly. "Let us go."

If JARVIS is acting strangely, Pietro can perhaps be forgiven for failing to notice. It is rare that he makes use of the artificial intelligence itself, tending to be fast enough that even it cannot always anticipate him and insure every door open, or every need met.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda doesn't relinquish Pietro's hand. It's too much of an anchor; that bit of comfort that can only come from her twin. If there was any doubt in her mind as to where they should go, where they should be, it's gone with his agreement. That hand gains a squeeze, her fingers wrapping around before she's ready to head out the door. Before they're heading out the door.

"Market first." Wanda manages a fond, if not slightly sly smile, "I will make you goulash because you do not eat enough. Then, we go."

It's easy enough, then, when the door is closed behind them that Wanda opens a portal; one that she knows opens on the other side in a quiet alleyway near the market. No sense upsetting those around! As she steps through, the words spoken to her brother begin to fade, "You are too skin-"