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Milano Tales: Hitch'n a Ride
Date of Scene: 10 January 2021
Location: K'tha Asteroid Field
Synopsis: The Milano meets some of the wildlife in an asteroid field while hiding from the Nova Corp.
Cast of Characters: Nebula, Gamora, Drax, Groot

Nebula has posed:
    The Nova Corp ships will give up searching soon. They always do. Until then, a quiet little wait in the K'tha asteroid field ensures the continued freedom of at a bare minimum half the crew. It's quiet enough that several of the crew decided it was nap time.

    Nebula gets frustrated trying to adjust the reaction threshold on her arm and tosses the screwdriver across the room. A change of scenery might help her, so she heads up to the cockpit to see how things are going with the sensors. The little panel on her arm remains open, revealing complex circuitry and glowing energy conduits.

    "I prefer it when Quill is asleep, it means we can have respite from his Earth music," she comments and takes a seat in the copilots chair, then stares out at the big grey rock in front of them, blocking much of their view - or more specifically, hiding them from the Nova Corp.

Gamora has posed:
    Gamora has sat quietely in the pilot's seat since Quill's turn ended, peering out at the empty space through the forward view window with what could be focus just as easily as a sort of distant meditation.
    At the first sound Nebula makes in her vicinity, her eyes turn towards her direction and her head inclines slightly to look at Nebula, noting the exposed wiring for a long moment, but choosing not to comment. She clasps her hands in her lap and crosses her leg at the knee, remaining silent for a moment before a thought occurs to her, and she asks: "... You don't like the music?"

Drax has posed:
Drax sleeps in a fetal position, given it's the only way to fit in his bunk and the only way to protect his nipples from Rocket when his guard is down.  Very important.  His stretch heralds his awakening as some things clatter loudly to the deck down below.  Thanks Nebula for waking Space Sleeping Beauty over here.  This is a fact of life though and Drax will not be bothered by such petty things as screwdrivers.

Drax grabs a toothbrush and trails behind Nebula a little further, but his heavy sleepy steps are easy to hear.  He stands behind them all and just...brushes.

Nebula has posed:
    "It's too much. Constant Earth noise. I'm glad we've left that place," she says as she props her feet up on the dash and then shuts the panel on her arm. Her eyes roam over the sensors, "The fools are moving away." She smirks and says, "Father would never give up so easily."

    The arrival of Drax is easy to hear, he's big and not nearly as stealthy as he thinks he is. Not even a little. "What is that?," she asks as a blip appears briefly on their sensors from behind the ship. The question is not quite answered, but certainly becomes more pressing when there is a resounding *thunk* against the hull of the ship, like a gong vibrating along their chassis.

    Legs come off of the control panel and she taps on exterior cameras. A large tongue slurps over the camera briefly as tentacles can be seen waggling wildly in space. A creaking sound heralds that whatever it is, it has just tightened its grip.

Gamora has posed:
    Gamora regards Nebula quietly for a moment, but gives only a soft "... Hm." In response. She doesn't feel like arguing. Though, honestly, she feels like the music's... kind of growing on her. She briefly closes her eyes when their father is mentioned, and she says, "Father would also just as likely destroy the asteroid belt. The longer we spend out here, the more I wonder if he's a fair point of comparis-"
    The sound of Drax moving about prompts Gamora to silence herself instantly. Right. She was careless. Nebula still has that ticking time bomb hovering over both of their heads. "Drax. You're-" awake is what she was going to say, but she's too perplexed by the brushing to do much other than stare for a moment before Nebula speaks up again. "What's what?"
    With the loud collission, Gamora grips the armrests of the pilot's seat tightly and puts both feet on the ground, staring with raised brows at the security feed.
    "... I'll kill it." She says flatly, drawing a blaster pistol from the side of the chair as she stands up.

Drax has posed:
One day, Drax will prove just how stealthy he is!  And everyone will notice.

Does Drax even need to brush his teeth?  Does he even /own/ a toothbrush?!  It's not like he maintains anything else, but he has a habit of brushing forever like some bored cow chewing cud.  What's going on in that, literally, big brain of his?

The Kylosian seems oblivious to the family talk between the two sisters on his approach.  It's not like he's good at puzzles anyways.  The pieces are so small and fragile.

When Drax spots the slurping tongue, his eyes widen and his finger shoots out at Nebula's panel, totally up in her space as the toothbrush dangles, dangles, drops from his mouth.  "MONSTER!  Let's slay it!"  His daggers are out!  And he's already in pouncing stance as if he is going to jump through the hull.

Nebula has posed:
    Nebula raises an eyebrow and stands up. She walks over to the cockpit window and tries to peer around to get a glimpse of it. A tentacle slaps against the window suddenly and smears a liquid behind which instantly crystallises in the cold vacuum of space. "That thing must be very hot internally."

    She hmms thoughtfully as the other two decide they're going to kill it. She instead looks at the sensors and notes a distinct but slow draining of their power and heat. "Yes, probably a good idea." She seats herself back down and takes the stick. "And when that fails, I'll crush it in to that asteroid," she murmurs to herself.

Gamora has posed:
    Gamora freezes in mid stride as Nebula's dark tone and uncharacteristic agreeability combine to bring a thought to Gamora's mind. She cranes her head back to look at Nebula, and narrows her eyes. "Drax," she says without looking away. "Perhaps you should go first."

Drax has posed:
"It lives like the fat space caterpillars."  Someone must have told Drax about tardigrades on Earth.  "But they are very small.  I do not know what they eat.  There are none of those green leaves they have on Earth," only he says Ear-th and has been pronouncing it different ways since they first crashed.

"Yes.  This is a good plan.  I am the best for the job.  I will stab its eyes and then its belly mouth."  Less talk.  More action!  Drax can be heard sprinting a few steps to swing out to the hull.  His large hands grip a ridge of the ship's hull and he catapults himself toward the monster with daggers out, if he gets a chance to.

Drax's mouth is open for the war cry no one can hear TO STRIKE FEAR IN THE HEART (or no-heart) OF HIS ENEMY!

Nebula has posed:
    Nebula raises an eyebrow as Gamora sits her butt back down. She peers side long at her as if she were about to do something Gamora might regret. She lets the tension linger for a moment and then suddenly turns and says, "BOO!" There is a sneer though and she gets up, "You pilot then."

    Almost as if to be contrarian she heads to the back of the ship and activates her space suit - because suffocating hurts and so does near zero degree temperature - and picks up a rifle. She swivels outside the ship in time to see..

    Drax charging at the beast. Its skin is like stone, the daggers making sparks every time it hits. A tentacle wraps about him and tosses him away. Not that that'll stop the Kylosian. Two of the larger tentacles are wrapped about the milano's hull and are squeezing it tight. She takes aim at one of them and fires. A small sizzle escapes from the surface where she hit it, but otherwise achieves nothing.

    "We may have a problem...," she says over the comms.

Gamora has posed:
    Gamora merely glares at Nebula's apparent attempt to frighten her, and coldly answers. "Please do. I have this terrible feeling you'd forget we're out there."
    When Nebula leaves, Gamora crosses her arms and taps her foot impatiently, dismally aware of how this reflects on her as a warrior, her spirit crying out to face the beast for honor and... well... 'praise' may be out of the question these days. She's a bit alarmed to think that that was ever a factor.
    More alarming is the footage from outside though. "Describe your problem." She says, even as she stands and moves to put on a space suit. Nebula can't ditch them while she's OUTSIDE, after all.

Drax has posed:
STAB STAB STAB STAB!  Drax knows he just needs to stab harder.  Nothing can defeat his mighty weapons.  As the tentacle wraps around him, he redirects his assault, his legs kicking with the effort until he is unfurled nearly parallel to the hull of the Milano.  Lucky bastard.  He gets to stay in the fight!  Drax is /always/ in the fight.

The Kylosian drags one of his daggers along the hull till it sinks into one of the fine seams in the outer hull.  He lifts his foot to push off of it, shooting straight for the creature's maw in hopes of shoving his dagger equipped arm deeeep down into it.  His mouth is now closed, eyes squinting.

Drax isn't failing.  He is warming up!

Nebula has posed:
    "It appears to be impervious to regular energy weapons and Drax's daggers," she says dryly, almost analytically. Which she is most certainly doing. Her space pack guides her to the hull of the Milano and she wraps her arms about the bigger tentacle wrapped about the ship and starts trying to pry it off. Another tentacle flies toward her, trying to knock her away. She ducks out of the way letting go of the tentacle.

    Drax charges in toward the maw of the creature, but it doesn't much like that. A tentacle wraps about him again but this time instead of flinging him away it slams him against the hull of the Milano several times. Gamora joins them outside in time to witness this.

    And then all three of them hear a screech in their communications like a creature roaring as it emits an electromagnetic pulse that briefly scrambles the Milano's computers. The engines kick in and it starts to charge toward the asteroid ahead of them.

Gamora has posed:
    Gamora winces at the sight that greets her outside the Milano, processing the alarming situation quickly, and then... looking at the sword she brought in her off hand. "... I see."
    For the first time in her life, Gamora feels underdressed.
    "GNN!" She grunts as the ship begins to move, placing one magnetized hand to the hull to keep herself in place as she looks up at the asteroid that had been protecting them until now. "... Oh no no no. Oooohhh-" Gamora looks down at the beast and grits her teeth, "-hhkay."
    Gamora activates the thrusters of her suit and releases her magnetic lock, appearing to 'slide' down the side of the ship as it moves just somewhat faster than her compared to her thrusters. She holds up her sword and lets out a sharp roar as she plunges it 'down' towards the beasts' flailing tongue.

Drax has posed:
BAM this way, BAM that way on a camera, BAM BAM this way.  If Drax could breathe he'd be laughing.  Instead he's slapping the tentacle like he's slapping his knee...as if his daughter were trying to take him down except way less sentimental.  Psst.  Sentimental looks the same as this anyways.

When the ship lurches, Drax starts to see the asteroids 'drift' by faster.  He looks back between slams to see Gamora flying in.  This only prompts him to dagger at the underside of the tentacles to give the creature an itch or what have you.  It's a minor distraction.

Nebula has posed:
    The dagger that Drax stabs on the underside is similarly armoured, but he hits in just the right little spot that somehow hits some sort of 'nerve' and the tentacle pulls away in disgust. The creature turns its maw toward Drax and rows upon rows of teeth made of diamond are visible.

    The big licky tongue flicks out and is skewered by the sword. The saliva freezing instantly against the sword. The creature, as a whole jerks back and pushes off the Milano, sending it twirling wildly in increasingly faster circles with its engines stuck on.

    Nebula stares with interest at its underside, which Drax found was more vulnerable. She starts to shoot at it and puffs of brown dust sprinkle out in its wake. Nebula turns on her magnetic feet to stay on the Milano's hull and watches with dizziness as the asteroids are spinning around them faster and faster.

Gamora has posed:
    Ignore the asteroids, ignore the spinning, this thing really needs to go. Gamora is flailed around a bit as she holds onto the sword trapped in the beast's tongue, but activates the magnets of her boots to attach to the ship just as she makes contact, to 'land' on the ship.
    For now, she just keeps swinging, swinging to chop off the tongue - the only vulnerable part she's aware of - and taking at least one opportunity to swing at the teeth. Why the teeth would be more delicate than its flesh, she doesn't know; but it's better to rule out options quickly in cases like this. It's not like she's an expert in space monster biology anyway.

Drax has posed:
YES!  Drax will kill it now!  At least that's his thinking when he 'hurts' it no more than hurting it's 'feelings.'  That maw is like a Magic Eye with Drax transfixed on what must be a weakness deep inside past all of the teeth.  His intense squint renews, seemingly unaffected by any forces they experience.  That iron stomach, and who knows what else in that body.

As the creature flings itself off, Drax stabs it again over and over where he thinks he hit it the last time to make it let go of him.

Nebula has posed:
    The creature drifts away limply, twitching ever so slightly. A tentacle loosed by Drax's stabs floats in a different direction. A piece of tongue bifurcated by Gamora floats in another. Nebula stops shooting and starts to walk toward the back of the ship to get back inside. They are powering closer and closer to that asteroid.

    Then, they see _it_. A long snake like creature winding its way around another asteroid in the distance. Like some sort of space snake, it pushes off the asteroid, sending the asteroid hurtling toward others behind it. The great big mouth of the space snake opens and chomps down on the dead tentacle creature. The sinuous creature floats right past the Milano as if they didn't even exist, heading toward another asteroid to coil around until its next snack appears.

Gamora has posed:
    Gamora is very seldom 'afraid' in a traditional sense. Self preservation instincts are critical and shouldn't be suppressed. Her fears are of slightly less tangible things, such as... certain tones of voice coming from a certain height. Feelings she doesn't want to inspire. That sort of thing.
    But Gamora's heart pretty much leaps into her throat, and she is momentarily paralyzed by an almost religious awe as she lays eyes on the creature that may more or less be their savior. And to think two seconds ago, she was just occupied with making sure Nebula doesn't leave them now that she's back inside.
    Speaking of which, that's still important!
    "Drax!" She calls out with what sounds like a dry throat, "Back inside!" Gamora flees quickly back to the inside of the ship to... help Nebula.

Drax has posed:
Drax hangs onto the Milano with one arm as the tentacle breaks free of him.  It's only by chance that he wasn't going all out with both daggers when the tentacle beast breaks free.  It's not that he couldn't be picked up (if the circumstances weren't dire).  It's just that it's more dangerous to navigate the asteroid field to do it.

The Kylosian is watching the spectacle of snack time, wondering if it is followed by nap time.  He can't hear Gamora.  The vacuum makes sure of that.  Drax points excitedly, looking back at the exterior camera with the giant snake swooping by as if it really needed pointing out.  Thumbs up!  Another horrible thing he has picked up from the Earthlings.

After the snake has passed, Drax sheathes his daggers one by one and pulls himself along the hull till he swings inside.

"THAT IS HUMUNGOUS!" he explains as he comes thumping through the cabin to the cockpit.  "We could live in it!"

Nebula has posed:
    "Oh yes Sister. Best hurry on in to the ship before I get there. Who knows what I might do. I might lock the doors. I might fly off with Rocket and the Bush," she says leaving off Quill who she would no doubt toss out the airlock first chance she gets. She is, of course, goading her sister. There is a smirk on her face as she enters the airlock right behind Gamora. Always second.

    Her spacesuit deactivates and she puts the pulse rifle back on the shelf. "How have they slept through all of this?," she asks as she looks out the cockpit window and sees the asteroids spinning by. In particular 'how could they have slept through Drax' making all the thumping noises. With a touch to the control panel she attempts to turn the engines off.. but they seem stuck on. The controls are glitching strangely.

    "It was very big, but we have a new problem," she says with a huff. An alarm starts to go on and off ever time the ship is pointed toward the asteroid: <<< Proximity Alert >>>

Gamora has posed:
    Gamora glares at Nebula sidelong and replies: "You say that as though you *wouldn't.*" Her helmet in her hands, she flinches once again at Drax's loud proclomation and sighs. "I... I don't think that would work out for us." She looks down, thoughtfully, "If nothing else, the smell-" Gamora blinks. Why is she humoring this idea?! She stops.
    Alarms demand her attention, and Gamora rushes back into her seat and begins manipulating handles and pushing buttons, "No! Come one! Stupid- Human! HUMAN! *QUILL!*" Gamora calls back over her shoulder before looking to the window. She glances back again and calls "SMALL ANGRY MAMMAL!" but this, also, is to no avail. Well, the 'official' captains are out, so Gamora's just gonna... scramble over this interface until she sorts out which button or knob saves their lives.

Drax has posed:
"That is what brushing teeth is for isn't it?"  Does Drax think...?  Surely not.  Well he doesn't ever spit out the toothpaste soooo.  But then Nebula announces their new problem along with the alarm.  Drax has learned in his space travels that all alarms are not good.

In the spirit of helping Gamora, Drax goes back to shut the hatch and starts stomping up and down on it by jumping.  It probably just sounds like the bass dropped.  "They must be in comas," he says thoughtfully before returning.

"I believe they are sleeping forever.  I can punch the asteroid," Drax offers, completely stoic as if this were a perfectly viable option.  "No.  No!  Quill presses /this/ button," fist smash over Gamora's shoulder.  The cockpit lights go out.

Nebula has posed:
    Nebula is delighted she made Gamora pause and think for a moment about what she might or might not do. Truly, leaving her to die in an asteroid field would solve many many problems. But also create many many more. Still, it feels good to make her squirm.

    As both Drax and Gamora start mashing buttons she says with annoyance, "Idiots." Nebula turns and storms out of the room summarily. She goes to the central computer and hits the big red RESET button. The lights go out when Drax hits that random button, then a moment later everything comes back online and Gamora has control of the ship.

    "Why doesn't anyone on this ship read a manual," she curses to herself and then stares out the window as the space serpent curls up around a far asteroid. "Sleep well," she says softly to it.

    With the systems back online, Gamora can see that the Nova Corp has taken interest in the sudden use of engines by a tiny ship in the asteroid field and are turning around slowly to come investigate.

Gamora has posed:
    Gamora heaves a sigh and leans back in her seat, putting one hand over her heart and closing her eyes, just... recovering from what felt like a minor heart attack when Drax turned the lights off.
    She grimaces slightly as Nebula speaks, and peers back at her. "You-" Gamora stops and presses her lips together. No. You know what? Forget it. She pushed the important button.
    Gamora takes a moment to catch her breath, and softly declares "We... are putting a big red X on this part of our maps." And for a moment, all is peaceful.
    Hey, what's that alert for?
    Gamora's heart sinks as she looks at the viewxcreen. They're still a few good deeds away from not having to worry about answering their questions; and it might be better to have some distance from the last time they landed on a primitive planet, too. "We're leaving."

Drax has posed:
Luckily Drax didn't break the button.  "I FIXED IT!  See?!"  He laughs heartily at Nebula's displeasure.  "Why do we need to read a book?"  They did fix the ship right?  None the wiser.

Then Drax shifts to loom over Nebula's shoulder, looking out the window.  "May it sleep like Quill.  Ignorant like a baby."  What a slew of idioms.  Then he sits down in one of the seats behind the co-pilot's seat.

"I can X the map."  No doubt Drax will put his X on his paper star chart which is probably one of those ones they sell to tourists.

Groot has posed:
Groot comes back from the back, having wired together several items and seems pleased with himself though he is covered with dirt and small burns from soddering so much so fast. "I am Groot." He seems quite relaxed and pleased that the ship is working once again. He liked Earth but isnt that sad to leave it either.

Nebula has posed:
    Nebula makes sure she is definitely facing away from everyone when Drax's quip brings a small smile of delight to her face. She folds her arms and huffs with annoyance quickly enough though. She turns to face Groot and says, "Oh now you're up, now that a tentacle rock monster isn't hugging the ship to death."

    She glares at the sensor data and says, "Definitely time to leave. We're only one jump away from a space port and we'd better leave before they detect our ship signal and follow us there."

Gamora has posed:
    Gamora looks back at Drax and sighs softly. "..> Good... work." She says stiffly, frankly not wanting to have the discussion needed to clarify. Best not to contradict the guy who doesn't know he wants to kill you yet.
    "Right." Gamora agrees with Nebula, and begins setting the Milano up to make a jump, while keeping an eye on the Nova ship. "They're being slow." She observes. "If they know anything of the creatures around here they may merely think we fell victim to them and need help." Which isn't *super* far from the truth. "... Best they not have time to wonder why we're in an asteroid field to begin with."

Groot has posed:
Groot says, "I am Groot." The comment about Nebula and Tentacle Monsters is probably best not translated as he moves towards the engines to try and increase their speed once he heads their need. He nods to Drax and shrugs as he does so, moving several components around intuively understanding the natural and best way to eek just a bit more speed out of the bucket of bolts that they all call home."

Drax has posed:
"I believe it was trying to hug and kiss," Drax provides in addition to Nebula's assessment of the prior situation.

"Thank you.  Your piloting is excellent," Drax offers to Gamora in return.  "I only pressed a button," somehow slamming both himself and Nebula at the same time.  "Knowledge is important."  But manuals are not.

"Wake me up when there is another creature to destroy."  /Another/ nap?  Drax thumps back toward the hatch and drops down in, squishing his shoulders together awkwardly to fit as he always does.

Nebula has posed:
    Nebula slips in to the co-pilots seat and then peers back at what Groot is doing. It's a mystery to her how that creature knows so much. She supposes may be it's really really old. Trees grow old right? she looks back to the console and notes the 15% efficiency boost and motions to Gamora, "Hit it."

    The sky opens up in to a hexagonal grid with one port open as the Milano pushes away from the asteroid and up through it. Space changes in an instant and before them, a lowly space station with dull red lights blinking in the distance. "Jax's Tech and Bets" the signage proudly proclaims, though the space station itself looks a little worse for ware. It does have a repair hub though.

    "We really are in the ass end of the galaxy," she says as she admires how a space station can look so run down yet be perfectly serviceable.

Gamora has posed:
    Gamora can't help a little bit of a smile as she sighs: "We'll make our way back." as she allows herself to properly relax this time; at least as much as someone as mentally... 'conditioned' as her *can* relax. "Maybe even find someplace worth staying awhile. If we can put this ship back together properly, anyway. Groot!" She calls out, and cranes her neck to look back around her chair, "Can you wake everyone but Drax?" Gamora pauses, "... And perhaps Quill?"

Groot has posed:
Groot grunts but nods and goes and grabs them. He tapes up his changes so they dont fall apart. Frankly, he is amazed that the ship moves as well as it does. Rocket does ....amazing things with what he has to work with and while Groot is no slouch, he isnt anywhere near as good as Rocket. Still he finishes stabilizing things and goes and gets the rest of the crew.