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Another You: I Know You're In There
Date of Scene: 10 January 2021
Location: Fairway Point
Synopsis: Vorpal and Robin confront Beast Boy's Doppelganger and learn that, at the end of the day, you are your own worst enemy.
Cast of Characters: Terry O'Neil, Gar Logan, Damian Wayne

Terry O'Neil has posed:
After more than a few days without any sleep, Terry finally took Raven's advice and medicated. The Amazons at the Embassy had something they used to treat ailments, a bittersweet-tasting concoction that Theronea, the Embassy resident physician, said would help facilitate sleep. After Terry sank into the incredibly comfortable bed at the Embassy, he was out like a light within the hour in the first restorative sleep he had had since seeing the footage from the docks.

So it was with a mild panic that he woke up at 1pm the following day, realizing that he was late in accordance with his own plans. He had to impose on his mother to drive him to the tower due to reasons previously expounded upon (see the previous log with Nadia van Dyne, true believers!), but once he was at the tower, things went much smoother.

It was afternoon at a remote beach, and Terry O'Neil is taking a selfie. Although much refreshed, the stain of several days of grief is still visible on his face, though his eyes are no longer puffy. He takes care to maintain his facial expression ambiguous, though definitely not cheerful, with the waves in the background and the sun on his face. Once satisfied, he writes a suitably ambiguous description:

'Spending some time at Fairway Point. This place was very special to both of us.'

The final touch was the geo-tag. He didn't know if this Gar would know where this place was... so it was important to lay the trap carefully. Then, making sure the image was uploaded, he takes a few steps back and transforms. With Nadia's device in one hand, and her SHIELD comm fastened to his uniform, he quickly taps in to let SHIELD know that, according to protocol, he would be using his portals and to disregard any dimensional 'pinging' from this particular area. Because, of course, his portals also triggerd the device the Pyms have been working on. And the last thing he needs is to have SHIELD show up and assume that he's a doppelganger and end up in 'The Raft.'

That done, he quickly takes several steps back and becomes invisible, summoning an image of Terry O'Neil several feet ahead, sitting on a log and staring out towards the sea, taking care of making him look appropriately forlorn. As a second step, he makes sure to make his own catlike footprints invisible, as well as the indentation that he is making on the sand as he sits down to wait for his prey. And, most likely, another hunter. There was no way Robin wasn't keeping tabs on him. This was going to be difficult.

You had to think of everything. He only recently discovered that invisibility wasn't that great of a thing if people could see where your feet are putting weight on fluffy, plushy, watery or sandy surfaces. Now he knows better.

Gar Logan has posed:
There had been no sign of any Garfield Logans since the encounter between Wonder Woman, Vorpal, and the ZZGU-tainted interloper sent the green shifter into hiding. For one, healing was needed after the wounds that were taken when Vorpal turned into...something else.

Beyond that, this version of Beast Boy needed time to formulate a new plan of attack. He would not be able to go back around Titans Tower without being opposed on sight, and for the first few days he wasn't in shape to do it anyway. After finding an abandoned building, and stealing someone's phone without drawing attention to himself, he deactivated all the location tracking he could find on it and only turned it on occasionally to monitor the social media accounts of anyone connected to the Titans, be they members, family, or friends.

He could have any number of targets. Kian, the alien birdman, was familiar to him from his own world. Perhaps it was destiny that another version would end up on this Earth. There were some on the team he was unfamiliar with, that did not end up part of the Titans he knew. Nadia. Kate. Donna. Caitlin. He had not seen many of the others he did know, such as Nightwing, or Starfire, or even Robin.

There was also Vorpal. Terry. The one who somehow managed to befriend this world's Beast Boy to the point of becoming lovers. How? He had always chased after the girls. What failure happened in this world to drive him to choose another guy? It was confusing, and it was something he was going to have to rectify one way or another. Unfortunately, he knew next to nothing about him except for what came up on the phone, plus the Alice in Wonderland stories, of which some details occasionally popped up in Gar's phone before the doppelganger lost possession of it at the docks.

He also wanted revenge for being humiliated the way he was, forcing a swift retreat and time to rest up. Days later, opportunity presented itself when Vorpal came up on the social media accounts shortly after a moment of checking things out. Fairway Point? Didn't recognize it, but it was simple enough to find with or without the location tracking showing it. Seemed Vorpal was in mourning. Good. Gar would give the others something else to mourn when he dropped Vorpal's lifeless body on their doorstep.

The only question was how to do it. He would think as he flew over.

Damian Wayne has posed:
    The trail for DoppelGar had gone cold. There was a point where he'd gone into the water, and the scent had been lost. No telling where Robin would be able to pick up the scent again.

  So, what is a young assassin supposed to do? Use the second best thing, Terry-bait! Luckily for Robin, Terry had been making this an easy thing. It was an obvious trap, thought Robin, as Terry had announced on his social media his location. Hopefully DoppelGar would be stupid enough to fall for it.

  Damian had brought the sword that Donna had commissioned for him, mainly because he hadn't been in the Batcave for days now, he'd been living in the wild, trying to track down the creature that murdered his friend. This was not going to be murder, this was putting down a wild animal.

  Robin had landed a safe distance away from Fairway Point, and approached with Goliath in the cover of vegetation, if the Bat-Dragon was needed, there was always the whistle to call for him. So, like a guerilla fighter in the Amazon, or of South America, Damian remained quiet, and watched as he approached slowly. There was going to only be one chance at this, it was all he needed.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Waiting was hard. Patience was a skill everybody often needs practice with, and it could be argued that cats have that strange nature where they can be masters of it at one moment, and absolutely hopeless in another. Vorpal sighs quietly to himself and looks around. Perhaps DoppelGar will not show up. Perhaps he's not even tracking him.

He decides to make Terry a little more visible, and so he has him stand up from the log and take several steps closer to the shore, making sure to also add illusory footsteps on the sand, because realism was absolutely everything here. And there, crouched as he is, he slowly spins around to take the perimeter.

Gar Logan has posed:
After using satellite images from a mapping site in order to pinpoint the location, Gar flew there as a falcon and used a few landmarks to keep track of where he was. A true bird's-eye view.

He lowers his altitude as he nears the destination, counting on Vorpal expecting an aerial assault the likes of which this world's Beast Boy faced. Tempting as that is, attacking another way may be more prudent, and more surprising.

Whatever Goliath's location is, the falcon passes it without it being given away. Then, it changes into a fly, buzzing closer once spotting Vorpal. Almost lazily, the bug eases its way in, until it seeks to land atop the Cheshire Cat's hair. Nobody would expect that, surely.

Damian Wayne has posed:
     Damian observed the fake Terry get up, even with the added details, something felt off. But then again, Damian wasn't fully aware of Terry's abilities, the Crazy Cat just didn't bear much mind to Damian.

  At this distance, Robin could not see the bug attempting to land in Vorpal's hair, he expected something more bold for a doppel of Beast Boy. Like a gorilla, or a tiger.

  So, Robin kept quiet, and observant, waiting for any sign of Beast Boy.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Vorpal is, however, close enough to observe the bug. A bug, like any bug, often doesn't merit much attention. But when a fly is /green/ it is either one of those fancy iridescent ones... or it is Beast Boy.

"Maybe you were looking for me?" Vorpal says, standing up just as 'Terry' disintegrates into thin air. The Cheshire cat is holding something up in his right hand.
A Starbucks drink.

He takes a sip from it.

"As long as you're here to, you know, murder me, I figured we could talk before that. Don't want my last ten dollars to go to waste."

There is suddenly an overwhelming scent of roses. It is so powerful that all other scents in the beach are conquered by it, except for the briny smell of the sea itself. This is for a purpose, as Vorpal leaves an illusion of his Cheshire self and, invisible, toes his way several feet to the right, making sure to cover his progress with his illusion powers.

"Why don't you have a seat?" he gestures to the log, and slurps on the straw.

Gar Logan has posed:
The fly lands...on nothing. How odd. This Beast Boy still has not grasped the full concept of illusions, of things that are not there or appear to be elsewhere.

It becomes a man, or at least a young adult, and there is a rotten expression set in his features, one teeming with annoyance and distaste simmering beneath the surface. "You were stupid to come here alone," he says, looking around him before re-centering on Vorpal. "I told you I'd be back. I told you to prepare yourself. If you have any gods, I hope you made peace with them."

His voice is low, near to a human growl, showing how close he is to that other side he lives in, and lives in more strongly even compared to the Gar Vorpal and the rest knew. "But you're clever. I'll give you a choice in how you die, fast or slow, clean or messy."

Really, who'd ever choose slow and messy, anyway? That would hurt a lot more.

Then the scent of roses surrounds him, enough to momentarily confuse. "Another trick?" he accuses, stalking closer to the image that is not Vorpal, his hands curling into fists. "You should be happy I'm about to send you to meet your lover." Any second now, and surely he will change shape.

Damian Wayne has posed:
     Damian watches the two do their dance, predator and prey, fortunately for everyone involved, the role of prey has been recast.

  Robin's footfalls were nearly silent, choosing his steps carefully as he made progress. Before Beast Boy makes his threat. It was the same kind of thing he would have done himself.

  Several batarangs whiz through the air, to hit the doppel on either side of the face. They were not sharpened, designed only for blunt hitting, mainly to catch off guard.

  Then, with swiftness, Damian ran out, his Xiphos now out of its scabbard, as Robin attempted to hamstring Gar, one thigh, in the muscle, not the arteries. He moved with assassin precision, this was going to be a kill eventually. But Damian was going to make this last, make it count. His own psychopathic tendencies were unchecked at this point, three whole days of planning tortures and ways to seek his revenge. His face, showed hardly an emotion, where once he was angry, now was just a blank expression. This was business, and he needed to be at his apex to get it done.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"It took the literal daughter of Zeus himself holding me back to keep you from dying," the Cheshire cat reminds this Gar, quietly, "And she's not here. So it seems to me that you're not getting the program. I am the one giving you the choice. I would really prefer to talk instead of going through all the bother of transforming again and slicing you into ribbons. Although I am sure that someone making you feel as smalll as you think you are is incredibly uncomfortable," the feline says, taking a sip out of his coffee and dropping a hint that he knows more about Gar Logan than Gar does about him, "You could use your brain instead of your gut for once and choose the /sensible/ option."

Having made his way over by the log, the Cheshire observes. And then, the batarangs wiz towards Gar. "OH for FUCK'S sake!" the illusory Vorpal cries out in tandem with the invisible one. Vorpal doesn't have much time to react as Robin runs out, and he improvises hastily, bending down to touch the log with a command. The Chaos Wave activates and the log flies off the ground, heading towards the littlest assassin in a collision trajectory.

No plan is supposed to survive a first meeting with the enemy, but an ally deciding to Leeroy Jenkins his plan made him especially angry.

Gar Logan has posed:
"You don't understand. This is already decided. I won't be surprised again," Gar claims, only for that to be proven false seconds later, as the blunt batarangs connect with the intended target, sending up a shout following a gasp. "Who..?!"

Acting on instinct, he rolls away and in the same motion becomes smaller, in the form of a housecat to present a target that's not as easy to strike. Out of the corner of an eye, he is a witness to Vorpal making an effort to slow down or stop Robin, which he is quick to cheer on.

"Yes! That's it! Fight each other. It's purrrrrfect, while I watch and wait! Hold nothing back!" In the suddenness of the moment, he still hasn't figured out quite what's going on with the illusions, or the rose scent, nice as it smells. But if he can get the two softening themselves up, all the better. Robin brandishing a sword, though..after the one Vorpal came up with the other day? What is it with swords?

Damian Wayne has posed:
     Damian may be focused on Gar, but a log being sent towards you at high speeds are hard to miss.

  KittyGar may now be watching and egging on the two Titans, but as the log flies toward Damian, he hits the deck. Allowing the log to fly by, Robin removes the batclaw from his utility belt, and aims for the green cat.

  With talons right enough to grab onto air vents, the batclaw's talons spread open as the projectile whizzes through the air to grab at the cat. Luckily, for now, Terry is ignored.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Vorpal snarls. As the Batclaw fires, the Cheshire cat takes several leaps away from the area, lets out an exasperated huff.

A Rabbit Hole opens up above Damian and Gar at its maximum aperture, with the other mouth opening under the waves. The result is a deluge of ocean water, spewing from the aperture with considerable speed and strength towards the other two, in a pretty sizable spread. He has no idea if Robin can swim, but he doesn't plan on /flooding/ the area, so it shouldn't come to that.

"I am starting to get annoyed," Vorpal's voice floats from above, amplified by his powers of illusion as he becomes visible. "If you don't stop, I'm airlocking you /both/ to the moon."

Can he /do/ that?

Gar Logan has posed:
"No! Him! You're supposed to be fighting him!" the green cat shouts, 'pointing' with a paw as he leaps up when the batclaw is sent his way, and Gar is in the middle of changing to none other than a robin when the water just dumps all over him.

The force is enough to interrupt his train of thought, leaving him sitting there in human form in a moment of confusion. A moment could be all it takes to push the encounter one direction or another, but who will claim the moment first is left to be seen.

"You wouldn't," he challenges, leveling a sharp stare toward Vorpal, while starting to scramble back to his feet with an eye on Robin as well. He could do the old leap as one animal, crush as an elephant trick. He could gore them with a rhino's horns. He could barbeque them as a dragon. He could...

Damian Wayne has posed:
     Robin was caught in the deluge of the Rabbit Hole seawater. Even though he could swim, there was no reasonable expectation that he was going to have to hold his breath. The young teen coughed and spit out seawater as the hole closed and now he was soaking wet. The human equivalent of an angry cat, was soaked.

  Before now, his focus was on Gar, but now, he was focused on Terry. Squishing as he ran up to the other Titan, Damian struck out with punches and kicks, each in quick succession. "If you continue to interfere, I will put you down too." He was breaking, his brow furrowed, and his teeth gritted as well.

  The evil flying one, is now on the ignore list.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
As Damian runs towards him, Vorpal takes the chance to use the element of surprise. Gar is fully expecting the two Titans to fight each other, and there would be no denying that the fight would be /on/ and unavoidable the moment Robin made contact. But one of the parties involved has chaos magic's most unfair shortcut. Vorpal takes a step to the right- and this would be ineffectual anywhere but in the Time Warp. However, thanks to the existence of Rabbit Holes, Vorpal's sidestep is unlike anything the Bat-Assassin may have had to deal with, leaving only empty air to receive his kicks and punches, while he appears on the other side of the Hole, to Gar's right.

"Yes, I would!" he says, leveraging such a punch to Gar's jaw from the side that the green teen might spin once before hitting the ground, dazed or unconscious.

"Robin!" Vorpal snarls, planting his foot on the doppelganger's back as if claiming him. "I swear to god I will dump you in a deserted island if you don't calm the fuck down and /talk/ to me."

Gar Logan has posed:
Anticipation still builds. This Gar wants to see the pair of Titans go at it until one of them is down, or better yet, both. "Punch him! Kick him! Bite him! Eat him!"

The last part might be excessive, but the Titans know what this Gar did to their Gar, adding another level of creepiness to the whole thing.

He's momentarily shut up, because when the Rabbit Hole opens up and leads to him getting cold-cocked from a side he wasn't even ready for, it might not have been the best punch ever, certainly not on the level of Mike Tyson in his prime, but in this case? It's enough that it sends Gar sprawling to the ground in a daze, left seeing stars as he groans and both hands fly to his jaw.

Now, Vorpal and Robin have an opening to possibly get on the same page as Gar grimaces and struggles with figuring out what just hit him.

Damian Wayne has posed:
     Damian delivered a haymaker to the green imposter, which luckily enough made him stop and look at the situation again. He would have to account for Terry's powers in the future. How dare he.

  "I'd live. And I would find you all over again. This time while you sleep." He motioned a throat slit with his thumb before looking back at the dazed Gar.

  Quickly grabbing at his whistle, he calls Goliath out of his hiding place, the red furry bat-dragon obeying and landing close by. "Goliath, make sure he doesn't move." He was not going to let this one go free.

  "Speak now, or else get out of my way." An ultimatum, he was still out for blood, now he just didn't care which odd-colored catman it came from.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
If Vorpal is fazed by the threat, he didn't show it. Rather he looks at Goliath and takes note of his apperance and batlike traits, then looks at Robin.

"I know you're hurt. I know you cared for Gar." He tilts his head, "Why did you care for him, Robin?"

Gar Logan has posed:
Double-tapped! What's good for Vorpal also turns out to be good for Robin, leaving Gar still dazed enough that he isn't quite as much of a danger as before, but for how long?

Goliath's sudden presence coaxes a curious but also wary expression from the shifter, but after overhearing Vorpal's question to Robin he tilts his head that way.

He does not need to attack at the moment. There are times where listening and gleaning information can be more beneficial, and this may just be a time for that.

Damian Wayne has posed:
    Robin scowled at Terry now. "How dare you? How dare you try and manipulate me, when you and I both deserve our pound of flesh for what this...-thing- did to Garfield." It was obvious Terry wasn't going to get a straight answer from Robin right now.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"This is not a /thing/, this is Gar. Not ours, but /a/ Gar. And he grew up in shit and to survive became a murderer. This is the /worst/ version of Gar, yeah." He gestures to Robin, "But you told Colette you killed a man without purpose. You were the worst version of yourself. And then you made friends. You cared for them. And you're telling me that you're going to go back to /being/ the worst version of yourself... for what? You're going to destroy yourself, and destroy any chance at ever being better than you were yesterday... for him?" once again, he gestures to Gar. "Isn't that a slap to Gar? This is not the way!"

And then he makes a face, "And curse you for making me sound like the fucking Mandalorian."

Gar Logan has posed:
By this point, the Gar that has attempted to replace theirs comes to wrap his arms around his legs, drawn up toward his chest. He watches them, still like a predator, but what makes it even more unsettling is he does this with an almost lazy, languid way about him that doesn't even take into account the large Goliath standing guard over him.

It's as if he thinks he is still in control of the entire situation, as if he could decide to act at any moment, become something of his own choosing, and decimate them...and yet he waits.

He speaks after a pause to rub his jaw, which is still sore. "Your Gar was weak and naive. He didn't even lift a finger to me. All it took was one surprise and he was on his heels. I thought I'd have a little more trouble from...myself...than I did. It was embarrassing."

A chuckle, and he lays eyes upon both of them. "He must have done something to earn your friendship if you're so eager to have revenge on me, little bird," he tells Robin. Then to Vorpal he adds, "And you somehow stole his heart, and made him pathetic. You know nothing about my life, how I've survived, how I've learned to embrace all of my instincts. You two stand here and argue with each other while you have this thing watch me, and you don't even acknowledge the biggest threat here. Me. If your Gar was still alive, he'd be disappointed in both of you."

Chances are he's just going to keep going.

Damian Wayne has posed:
     "I am doing it because it's the right thing. The just thing. This creature has no desire to be better. He took a beacon of light out of this shitty fucking world, snuffed it out without remorse. Now, I will do it to him." But before Robin could bring the deadly energy back and execute the doppel, it spoke. It did probably the best thing that it could have done at that moment. Dropping his sword, Damian flips his shit when Gar's doppel talks of this world's Gar.

  Running up to him, and straddling his chest, he starts to punch, and punch, and punch. "He was -not- weak. You mistook his kindness for -weakness- and you -murdered- him for it." Right now he was doing a pretty good impression of Ralphie from A Christmas Story with how he was just hitting out of frustration. "SHUT UP!" He screamed, his voice cracking due to stress and...being unfortunately age fifteen.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Vorpal would be sanctimonious if he said he hadn't done this exact same thing. He did. He almost killed the Doppelganger.

So it is to his credit that he doesn't immediately run to stop Damian. He 'accidentally' trips, and takes a few seconds to stand up before running to Robin's side. So he could get a few blows in and get it off his chest.

"Robin. ROBIN!" he reaches over and tries to grab Robin's wrist. And he tries to put his other hand in Robin's, to try to undo the fist. "Dude. I know," he says quietly. He's not crying, you're crying.

Okay. Maybe he's crying. A little. Some. There are certainly tears in his eyes.

"Let's not beat up the one who is /actually/ weak here, okay?" he says. "And you.... shut up," he says to the Doppelganger. "I know every thing about you. You lost your parents at a very young age, you saw them die and you felt helpless. Ashamed. Shattered. And I imagine that when ZZGU came and offered you the sweet embrace of his insanity, you felt safe because you were never going to feel powerless again. Now people had to fear you."

"But I know who you are. And I know that you embrace your instincts so you don't have to embrace the hollow space inside. And that isn't strength. That's running away."

He takes several steps back and grabs something. It looks like a flashlight. "You've been running away since the day your parents died."

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar does not try to stop Robin from slugging him, and Robin connects, and connects, and connects again, and again, and again, until red welts and a few cuts mar his features, which were already rougher, already a step or two wilder than either of them knew their Gar's to be.

It leaves him looking like he went not just one round with a prize fighter, but multiple ones. He's left on his back, arms and legs having untangled themselves, and he lies there grimacing from the pain before laughing from it as well after Vorpal steps in to stop it.

"Owww.." he groans, turning his head to the side to spit up some blood, work a finger at a tooth to see if it'd been loosened up or not. He's got the same underbite their Gar does. If not for the way he was, he could have passed for their own, at least for a little while.

"Now you're working together," Gar says with a cough, trying to ignore the rest. "Well done." His eyes, a little puffy now from a few of the blows, turn evasive for a beat, as though something one or both of them said hit him in a way he wasn't ready for.

When he speaks again, he is quieter about it. "I was him once. I was empty." Weak, which he does not admit, but if they're paying attention they already know it to be so. "Then I was filled, and nothing else mattered any more. I wasn't afraid. I'm not afraid now. You can kill me and it won't change anything, won't make anything better. You'll have to make a decision sooner or later, because I won't stop. I can't."

He frowns at the flashlight, however. A questioning look grows as he props himself up against an elbow, watching both of them similarly to how a feral animal might.

Damian Wayne has posed:
     Robin's wrist had been grabbed, and then, when it may have been Robin months ago would have fought back, Damian didn't. His white eye lenses looked from his bloodied glove, to Gar, and back to Terry.

  Breathing like a fighter would after a round, Damian stood back up, even looking at Gar right now, it was like beating up his friend. That night in Titans Tower, where they both started to understand one another, he remembered how Gar looked that night.

  Robin may not be wearing his badge right now, but he stood up, and stopped the fight. No more. Not unless DoppelGar kept trying to flee, and no more trying to kill him.

  "So what now?"

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"We do what Titans do, Robin," Vorpal says, putting his free hand to Robin's shoulder, and aims the device at Gar. "We do the right thing. No matter how hard it fucking is."

"I know you can't choose. I don't want to kill you. What you did will always haunt me, Garfield... but I forgive you." He says quietly, "I love Gar too much to be destroyed by the things he tried to fight. So we will capture you, and then we will see that you are taken care of, and carry out your sentence. Maybe you'll get to go home, but you can't stay here."

And he flashes the light. Straight into Gar's eyes.

Gar Logan has posed:
"You are ignorant. This world will end the same way mine did. It's just a matter of time. You can't fight it. You'll see." Gar grimaces. He's hurt, again. He could have probably changed into something lethal when Robin was pummeling him and simply torn him apart. It would have been a good ruse, to draw him in close by preying on his emotional state, only to attack.

But he didn't do that. The reasons could be many, but he didn't do that. It leaves Robin questioning the next step, which Vorpal answers by pointing the beam of light at Gar. It does..something. Stimulates the hypothalamus, and in moments it causes a surge of emotion to run through his brain, reflected first in his expression going still, then twitching.

Hopelessness. Despair. Loss. Grief. Abandonment. Surrender.

The other Gar, the Gar they probably never thought they'd ever see this side of, starts to sob, starts to curl up, starts to try to hide. "Stop. Please..no. No more. I can't lose anyone else."

But there is nowhere to go. Nowhere to escape.

Damian Wayne has posed:
    Damian watches the light get flashed into Gar's eyes, then seeing all the fear, all the emotions. It made him actually feel something for this one. "What the actual fuck was that?" He asked, before he went up to grab the Doppel, grab his arm and heft him up. "Who do we know that has a facility that can hold...him?"

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Vorpal puts his arm downs and sighs. "... I know. I'm sorry. If I could fully cure you of this... I would. You never asked for it, and you didn't deserve it..."

Robin's question shakes him out of it. This revealed what he had known all along--- Garfield was always Garfield. This one just got all twisted up. "SHIELD can. This-" he raises the flashlght-device, "was made by Nadia t-"

There is a loud pop and the device shatters into a thousand pieces. Vorpal doesn't even have time to react when blood erupts from his right shoulder as another bullet immediately hits him.

"AUGH- Robin take cover!" he jumps to the side, trying to tackle Robin towards the large log which landed not too far away from when it got thrown at him via the Chaos Wave. He manages to do it, but in the proess he ends up on top of Robin, pressing him down into the sand due to their size and weight difference. Maybe Vorpal is actually trying to shield the smaller Robin with his body- which isn't necessary, since Goliath lands on /both/ of them, trying to shield his little master with his wings.

There's the roar of a motorcycle, and Vorpal and Damian, through a gap in the wings, can both can se a figure clad in black leathers driving a motorcycle, stopping short of the curled up figure of DoppelGar, sending a shower of sand.

"Get on!" the voice shouts.

It's Terry's voice.

Because that's Terry on the motorcycle. Grabbing the sobbing Gar off the sand and putting him behind him on the motorcycle. The green teen wraps his arms around the leather-clad Terry, and Terry shoots several rounds in the direction of the heroes. Goliath moves and blocks the shots, taking several to the body- which is likely to cause Damian some great concern- as the motorcycle speeds off back towards the main road at breakneck speed.

"Oh... my fucking... god. He ruined everything!" Vorpal shouts, clutching his bleeding shoulder. "That was me! I ruined everything!"


Terry O'Neil from the other world smirks, as he speeds off. He has to get Beast Boy out of here. Funny. He had come to kill his counterpart, stalking him on social media... but when he got there, all he saw was some stupid cat thing and a kid humilliating his idol- one of the most vicious meta-killers he'd ever heard of.

"Lucky me!" he laughs.

Gar Logan has posed:
There are sounds nearby. Gunshots. An engine. Shouting.

Gar, back on his feet thanks to Robin, is out of sorts, too deep in his feelings to put together enough thought to become something deadly before he's being hauled up into the seat on the motorcycle behind...

"Who the fuck are you?" is all he can think of to ask, instinctively holding on. He hasn't got a good look at the biker's face, but upon inhaling sharply, the close proximity carries smells of the leather clothing, engine oil, gasoline, and...a very similar scent to someone else.

No. It can't be.

Oh, but it can, and it is.

Gar simply holds on for now, the better to get out of there. The rest can be figured out later.

Damian Wayne has posed:
     It happens fast, Robin hears the pop and immediately starts moving, then Terry comes along and smooshes him behind the log, and Goliath, concerned for both of the small humans, wraps them both in his wings, taking bullets to his back, luckily, rifle caliber is easy for him to shake off, and there isn't many.

  When things are safe, Damian tsks loudly. "Vorpal, get off of me." He beckons before he dusts himself off. "I'm mostly bulletproof you know." Doubtful his head is, but people rarely shoot for the head in the midst of battle.

  "Fucking hell, your doppel is...the worst." He wanted to say more than just that, but he saw the dark spots on Goliath's back, beside his saddle. "Shit, shit! He hit Goliath." Funny enough, Damian took out a patch of gauze treated with some painkiller, designed for a human, but a little effective for a bat-dragon. He gives a grimace as he staunches the wounds on Goliath, giving another >tt<. "I'm surrounded by assholes."