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Memento: They're All Stars!
Date of Scene: 10 January 2021
Location: Avenger's Mansion
Synopsis: Nadia and Carol discuss Mori's power problems, Starcharts, and Space Engines!
Cast of Characters: Nadia Pym-van Dyne, Carol Danvers

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
It is early afternoon on a lovely fall day when the weather is just starting to turn that a ping comes across the Avengers Comms from the youngest not-quite-an-Avenger-yet, "Carol! Are you at the mansion? Can you be at the mansion? I have questions about aliens!" Nadia's voice is full of her usual youthful exuberance, though today she seems extra excited about something.

It isn't long before she arrives at the Avengers Mansion. Walking into the lab, she's dressed in street dressed in street clothes, a red bomber jacket over a black T-shirt that reads 'Just a girl who loves Hornets!', red and black plaid skirt, and black stompy boots, with the addition of her artificial bio-synethetic wings still protruding from the magnetized metal plate on her back, she probably flew here. "Carol? Are you in here?" She calls out as she flips through some images on the StarkTech tablet she is carrying.

Carol Danvers has posed:
Honestly Carol glances skyward a moment. "Why is is that no one ever asks me about fighter jets or excellent whiskeys?" this is totally to herself. Also Skyward right now is towards the earth since she is currently in orbit and is technicaly upside down. If there is an upside or downside when in orbit. Earthside up. Also this entire debate even having to happen might be why people always askl her about aliens.

She sends a text message back <<BRT>>

It also isn't too long before Carol arrives down to good old Manhattan and the Avengers Mansion, touching down on the back yard and heading inside. She is wearing her Captain Marvel gear, having not bothered to change her costume back into civvies yet. It could be questions about an alien prisoner after all.

Nadia beat her in though so she answers as she steps into the lab "Beat me here Nadia, so what's up pintsized?" there is fondness for Janet's kid not insult in the nickname.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia spins around, not expecting Carol to come from behind her, "Oh hi!" She smiles brightly. "Okay, so I have this friend and she has these problems like a missing time episode and spacing out, like almost completely catatonic at random times, and she also seems to just be spontaneously gaining different super powers. I think it is aliens, but Cait thinks that is far fetched. I don't know though there really seem to be a lot of aliens around." That seems to have been the preamble, or perhaps pre-ramble.

"Anyway!" She continues, holding up the Stark tablet with the screen scrolling between various beautifully rendered hand drawn images of alien worlds and seemingly alien stars. "Mori, my friend draws these pictures of the things she says she sees when she is doing the catatonic thing. She has a photographic memory and says the visual is the only thing she can reproduce. Some of them look like Earth, but some of them look really alien and have star patterns that I mean I guess could be random or made up, but I want to know if maybe they're real and she actually is seeing somewhere she should have no way of seeing, because aliens. So... do you recognize any of these?"

Carol Danvers has posed:
There is a slow blink at the launch into the chipper explanation of the problem there. "Well it isn't always aliens, that much if for certain. Despite all the aliens we have had around here recently. Cait is Caitlin Fairchild right?" making sure she has the various people involved down right.

She steps closer though and looks at the tablet as Nadia starts to scroll thruogh the hand drawn images. She seems skeptical and then well the landscapes and skyscapes really start to be shown. "Those are... pretty detailed. Can you toss them up on one of the big screens or holoprojectors and also tell me a bit more about your friend Mori?" she moves to lean against one of the tables in the lab and looks to Nadia waiting. "What powers is she manifesting?"

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia nods her head several times, "Yes! Cait! One of my SCIENCE! friends in the Titans. Bobbi," she pauses and corrects, "Dr. Morse is also involved because Mori's unstable powers caught the attention of SHIELD. But thanks to that they decided to back my SCIENCE! thinktank lab initiative, GIRL!" She stops herself realizing that she is getting lost in tangents again.

"Oh, sure! It's one of Tony's so it interfaces with everything here." A couple of finger swipes and one of her parents' access code later the images are blown up on the big lab monitor normally used for presentations and briefings. "She is an Art Student at NYU. Apparently the first power she demonstrated was telekinesis. Then she demonstrated pyrokinesis, she was actually inadvertently the cause of that dorm fire. She also manifested enhanced senses, and most recently shrinking. There isn't much common thread, pretty weird, right?"

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol can't help but smirk a little "I swear.. I can hear the exclaimation point.. I bet when you are writing science is in all caps too Nadia." she tilts her head "Or is science an acronym... is girl .. what is your girl initiative?"

It is a bit puzzling listening to it.

"Definitely no common thread, though." she thinks about it for a moment. "Maybe she is mimicking powers near her.. the shrinking is pretty darn odd." she looks over the screens with the images blown up then pushes off from the table she is leaning against. "Okay isolate the sky in each of the images and put them up on all of the monitors side by side for me please Nadia." she is drifting into work mode, and sort of treating Nadia like a junior SHIELD agent honestly right now, or SWORD. Not that she talks about SWORD.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia just grins, "SCIENCE! is," she makes a concious effort, "science. But science sounds so much more boring than SCIENCE!" A fist is raised into the air for dramatic effect. "G.I.R.L. is Genius In Action Research Laboratories." She explains helpfully. "It's my project gather together female geniuses and change the world, giving young girls more visible figures like them in advanced STEM they can look up to. My friends Shuri and Valeria are helping me! Bobbi gave us this case for our first project. She's also helping manage the lab because bureaucracy makes my head hurt."

She stops to think, "I mean I do shrink, that's possible, I'm not sure where the other powers came from in that case though. She's also been around Cait but I don't think she has become super strong yet..."

Nadia has spent enough time in team presentations and even at the Triskelion that she takes work mode in stride and deftly isolates the skies from all the images, clipping them out and placing them together on the monitor.

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol waits patiently through the explanation. Okay she can't help but smile again at the passion and enthusiasm. "Okay that makes sense, and anythign we can do to get more girls into STEM is good in my book." so sayeth one of the people with advanced degrees. Not in aliens either but engineering.

"Not sure on the telekenetic and pyro.. could just be a powerful psychic but then that doesn't explain the shrinking. Have you had anyone scan your friend?"

Stepping closer to the displays she slowly looks them all over "Well either this might actually be a real sky your friend is seeing, or she is really consistent. These all seem to be roughly the same night sky.. some differences... same system or quadrant perhaps. Which again makes me wonder how your friend could manage it." mostly musing out loud.

She lifts her left arm and touches the sleeve of her costume and then gestures at the display having her system pull the images into itself now. "Going to run it up against the various star charts I've got access to."

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia looks up from the tablet, "Oh we have run a bunch of different tests and the SHIELD labs did too, but nothing conclusive. It did seem her overall level of brain activity was incredibly high though, like even higher than should be possible. It was a really weird result, Cait didn't know what to make of it either and she is a legit Biology expert."

"You can probably meet Mori if you want, maybe you can figure something out talking to her that we overlooked." She looks at the screen, she's spent a lot of time studying these pictures already but remains fascinated by them. "The relative positions remain so precise across different pictures like definite constellations changing with planetary rotations." She observes almost the same thing as Carol just said in different words. "If you could that would be great!"

Carol Danvers has posed:
"Yeah that was my thought Nadia." concurring with her as she continues to study them all as the Kree system in her suit does it's thing. "Which if you are smart enough I suppose you could do.... but most people have no frame of reference for actually putting up star systems outside the milky way. This looks legit at first glance so I figure worth trying to figure out which consellations it might be and from which viewing angle. Then backtrack it to a system if it exists."

Processing. Processing.

"I don't mind scanning. Though if Fairchild and SHIELD weren't able to not sure what my gear would tell us. Well maybe if your friend is an alien I might be able to sus something out I suppose."

Finally she cocks her head a bit listening to the results. "Okay so.. yeah I think your friend is seeing something real or dreaming it rather." she taps her sleeve again and a holodisplay snaps into existance above her arm. "These constellations are real and the viewing puts it in this quadrant.. probably this system actually. I mean it is mapped enough to be able to get coordinates.. three planets.. some moons... but no data on what is in the system beyond stellar bodies for some reason." she flips the system in question, and where in the Galaxy it is up onto the display. "One sec reading reports." flipping the holo to personal display mode as she skims what looks like an alien language.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia's eyes get big, this is exciting! Alien worlds! Validation for her theories! She can't wait to tell /everyone/! "Oh wow, this is so cool. I wonder if we could like go there and see, it's probably too far for the T-Jet still, even with the new engines. Oh Carol, I made space engines! They're pretty rad!"

She looks at the data Carol is able to match, "We should probably talk to Mori first though. I'll set up a meeting! Thank you so much!" She beams, clearly deeply appreciative, with well the same enthusiasm she brings to pretty much everything.

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol is a tiny bit distracted. "Space engines." then pauses "So that is how your team dealt with the Warworld stuff?" she looks up from reading fully, then adjusts the monitors. "This system is a wee bit further away than Jupiter Nadia?" she notes showing how far it is.

Then she glances back down at the reading. "Okay. Every Kree mapping probe that ever went near this system in question went dark as far as I can tell in their database. I would be very cautious if you all somehow manage to go check this out. Flying blind. Which to be honest there aren't that many probes sent and things happen... space is big.. so it might be nothing or.. well." a shrug.

"Happy to meet your friend though."

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia shakes her head, "I think a few people got out and pushed during the Warworld invasion, that's one of the reasons I set about upgrading the engines, since our friends got lost and we needed to go and find them. In theory similar principles could produce even faster velocities using Pym Fields to expand and contract space/time itself but I don't think the superstructure of the T-Jet could handle it, I already had to heavily reinforce it to work with the new engines. Building a new craft from the ground up would probably be necessary, with some pretty exotic materials." It really is very easy to distract Nadia with talking about Science, particularly recent projects.

She blinks looking at the estimated distance, "Wow, that is pretty far. It's easy to forget just how vast distances become in space!" A pause as she internalizes the part about every probe going dark. "Yeah... we should really talk to Mori. This is starting to sound problematic." Starting? Starting?! Nadia's definition of when a situation becomes problematic may need to be worked on.

Carol Danvers has posed:
"Yeah I am a bit concerned about your friend dreaming of alien worlds. Definitely something we can't just drop as nothing and move on from for certain Nadia." she considers the images then well leaves them up so you can pull them back into your tablet if you want. Her own holodisplay is shut down though.

"As for your engine design, that is very clever. I would love to take a look sometime." because well her field is Astronautical Engineering and Starforce after all. "Making an Interstellar craft would be pretty hard here right now on earth though... a lot of civilizations use gates or drives we just can't replicate with current earth tech."

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
"You should definitely see the Pym Drives, they're not really like anything else on Earth right now either." Nadia's grin is a prideful one and perhaps pride doth goeth before the fall, but this Icarus' wings haven't melted off just yet.

She shuts down the tablet, deactivating the links to the screen, though taking a moment to save the adjustments, new display files and additional data before she does. "Okay! I will make arrangements and shoot you a message when things are set up then!"