4680/Rolling back Prices

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Rolling back Prices
Date of Scene: 11 January 2021
Location: Back behind Walmart
Synopsis: Rogue likes her watch gift, but does not like her suitcase. Beats Remy up with a light bulb. RIP
Cast of Characters: Remy LeBeau, Rogue

Remy LeBeau has posed:
It isn't exactly the kind of date night covered in most romantic comedies, but what it lacks in romance of any kind, it makes up for by being deliquent. Remy LeBeau is standing on the loading dock of the local Walmart wearing one of those trenchcoat made famous by every Goth Kid ever in the late 90s. His hands in his pockets with a whole pile of disgarded floreucent bulbs he'd dug out of the trash piled up like a long cylendrical pyramid.

His breath is fogging with the cold, because it is cold, and he keeps closing his coat against the cold when the cold wind makes it cold. It is cold. Sometimes too cold. Like now where it is too cold.

Which he has mentioned a few times.

Waiting on Rogue, whom he has texted to tell her exactly what he has planned.

We're gonna break stuff

And an address.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue has a truck now. Jean issued her one of the school vehicles, a new one, a red truck. It was a 'Christmas present' but it was also tagged with work responsibilities around school. So naturally she's driving it here behind the Walmart Supercenter to answer Remy's weird text.

The red truck pulls up behind the building playing some annoying pop music about some girl's damp body parts, at least until the Belle deactivates the vehicle's engine and streps out of the driver's seat. "God, I hate that song." She exhales as she walks arounnd the front of the truck where she sees him and puts her hands inside her jacket.

"Is this some kinda radical new therapy?" Rogue calls out to him in the chilly cold of the night. Her eyes look around at the building, but she doesn't see any security cameras aimed their way. "You're not casin' this joint are ya?" She asks him, smiling at him as she walks up. Her eyes drop down to the light bulbs. "Doesn't seem like it's on your level, if'n ya catch my meanin', Sugh."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy tries not to be a little put out that she's traded in the Porche he gave her for... a truck... even if it is red. And loaded with responsibility. He just stands there with his hands in his pockets holding his coat closed around him because it is cold out here, as has been mentioned.

Grinning in his stubble, "Nah... I mean I guess sort of, but I am not casin da joint. What would I even steal? A plasma tv I already have? A PS5 dat dey don't have?" Pfffffth... Waving his coat to the side, though he immediately pulls it back closed.

"Dis is therapy session. We gonna sword fight like in dem Trek Wars movies you like so damn much." Extending a foot, he kicks one of the bulbs in her direction and scoops one up for himself, whirling it around as expertly as he does his own bo-staff.

"Ya seemed tense."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just smirks at him before she glances back to the building. "They don't have any of the new Playstations yet? God damn this world is lame. I wanted t'get one for Kitty for Christmas--"

She's cut off abruptly as he kicks one of the bulbs at her and she catches it in both of her gloved hands. Her eyes go down to it and she just looks its length over from tip to tip before turning it slowly around to raise it up and lay it over her shoulder.

Her eyes go back to him and he gets a biiiiig smirk. "Ya know what happens when one'a these things break? They like... explode, and expell this chalky why cancerous cloud'a .... chalk, glass powder?" She shakes her head. "Okay, I dunno what it is, but if ya get it in them pretty eyes'a yours, it'll probably make ya go blind."

She pauses then and looks over his shoulder. Her chin tips up to indicate something behind him. "Besides, I doubt that angry store manager glarin' at us will appreciate it."

She tries to get him to look behind him, and then smacks the back of his legs with the bulb she has to smash it on his thighs!

Remy LeBeau has posed:
The king of deceptive tactics has been bamboozled by a look over there?!

Gambit glances over his shoulder, only to feel the sting of a bulb smashing against his thigh! "Ohhh that's dastardly!" He muses with an amused grin paying out caustically across his stubbled jaw. Whirling his bulbton around and hurling it end over end at her like a Thor's Mighty Hammer!

"Everyting makes ya go blind if ya believe da wise tales..." Yes he made a dirty joke.

Nobody is surprised.

Another bulb is launched at her, this time for her to catch and he grabs another for himself. Leaping up in a sideways summersault to land with it up extending in both hands. "Rogue... I... am your father. Wit makes a lot of tings about our relationship very odd..."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is, of course, all grins as the glass from the shattered bulb she broke over his thigh and (new?) coat go splattering down to the concrete floor beneath their feet. "Made ya look." She sasses him with a happy level of youthful silliness that comes naturally to the girl who's not yet even 21 years of age!

When he retaliates with a thrown bulb she just jumps back and raises her hands defensively to block it, causing it to slap against them and then fall to the ground where it shatters in a cloud of white dust and glass... "If anyone saw ya doin' this t'me they'd think you're a giant asshole!" She says through a laugh.

Because she's invulnerable, of course, but only he knows that around this Wally-World.

As he tosses her another bulb she catches it with just one hand, and it nearly slips out of her glove until she stabilizes it with the other. His Star Wars joke makes her grin as she raises the bulb up like a lightsaber and stares at him, sultry-like.

"Weird, but appropriately-so considerin' the cliches associated with our fine southern asses." She says before she takes a saber swing at his fluorescent bulb!

... with a very predictable result!

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Yeah, dats just the kind of topsy tervy world we live in.. I am da one under great durress, but despite dis, I would be labeled the villain." Remy circles, maybe quietly humming the tune from the fight between Spock and Kirk as he does so... very quietly. Nobody shall ever know he's a secret treky... nobody besides Rogue.

"When it is in fact /I/ who am the victom! My poor white maledom is under assault!" He brings his bulb up defensively, catching hers as it moves down to strike and the pair of them explode in a great shower of white powder and glass!

Epic in preportions, met with great laughter from both.

Rather than grab another bulb, he reaches in his pocket and grabs an unopened christmas present he never got around to giving her. Underhand tossing it in her direction. "Found dis in my apartment when I was bringing down da tree."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue closes her eyes when the cloud of dust goes every which way! When she opesn them she coughs a bit before taking a step back. "That stuff is definitely like radioactive, I'm sure've it." She states with a smirk before she's walking over toward his pre-accumulated pile of bulbs to lean over and grab another one. "Were these just layin' out here? God, we're gonna get the cops called on us." She tells him moments before he tosses her that present!

She just drops the bulb she was holding, it smashing at her feet and leaving a white line of debris on the concrete in front of her booted toes, the present now being held in her grasping gloved hands. She looks at it and gets a big grin. "Surprise late gifts. I like this." The Belle states, her eyes bouncing up to sparkle in his direction while she steps across the broken glass to lean against the red truck's bed.

She starts to open the gift up then. "If it's another puppy, we might need t'get a shovel though..." She grimly comments, considering.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy shrugs at the notion of the cops being called on them and leans against the loading dock with an elbow. His arm lays on his chest, one foot crosses the other ankle, and he's got the cool guy stance down to a near science. "Probably, dey could already be on da way.. so we best hope dat red truck of responsibility can out run a dodge interceptor." He doubts it.

He's totally not being petty.


Meanwhile he's grinning, brow hiked over one red eye as she expresses her concerns that there could be a puppy in the box. "I considered it.. ya know, a little tiny puppy? One da size of a bracelet.. but turns out the PETA was kind of frowning on little tings like sawin dogs to the size of jewelry..." Pause, "Who knew?"

Inside the carefully wrapped box is a box...

Inside that box is a Hublot Big Bang Broderie Watch.

"Won it in a poker game in Gotham back in November... technically I stole it when one of dem bats came in and broke up da joint... ya know, the cute blonde one." Wiggle pointing.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue gets the present opened and exposed to her judgemental gaze!

It takes her only a second or two before she's smiling at it and raising it up out of the box with her right gloved hand to get a better look at it in the light from the bullding that they're assaulting with broken light bulbs.

"Awww, it's so pretty." She says of the time-piece. She looks over at him then. "I have no idea how t'judge the price'a watches, so I'm just gonna assume it's like a million damn dollars and not somethin' that was sent away from on the back'a some Pop Tarts box." She jokes, grinning his way.

Setting the packaging down on the side of the red truck of responsibilities, Rogue starts to put the watch on her wrist. "I've never worn a watch, ya know?" She says whilst doing so, struggling to get it on cause of her gloves, of course. "Ya don't see'em that much anymore, which is sad, cause like... accessories is what makes ya stand out and what better excuse t'wear somethin' than t'have it do something practical, like tell ya all the stuff you're late for."

She smiles at him again. "Thanks for stealin' this for me, ya big damn Stealer." She then tells him, affection lacing her voice.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Ehh." Remy says in response to her price analysis, "Now if I tell you, you'll be disappointed." He probably wont have anyways, you never brag about how much a gift would have cost if you'd paid for it, which he didn't, and precisely why he doesn't mind telling her. "Twenty one thousand dollars... or in dis case... free as fuck." Snap pointing at it, "But I stole it specifically for you. Dis was a planned and well execused heist, right under tha nose of one of dem bats."

He smirks at her trying to get it on and then outright snort-laughs, "For someone dat can fly, ya prolly gonna be late to your own funeral." He muses quietly, reaching out to squeeze her covered upper arm, on account of he doesn't want to die yet.

"You're welcome... o stealer of my black heart."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue finally does get the watch on and moves her hands to pick up the package off of the side of the truck before she hears his explanation on the price of the gift which makes her sputter and flutter her eyelashes as she looks back at hi mwith huge eyes!

"Twenty one thousand?!" She repeats, dropping the packaging now down to her feet on the ground as well, and raising her left wrist up to peer at the watch again. Her right hand middle two fingers go to grace its surface through gloved material... "Holy shit." She says. "I mean, it looks so... happy and party-watch-y. I didn't know they made things quite so... busy, cost so much." She pauses a second or so. "I feel like Taylor Swift would be jealous'a this watch."

She looks back up at him and grins at him.

"Stealin' is bad." She says at him. "But, maybe, our little secret this one time!" He probably has stolen everything he's ever given her though, even Jeepers.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Those are all precious gems." Remy points out at all the colorful little stones that make up the skull in the center face, "There are maybe three hundred of these in da world." Flicking said watch, careful not to actually touch her skin, but not nearly so careful with his smirk.

Which grows exponentially when she makes exceptions about when it's okay to steal for the sake of making Taylor Swift jealous.

"I figure you tink dat... so..." He leans over and grabs a briefcase, which he sets down on the ramp beside the stack of bulbs. "I got ya a briefcase. Dere aint anyting in it, I just figure you need to look smart with all your new responsibility." Pointing behind her at the red truck.

Totally not petty.

Rogue has posed:
Remy may be ready to just walk over to his stash of items that is just here behind Walmart (not shady at all) and all ready to talk about the random empty briefcase he got her....

But the Belle's eyes are still down on the watch as he'd indicated the rare gemstones that make up the bling-elements associated there-in. Now that he calls them out, she can start to see the quality, or so she thinks she can, maybe it's just bias! What was the line from that dinosaur movie Kitty had her watch

'Is it heavy? Then it's expensive.'

The watch was heavy... for a watch. Even she could feel the metals in it were nice now that she thought about it.

Or she's just biased now!

She does tear her eyes from it though and turn to look at him. She walks over to him then as he talks about the briefcase. "I'm the 'Grocery Bitch' at the school now, or... 'Errand Bitch' whatever ya wanna call it. That's why I got the truck. The Porsche... probably wouldn't do good for a trip t'Home Depot t'pick up a buncha wood for Piotr's shop classes."

As she talks, she picks up another bulb from the stack, eyes the briefcase he's holding, grins at him...

...and swings it at his other thigh now!

"Thanks, Sugah..." She says, regardless of if he dodges her next attack or not. "Wanna go get some food somewhere? Five Guys? Ya know I like puttin' Five Guys in mah mouth."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
In all honesty, Remy really isn't petty, but it's funny to keep saying it over and over again at various stages of an interaction to hammer home the possibility that he might be. If anything, he's chasing a laugh, which he does not receive. What he does receive is a light bulb across the thigh and a cloud full of, potentially, radioactive dust in his face.

Thankfully he shield his eyes to keep from going blind.

Squinting at her after waving a hand through the particulates, "Yeah, let's go share five guys... we just pass dem around the table, taking turns putting them in our mouth." It's sad that the only humor for which he will ever have any success is dicks in his mouth jokes.

They still work though.

Because America.

"You're welcome, mon cherie."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is an odd ball in her own right, the watch meant a lot to her, even if it belonged to someone else technically. The briefcase? Was funny, but her attention was mostly on him now.

She does laugh at his picking-up of her joke, and nods her head knowingly a few absent-minded times at him. "I'm sure." She says quietly back at him before she leans in and raises her right hand up to cup his face with her first two covered-fingers.

She kisses the back of her fingers over his lips to protect him from her touch, then leans back and says. "Ya don't gotta steal me extravagant stuff, or even buy me extravagant stuff. Ya just gotta be around, and keep me company, and do fun stuff, like this."

She says it softly, intimately, in a sultry sorta way, with her up close enough to smell the sweet scents that envelop her body. She then just stares for a moment before smiling and turning to go back toward the truck, taking a moment to pick up the gift wrapping incase her damn name was on it and the employees who have to come out and clean this up out here found it!

"Lets go then, before they close!"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
The sentiment is not lost on him.

Remy smirks at Rogue, brushing the palm of his gloved hand down her cheek, careful about which of his fingers curl along the underside of her chin. He's practiced at this, "I know, mon cherie. I don't do it cus I have to." Winking one black/red eye. "Hanging out, I do dat anyways, ye no? But stealing you extravigant stuff? That's icing... like one of dem cakes dat you have and get to eat."

Hooking his arm for her to loop her's through, he heads towards her truck... the bitch truck.. which makes him giggle inside like a school-girl. Or a close similarity to one anyhow. "aye aye captain!"

This is food for thought, though.

"Should I rethink my entire approach to courtship? What if I told ya I bought you a tropical island?" He hasn't done that. "Hypothetically speaking, dat is."