4683/Shine: Re-Acquaintincing

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Shine: Re-Acquaintincing
Date of Scene: 11 January 2021
Location: Sublevel 2 -Training Facilities - The Roost
Synopsis: Tim comes upon Phoebe doing some endurance training. There is banter and sparring
Cast of Characters: Phoebe Beacon, Tim Drake

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    When Phoebe isn't in her room, or walking that aged dalamation named Scout, she was down in the training area. She has been throwing herself fully into endurance and combat training, and it seems just about everyone who has encountered her has encountered the 'Missing Person' down here.

    Phoebe was in a gray atheltic top and jog pants, bare foot as was accustomed to her. She had her arms flexed, her hair braided and then bound back as she kept her arms flexed, hanging from a chin-up bar. Her eyes were scrunched closed, an intense look of concentration on her face as she cling to the bar, steading her breathing, and quivering, holding the stance for as long as she can before she slowly eases down, takes three seconds, and then brings herself back up, quivering again.

    Hard to tell how long she'd been at it, but her arms have a sheen of sweat.

    And of course, there's music as she's working out, and not expecting anyone to join her she has it playing on the speakers.


Tim Drake has posed:
    Tim finds himself wandering down into the training room with a towel already draped across the back of his neck, just perfect to tickle at the few strands of his hair that reach just that far on the back of his head. The Robin isn't surprised to see Phoebe down here, he's actually impressed that she's still pushing herself so hard and so frequently. The exact kind of discipline this team and all teams could really use.

    Stepping closer, he doesn't say anything, and if anything, he's trying to be quieter than the music in the room. Walking past the entrance to the sparring area, he sneaks a hand inside to grab one of the practice staffs and without warning, once he's closer, he aims the point of the staff just agaisnt Phoebe's ankle and gives a noticable tap to the side of her leg.

    "Surprise." He says aloud to go with the tap.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Well, after your house burns down, your mom goes into a comma and you break someone's nose and displace two other people's shoulders in a schoolyard brawl resulting in your expulsion and you try to hide it from all your friends?

    ... really gets boring and the physicality is a nice break from borrowed A&P and medical books!!

    It's not hard to sneak in under the music. It gives a good cover!

    The tap is felt. Phoebe's dark eyes open and she pulls her legs up quickly tu change her grip and turn around on the bar, dangling from one arm as she regards the interrupter with a rather grumpy looking face -- and then?


Tim Drake has posed:
    "Back in the flesh!" He say, fanning his arms out wide with a smile plastered across his cleanly shaven face. The staff is held out and his arms are almost inviting in a hug from the young healer as he smirks at her still hanging from the bars. "How long have you been down here?" He asks, lowering the staff so that it's perpendicular to the ground and easily used as a leaning post, as he waits to see what Phoebe does next.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Pheebs drops down from the bar, and she breathes out in a huff as she stands back up. She looks to her arms a moment, and then back to Tim with a wry grin as she rubs the back of her head.

    "Ah... a while." she admits quietly, breathing out. "You know, keeping up with the endurance training, combat training, medic training... all the training. So much training. Very busy training." she stammers a moment as she glances down and away from him, and then back up to him.

    "Everything good with you?"

Tim Drake has posed:
    "Good as things can be in this crazy town." He says, taking a step back, not wanting to crowd her too much as he looks down and away too, not realizing just how awkward he's being at the moment. How much like a teenager he still really is.

    "All that training, sounds familiar." And with that, Tim's looking back up at Phoebe's eyes. "I assume it's going well, you're looking tough as nails." He says with a motion to her arms and the shine she seems to wear with some pride at the moment.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    "Yeah, well..." Balm gives a smile, but it doesn't seem comfortable on her face. Her face softens, and she rubs the back of her neck again as she breathes out and looks to Tim.

    "I dunno. It's really all I can do at the moment. I figured maybe the endurance training will make me able to use the light staff longer, y'know? Maybe get more Heals out of me if needed."

Tim Drake has posed:
    "That- Makes sense." Tim says as he lifts his hand to rub at the back of his own head when he looks down to the staff in his other hand and picks it up off the floor and brings it across his chest in both hands. "Show me what you've got." He says before pushing it through the air sideways for Phoebe to catch and he widens his feet apart, carefully lowering his hands to his sides, fists not quite clenched, but waiting. "Come."

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Phoebe easily catches the staff in one hand, and she braces herself. "Dunno, tried this with Laura the other day and she broke two of my ribs. Took me a whole ten minutes to get back to normal." she jokes lightly, and before she was even done speaking she moved.

    She comes in low and quick, moving into Tim's space and bringing the end of the staff down and to try and hook behind his ankle to pull his food out from under him and go with a shoulder slam to knock him back.

    "Dick showed up to a press conference. The people claiming to be my birth parents put out a reward for me now."

Tim Drake has posed:
    "Laura broke your ribs." Tim notes aloud as he finds himself taking a step backwards, lifting his foot from the attacking sweep of his foot and instead of falling back, Tim allows his instincts to take over and he aborbs the blow from her shoulder strike, cracking a clavicle and pushing forward and through Phoebe, trying to over power her with his slightly larger size and deliver a blow to the opposide set of her ribs with a fist. It's not going to be pleasant or kind, but training with Tim is never simple and clean sparring. He fights like he's outside, he never wants his team to be unprepared or untested for the thugs they encounter.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Tim might be fighting like he's on the outside -- but even as he toussels with Phoebe, he would get that tingling feeling against his limbs. That aura that she can't shut down. The pleasent, light feeling from her healing aura.

    Phoebe, however, is no slouch.

    The staff she's weilding comes back and up as she ducks down a little, and to the side, trying to lift Tim up and over her shoulder and away to her back as she moves low.

    "And knocked the breath out of me. Made the mistake of telling her not to go easy on me."

Tim Drake has posed:
    Tim's hooked easily with the proximity of the two, and he is easily sent up and over her shoulder as she drops lower. Too easily as he hits the matt below and is already rolling on his back, red shirt bunching up beneath his back and arm as he puts his feet back on the ground and pushes up hard, causing him to roll backwards this time, closer towards Phoebe.

    Once he's on his shoulders, his tightly balled form uncoils, his two feet rocketing upwards into the air, aiming to strike Phoebe as she's moving closer to him, if she is, in the stomach with a lot of force being put into his extension.

    "Bad idea that, she doesn't really seem to know what go easy means either way."

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Phoebe is already turning around when he rolls backwards, and she's prepared for Tim's blow. She brings the staff up, and as feet come out she goes to slip the staff beneath and re-direct them upwards and brings her foot up in a similar motion, stretching and looking to plant the ball of her foot against Tim's rear end to push him to the side -- nice and easy.

    "No, but no one else does either. I'm pretty sure I'm the *only* one who pulls punches when I fight."

Tim Drake has posed:
    Tim's countered quite readily by her and pushed away so easily so he simply flops onto the ground as she pushes him away. On his back he looks up at the workout area with a new perspective. "Maybe we're trying to break you of that habit." Tim notes aloud as he rolls over onto his belly and then pushes himself up onto his feet before looking back towards Phoebe. "Though you do seem to be progressing in steady strides."

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    "Bad habbit for me to break." Phoebe states, spinning the staff again and leaning against it, much in the way Tim was.

    "The more wounds I cause in a circle around me, the more I have to worry about setting bones and muscles to knit and wearing me down. I still can't close myself off." she states, exhaling as she glances up. "And it's harder for me to concentrate on it." Phoebe adds quietly, blowing out a breath before she turns her dark eyes back to Tim.

    "Was that crack your collarbone?

Tim Drake has posed:
    "It might have been." Tim notes as he finds himself starting to feel the sores of the spar as he lifts one arm and finds he's having troubles lifting the other, but he manages, though he hides his faces, Phoebe can easily tell when he's fighting himself to not allow himself to hurt in front of others.

    "Maybe we should reach out to someone else, someone a bit more ... experience in powers, there's that school across the river and ... I'm certain there are others if you'd like to see if that's-" Tim stops himself, he will ask around and get things in line before sending her out on her own and making herself vulnerable without him looking into it first. That's what he'll do. They are a team. As Bruce taught him. A family. "That's what we do. We help each other out."

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    "You want me to fix it so that you don't have to worry when you go on patrol?" Phoebe offers, her eyebrows rising up, and she breathes out.

    "... I don't know. I thought maybe with research with the Amazons, I could find something like what I do, but as it turns out they're just a super advanced people." she shrugs. "Who knew? I've only encountered two other magic users, and they weren't... exactly helpful." she frowns, and then she goes to put the staff back.

    Phoebe looks down, and rubs the back of her neck.

    "Might have to wait until some things settle down, but if you think it's worth it, I'll follow your lead. I trust you."

Tim Drake has posed:
    "Then I'll trust you too Phoebe." Tim says, lowering his arms back to his sides and adjusting his shirt to rest comfortably and he steps closer to allow her to heal him easier. The Robin reaches for the staff and will put it away. "That was good though, your fighting technique is getting better, you're not thinking so much as you were before." Tim compliments as he notes aloud and then squints his eyes, "If it's magic though, I'm sure we could hit up Zatanna or someone else for some help too. There's options out there we haven't explored yet and no reason not to."

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    "Considering that I know your name, where you live, what car you drive *and* I have a code to the super secret teenage superhero hangout spot? I think we're past that." Phoebe teases lightly.

    She comes close, setting one hand on each of Tim's shoulders -- though she's a bit shorter than him -- and Tim would feel that warm, tingling sensation intensify. Tired muscles losing their soreness, brokne and cracked bones knitting back together as she works. After the work out, her hands are shaking a little as her power works against Tim's body.

    "You'll have to get in touch with her. I've not met her yet." Pheobe replies with a wry smile.

Tim Drake has posed:
    Tim reaches up and puts his hands around her wrists as she heals him, feeling the pops and bends and the days of bruises simply wash away into a normal empty painless void. And as he lowers his eyes to savor the feeling of being fresh as can be, he finds his thumbs softly rubbing at the pads of her palms.

    "Oh. sorry." Tim mumbles quickly lowering his hands and taking a step back, and taking the staff with him. "I'll uh-- I'll go put this away." Yeah. Smooth.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Phoebe blinks at the rub at her palms. Her cheeks darken, and she gives a laugh.

    "Yeah, I know, it's intimate. Don't worry about it." Phoebe rubs the back of her head again, and looking up she gives a huff out.

    "I should go walk Scout one last time before I head to bed. There's honey-lavender cookies in the jar in the kitchen if you feel hungry." she states to Tim, and then goes to grab her bag.