4693/Lady Sings the Blues

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Lady Sings the Blues
Date of Scene: 11 January 2021
Location: Recreation Room
Synopsis: Quentin and Ruth bond over metal. Metalocalypse
Cast of Characters: Ruth Aldine, Quentin Quire

Ruth Aldine has posed:
Back into the recreation room again!

Classes were out and for once Ruth tried to give it her all, even though she kinda sorta didn't care. But she tried, even listened attentively and attempted to write the answers down on her own. Thankfully, the teachers were at least aware that she usually didn't need braille, and felt that this time she would, which made her attempting to 'do well' much more easier.. and a bit mentally taxing.

But, in the room she was, mostly alone save for her rotweiler, MacTaggert in the corner. He was chewing on a bone that she bought from the pet store, keeping himself busy, mentally humming some odd tune that Ruth couldn't figure out. He was like an old man.

Ruth however was messing around with the Kareoke machine, thumping against the mic, pressing a button here.. and there.. it was on, yes. But no music was playing at all. There was a ton of static though, which could annoy anyone who passed by the room.

Quentin Quire has posed:
Quentin Quire comes in wearing a lime-green jumpsuit with a bit of a V-neck, his rainbow-hued hair spiked up a bit, the sides of his head shaved. He's got an electronic pad floating in the air in front of him, flicking through a variety of tabs with telekinetic flicks of his mind. The static makes him raise his head from his task and regard Ruth with a dyed eyebrow raised.

"Honestly, better than some of the songs that are probably in there. Philistines and rubes, without taste, class or a hint of style. If they were an ice cream flavor, they wouldn't even be vanilla, which can at least be French."

He steps on over and takes a look at the thing, the hypergenius boy rapidly learning the machine's nuances, "Ah, here we go. Kitty's put all kind of pesky security protocols in here so that no one hacks into the school computer through the machine's wifi. Best not to tangle with that, if only to avoid her inevitable whining should I break it into itty bitty pieces. What kind of music would tantalize your ears, oh sightless sister?"

Ruth Aldine has posed:
Ruth's head raises as she senses Quentin nearby. She drops her head again, thumping away at the controls, right until he approaches with his fancy way of speaking that Ruth could barely keep up with. While she was polite, he could turn a phrase like poetry, which makes her laugh.. only a little.

"Sorry. I do not know." She confesses. "I assumed that, yes, no, I would be alone and able to sing a song. Pardon, I am relaxed." She gestures to her head. "No far-seeing." No seeing the future for her right now, she wanted to be refreshed.

"What does Smart Brother want to hear from Ruth?"

Quentin Quire has posed:
Quentin Quire cocks his head, "Nobody ever asks me what I want. Of course, I tell them anyway, but mostly they just whine about it. 'Oh, that's impossible'. "Why are you so rude?". "I think that might be illegal!". Spineless. I'm glad you're relaxe. If you start feeling nervous, I have pills for that. Come to think of it, I have pills for whatever you want to feel. I personally think you should be able to choose your own emotional pallet. All the better to make a masterpiece."

"There we go: Seems to be stuck on 'pop hits of the 90s'. Have you ever chased a waterfall, Ruth?"

Ruth Aldine has posed:
"Sorry, I do not do drugs." Ruth admits. Though, the thought did cross her mind. "I will take some." She holds out her hand, waiting for Quentin to deliver the goods. Whether he does or not, she'll shrug it off. Even though she wanted to say people needed to ask him what he wanted more so he'd feel special, she also feels that he'd just make fun of her. And that wasn't cool.

But.. chasing waterfalls. Her nose wrinkles at the song, and her head shakes. "I have not." She states. "But if you want, I can." Sure, it was a good song. She just thought their voices were weird.

But, while she wasn't actively attempting to sing a song in front of Quentin, she keeps the mic as she settles onto the couch. She wanted to ask something.. but.. she gestures towards Quentin, moreso, his head.

"Sorry. May I?"

Quentin Quire has posed:
Quentin Quire unzips one of the pockets of his jumpsuit, pulling out a plastic bag and starting to sort through the various pills. "Don't worry, I've memorized all the various narcotics I have on hand, it's just a matter of harvesting the proper combination..." he says.

He looks up when she seems to have a question in her voice, "You may, you may. Never ask permission when you can ask forgiveness. Or just don't give a shit about other people's feelings. That's always an option," he grins.

Ruth Aldine has posed:
Ruth never really dives deep; only surface thoughts is what she skims. She wasn't skimming his mind, only accessing it so that she could allow him to skim her 'thoughts' and how she felt about them. It was the grades that bother her, her telling the teachers that it didn't matter whether she passed or not, Jean offering a choice of specialized training.. mostly in the 'thought' department.

And she did this because he was closer to her age and they nearly mimic the same powers..

"See?" She asks, then drops the mic onto her lap. "Sorry, what would you do, Quentin Quire?"

Quentin Quire has posed:
Quentin Quire can feel her poking at his thoughts and allows her access, although she can certainly feel him watching her do it, sort of like a supervised sharing of notes, cribbing off of one another's homework. "I'm not exactly a student in the same way. I fully understand my powers and I'm a supergenius who could have a Ph.D. already if I gave a crap about qualifications. There's very little the teachers here could 'teach' me. They claim they'll teach me ethics, not realizing that I understand their ethics, I just don't particularly agree with them."

"The thing to do is figure out what you want out of being here. Fuck whatever program or aspirations they think are appropriate. You can make decisions about your own life."

Ruth Aldine has posed:
Hrm. That was a thought. Ruth puts her finger against her lips, 'staring' off into the corner where the dog was. He was still chewing a little on his bone, but watching Quentin as he remains close enough to Ruth to give any pup pause.

"I do not know what I plan to do, sorry." She says quietly, then shrugs.

"I do not have control. I only fight a little, yes. I do not understand, yes." Her head shakes. "Thank you, I hate to be a bother, sorry." She tosses the mic in Quentin's direction, she wasn't going to leave, but if he wanted.. he could sing a song in her stead.

Quentin Quire has posed:
Quentin Quire catches the mic deftly with his mind, "Well, that's no good. You've got to want stuff. Wanting stuff is living. A little avarice, a bit of greed, a soupcon of yearning, all of that keeps the blood pumping. You've got a lot of potential to be a seriously creepy badass, you just have to...open it up. Embrace it. As for fighting, pffft, we're telepaths, we can make people fight themselves. Just punch their own noses until they're wobbly-kneed and bloody. Fuck a bunch of kung fu."

Goes to the karaoke machine and flicks through it and grins as he then gives Ruth a very growly version of Rammstein's DU HAST.

Ruth Aldine has posed:
"I want me back." That was probably the most, clear and unclear thing Ruth had said. But as the song starts, Ruth slowly raises a brow.. at least catching some of the beat with a nod of her head. Mac was watching of course, now relaxed and enjoying the scene of two school folks who were having a 'party'. Cause, when Ruth stands up, and starts to march/stomp/headbob along with the song, the two of them look rather damn dumb.

Well, just Ruth. Quentin looked stylish.

But this was quite possibly a decade worth of aggression she was getting out, stomping, arms swinging, head bobbing, like she was one of those weird dudes from Little Nicky who enjoyed being in hell.

Well, this was Ruth Aldine, and her life was purely that!

Even keeping with the mental connection (watched) with Quentin, he could tell that she was having a little bit of fun because the words flash in his mind with those blinking, neon lights!

Quentin Quire has posed:
Quentin Quire grins. For all of his bad reputation, Quentin likes to have FUN and he's actually having some for once this time, cutting loose and doing his throatiest snarls, going full frontman as he leans into the mic and floats a little off the ground, dramatically hitting every note as he and Ruth mosh around the room in shameless abandon.

Finally, a hint of sweat on his brow, he finishes, landing in a lead singer crouch with his arms thrust out, "Good. You is always good. Shit on cookie cutter motherfuckers."

Ruth Aldine has posed:
This was the most cardio Ruth has ever done in her life! She was huffing, puffing, her arms were sore and she was full of sweat! She doesn't flop on the couch though, cause she didn't want to be rude. She huffs, both hands upon her hips with a lean forward to breathe, finally walking back and forth to get that lactic acid going within her muscles.

"YES!" She near screeches.

"Poop on stuff!" She headbangs with peace symbol just once, then breaks out into full on laughter. Which could be weird. It is weird. Ruth usually doesn't laugh a lot. But she does stop abruptly. "That was mean. Here." She reaches out for the mic to try to grab it on her own, especially if it isn't floated into her hands.

Quentin Quire has posed:
Quentin Quire shrugs, "Of course, I'm mean. I'm a mutant. Half the world wants me dead. Wants us dead. I have many, many reasons to be angry. I just don't hide it behind a facade of humanitarian concern and false humility," he says, then swoons, "Oh, Professor, whatever shall we do with this cruel, cruel world? Please."

He floats the mic over and flops onto the couch, stretching like a cat, "Okay, your turn, pick what you want. I'm not picking for you. I know you're blind, but I"m not going to coddle you."

Ruth Aldine has posed:
"You are not mean, sorry." Ruth manages to get out. She lets out a little cough just to clear her throat, the mic grasped and the kareoke machine futzed with. Thankfully, the brain probe she put in with Quentin allowed her to actually 'see' the room as it was, and not memorize, but able to find a song that actually fits the narrative, and not even with a need to move genres.

And. Ruth. Gets. It.

Singing Straight Line Stitch's Conversion. Packed with her own growling, her own half assed soulful singing, mostly just screaming as the lead does and tampering it down just in time. She didn't float, even though she could have, all of her focus was on that song and belting it out for her audience of two.

Quentin Quire has posed:
Quentin Quire is impressed. He wouldn't have pinned Ruth for a metalhead, but he's dabbled in that arena a time or two himself and he likes her choice. He does the requisite headbanging, leaving his hair a bit disheveled, but it's not like he's ever cared if he looks a little bit silly.

At the end, he fistpumps in the air, "There we go. Some natural born aggression. We'll have you flipping off the teachers in no time."

Ruth Aldine has posed:
Blame her brother for this one.

He had a myriad of music choices but they were all rooted in metal, mostly death metal. Was this one of the songs she heard from before her mother was killed? Probably, but yet it resonates.

The song was finished and the mic was dropped to the ground. Ruth coughs a little, making her way to the soda fountain to get herself a glass. She was desperately thirsty.

Once she took her drink, she lets out a sigh, gesturing Mac over so that he could finish it off for her.

"I feel better, yes."

Quentin Quire has posed:
Quentin Quire grins, "Those drugs oughtta be kickin' in soon. C'mon, I'll get us a car and take us into the city. We can find a club and mindfuck people into entertaining us. Or I can do it and you can sit silently and judge me. Either way," he grins.

He turns off the karaoke and swigs down the rest of the soda, "The night is young and so are we."