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The Bounty Gals
Date of Scene: 12 January 2021
Location: ArcTerra
Synopsis: Harley and Ivy meet up at the BIODOME, where two former mistresses of crime come in and one badass bounty hunting team comes out.
Cast of Characters: Harley Quinn, Pamela Isley

Harley Quinn has posed:
Gotham is one of those places where Harley hasn't been around too often, at least not with the same type of frequency as when she was the clown princess of crime, the terror of Gotham, the harlequin of destruction, the pompons of blood! And surely other colorful titles... Right now she is just Harley Quinn and as for what she is.. well.., she is still figuring that out..

But as things go it seemed no matter how much she wanted to get a distance from Gotham the city made sure to pull her back in.. She had been on the lookout for one Ratcatcher, someone who it seemed was in league with an enemy of the turtles back in NY. Yet her digging around had brought her whiffs of a certain Joker rearing their head up again... And that was more disturbing.

So with that in mind she went to meet up with her best friend Ivy at the biodome, yellow jaguar parking a couple of blocks away and she skipping along towards the place, dressed in heavier clothing for the cold, a colorful umbrella covering her from the rain.. Nothing like Gotham weather!

She makes her way in through a backdoor, away from prying eyes by the cafe, "~Ivyyyy..." she calls out quietly.

Pamela Isley has posed:
As far has for one Pamela Isley, she is very much still the person she has always been. Bio-terrorist was always such a *strong* label. It isn't that Pamela saw herself as a terrorist. More...as a liberator. A rather vocal advocate for nature. It isn't her fault people needed more coercion to listen.

Still...Ivy isn't much of a people person. Except for Harley. Harley is different. Harley actually listens...or at least pretends to, anyways. And so, when the call came out to visit, Pam picked the one spot in Gotham that she actually liked. The ArcTerra. A giant greenhouse full of plant life separate from the dull greys of Gotham? Of course it would be Ivy's style to go there.

Especially since it gave Ivy a significant advantage.

"Harleen..." First name given, a definite sign of Pamela being herself. Ivy herself had just seem to have arrived herself, still in a warmer jacket that looked almost black, but itself was a rather dark green. "Same as always, I see." A slight smile materializes into view, as a hand reaches out....slightly tinted green fingers beckoning. "So, do what do I owe the pleasure of your company? I sincerely doubt it is to admire the plant life..."

Harley Quinn has posed:
Inside the dome at least it wasn't raining, so the umbrella is put to one side and she shrugs out of her heavy coat. Underneath? A colorful top with 'Bitch #1' stamped on it, arms stretching up, "Ugh, I shoulda known bettah than expectin' anythin' else than rain heah in Gotham..." though her eyes go all shiny when she spots Ivy. A wave and she starts to approach.

"Pams!" Close enough to the others real name, "And yep, what did ya expect...? My doppel..?" a brow quirking up. And speaking of!!!!

Right when she is finishing her approach to Ivy she takes a pause, peeking more closely at Pamela and asking. "Thought we had agreed on a code phrase ta say when we met... Just in case we ain't the real ones!"

In reality it was all Harley's idea, along with the phrase 'Harley Queen is my bestest friend in the world' Awwwwww. She also may have just informed Ivy how it was going to be instead of it being a set thing.

Pamela Isley has posed:
A roll of the eyes, as that smile remains, before Pamela speaks again. "Harley Quinn is my bestest friend in the world." Yes, Pamela was listening. No, she didn't intend on saying that, but this is Harley here. She is a force of nature, just as much as Ivy is a force for nature. "There. Are you happy now?" The words may have sounded irritated, but the tone was congenial enough. Yes, Pamela expected nothing less.

"Besides, Harl, you know I can tell if it is you. Doppelgangers be damned." Still...Harley does receive a hug from Pamela. A brief one, but a hug nonetheless. Yup. It's the real Pams, alright.

Just...don't go expecting Ivy to say that out loud to anyone else.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Now, there were two ways in which this could had went. Harley had sort of expected Pam to refuse to say it, or just give her the *stare*. It would had worked! But with she repeating it also means she isn't the evil Pamela-doppelganger so all is well. And Harley's grin only widens, she holding her hands up and close to her chest and sidling up to Ivy. "Damn right I am happy now.." and who can resist the baby blue eyes as they blink-blink up to Ivy.

The hug is certainly welcome, she returning it and then nodding. "Fine, fine. We awhe both real.." and with that settled she appears to relax, "So, what am I doin' heah..." she sighs. "Well, visitin' you foh one. It's like yoh awhe an house plant now! Theah's room for ya ovah at April's whenevah ya want ta hang out, ya know it." a beat. "But as foh seconds, looking ovah some rumours about the Jokah bein' around." a small frown coming to her features. "Been a while since I heard o' 'im.." of course that it's probably not a great idea for her to be messing with him now.

"Also. I need a partner foh my bounty huntin'.." Yes, she was a CERTIFIED bounty hunter now!

Pamela Isley has posed:
"Well, for one, you know I am certainly more than just a house plant now, Harls. And yes, I understand there is room, but you know me. Misanthrope with abandonment issues. I...may not take to April as well as you." Yeah...there is a bit of hesitation there. Ivy tries to play it off...but Harley can see it. There's doubt there.

However, when Joker is spoken of, that doubt dissipates with the fury that Ivy is known for. "You're not looking for him again, are you? Damn it, Harley, you know he is just going to mess with your head again, like he always does. Unless you're after him to kick his ass, I would steer clear of him. Let the Bat take care of him. Maybe if we're lucky he will finally be taken out." Yes, it is easy to see exactly what Pamela thinks of 'Puddin.

And then...silence. "Hmm....what?" The idea of bounty hunting caught Pamela off-guard. "Did you just ask for a partner for bounty hunting?" It is a bit odd, to say the least.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Oh come now. Even you need a little sun from time ta time." Harley says to her favorite poisonous plant, "And you'll be welcome theah, ya know it. Besides, ain't daisies just sun-lovin' plants? And yer as pretty as one..!" Clearly the clownette isn't the type to take no for an answer. Though there is a reassuring tone to her, as if she understands the hesitation. She even goes as far as sliding one arm under the other woman's as they amble about the dome.

"I am lookin' ta kick his ass. I mean, if he's rearin' his head back up.., it's bad news all around. I got some contacts around ya know, now that I am sorta legit. I even got into the Titan's base a while back." she pokes her tongue out and makes a face, "They have a severe lack of booze at the place." most likely because many members are still quite young! But then her smile fades a bit, "I am bein' careful..." and sure, she could let the bats handle it. But an obsession is an obsession.

The part on bounty hunting though has that smile returning, all cheshire-like. "Yes, I did. And thank ya foh offerin' ta join!" yea because clearly that's what Ivy said! "You'll love it. Takin' out bad guys, all legit, and gettin' paid foh it! Harry is cool too.., that's the guy that got me the license." she prattling on for a bit. "But wheah's the fun on doin' it alone? So I thought about you and me, the REAL dynamic duo. Just imagine us togetha kickin' ass!" she announces. All grand plans this Harley!

Pamela Isley has posed:
Oh...Harley has an idea in her head again. And Pamela knows just how hard it is to get her friend to see reason. But....she's got to try at least. "But Harls, I am not legit. At least, no one in their right mind is going to consider me on the path of the straight and narrow. Not after what I have done. And I really wouldn't expect them to. You really don't want me as a partner." Funny...sounds more like she is trying to convince herself, rather than Harley.

However, Ivy isn't a slouch on the intelligence side of things. And...the fact that she realizes Harley wants to mess up her former boo does make Pamela relax, if only a little. "I suppose being a bounty hunter makes it easier to go after the ass. And someone needs to look after you." Oh...sounds like now she is trying to rationalize being legitimate. "I...I just don't know about it."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Neither am I!" Harley spitfires back full speed as she goes on her SUPER-RATIONALIZED idea. "Look, I am no saint eitha, and I got a reputation. But screw that. Wheah it comes ta bounty huntin' what matters is results!" and yea, they could certainly get results! "I mean, can ya believe it that I was with a partner that thought they wheah an angel..." she letting out a sigh. Angels! As if they were real! "I will bring ya in, no license yet, same way I was a while back. Harry knows I am good foh it. And then soon enough we get ya a license too." Seems like she is already planning ahead. She then nods effusively when Pamela talks about it making it easier to go after Joker. "As the code says: 'Use of appropriate armed response is valid when takin' down bounties!'" it's like a mantra to her!

"With your brains and my spunk we will be unstoppable!" She assures her friend. "So what do you say, partner?"

Pamela Isley has posed:
"An angel?" The idea does sound rather far-fetched. But, then again, Pamela is a mutant with the power to talk to and manipulate plant life. Stranger things have happened. Still, as Ivy listens, she hears how half-cocked it sounds. And she knows how Harley gets. Yet...there is a certain appeal to it. "Well, if I end up getting arrested, it wouldn't be a big surprise. And I do suppose that you need someone to watch over you. Angel or devil."

There is a moment. Should Ivy say what she is about to say? She steels herself, closing her eyes even as a nearby vine reaches out, embracing her almost as if giving encouragement. "I...suppose so, Harley. Okay. But if I get arrested, I am blaming you."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"I had an angel befoouh!.." A pause, then a correction, "Alleged angel. Now I could use a devil, mmm?" Harley giving a wink up to her old partner in crime. But the way the talk is going.. Oh, she knows it. Capitulation is imminent! So when the answer comes and there is acceptance to her plan she lets out a 'Woohoo!', throwing a fist up in the air.

"And see, that didn't even hurt much, did it?" As if she knew it wasn't an easy decision from Ivy.

"If ya get arrested, come hell or high watah, I will find a way ta get you out! Like I always do anyway." Harley, reknown from turning Arkham into a revolving door.

"What about some roller derby then?" She then asks. But that might be pushing it. She grins widely. "Just jokin'.. But anyway, how have you been doin' out heah in this joint? I mean, this place really has yoh face ya know. Thinkin' on claimin' it fully for yourself?"

Pamela Isley has posed:
Now...Harley does know Pamela well. And she picked up on why Ivy picked the greenhouse. It suited Ivy. "Well...I do enjoy it. For all the grey of Gotham, I can go here and delight in the colors of Mother Nature. I really could just walk into the tropical forest and reside quite comfortably there. Of course, I would anticipate that it is expected of me to do that, too."

Then, with a glance back towards Harley, Ivy offers a shrug. "However, agreeing to team up with you and be a bounty hunter? That is unexpected. And would drive the Bats crazy." Then...that smile returns, larger than before.

"Sounds like fun..."

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley Quinn says, "Oooo, I see wheah ya goin' with wantin' ta join up." A wicked little grin appearing on Harley's expression. Not that she has gone head-to-head against the Bats much as of late. In fact ... "Did ya know I even teamed up with the Bats a while back? So theah was this guy who stole the christmas toys me and Terry weah gettin' foh the Gotham hospital on christmas. So I tracked him down ta mess him up. It's Vinny, that no good guy that wanted a bite outta me a while back. Red Hood took him out with a grenade.. He's a bit vicious, did ya know that?" yes, she is getting carried away... But a pause later. "ANYWAY, so I got with Batsie and Batsiegirl and we kicked ass. In the end they didn't even arrest me.."

Which is quite the step forward considering past encounters!

"But ya got tell me all you been goin' through as o' late. And you are in luck! I will buy tonight! I will even let ya pick your poison." Booze, Harley means booze. But then she is leading Pam off so they can actually wet their beaks. Because talking as much as she does makes her thirsty as heck!"