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Could Be A Contender
Date of Scene: 12 January 2021
Location: Tennis Court
Synopsis: Warren finds Jubilee working out in the cold, others join
Cast of Characters: Jubilation Lee, Warren Worthington, Kevin Sydney, Kitty Pryde

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    It's January. Only a complete lunatic would play tennis in January. Fortunately, no one is. The tennis court is completely empty except for one student -- JUBILATION LEE. She didn't bring out any tennis balls or rackets but the net has been secured. Four brooms have been vertically threaded into the net, spaced out evenly from each other. They almost look like heads-on-piles with broom-bristles in place for the heads.

    The four brooms watch over the young mutant's activities, which so far seem to be some gymnastics training. Starting from one of the posts that secure the net in place, Jubilee raises both hands over her head and starts cartwheeling rapidly all the way across, passing each broomstick as she goes... The motion first appears effortless, each cartwheel flowing perfectly into the next, until she gets to the end of the net nearest the last broomstick.

    Jubes tries to shift her last cartwheel into a sudden aerial kick meant to knock the broomstick out of the net entirely but she totally misses, sending her twisting through the air and crashing into the tennis court's surface. There's a shriek of pain and both hands are brought down to press firmly against her thigh, which absorbed much of the impact. There's the faintest hint of crying -- just the sound, no tears -- as the young mutant sits on the cold cement.

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren has just taken to the air, leaving the Mansion and presumably heading back to the city for what constitutes for him a day of work...IE: Sitting around doing nothing, when the activity from the tennis court catches the attention of the eagle-eyed mutant. Turning, he makes his way over the tennis court once before circling back and lowering himself down to land in a crouch next to the softly mewling Jubilee.

Calmly, the older mutant looks her over as he address her in a soothing voice, "Hey, Jubilee. Looked like you took a bad fall there, are you ok?"

Probably a dumb question considering the girl is sitting on the frozen pavement. "Do we need to get you inside and have that looked at?

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Shit. Jubilee tilts her head down and brings a hand up, her forehead leaning on the back of it while the other still presses against her thigh. She's wearing too-short shorts so her hand is pressing directly against her skin, causing the surrounding area to fade in color as she applies pressure. Jubes moves her fingers against her eyelids to clear off any lingering moisture and finally looks up at Warren. She manufactures a smile, a big toothy suspicious smile.

    "Me?" she says, immediately brightening up so she can put on the standard Jubilee facade. She deepends her voice and tries to do her best Sylvester Stalone impression. "Nah! I'm a fighter, ya see! It's all about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward!" Her hand pumps a fist into the air. "That's how winning is done!" Jubilee swallows and lowers her fist, no longer channeling Rocky Balboa.

    "It's a good thing you came because I was just about to teach these jerks a lesson," Jubilation insists, sticking her thumb out to indicate the four broomsticks that have, so far, been untouched. Jubes lets the pressure off of her thigh and stands up. "Whatcha doing out here?" she wonders. "You're not trying to play tennis, are you?" Rich people and their tennis. She lowers both hands and smacks them against her legs to try and brush off any dust.

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren chuckles, shaking his head and offering Jubilee a hand to help her stand up. "No, no tennis. I had actually just taken off to head back to the city when I saw your...lesson. Figured you might need a hand up in case you happend to break anything, but sounds like it is more a bruised ego than anything."

The winged mutant looks back towards the broomstick men, "Ok, Rocky. Let's see what you got, but don't expect me to channel Burgess Meredith. I don't have the voice for it but I will cheer you on just the same."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    After letting go of the offered hand, Jubes offers thanks in the form of a smile. "Do you ever get bugs in your teeth?" she wonders out loud, squinting up at the older mutant. "I bet you get a lot of bugs in your teeth." She shrugs her shoulders, as if to dismiss the concern. What could be done, after all? Bugs are bugs. Her eyes lower briefly to her thigh, which has started to bruise. "I'm good! Tougher tennis courts than this one have tried and failed to bring me down in the past!" she declares, still injecting that Jubilee sacharine facade that's just ever so famous around these parts.

    At the request to see her skills, Jubilee smiles from ear to ear. "Yeah?" she questions. "Okay! But, pay attention, Danielsan." With that, Jubilee gets into a readied position with both hands positioned over her head. With a nod to Warren, she takes off again -- cartwheel after cartwheel sending her down the tennis court's net, passing three of the broomsticks. When she nears the fourth, Jubes pushes off from the final cartwheel and twists, jamming a flying crane kick right into the broomstick's poor bristles. Among the different noises associated with effort and strain, a noise that vaguely sounds like 'fuckyouemma' might be heard. After teetering for a moment, the broomstick falls out from its position in the net, clattering against the court as it dies a final death.

Kevin Sydney has posed:
Burgess Meredith walks up to the side of the tennis court and shakes a wiry fist into the air, smacking the nearby wire fencing. "You're a bum, ya bum. If you keep letting that court hit you in the ribs, you ain't gonna be able to breathe." He points a sagely finger and then tips the cap resting upon his head.

The aged actor long gone gradually reforms into the young man with brown hair which passes for Kevin's 'normal self' these days at the school. He offers a big cocky grin and leans against the wire fence observing the exchange. Slowly, he slides down until he's crouched and sitting on his heels. "Those brooms are a tough crowd, but they finally met their demise after the proper channeling of old movie references. Now you just need a background soundtrack and some slow motion capture to record the perfect training montage."

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren blinks at the bug in the teeth question, arching a brow as he contemplates the answer. "No? At least I don't think so? I tend to fly pretty high so maybe I am not in splatter range? Or, if I do, I guess I just never noticed so I am now horrified at the thought of smiling with bug-covered teeth, so thanks for that." Warren chuckles, shaking his head at the image.

As Burgess makes his way into the court, Warren lets out a laugh. Nodding as he looks back to Jubilee, "Hey, Kevin. Yeah, this would be a perfect '80's montage, if only I had a boom box I would so put on 'eye of the tiger' right now. Good jobs kicking the broom's ass, Jubilee! Impressive moves!"

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    The gymnastics training conflicts with the hand-to-hand combat training. Jubilee celebrates her successful bout with the broomstick by posing with both feet together, both hands coming together in front of her chest -- it's the classic Olympic gymnastics pose. Her movie references are also colliding. Rocky. Karate Kid. Jubes isn't keeping track.

    The young mutant's eyes light up as she sees the familiar training coming over to join them. "It's Mickey!" she exclaims, looking at Warren to see if he's seeing him, too. She laughs happily, even clapping a couple of times. When Kevin's form emerges, Jubes makes an obvious show of letting her smile fade into a sad pout. Joking, of course. "Oh, that would be /so/ /cool/," Jubes cries out, looking from Warren to Kevin. They both have good ideas to ensure maximum effect. Wait. "...What's a boombox?" she questions, looking up at Warren with a quizzical look. She probably knows but uses the reference to jab at Warren's age. Jubes tilts her head towards Kevin to see if he knows what a boom box is.

    "Hey," Jubilee's voice suddenly softens, giving trace glimpses at what she's like when she's not on display. "...How are you feeling, Warren? I mean, after that girl -- Noriko Ashida -- shocked you. She has electricity, right?" Pause. "I mean, I barely know her," she insists. Lie of the century.

Kevin Sydney has posed:
Kevin hums in consideration and folds his arms behind his head. "Eye the Tiger is appropriate to the fighting montage motif, but I'm not sure if really matches Jubilee... Maybe some Tubthumping. Y'know... 'I get knocked down, but I get up again. You are never gonna keep me down.'" Kevin offers another sagely nod then stretches his legs out in front of him. He looks absolutely puzzled at the term 'boom box' offering a big exaggerated joke to keep up with appearances.

His head tilts curiously to the side, eyebrow raising as the revelation that Warren got himself shocked by Noriko. "Nori-who? Yea, totally never heard of her, and totally never went on any kind of burrito feast with her and Jubilee. Never seen them completing each other's sentences either. Total myths. Pretty sure Noriko is just a conspiracy. Are you sure you didn't just touch a light socket accidentally?"

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren sighs exaggeratedly, folding his arms over his chest as he looks to the pair of younger mutants. "A portable radio that was...not very portable to be honest. Before your iPods and Bluetooth speakers." He grumbles, "You two can go look it up on the Googles or whatever new fangled thing is on that internet thingy."

The Angel rolls his eyes before letting a small chuckle escape, "I'm fine. I was a little singed around the edges and my hair was sticking straight up when I came through but it wasn't anything a hot shower and a little mousse didn't help. The more important question is how is she doing? I don't really know what happened after I was...zapped."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "A portable ... 'radio'?" Jubilee repeats, turning to look in Kevin's direction, as if he might understand. She shrugs and starts to wag her index finger in the air as Kevin goes through the lyrics for Tubthumping. Still a bit before her time. "Tubthumping..." she repeats, trying to connect the lyrics to that nonsense word. "I don't get it!"

    Jubes nods her head, looking up at Warren as she bobs up and down. "...Well, that's good!" she says with a grin, though her eyes shift to the side to avoid his gaze. "How am I supposed to know? You probably would've seen her before me..." she insists.

    "Shut up, Kevin..." she hisses under her breath, staring daggers for some reason. She raises her eyebrows, as if to say 'play along!'. Suddenly, Jubes perks up and turns to Warren. "Kevin was just in France!" she announces, pointing. "France!"

Kevin Sydney has posed:
Kevin chuckles lowly at the running gag about age and technology. Almost instinctively his hair reshapes into an 'electrified' variant standing up on end and looking disheveled. He adds in a few fake convulsions for effect then calms down at some concern over the fate of Noriko kicks in, wondering exactly what led to the 'shocking exchange'. He pretends to smooth down his hair but in effect he's just reshaping it back to its normal appearance.

Abruptly, he has a tennis ball in his hand, summoned from a little piece of his mass. Bouncing it on the tennis court floor in a dribble, he follows the exchange. He blinks and making the universal 'zip your lip' motion. He blinks further as the conversations changes to him. He immediately breaks his radio silence. "Ah, yea. France.. and China, yea? Studying abroad! Need to brush up on those language skills you know. Not a very good impersonation if you can't speak the language. I also learned a very important fact." He leans forward conspiratorially in a stage whisper, "Whatever that guy Remy says is French... Isn't French. At least, that's what the Parisians said when I tried to copy some of his phrases."

Warren Worthington has posed:
"France huh. I've been there, a few times." Warren says with a grin, "The have some of the best wine. I should make another trip sometime and make sure the cellar is stocked. China I don't have as much opportunity to go to, but I do like to travel. How was it?"

The quip about Remy causes the Angel to grin, "I have no doubts. I think he speaks his own language that few understand."

Back to Jubilee, "Well, if you do happen to see her, tell her I don't hold her accountable in any way and I just hope she is doing ok. No harm, no foul."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "Wait, so you just /assume/ that the only two asian girls at the school know each other?" Jubes protests. She opens her mouth, as if to continue, but nods her head instead. "Yeah, I'll tell her, Warren," she agrees quietly. Jubes bends at the waist and picks up the fallen broomstick so she can slot it back into the tennis court's net. "She'll like knowing you're good."

    "China, too, huh?" Jubes asks, raising her eyebrows. She lifts her leg and places her ankle on the top of the tennis net, balancing there on one foot. "What was that like?" she asks. She was too young to remember China, way back when she was a child. Wait wait wait, hold the phone. "...Wait! What is he speaking?" Jubes demands, leaning forward and backward in order to keep her balance.

Kevin Sydney has posed:
"I plead the fifth on the wine. Though I do think 'drinking laws' should not really apply to me." Kevin coughs into his fake tennis ball. "The bread was amazing too."

He hums and considers his trip into China, "You know... the economic zones are really crazy. -Everything- is brand new, and there are people from everywhere milling about. You can also find anything you want there, though there's about in one and five chance that it'll be some kind of knock off... but a really good one. Really opened my eyes... they have some many mega cities. It's like going to a new 'New York' every other day when you travel." He expands his arms to emphasize the size of the cities. "Great infrastructure... great people. Yea, some of the politics could be better, but I definitely recommend the visit." He pauses, "Is Cajunese a language? Cause that's totally what that guy speaks."

Warren Worthington has posed:
"Wait? You are Asian?" Warren quips back without missing a beat, looking confused before he winks and his mouth forms into a smile. "Please do."

"I don't think drinking wine in France is as big of a deal as it is here for someone your age, Kevin. Besides, it isn't like you are going to get a disapproving eye from me regardless...though if you tell Jean I said that I am going to deny it to hell and back. Same goes for you Jubilee. I know nothing."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "Well, that sounds pretty cool -- I'd love to see it for myself one day!" she begins, nodding her head. "Maybe see the sights, find out if I have some---" She stops. Nevermind. Regroup. "...I bet the burritos were /terrible/" she adds, smirking at Kevin, her eyes twinkling just a bit. Not a mutant power -- just a girl thing.

    "How nice of you to finally notice, Warren!" Jubes teases. She pivots her hips and lowers her leg. Switch! Her other leg is lifted and propped up on the tennis net. Her bare thigh is plainly sporting the bruise she earned from taking a spill earlier. Is Cajunese a language? Hm. "I don't know. Is it?" she asks, looking up at Warren for an answer to that.

Kevin Sydney has posed:
"Well, when I landed in France, I was borderline appropriate age, but yea, once I hit that eighteen year mark no biggie. All said, when you change your appearance to that of a 70 year old woman, no one really bothers checking your ID for anything." He waggles his eyebrows the nods to Warren, "Not saying a thing to Jean, but that doesn't mean she can't pluck it out of my head."

"Yes, the tex-mex was terrible. Though there was some really good fusion. Things that.. looked like burritos, but weren't burritos, yet tasted awesome. And dude, Malyasian cuisine is outta this world! I had access to good eats from all over APAC. Totally gorged myself when I could." Kevin rolls up onto his sneakers and taps a toe against the court surface. "Jubilee, you need an ice pack or something? That's gonna be a gnarly bruise."

Warren Worthington has posed:
"Well, it's hard not to notice NOW that you pointed it out!" Warren teases back, folding his arms over his chest and leaning against the fence that surrounds the tennis court, his wings acting as a buffer to the cold steel.

Switching topics he looks to Kevin, "I'm firmly a believer in that if someone is old enough to put their life on the line for country, they are old enough to have a drink. That goes doubly for this school where...well, you know." He shrugs, "I don't know what Jean or Scott say on the matter, but I'm not going to begrudge a drink as long as it is under control. Drunken messes are another thing entirely."

He glances back at Jubilee, "Yeah, that looks ugly. You should have Hank look at that or something...or at least come up with a damn impressive story about how you got it other than 'I fell down.'"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Up in the sky something can be seen winging through the air. It could be a big bird from the size of it, but it makes a very agile turn beyond the ken of most birds, going from horizontal flight to diving straight at those on the tennis court like it was making a right angle turn without hardly slowing.

As Lockheed gets closer, the little dragon is more easily identified. He pops out his wings from the dive and circles around the trio on the tennis court. Looping about the outside of them, then shooting in between them to land on the tennis net, balancing on it while clinging to it with his hind feet and sitting upright.

Over in the snow between the courts and the school, Kitty Pryde can be seen, wearing a winter jacket and making her way through the snow as if following Lockheed. "Really need to get Simon to melt the path," she mumbles to herself.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Drunken messes are another thing entirely. The words ring true to Jubilation, forcing some recollection of New Years Eve. She awkwardly smiles in response to the thought and moves past it by leaning to the side and lifting her leg from the tennis net, keeping it perfectly straight as she does. "I'm fine!" she insists. "See?" She waggles her leg around in the air before putting it down and finally standing on two feet.

    "Hey, look!" she calls out, pointing her index finger at the motion in the sky. Jubilee reaches over and pulls the broomstick out from its position in the tennis netting. She jobs along the length of the net and removes the other three brook sticks, gathering them all in a bundle with her arms. Lockheed would have plenty of room to perch. "Lookin good!" she she says with a grin.

    "Maybe I will see Hank about that ice pack..." Jubes says, looking up at Warren. She grins and waggles the bundle of broomsticks at Kevin and Warren before starting to jog to little opening in the tennis court's fence. "Try not to miss me too much!" she shouts into the air.

    "Hi, Kitty!" Jubes says quickly as she zips on past, broomstick bristles catching the wind and blowing about in front of the older mutant.

Warren Worthington has posed:
Nodding to Jubilee, Warren chuckles as he young mutant starts to head off. "Be sure that you do. I'll ask Hank if you came by to see him later." Warren threatens as he watches her go, only to see Kitty on her way over.

Lockheed gets a little wave, as the winged mutant makes his way towards her with a smile on his face, "Hey Kat, what are you doing out here in the frozen tundra of the yard? Shouldn't you be all warm and cozy in front of a fire spending it with your dad or something?"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde waves to Jubilee as she hurries past. "Look like you're really cleaning up around here," Kitty teases with a grin. She keeps on towards the tennis courts, wearing jeans and a sweater beneath her coat, and boots not of the winter variety in particular.

She reaches the court and makes her way out onto it. "Hey Warren, Kevin," Kitty says, giving them both a nod of her head, her hair back in its ponytail and bobbing about behind her.

"Oh, he wanted some clothing and commented he didn't need me hovering over him as he tried a few things on," Kitty says, the words making little puffs of mist in the cold winter air. "So I got him a ride into Salem Center and gave him some money for a few things," she says. Kitty pauses and gazes around the tennis courts. "You guys planning a game?" she asks with a chuckle.

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren shakes his head, "Jubilee was just out her doing some practice on her own. I was taking off to head back to the city when I saw her take a tumble, and I just popped back down to see if she was alright. Nasty bruise forming on her leg, but I think other than that she will be back to new in no time. Kevin and I were just talking about his trip overseas. He just got back from France and China, and possibly a few other places recently."

The news about Kitty's dad makes Warren chuckle a bit, "Didn't want you helicoptering over him, huh? He has to take into consideration what you have been through the last year. He should expect a bit of overprotectedness, but good for you to allow him some space." A pause. "So, exactly how many trackers did you hide on him before he left?"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty bounces a little bit, probably keeping herself warm in the cold. Lockheed gives a little flap of his wings that lift him into the air and cover that short gap to Kitty. He lands on her shoulder and then noses at the top of her jacket in front. Kitty unzips it and the dragon crawls down inside, Kitty sipping it back up further once he's inside. It makes her look a bit plump inside the jacket, but, "He's better than a handwarmer," Kitty says with a grin, and a pat through the fabric of the jacket.

"And I may... possibly... have 'hovered'," Kitty admits about her father. "Somewhat. No more than Doom's dirigible over Freedom Tower though," she says, eyes twinkling. "I figure he can use a little time alone too. Being basically imprisoned in a glass dome for 11 months? That couldn't have been easy," she says.

Kitty's toe rubs against the tennis court. "Just the phone I gave him," she says in mock innocence before flashing a small grin up to Warren. "So how are you? Any big plans for WI in the coming year?"

Kevin Sydney has posed:
"Yep, that's right. I am no longer the student abroad, and I bring with me a wealth of life experiences... that I will turn around and apply to create the most marvelous and believable of disguises in the name of homo superior!" Kevin raises a hand in triumph, clutching it into a fist before offering Lockheed a little finger wave... because dragons are cool. "Good to see you again, Kitty. And congrats on your dad. I know what its like to lose a parent, and wow.. I just.. I couldn't imagine how awesome it would be for them just to... walk in through the door."

He frowns a little bit but forces himself into a smile. "Sooo... I've really been focusing on languages while away.. but I'm totally getting back into cybersecurity." He claps his hands together and bows. "Sempai, I will be seeking your tutelage again in the great art of Haxors."

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren Worthington shrugs his shoulders, causing his wings to flutter a bit. "Only the phone? I don't buy it, Pryde." He girns, "Nothing really I can talk about publicly, shareholders would have my head if I did and it got out. Not that I would expect you to go selling company secrets or anything, Kat, but you know how it is. I have to be to responsible one."

He looks to Kevin, "She's the one you want to talk to, that is for sure. Maybe I can put in a good word for ya, see if she won't take you under her wing." He looks left and right and then stage whispers, "She also studied abroad, and also understands the plight of the 'underage' drinker.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde grins over to Kevin. "Happy to help you out. Just, you know, use the knowledge responsibly. I admit I might have done a thing or two when I was younger that were not the best of ideas in that arena," she says. "Well, not just when younger, but at least now it's for a necessary cause," she adds.

She grins at the talk of studying overseas. "Warren's right there. So hard to come back home after a few years in England and get treated like a kid again," she says, letting out an exasperated puff of air which is extra heavy on evoking her feelings on it thanks to being able to see the mist fly up from it.

"How's your accent with those languages? Can you pass for native?" Kitty asks. "Jean or the Professor might be able to help get rid of any lingering accent. It's why my Japanese is so good. Though, they don't usually like just doing that for a whole language except where necessary. But if you've already earned it on your own, they'd probably help tweak it."

Kitty lets out a sigh then. "So, you're saying I can't cross 'Become rich by insider trading or dealing corporate secrets' off my bucket list this year, Warren?"

Kevin Sydney has posed:
Kevin chuckles at the pun from Warren then nods to Kitty, "Responsible or malicious for a good cause. This I promise." He grins and nods his head side to side, "Well, I've got a leg up there. I'm able to perfectly mimic other people's voices, so accent really isn't a problem there. Its really building up the vocabulary and making sure I grasp the language conversationally. I was doing a lot of historical and cultural studies too... because goal isn't just to speak the language, it's to pass myself off as a native. That is so... HARD. Its so much more then just looking the right way." He explains with just a hint of frustration in his voice.

"So yea, I've got a leg up on the 'physical hacking' just need to round it out so I can be an effective 'infiltrator' for good." He strikes a heroic pose and for good measure, a cape morphs out of the back of his jacket and an capitalized I appears on his chest.

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren Worthington says, "Sorry, Kat. No get rich quick schemes for you this year. You will have to try the old fashioned way. Not that you need to, you already live in a mansion and have a healthy expense account. Practically living the dream as it is already!" Warren says to Kitty with a grin, tossing a wink in her direction for good measure.

He looks over to Kevin and laughs, "I am sure you are more than up to the task, Kevin, but it never hurts to have more practice under your belt. Just don't be fooled into thinking it makes you perfect. Nothing ever does.""

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty gives a nod to Morph as he comments on what he's learning. "Really good you're putting in the work for it. Yes, the little things can give people away. Like in the Cold War, both sides could spot spies because of things like we Americans swap our fork and knife after cutting food while Europeans don't. And they carry flowers upside down compared us to. Little things but they can stand out," she agrees. "Well, happy to work with you more on the computer and technical side of things," she says.

Kitty smiles over to Warren. "Well, I'm working on it with the contracts I've been working. Though, I honestly don't care as much about rich as just, being comfortable. Which yes, living here at the school is definitely that. Apart from the craziness that often comes with it.

Kevin Sydney has posed:
Kevin frowns as the conversation turns more toward adulting by the minute. "Gah, I haven't even thought about making an income when I graduate. Maybe I can be a translator. Start my own agency. Pretend to be a half dozen different people so I can fit the jobs perfectly." He rubs his chin in thought, pondering the possibilities. "This would be so much easier if I was invested in with a strong moral fiber during my childhood and had it reinforced by this school. You all ruined me. I could have been an amazing villain!"

The cape disappears replaced by a pair of red devil horns. He makes a big melodramatic sign and rests the back of his hand upon his forehead. "Excuse me while I escape all this 'adulting' and get back to being a teenager while I still can." He starts to walk away from the court.

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren watches Kevin go, snickering a bit at the kid's antics. "Ok, Kevin. Take care of yourself, and I am sure we will see you later."

He looks to Kitty, grinning, "See, you just gotta find yourself a nice rich guy to date. Then you won't have to work so hard. We will get you some business cards...Kitty Pryde, Sugar Baby. That's the right term, right? I have no idea."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde watches Kevin's cape disappear into his body. "I've never thought about this before, but is any of your clothing 'real'? Or I mean, are you basically standing out here naked but with fake clothing overtop? And if so do you ever get self-conscious about that?" Kitty asks, but with a slightly teasing expression.

She lets out a laugh then as she hears Warren. "Ah yes, you know when I filled out the Xavier's application, I had 'Kept Woman' as my career ambitions," she replies. "I guess I'll have to keep my eyes open for such a guy. But you know, I couldn't really chase a guy for that. Would have to be someone I got to know and had a lot of respect for them for more than just their money," she says.

She glances at the school. "I think Kevin has the right idea. Why are we standing out here in the cold?" she asks.

Kevin Sydney has posed:
Kevin calls out over his shoulder, "I stopped wearing real clothes when I was thirteen once I figured out how to start making my own. As far as self-conscious, eh.. Not really! I can walk around looking like a Ken doll if I really want to. Hell, I think I only identify as a 'He' because that's how parents saw me. So yea, self-conscious isn't a problem.. but you think I'm escaping anxiety and trauma.. I have one hell of an identity crisis. I mean, who am I? I know every teen asks that, but I've got some real decision paralysis. Think its hard picking out the right outfit? Try picking out the right body?!"

He throws his arms over his head in exasperation and continues to rant, probably talking more to himself then them as his voice eventually trails off.