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Shine: Broad Daylight
Date of Scene: 12 January 2021
Location: The Beacon
Synopsis: Phoebe comes to review a hole in the ground, and ends up with being blamed for a Meta-Human Turf War. Conner scores friend points, Rose makes a new best friend with a Man called Goo, and Cassie tanks an exploding SUV. Nice, Normal Gotham afternoon...?
Cast of Characters: Phoebe Beacon, Conner Kent, Rose Wilson, Cassie Sandsmark

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    It was a perfectly normal, gray winter day in Gotham. There's some snow on the ground, maybe an inch or two of slush on the side of the streets with real snow still blanketing the top of the flat roofs in the neighborhood where the Outsiders go to Roost.

    Not too far away, the end-unit row house that used to be the Beacon household had been reduced to a cellar hole with a chain-link fence around it, devoid of the things that once made it 'Home'. The garden in the back yard had been bulldozed over (as Phoebe's maternal grandfather took control of the property, and there was discussion over whether to rebuild or turn the property into private parking with little to do with Phoebe herself) and the front stoop had been jackhammered out of existence. Snow is lightly falling, in soft, fluffy flakes as Phoebe pauses on her walk, the hood of a gray sweatshirt beneath a new leather jacket catching some of that falling snow.

    "... it's a bit weird to think of. It's been a month and a half... still doesn't feel real." she comments.

    Of course, with the threats out for both Phoebe and her alter-ego Balm realized, she's not going to be walking alone, and she would have invited just about anyone to come out with her to look at a hole in the ground.

Conner Kent has posed:
And there is also that Conner has passed around this memo to everyone in the team but Phoebe about keeping an eye on her all the time. Something weird is going on with her fake parents (but maybe an aunt) and a creep who burns stuff and leaves straw dolls in safes.

Really, he hopes Nightwing would have gone all Sherlock Holmes in said creep already. But looks like it must be a complicate case. So, here he is. Looking at a future parking lot in one sorry Gotham afternoon. Not that there is ever any happy Gotham afternoon.

Rose Wilson has posed:
Rose Wilson has been invited to look at a hole in the ground, which she peers at with one beady eye, looking sullen and kinda annoyed, as per usual. She's dressed mock-casually, with jeans and a sweater, but holds her sharpass word in case anybody or anything needs cleaving. She glances back and forth in a motion of survellance, "This is it?" she wonders. Maybe she didnt need the sword, after all. She purses her lips and stands there indignantly, keeping the rest of her comments to herself for now.

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
Cassie is far from a connoisseur of empty lots or vacant basement-holes, so her reasons for coming along are entirely personal rather than architectural! Personal protection for Phoebe, maybe, but even more than that, just moral support. A friendly shoulder, to lean, cry, or otherwise rely on. But otherwise, little interested in the specifics of the building. Even /if/ she's able to casually hover over the fence and peer down into the remnants of the foundation, what's there to see? A hole in the ground, and not a lot much more.

Swiftly swinging back, she lands next to Phoebe. "Sorry that it's gone," she answers the other young woman. "You doin' OK, Pheebs?"

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    "Well. Let me tell you it was a bit more impressive when it was standing, Rose. My room was on the top floor. Really, where I got recruited." Phoebe gives a small smile, and looks at her wrist. "Right about now Mom would be finishing up with putting away the shopping, and getting started with dinner. Lasagna or something." the teen states, and she steps up to the fence, looping her fingers through. "In the summer I would have been out in the garden. Winter tending to the inside plants and making sure Scout was getting atttention. Or down in the basement with the eighty-pound bag." she states, and then takes a deep breath.

    The burned out basement has been cleaned out, stripped of its wire and any valuables (including the 80 pound punching bag's remains), and as Cassie swings back around, Phoebe looks over to the blonde, and gives a shrug.

    "Dunno yet. Just... feels kinda numb still." she explains quietly.

    There's a couple of neighbors peering out windows, though. Some might recognize Cassie from the night of the fire. Someone opens a window, hip hop echoing, and leans slightly out as if looking to see if there's bound to be drama unfolding.

Rose Wilson has posed:
Rose Wilson is still surveilling idly and sees the neighbors spying on them as Phoebe stands there numbly reminiscing, "This is not the safest position," she mutters, probably figuring nobody cares what she thinks. She turns around and glances at what's behind them, while everyone stares at a hole.

Conner Kent has posed:
Conner frowns, peering down. "Was it owned by your family, not rented? Who had it razed? Your mother is not dead, they need to wait a good while before making this kind of move." He glances at the window when it opens, checking faces. If Phoebe is recognized someone might try to cash in the reward. Scratch 'might'. This is Gotham. "This sucks, I am sorry. Also, we have some people looking"

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
Phoebe gets a half-hug/shoulder squeeze sort of deal in reassurance, but it's all Cassie can really offer. And as usual, she isn't exactly playing a low-profile sort, so she's easy to recognize like that. Always with the Wonder Woman apparel, even in winter. The fact that she's flying around in the middle of the street isn't doing them any favors as the incognito routine goes, either. But then again, if anyone is planning trouble in the neighborhood... well, maybe it's a bit of an intentional signal in that regard, too. One dude peering out his window even gets a thumbs-up lifted his way by the cheerful blonde. Makes for a good photo!

"Yeah it's all pretty shady," she agrees with Conner. "I'm sure Tim can sort some of that out, all the weirdness behind this stuff? Or what these people want."

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    "No, it's not." Phoebe confirms to Rose quietly. "And they're my neighbors. Of course they're looking; we're a quartet of young people staring at a hole. This /is/ Gotham." Phoebe replies with a little mirth in her voice, like she thinks it's funny.

    "They... recently ruled that my mom, since she's in a coma, doesn't have right of attorney. So it went to my grandfather since I'm still underage, and all the business with my birth parents. So he must have had it razed. Otherwise it'd just be an eyesore for an otherwise perfectly normal neighborhood." Phoebe explains slightly.

    A dark SUV rolls up. The window rolls down, and there's a fairly non-descript guy in the passenger seat.

    "Hey, do you kids know how to get to Founder's Island?" he asks, nice as can be, "Our GPS ain't working in this neighborhood!"

Rose Wilson has posed:
Rose Wilson mutters at the comment Phoebe makes in response, not really thinking much of what she said, "Yeah well, it's all quiet before the nuke," she says. She glances over her shoulder at Phoebe, then as the SUV pulls up, she looks at it carefully. She then looks at this idiot guy who can't manage to find his way in Gotham City.

She frowns, "Get bent," she tells him.

Conner Kent has posed:
"Pretty sure that is not legal," comments Conner. But half the judges of Gotham take bribes. Or that is what Tim said after his dad's death. Maybe he was exaggerating. He glances at the SUV. "It is..." but Rose is faster. And Conner smirks. "And also keep going, turn right three blocks ahead," beat. "Everyone gets lost in Gotham the first three time," he stage-whispers Rose. "I swear half the city crimes are on lost tourists."

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
Oh hay wouldja look at that, a mysterious dark SUV. Maybe they have ice cream?

Given that they've all been told to be worried about -something- happening, it shouldn't be any surprise that Cassie takes the appearance of this new arrival and their outward plight with a grain of salt. Even if it's a hero's duty to step in and give aid where needed, this girl wasn't born yesterday! So she steps around somewhat visibly, putting herself a bit more ahead of Phoebe and between her and the vehicle. Her bracers are under her coat. Plus, Conner's stepping up to do the friendly neighbor bit, so she doesn't even have to leave Phoebe's side. The dudez (or ladiez!) in the SUV just get af riendly smile from afar. "Yeah it's a terrible place to drive." Fun fact: Diana got her a new, less shitty car for Christmas. Fun fact #2: She hasn't driven it to Gotham yet because she's paranoid it will be instantly stolen!

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Phoebe turns around, and was about to cheerfully give direction when Rose speaks up. She looks embarrassed on behalf of the one-eyed Outsider, looking to Cassie a moment before she turns to regard the SUV -- only to have Cassie step in front of her. The younger Outsider hitches her breath a moment, surrounded by two super-beings and a super assassin.

    Other than maybe Bruce Wayne, she should be the safest person in Gotham.

    The guy in the car gives a gentle smile, then leans forward. "Hey -- HEY you're that girl everyone's looking for, aren't you? Heh, I figured we hung around long enough, we'd see you -- now, how about you nice and easy let the girl get into the SUV, we've got a Mogul to collect the money from." he gives a grin, still friendly. "And then go out and 'Wonder' off."

    And there is a 75% chance that if a really nice car was parked in a bad part of town, it would be 100 percent stolen

Conner Kent has posed:
"Oh wow, you don't know how screwed you idiots are now," Conner facepalms. Of all the things they shouldn't have said in front or Rose and Cassie. But not only that, there are people looking from the windows that would see and likely take pictures if someone tries to grab Phoebe.

They can't be that dumb, right? He glances around suspiciously. Checking rooftops and alleyways. The girls can have their fun.

Rose Wilson has posed:
Rose Wilson stands there idly while everyone around is really nice to the idiot sight-seers, until they turn out to be idiot criminals. She hmmfs, unsheaths her sword and feels entirely justified at her comments now, just because these guys are really evil criminals. She unsheaths her sharpass sword and smirks, "I think I'm getting pissed off," she says. She strides forward and walks to the van, to try to grab this guy by the collar, so she can haul him out of the van.

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
"Hahahahaha wow that's like SUPER funny," Cassie replies to the guy in the SUV. "I am super intimidated. Like very much so. However, in light of your attempts to negotiate, let me offer a counter-proposal: How about you dickwads drive away and back to wherever you came from, before I take your fancy wheels and find out how far I can throw them? I'm sure the bunch of you add very little weight to the vehicle, so its fine if you stay in there while I do it!" So cheerful!

And yet, knowing Cassie's temper and rather aggressive demeanor when it comes to protecting her friends, this may not even be an idle threat. At the very least, she's already changed her stance, stepping more in front of Phoebe and flexing her arms outward, falling into a stance where she's more ready to move. "Or maybe my friend can melt the doors shut and we can just leave you here while we all get ice cream. You want an ice cream?" she wonders, presumably of Phoebe.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    The man is still all smiles when Rose pulls him out of the SUV window. He hangs for a moment, his smile going a little wider

    "Well, /I/ thought it was funny." he states chipperly, not even missing a beat from Cassie's threats and Conner's commentary, and his gray eyes settle on Rose, the clear and present danger in front of him.

    "Pissed off? Oh no, darling, it's a different kind of Splash!" the man gives a manic grin, and then surges forward -- well, part of him does. His head, shoulders and arms turn into some non-Newtonian liquid, trying to enmesh Rose and her sword and specifically attempt to both silence the girl -- and stick himself up her nose in an attempt to shock, dismay and perhaps even disgust her!

    Conner, as Rose gets the opportunity to display disgust if needed, would surely see that there are some people on light motorcycles, and they're revving up -- presumably to ry and make a grab for it. Another SUV comes around the corner a couple blocks off and is speeding towards them.

    Phoebe looks positively distraught. "How much money are they offering for me?!" she squeaks out, and apparently ice cream may be off the table -- the back window draws down, and someone with a compact assault rifle opens fire at Cassie, the window glass shattering!

Conner Kent has posed:
"About a million bucks last time I checked," mutters Conner, reaching for Phoebe's hand. "Stick close, let the ole' Tactile Telekinesis protect you. We have plenty goons coming."

Conner's eyes glow red, and the front wheels of the second SUV explode in quick succession. "This is not a bad neighbour, police is going to get here in two minutes."

Rose Wilson has posed:
Rose Wilson hauls the criminal out of his SUV through the window and tries impersonating Batman, holding him up by the collar, which is quite a feat, because she's not that tall. She blinks as the man becomes some sort of strange liquid and at once she backs away, but it's no use, the liquid pools around her and she gets nowhere. She cleaves at it with back and forth slashes, which keeps it out of her damn mouth and nose at least, but she can move because it's all around her and sloshing all over her, "Conner!" she lets out, "God dammit!" she adds, and in a few moments it will be too late for her. Dun dun dun.

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
"Ok, gross."

A dude turning into goo is not what Cassie was expecting, but... well, she was expecting just about all of the rest of it. Creeps in SUVs are never up to anything good, and that threats like that, 'come nicely or else,' usually do come with something nasty planned for the 'else.' A window opening to reveal a gun is pretty pedestrian, all things considered. And definitely compared to Mr. MaGOO. Get it?"

Anyway, from her ready stance, Cassie is... well, ready to move. Her arms snap up instantly at the sight of the gun, flexing in a way to pull back the arms of her jacket a little so that the bracers are gleaming and out in front of her. Bullets and bracelets, that's- well, that's her bread and butter, and her arms are a blur of movement as they fall into the familiar pattern of movement to block and deflect the bullets. She puts them back toward the car although, kindly, not -right- back at the person shooting them, but into various parts of the frame: better there than toward any of the nearby and /occupied/ houses around them.

And since Conner is shielding Phoebe, she also seems free to be a little more aggro, following her deflections with a short rush toward the SUV which she then shoulder-slams violently. Apparently she's less concerned with just letting them drive off. While she's moving, she's yanking her lasso free of its place on her hip, inside her jacket, probably in preparation for Goo-man or the next round of dudes on the bikes.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    "... I like calling you Conner way better!" Phoebe replies to Conner as she backs up against the chainlink fence, bringing her arms up and over her head instinctively at the sound of rattling gunfire, taking Conner's hand with her as she grabs onto it!!

    Conner's not wrong, there are assuredly police on their way -- sirens can be heard in the distance now that there's active gunfire -- mostly aimed at Cassie!

    Goo Guy continues to remain in his partially go form, which is the consistancy of warm, slightly dried out silly-putty (and about the same color, too), still trying to draw Rose closer into the car like some sort of dangerous sea creature attempting to consume a poor little Rose Fish!

    The man with the gun is thankfully not hit by any of the returned bullets from Cassie's bracers, but he does try a different tactic --

    He throws a balloon. It appears to be a normal water balloon -- it's a shallow toss, to splash down in front of the young superheroes and start steaming on the sidewalk, growing quite hot in a chemical reaction with the air!

    "Missed her --" he growls from his place, half hiding behind the door of the SUV!

    THe second SUV is taken down by heat vision, its front tires bursting from the heat, bumping up and then scraping with sparks behind it before it skids to a stop, and two doors open, acting as shields as they open fire on Conner.

Conner Kent has posed:
"Phoebe, take my hand... good," so many bullets. Conner is not fast enough to catch them, like Bart would. And that trick with the bracers? Nope, he doesn't get how Cassie does it. Must be magic.

So, instead he lets his telekinesis shield Phoebe. Some bullets ricochet on the shield, and a few more on his skin. The leather jacket? Yeah, gets some holes. This one lasted 17 days.

Since Rose seems to be on trouble, he directs his heat vision to Goo-Grossman the super-goon. Not enough to vaporize him, but hopefully enough to give him the equivalent to a nasty burn.

Rose Wilson has posed:
Rose Wilson struggles in place against the Goo and holds up her arms defensive as she it closes around her. The tendrils of goo wrap around her arms and she's no longer able to slash with her sharpass sword to defend herself. She's suddenly off her feet, being carried toward the dark, dank SUV of terror, and she thrashes about. She grabs the sidewall of the SUV to halt this process and the goo spins around her waist to redouble its strength to pull Rose to her doom. She has a clamp grip on the doorwall and grits her teeth, thinking she should have stayed in the back, or stayed at home, dammit. She thinks over the ways she's going to take out her annoyance on the team. As Conner tries to help her, she tries to take advantage and pull free of the goo but that seems to be her last strategy because it doesn't seem to be working as is.

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
It's the little plop of liquid that stops Cassie from just mashing the first SUV, at least instantly. She has no idea what those chemics are, but her instincts say 'not good.' The last time she fought a chemical person, she first #1 nearly choked to death, and #2 then got set on fire (granted, by an ally trying to stop #1). So she swerves clear of it, and around toward the back of the first SUV. "I'm gona try and pull 'em lose," she calls over to Rose, although the logic here may be a little bit weird. Will draging the SUV around help Rose get free or just drag her with it? Or can she pull Goo-Man out with her?

Either way, Cassie gets her hands under the carriage of the thing and lifts it a short ways, rocking it off its wheels on the nearer side. This should help keep the person inside from shooting (since that window will be facing upward, shortly) and maybe yank goo-dude around a bit? She doesn't know. By now, she has the lasso coiled on her wrist, lookin worriedly at Rose. Yeah, that seems like a two-fer-one zap situation, friendly-fire wise.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Phoebe is covered by the shield, and partially by Conner. She holds her breath, caught in the nightmare of bullets, her hand squeezing tightly against Conner's as she braces at his side. That usual tingly feeling that accompanies her healing power is now more like an angry buzzing feeling, like holding onto an electric buzzer for far, far too long as she begins to pull away slightly.

    Goo Dude is trying his best to not let Rose free, but with that blast of heat vision there's a loud "ARGH!" sound and the smell of burnt hair and plastic. The goo immediately retracts and releases from Rose, the man falling backwards in his seat as he reverts to his kindly, non-descript human form, and then the SUV is lifted, rocking off its wheels and then tilted to the other side!

    "CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP!" the gunman can be heard saying in litany, over and over as the car is pushed over.

    Goo tries to wrestle free, flowing upwards in a loose loop of grossness as he screeches "Should have just got in the damn car!"

Conner Kent has posed:
"Lets get out of here, hmm?" Conner smiles to Phoebe, wrapping an arm around her waist. "I think Rose and Cassie can handle the goons, but they are after you, anyway, so they might try to follow us."

Which won't be easy if they don't fly. Although Conner is only going to a nearby rooftop. He doesn't want to lose sight of the other two women, in the case the would-be kidnappers have more problematic super-humans.

Rose Wilson has posed:
Rose Wilson has such a deathgrip on the door that she launches herself backwards into the snow/slush/mud when the goo releases her. She lands on the sheetside with a plop, right into the wet stuff. She's covered in goo residue, water, snow, ice and cuts/bruises from the fight, but she still frowns like a bitch wanting someone to get hurt.

She leans up from the ground and frowns as Cassie just starts shaking the SUV like a little rattle, "Blow that damn truck up!" she lets out angrily, "This is where I need a utility belt. Where does he get all those toys, anyway?" she wonders, thinking Batman would have a cool trick to save everybody, when she's only got a sword.

Rose gets up from the ground and slashes at the van with her sword like it's an axe, trying to puncture that gas and blow everybody up, or start a big fire. She looks around for thugs to slash or STAB. MUST STAB.

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
"Uh I'm sure our big 'S' could blow them up just fine if he wanted, we're probably trying not to kill everyone in the area?" Cassie opines to Rose, who is now apparently trying to spill the gas of the SUV now that she's... helpfully? Exposed its underbelly. "Especially cuz there's like, a lot of people in these houses around us."

That said, Cassie's shaking the car has had some of the effect she wanted, apparently rattling the gunperson within to some degree, which she hopes might give them some second thoughts on trying to repeat it. Sometimes you have to -show- people you can flip a car before they're willing to take you seriously, y'know? Also, now that Goo-Man is free of Rose, scared off by the first blast from Conner but still trying to wiggle free of teh vehicle, she takes advantage.

Leaving it sitting on its side, she steps back, and tosses the lasso up at the window he's wriggling free of. She has no idea if he's fully liquid or has to stay as one piece, but if she can even make contact with the lasso, well...

ZAP? Maybe that will be enough 'sparks' to make Rose happy!

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Problematic Super-humans... like the goo guy? He snarls as Conner loops an arm around Phoebe and draws her away, up they go to a nearby rooftop, where someoen from the open window below shouts out --

    "Phoebe! Are you causing trouble?!"

    "No Mrs. Gersham, it found me!"

    "Atta girl! Give 'em what for!"

    Goo, on the other hand, is looping himself up like overstretched gak, a little see-through in some places, and arches up over the young heroines below him as he gives a deathly screech --

    The place smells like chemical reaction -- that hot stuff is still spreading, melting more snow on the sidewalk and causing the concrete to errode slightly -- but when he's hit with the lasso, the meta-human squeal slike a thousand pigs in a truck collision at the sparks!

Conner Kent has posed:
Conner smirks as Cassie gives Goo-Guy a dose of the Lightning Lasso. The gunners from the second SUV are still an issue, though. Where are they? There were also two or three motorcycles. So that is five or six unaccounted for goons. He glances at Phoebe and pulls his com from a pocket, attaching it to his ear. "Do you have your fighting staff? I don't like when I lose sight of the bad guys."

Rose Wilson has posed:
Rose Wilson stops a moment near Cassie, while she spouts off logical reasoning, and so Rose looks down at the gas puddle that's forming underneath the car, "Oh right, people in the houses," she notes, "Yeah..." she adds. She tries to think of a comeback to answer Cassie's sure reasoning but just frowns at her crazy mayhem instead.

She looks up as the goo monster looms over them and starts to grow, "Back up! Back up!" she lets out, remembering the grip that dang thing had on her. She backs up away from the busted ass SUV and clotheslines one random biker as he drives at her like an idiot, which is obviously not the best strategy for him. She kicks him in the jimmy while he's down.

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
Cassie had no idea if her logic would get through to Rose. It does seem to, which is good! But there's already some gas spilling out from beneath the vehicle, which is less good. Or extra-less good when she's electrocuting a dude! So her immediate reaction is to get clear of the gas before the two things combine and stuff gets really bad: she goes up! Up, still holding the lasso, and bringing her newly-zapped and now more tightly-lasso'd friend into the air with her, clear of the car itself.

"I think this dude is down for the count," she calls down from her lofty position, surveying the chaos beneath, including the one who shot at her crawling free of the wreckage to make for the other vehicle. "Looks like the others are running. Their vehicle is out of comission, right?" She saw Conner zapping the tires. So with that knowledge, she doesn't actually look concerned they're get too far. "I don't know, I say we keep our girl safe and let the police play cleanup. I can bowtie this guy for the cops."

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    "Technically yes, practically no --" Phoebe replies to Conner, looking over at him a moment before she grips her hand a moment.

    "I can only keep it going for about twenty minutes of fight time but --" she points at a flat topped building with a chimney "IF they haven't removed it, I have a spare over there--" she pauses a moment. "How's your throwing aim?"

    The motorcyclist had tried to get the drop on the two girls, but got clotheslined for his efforts! There is a loud grunt before the sport bike takes off on its own, wobbling and then skids to a stop on its side.

    The second motorcyclist seems content to hang back and watch the mayhem unfold, as the gunner from the first SUV is trying to make his way to the second SUV. The police sirens are near now, flashing red and blue as GCPD arrive on the scene of -- a superhero turf war?

    "Ah... station? We're going to need some back-up -- can they light that signal during the day?"

    Goo, on the other hand, doesn't seem content to just be electrified. He groans, his goop beginning to flow around the loop in the lasso and tries to flow downwards.

    "N-not... yet... gotta... get... the girl..." it groans, and then releases itself in a massive, leaking, gross rainshower of flesh-colored putty goo -- heading right for poor Rose again!

    Meanwhile, gasoline from the car has hit the chemical reaction on the sidewalk, and the vapours ignite -- quickly trailing back over the street to the tipped over SUV!

Rose Wilson has posed:
Rose Wilson frowns, "No, they're running away! We have to stop them!" she says in an aggressive way, as if forgetting what Cassie said a minute ago. She grabs for the shooter as he runs for the second SUV, and slashes at him if he tries anything funny, "Get over here!" she says as she grabs for him wildly.

"We can't just /let/ them go!" she tells Cassie. She puts up her hand as the fire flash blazes all around her, "Dang! Cassie, watch it!" she lets out in surprise. Having stopped, she looks up as the goo comes raining down on her, "SHIT!" she says, and stab/slash/goes crazy on it, with her sword.

Conner Kent has posed:
"Twenty minutes is an eternity in a fight like this," points out Conner. "Oh, there are the bikes... bike now. Yeah, I think that guy is going to bail." Not so one of the gunmen, but he is no match for Cassie or Rose. Conner considers his heat vision again, but he is running low on solar energy after three shots. Gotham is always so cloudy he recharges slowly.

"Watch out, Ro... Ravager!" He yells. But he has missed the first SUV might blow up at any moment."

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
Cassie's bowtie plan has a big of a snag when Goo-dude goes all drippy again. She gives the lasso another jolt, but this time, he really does come fully apart, and there's simply nothing left for the lasso to hold. So she's left holding the lasso- and no target. "Ugh this guy. We need like... a barrel or something." Admittedly, she's been in a bit of a cocky mood, talking about cleanup and not taking the threat of the guys too seriously, up until the dude slips free. It's when she looks down to see him fall over Rose that she spots the bigger problem.

"Shitshit," she suddenly announces. So much for them getting a kids show! "GONNA BLOW GET CLEAR." And then she drops. She's not really sure if she can stop the backtracking flicker of flame along the gas puddle, since a reaction like that can go pretty fast, but she tries her best, cratering into the pavement between it and the gas tank to see if she can break the 'fuse', as it were.

If not? Well, she got shot by an alien space ship. Can it really be any worse than that?

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Goo continues to rain down on Rose, who probably now wishes she had an umbrella and not a sharp-ass sword.

    And then --


    There's a thundering sound as the SUV's gas tank gets lit, and blows out. There's screaming from the buildings, windows get cracked from the shockwave as the SUV goes up, with Rose and Cassie right nearby!

    More fire, the smell of singed hair and burning flesh as some of the flaming flotsam hits Goo, who pulls himself together enough to start trying to slither towards a streetdrain!

    The other gunmen are now facing off against police. The last biker has slipped off elsewhere, by now, not willing to risk their neck in spite of the money.

    Phoebe was not thrown; instead she's taken cover behind a chimney, her hands over her head again at the exploding of the car!

Conner Kent has posed:
"Yeah, this is over, they are fleeing," mutters Conner, "I am going to check Rose is okay," he tells Phoebe. "Be watchful, there might be a greedy straggler or something. Keep the com open, please."

Conner jumps down the building, making a three point landing not to crack the pavement (or break his boots). Then heads towards where Rose was before the explosion to help her stand. He figures Cassie can take this and more. "You okay?" He asks, loudly in the case she has her ears ringing. "If you need help, I'll carry you back. Otherwise I am going to try to put down the fire."

Rose Wilson has posed:
The goo lands on her and she slips on it as the SUV goes up and EXPLODES, so everything is set on fire and she's sent flying like in a damn cartoon. "Waaaaa!" she lets out. Her sweetass sword flies from her hand while she's a tumbling mess of mayhem, and cracks, breaks and burns in the fire.

Rose flips head over heels through the air and lands on the ground with a splut, her jacket on fire. She rolls a bit to put it out. It's now a ratty piece of crap. She's full of mud and burns. If the goo is still around, she's probably in trouble because she can't really defend herself at the moment.

"****** Conner....I'm gonna kick your ***** ass..." Rose mutters dizzily, trying to stand up but can't, "Get bent..." she says to him and folds onto the ground with a splut.

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:

Cassie, at least, is expecting the explosion to a degree, less than certain her effort will stop it. So she lands in a somewhat guarded stance, head down and bracers crossed. The blast washes across her, doing a strange thing where it seems to 'part' slightly at the juncture of her arms, as if they were a larger obstacle than two wrist-sized pieces of metal. Its a Diana trick she's -slowly- working on. Her body also ends up being closer to the blast that some of her teamates, so, perhaps for Rose's sake, she gets it a bit more point-blank.

Still, her block isn't perfect, and without quite enough time to dig in properly, some of the energy that she doesn't disperse does throw her backward, sending her skid-bouncing toward where Conner joins Rose. Some of her clothes are seared and smoking, but unlike said alien blast, her flesh hasn't been left doing the same.

"That's why- with the not exploding the cars," she mutters. "I think drippy is getting away- I can't really hold him." Her options are usually #1 zap, and #2 hogtie, and she's TRIED those!

After a moment, she gets up onto her feet, patting down part of her jacket that is on fire. "I'm gonna go help the cops with the last few-" And then off she sails toward wherever they've re-engaged.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Phoebe is shaking, her comm picking up a soft gasp -- and then nothing.

    There are now firefighters and ambulences, HAZMAT and SWAT, all converging on Chelsea. There's no way this was going to be hidden from the Bat.

    Two ruined SUV's. One ruined bike. Burn marks, broken windows, three arrests of the gunmen, one of a biker, and a missing goo person.

    Cassie tanked the gass explosion like a pro. Super Boy cracks the pavement as Ravager curses him out.

    And Phoebe, overseeing it all from a rooftop is struck into the shadows -- until she's not, slipping away before the Police can see her... after all, she's a missing person.

Conner Kent has posed:
"Gotcha, Cassie. I'll take Rose and Phoebe home," replies Conner. He picks up Rose. "Don't stab SUVs like this, they get prickly," he teases, flying with the white-haired girl in his arms. Then to the com, "Rose needs your help, P", he states, trying to find Phoebe for some healing magic before bringing them both to the Roost.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    "I'm ahead of you; bring her to the medbay so I can clean out the wounds before I heal her up." Phoebe comes in over the comms. "I didn't want to stay too long... one neighbor seeing me may be enough."