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=The Doctor makes House Calls
Date of Scene: 12 January 2021
Location: Pym's Mobile Lab
Synopsis: Tibetan tea and sympathy is had.
Cast of Characters: Hank Pym, Anthony Druid, Saeko

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym is working away. He already feels the manic intensity slipping away. He needs that edge. Too many problems not enough Hank. One problem was dealt with for now. The silver bracelet he wore is now a wide metal cuff with a more elaborate read out... and ICE numbers. He moves from a brain analysis to bloodwork, to an electronic gadget that, he really has no way to test yet. He needs time. He moves from the three work stations as his stream of consciousness dictates. Work gets done. Specialization is for... insects.

He can feel it. this fall into depression is going to be a bitch.

Anthony Druid has posed:
Anthony Druid floats down, his legs positioned in the lotus style, cloak flowing behind him. His balding head is framed by a massive collar, pointed at the tips, the Evil Eye emblem emblazoned along the center of his surprisingly fit chest atop his costume.

"Herr Doktor! There has been a disturbance in the wards around your lab. Perhaps a side effect of the power of extradimensional science and the application of your singular genius. Nonetheless, I, Anthony Druid, shall repair these boundaries for your own safety and security, lest you fall prey to preternatural forces beyond even your exceeding comprehension!"

"Also, I brought you some tea," he says, gesturing towards a silver salver and a pot floating in his wake. "Tibetan butter tea, very soothing, very healing. Unless you're lactose intolerant."

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym frowns. "Now one second... let me explain about that. There's a reason for that. You see Doctor... I did magic. By accident. I was doing an equation, trying to create a mathematical model for hope and it invoked someone. She's been a tremendous help for me... I want her to stay. If you wait a minute, I'll call her and you can judge for yourself... I mean I had her to the house already and checked with another mystic I know. Hang on... Oh the tea sounds great. Thank you." Hank fiddles in his pocket for the paper he copied the equation onto.

Saeko has posed:
Was it warning, a call, or coincidence? Hard to know at first. That 'equation' may indeed still be scrawled on a nearby whiteboard or it might have been long erased, but the 'gap' in the wards still remained, essentially a 'back door' she had a key to. The fact that Anthony had been called in to repair it at the same moment? A turn of fortune certainly. There was the muted flare of light, a swirl of some ghostly light behind the pair as they spoke and suddenly there was another presence in the room.

Lazily sitting on the edge of one discarded desk, Saeko was dressed a little more traditionally for what she was. No accountant disguise, no illusion magic, tails and ears on fully display and her form wrapped in that shortened yukata. She looked -exactly- as she'd looked in the recent battle against those doppleganger horrors.

Almost exactly anyway. The plastic cup containing brightly colored 'Bubble tea' was a new one.

Inhuman eyes blink, a little look of suprise as she finds the lab baring a new visitor.

Anthony Druid has posed:
Anthony Druid is about to respond to Hank's explanation when Saeko's presence suddenly makes most of his words superfluous. Which doesn't mean he won't say them anyway. Druid does like to hear himself talk. "Accidental magic? My word, I don't know that I've ever encountered such a thing and I once studied at the feet of the Ancient One himself. I would be curious to examine this equation to see precisely how it created such a summoning or, indeed, how it enticed such a lovely creature into your presence."

His legs unfold and he bows deeply, "Greetings to you, strange one. I am Dr. Anthony Druid, a practitioner of the mystic and healing arts and a reserve member of the illustrious Avengers. I mean no offense in coming in repair of the laboratory's wards, it is simply part of my duties."

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym smirks, "The bunch in the mansion break a fair amount of things. 'Let me get that button with a blast arrow! No- I'll use my shield!"' in a couple of fair imitations. He mimes shooting and throwing. Anyway, allow me to introduce Saeko-san. She came to me at a very dark hour, giving me hope. She's a friend. I want her to have access... please Doctor. Hank takes Dr. Druid by the arm. "You must know what it's like, to have skills... perceptions... intellect that set you apart. People nod and smile when you talk but... you're a pear and everyone else is an apple. They have no idea... what you feel. Or that you have feelings at times. You... find a person who can get you out of your shell and you grab at them like a drowning man and then, they go away. Like that Nine Inch Nails song."

Saeko has posed:
The floating mystic wasn't attacking nor accusing Saeko of being some sort of corrupting horror...how nice it was that some people had grown accustomed to the mystical with a little more open-mindedness than a few centuries ago. With drink in her hand and lazy reclaining somewhat tarnishing the whole 'divine' air about her, the Tenko lowers the beverage and folds her hands in her lap, nodding her head lightly if not a little more shallowly than the bow he'd offered. Position or ego, hard to be sure, but she still offers introduction none the less.

"I am Saeko," she greets, "Tenko and servant of Inari. And occasional visitor to Doctor Pym, whom has called upon me."

After all, that 'Equation' was essentially a minor summoning circle at this point. It didn't -force- her to appear, but it was like a ringing phone to her mystic senses.

Her smile drifts a little, faltering from humorous but drifting to reassuring almost immediately as she bows her head. "I simply helped remind you Hank, of who and what you are. Something you demonstrated yet again in your recent actions in the city."

Anthony Druid has posed:
Anthony Druid smiles as Hank leads him along, "I'm not familiar with the group, beyond their reputation. I tend to prefer Enya. Or Mumford and Sons. Lovely lads, they came on the show once," he says. His British accent is faded a bit by his time in the colonies, but still prominent enough. "I know what it is to be different, yes, Hank. My mind may not have the polished brilliance of your own singular intellect but I, too, was always drawn in directions unexpected. Not many medical students take leaves of absence to studio with yogis in India. Well, they didn't used to. A few have tried to follow in my footsteps, although none yet with my degree of success."

To Saeko, he gives a broad smile, "If you offer comfort to the good doctor, I must offer you thanks. He has suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune more than most. As a healer of the mind, I understand that, too often, we are our own worst enemies. But we can also be our greatest friends, should we find the capacity to offer ourselves grace."

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym steps over to Saeko, "I heard reports that I thought sounded familiar of an unknown person at the Central Park battle. I'm glad you're all right. Those creatures were pretty serious. And it's always nice to see you. This s Dr, Druid. I want him to leave a back door in the wars if he can for you. Failing this... I will get you visitor's access. Nobody cares what I'm up to anyway." He says that with wink to prove he is joking. Haha! But his eyes are troubled. Too little sleep, too much work and physical problems wear on him.

Saeko has posed:
"It is a strange world," Saeko muses, gesturing to herself as she reaches for her drink and sips it lightly. "When there are things far more eye-catching than a woman with fox-tails conjuring mystic fire to destroy monsterous abominations...But that simply makes it more interesting. No?" Anthony's thanks earn a nod, a light smile and a shrug of her partially bared shoulders. "I am not a physician, I offer blessings and guidance, inspiration and hope to those who call...even if accidently." A nod towards Hank, the Kitsune woman smiles before taking another sip of her drink, offering a little 'pop' of one particular 'bubble' from her drink against her teat before she looks back to Hank.

"Perhaps it would do you well to take some time out of the lab?" she offers lightly, "for things other than a crisis. A 'break' to enjoy the city, perhaps a meal? I have found inspiration can often come in quiet reflection...but this city is somewhat more lacking in the mountain Hot Springs that were more popular centuries ago. Perhaps a simple 'Coffee and cake' break?"

As for access, the Tenko tilts her head. "I believe I do own more mundane means of communication...somewhere. I did own a phone at one point."

Anthony Druid has posed:
Anthony Druid nods, "The lady speaks wisely. While I could make exceptions for her in the wards, every such specificity leaves cracks and openings in the overall protection that could then be exploited by other less pleasing entities with similar characteristics. If only there were such a thing as mystical DNA. I suppose there might be, in the hues and nuances of the individual aura, but, alas, such things are not so easily broken down as physical compounds. Rightfully so. The mystical approach is holistic by nature, seeking syncretic solutions rather than divisive. At least, the best kinds of magick do. I cannot speak for the unholy arts."

"Saeko, you clearly have much wisdom. She's right about the benefits of fresh air and rest and distraction. Humans are not creatures of mere labor. Look at our brothers the apes. They jest, they frolic, they slumber with ease, untroubled by the constant, unceasing toil which we invent to keep our minds constantly aflutter. I might also suggest a dose of meditation, to help clear the mind and ease the spirit."

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym says, "JARVIS, holo display my schedule please." The AI complies bringing up a weekly schedule with indeed break periods clearly marked and red boxes indicating noncompliance beginning a few days ago. "I was using scheduling, work, breaks, exercise and meditation until... this day, when the latest secret crisis war occurred. I'm needed now. My own concerns are secondary. But at the same time... the meditation and such was helping with my own problem, Bipolar Disorder. That has to wait. I have to find answers! before I crash and suffer depression... because then I'm no good. Not to Nadia, not me. Not to anyone. I need answers. For the invasion, for my BPD, for my powers killing me... I..." He fumbles at his metal wrist band, where several lights flash yellow. The scientist seems to be barely aware of his companions. "The BPD meds screw up my powers, my powers are killing me, which makes my BPD worse. A negative spiral no feedback loop... it's a feedback loop causing a downward spiral. I'm an idiot."

Saeko has posed:
"You are not an idiot," the observation comes from the fox, Saeko finally slipping herself off the desk to stand and waving her hand lightly in a gesture that makes the cup she'd been drinking from vanish to who-knows-where. Adjusting her attire lightly, she continues speeking. "You are a good man who has put pressures on himself and forgotten that he is not alone, and that he has a team to fall back on." A pause, she looks towards Anthony before speaking once more. "You need to do good, wish to help and do not wish to stop at the cost of yourself, but your team...your friends are not doing nothing. If you do not rest, you do not recover. You will be able to do what you need if you rest when you need to, and allow others to help when you need to."

A beat, she lifts her hands lightly. "An empty tea cup offers no cure to thirst until you take the time to refill it after all. And you may find that taking time to quiet your mind and refocus will help you find what you seek."

Anthony Druid has posed:
Anthony Druid nods in agreement with Saeko's wisdom, "No one would mistake you for any sort of fool, Hank. You are overburdened, yes, and perhaps of your own doing. Your desire to achieve and to live up to your own expectations of yourself pushes you to the brink. I suspect some of the edges of your bipolar disorder, its more manic aspects, might play their own part in fraying at the threads of your peace."

"Your schedule need not be a prison. Taking time for yourself is no sin. You mentioned your daughter - being there for her includes maintaining your own well-being so that you might be the father you wish to be to her. I have not had the blessing of children myself, to my knowledge, although I hope, often, that some paramour of my past might step forward to surprise me with the unexpected fruit of my loins."

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym turns to Druid then. "Oh doc, you have no idea... it's wonderful, she's... wonderful. I love her, she's brilliant. She breaks my heart because the moment I met her she started to slip away. She... doesn't need me. Janet and the Titans made sure of that. She's told me she's going to see the world and..." Hank stops and rubs his eyes. He takes a deep breath.

"I hate this. I hate all of this. I hate my own rotten head. I hate my life. My teammates... mean well but... I can do a countdown practically till I lose them in a conversation. I... I'm not easy to get along with. I realize this... but... I had enough. You're both right. I need a rest from all this. Let the Panther or the daughter have that sensor. They can finish it. You know what? I'm done!"

With that the wristband is torn off and flung into a monitor which shatters with a pop. Hank takes a deep breath and begins to shrink.

Saeko has posed:
A little shift, ears flatten and her tails flair a little bit in suprise as Hank begins to shrink after his outburst.

He might shrink fast, perhaps too fast, but Saeko does reach out to try and place a hand on Hank's shoulder. "We are here, I am here, and if you wish to be alone you can be. Otherwise, I would suggest you join me for a meal when you are ready."

The hand withdraws, if it had landed at all and she steps backward with a glance to Anthony again. "Independence of your children is not a failure on you, simply proof they can flourish."

Anthony Druid has posed:
Anthony Druid is a bit startled by the sudden shift in Hank's nature and size but he doesn't intervene, the serenity of the sage always at present in his heart. "I've no doubt that the young Pym can do quite well on her own. But those ties of affection can be among our most potent fuel in times of trouble."

"You should do as you please, yes, Hank, but remember that there are those who care for you and about you. Do not let your self-loathing blind you to the concern of others willing to share your burdens and your strife."

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym's shrinking is not nearly as fast as usual. It seems to pain him. Saeko's hand manages to touch his shoulder and he stops and returns to normal, though it is almost as though he was a man swimming underwater who suddenly surfaces gasping for breath. "Anthony, they neither know or care about my burdens. I was missing for two weeks and held prisoner on an alternate Earth aaaand they assumed I was working here. I can't blame them entirely. I am not sociable sometimes. Few people make the effort. I... don't want to talk about my daughter anymore. It's complicated. It's a mess. I was doing so well. Isn't that always the way. You figure let's take a vacation in Greece and you run into a cyclops, that turns out to be a robot, used by alien invaders. Bye-bye vacation. You have a kid, but she's spirited away by actual Soviet hold outs to become an assassin." He grabs Saeko's hand and tries to smile at her. "They can't pay you enough to deal with me, sweetie fox."

Saeko has posed:
"I am not here as an emissary of Inari," Saeko offers, laying a hand over the one that grasps her own. "So...I'm not requiring an offering...I'm not paid." A smile returned, she's happy enough to drop off the topic of Hank's daughter to instead shrug. "I am here as a friend, offering you company and food."

She smirks, gesturing to herself. "Emperors and high-priests have vied for the same from Tenko with no success you know..."