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Alien Ant Farm, One Hit Wonder
Date of Scene: 13 January 2021
Location: Scott Lang's House
Synopsis: Scott clashes with himself to save Cassie, from himself. Then Maxima arrives to make everything far more complicated and bloody.
Cast of Characters: Scott Lang, Maxima

Scott Lang has posed:
It had been a few days of frantic, terrified searching for his kidnapped daughter. A few days of learning about the alternate Earth and its twisted versions of people finding their way here, hoping to take over their lives. A few days, of nothing. As Scott returned home he looked worse than he ever had in prison, having neither shaved nor bathed since Cassie had gone, barely having eaten with a sick feeling in his gut. Where could they have gone? Where could his baby girl be? He trudges up the stairs and looks into her room, his bloodshot eyes scanning the pink and purple stereotypes of a girl's room she had. The stuffed animals, the bright and happy pictures on the walls, her colorful collection of children's books, her dollhouse covered in spiky mutant ants with its little plastic kitchen and plastic prison cell, her adorable little shoe collection of...wait.

Scott's eyes swing back to the dollhouse in disbelief. The ants on it were like none he had ever seen and even as he snaps his helmet up he finds they don't respond. But they seem to be looking at him. But more importantly was the little colorful prison cell in the dollhouse that occupied what used to be the dining room. Huddled in the middle of it were several tiny people. None more important than his daughter. "Cassie..." Scott barely whispers as he takes a step into her room, then promptly is knocked to the ground by a blow from behind, a man looking very much like him but in a far darker and somehow more sinister version of his suit standing behind him wielding a metal bat.

"Hey Scotty, what's yours is mine," hisses the would be replacement.

Maxima has posed:
Things might seem like they cannot possibly get any worse, but fortune does not smile on Scott Lang this day. Or perhaps it does in a twisted Monkey's Paw sort of way. For at that moment when all seems lost there is a crashing sound from above and a shower of shingles, drywall, and plaster raining down into the doom as a figure he may wish he didn't recognize, the amazonian red headed warrior crown princess of the Almeracian Empire, Maxima, comes crashing through both roof and ceiling to float there in the center of the room as the dust clears.

"Scott Lang! I will not be denied!" She bellows. Though as both her eyes and psychic senses take in the scene she soon has another question, "Why are there two of you?" She looks between Scott and DoppleScott, "And why are you fighting yourself?" It is all very odd.

Scott Lang has posed:
Doppel-Scott has the bat raised for another blow when the ceiling gives way to a hovering redhead. His helmet is down revealing Scott's usual features albeit with a scar here and there the one Maxima is more familiar with lacks. "What in the..." he gets out before a blast from Scott's gauntlet catches him in the middle of the chest and sends him into the hallway.

Normal Scott scrambles to his feet with a groan and looks in alarm for the dollhouse. Thankfully the debris has mostly missed it though the mutant ants guarding it seem agitated. His eyes darting between it and Maxima and back again. "Princess! No time to explain! Save the dollhouse!" he cries out pointing to the toy structure. At that moment a shrunken Doppel-Lang leaps back in, Maxima treated to the sight of Scott falling from a blow from his inch tall doppel. Soon Scott is also shrunken, the two of them leaping about the room as stuff clatters and falls about, tiny blasts of energy pinging here and there.

Maxima isn't forgotten though as she might soon feel the presence of the mutated ants leaping upon her. Each bug is at least 3 inches long, far bigger than any normal ant, with jaws strong enough to tear through thin steel, and a bee-like stinger full of lethal venom. They begin trying to gnaw and sting at her as best they can. Meanwhile the mini-caged people in the pink dollhouse are on their feet, squeakily crying out for help. It was, a lot to take in.

Maxima has posed:
At first, Maxima seems content to watch the two Scott Langs do battle with each other. Who is she to interfere in honorable single combat after all? It is only when the mutant ants spring to attack her that her demeanor changes considerably.

"What are these insects?!" The floating alien space princess already seemed kind of annoyed, what with Scott having successfully refused her and and escaped during their last encounter, but now there are small things attempting to desecrate her royal personage!

The flash of deeper annoyance corresponds with a wave of telekinetic force and the entire house seems to groan a moment, but remains standing. The huge mutants ants, however, find themselves cast into the air cartwheeling end over end. That is until they suddenly stop, not because they hit anything, but as Scott is all too familiar with, they have been seized by the invisible force of Maxima's mind. "Filthy creatures, you think yourselves to be worthy foes of Maxima?! With the smallest thought I could crush you."

The warrior princess then looks down towards the dollhouse and it floats up to her waiting hand. Bringing it towards her face she begins peering in through the windows curiously, perhaps trying to figure out why it is so important.

Scott Lang has posed:
"You called in help?! You're a coward Scott, fight your own battles!"

"You put together a whole classroom full of bad guys disguised as kids and kidnapped people!"

"That was a clever plan, it's different!"

"It's not!"

"It is!"

"It is not!"

So goes the witty repartee between the dueling fathers as their epic battle rampages around a little girl's bedroom, energy blasts and fisticuffs supplemented by throwing toys and children's clothes. All literally in the shadow of Maxima as they vault about, at times changing sizes as they zip up and down in scale trying to gain an advantage.

"Just as well, not like I came alone either. One thing I was able to keep when you weren't you pitiful man. A wife," sneers Doppel-Scott. The woman who appears in the doorway at his words is, sure to draw the eye at least. Dressing like most supervillainesses do certainly helps, her figure far more athletic than Scott's ex Maggie had ever been in this reality. Except there were other differences. Disturbing differences. Like one arm appearing to be a praying mantis foreleg of massive proporption. Or what appear to be dripping mandibles protruding from her mouth. And then there's the scar along her forehead. "Course, it's not like I gave her the choice," taunts the deranged version of himself.

There was little to no thought patterns running through her head to give any psychic warning of her presence. In the dollhouse meanwhile the tiny people have gotten to their feet, screaming and jumping up and down, trying to get Maxima's attention, Cassie included. "Behind you! Behind you!" they squeak out as the insectoid Maggie attacks...and with something more than just bug limbs. A shrinking disc like the one Scott uses to shrink and enlarge objects is in her hand and thrust towards Maxima. The kind of disc Scott doesn't use on living things because without a suit to protect them or some tolerance built up, it can be dangerously debilitating.

Maxima has posed:
Maxima raises an eyebrow as she peers into the dollhouse, "Fascinating, I did not think this world had anything so exotic as living dolls Scott Lang! I can see why you would value them so highly. Such adorable pets."

"They seem quite excitable though." Maxima isn't really sure what to make of the dollhouse residents jumping up and down and waving their arms. It is difficult to hear their voices though their thoughts do manage to get through to her, but even with super speed she is a fraction of a second too late as the disc makes contact with her back.

"Another would defile the person of Maxi.." The rest of her speech is cut off by the size shift. And just like that, Maxima becomes Minima, a very angry Minima.

The mutant ants still floating in the air suddenly seem to explode in unison, like they were all crushed by an invisible clenched fist. The now tiny alien warrior princess then turns her attention on Scott's Ex-wife Mantis Edition. Far from making Maxima easier to deal with, her condensed mass has transformed her into essentially a living bullet, one that proceeds to tear through one side of Maggie and out the other several times at all different angles turning her into Mantis swiss cheese!

"You dare?! YOU DARE?!?!" Squeaks the tiny raging space warrior princess.

Scott Lang has posed:
Both the Scotts stop their battle in unison at the horrific sight of Maxima tearing apart the atrocity that is Maggie even as ant guts rain down around them. Doppel-Scott is the first to speak as he looks at his twin and points an accusing finger back at Maxima.

"You brought someone like that to save your daughter?!"

"I didn't bring anything! She wasn't supposed to be here!"

"You're insane."

"Alright this is getting dumb," snipes Scott back at his doppel. The two by now are standing on Cassie's bed, and he plants his foot in the unicorn covers and gives a hard slide back. The more evil Scott loses his footing and falls on his back, the two soon entwined again in a grapple.

Maggie meanwhile is no more as she collapses with a gurgle, looking strangely at peace with her death. One can only imagine what horrors she'd been subjected to. The dollhouse drops from the sky as well, the people inside screaming as most of it shatters on the ground, though the added cell they were in stays intact, rolling on the floor.

"DADDY~?" comes a warped and warbling voice.

Doppel-Scott begins to laugh as his counterpart looks up in alarm. "Not that it matters who you brought. My baby will take care of them. In here sweetie!" he calls out. Normalish Lang growls out and does what he should have done a while ago, pressing the button on his doppel's collar that cuases his helmet to retract, and then headbutting him with his own metal headwear. The doppel was out. What wasn't was what comes into the doorway next.

"MOMMY?~ DADDY?~" trills the creature. It was more bug than human. All except the face that seemed almost grown onto it like a terrible grafting job. The thing blinked at least ten different eyes strewn across its body, various antenna sniffing the air as it takes in the scene. And then focuses on the tiny Maxima covered in its 'mother's' blood. "MOMMY!!!" it shrieks in a deafening tone that seems to reverb in their heads, every bit of insect life in ten miles suddenly on alert and heading their way as it charges at Maxima. Its carapace glistens. It was something far more dangerous than its mother ever was as it looks crash right through Maxima and out the far wall.

Maxima has posed:
"I grow tired of this!" Squeaks the tiny Minima, having dispatched 'Maggie' with the ferocity of a rampaging bullet, as the two Scott's continue to argue. The bug sized lady is angry, she is also moving so fast that the human eyes has a very hard time keeping up.

Hitting the alien warrior princess at this size was wishful thinking from the start, if anything it made her more dangerous as she zips around with all of that power and force applied to a smaller surface area.

The rampaging Cassie creature is met with focused laser-like optical blasts as Maxima zips about. Though when the thing keeps charging out of the far wall, she turns her very angry attention towards where the Scott's are, scowling.

"Wake him up, it would be dishonorable to gut him while unconscious!"

Scott Lang has posed:
The creature goes smashing through the far wall and lands in the frontyard. It seems ungainly at first as if it bellyflopped, but it lifts itself back up on what seems like dozens of serrated legs and skitters about with more speed than something that size should possess. "MOMMY! DADDY!" it shrieks, a buzzing noise growing louder and louder. The light in the room despite the now far larger 'window' begins to dark as clouds of insects begin to blanket the air outside, swirling around the twisted form of 'Cassie' outside. Was it actually her? A lab experiment meant to replace her? Scott didn't know, he didn't WANT to know.

"We're not gutting him!" hollers back Scott as he removes his doppel's Pym particle supply and then grows to his own normal scale and approaches the fallen cell. Carefully he opens it up, removing the tiny people and his own daughter. Most of the people he can see are weak or sick, shrunk without concern for their well-being, Cassie the only one with some energy to her having gone through the process at least a couple times, albeit in far safer circumstances at Pym Labs. "We'll get you all back to normal soon as we can. Cassie keep everyone safe," Scott says warmly as he places them under a dresser for now to take cover. The plastic prison then serves for doppel-Scott, placed in a drawer after for a bit of extra security...tipped over with the drawer facing the floor to make it even harder, just in case he woke up.

That done he finally faces back to the miniaturized Maxima while the beast rages outside still gathering its minions. And growing a bit in size. Scott doesn't concern himself with it though, instead wagging a finger several times larger than she was in Maxima's face, a stern look etched on his own.

"You're gonna help me beat that thing, safely so everyone in here and out there walks away alive. And then you're going to stop smashing into my house and trying to steal my powers. And before you ask why, it's because I can already see you're getting smaller. You were hit with unstable Pym particles. I'd say in less than an hour you're going to blink out of existence and straight into the Microverse. So unless you want ME to save YOU, you're going to help ME save THEM. Now come on Princess Mighty Mite," Scott...commands of her?! His helmet snapping into place as he starts walking towards the hole to jump out at the rampaging creature.

Maxima has posed:
In a flash, Maxima is no longer where Scott remembered her being anymore. Instead the resized Scott finds a tiny and very angry red headed alien warrior princess standing on his nose, one foot on either side with her hands on her hips scowling.

"I need no help dispatching that creature. Now restore me! Or I will make you restore me and rip your secrets from your mind!"

It would likely be quite a comical sight were anyone to be watching, the tiny indignant woman dressing down a man almost one hundred times her size. "Do it swiftly and I may even forgive your previous transgressions!"

Scott Lang has posed:
"We don't have time for this you Tinkerbell Twit! I can't restore you properly without going to the lab. You are UNSTABLE. And we don't have time to go there and get back without this thing killing...LOOK OUT!" Scott hollers more for his own benefit than Maxima's as a car that was thankfully not his own comes sailing at them. He leaps to the yard below through the hole left by the monster and grows, the difference in size between him and Maxima only becoming more pronounced as she becomes an unseeable speck while he grabs the car out of the air.

By now the daughter monster is a good 30 feet tall. That should be no problem, Scott was already some 80 feet himself after growing, he dwarfed the...and then it lunged at him. Scott goes tumbling on his back in the street, the thing stronger than it looks, the car now serving as a shield between himself and its jaws, and it was tearing through that quickly.

The bug swarm was also going to work, fliers and crawlers alike converging upon him and starting to blanket him from head to toe. He tried briefly to switch on his own insect transmitters, only for a blow of feedback to come resonating into his head despite the safeties. Clearly the thing had more power than him on that front as well. Soon most of his body was a black writhing mass, the bugs unable to pierce the suit or do any real harm...at this size. But they were blinding him and clearly shrinking to get away from her would only put him at their mercy instead.

"If it kills me you're lost forever in the space between atoms!" Scott bellows, the monster insectoid letting loose another terrible screech, more steel torn apart. Seconds were left.

Maxima has posed:
Maxima does not like this, she does not like this at all. To say she is upset would be a vast understatement. No sooner has Scott left her to venture outside than he might find himself wondering about his life choices. Waves of telekinetic force can be felt washing out from the house like the prelude to the mother of all storms.

One can almost hear the climactic notes of Karl Orff's 'O Fortuna' as every car along the street begins to first shudder and shake, then together they all rise into the air. It may be hard to see Maxima at her tiny size, but it would seem her vast psychic powers have not diminished in the slightest. Unless this /is/ diminished... that's a scary thought.

The floating vehicles begin launching themselves at the giant bug girl, slamming into her one after another like she is trapped within an automotive blizzard. Hondas, Fords, pickup trucks, sedans, mini coups, even a Prius, the vehicles of Scott's neighborhood are an eclectic lot, that have now all been repurposed into a lethal game of flying bumper cars.

Scott Lang has posed:
The first few cars the mutant insectgirl seems to ignore but as more and more slam into it, and burning gas gets into the mix it becomes a rising concern, breaking off its attack on Scott to let out a roar and leaping off him, its hardened carapace showing cracks but not yet broken. It was made of tough stuff. Despite its size it seems to have no trouble locating Maxima as it focuses on her and lets out a screech. As does several hundreds of thousands if not millions of more normal-sized insects, those killed in the car assault not having seem to have even made a dent in their overall numbers, swarming towards the tiny Maxima like a living tornado.

Scott is more concerned with his own well-being as his enlarged body becomes a parking lot/junkyard though. "You could be careful!" he admonishes as he sits up, cars toppling off of him as he pats out a gas fire on his chest, along with enough bug guts to fill a hot tub. Spying a whole new danger as he wipes his goggles clean. Mantis forelimbs, scorpion pincers, spines, stingers, the bug monster had all of them strewn about its form. All now beginning to pulse in size like a strange optical illusion.

It took Scott a moment to comprehend what he was seeing. "That thing is producing some sort of unstable Pym particles like a venom," he whispers in disbelief. He was no scientific genius like Hank or Nadia, but he knew damn well that 'insanely dangerous' didn't begin to cover it. One of the poisoned limbs scraped a wrecked car, the center of the car expanding and shrinking several times over before it seemed to violently implode.

"Maxima! Don't let it touch you with those limbs!" he cries out. He couldn't let it touch ANYTHING he thought, reactions like that might wind up triggering a nuclear blast for all he knew. Scott takes a risk then, grasping an electric pole with a transformer at its peak. As he tears it off the ground sparks fly, any lights in the neighborhood go dark. He swings it down, an electrified mace on the back of the creature which cries out and begins to smoke, but still is very much alive.

Maxima has posed:
Maxima doesn't seem to be finished yet, at least if the cracks beginning to appear in the asphalt of the street is anything to go by, everything now starting to shake like a full on earthquake as she continues to release her unrestrained power. City Hall is NOT going to be happy about this.

A tunnel seems to appear through the mass of insects, a tunnel accompanied by splorching sounds like thousands of insects splattering against a windshild, if that windshield were Maxima surrounded by a forcefield and moving a hypersonic speeds as she carves a path towards the flailing giant bug girl. She's had enough.

A sonic boom shattering windows up and down the street follows in her wake as the bullet sized Maxima slams into the gigantic buggirl at somewhere in the neighborhood of Mach 8. The exit wound on the other side is... messy.

Arresting her forward motion, Maxima doesn't seem finished yet however and zips back in through the gaping wound as a pair of energy blades take shape in either hand and she proceeds to fly around within the monstrous doppleganger of Cassie, utterly pureeing her internal organs into so much bloody buggy goo. Before finally bursting forth triumphantly from one of the eye sockets!

The tiny space conqueror then flies over to stand on the lower lid of Scott's right eye, "Now. YOU WILL FIX THIS!"

Scott Lang has posed:
It was, not a pretty sight to say the least. Scott staggers back a step as that raw psychic force fills the area, even at this size able to feel the rumblings. Then watch in horror at what an angry Maxima can do. One that is presumably if not weaker, at least a bit less coordinated than she might normally be trying to deal with the shift in scale. Scott knew well enough it took some getting used to those first few times and even with that...this. He was not looking forward to the clean-up, and as the angry crimson pixie lands on his eye he gulps, his face pale. He controls his shrinking back down to a normal scale. It was now or never he knew, this was as vulnerable as he was likely to ever find her, and even now she could still kill him clearly. But it was the only leverage he had.

"I'll fix it, if you agree to what I said before. No attacking me and my family or trying to steal this tech for yourself any more after this. Otherwise...no deal. You can kill me, but you'll be lost as well," he reminds her. She didn't need to be psychic to feel his fear. But it might help her to realize he's also serious. He knew Hank or Nadia would find and restore his daughter later and take care of her along with his ex Maggie. But none of them could stop Maxima. This was the only chance he saw.

Maxima has posed:
Scott Lang may never know just how close he came to death or worse in that moment. Maxima stands there glaring, hands on her hips. "You are a fool to attempt to make demands of me Scott Lang, a belligerent, ill mannered fool. Yet you did not do this to me. So to honor your courage, I shall give you one of your Earth hours to fix this. If you can accomplish this I will consider it a service to Almerac and let you go. If you do not, I will consider it an act of aggression and destroy you. Is that clear? I suggest you hurry. I am not known for my patience."

Scott Lang has posed:
He wasn't quite sure she was agreeing to what he'd demanded, but it sounded better than her driving a hole through the middle of his head. Scott let out a sigh and focuses on her standing again on his nose like a furious lethal pixie. "Alright, I'll go get everyone else and we'll get over to Pym Labs and fix this," he agrees, watching her dwindle just a touch more in front of him. He hurries upstairs, gathering the victims and the other version of himself into a box and hurrying to the car. Emergency services were coming now, he needed to get away quick, too aware any delays might lead to a murderous miniature rampage.

As he speeds off to the lab one might hear him note, "You know you're almost cute like this, like a pissed off ladybug. C'mon quit frowning so much, how about a...AHHH LET GO OF MY FINGER, PLEASE DON'T TEAR IT OFF, AHHH!" the car doing a fair bit of swerving before things steady again. Within the hour a half dozen normal people leave Pym Labs, shaken but unharmed aside from some dehydrationa and mental trauma. Scott is hugging his daughter. And Pym Labs has a new skylight in the vague shape of a furious alien overlord.