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Meeting the Sidekicks
Date of Scene: 13 January 2021
Location: Lobby - Titan's Tower
Synopsis: Vorpal dumps Talia with the Titans for help. They learn a bit about her. She learns abit about them. They call the X-men. Pizza was had.
Cast of Characters: Talia Wagner, Donna Troy, Bart Allen, Nadia Pym-van Dyne

Talia Wagner has posed:
Since the Rabbit Hole landed just outside the tower, the trek to the lobby itself was just a couple of steps. Vorpal used those steps to hail Donna, letting her know that a new visitor that needed to be cleared was on the way.

Then he stops, looks back, and says "Excuse me a second, TJ."

On the other side of the Rabbit Hole, by the rooftop, the feline's hand pokes out of the Rabbit Hole and snatches a carry-out bag of Pastrami sandwiches, which had been set on the floor. "Almost forgot these!" he says, walking back and closing the hole behind him. "If I'd forgotten this, Gar would've married me just so he could divorce me."

Vorpal escorts Nocturne into the lobby and waits patiently with her until Donna makes her appearance. "Ah! That's my cue. Gotta deliver these," he shakes the bag lightly and grins, "I'll catch you later, TJ. Welcome to our particular neck of the... multi universe continuum, or whatever that's called."

He takes the elevator up, waving as the doors close.

Talia Wagner has posed:
Talia was definitely skeptical back in Manhattan. Still after waving goodbye to Mania who seems nice if slightly unstable and spikey, very punk symbiote really, she was willing to take a chance on the furry impersonator. Not that she is entirely one to talk though.

Regardless the young woman, covered in a velvety blue fur and wearing brown leather gear, followed the Cheshire Cat through his Rabbit Hole of all things to Titan's tower. While he is fetching his sandwhich she is staring up at the Giant T of a building. "Man only metahumans. You never see mutants putting up buildings like this... always Avengers Towers or Titans Towers or Spires of Justice." teasing tone as she waits. "The one time I saw a Young Justice one it was a big ol' Y shaped building. I really had to wonder how the upper floors worked with that one."

Might as well chat while she waits with Vorpal for the arrival of whomever can deal with this predictment and give her a phone a friend to the X-men that Terry promised. Not that he told anyone about that promise mind you.

Donna Troy has posed:
    TJ doesn't have too long to wait in the lobby, and it's actually a pretty interesting place to hang out. There are pictures of the team at various times during its existence on the walls, which might help clue her in as to what kind of organization this particular reality's version of the Titans is. If she's observant she'll notice a rather sudden jump - the roster appears to have remained fairly stable for a while, but the last few images have a whole lot more people in them.

    The elevator pings to reveal three new faces, with nary a Vorpal in sight. Whether TJ recognizes Waspette, Impulse or Donna, that's who she's got. Donna might be harder to recognize even if she is known to Nocturne from other realities, as she's very much not dressed in superhero garb, but rather in motorbike leathers, which is probably something to do with the fact that she was planning on a jaunt to New York on a bike when Vorpal had asked her to check out the mysterious, portal-hopping individual he had left in the lobby. She does have a golden lasso at her hip though.

    Donna strides out, looking at Nocturne curiously, and offers her hand. "Hello there, TJ is it? Vorpal asked me to uh... check you out. He says you're not an evil clone of someone from the dimension of evil clones we've been dealing with. I'm Donna Troy, welcome to Titans Tower. This is Waspette and Impulse."

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen nods, and looks TJ over, and cocks his head a bit to the side "Neat look." He is in costume, and is walking along beside Donna. He looks over to Donna, and says "If you need to get to where ever you were heading in a hurry after talking I can get you there." He offers to her. He does run over to one of the pictures with Wally in it, pulls out a marker, but thinks better of it, and puts the marker away and straightens the picture, before blurring back over to the others.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Since the portal detection system was brought online Nadia has begun venturing out of the lab more again, not the least of which because she wants a doppleganger to study for the next phase of her experiments. There is perhaps mild disappointment when the source of yet another set of portals is just Vorpal again rather than a doppleganger to capture.

Still the Waspette, still dressed in her suit, has wandered out to the common room to see what is going on, helmet tucked under one arm. "Hi, I'm Nadia!" She supplies helpfully, identity no real secret. "You look like a blue elf I met once. I think his name was Kurt and he liked swords."

Talia Wagner has posed:
TJ was using the time waiting to study the pictures of the team in the lobby indeed. It is really interesting to her at least seeing the fusion of different sidekicks. She honestly hasn't run into a Teen Team with someone like Impulse, Troia, Waspette, and Hawkeye on it. It doesn't often work that way in her experience. Which isn't exhaustive mind you. No one can have exhaustive experience with this. Multiverse. For the Record Cat who Ran off. Not Multi Universe Continuum.

She turns though at the arrival of the three and offers a smile, putting on her best look I am friendly not here to kill you all sort of smile. "I'm not really familiar with your current evil clone dimension invasion problem to be honest. The Kitty made it sound like it may be putting you all into a crisis though." pauses.

"Also he is a misleading feline, he told me you all could call the X-Men for me if I came back here with him, nothing about needing to clear me with ..." she tilts her head eyes going to Donna's side. "A biker version of Wonder Woman?" that side she actually extends her arm holding it out like she expects a lasso wrap. "Go for it."

Nadia's comment gets her attention though and she tilts her head. "Did he teleport around and sort of act like he wished he was a pirate?" she pauses "That's my dad." she notes. "Hope the meeting wasn't a bad one?" as an after thought.

Donna Troy has posed:
    "Go ahead Impulse, it's fine," Donna says with a grin, nudging his shoulder. "We laminate the pictures so ink can be wiped off. Started doing that shortly after Gar joined the team. Otherwise we always had mustaches. Except Raven. For some reason she was always spared. Oh, and Kori. Kori kept getting a goatee. I think that one was Hawk's doing, though."

    Donna watches Nocturne with an expression of curiousity, and can't help but give a broad smirk and the 'biker version of Wonder Woman' line. "I'm not Wonder Woman," she replies in an accent that sounds very like Wonder Woman's. "Donna Troy, as I said. Yes, we can put you in contact with the X-Men, though I am curious why you'd need our help contacting them if one of them is your father."

    Donna makes no effort to lasso Nocturne's arm. "So you haven't heard of Zhed'Zhud'Ger'Uth?" she asks. "The evil clones Vorpal mentioned come from a reality where that creature conquered the Earth some decades in the past. It's a problem, though I wouldn't go as far as to call it a crisis. The cat is rather dramatic. We already visited their dimension and dealt with Zhed'Zhud'Ger'Uth. The rest is just... mopping up."

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen considers it a moment longer, but does not,t here is someone new here and it aint his place, so he should be on at least semi decent behavior "I'm good, he aint been a jerk lately, so I will let him slide." He offers with a smile. He looks over, and says "I think I know a couple people who may have connections to them, at least one or two. " He will sub vocal over his mic for a moment, and looks over to the others."

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia considers that for a moment, "What do pirates act like? He did like swords." She shakes her head at the question of the meeting being a bad one, "No, he was really nice. That makes sense he was your dad, blue elf-ness must be hereditary." She's rather friendly, if a bit socially oblivious how some might take comments like this. For the moment though, she lets fearless leader Donna do the talking.

Talia Wagner has posed:
Talia squints a little bit when there is no effort to lasso her arm. She shrugs and lowers the offered limb and looks around before answering. "Never heard of Zhed'Zhud'Ger'Uth and I'm not from that dimension. As far as I know I am not anyone around here's extradimensional doppleganger." she looks back to the trio.

"Kurt here is not my Kurt, though I am glad he is really nice. It is .. complicated, but yeah heritary from my Grandmother and her choice in men I guess...." long story there and a shrug. "I am not an evil doppleganger but my team isn't from around these parts. Your teammate Vorpal equated it to one of your team named America Chavez I think?" a bit of a shrug there. "As I told him... us being here means your timeline is at substantial risk. Maybe you guys didn't kill this extra dimensional horror as dead as you imagined." a thoughtful look.

"Either way I don't have the X-men around heres numbers and I wasn't about to ask the Cat to Rabbit Hole me to the X-Men base... which may or may not be where I expect it to be."

She smiles over to Bart "So Impulse right, your the Flash's sidekick then..?" glances at Donna "Wonder woman's..." then to Nadia "And I'd assume Waspette is Wasp's of the Avengers..here.. The Cat said that there are Avengers and League here.. both?" she seems curious, mostly cause this is unusual.

Donna Troy has posed:
    Donna raises her hand, smirking slightly "Hold on, hold on. I'm not Wonder Woman's sidekick, I am Troia of the Titans. I was in the cape business before she was! She's totally /my/ sidekick." The smirk grows wider. "Well actually she's my sister. And yes, we have the Avengers, and the League, and the Titans, and the X-Men, and the Outsiders." They may not be one of the big four, but with one of them standing next to her, Donna's going to include them in the list.

    "Like America Chavez. So you hop between alternative realities", Donna says thoughtfully. Well, welcome to our dimension then. We didn't actually kill the dimensional horror, we just found a cure to his mental control, broke his hold on the version of Earth he had conquered, then threw him into space. Is there anything you can tell us about this 'substantial risk' you mentioned? I mean it doesn't come as a surprise, there always seems to be something big and horrible happening, but any advance warning you can give us is welcome. Then we can kick it's ass."

    Donna rests a friendly hand on Nadia's shoulder, and another on Impulse's, a gesture of faith in her companions, perhaps. "I don't know what the X-Men are like wherever you come from, but here they are rather secretive. We do have a channel to them though, I can pass on a message. Or ask for someone to come and pick you up, if that's more suitable. What do you need?"

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen looks over and says "Neither of the two possibilities I know seem to have their coms on right now." He offers, and says "I guess, I was sorta Wally's side kick for a bit but I prefer to think of myself as my own guy, why I went back to Impulse instead of Kid Flash." He rambles on a bit. He looks over to TJ, and says "Out of curiosity what year is it from where your from, it seems when you get time travel coming it messes with things as well. I mean Hope and I both have found things aren't quite what we learned growing up.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
"I went to an alternate reality once, my dad there had fused with his murderous robot creation and kidnapped by dad here because he wanted the secrets to opening the portals." Nadia explains in a way that probably makes less sense to most people than she thinks it does. "First that, now this one with evil dopplegangers. Are all alternate dimensions like this?" She asks curiously.

"Oh, the Wasp is my step-mom." She adds when it comes up. "It would be weird if we were both The Wasp and she doesn't want to retire yet, so she suggested Waspette and I like it." She smiles brightly. "Do you teleport, too? Is teleporting a blue elf thing?"

Talia Wagner has posed:
Talia glances at Nadia and then shivers "Ugn.. Ultron is ..>the worst<" pause "Well okay maybe not the worst but way up there." she grins a touch "And no teleporting is not a Blue Elf thing.. I'm a mutant and at least a bit Neyaphem."

The other question from Waspette gets a hand wobble. "AS for other dimensions. I am not a good judge. The ones I've visited were all knocked out of whack and had something going very wrong... so yeah they tend to be horrible.. dimensional dominos that need to be fixed or .. well lets just say fixed is very important. We call ourselves the eXiles. The last place all of the Avengers were vampires and Cap was a Vampire Lord trying to enslave San Fran.. it was not good."

She glances at Bart "Time is .. strange. Sometimes things happen the same in a lot of places.. sometimes things start later or earlier.. like Steam Punk heroes because the hero boom happens in Queen Victoria's court... in my home timeline the X-Men were third genertion mutants led by second generation... that is probably the best reference I can give to anchor it?"

Finally to Donna, juggling all the threads. "I would absolutely love for them to be left a message and for someone to come pick me up... they have the best chance of finding my missing teammates. Which is critical because our leader is the one who knows what our mission is.. which means right now I have no idea why we ended up here or where they all are. The last thing that happend as we were being yanked out of the Vampire World was that I think Union Jack tried to hit us with a spell as he died."

Donna Troy has posed:
    Donna's very calm about this flood of wild randomness. Vampire avengers, steam punk supes, the whole thing. As unlikely as it all sounds - and Nocturne may well be worrying, if she thinks back over what she just said, that she is doing her credibility no favors. However Donna knows that Nocturne is not a ZZGU doppelganger, and that she isn't making it all up, however unlikely it sounds. Which is not to say that these things might not be actually true, but at least she knows that Nocturne /believes/ them to be true.

    Donna gives a nod of her head and pulls out her T-Com, tapping out a quick message. "Right. Priority message sent. I've kept it simple, told them there's a mutant here looking for them who seems to know a lot about them and they should get her off our hands quick before she reveals all their secrets to us. That should bring them running." Donna puts her T-Com away and beams a smile at Nocturne. She's probably kidding about the exact content of the message.

    "You're welcome to stay here to wait for your pick up, TJ. Are you hungry? I'm sure we can persuade Impulse to go fetch some pizzas. It just means we have to quadruple the size of the order."

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen looks over and at Donna mention of pizzas, he is off. The young man runs about town, getting a good dozen large pizzas, with different toppings. All of them from different places, one even with a Chicago address on the box. He will set them down, on the desk, and off again, and soon, a folding table, and chairs almost seem to appear, as well, as a cooler full of drinks "I can get food, no problem." He smiles a bit and is already getting a piece of meatlovers from one box to stuff his face.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Something on Nadia's wrist that looks like some kind of wild watch begins flashing a rather alarming shade of red. Her eyes grow a bit wide as she glances down at it, "Well it was nice to meet you I'll be right back gotta go bye!" The words practically blend into each other as she dashes in the direction of the elevator and the labs. Something must be amiss with one of her experiments, hopefully nothing explodes or tears holes in reality this time.

Talia Wagner has posed:
Talia squints at the odd flashing watch there glowing red. It isn't the Tallus but it is obviously something. She then watches Nadia race off to deal with a problem it seems. "Huh."

Then she is looking back to answer Donna about the food... which is already rapidly arriving. "I would love pizza. Having time to wait around and eat pizza is .. well a nice break of routine honestly." she grins just a touch. "As for that message, I imagine anything near that will have someone come running and I won't have to loiter in your lobby long...." a pause.

"Thanks for all the help... this place is downright hospitable." which is why it will be an awful shame oif the eXiles have to allow it to be destroyed or give it a nudge in a dark direction. Sigh. She doesn't say that out loud though of course.

Instead she goes to get some pizza. "Thanks Impulse."