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Date of Scene: 14 January 2021
Location: Times Square
Synopsis: Doppleganger Jennifer Walters goes on a rampage in Times Square, doing major property damage and scaring the heck out of tourists. A rag tag bunch of heroes show up to stop her before she manages to kill someone.
Cast of Characters: Jennifer Walters, Jovian Anderson, Johnny Storm, Victor Stone, Maxima, Jack Nolan
Tinyplot: Another You

Jennifer Walters has posed:
It's early evening in Times Square, which is when the busiest block of New York is at the height of busyness. The sidewalks are just crammed with people and the traffic just hasn't let up from rush hour. Police officers have been stationed at the major intersections to help keep congestion down, but their presence can only do so much. There's no streetlamps here. No need for them. The big screen billboards that are on every conceivable wall space light up the block in advertisements for everything under the sun.

The soft *pop* of a dimensional rift opening up in the middle of the square is drowned out by the noise of hundreds of people, and the near constant honking of horns. A plain woman stumbles out of the rift in front of a Taxi (who, in true New York fashion lays on the horn and rolls down the window to curse furiously at her). She's a little mousy, with brown hair, and wearing little more than a pair of purple slacks and a cream colored blouse. Both of which are frayed at the edges and have seen better days.

She looks up, blinking, and takes in the scene around her, getting her bearings. Once she recognizes where she is, her eyes widen in horror. "Oh no," she says, softly at first. "Not here." She whirls around and runs to the crowd shouting, "RUN! GET OUT OF HERE! IT'S NOT SAFE!" In true New York fashion, she gets a couple of odd stares, but is largely ignored. She runs up to a woman pushing a stroller, pleading, "Please! Just get out of here as fast as you can! It's not safe! I can't control her!" The woman looks upset, but pulls out her purse and hands the mousy woman a five dollar bill hoping to get her to leave her alone.

The brunette stares at the five dollar bill, dumbfounded. "I... I... no wait..." She's not able to finish her thought, though when her back arches in pain, and a hand grabs at the base of her neck. Witnesses who survived that was close enough to the event would report that they heard a regular clicking sound, like a taser going off, and the sharp, acrid smell of ozone that was powerful enough to be smelled over the gasoline fumes of the cars.

The woman cries out in pain, going to her knees. "aaahhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH." And then she starts to change. Her skin fades into a deep green, and muscles bulge and grow. She fills out into a creature that's nearly eight feet tall and almost that much wide. It's She-Hulk, but not the lovable lawyer that everybody has come to love. This is a creature more akin to The Hulk itself. No grace, just brute strength.

She pounds her fist on the ground as she grows, sending ever increasing shockwaves from the impacts, each of which creating deeper and deeper craters. It's only now that the crowd notices her and begins to panic. The murmur of voices trying to be heard over each other turn to screams as everybody tries to flee Times Square at once, only creating a panicked jam of people who aren't really able to go anywhere without any kind of coordination. Cars try to do the same, but only end up jamming themselves bumper to bumper, some swerving off the road into the sidewalks, narrowly missing pedestrians. The taxi that nearly hit this alternative She-Hulk was one of these and is unfortunate to actually hit She-Hulk this time.

She-Hulk turns to the car and only says two words: "HULK SMASH!"

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Bolo is moving around a lot. He hasnt taken a job in two weeks, the slithering thing in the shadows showing up every twenty four hours on the hour moving out of the shadows to the point that he wonders if there is some power of finding things that he hasnt figured out yet, but his doppleganger is not due for another 6 hours and Jovian has been using a randomizer to ensure that if there is anything telepathic or that conventional means can use to avoid his duplicate, then he will at least do all he can to avoid this. As it is, he is the taxi BEHIND the car that She-Hulk is looking at and he just swears and tumbles out of the car, putting on a silver helmet and rising up to throw a phantom bolo made of night if she tries to hurt one of the civilians.

Johnny Storm has posed:
Johnny Storm was making wings. He, like every over thirty in the city, has his own special sauce specifically designed to make the Human Torch feel a little heat. It glows, as if irradiated. Johnny's wearing gloves, and carefully raises the sauce.


Johnny starts, covers his face with the sauce, and makes a low hissing noise as his eyes are filled with horrible pepper grease. "aaaaaaaaaah."

Moments later, he's flying to Times Square, on fire and still kind of teary eyed. "Hey!" He shouts, and blinks, "Wait, that's not Banner. Jen! Jen is that you?! What's going on here!" Torch is a very convenient target as he looks confused at this.

Victor Stone has posed:
It's Friday night, and as he had some time to kill, Victor Stone took the hyperloop down to Manhattan to hit some clubs outside his regular set of Metropolitan haunts. There are upsides and downsides to this; new people can mean fresh faces, unfamiliar tunes, and unexpected drinks, but with his cyborg visage, it can also involve being mistaken for a weirdo cosplayer or, worse, an errant supervillain.

His excursion tonight has been relatively light on such misunderstandings, so he should have expected that it would only be a matter of time before something went catastrophically wrong to restore the balance of fortune. Still, he can hardly be blamed for not expecting that something to be a rampaging She-Hulk from another dimension.

Still, he gets a few seconds' warning, when the Titans' active scanning system reports the dimensional breach via the T-Com wired into his chassis. He shoulders his way out of the club he was in and jogs toward Times Square the best he can -- a bit of the juking he picked up playing football come in handy along the way.

He arrives on the scene quickly, surveying the situation with a grim expression before jetting up into the air on his rocket feet. He sends a signal to the T-Car to go autonomous and head toward his location -- if he ends up fighting a Hulk tonight, he's going to want the spare limbs he packed into the trunk.

From above the line of cars, Vic spreads his hands and blasts a wave of piercing sonic force at the dimensional invader. The physical blow won't do much, but the shrieking noise ought to get her attention. "Hulk can get smashed over this way," he yells, a built-in loudspeaker amplifying his voice. His intent is to bait her away from the crowded heart of NYC, toward the nearest river.

Maxima has posed:
Maxima has been in what passes for a good mood recently. After fighting some monstrousities in a remote Atlantean bazaar with some allies and tracking the creatures back to the Mariana Trench, she finally has a tangible lead on the location of her lost city, even if she can't act upon it just yet.

It is not the dimensional breach that gets the attention of the Almeracian Warrior Princess. It is the spike of anger that registers to her empathic senses, the unbridled rage and primal emotions of a loosed and wild hulk. She likely would have felt such a potent and unbridled spike even in orbit. It is inhuman and likely a source of trouble. Her suspisions being confirmed shortly thereafter when the fear and suffering begin to spike in the area of times square.

Without hesitation Maxima takes to the skies moving at many times the speed out sound. Not long after, she descends upon Time Square from above, floating in the air above the fray, as if they laws of gravity simply do not apply to her. She surveys the battlefirled below attempting to figure out the source of the threat.

Jack Nolan has posed:
A Hulk attack? They haven't had one of those in a long time. At least not since Jack Nolan wound up with the Stoneclaw callsign.

He arrives via SHIELD Quinnjet, with the pilot pulling down low over Times Square, "Get with local PD, evacuate everyone you can and secure a perimiter. I'll do what I can to keep them contained." And then he jumps, landing with a pavement cracking thud not far from Hulk's current position, rushing towards the center of Times Square in order to intercept the Hulk and, with luck, keep the damage in around the eight figure range...Maybe nine. This isn't going to be easy.

Jennifer Walters has posed:
She-Hulk doesn't seem to hear Johnny over the noise of screaming people, intent on the taxi that just hit her. She doesn't get a chance to do anything with it yet when Cyborg's sonic blast hits her like dubstep from hell. "AAAARRRGH!" she yells, clutching at her head, staggered by the piercing pain being done to her ears. If Cyborg wanted to get She-Hulk's attention, he certainly has it now.

"MAKE NOISE STOP! she bellows, crashing her fist into the hood of the taxi and ripping out the engine, tossing it at Cyborg. The taxi driver scrambles to abandon his car, running directly away from the angry Hulk, nearly running right into Bolo. His shadow-bolos manage to wrap themselves around She-Hulk's feet, and when she tries to move to swing at the loud, panicking crowd, she only manages to trip over herself and land with a *thud* on the ground.

The agents in the quinjet, nod affermatively at their senior officer, and shoot off to the edges of the crowd, trying to corral them into some semblance of order to help quickly evacuate them. One of them jogs up to Jack and tells him, "Sir, We've got local PD on the way, but it'll be at least ten minutes before they can get here. We've got ambulances on standby for any civilian casualties."

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Bolo moves to get the taxi driver out of the way and will push or shout or use command voice to get anyone stupid enough to run TOWARDS She Hulk in the opposite direction. For now, he vaguely gets Victor's plan to get her out of the area though he hasnt got a CLUE how he is going to do that but as long as there arent people to get out of the way, he will move more in Victor's direction so that the people she is most likely to be angry at are....in the same direction.

Johnny Storm has posed:
"This isn't right, Jen isn't like this." Johnny says, hovering in confusion, "She hasn't even thrown a car at me yet."

This is serious: Hulks often immeditely focus on Johnny as a threat because fire is always bad. Maybe this version of She-Hulk is resistant? Or just distracted by Cyborg, Johnny thinks, covering his ears. Still, she's distracted. "I'll go with it, Robotman! Just give us some instructions!" Johnny shouts, probably kidding. Maybe. It's hard to keep track of all of the robot heroes okay?!

Human Torch encircles the area with a blast of fire; normally this would be a terrible idea, but Johnny is totally in control of his own fire, and it serves as a useful way to keep She-Hulk from leaping off or wandering through a building or something. He looks to Cyborg for details about his idea.

Victor Stone has posed:
More of that juking: Cyborg leans to his left, jetting rapidly in that direction, then steadies again. As the engine block barely flies past, he nets it with a magnetic tether, spinning himself around wildly to slow its momentum and redirect it toward an empty stretch of sidewalk nearby.

Well, he has her attention. Is that a good thing? Time will tell.

He steadies himself, jetting steadily backward and upward, making himself a temptingly stable target. "Think about it, Fireman. How do Hulks get around?" he asks Johnny, offering a rhetorical question of his own. The answer he's looking for: they jump -- frighteningly long distances, in fact. If he can get this Alternahulk to leap at him down this roadway, she could easily overshoot and end up halfway to the Hudson. Or she could manage to grab him and tear him to pieces. Been there, done that.

In a more direct bit of information, he adds, "Not Jen. Alternate reality Jen, probably evil."

Jack Nolan has posed:
"Understood, do what you can." Jack says to the officer, before he rushes towards where She-Hulk has just thrown the engine at Cyborg, "I don't think I know her as well as you do, but regardless of if it's the real her or an alternate, we've gotta stop this before she gets too out of hand!"

Despite his unique stone dinosaur appearance, he's still wearing SHIELD tactical gear, so he at least has that going for him, "I think she might be beyond talking down at this point, we might have to do this the old fashioned way!"

Maxima has posed:
Maxima watches the She-Hulk destroy a car only to be tripped and fall. As she takes in the scene, sifting through the thoughts and emotions of those present and getting a sense of the ebb and flow of the battlefield of this conflict, she begins to wonder if perhaps she overestimated this threat. The inhuman rage seemed like it might stem from a truly powerful beast, but as she watches the Hulk on the ground she begins to wonder.

She does descend a little lower however, now floating in the viscinity of the neon billboards and videoscreens that light up the square, continuing to observe how those already present fair.

Jennifer Walters has posed:
She-Hulk rages in frustration, pounding repeatedly on the pavement in a tantrum, sending asphalt flying everywhere, and knocking down almost all the civilians within range. Sparks fly as one of the billboards shorts out, a large chunk of the road having impacted with it. A few chunks impact civilians resulting in minor injuries. Mostly just bruised up but a few broken bones here and there.

She grunts and snaps the bolos tying her feet up and gets up in a crouch, when Johnny's flame encircles her. *Now* he's got her attention. "FIRE MAN BAD! she bellows, and picks up the taxi itself, and tosses it at the member of the Fantastic Four.

Then she notices *another* flying person and this time grabs a bus full of people, and lobs it at Maxima. There's another ticking sound, and the smell of ozone, and She-Hulk spasms again in pain. This only serves to make her angrier. In a rage she starts knocking away cars left and right, some with people still in them, but most are empty. "MAKE PAIN STOP!" she bellows.

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Bolo at this point is unsure what to do but when he NEARLY phases out from the shock and instead lands with his back to a car and then stands up, he knows that he has to act. He is the least threat here, but that can make him useful, since annoyance keeps She Hulk from...you know throwing busses full of people. He sends another two bolos to try and distract the woman. No one would bind her but thats not the point, distraction.

Johnny Storm has posed:
"She's not jumping!" Johnny shouts, and there's a taxi flying at him. Johnny has a split second to think of a response; he could melt it, but the liquid metal might cause more harm than just dodging the thing...

...Johnny goes for a compromise, flying out of the way and using a blast of fire to change the taxi's direction towards someplace abandoned looking. This is already getting bad. "Okay, she's not jumping, maybe a new plan. Hulks need to breathe. If you guys can hold her, I can focus a heat bubble and..."

Johnny frowns, evil double or no this is a nasty trick. She's a Hulk, she'll survive it, but...

Then she chucks a bus. "Cyborg! Dinosaur guy! Grab her!" Johnny starts charging up, his body crackling with orange, then blue, and Nova white flame. "Dollar Store Batman, get outta the way!"

Victor Stone has posed:
"Baiting someone takes time!" Vic hollers back as Johnny loses his patience. But as more of New York's infamous street traffic becomes even worse air traffic, he has to admit that time may not be in great supply at the moment. Still, he's not going to dive in and grab a damn /Hulk/, especially if Johnny's plan involves evacuating the oxygen from the area.

Instead, he fires off a few tangler nets with one arm cannon while he keeps up the sonic assault with the other. The nets aren't going to stop her, by any means, but he's still hoping she'll get annoyed at his attempts to lock her down and start moving of her own accord.

But something else has struck him -- "What the hell is that cracking noise?" he shouts, his artificial eye flickering a bright red as he runs a scan on the interdimensional interloper. He flickers through a few filters, but he's specifically running a metal detector on her. "It sounds almost like a taser..."

Then a bus is flying at... some flying lady? Lots of super-tough fliers out there, but on the off chance that she can't just catch a bus, he launches himself in that direction so that he'll be ready to intervene if necessary. "God, I hope you're Kryptonian..." he calls out.

Maxima has posed:
The bus goes flying through the air, giving its passengers perhaps the most harrowing ride of their lives or at least one would hope they never have to experience anything more harrowing. Until that is, the bus simply stops in front of Maxima. Inside the bus, passengers are thrown around and screams can be heard, but it is undoubtedly better than their fate would have been if the bus had been allowed to slam into Maxima and the buildings behind her. Instead the vehicle is telekinetically lowered to the ground. Meanwhile, Maxima has begun to see this creature in a new light. Perhaps it might be worth fighting after all.

"That was uncalled for." She informs the raging She-Hulk, "If you wish to do battle with Maxima, you need but ask instead of involving bystanders."

"Kryptonian?" Maxima asks, her attention momentarily stolen by Cyborg's question, "No. I am Maxima, Crown Princess of the Almeracian Empire, warrior without peer." She continues to descend now, but in no apparent rush, watching the fight currently in progress, both to guage the strength of the heroes who have risen to the challenge and the creature that seems to be slowing growing in power.

Jack Nolan has posed:
Jack's glad that's not him. He might be stronger than the average gargoyle, but he can't catch a bus. Now he's not sure if this plan is a good one, but he's going to try it anyway. While She-Hulk is throwing buses and trying to smash Human Torches, the stone soldier moves around to the side of She Hulk, trying to find a good angle of approach.

"Keep her attention!" He calls out to the other heroes, who are doing a great job of trying to keep her focused on them. As soon as the opportunity presents itself, however, he's going to leap at her from behind, attempting to grab She Hulk and pull her to the ground. Hulk or not, you still need blood to the brain and if he can manage to get her into a rear naked choke, he hopes he can choke her out before she smashes him into the pavement.

Jennifer Walters has posed:
There isn't a lot that's abandoned in Times Square. One could say that the place is the antithesis abandoned. Still, there *are* places where people aren't, and that's the roofs of building. Johnny manages to deflect the taxi onto one of these roofs, knocking out an air vent.

The civilians being knocked down is something of a mixed blessing for the SHIELD agents. It gave them time to get into better position to help evacuate the area, and now people are actually starting to flow out of the area instead of just clustering up with people getting trampled underneath each other.

She-Hulk shakes her head at the sonic assault, the only thing that seems to be affecting her. The bolos and nets just get tangled up in her arms and not really do anything. "MAKE SOUND STOP!" she bellows at Vic and does a classic Hulk move: She claps her hands together hard enough to create a sonic attack of her own. A sonic boom this close to the ground is enough to shatter all the glass in the immediate vicinity, and to deafen all who are close by. The civilians are mostly spared from this, only suffering major ringing in their ears, but a few in the back of the crowd gets showered with glass.

Then Jack is on her. Even though he may be made of stone She-Hulk can juggle tanks, and doesn't go down easy. She grunts as Jack manages to get a sleeper hold around her thick neck, and turns to run *backwards* slamming him into the side of a McDonalds there, breaking through the wall.

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Its a good thing that there is a ton of glass, because between the shockwave and the proximity and the other things going on, it would be insanely visible what happens as he phases out of reality and the things flow through him for a full thirty seconds before he solidifies and he charges insanely close, but following the advice for 'dime store batman' but following along the way, not yet acting but if she goes forward then he Its a good thing that there is a ton of glass, because between the shockwave and the proximity and the other things going on, it would be insanely visible what happens as he phases out of reality and the things flow through him for a full thirty seconds before he solidifies and he charges insanely close, throwing a negative energy bolo right at her face, fully aware of the danger but also fully aware of the danger to those around him.

Victor Stone has posed:
With his attention pulled away (unnecessarily, it seems) by the bus flying at Maxima, Vic isn't ready for the clap-counter to his sonic attack, and is launched into a light-up billboard when the shockwave impacts his back. He has barely enough time to curl into a ball, shielding his face with his metal arms, before he impacts in a blast of electricity and colored sparks.

His core systems are shielded, so he's not going to go down immediately, but that hurt like hell, and where his brown skin is exposed, he's cut up badly and burned in a few places. After a few seconds to refocus after the pain, he leaps from the cratered billboard and drops toward the street below, where the T-Car is just arriving, blasting past the police cordon (such as it is).

As he hits the pavement with a resounding clang, Vic yells out, "Back of the neck! Some kind of implant!" Hopefully that will be enough information for Jack or Johnny to put to use while she's grappled. He pops the trunk and starts searching through it in a serious rush.

Johnny Storm has posed:
Johnny makes a vaguely irritated noise as everyone sort of does their own thing. It's only charming when he does that! Shocked at his missing Reed's Napoleon syndrome, Johnny tries to pull back...

...but he can't outrun Jen's clap; Johnny falls to the ground, flickering a little, even as his oozing head half notes the bus was caught. "Hey." Johnny says, pointing a finger at Maxima, "You've got a date for Valentine's Day? Love a girl with a strong mind."

Get it, because of the telekinesis? Johnny gets up again, wiping his face, and flies into the McDonalds, trying to get an eye on She-Hulk while avoiding Jack. He aims a focused blast of fire at She-Hulk's head, which is going to suck for her, but also hopefully mess with whatever strange device is damaging her brain. Again, Hulks regenerate, and she might be a pod person anyway.

Jack Nolan has posed:
The stone soldier finds himself suddenly off his feet, and moving rapidly towards a McDonalds behind him. When She-Hulk slams him into, and through the wall, he finally releases since his plan doesn't seem to be working quite like he'd hoped!

He rolls a couple of times after landing, letting himself get back up to his feet, though he has to lean on the counter. He takes quick look around trying to find something to use as a weapon on She-Hulk, and opts for grabbing the ice cream machine. It's probably broken anyway.

He hurls it like a football towards She-Hulk, trying to continue to draw her attention, "Why don't you cool off!"

Maxima has posed:
Watching her conversation partner get hurled into an electronic billboard, Maxima seems to have had about enough. She doesn't really like to interfere in the fights of others, but this is getting out of hand. When she sees She-Hulk back the large stone dinosaur man into the wall of the McDonalds, she takes the opening.

Gathering up her vast telekinetic power Maxima begins to focus her psionic power inward, until he bursts forward like a hypersonic missile crossing Times Square and the distance between her and the otherworldly She-Hulk in an instant to plant a ferocious blow centermass straight to the not so jolly green giant's solar plexus or at least where she believes it should be.

She's done talking it seems.

Jennifer Walters has posed:
By a strange coincidence, the thrown ice cream machine and Maxima's gut punch manage to be timed about right. The punch lands solidly, knocking the wind out of She-Hulk, and the ice cream machine slams into the back of her head, both of which cause her to double over, gasping for breath. She doesn't get a chance to recover, however, as Johnny's white-hot beam of plasma manages to burn through her skin, revealing a strange metal device grafted onto her spine, which then promptly melts.

She-Hulk staggers in pain, and lashes out at the closest thing to her, which would be Maxima, doing even more damage to the surrounding building.

The bus that had been thrown by Maxima landed near Bolo, and now the passengers are all rushing out, confused and scared, not knowing what to do.

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Bolo isnt exactly a MASTER at this but he took training and nods, "Folks, go that way, jog, do not panic run, get OUT of here, make way for the elderly and small people. Kids and midgets and the like. Move. Now" he will help as he can to get them out.

Victor Stone has posed:
Vic finds what he's looking for, and with a quick twist, pops off his own left arm at the elbow. What he attaches in its place is only vaguely reminiscent of a hand: there's a sort of manipulator clamp there, but it's tucked underneath an apparatus like a helical antenna. It's arranged like a long tube, as though someone managed to assemble the rifling of a gun barrel without the barrel itself.

When he snaps the trunk shut again, he grimaces at the assault the interloper is at the heart of. "Jesus. Torch! Dino guy! Maximum Spacelord of the Armenian Dimension!" he shouts, waving his relatively normal-looking hand in downward sweeps. "Take it down a notch for a second."

He sights with his artificial eye along the barrel that has replaced his left forearm, then takes a hissing breath and blurts out in disbelief, "You melted it /inside her/?! That is not what I meant!" His EMP rifle attachment, which he now lowers to his side, would have left a lot less molten plastic and metal sloshing around inside her body. He sprints toward She-Hulk, bringing out that magnetic clamp and firing it up again. Liquid metal is still magnetic; hopefully he can yank what's left of the implant out of her before it cools into some kind of claw embedded permanently in her neck.

Johnny Storm has posed:
"Listen, Toaster Man, I've been fighting Hulks since you were in silver lined diapers, so..." Johnny pauses, visibly horrified, "God that was a Ben line, the Thing came back from the dead to grab hold of my mouth forever. Anyway Hulk flesh is unstable as hell! She'll be fine in seconds."

Johnny in fact hadn't been going for a beam that intense, but he doesn't need to tell this infant with a built in death ray that. He needs, he thinks, to see someone. This is the second time in as may days his fire hasn't obeyed him exactly, and it's going to cost lives sooner or later. Johnny's first instinct in times like this is Reed, but...Reed can't help with this, can he?

Johnny moves back, giving Cyborg room to work despite the grousing, keeping half an eye on Maxima. Can she take a Hulk fist? Johnny isn't sure, but she sure seems confident, and the priority is keeping her from cracking the city in half. Focusing harder, Johnny aims a beam of heat at Jen's leg, not burning it but instead sending enough pressurized heat to form a heat cramp, a painful muscle spasm that eventually leads to heat stroke and unconsciousness.

Maxima has posed:
Maxima takes a hit that looked like it should have sent her flying and she did fly back for about a meter before her telekinesis applied the air breaks. Air breaks or not though, it looked like it certainly did hurt. "Yes, you might be worthy after all!" Maxima shouts at the She-Hulk before lunging forward again with little regard to the surrounding building or its increasingly precarious state as she revels in the challenge.

Another powerful fist comes for the She-Hulk followed by a spinning backfist aimed at the temple as she easily rotates in the air, unbound by the laws of gravity. And then as if to further emphasize that point a backwards flipkick, somersaulting backwards as one of her shiny golden metal boots is brought up to connect with the underside of the She-Hulk's chin.

Jack Nolan has posed:
If they're going for some kind of plan, now's the time! Jack rushes in again, this time going to grab She-Hulk around the waist in order to keep her as still as he can manage for Victor to do his thing, "Look if you're gonna do your thing, Cyborg, do it now!"

He's a SHIELD agent, he knows who...Well he won't say /everyone/ in this fight is, but he sure as hell knows a member of the Teen Titans and the Fantastic Four. This would be a great team-up if they weren't trying to keep downtown from being smashed to bits.

Jennifer Walters has posed:
One of the women comes up to Bolo in a panic. "Help my son!" she wails. "He got knocked out!" While the bus is in mostly one piece, it's unsurprising that all that flinging around managed to knock one of its passengers unconscious.

Vic manages to electromagnetically suck out the hot viscous metal before it does even more damage to She-Hulk's central nervous system. Once the device is mostly out of her, the wound begins to heal closed with surprising rapidness.

It would be a lot easier for Hulk to block Maxima's attacks if it wasn't for Jack anchoring her down. She raises a hand to block the first punch, but isn't fast enough to block the backfist, causing her to crash backwards into one of the major supports of the building. Thankfully it doesn't break due to Jack slowing down her backwards movement, but the damage to it's structural integrity has been done and it begins to bow outward under the weight of the floors above.

She-Hulk is, however, able to grab Maxima's foot before it connects with her chin, and just *flings* her away, further into the building. With Jack there, the throw isn't nearly as strong as it could be, but it would have been strong enough to have pulverized a lesser being.

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Bolo is easily able to grab the unconcious son. Inside the bus with pure adrenaline he phases through some metal between him and the boy out of sigh and kicks out a window on the way out, taking the child to the nearest EMT before vanishing into the shadows trying to avoid his super scary dopple

Victor Stone has posed:
The molten metal hits Vic's arm and immediately starts to solidify as his own chassis conducts the heat away. He shuts off the electromagnet as quickly as he can, but only about half of the implant's remains drop to the pavement instead of his more functional hand. He flicks some more away, but enough is left to really gum up the works.

Then he has to leap back, out of the way of the other combatants, and Maxima is flung into the building's support structure. He rushes forward, between the two women, holding up his hands to forestall more tussling. "The building is going to collapse!" he calls out to Maxima, pointing with the EMP gun barrel. "Can you stop it?" His head whirls as he faces Jack, who he tells, "We need to calm her down. Angrier Hulk is stronger Hulk. Ask Gramps, he's the Hulk expert, he'll tell you." he says, glancing up at Johnny, or possibly rolling his eyes. Who can say?

Jack Nolan has posed:
"I'm not exactly an expert at calming people down!" Jack responds to Cyborg, "I'm SHIELD's brute squad, not really their psychologist!"

Still, he'll give it a try, now that the metal has been extracted, "Hey, She-Hulk! Relax! I know you're in there, somewhere. Fight the big gal, get her under control!" He's not letting go, at least not yet, but it's taking everything he can manage to try to keep her pinned down enough to not throw people at full force.

Johnny Storm has posed:
"Unless you've got some lullibyes in that arm of yours I'm not sure what'll do it. Drugs, maybe?" Johnny asks, frowning. He doesn't have time for a hilarious comeback to Cyborg being absolutely correct, and the building is about to go down. Again, it'd be real swell if Reed or Ben was here. Or Sue could...

"Air. Hulks need air." Johnny says, snapping his fingers. :It won't be pretty but I can burn up the oxygen in her throat till she passes out and..." And what, kill her?

Johnny shakes his head, dousing and realizing he's been going about this all wrong. Even if she is from another universe, she's basically Jen right? Which means she's a sucker for a well constructed argument, and...is probably one of evil Johnny's closest friends. Right? Otherwise she's going to punch him through a building and he'll get to laugh at Cyborg from his hospital bed. Johnny comes up to She-Hulk as best as he can. "Hey. Hey! Jen, it's me. Johnny! The speaking alarm clock is right, you're..."

"You're acting like Bruce! And that's not She-Hulk! She-Hulk is everything you wish the world could see you as, right? Not everything you want to keep hidden from it! We got rid of what was hurting you so just take a second and breathe, and I promise everything'll seem much better. Just focus on your old buddy Human Torch, right? Remember me? You keep the city from suing me like twice a year?"

Maxima has posed:
Maxima was clearly not expecting her foot be caught and is flung through the inner portions of the building, crashing through a few walls before she can arrest her momentum this time.

<<RUN AWAY!!! Get as far away as you can!>> The psychic broadcast echoes within the minds of all within a several block radius, whether they choose to heed the warning however is up to them, but at least she warned them, because things are about to get rough.

Maxima dusts the rubble off of herself, looking at Cyborg when she tries to get between them. "You would interfere with our battle?" She doesn't seem terribly pleased by this. "Yes, the building will come down. All of the people have been evacuated though. I suggest you do the same."

She then looks straight at the She-Hulk, she knows how tough she herself is, though she is still uncertain of her opponent. She reaches out with her mind attempting to pull the She-Hulk into the building after her and keep her there just long enough through sheer telekinetic force, meanwhile her eyes begin to glow and laserlike beams shoot forth, strafing across the remaining building supports as she attempts to literally 'bring down the house' as it were on both of them.

Jennifer Walters has posed:
She-Hulk hesitates, blinking at Johnny, as if trying to puzzle out what he's saying. She doesn't get a chance to do much of anything before Maxima's lasers easily cut through the support beams to literally drop a building on top of her.

All is quiet for a few precious moments until a giant fist slams upwards through the rubble. She digs her way out of the building, sending rubble flying, causing even more damage to the surrounding buildings. Fortunately, by this time, the SHIELD agents and police have managed to get the majority of civilians evacuated safely away, leaving room for the supers to fight without having to worry about them.

Victor Stone has posed:
Vic looks at Johnny in disbelief for a second, then says, "Storm, you're a genius." The digits of his intact hand are all kinds of screwed up now, but the sonic emitter in the palm? That was shielded by the magnetic clamp, and is still functioning just fine.

And when he next turns it on She-Hulk, instead of the piercing sonic blast from earlier, she's instead treated to an impromptu concert by an inimitable Irishwoman whose lush synths and lilting vocals can soothe any savage heart: Enya, the Lady of the Lullabye.

"That's right, She-Hulk," he says. "Sail away..."

Unfortunately, there's a factor Cyborg didn't account for: Maxima's unrelenting pugnaciousness. "NO!" he yells, projecting a force field to protect himself and the other Earthlings from rubble flying out of the collapsing building. "That is NOT how you BEAT a HULK! God damn it..."

There's no suspense for him: as the green fist comes smashing up out of the rubble, he is already striding forward, upping his game by swapping out the comparatively upbeat 'Orinoco Flow' for the positively narcoleptic 'May It Be,' from the Lord of the Rings soundtrack.

Johnny Storm has posed:
It's working, Johnny thinks, seeing a glimmer of Jen in that rage filled face, it's really working...

And then some maniac in a gold bikini drops a building on him. Johnny wishes, as his eyes widen and he sees the McDonalds well and truly collapse, his skin starting to burn in a reflexive motion, that this was the first time this sort of thing had happened to him.

Johnny does NOT stick a fist out of the rubble. Could this be the end of the Human Torch?!

Jack Nolan has posed:
"Shit!" Jack bails out of the way, letting She-Hulk go as the building starts to come down. He gets out of the way, falling under Vic's shield, and then raises back up to his feet, turning and pointing one of his clawed fingers at Maxima, "Hey!" He yells, voice raising along with his agitation. And if he's pissed the lady who just had a building dropped on her head is probably furious, "We're trying to /save/ Manhattan, not destroy it! Chill the hell out!"

He hopes Vic's plan to put the Hulk out with music will work, because Jack is out of plans. This has to work.

Maxima has posed:
Moments after the Hulk fist punches out of the rubble, a geyser of debris shoots upward as Maxima too bursts forth from the wreckage of the building. At first she stays suspended there in the sky watching the Hulk dig itself out. She seems impressed. It has been quite awhile since she had such an enjoyable fight.

"Truly, you are formidable green one! I want to test your power to its limits! But, this place is not built to withstand a fight like ours. So I must end this, even if it is not by the most honorable means." Some progress? Babysteps perhaps for the galactic conqueror. There is a glow of psychic energy centered at her forehead as instead of of telekinetic force, she unleases concentrated telepathic power upon the She-Hulk's mind, attempting to overwhelm it with a calming influence pushing towards unconcious sleep.

Jennifer Walters has posed:
This She-Hulk is a physical powerhouse, much like her cousin. And much like her cousin she has certain vulnerabilities. While she rages herself out of the rubble, the psychic assault grips her mind with calming waves, and soothing music washes over her.

She stumbles out of the wreckage, shaking her head as if to clear it, and makes a few futile swings at the air, as if she could batter the sound away. Glassy-eyed she stumbles forward a few more steps before she collapses to her knees, swaying. And then, finally, she's down.

Once down, and the adrenaline starts to leave her system, she transforms again. Green skin pales to a more normal skin tone. Her size decreases, and muscles recede. Eventually, all that's left is mousy little Jennifer Walters, clad in rags.

Victor Stone has posed:
Vic is feeling pretty desperate at this point, blasting soporific tunes at a rampaging monster from a speaker built into his half-melted artificial hand, knowing full well that he's currently the point man and likely to take the brunt of any further counterattacks.

But then, miraculously, Maxima decides she's had enough property destruction for one night and throws in with the 'put her to sleep' plan. "Oh, thank God," he murmurs under his breath, advancing slowly and carefully through the rubble. When he's standing over her unconscious form, he turns to the others. "Does anyone have a jacket for her or something? Most of my clubwear got pretty shredded up in that billboard." He looks over his shoulder at the SHIELD agent in attendance and says, "You guys can take her into custody, right? Keep her secure, but comfortable, if you can. Looks like she's been through a lot."

After a second, he turns and looks over his other shoulder, then back at the others. "Where did the Human Torch go?" he asks, puzzled.

Jack Nolan has posed:
Jack takes off his field jacket and drapes it over Jen after kneeling next to her. It's got a nasty hole in the right side of it thanks to her and he's missing a chunk of his side, he hadn't even noticed yet, but it's better than nothing.

"That's gonna hurt in a bit." He mutters, before reaching a hand up and touching the side of his head, "Hostile is down, bring in the containment team." SHIELD has designs for both doppel containment and Hulk containment but this is going to require both, from the looks of it.

When Vic asks about the Human Torch, Jack glances back at the rubble, "I think he might still be under there. Hey Torch, you still alive?!"

Johnny Storm has posed:
There's a crackle in the air.

There's a PUFF of flame, and crackling heat as a shapeless ball of light forms, slowly enough, into the rough shape of a man, and then the more famiiar image of the Human Torch, and finally Johnny Storm again. He wheezes, looking his age for a minute, holding his knees. "Oh man I hate that. I think I'm gonna hurl." Johnny takes another deep gasp of air, and looks furiously at Maxima. "I HAD her."

Johnny shoves something in Maxima's hand (it's his phone number.), and then turns his attention to...Jen? "Clone, huh?" Reed had just installed shielding in case their own dopplegangers invaded or Doom showed up pretending to be a good twin or something, Johnny has deep and abiding distrust in any government affiliated with Thunderbolt Ross getting their hands on a Hulk, and feels personally responsible for Jen as a teammate and friend he just failed.

"I'll be keeping an eye on this." Johnny says to Nolan, which might seem like empty bravado from anyone not on Nick Fury's speed dial. He rockets into the air, making a note to call the real Jen about this in hopes of reaching her before she sees this on a news.

Maxima has posed:
Maxima watches the reversion of the She Hulk into a moussy little woman. Her power was undeniable but seemingly unstable and those who lack mental fortitude will never last on the battlefield in Maxima's mind. Still it seems a shame to waste such potential.

Her reverie is broken by Johnny's approach. She looks down at the strange piece of paper with a numerical sequence that he shoves into her hand, wondering what its meaning could be. After a moment she shrugs and launches skyward. Cleanup isn't really her thing, that is for lesser castes to handle. With blinding speed she disappears into the sky, the paper fluttering upon the wind.