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Date of Scene: 14 January 2021
Location: April's Apartment
Synopsis: Terry comes talk with secretary Harley who welcomes chocolates until the doppelganger-Terry arrives. There's confusion, making out, catception, selfies and unconsciousness!

So it's all pretty much business as usual!

Cast of Characters: Terry O'Neil, Harley Quinn

Terry O'Neil has posed:
It had been a very hectic set of days for Terry, but even with taking care of Gar's convalescence and arranging for a suitable recovery venue, he has time to come and see one of his best friends- and the primary mover behind the recovery of the green one. Harley Quinn.

He'd brought chocolates- the fancy ones with rum in them- and flowers (an arrangement of sunflowers), and he didn't bring booze because Harley makes her own moonshine. But he was here to express his support in full, and also check up on April when she came home.

Also, to provide updates on Gar's situation. "So your pen pal Cait came up with some awesome ideas, and Gar is now trying out a half-Atlantean type fishy form to see if it'll help with regenerating his arm. He's spending a lot of time in the tank, eating, and sleeping..." he says, offering a chocolate brigadeiro to Harl, a treat that he'd gotten addicted to recently. "I'm ... kinda worried, though. About the trauma. What happened to him is... gonna chase him for a while. And I am not sure what to do to help him through it best..."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Uh-uh..." Why is Harley dressed like a damn secretary right now? Down to the short skirt, the high heels, white blouse.. She even has a pair of sleek glasses on her face. Heck, it's like she had went back all those years and was back to being Harleen Quinnzel, the psychologist doctor.

"Mmhmmm..." The woman is sitting down on a table by the living room, one leg crossed over the other, a laptop open in front of her. A phone is on her ear and it's hard to tell what she is agreeing with is either whoever is on the other side of the line or Terry. But then she lifts a finger for Terry to pause briefly and she speaks to the phone. "Listen heah! The interview is scheduled, no goin' back oh you will be hearing from oouh journal. Ya know who April O'Neill is?! Do ya? DO YA?!"

And bam, she hangs up the phone, eyes then fully settling on Terry. "Cait's always the smartest one in the room!" she says, "And so he went into a sexy man-fish form? That sounds good. Arm regeneratin' well enough?" she gladly takes the brigadeiro, start to chomp through it with voracious proficiency.

"What did Gar tell you about it all?" She then asks.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Well, at this pace it's going to take months, so Cait has devised a way it may take faster. And we have our other smartest-one-in-the-room Titan to help with an idea... but the healing of the body is one thing. He... hasn't talked a lot about how he feels about what happened. He's always trailing off and going quiet... you know how he is."

This isn't the first time Terry has seen Harl like this. There was one point in time when she was Karen Starr's assistant. This was around the time she was dating Power Girl, and the fact that Terry can't put two and two together about that says a lot about the reality-bending powers of business suit versus Super Suit. The human brain apparently couldn't cope with slight differences in appearance. "Are you handling April's appointments now?" he asks, crossing his legs and smiling, "I always said she needed to get better organization..." his voice drops.

"Have you... you know. Gotten her checked out? She is our Ape, right?"

Harley Quinn has posed:
"It's all part of oouh plan ta go dig out the Rat Catchah outta Gotham, so we can find the king.." The one that had went against the turtles a few months back. "Because theah's some payment to be had, and we gonna get some." her eyes squinting dangerously. "But in this case, handlin' an appointment ta go interview the catchah in Gotham. He is in prison now." then a devious little smile coming to her lips. "I will be the assistant when we go."

As for having April checked out.. "Terry! Oouh relationship isn't o' that kind!" she says, eyes widening, "We awhe just friends ..., don't think we wanna mess that up." but then she shows she understood fully well what Terry meant, "And no, she ain't dope-April. She is the legit one."

But her focus quickly goes back to Gar, she nodding slowly. "Scars in the mind always take moouh to heal. I know very well about that." she says, "It's not easy. He probably feels bad foouh how he made you feel and how that otha-Gar almost stole his identity. It's gonna take time.."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Oh... oh that is ingenious!" Terry says, raising his eyebrows. "If you need any help with that, you know you can count on me... but I know you two. You've got this in the bag. And you've got a four-pack of musclebound ninja terrapins to watch your back." He grins, leaning back on the couch. With the news that April is cleared, he gives Harl a thumbs-up, "Thank goodness, then. But... I'm goin gto need some advice on how to help him. I'll be spending a whole month with him, and he has a tendency to bottle things up when he's hurt."

He stands up and stretches. Give me just one sec. I need to run to the little boys' room. Don't eat all the chocolates!"

Terry walks down the hall and enters the bathroom. A second later, Terry comes out... of a different door. The one that leads into the hallway from the rooftop entrance. And while he is wearing the same kind of jeans, he's not wearing his denim jacket over a white T-shirt, but a black leather jacket over a black T-shirt.

Doppelganger Terry had not been expecting to find anyone here. He had spent considerably time trying to track his double, only to finally find the fact that he apparently had a cousin in this world that he didn't in the other- and from their online interactions they were close.

It hadn't been too hard to find out where April O'Neil lived, after that. He wasn't prepared, however, to find... well. Harley Quinn.

"Oh!" he says, stopping cold as he walks into the room where Harley is.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"We might have space foh ya in oouh bad gals routine. We will see." A wink given when Terry walks off to the boys room, she already reaching for another chocolate. "I make no promises! Specially those I can't fulfill!" which means he should probably be fast if he wants any more chocolates. Just don't forget to wash your wands!

Harley is right in the middle of getting a chocolate down her lips, avarice clear in her eyes, along with gluttony. So much sinning ... But then there's Terry coming in from a different door... "Nice trick, eh?" she knows he likes to use his portals.

"Couldn't take yoh eyes off the chocolate? I mean, I get it. They awhe delicious but ..." and she wrinkles her nose. "No time ta even wash yoh hands... Wheah's yoh hygiene..."

Black leather jacket though? Harley knows something *may* be up. "Come and sit." No Terry she knows wears black!

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Harley. Fucking. Quinn. This Terry O'Neil knew Harley Goddamned Quinn. He isn't afraid of much, but right now there is a cold feeling in the pit of his stomach, and he swallows, hard.

Because when Harley Quinn tells you to sit down, you sit down. Especially if you haven't drawn your weapon, hidden under your leather jacket. "Oh sure. Can't. Get my fill of these."

'Terry' sits down, stiffly, and eyes the chocolates warily. Are they poisoned? She was eating them, but rumor had it that the freedom fighter and abomination unto ZZGU had consumed poisons for year in order to build near-superhuman immunity to them. She could shrug off poisons, bullets, and most blows, the stories went.

The way she spoke also indicated that his other self was somewhere in this apartment. That wasn't good. "So, what was I saying?" he says. Go fish.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Well, in this reality Harley is actually immune to poisons due to her BFF Poison Ivy! So some things just seem to stay constant from one dimension to another. No matter how fucked up it all might be. When Terry goes to sit, most likely on the chair that Terry was in, she makes a negative gesture with her hand.

"That one." She pointing to another near the table. Maybe she is expecting someone else to join them. She chews on her chocolate for a while after 'Terry' sits down, appraising this new cat thoughtfully..

"Go ahead. Take one." She then offers, her grin widening a touch. "They awhe ta die foouh!" hopefully not literally. And it's not as if she knows of the reputation of her other self. But she might as well be polite considering this Terry hasn't gone all manic yet.

"And well, we weah just talkin' on why you had come heah ta visit.." She leaves it rather open handed, as if waiting for the man to continue. Go fish yourself!

Terry O'Neil has posed:
'Terry' slightly narrows his eyes and sits where Harley tells him to sit. So it was going to be like that- well, he was kind of screwed, wasn't he? He had no idea what the nature of their relationshp was... was he here to strike a deal with her? Provide weapons? Buy weapons? "Well, I thought that was more or less taken care of. But is there anything you'd like from me?" he crosses his legs, exactly the same way that his other self has, "with, you know, me turning into the cat and all, I can do all sorts of things."

He had read about himself in this world. That public admission that he was a superhero... ungh... and /apparently/ the Cheshire Cat.

What the serious fuck was happening in this world? He never felt even the slightest bit catty. This Terry, apparently, was very different. Remarkably so.

There is the sound of a toilet flushing.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Oh man, zero points foh creativity..." Harley replies with a small shakes of her head at the evasive response. Maybe she expected more! A slight sigh of dismay, "I mean, I could say I wanted a foot massage, but nah. I am curious about somethin..." and then Harley leans in the table, elbows on it and she chewing on her chocolate not too far from the second cat.

"I mean, ya come in heah, sorta not knowin' I was heah. Which is fair..., but ya also don't seem as if yoh weah aware that yoh otha guy was in too." her voice gradually changing into a colder one, she clearly isn't happy with something, as if she was coming to conclusions.

"So if we go and exclude that the other conclusion we get to is that..." and she adjusts her glasses just so, " .... you awhe heah foh April." ufff, now her baby blue eyes are squinting dangerously.

It's when the toilet flushes, "So you got a few seconds ta explain yourself, befoouh this gets ugly."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
There are two rules about talking to Harley Quinn: You don't lie to Harley Quinn. And you don't lie to Harley Quinn. Doppelganger Terry quickly considers drawing his weapon... but he knows that the clownette is wise to him, and he has no idea what death traps or other precautions she has taken.

The truth it is.

"I'm not interested in her. I figured I could find out how to find /him/ through her... but I guess that's not necessary now, is it?"

This world's Terry walks into the room and stops, cold, when he sees his double. The squint from Harley says it all.

"You~" Our Terry says,
"Yeah. Me." The other one says, raising an eyebrow
"What do you think /you/'re doing here?"
"What does it look like I'm doing? I'm having fucking chocolates." DoppelTerry pops one into his mouth. "They're to die for."

Terry boggles and looks from Harl to his other self, "Geez. At least I have balls."

Harley Quinn has posed:
It's good rules to follow! Specially as this Harley has that nose for lies too, but she can respect the truth, even if from a dope-Terry. So she nods briefly when he says he is not here for April. "A'ight. Saved yohself from gettin' a whupass right heah.." she announces. So it does seem it was a good answer!

"Hey, Terry.." She says all casually over to the real one when he gets out of the bathroom. She gestures. "Come and sit. And yea, he does seem ta have balls. He was tryin' ta deceive me at first though, but as he aint tryin' ta harm April we awhe fine.." a pause, "So far.."

The box of chocolates get slid over closer to the empty seat where real-Terry was sitting originally. "But think ya guys might want ta have a talk like civilized cats should have."

Apparently Harley is Switzerland.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry and Terry look at each other in the eye, and there is a moment of recognition. They are almost identical, except that DoppelTerry looks much wilder, and his eyes are meaner.

Terry sits down and looks at his double, frowning.

"So... you're trying to kill me."
"I didn't say that," says the other, carefully.
"Bullshit. You shot at me!"
"Hey now," hands raised, "I didn't know it was you. I saw some crazy cat thing trying to put Beast Boy down-"
"Oh yeah? What's your relationship with /him/?" Terry says, rather defensively.
"None. He's got a mean rep back where I'm from. Thought that if I saved his ass, I'd get a few favors in."

Terry squints, arms crossed over his chest. "So, what then? You are not here to kill me? So what are you here to /do/? Make out with me/"

The double blinks a couple of times, and asks "/What?/"
"You heard me. Make out with me."
"Why would I do /that/?"
"Yeah, that was my first reaction when Rictor mentioned-"
"Don't interrupt me- mentioined it. I went 'who'd do that?'"
"And then?"
"And then I thought about it-"
"You thought about it."
"And then /Donna/ said-"
"Forget it. And then someone said that that would be preferable to killing. You know. Harmony. That sort of thing. And a lot less fuss and a lot more fun?"

The double eyes his counterpart. "They said that, huh?"
"You know..." he traces circles on his right knee with a fingernail, "Once someone says it out loud-"
"You kind of think about it."
"Yeah. And then you ask yourself-"

And they both say in unison "Why didn't anyone think of that in the first place?"

They both lean back on their chairs.
"So... yeah."

And then there's a silence that follows that exchange, both clearly digesting what has been said.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Now if only Harley had some popcorn for this entertaining talk between T&T! Well, maybe not popcorn, but she does have chocolate! And right after diamonds they certainly are a girl's best friend. Soooo, she leans back a bit on her chair, listening to the back and forth. In fact she was very curious for this wasn't the first time she had come in contact with ZZGU and it's madness, a while back during a suicide squad mission she having actually 'touched' that madness. But like her dope-counterpart the madness she had already occupied most of her brain...

"Shootin' good Terry does take some good points outta my good will towards ya.." She tells the fake one while taking on another of her chocolates before a brow quirks up. Making out?! "That's some catception right theah .., I mean, I can't even tell ya in how many levels that's so wrong but also so deliciously wicked. But ya know.." and she picks up her phone, "I do have my phone heah ta record it if this does happen." never deny some good science!

She lifts a finger, "But in the end ya guys know ya need ta go back, right?"

Terry O'Neil has posed:
The Doppelganger says "There can be only one, eh?"
Terry winces, "I knew you were going to say that."
"No you didn't."
"Yes I did, just like I know you can't get that thing we talked about out of your head."
"Shut up."

But then Harley takes her phone out, and the redheads look at each other.

"I mean, you're going to make her ask for it?" Terry asks.
The counterpart, coming from a world where doing that was never wise, says "Guess it's not a good idea."
"Besides, we can still fight each other later if you still want to."
The Doppelganger rolls his eyes, "Are you suggesting the literal opposite of fight, then kiss and make up?"
"Commutative law- the order of factors doesn't alter the product."
"Yeah but this isn't multiplication. It's kind of like substraction."
"You don't want to multiply with yourself, no." The doppelganger smirks.
"Dear god, you're awful."
"I am /exactly/ like you, dude."

They both look at each other, and then they both let out a sigh. "Fine," says the double, "Let's do this."
"Do you think anyone else is making out with his double?" Terry asks, standing up.

They both look at each other, raise identical eyebrows, and say almost in unison: "Probably Booster Gold."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Yep! But hopefully we won't be needing katanas and heads bein' chopped off. Ya just need ta go back to yoh dimension oouh somethin'" Harley announces. Sure, Waller had went on and on about the consequences of it all, but Harley had glossed about most details. Inter-dimensional tech? Blah, she gets sleepy just thinking about that. But at least she knew that much.

"And okay, now I have that thing in my head too, so ya guys betta make it happen. I will also be filmin' it so..." she shrugs, already fiddling with her cell phone.

"But first things first, one.. Ya don't go and talk about maths if ya wanna make out with someone. Ya guys ultra nerds or what?" a pause, "Actually, don't answah that." she letting out a sigh. "Second, ya got think about this Terry. What would Gar say?" because it's important!

"But first.." And Harley levels her phone up to the duo. "Say HAAARLLLEEEYYY!" yes, she is going to take a photo of the two for posterity.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"What /would/ Gar say?" Terry blinks, the implications of that hadn't even crossed his mind. But his double rolls his eyes. "Seriously? /That/ is what worries you? I'm basically you."
"It's an important question. I mean... I guess that, if you weren't actually trying to /kill/ me, he'd be into that."
"I didn't say I was trying to kill you."

At this point, the two are face to face, and then they turn and speak as one when Harley brandishes the camera. "Harley!"

An awkward silence passes, before Terry finally says "So... I guess we're-"
"Yeah. Might as well. I mean-"
"Who else can say they actually kissed themselves?"
"Something like that."
"Kind of like who else can brag they got punched by Wonder Woman?"
The double frowns, "Who?"

There's an awkward moment where they both approach each other. Eventually an arm settles here, a hand settles there, and they both find it rather bizarre because it's, basically, the most familiar hold they've ever experienced.

Terry frowns, "This is absolutely bizza-"

He doesn't get to say more, though, because the doppelganger leans in and there's a kiss happening. Terry's eyes go wide for several seconds, and then little by little they close as he settles into the kiss.

It's a kiss with a decent length, at that. Once the strangeness passes. The doppelganger seems to get very much into it, with his hands brusing against Terry's sides through the denim jacket. Eventually, though, the kiss ends, and the two of them are left almost nose to nose.

"..." Terry clearly seems speechless, not being quite able to parse what just happened into words.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Do they think they are off the hook where it comes to pics? No siiiireeeee. Because Harley gets up and leans on the table before angling the camera for another pic. This time a selfie! And really, this looks like the beginning of a really bad porno. Harley dressed as a secretary, the two Terry's together. But hey, everything rolls! "Say QUINNNNN...!" and then poof, another pic is taken!

She resumes her seat before nodding solemnly, as if giving permission. "Now you may proceed." but then she lifts a finger again. "Wait, what if April walks in?" Harley bringing in all the obstacles!

Yet there is no stopping chaos so when they go in for the kiss she just watches with a sort of curiosity dash grin on her expression.

"Man, it seems as if ya wanted ta eat out his tongue right theah.." She tells Dope-Terry.

"So, is everyone cool then? Noone gonna be stabbin' one anotha now?" she asks. She still Switzerland! But she could very fast go to a more warlike country!

Terry O'Neil has posed:
It suddenly becomes obvious why the doppelganger seemed to get so *into* the kiss. The brushing? Feeling through clothing for concealed weapons. The embrace? To ensure that the bodies were locked tightly together so that when he drew his gun, it would be pressed against Terry's stomach. The redhead gasps, with a look of betrayal at his double.

"Sorry..." the doppelganger smirks, "I mean... you are okay, but I really am not going back." He jerks his head towards Harley. "And you. Don't try anything or I'll burst him like a balloon!"

"What do you think you're doing!" Terry hisses, and his doppelganger grins.
"Isn't it obvious? You're going to get me into that tower of yours!"

Terry sighs, "All of this time, the one person I couldn't trust was myself."
The Doppelganger smirks "You sound like a character in a Danielle Steel novel."
"Wait, she's still writing in your world?"
"You kidding me? She's required reading."
"Dear god your world /is/ hell.."

Harley Quinn has posed:
Is Harley that surprised about all this? Maybe not. Betrayal was on the menu every day back in Gotham! So she simply has another chocolate while the two are all over one another, with Bad Terry with one gun pointed at the good one.

She breaks their little back and forth to comment simply. "Glad you enjoyed the chocolates." and she lets that hang for a moment, putting on her best cheshire smile, as if she was into some secret the others are not privy to.

"Or do ya think I would had given 'em to you and they wouldn't be ..., changed?" A fingertip brushing around the edge of the chocolate box. "You are in luck that I have the antidote though ..."

Another little smile, she looking very much like the clown princess of crime of old, eyes all wide and not hiding the manic streak.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry grins, "Love ya, Harls. You always have my back."
"Shut up! You crazy bitch-"
"HEY, she's my friend-"
"I don't /care/. If you don't give me the antidote, he gets it!"

Terry squirms, regretful of his lapse in judgement. He couldn't move his hands in order to get the mirror under the bracelet, and thus culd not look into his eyes and transform.

And then... he pauses.

Wait a minute.

His Doppelganger must have noticed that Terry has started smiling and /staring/ at him. It's unnerving, so he takes his eyes off Harley for a second to look back and say "What the fuck is your problem now?"

By Terry's reasoning, they are technicaly his eyes, right? "I'll tell ya!" the redhead says. "The problem is... We're All Mad Here!"

He says this while staring straight into his double's eyes. And, at first, nothing happens.

That' before the blinding rainbow light explodes from Terry.

Harl might need a few seconds to blink the blindness away, but when she does, she will see that both Terries are now about six feet apart from each other, and both of them are screaming and shaking and enveloped in a colorful hue of light, an arc of multicolored energy coursing from Terry's chest and into the chest of his double.

Nobody said Terry's reasoning was always sound.

A small shockwave erupts from the two, and when all is said and done, there are /two/ Vorpals in the room. One, where the real Terry stood, was mostly cream-colored with a hint of red, and the other one was mostly red, with a hint of cream.

They both stare at each other, wide-eyed.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Shoot him." Harley says. So heartless! "I have a basement to bury the two bodies." which is true. It's great living at April's! With a big-ass store underneath the apartment. Who knows how many bodies could be hidden there. But well, it's all (mostly) a bluff. Can't go and point a gun to her buddy! But she also knows she is dealing with Terry, even if it's a doppelganger.

Yet then Good-Terry makes his move. Is Harley expecting that? Not really! So when there is that flash she jumps out from her chair, rubbing at her eyes. "Okay, someone's gonna get some if theah's a dead Terry on the floouh.." she warns.

No Mercy. That's what Karate Kid taught her. Or was it Cobra Kai? No matter!

But when she blink-blinks her eyes and finally sees what's going on she cants her head to the side, "Okay, so ..., what the fuck?" because that's the best question one can ask at this moment.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
What, indeed, the fuck. It was obvious that Terry had not anticipated this. It is also obvious that the other Terry was equally surprised. But of the two, it's the alternate Terry that recovers faster."The fuck is what I'm gettin' out of, right now!"

Motivated by instinct alone, the red Cheshire turns around and runs... almost into the wall. Almost, because a Rabbit Hole appears out of nowhere to carry him off, closing behind him.

"NO! Get back here-" Terry saw where the Rabbit Hole went. Times Square. The Cheshire leaps into the air, focusing on opening a Rabbit Hole...

And it doesn't come. He is very, very puzzled for a very short moment. That is before he impacts the wall that he would have normally Rabbit Holed through, and falls to the ground, unconscious.

Harley Quinn has posed:
With Terry having a close encounter of the third kind with the wall that's another big WTF coming. Really... Harley just ..., stops. Hands on her hips, looking at the wall and then down to the unconscious cat. "Okay..., April won't be happy with this..." she walks over to pick Terry up from the ground. Well, she hopes this one is the good one at least, bringing him towards the couch and placing him there.

"See, this is *WHY* you don't make out with your doppelgangah, Terry!" Yes, she is talking towards the unconscious figure. She shakes her head to herself and goes back to the table. Nothing she can do now, besides a few more calls and eating a bit more chocolate.

Terry should wake up soon enough and then they would have WORDS.