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Afterlife: The Reunion
Date of Scene: 14 January 2021
Location: Harry's Hideaway (Bar)
Synopsis: Matt, Daisy and Bobbi arrange with Jiaying to meet them at Harry's Bar so they can go to Afterlife. Secrets are shared, trust is weakened but then Jiaying appears to whisk them all to Afterlife. Daisy sees her mother for the first time and it goes as awkwardly as one can imagine.
Cast of Characters: Daisy Johnson, Matthew Murdock, Bobbi Morse

Daisy Johnson has posed:
It's not exactly been the easiest days for Daisy, after losing her powers, and learning of her mother still being alive and being a person of interest for SHIELD. It made her feel divided, on one hand wanting to meet and know more about her but on the other there was her loyalty to SHIELD...

Thankfully she had someone who she could rely to in these moments, Matt Murdock, and once the call had come from Bobbi for them to meet up at Harry's she knew that the meeting with her mother would be coming sooner rather than later. And in case they were taken out.., she brought a small backpack with her, the rest of her clothing casual. She was looking up at Matt as they sat on a corner table of the place. "So, are you really sure about this?" going with her to afterlife that is.

Her eyes go to the entrance a moment, then to her watch.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt is dressed down tonight, no suit or tie, just a button down and slacks. He's got a bag with him of course containing more than just a change of clothing. Though all of that is on the stool next to him as he sips his scotch on the rocks and looks at Daisy. "Definitely," he says without hesitation. "I'm with you all the way."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    "Obviously they won't have our history of 'dates' on SHIELD missions to prove their identity Lance.... yes I put dates in air quotes," she smirks just a moment and then says, "Gotta go, this thing is probably about to go down. ....they shot me with a harpoon Lance. A harpoon! don't even joke about that." She hangs up and then steps in to the bar.

    Ah, Daisy.. she is kind of dangling her out like bait on a hook for this one. Not that Daisy doesn't know she's doing that. As much as Jiaying wants to remain hidden - and she gets that perspective - you don't stay hidden this long without making enemies and doing shady stuff. Whatever Jia is up to, they'll figure it out.

    Phone goes in to her pocket and she joins Daisy and Matt, "So this is the infamous boyfriend I have heard so little about." She smiles, "Bobbi Morse, I work with Daisy." She has never seen Matt in person before and it reminds her that his secret identity is really really good. "I hear you're a lawyer?," she asks and then notices the nervous body motions of Daisy, "Daisy relax. I've been there once before already and -- well, it was actually quite a peaceful place. Despite being named after where one might go once they're dead."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Maybe Daisy is needing some reassurance right now, so when she hears Matt's response it has her smiling, reaching under the table to give the man's hand a small squeeze. Drinks had been set in front of them, for her a club soda.. No alcohol tonight! Besides, she had been told by unofficial channels on the SECOND tradition of the Peggy Award. She might as well go without drinking for a while. So a drink later and she is looking across at Bobbi.

"Here she comes." She warns Matt. Not that he most likely needs it. But might as well! She smiles up at her, "Hey, Bobbi." She greets, fingertips nursing her club soda for a small bit until Bobbi reminds her to stop looking nervous.

"It's not the place that's making me nervous ..." that would be her mother.

"I have told you about Matt!" She then protests, "A damn good lawyer from Hell's Kitchen. Also.., pies." a grin given back to Matt and then her eyes over to Bobbi again.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt's senses track Bobbi's progress across the bar but he doesn't turn until she speaks, favouring the agent with a smile. "That's me the boyfriend and lawyer, hopefully the first part cancels out the second," he says with a warming of the smile with that little self-depricating joke. He squeezes Daisy's hand under the table as he feels he grin at him. "A lot of my clients pay in pie," he explains to Bobbi about that little bit of Daisy's description of him. "We're here for you," Matt assures Daisy. "You want to get out we'll make that happen." Somehow. "We've got you."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    "Paid in pie? well that's one way to make a living," she says pondering how little pie she'd get doing spy work. Perhaps there are perks to being a lawyer after all. No doubt she'd not get paid in pie too often as a full time biochemist either.

    Her heart rate is low and smooth - much like a well trained ninja; Bobbi is well at peace inside herself at the moment. The wound from the attack a few days ago having all but healed.

    "Well, somehow. It's a logistical nightmare, I have narrowed down its location only just a smidge and then there's Gordon ..." she pauses and glances at Daisy, "I'm not helping right now am I. You're a damn fine agent Daisy, you'll do just fine. Just remember, they're not our enemy and we would rather keep it that way." There's a playful wink.

    "So, 'Nelson and Murdock' right? does Nelson also get paid in pies?," she asks having not actually met Foggy Nelson either; merely googled him. She didn't pry too much. This is like Daisy bringing her boyfriend home and the boyfriend getting a touch of the third degree. Never mind that Matt and she have fought side by side against The Hand. We're all pretending we don't know that yet. Spies are good at that.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Matt knows all about what's going on." Daisy then tells Bobbi with a slow nod, "Including wanting to go with me to that place." so she doesn't go and blatantly starts talking about what Matt can do, but well, she opens the way at least. For if he was but a civillian, he would certainly be in danger there most likely.

"There really aren't many secrets between us." Another smile given in Matt's direction, and while it may not be seen at least it's felt in the way her inner-self appears to warm up.

"Thanks.." She then tells Matt about being there for her. She takes in a breath and brings her club soda up for a drink, a long one, before she leans back and relaxes before finally looking directly at Bobbi.

"What kind of woman is she?" She then finally asks.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"We both do, or did, we've been getting a lot of clients that are actually able to pay in cash now," Matt says before adding conspiratorially "I think Daisy misses the pie." A smile in Daisy's direction to help lighten the mood a little before delving back into the situation at hand. "Who is Gordon?" he asks the two. "And what exactly is our plan here?"" he asks, wishing not for the first time he'd had a few of the Defenders make their way down to the bar as quiet backup. Too late for that now. "Except for any classified material of course," Matt adds on the end of Daisy's claim that there's no secrets between them. Apparently it was the day for spy jokes on their calendar back home. As for the thanks, Matt squeezes Daisy's hand in reply. There's nowhere else where he'd rather be right now, danger or no danger.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    "No secrets huh?," she says with a raised eyebrow and smirks when Matt clarifies that of course work is classified. Lance would certainly not agree that their relationship is so open. May be these two really do have a good thing going on. Then again, with Lance working at SHIELD now she can share a lot more with him about her day to day. Though, not where she buried the bodies (except for the ones she buried with Lance)

    "I don't know," says Bobbi coyly, "It could be a dangerous mission and in a very different environment to what you're used to. There isn't much call for lawyers out there, somewhere in or near China presumably."

    "Gordon is a guy who can literally teleport, amongst other things." She can count the number of people who can teleport around like him on one hand that she knows of. Some vague reports about a few mutants being able to do it, magic types can do it, but Gordon is the first Inhuman she's met that can do it, "Which makes making a get away a hard thing to do if they really didn't want to let us go."

    "On the other hand, I don't believe Jiaying would keep us against our will. On the contrary, she sent her people to protect me most recently when I was attacked by my dop-.. by a bad person," she catches herself. Or perhaps she deliberately let it slip.

    Her look softens a touch and she says to Daisy, "I'm not sure my honest opinion is entirely what you want to hear. She is driven, tight lipped, callous to those she considers not her people, but also I felt other depths there. Like, she wanted to like me but felt like she couldn't. Your experience with her is going to be very different I expect. And.. Matt I'm not sure she's going to pay you much heed. She barely acknowledged Lance's existence last time we were here."

    "One thing I'll say though.. she is incredibly eager to meet you Daisy. So much so, I'm pretty sure we're about to lose any and all leverage we might have over her today," she says with a touch of concern in her voice.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"My thighs certainly do." Miss the pie, that is. Daisy lets out a faint smirk at the two, resting back on her chair and looking between them. Indeed they seemed to have a good thing going on, but then again she had shared with Bobbi they had met for years now. Even before she was an Agent.

"I am hoping my mot-.. Jiaying.., will accept him coming with me. She wants me there at any cost doesn't she? So ..." Daisy knew a thing or two about being stubborn afterall, and of strong-arming people. Part of her training as well!

A brow raises at the mention of the doppelganger. That was a surprise, but she doesn't continue on about that, just nodding slowly before leaning forward to hear about her mother.

"I'd prefer an honest opinion than a lie." She says. Which is pretty much true. Never lies from those she considers family. She furrows her brows. "Do you think her end game is just me? With all I was told about afterlife, doesn't seem like it's all there is to what she wants to do.." even if she truly wants it to be true. That her mother's only objective is to meet up with her. That much is visible on her tone and voice.

Her eyes then trail over to Matt again. "But one of Matt's strengths is that he is often overlooked. He has a tendency to surprise us. He knows what he is in for."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"Nor in China either from what I hear," Matt says of the need for lawyers where they're going. "But I'll do my best to stick close to you and Daisy and not get in the way. Besides like Daisy said, people tend to see the whole bilind thing and forget that I can still hear them. It's helped before, might come in handy out there as well."

He stays quiet about Jaiying except to nod about him being overlooked like this Lance person was, the rest though is clearly filed away. He leans in to whisper to Daisy, "Should we tell her now?" he asks figuring they'd plan a whole lot better with all the cards on the table.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    "Touche," she says with a grin. "You know Daisy, I've got a few friends who have a separation between their biological parents and their chosen family. It's okay to have both. You've got Matt, you've got us at work, and now you'll also have Jiaying. This won't be like your dad."

    May be that's what was going through her head, how much of a mess Cal was. Jiaying has her secrets, but whatever her crazy might be she keeps a lid on it pretty well so far. "I can't say for sure what it is she wants - but she commands the respect of those people. She ordered Gordon about to create a face of order and control. I think she likes to keep her house clean, if you know what I mean."

    If Matt weren't Daredevil, taking him along would be a lot harder on the mission. She'd have to figure out how to rescue him if things go wrong, especially given he's blind. And with Daisy's powers on the fritz right now, she's practically deaf. May be Bobbi is being stupid thinking this'll turn out alright. With all the bad things that have been going on, she just wants to believe. Of course that raises alarm bells in her head.

    "They'll be here soon," she comments and says, "So if you had a hankering for a burger now is your last chance to get a fix until they bring us back home."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"I guess I will have time to know them all well..." Daisy says about Gordon, pressing her lips to a thin line. Though the mention of a burger just makes her frown. "I'd probably throw up on the way. First time teleporting and all that." she tells the duo.

When Matt leans in to whisper she takes in a breath but then nods, "Go ahead." it was something they had talked about before. Sharing it.

"Bobbi.." She begins, "Look, we have something to tell you. But I need to ask you for discretion on this, not as an Agent but as family. Which means also keeping what we have to say out of SHIELD's radar." she knew it was a big thing what she was asking both of them. One, revealing his secret to a SHIELD Agent, and to the other to keep it from SHIELD's radar. But that's what family is for!

"Can we count on it?" She asks.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
There it was the segue into the admission, there was no turning back now. There's a quick scan of his surroundings with his senses before he says, "I'm Daredevil."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    "You're daredevil," she says in a much lower voice almost at the same time with her eyes not on Matt but on Daisy. There's a cheeky little smile, "Come on Daisy, I'm a level 7 senior agent who keeps turning down promotions to level 8. You're dating this guy I know nothing about, I got curious to make sure you were safe. Lo and behold, the guy I helped beat up ninjas with a couple of times turns out to be one in the same."

    She waves a hand, "I've got to say Matt, I'm a huge fan. But don't worry, this is filed away in my brain, not on a computer somewhere in SHIELD." She knows it'll hurt Daisy to know she went behind her back and spied on her.. but also that surely she must have expected that from her.

    "You need to be careful, they've got who knows what abilities and powers in Afterlife. They could figure out that you're special too - and also not like them, and that we brought you there. But, Daisy you can always blame me if you need to preserve your cover," she says and then mentions as reconciliation, "Feel free to spy on Lance in return if you want..."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"I told you a lot about Matt.." Daisy protests, gesturing with her hands. A lawyer! From Hell's Kitchen! Though perhaps not yet sinking in that part about Bobbi actually spying on her and what should be her private life. "And yes, Matt told me about that meet up. Team Stick is it?" she says with an hint of amusement to her. But soon enough that starts to sink in. She was actually spied upon so instead a small frown comes to her expression. "I thought you trusted me though. Why spy on me?"

"I suppose I could go and blame you for a lot of things.." She says, not hiding a little bite on her tone. But then she closes her eyes a moment, focusing. They had a mission to do. And she had been taught better. So she forces a small smile to her lips.

"At least we are all on the same page now. No secrets. And yes, I am quite the fan of Daredevil too." as if it wasn't obvious enough! "And don't worry, we will be able to handle this."


Outside there is a ripple, the blue warning of an incoming teleporter and those same people of before when they met with Lance and Bobbi surge up. Gordon, along with Jia and the large, non-talkative figure. Maybe there in case it's a trap. They start opening the door.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt blinks behind his shades. "Excuse me?" he asks but it wasn't because he didn't hear it. He takes a breath giving himself a moment to turn things over in his head, whatever's going on in there it seems that with nothing written down he feels a little more comfortable about things. "Thank you," he says for that consideration, before nodding about his powers, "I'll keep to my act," he says of hiding his abilities. "And if they catch me we can also say I didn't tell either of you about it-"

Matt stops mid sentence head cocking to the side as if hearing something, "I think they're here," he announces, attention shifting towards the door as the trio enters.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi knew there'd be some backlash but also she figured Daisy would understand. Then again, it's Daisy, she has a tendency to expect better of everyone she likes. "I do trust you," she says with truth behind her words. It's hard to tell though, she is a spy after all.

    She nods to Matt and says, "And now I also trust him." That's the distinction she makes, you can trust a person but you can't necessarily trust where their heart takes them. She raises an eyebrow as Matt hears the arrival of Gordon and she turns to look.

    The bigger man opens the door for Jia and she enters first. Her eyes fall instantly on Daisy. There is no one else in the room for her in that moment. A small breath catches in her throat and a hand rests upon her tummy. She visibly settles herself and approaches the trio. "It's time," is what she says more to Bobbi but her eyes rest upon Daisy. She hasn't even spared a glance to Matt. Gordon hovers by her side and the big guy is eyeing all three of them.

    "This is Matt Murdock, Daisy's partner, who will be coming too," Bobbi says by way of introduction.

    Jia's features shift, the subtle lines of joy fade as her eyes turn to look at Matt and then back to Daisy, "Afterlife is not for him." She says it more like a question of 'are you sure?'.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Talk about trust, or betrayal seems to be left to another occasion. Because the moment Daisy listens Matt saying they are here she instantly looks towards the entrance.. And if there's a point where anyone would have doubted they are mother and daughter those doubts are clearly unfounded when they seem a mirror of one another, Daisy catching on a breath, expression similar to Jia's and her eyes growing just slightly wider. Inside, for those attuned to such senses, there is a cacophony of different sounds, confusion, heartbeat spiking for a moment...

It takes her a while to compose herself, hand unconsciously seeking Matt's under the table. She is quiet until Jia says Afterlife is not for Matt, "He goes. He is with me." that stubborn tone that gives no opportunity to doubt. Clearly it's more than looks that she inherited from her mother.

She perhaps notes the tone she used then adds in a quieter tone. "I am Daisy." it's maybe a bit lame. They most likely know her name by now. But on a pinch that's all she could think of to add.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Mat quietly takes and squeezes Daisy's hand a reminder he was there with her and not going anywhere, even if Jia had other ideas. He doesn't speak up in his own defense, just slides a little to Daisy as if to quietly reinforce what she'd said, he was with her and where she went so did he.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Jia's chin lifts just a touch more as she looks at Matt. Then, without saying another word, she motions to Gordon. The man holds out his hands and a blue field surrounds the group of six and in gut wrenching moment they are all standing in a somewhat Asian style room. There are beds, nick stand, table and chairs.

    "Welcome to Afterlife. This is the guest house," Jia says with a hand motioning to the room. Outside it is clearly night time. "You may experience discomfort at this altitude," she adds almost matter of factly and almost as if she didn't really know how to talk to Daisy with Matt and Bobbi there.. she half turns, then fully turns away. "We will talk in the morning." Another pause as she takes a step, then she exits the room with her muscle and with Gordon.

    Bobbi watches with interest. Those same awkwardnesses that are so Daisy are right there in her mum. It's kind of amusing to watch. She has felt that teleportation before and has a hand holding her stomach. It didn't get easier with experience. "Time zone adjustment. It's probably best if we try and get some sleep because no one else is going to want to talk to us before their morning coffee or whatever it is they drink here."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Daisy sort of expected that teleport already. But experiencing it? That's a very different thing.. She looks almost as if she is going to be sick for a moment but composes herself swiftly, looking around this new room. Asian decor, different sounds and ..., different timezone too. She finds that taking in a breath is a bit more difficult. And likewise, she doesn't seem to know how to address her mother. Not that she didn't spend a long time in front of the mirror training what she might say, or do. But again ..., things often don't go as one plans them to..

"I have been looking for you for a long time.." she blurts out at the departing Jiaying. Again, there were better things to say. But it would have to wait till morning. And as they are left alone in the room she looks back at the other two. She nods mutely, looking out of place and lost for a moment, as if it was hard for her to process this was actually real.

"I am finally here."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
The effects of teleportation are hell on Matt's delicate senses, and on the other side he staggers reaching out to catch himself on a wall for a moment while he pushes his discomfort to the back of his mind and then stands under his own power. "Sorry," he apologizes to the group, before Jia and the rest exit.

He reaches for Daisy's hand agaIn as she calls after her mother, and holds it through Bobbi's advice. "Good plan," he tells her, giving his senses free rein to sweep over the inside of the Guest House to get the lay of the land.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi takes out her cell phone - no signal - and places it on a bedside drawer. "We're here now. We know what we need to do - and Daisy," she says and smiles to her, "just take it slow. She's stubborn, like you, so hopefully when you do eventually butt heads the mountain doesn't collapse."

    Next she takes off her boots and tactical glasses, then lays down on the bed and stares up at the ceiling. Finally they will get to the bottom of what and where is Afterlife. It won't be too long before someone back at SHIELD activates the tracker and finds them. Wherever here is.

    To Matt she says, "We're going to have to give them space tomorrow. If you want to sneak out and scope the place out tonight feel free, but I'm going to try and change timezones, because I have a feeling we're going to be here for a few days at least..."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Hard for that to happen. No powers.." Daisy murmurs back at Bobbi when she speaks about collapsing mountains. Because metaphoric mountains don't count! Daisy looks with some concern towards Matt as he staggers though, she reaching to hold him and asking him quietly. "Are you okay?" some concern lacing her voice, then smiling with some reassurance when the man takes her hand, she resting her shoulder to his. "We will just have to go with the flow.."

A nod is given when Bobbi tells about them being here for a few days. Only a few? Maybe she hopes for more. But it's clear she is eager to be here and meet her mother. Dangerously so. Which for anyone with some sense might just be a liability if this turns to be dangerous...

As for the surroundings, there don't seem to be any people about the house they are in now, at least no more than the departing Jiaying, apparently she believing in privacy. At least until betrayal. But nothing like giving people a chance.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt nods, "Yeah, I'm okay, the teleporting was a bit of a wild ride for me," he says "Sounds like a plan," he says as Daisy leans against him.

It's only a brief respite before it's back to business. "I'll check things out," he says with a nod, reaching for the scarf he'd put in one of his pockets for moments like this, after a moment he reconsiders, in a community this small a mask wasn't going to help him. He just had to be sneaky as hell. He closes his eyes instead, confirming what Daisy sensed, "Seems quiet, I'll still go out the back though, just to be sure."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi fluffs the pillow and buries her head against it. This is going to be a weird weird week. No doubt they'll continue to pitch to her the idea that she's part of their club. She can't even begin to imagine how they'll take to Matt... and Daisy, well.. Daisy is already tumbling herself down the rabbit hole.

    She really wishes May were here, May is like a mother to Daisy. Who is she? the fun aunt? Yes... Yes she is. She's the fun aunt. She nods to herself and yanks blankets and sheets over her, not undressing for sleep in this potentially hostile space. "Good night," she insists.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Be careful." This Daisy says towards Matt. But .., is there also a little trace of annoyance in her tone? Turns out they don't trust afterlife that much! It's her mother! How bad could it be? "I will keep the bed warm.."

Daisy moves towards one of the beds, getting out of her jacket and boots before slipping in it. Sleep though? Good luck. That would take a long time coming. If at all. Heart was thundering, her mind was racing. She was really here and it was a dream come true.

What could go wrong?