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Back to School
Date of Scene: 15 January 2021
Location: Faculty Lounge
Synopsis: Rachel is back to the school, and the X-Men
Cast of Characters: Rachel Summers, Scott Summers

Rachel Summers has posed:
It's been a couple days since Rachel quietly returned to the X-Mansion. Xavier's Mansion? Xavier's School? Whatever it's called, not that Rachel really knows too well, even though it's been almost a year since she's adventured on this 'Earth', 'Dimension', she hasn't visited this place enough to really learn enough! She's just lucky to have a room!

After getting settled in from her trip across and around the world, Rachel figures it's just about darn time to go see her ..dad? ..leader? Well, Scott. For that matter, what should she call him? Mr. Summers? Too weird. Scott? Too informal. Cyclops? ..maybe? Dad? HAHAHAHAHAH.

All these thoughts echo about Rachel's skull as she makes her way towards the location she knows Scott to be in.

With a breath, the red-head pauses before the door leading into the Faculty Lounge. With a roll to her eyes, internally chastizing herself for the butterflies in her stomach, Rachel strides right on into the lounge - seeking out Scott with a quiet. "Excuse me, Scott? Do you have a moment?"

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott made sure Rachel is in the list of people that can stay in the guest room after she left the school (without telling him) last time. Truth is he didn't do much to get to know her. In his defense, he had Nathan, Nate and Hope to juggle too.

He did get to know Hope. Mostly because she stayed the longest. Before leaving without telling him. Must be a family trait.

Now Rachel is back. And Scott is aware he should talk to her. But so far he has found excuses not to. Hey, he doesn't even have her cellphone number. Lucky thing, he is not going to need it. Rachel catches him working on his laptop, and he turns to look at her quickly. "Ah... Rachel, I heard you were back. What can I do for you?"

Rachel Summers has posed:
To be fair, Rachel had a lot on her plate, and mind, and wasn't really the person she is now. When she first arrived things were so bizarre, so complex, so completely different - SHE was different. Now, though, it's time to face the music, or at the very least, find out where she stands - with the X-Men, and for that matter, with her ...family?

The butterflies in Rachel's stomach continue to make flip-flop, fluttery motions within, forcing her to clear her throat and push everything to one side. So be it. With a long stride, Rachel makes her way towards Scott and his laptop, idly reaching into the pockets of her slacks as she does so. "Well, first." She states, offering Scott a keychain. It's a die-cast keychain in the shape of a stealth bomber, that reads 'Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum' in tiny letters. "When I was out west I visited this musuem that had a Blackbird and the remains of this big aircraft called the Spruce Goose. They had this in the gift shop, so I thought of you." She shrugs slightly, half-embarrased about giving a gift, and half hoping Scott likes it.

"Also, I was wondering." And with this, Rachel pulls up a chair, rather than sitting normally, Rachel straddles it, the back to the front and vice versa. "I would like to be a member of the X-Men, I would like to help - in whatever way I can, and I was wondering if that was possible?"

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott gestures Rachel to sit down, taking the keychain and giving it an appreciative glance before leaving it on the table, at the side of the laptop. "Thank you," he murmurs, listening to the redhead request. "And welcome back."

He adjusts his chair to face Rachel more directly and hrms at her request. "Yes, of course. I thought last March we had started the process... I mean, Danger Room evaluations looked good. Although we need to know more about your timeline, and how avoid events that led to it." He sighs, "as for what else... there are a number of projects ongoing. And we might need to regularize your legal situation. Where have you been?"

Rachel Summers has posed:
Planting her arms on the top of the chair, hands hanging over, Rachel quietly listens to Scott, occasionally inclining her head in a slight bob, before pursing her mouth together sharply (especially at the 'know more about your timeline'.) Still, Rachel doesn't say anything until Scott is finished, leaving her to ponder her response carefully.

"After August, I took out for a trip to - honestly. Take a vacation." Find herself more like, but Rachel doesn't say that, simply continues onward, without shame, just full of confidence. "I took a trip through the states, and up to Alaska, and then came back for a brief stay here, like not more than a day, before taking off again to spend the Holidays over in Europe, ending up on Muir Island for the New Year, and then back here just a few days ago." As far as her identity goes..? "I might have cheated a few times at customs." She is a telepath, after all.

"My timeline is exactly why I want to join, to make sure it does not happen - I can make a report on it, and send it to you and the others? At least as far as what I know that happened, or certain events that transpired which made things - worse." Rachel's head cants to one side then, "Is there anything in particular that you want to know, now?"

Scott Summers has posed:
Vacations. That strange and alien thing sometimes others do. Still, he is not going to comment, she looked like she needed a break back when she arrived. She looks much healthier now.

"A report for reference to all the X-Men would be ideal," confirms Scott, looking thoughtful. "No, there is nothing in particular, although I would like you to keep up to date with current events so if you spot something that could lead to a crisis you remember, you can warn us."

Rachel Summers has posed:
Again, Rachel inclines her head, though she's quick to state. "This world is a lot different, though. A lot different. I'd never heard of more than half of the heroes and villains before." Which is beyond truth, though Rachel continues. "However, the fact that the events did happen - in somewhat the same way a few years ago, still means something similar may yet happen."

"So, yeah, I will make sure that I send the report and should anything come up that strikes the Rachel radar, I'll let you know." Rachel's grin is brief but there, a wry expression of amusement that is a fleeting hint of her humor. Terrible.

Slowly, Rachel slides out of the chair, standing upwards. "I'll go get the report written up. Thank you for trusting me." She almost fidgets, thinks better of it, and instead tilts her head. "Is there anything else that you need before I go?"

Scott Summers has posed:
Time travelling is weird. How is Rachel landed in a place that is not her real past? Scott keeps meaning to ask Hank, but he knows he will end up with a the headache and likely not understanding much.

"The names might have changed," he suggests. But then shakes his head. He will have to trust the 'Rachel Radar'. As well as Hope's own reports. And then Rachel stands up, and he frowns.

"Wait," he asks, "the... other way around. You are now world that must feel quite alien. Is there anything we can do for you? That I can do for you?"

Rachel Summers has posed:
The smile is quite genuine and sincere as Rachel casts her gaze towards the individual that looks, sounds, and in some weird way, /is/ her 'dad'. The thought is fleeting though, as well, he ISN'T, ah, time travel and alternate dimensions, they really do give headaches. Regardless, Rachel's smile is still there, "Thank you. I appreciate the thought, and there are so many things that are so confusing still, to me. Maybe some time we can sit down and talk about .. like. Your history. Your and Alex's, and well, more than what is written in the files. Y'know? Personal, instead of - just facts."

Rachel offers a slight shrug of her shoulders, before she turns and heads out. "Hope you like the keychain!" As she heads out the door.