4746/The Same Old Song and Dance

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The Same Old Song and Dance
Date of Scene: 15 January 2021
Location: Mojave Desert, 1949
Synopsis: Sousa is in a bad mood and Rose has a pretty good idea as to why.
Cast of Characters: Daniel Sousa, Daisy Johnson

Daniel Sousa has posed:
"For the love of God , Fisher, how hard is it to check your spelling before you file your damn reports," Sousa grumbles as he reads over paperwork in his tent. He's sitting in a camp chair with his bad leg up, on a crate, scowling at the papers in his hands. "Rose!" he calls for his best agent. "Can you do me a favour and find a dictionary and throw it at Fisher's head for me." He'd been like that all morning, a human storm cloud rumbling over reports in an attempt to stay occupied while they waited for the machine to be ready and May to be sent home.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Rose has been around enough to know when the Chief is on one of his .., moments. And sure, those times in where she could not find him told her a lot. Out meeting with a certain New York Agent? Most likely. And of course she knew those never ended well. So when she is called to attend she has her best smile in her lips. "Of course, Chief Sousa. Shall I use the ordinary Webster version or do we go with the Oxford one with the addendum?" the addendum gave it quite the extra weight if one was to be fair. Deadly almost!

"I thought you were immune to Fisher's poor grammar by now." She then adds, moving further into the tent, "But I suppose some things can make us go right back to the past, can't they?" good ol' Rose, always knowing all that's going on!

Or at least she thinks she does.

Daniel Sousa has posed:
"Oxford, definitely," Sousa says with conviction before he catches that comment about things taking him back to the past, A brow arches as he looks up from Fisher's report. "What's that supposed to mean?" he asks Rose. If looks could kill Sousa would be on his way to San Quentin right now.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Looks that can kill? Rose arches a brow in reply to Daniel. And really, it's a rather impressive eyebrow raise, one of her best. "Chief Sousa, you can be many things. But one of those isn't being dumb. You know well what I meant." a pause, "Of course that in the end you are a man." apparently she with quite the sharp tongue today.

"You spoke with Peggy, didn't you, Sir?" She then asks directly, folding her arms together in a way that said she wasn't sure that had been the best of options.

"And it didn't go well..." She lets out a sigh.

Daniel Sousa has posed:
His look shifts from murderous to merely annoyed, "I'd ask what you mean by that man crack, but I am not sure I want to know," Sousa says putting down Fisher's report. He considers Rose's question for a moment, "You could say that," he answers of speaking to Peggy, boy did he ever. "And what was your first clue?" he asks about it not going well.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"It doesn't take a genius to figure it out. And besides, I have known you two for years now." Rose replies, making her way further into the tent to settle down on a chair, "... right from the start." right from the start from when they met she meant. But Rose is like that, never saying everything. They can get to their own conclusions on their own! She just nudges.

Sometimes with cake.

"You are normally the bastion of calmness right before a mission, Chief Sousa. There could only be one reason for it to be different this time." She then finally adds, her smile kind, "She is under a lot of pressure right now."

Daniel Sousa has posed:
Sousa has to nod in allowance for Rose's deduction, like she said, she'd known him and Peggy for awhile now. He rubs his brow, "I know, Rose, I know, but there wasn't any pressure the last time we," a beat, "Talked," he says in a way that suggests there was more than talking going on. "It was the same thing, what would people think, the job comes first," he sighs. "You'd think I'd get wise to it by now, give up, move on, but nope, keep falling into the same old traps," Not that he hadn't tried to move on, what with Violet and all but still he always seemed to come back to Peggy only to be put off in favour of the job. "Anyhow I think the book is pretty much closed on the whole thing now."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Oh my. Rose has to adjust her glasses to stop herself from arching her brows at that pause on the .., 'talked'. Not that she expected otherwise, but it was one thing to THINK it, another to be told so. Specially in the 40s!

"Because you can't help yourself, Chief Sousa. Stubborn as they get and with a lot of heart." She says, "Though I also think that's why she cares about you. And in a way she feels she might disappoint you."

"For all her knowledge of tactics and leading men and women she still lacks in what comes to dealing with her own feelings.

"But if there is one thing I know is that you both deserve to be happy. And that seems to be in being together. Everyone knows it but you two." Clearly Rose is team Daniel-Peggy!

Daniel Sousa has posed:
Sousa shoots Rose a withering look, "We kissed," he elaborates by what he means by 'talk', lest Rose start having images of some Stark-esque torrid liaison, he looks he gets up to check on the pot of coffee on the camp stove to cover the colour rising in his cheeks. "If she's worried about disappointing me she has a funny way of showing it," he remarks, as he holds up a mug in a wordless question if Rose wanted a cup as well. "Because got to say Rose, feeling plenty disappointed," he says, turning back from the stove for a minute. "As for us not knowing it, I pretty much made that case to Peggy, we deserve to be happy because the way things look the future might not be what we'd wish, but she won't even fight for it, just because it might make things harder down the road."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"I said nothing." Rose mentions about the kiss. She is innocent really! Again, she always lets others reach their own conclusions and finish their sentences if she can. But her smile deepens a touch at the Chief. At least until the disappointment part. She nods slowly. "It's easy to say you will fight when you are a man, Chief Sousa. For us, not as easy." she says, "And it's not even about what others might say, but how things *are*. She is trying to change things, but that's not something which is done in one day.." poor Rose, she didn't know how long it would take still.

The offer of coffee gets an affirmative nod out of Rose. She liked her own black, no sugar. One of those few exceptions where she didn't feel something tasted better if it was a little sweet. "With Melinda being here though..., it does seem a lot of what we wanted for the future will come true. SHIELD? And the world continues to be safe. I'd say we will have done a damn good job."

"But it's funny how these things work, aren't they? I bet that now she knows her plan will work for creating shield, she is even more committed to seeing it happen." She says, "Look, what I am saying is, maybe you should give her some time..." even if a *lot* of time had been given to their relationship.

Of course it also meant that Rose would be having a TALK with Peggy sometime soon.

Daniel Sousa has posed:
Sousa turns looking ready to snap out some retort but stops short. Even crippled he couldn't argue he got more respect than any of his female agents, and people seemed happy to throw around the term 'war hero' when talking about him or Thompson, but he'd seen Peggy's service jacket, she'd seen more action than both of them combined. He pours the coffee black for Rose and black with a bit of sugar for himself. He brings the cups back in one hand while the other rests on his cane. "Yours is on the left," he tells her.

Once coffee has been handed out he takes a seat and puts his leg up again. "Time huh?" he asks her. "I dunno Rose, it's been two years since the last time this came up with Peggy and I, doesn't sound like the song's changed any."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Well.., we now both know that nothing is set in stone. Time travel?" This last part Rose whispering in a low tone. "I mean, can you imagine the possibilities? So time seems more and more relative if we think a bit about it." she takes her mug of coffee gladly, blowing on it a bit to cool it before sipping it up. A grimace, as she always does. For some reason though, never a drop of sugar in it!

"I understand the wanting to make time count though. Because we see someone from our future, it makes us feel ours is even more limited." She then adding in a bit of a conspiratory way, "Heck, I even had a thought on going and asking Lester from Acquisitions out." Lester, the smart older Agent from Acquisitions which was no secret Rose had an eye for.

Yet after composing herself by taking another drink from her cofee she speaks up again, "Maybe after this mission is done another talk can be had. Mmmm? Don't worry.." She then tells the chief with a grin, "... I will make sure to arrange a dinner for us to attend and celebrate before she leaves LA."

Of course that she plans to MISS that dinner, the knave that she is.

Daniel Sousa has posed:
"Yeah, time travel is just peachy," Sousa snorts before taking a sip of his coffee frowning at the taste. Camp coffee, he didn't miss it. "And wish you better luck than me, Lester's a good guy." And wasn't likely to throw Rose over to creat a whole new intelligence agency. It seems the coffee wasn't the only thing that was bitter.

The offer of a dinner bait and switch makes him make a face. "Thanks Rose, but I think Peggy and I will have all sorts of time to talk, forgot we've got a thing to take care of in New York after this," he says grimacing. "That's going to be a fun trip." And not at all awkward. "Don't suppose you want to switch places with me?"

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Rose's eyes shine up when Sousa mentions needing to take a trip to New York. A mischievous little shine. "Well, why didn't you say it sooner..?" the woman snorts, starting to get up to her feet. "Would had saved me all the pep talk." clearly she thinks things will be smoothed over on that trip. Rose intuition!

She walks over to Daniel, placing one hand on the man's shoulder. "Not long until we have a mission to get to, time to focus up. I will go find Fisher. And use the Webster as we still need him for the mission." she says. "Let me know if you need anything else. I need to go dress up." she says, starting to walk towards the tent's exit.

Daniel Sousa has posed:
Sousa gives Rose a skeptical look. "So that's a no on going in my place?" he asks her. "Because I could make it an order." It's a toothless threat, if he wanted to make it an order he'd have done it from the start. He sighs and rubs his brow before getting up and heading to where his kit was waiting for him. "Good," he says about Fisher. "See you out there." A beat. "And Rose? Thanks for the talk."