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You Mean This Is Not The Black Diamond
Date of Scene: 15 January 2021
Location: Oliver's Room
Synopsis: Oliver teaches Vanessa to ski on the bunny slope.
Cast of Characters: Oliver Queen, Vanessa Carlysle

Oliver Queen has posed:
Morning at the mountain! Actually, lets rephrase it, VERY early morning up at the mountain. But as Oliver had informed Vanessa last night this was the best time to learn. Barely anyone out on the slopes that could be an hindrance, making it so they had most of the place for themselves. It also helped in not have gawking eyes at someone learning this for the first time. So instead of a bunch of people offering judgemental looks the only one doing so would be Ollie. Much better!

The man was dressed for the cold, sturdy pants and sweater along with a reinforced shirt atop, gloves in hand along with the goggles and a woolen hat. He had brought his own gear for this but right now he didnt have his skis on, instead saying to Vanessa, "The trick is balance, along with coordinating your arms and legs together to know when to use the pikes or not." his voice calm and reassuring. "In a way it's very much like riding a bike. Find that balance and it will just feel natural after a while."

They were a bit aways from the resort, up on a stretch of snow that had a bit of inclination, a blanket of snow all that could be seen around them, along with a few trees here and there.

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
Vanessa had to admit, it was a lot easier to look good when the person on the other end of the credit card did not need to worry about spending. The black ski outfit was warm, yet sleek rather than baggy. She'd turned back and forth in front of the mirror a few times before they left the cabin, muttering, "Damn if this doesn't make my ass look better than half of my jeans do."

Looking like she belonged on the ski slope gave Vanessa that boost of confidence as she and Oliver had walked over to the top of the small hill and put their skis on. But that was about as long as it lasted. Vanessa quickly discovered how easy it was to cross her skis, and there were two falls just cover the 30 feet across the level ground to the top of what looked to her like a tremendously big hill.

Thankfully she hadn't seen the sign that labeled it as the bunny slope.

She looks down at it and then back to Oliver. "Are you sure this wouldn't be better if I just, you know..." she says, and mimes reaching out with her hand and using the other to point at Oliver and then tap at her head. "I mean, you wouldn't have to spend your time teaching me and all..."

Oliver Queen has posed:
Oliver knew when to wisely stay silent. To say she looked better than in those jeans? Could imply she didn't look *good* in jeans. Or to say she looked just as fine in jeans? Could be understood as if she didn't look good now. Really, no way he could win. So he only smiled at it. That uncompromising smile that he often let do the talking for him...

But as for the mountain, this was perhaps being a touch harder than he had anticipated at first. But everyone had to start somewhere! He still remembered the crossed skis.. The various falls that had made his rear sore for a couple of days. It was all part of the process!

"Let's go again. For this first day we will go with doing the bunn--- big slope without a fall." then he shaking his head at the suggestion that she learned like she was Neo.. Right out of his mind.

"If you learned like that you'd forget right after when you let go of my abilities. It's better that you learn this for yourself." He says. "We won't be taking the shortcut in this." and just for good measure he gives her a pat on the behind. It did look better than in those jeans. Of course it may also have her go down the bunny slope again.

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
Vanessa lets out a sigh which signals her capitulation to the demands of Oliver the Stubborn and Unreasonable. Though he warrants one of those warm, rather dazzling smiles as she pulls her goggles over her eyes. "Alright, alright. Admittedly I would like to learn for myself," she says. "I just- AIGH!!"

Oliver's pat on her behind was appreciated, though gravity also seemed to enjoy it as is enough for the irresistible force to start Vanessa sliding forward on her skis. She sways a bit before catching her balance, working to keep the skis straight this time as she slides down the hill. She picks up speed but just a little bit, and there's a nice flat area at the bottom where the beginners can coast to a stop. Or fall. There's always a good chance of falling.

"I'm doing it!" she says, waving her arms a bit ungracefully for balance at one point but then steadying herself. Her ski poles drag in the snow on either side as she uses them like training wheels on a bike.

Oliver Queen has posed:
Oliver could say he had done it without thinking about it. But in the end ..., it's Oliver we are talking about. He always knows well what he is doing. And sometimes people just need a little nudge to get past their insecurity. A smile appears on his lips as Vanessa starts sliding down..., a bit unbalanced in a moment there .., or two of those moments.. But so far so good. He grins proudly before setting off after her with his own skis, clearly quite practiced as he slides down the hill towards her.

"Don't wave your arms so much!" He warns, "Focus on reaching the end..."

He slows down to follow Vanessa by her side. "Right as I told you. Use the poles to find your balance. Soon enough you won't need them anymore."

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
Vanessa concentrates on what she's doing, keeping her skis from crossing as they quietly schuss down the snowy incline. She steers a little to the right, and then a little to the left, working on getting a feeling for it, of going where she wants to go.

"Hey, this isn't so bad!" she says, the bright tone in her voice matched by the smile on her face. Vanessa puts a little more leg bend into it, moving the skis to the right towards Oliver. Then a sharper turn, back to the left, and getting onto the edges of the skis just slightly.

Unfortunately those edges don't want to let up and she keeps turning. "I don't think this is the right way!" she call as she ends up doing an arcing U-turn on the hill until she's heading back uphill. Of course that doesn't last for long as she comes to a stop then starts down backwards. That doesn't last for long either as her skis cross up and she ends up face-panting into the snow.

Oliver Queen has posed:
"You can use your body.." Oliver instructs. "Bending your legs so ..." and then she goes and has a meeting with the snow. Expected? Somewhat. But he doesn't laugh at least, instead sliding closer to Vanessa until he stops in front of her.

"Are you okay?" He asks, not hiding some amusement on his voice. Even if, truth be told, she was doing a lot better than he had expected before. He leans over to help her up.

"As I was saying, turning is mostly about using your body to lean to one side or the other. Use the ski poles at the start of course but eventually it should come easier."

"Also, don't think this will be your last fall." He says it with quite the certainty on his voice. One must fall until they learn to ski! That was a mantra.

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
Vanessa is definitely the kind to laugh at herself. As evidenced by the fact she's currently laughing at herself when Oliver pulls up beside her. She wipes snow from her face and says, "If you're not supposed to do that, they should really put a One Way sign up."

She gets back to her feet, thankfully not having lost a ski other than her foot coming out of one. She gets herself situated sideways on the hill and gets the ski back on. "So what you're saying it's not like figure skating and I shouldn't try to do a pirouette?" she asks jokingly.

Vanessa dusts snow off her jacket, and then reaches behind her to brush some off her bottom. Leaning over just a bit, the ski pants melding to her snuggly. Dusting the snow off, though there doesn't seem to be any left. Vanessa is grinning up at Oliver as she watches to see if he looked.

Oliver Queen has posed:
"Not yet at least." Oliver replies at the comment about figure skating, snorting in amusement. "But there's a few tricks you can do. For now though .., focus on staying on your skis, and not going into one-way lanes."

Is he watching? Of course! Oliver isn't blind. No sir. So he very much watches Vanessa getting back up and dusting herself off the snow. Yes, poor jeans... He is quiet for a time and then he catches on he may have been looking for *too* long without saying anything when he notes that grin on Vanessa's face. He clears his throat. "Taking your time getting ready." he chides in a very non-serious way. "Or are you getting tired already?"

Or maybe his mind was on other things.

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
The woman's grin flashes back at him. "Just making sure I haven't lost my touch," she tells him. She uses her poles to push herself back towards Oliver. WHich gets her near to him, though as she tries to lean over to give him a quick kiss, it's going to be a bit far. He might have to close the distance if he wants the kiss!

Either way, after she adjusts her goggles. "These things make me feel like I'm Snoopy about to go up in a biplane and fight the Red Baron," she tells him. She turns and looks down the hill. "Ok, race you to the bottom!" she tells him. Not waiting for him to get read, Vanessa does a little hop to turn both skis downhill at the same time. She starts sliding down, though Oliver can easily beat her to it if he wants.

Oliver Queen has posed:
Oliver missing a kiss from Vanessa? Not a chance. When she goes to lean in like that his first instinct is that she is going to fall, so he closes in that distance quickly enough (and without falling himself!), sliding one arm over to keep the woman steady so he can properly kiss her. As she deserves. He stays there for a bit, lingering in the kiss before letting her go.. Back to practice!

"I have the biplane behind those trees over there." He says, chinjerking towards a grouping of trees not far from where they are, "Complain not about--"

But then she is off and away... A race?! Well, well, well...

Yet whether because he is still feeling the kiss, or perhaps too cold from not having been skiing much just yet, he doesn't catch up just yet when he sets into pursuit. Not far behind her but not going past!

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
It isn't the longest of races, the bunny slope chosen so children can't get up too much speed before they hit the flat section. Soon Vanessa descends from the gentle slope onto that level space, drifting forward until eventually she comes to a stop.

"Wooo!" she calls out, lifting both hands overhead in triumph. "Sign me up for the Olympics coach. I'm ready!" she says, swiveling at the hips to look back towards Oliver and flash him her winning grin.

"So this was like, the black diamond slope, right?" she asks, though that cheeky grin she has suggests she knows just how easy of a slope this must have been. After all, that mountain rising up above them is soooo much steeper.

Oliver Queen has posed:
Oliver can't help but laugh when Vanessa goes on a victory celebration about the race, grinning at her, "And now .., representing Starling ..." he starts in his 'announcer' voice, before chuckling again, shaking his head and coming to a stop next to her.

Black Diamond slope though?

He looks up at the mountain, then higher up where the actual slope is. The steepest in the range. "Close, but not really." his gaze goes to that elusive sign not too far from where they are. It still has it's back to them but there's a couple of..., sticks.., up on each side of it. Almost as if ears? "Thought the sign might had given it away. We are on the bunny slope, olympian."

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
"Where all good Olympians start out," Vanessa says, putting the best - some might say, most unrealistic - spin on her learning on the beginner hill. "I do think I have the hang of it. And if I start to lose control all I have to do is fall, right? Long as it's not over a cliff or something."

She glances up at the mountain. Do they have cliffs? Probably not on the public runs at the least. She hopes. She's from Cleveland, then New York. What does she know about mountains?

"Ok, shall we go give a real hill a try?" she asks, looking over to where the ski lift is running, taking people up the mountain.

Oliver Queen has posed:
"There is also the part about dodging trees." Very important. "And other people that may be in the way." though this one is less common. "Also trying not to fall over a rock, which can sometimes happen too." Seems like Oliver knows a few dangers!

As for going for an actual hill to try out... He mmms, thoughtful, considering before he finally nods. Not a lot they could learn here anymore afterall. "Don't underestimate what you learned here at the bunny slope though. It's a real hill too." Never diss bunny slope! "But let's go. Hope you don't have your pants too wet or it will be real fun on the trip up the lift."

He leans over, bringing the woman closer for another kiss before he starts to lead them up towards the lifts. It was time for an adventure!

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
Vanessa Carlysle rests a hand on the chest of Oliver's jacket as she leans in for the kiss. "MMMMmmm," she murmurs softly when their lips break. "The part of skiing," she comments to him.

She starts using her poles, propelling herself along behind Oliver and over to the ski lift. "So we just... sit there and it scoops us up," she says, peering at it in a speculative way. She leaps off buildings, shooting arrows while in mid-fall to swing like Tarzan. But a ski lift gifts her pause.

Oliver Queen has posed:
"Yes, we just sit and strap in. It's pretty safe." Oliver assures Vanessa when he notes that pause. It's a curious one, the man canting his head to the side at her doubt about riding on the lift.

"Or do you prefer to do this another day?" He then asks, not wanting to press her to do this if she does not want to go up the mountain.

He leads them right to where the lifts are passing through, waiting for those who may want to take a ride to jump on while it slowly continues on it's travel.

"It's mostly like being on an elevator. But without the horrible music and with a much better view."

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
"And catching the elevator car while it's moving," she jokes. "No no I'm good," she assures Oliver, moving along with him into the line for the ski lift. When it's time, she takes the seat, feeling it take them forward and then lifting off the ground as the cable causes it to climb up the mountainside.

"Ok that wasn't so bad. Just seems weird to be sitting here able to just... fall off," she says with a soft laugh. "I guess you're landing in snow even if you did," she says, looking down beneath them.

Oliver Queen has posed:
Oliver nods back at Vanessa when she assures about wanting to go up on the lift, walking with her to wait and then naturally sitting down as the lift passes. One arm continues to hold his skis while the other wraps around Vanessa's shoulders when she starts talking about falling off. Hopefully not today!

"I mean, how often do you fall out of a normal chair. It's just a matter of .., not looking down too much." which Vanessa is doing, so maybe not the best. But she *has* went around jumping about buildings, swinging in ropes at high heights. So nothing to be scared of now.

"Enjoying the vacation so far?" He asks, blue eyes now on her and he leaning in to place a kiss on her nose.