4756/The Worst Kidnap Victim Ever

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The Worst Kidnap Victim Ever
Date of Scene: 16 January 2021
Location: Third Gotham Bank and Trust
Synopsis: A bunch of bank robbers think they find a bigger prize, only to lose everything.
Cast of Characters: Shuri, Cecily Winters, Kasios, Laura Kinney

Shuri has posed:
It was just bad circumstances. In Gotham, Shuri was visiting a friend and getting to look at some interesting tech and she needed some cash. It was rare that her card wouldn't be taken but this small local restaurant only took cash and so, she was in the Third Gotham Bank and Trust. Wakanda had a small account in many banks all over so they could draw on or do finances whenever they needed to. She was in there, smiling at people who gave her strange looks for her interesting way of dressing. A few people were whispering that she seemed familiar. Very few caught on that she was really something more than just a black girl who dressed strangely.

That is, until the robbery started. Everyone was afraid, scared, surprised when a man came bursting in with goons, firing his gun into the air. The man in the nice suit smirked as he put his tommy gun to his shoulder, "Alright! This is a robbery! Simply put, ya keep your head down, we get money, no problems." He then gestured forward and goons moved to secure people, others to secure money, and people were hitting the ground. All except Shuri who was practically giddy. She instead pulled out her phone and smiled as she looked at it.

"Hello!" She called out into the phone, "This is Shuri, and I am going to be doing more streams and vlogs for all of you! I get to start out with a special treat today! I am in the Gotham Third Bank and it is being robbed! How exciting!" She smiled at the phone even as the man in the suit stomped up to her and tried to grab her and her phone, to which she casually ducked out of the way, slipped to beside him and kept up the phone, "This is their leader!"

"Hey! On the ground and give me dat!" He attempts to grab her phone again and then she ducks away, he aims his gun at her, "Listen here, girl! I don't wanna hurt ya but I will if I have to." And to that Shuri goes wide eyed with a bigger smile, "OooOOOO!" She grins at her phone partially, "How threatening but would you really want to hurt a princess?" And the man blinks in surprise before tilting his head.

"Wait...a what now?" He then shakes his head, "Get over here, Princess!" And he gestures with the gun even as Shuri holds up her hands and grins at the phone, "I gotta go for now, I'll update you soon!"

Cecily Winters has posed:
    It's pretty bad timing for everyone all around. Cecily isn't -in- the bank when the shit goes down, but she walks in not too long after the announcement. She misses the gunfire, the princess making the vlog call, she misses everything. What is she not missing, though? Well, clearly a good memory. She pushes her way into the bank, back against the door because her hands are full. She's got a bag hanging off of one arm, both hands carrying a paper coffee caddy with four drinks in it.

    "Alright, Frank, got your double-shot mocha... Albert, triple-shot soy latte... Alice, that tea you like... annnd..." she turns around. The fox's ears lift when she sees what's actually happening, her three tails fluffing out in surprise and then all of it droops. Her ears lay flat, her tails sag, and she sighs. "...and black coffee for Elizabeth, and donuts for everyone..." She looks around at the various thugs, the people being put in their places so the robbery can go smoothly and then sighs. "...could you have at least waited until the security guards got their coffee break?!" she holds up the caddy. "SERIOUSLY! People in Gotham are so fucking rude, I hate it here..." she growls.

    The fox is clad in pretty professional attire. Those flat shoes, those black stockings under a straight skirt, the black vest over a short-sleeved white blouse. But she's no courier, it's clear. Or maybe she is a courier in Gotham, considering she's got a shoulder holster that's loaded with a sidearm, and a bookbag over her other shoulder.

Kasios has posed:
Kasios had decided to take a day trip to Gotham City to better understand his environment in this new world. Many things were different here than the customs of Bana-Mighdall and, as a representative, it was good for Kasios to be aware of that. He wore a fancy suit, black and slim-fitted to suit his figure as he walked down the sidewalk. But then he hears people screaming and startled cries as he starts passing by the bank and those blue eyes narrow.

So, using his strength, he leaps onto the roof of the building, landing softly as to not warn the attackers of his position. Then he moves to a skylight or anything he could use to get a view of the situation...even if he hears the caw of an eagle in the distance, which causes him to look up and smile.

His attention shifts though to the criminals below. He's looking for numbers. How many, what kind of heat are they packing, etc.

Laura Kinney has posed:
It's rare that Laura Kinney gets all that close to a bank, she prefers to deal in nice untraceable used bank notes on those rare occasions she needs to buy something, but today she has the good/bad fortune to be undertaking an investigation in the area. Having ducked into the Third Gotham Bank & Trust briefly to watch someone across the street.

Before the Robbery even got underway her enhanced senses picked out the guns carried by the criminals. But it wasn't really her problem so the petite mutant, bundled up in a black hoodie with dark grey pants, tried to blend with the crowd. After all she doesn't have any money to steal!

If only they'd just gone for the money she'd have had a pretty good chance of just slipping out in the confusion at the end and getting back to work. If only. Things never seem to go smoothly in Gotham...

Shuri has posed:
"Give it here!" He finally snatches the phone away from Shuri, the suited man slamming into the ground and it...thuds. It thuds hard and he stares at it, "What the hell kind of Nokia brick..." He glares down at the thing and hten looks up at Shuri and aims the gun at her, her hands still up and she still smiling, "Wait...are you really a princess?" He looks at the phone and then at her. He stomps on it once and blinks as it doens't break.

"Yep, Princess Shuri of Wakanda. Worth /WAY/ more money than anything here." She laughs a little and shrugs. Of course, at that time people are starting to be rounded up into crowds.

"Stop right there!" A man in a less expensive suit, but suit all the same, aims at Cecily, "I don't know what ya are up to girl but ya might as well put the treats down and give me dat gun. Ain't nothin' here worth dyin' over. Got it?" The goon steps closer to Cecily even as the leader seems to contemplate Shuri.

"Gentleman!" He calls out, "We're leavin' and we're takin' what we got and this one." He chuckles and moves toward Shuri, "Ya made a big mistake, girly!" He then nods and then gestures, "Hey, Sal, get over here and tie her up. The big boss is gonna be excited at what we found." He laughs a little with a 'heh heh heh' all typical and keeps his gun on Shuri.

The people there don't really notice Kasios doing his stunt and they certainly don't know Laura is anything other than another bystander.

Anyone with a keen eye can see Shuri casually flick her wrist and her phone simply lifts off the ground and flies right to a holster on her hip even as one goon grabs one of her arms and starts looping a rope aroudn it while muttering about a dumb princess who got herself into trouble.

"Hey, I'm delicate and a princess, so be careful!" She still grins even as she is tied up.

Cecily Winters has posed:
    Cecily rolls her eyes, still holding the donuts and coffee. The fox's ears pin back against her head and as the goon gets closer, she simply steps back. "...sorry, dear, but nobody touches my guns but me... would you prefer a coffee instead? There's a place just down the street..." she nods to the tray in her hand, even though she does pick up the mention of the Wakandan Princess. Her eyes flicker over to Shuri, she blinks at the woman, then her eyes trace towards the guard nearest her as he's rounded up with the group. "..sorry, Frank.. make it up to you later?" she offers quietly.

    Then her attention is back on the man approaching her, "Sorry, you'll just have to shoot me," she says, indignantly, tails swishing behind her in a less agitated, more amused fashion.

Kasios has posed:
Kasios narrows his eyes as the robbers seem to be content with just stealing Shuri and calling it a day. But Kasios refuses to allow this to happen. A princess is aprincess after all, and she is necessary to her nation. Furthermore, Wakanda may be appreciative to have her back and could be an opportunity for Bana-Mighdall to make allies. But more importantly?

Kasios was going to help even if people were't royalty and nothing was to be gained.

So, Kasios suddenly breaks through the skyline, still dressed in his suit and coming down fast, intending to land right next to Shuri. "excuse me." He tells the man tying her up, before attempting to shove him with a single hand with superhuman force to try and launch him into two other gunmen to by him some time.

He had to move fast, and well...sudden movements could give him an element of surprise. And perhaps encourage others who are capable to rise up from the distraction.

Laura Kinney has posed:
Thanks to the training regime Laura grew up under at The Facility pretty much anything around her can be an effective weapon. And with the robbers turned kidnappers largely distracted with Princess Wrangling, the less valuable hostages no longer worth their time, it's easy enough for her to slink to the edge of the crowd.

The sudden explosion of glass from the skylight shattering and Cecily bustling in make it almost too easy for her to glide into action.

Moving with an almost feline grace she scoops up a bankers fountain pen and flings it across the room at face of a kidnapper looking her way. While the claws on her other hand spring out with a distinctive snikt sound and swipe down and through a nearby would-be kidnappers gun.

Shuri has posed:
The goon has Shuri fully secured just before Kasios lands beside them and the goon, along with SHuri have to stumble back before Shuri laughs, "This is getting even more exciting!" She declares even as the goon who tied her up goes flying. The leader is more saavy though as he whips up to behind Shuri during that little shoving moment and grabs her, having dropped his tommy gun and opting for a pistol that he aims right at Shuri's head, "Stop there, hero!" He declares.

The entire situation happening in the middle of the place leaves Cecily momentarily forgotten as the man aiming a gun at her is distracted and looking at the man who shoved his friend and then in the direction of the trio of downed goons. He then turns back to Cecily and prepares simply to fire, not thinking any better of it. Well, he was gonna until his gun comes apart and a guy behind him lets out a cry as a pen flies into his face.

"What the hell?!" THe goon states as he drops his gun and attempts to pull out a revolver as a back up.

The leader is starting to look annoyed as he yells out, "Everyone stop now or the Princess gets a new breathin' hole!"

Cecily Winters has posed:
    There's a moment of recognition, maybe. Had Cecily seen that girl in the hoodie before? Maybe not. But all hell seems to be breaking loose, there's a princess in trouble, and now at least two would-be heroes. She has enough time to drop down to one knee, prioritizing saving the snacks, and is back up with her gun in her hands in a smooth motion.

    "Getting a bit too loud in here," she breathes loudly, seeing the leader draw his handgun and put Shuri once more in the bargaining chip position. "Just a little louder, then..." she mutters, squeezing the trigger.


    One pull, one shot, aiming not for the leader but his gun. Quick aim and quick sight, she fires to simply blow the hammer off of the back end of the gun, rendering it useless. "Let's all be civilized here," she calls out, despite her grumping earlier.

Kasios has posed:
After Kasios makes his presence known, he enters a fighting stance and starts to move swiftly. He charges forward, attempting to punch a goon in the face hard enoug hto knock him out cold immediately, then grab his gun and aim for the skull of the leader who seems to be calling the shots and hopefully take him away from Shuri so she can be freed.

There's a lot of moving parts, but Kasios seems happy that he's not alone in this, with Cecily and Laura arguably actually doing a bit more than him. Three is usually better than one, which makes Kasios very appreciative on the teamwork.

He pauses for that moment, at least until his attention is on the goon with the revolver.

Laura Kinney has posed:
Laura twists round so even as the kidnapper goes for his pistol her unclawed hand is slamming up into his throat. Not hard enough to be fatal, but more than enough force to make a grown man drop to the floor choking for the next few minutes.

The claws she chopped the gun apart with retract during her twirl. Hopefully before anyone could pay them too much attention.

She doesn't stop despite the shouts about impending Princess ventilation. Diving to put distance between herself and the civilians she'd been blending in with.

Shuri has posed:
"What the hell?!" The leader blinks as he pulls the trigger by default as the gunshot rings out and he gets no sound at all. Not even a clicking sound as he realizes a chunk of his gun is missing! He stares at it and then at Cecily. Then Laura gives the man with a revolver a swift punch and then he glares, "Somebody shoot someone!" He calls out and then blinks as he looks around. He stares in disbelief at the people around, realizing all of his goons are down and out.

"Smile!" Shuri states as she is suddenly beside him, both hands free and aiming the phone at both of them, "You're on camera!" She grins and then suddenly the phone goes up into the air, being flicked up their easily and she turns to knee him right in the gut before delivering a swift uppercut to his now downward nose. He goes down and she catches her phone, "Well, that was fun!" She declares and if anyone looks, the zipties they were using to tie her hands are on the ground, cut.

"And robbery thwarted!" Shuri smiles for her phone and is then moving to aim the phone toward Kasios and then Cecily, "Check out the heroes of the day!"

Cecily Winters has posed:
    "She did," Cecily gestures to Shuri and her phone after the leader yells for someone to shoot someone. It's picture shooting, sure, but it's still shooting of a stripe. She bends down, picking up the brass from her own singular shot and slips it into her bag. She sighs, "...I still hate this city..." she murmurs under her breath.

    By the time the camera is moving towards her, she's already back to playing delivery girl, figuring that coffee and donuts would be appreciated by the former hostages. Because stress makes people hungry, obviously. She seems quite with not smiling at the camera, or even looking at it, as she sets to doing mundane things while her holstered handgun is quite visible to any onlookers. "Try to bring some coffee to your friends and you end up in the middle of a bank robbery... par for the course, mmm?"

Kasios has posed:
Well, it looks like that's the end of things.

Kasios goes into a more relaxed position, a hand in his pocket and the other resting at his side as he takes a deep breath and regains his composure. "Hello. Are you unharmed, Princess? Bana-Mighdall sends regards." he bows his head softly, before his attention shifts then to Laura and Cecily.

"Thank you for your help. I am uncertain I could've resolved the situation on my own." e could've, he's just being humble. To Cecily specifically, he answers. "I'm sorry about the coffee."

Laura Kinney has posed:
The second it becomes clear Shuri is going to point a camera at the 'heroes' of the day Laura takes drastic action and throws herself at the nearest window. Her claws popping out even as she dives in case it's re-enforced glass of some kind and sweeping them to make a remarkably neat hole she can pass through.

The people out on the street, for the most part unaware or uninterested (it /is/ Gotham after all) in the robbery, cry out with alarm as the teenage mutant appears out of no-where. Those observant few who noticed Cecily shooting having already rushed for cover.

It's really remarkable just how fast the girl in the hoodie can run. Bursting off with speed that'd make an Olympic sprinter proud.

Shuri has posed:
A smirk and Shuri nods to Kasios, "Well, thanks to Mister Bana-Mighdall." She chuckles and nods to him before looking back to her phone, "Now that was exciting but it seems some of our heroes are camera shy! Too bad but thank you to whoever you are for helping to save these people and me!" She nods her head and then looks over to Kasios and grins, "You weren't sure? You really need to work on that." She turns off the phone and slides it into its holster, "I mean, I'm sure I could have resolved it." She chuckles and shrugs.

Even now, the cops are arriving outside and the goons and their leader are all groaning and seeming rather at the point of given up. Shuri turns and waves, "I'm going to go say hello to the local police and make sure things are fine." She then idly waves to Kasios and then to Cecily, "See you around."