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Pizza and Frenchfries
Date of Scene: 17 January 2021
Location: Slalom: Bunny Tail
Synopsis: The X-Kids hit the slopes on the first morning of the big ski trip! Some first timers get started on the bunny hill while the more experienced kids show off a little. Noriko discovers that, like in many other things, it's easier to just go fast.
Cast of Characters: Jubilation Lee, Noriko Ashida, Paige Guthrie, Simon Lasker

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Some days are for sleeping in and letting the morning sun lull you out of a sleep as the chirping birds do their thing...just happily coming out of it and into the waking world as nature intended. TODAY IS NOT ONE OF THOSE DAYS. Jubilee was up way earlier than anyone needed to be, totally bundled up and ready for some riding.

    The bunny slopes are nice because they immediately slope -- you don't need to go up a lift for that first run. Immediately having to deal with a lift hill is a stress that no one needs weighing them down when they're new.

    Jubilee sits on the snow just outside the rental office at the peak of the bunny slope. She's buckling her feet into the bindings of her rental snowboard, playing a losing race with the snow under her butt. Get into that board and stand up before the limits of her snowpants waterproofing are tested...

Noriko Ashida has posed:
The electrokinetic speedster has been waiting...waiting for the night to end, to see some sign of life in her roommate (Jubilee) who is also her roommate on the trip.  Surprising?  After pouring over her books with a nightlight that flickers so hard and finally goes out...for the third time (there's only so many batteries she can bring in a sock before it gets suspicious), she gives up and goes outside to stare up at the stars.

But now Nori's 'bundling up' consists of...shorts, a windbreaker, and a tshirt underneath.  She has the respect to at least make it long sleeve even if it is made for somewhere like California.  Frankly would it be any surprise if someone asked her to sign /another/ waiver when she gets fitted for a snowboard rental?  Those lodges are oppressively hot anyways.

Noriko sits down next to Jubilee and watches because she was spacing out when the guy was trying to tell her what to do.  After watching a few mistakes, she snaps hers securely, but getting up is another matter.  Aside from her weird metal gauntlets, it becomes very clear very quickly that she's a mutant.  She keeps falling and instinctively blurring as she tries to catch her balance, falls, gets up, falls whenever she tries to push off.  "Ice and snow can go fuck themselves," she mutters fast.

Paige Guthrie has posed:
"You know, ah've never gone skiing before, or even snow boarding. When ah' was a little, ah'd have ah pair of hand me down roller blades that Sam used ta' wear and his feet was way too big for me ta' use 'em proper." Paige says as she lets out some of the twang into her voice as she takes her time in buckling her skiis on to her feet.

She is wearing a hot ping puffy jacket and matching pants with her long blonde hair stuffed under a knit cap, followed by a pair of goggles suctioned to her face. "If ah' break my leg, ah' hope one of ya'll will help me out instead of taking pictures of me and posting 'em online." She drawls out, giving an amused smile upon her face. Once she checks the buckles, she pushes herself up slowly on wobbly feet, anchoring herself with her poles.

"Ah' think I got it. So, ah' just .. roll forward and .. hope not ta' die?"

Simon Lasker has posed:
This morning was a surprisingly easy one. Being in a group lodge had lead to surprisingly little hiijinks last night, so he got to bed at a truely hour far to early to be cool.

Simon had heard that there was a secret to being warm while still being able to touch your elbows to your sides. Apparently the secret was thermals, which had the side effect of making him feel like he was wearing the costume of the lamest superhero secret identity ever under his clothes. 'By day he is a humble accountant, but by night he is-- Captain Beige!'.

He had chosen to go with skis because dragging a snowboard behind you like a more awkward ball and chain, and having to buckle and unbuckle all day seemed like a drag. No wonder vikings went with skiis. He had been skiing before -- once. He definately knew how to ski, he was just going to get a quick refresher before the real slopes. (He even had gotten down a blue square a couple times-- ok maybe once.)

"The secret to getting along with them is not to change direction if you can avoid it. " Simon would offer a tow to any boarders who need it. "Ah don't worry about that Paige. You wont be stranded for long. Send up a flare and Warren can get you."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Jubes tilts her head in Paige's direction. "Paige!" she exclaims. "Gooood morning!" She points her mittened finger towards the other girl's choice of snow sport. "Going pizza with a side of french fries, I see!" Her grin widens to the confines of her face before it fades just a touch. "I don't know about skiing, but... you know, I bet you'll be great! Can't be worse than Logan on those." Jubilee might continue but then Noriko sits down beside her.

    Jubilee's brown eyes watch Nori's bindings carefully, making sure that everything looks buckled up in the right place. Her gaze rises and smiles at the other mutant. "Let me help you..." she adds. With a couple of quick snaps, Jubilee steps out of the bindings she just got secured. She edges her board into the snow a little so it doesn't go sliding and then stands up. Two hands are held out for Noriko to take for balance, if she wants.

    "Try this... Face the bottom of the mountain, just like... sideways so you're just looking down.... And lean on your heels so you don't slide," Jubes explains, staring. Smiling. "And...when you're ready, let go with your heels a little... And then dig in again to stop.." It /sounds/ so simple and yet, just a little further away, tons of new boarders are eating it.

    Simon has earned himself a blank stare from Jubilee. Hey, it's a bit of an improvement, at least? She's not actively antagonizing him.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"I stopped even buying burner phones so I think you're safe," Noriko says with a shrug before she falls again.  "Fuck!...but no one can stop Ellie," the blue-haired girl says from the ground.  There is no Ellie present right now or even in the senior class.  When Nori gets back up, she has to shake a little ground up ball of snow she's kicked up from the beaten path from her shorts.  "I'm pretty sure she can find cell service anywhere."  Does she reveal that she's never been on a slope either?  No.

Almost as an inverted afterthought, the girl loops around to say, "Oh yeah.  I think I met your brother."  Nori shrugs nonchalantly.  "He was nice."

Finally she also loops back around to taking Jubilee's hands, because she's too stubborn to be towed like she's sure children are...but some of these children seem like they just shot out of their wombs in full gear.  If Nori's gauntlets are normally chilly, they are freezing now, and kind of stiff, joints protesting more at the flex.

"Thanks," Noriko says brightly to Jubilee.  "Wait I don't get why I'm leaning back.  Won't I fall?"  Noriko does with strange strange physics every day, but boards are new and who wants to fall down a mountain at high speeds?  Noriko looks up to the bunny slope and the guy who faceplants right after cheering for not falling.  "Okaay."  Thousands of thoughts bounce around in her head.  What if she goes too fast?  What if she can't stop?  What if she hits someone?  What if she hits /all the people/?

"Let's do this."  The worst of this is having her feet bound.  It feels oppressive and dumb, unnatural.  And these /boots/.  If only the snap bindings could fit her sneakers.

Paige Guthrie has posed:
"Uh .. pizza and fries? Ah'm missing something." Paige says as she glances down at her feet, trying to straighten the skiis out so they aren't criss-crossed. "Ah'm sure Logan can ski, seeing how he's th' best at what he does, or however it is he says it." Her lips curve upwards into a grin.

As he tilts her head down the slope, she swallows tightly. It's a small, bunny slope, but for her, it's a straight down path into snow hell and broken limbs. She can just shuck a new leg, right? Right.

"Oh. Yeah. Mah' brother. Mister popularity." She grunts out under her breath as it puffs out in a cloudy whisper along her lips. "Ah' bet he can ski. Ya'll look confident over there. Ah'll just uh .. meetcha .. at the bottom.. at some point."

She glances over to Simon. "Send up ah' flare? Was we supposed ta' bring flares? Ah' can turn mah' hand into a fireball and lob it upwards but ya'know.. that may be .. ah.. unsettling for th' normies who may see it. Ah'll just give a holler and hope ah' don't cause an avalanche. Will probably sound ah' lot like 'halp halp! Ah've fallen and ah' can't get up!' Ya'know.. from th' commercials."

Paige is stuck in 1985. Much like most of her small town.

"Okay, ah'm ready." She says, edging forward, then tilts herself a bit as she starts to inch down the slope. Inch. Inch. Inch. She's dragging the poles behind her.

Simon Lasker has posed:
Simon remembers Ellie. "Well atleast there is that." He doesn't like feeling relieved that someone isn't here, but it is what it is.

He is relieved to see that Jubilee seems to be recovering from that night. There is no way to exit a theatre gracefully after getting soda dumped in your lap, but like a good friend he will be patient. Some things just need time to heal. He still doesn't know why /she/ is mad at him. "Look at you being a snowboard instructor! Be careful or you might end up teaching one day."

"I wouldn't be too shocked to fall down a whole bunch while boarding, everyone seems to plant their face in the snow multiple times a day on those things as far as I've seen." Setting expectations is good, but a friend should be reassuring. "One good thing about about a board is if you fall on your butt, you stop. As long as you are looking down the slope, all you gotta do to stop is sit down."

He is also thankful that he remembers enough to be able to do S curves all the way down without the whole 'pizza thing.'. The relief is lessened somewhat when he sees how much trouble Paige is having. In the end, it looks like it wouldn't have mattered, because he isn't going to be leaving his companions behind.

"You go paige!" It is always exciting to watch someone having their first experience on the slope. If you like them, they may be about to discover a lifelong source of joy, and if you don't, there is a good chance you get to watch them fall over. In this case he hopes for joy.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "Yeah... you know... french fries are straight and pizza comes to a point," Jubilee calls over, grinning at Paige as she delivers the alpha and omega of her knowledge of skiing. "But, don't listen to me. I'm probably just hungry!" Jubes stares at Simon for a second, her features soured, but... they relax miraculously. Has the storm passed? "...Yeah, maybe!" she agrees with a shrug.

    "You just lean towards the top of the mountain," Jubilee adds, turning her attention back to Noriko. "If you just lean towards the top, you'll slow down and even stop." The chill of the metal gauntlets manage to pass through her mittens and reach her skin. Her brows rise in surprise but, otherwise, mums the word on that. Suddenly, Jubilee has a thought that tightens up all her smile muscles. "Nori!" she exclaims, true excitement brewing.

    "I just realized something... If you just ease your heels a little to get moving... And let the mountain do all the work.." Jubes curls her lips inward and smiles for dramatic effect. "...You might move as slow as the rest of us!"

    With little in the way of a pause, Jubes is back down on the snow trying to get back into her own bindings as soon as possible. This is excellent, she figures. The same speed! After clipping in, Jubilee flips around so she can lift herself up. She gives Noriko an excited smile and then releases her heels a little and starts to slide. She only goes ten feet or so before engaging her toe-side to stop while facing uphill. "You can do it!" she calls out with a happy smile.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Eh.  Kinda found him droll to be honest."  Noriko didn't know Sam was popular.  She's only been around a little over a year.  There's the faintest trace of a Japanese accent to the discerning ear oddly, given her vocabulary, but her arrival wasn't a total secret by any means and a whole other story just like everyone's.

"What...commercials?"  Though Noriko says this fast, the pitch is unchanged and her pauses are all there, just on fast forward.  She doesn't dwell though.  Enough things to worry about.

Noriko is distracted and deterred by Simon's advice, so as soon as Jubilee is done, she just starts before he can finish and before Jubilee can get up and going.  "Thanks man!" she calls out as if she's 'got this.'  But as she snails down (in her mind) board pointed down the mountain, she starts to wonder what all the fuss is about.  But hey here is Jubes!

A blinding grin is suddenly just, there, leaving one to wonder when it even snapped into place.  Then, at some point, (she hasn't even turned) there's an instructor with some newbies hogging the main thoroughfare and with Noriko's first instruction armed turn, but in a sudden panic, she does not do a toe turn.  She completely whiffs it and lands on her butt and actually somehow had enough speed to slide off to the side even with stopping measures.  No trees are harmed in the making of this gentle 'crash.'

Noriko gets plenty of dirty looks the whole way that she's oblivious too because she's too busy trying to pick up speed and waiting for her boring landing to end while digging her heels in. It could have been worse...on some other slope.  There's an unamused deep crease between her brows as she tries to figure out how to get back to the packed snow.

"This is stupid!" Noriko calls out for the whole slope to hear.  Ever since Jubilee talked about pizza, Noriko has been reminded by her stomach gnawing itself from the inside out.  She lays her head back, gauntlets resting over her stomach, and watches Sam and his beautiful S curves flow right past her.  He may know better, but she doesn't.

Paige Guthrie has posed:
As she slowly drags her way down the slope, Paige's skiis go in and out here and there, though the poles that are dragged in the snow is not causing her to gain speed or momentum. Every time she lifts them up, she slams them back down as if afraid she'll go end over end.

"Kinda!" She calls back over to Simon, then widens her eyes at the sight of Noriko giving a bit of a tumble. "Hey, you okay!?" She calls over, straining her neck to try and look towards her fellow student.

She gives a wibble and a wobble of her body as she murmurs to herself. "Fries. Pizza. Fries. Pizza." She is trying to make her way down towards Noriko, though it looks more like an awkward crab walk and stumble as she uses her poles to stay upright.

Simon Lasker has posed:
Simon is glad that Jubes didn't find the implication that she is teacherly (teacheresque?) offensive. He is trying to mend things between them.

"Aww, aren't you two adorable?" If only they could see themsleves now, he thinks. It is really too bad Jubilee isn't interested.

They look so intimate here. Nori even seems graceful for a bit before she has to make a turn and has a disagreement with the ground that turns ugly.

"Ah well. You know what they say: Fall, fall again, fall better. You get the hang of it eventually."

He has no idea how many times she has been on a slope. He is careful to be sensitive to the fact that maybe Nori has been doing this for years and still only has this level of ability. He is also slightly envious of Jubilee's skill, but friends don't do that to eachother.

At least Paige is able to stay upright for now. Skiing often results in more sliding, because just falling over doesnt stop you. "Hey you're getting the hang of it!" He isn't trying to get her to try more stuff quite yet. Just keeping your legs under you can be a challenge the first couple times.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "We absolutely are," Jubes replies to Simon before her head snap-turns down the mountain in time to see Noriko blow right by. Uh oh. Jubes releases the tension on her heels, hops into the air, and lands with the front of her board pointed at the bottom of the mountain. Annnnd she's off! Her path down the mountain is one filled with fun little S-turns, carves, and even a hit off one of the improvised jumps dug into the side of the run. Jubes lands backwards with the backside of her board now leading the way. She butters the board back around and continues towards Nori before scraping to a halt on her toes. Queen of the mountain, baby!

    "Everyone falls their first time on a snowboard," Jubes says with a smile. She bends forward and unhooks her bindings again -- there would likely be lots of this -- and then offers Noriko two hands to help her up.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Yeah," Noriko shouts back to Paige over someone trying to teach their 6 year old to ski as they pass by.  She seems determined to minimize it after her initial outburst, even in front of the less experienced members of their crew on this run.

Noriko has time to think about why people seem to be giving all the snowboarders dirty looks, even those that look like they might just be learning for the first time.  She stops in her self-preoccupation when she spots Jubilee effortlessly gliding and improving down the slope.  It's no surprise to Nori, given how Jubilee enters just about any room and her primary means of travel.

The Japanese girl sighs, sure this must be even more boring for Jubilee than it is frustrating for her.  Double sigh.  She really wanted to be up on her feet and going before Jubilee got to her or saw her or anything.  She musters a smile when Jubes gets to her.  There's a reason she didn't take off her bindings and use her more familiar feet.  Slippery things are her NEMESIS.

"Yeah.  I've noticed.  I guess that makes me normal."  Noriko chuckles slightly and then makes a face reserved for the grossest of vegetables.

"Don't get distracted!" Noriko calls out to Paige, implying, /by Nori's crash/.  She takes Jubilee's hands and doesn't have to be instructed on how to get up with the aid.  "Can you push me?"  Naturally, she probably has some horrible results in mind lest she not get this aid, and once she does, she's off again!

Noriko tries the gentlest of force as she adjusts the angle of her board into a turn.  She learns pretty quickly that, "Faster is easier!" which she seems delighted with, as if she's familiar with this concept.  Time to get cocky!

Paige Guthrie has posed:
"Ah' feel like ah'm hyper focused to the point ah'm distracting mah'self." Paige says as she slides to a stop once she reaches the bottom. She broke the world record for longest time taken to get to the bottom of a bunny slope. She looks back up the hill, then looks over to her friends.

"Now, ah'm not sure how t'get back up there, or .. what ta' do next. Ah'm just gonna follow ya'lls lead." She gives a few stamps of her feet in the skiis to shake some of the snow off her legs, then reaches up to clear her goggles with the back of her hand. "You all wanna learn how to horseback ride, lemmie know, ah'm your girl. That's more my speed of doing things ah' reckon."

Simon Lasker has posed:
Simon is kinda jelous of Jubilee's mad skills, but friends shouldn't be like that. "Aww, you showoff!" He playfully says. He wishes he could jump like that, but his familiarity with skis is super limited. He briefely tempted all the same as he takes the conveyor back up to the top of this slope.

At least it is in fact her first time. That means she probably won't be falling over forever. "Ah, who wants to be normal?" He is looking forward to not getting left in the dust for once, but the thought quickly passes with Nori's comment. "Aww I thought I was gonna be faster than you at something."

He is genuinely pleased to see Paige complete her first run successfully. "Hey wanna try again?" He is already on his way up, but its the thought that counts. He can appreciate bringing things back to your area of expertise. He feels tempted to do something similar, but he can't figure a way to work welding into the current situation. "Maybe we'll wind up at a horse ranch in the spring. You could teach us then."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "Yup!" Jubes adds with a nod and a smile. It makes you normal. Any indicator that she was bored is totally invisible. She's as happy as a clam that just got great news. Clam news.

    The request for a push is na easy one and Jubilee is quick to oblige. "Okayyyy... Here....we.... goooo," she cheers as she rocks Nori into a gentle push. And just like that, Noriko discovers the tricky secret of snowboarding: it's easier to go fast. Jubilee flaps her mittens together as it seems to click for Noriko. Jubes rushes into her bindings and takes off again, zig-zagging down the run.

    The bunny hill has exactly one feature: a box exactly in line with the slope. Jubes comes up to it, slides over it neatly, and continues on her merry way. "Not my fault I'm /awesome/!" Jubilee calls over to Simon as she shoots on by. She is in a great mood suddenly. "Everyone to the lodge! Let's gooooooo!" she cries out.

    Jubes' fantastic bunny hill showoff run comes to an end as she toe-stops next to Paige. "That would be /so/ cool! We could all be cowgirls -- even Simon!" The words don't sound like they're carried with anything other than glee. In fact, Jubes waggles a mitten at him. "You know what I mean!"

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"NEVER!" Noriko shouts so quickly at her own 'pace' that it's clear she's starting to have fun...and as she zips by Simon.  She's not absurdly annoying at this pace, just only as annoying as every other little kid weaving down effortlessly.

There's something that seems to just click for Noriko, like she understands the balances and forces either do to extreme experience from her running or something.  This isn't something she can just practice her way into overnight though, and even though it's slooooow, so slooooow, there's a measure of satisfaction at having something that she won't lose interest in in a snap.  Plus, it just feels good to move this way.

Noriko misses Jubilee's reply about cowgirls and comes to a wobbly prolonged stop.  "Could improve that," she comments.  And right on time, Jubilee has /read her stomach/.  "YES CAN WE GET FOOD?  DO THEY HAVE FOOD?!"  Her stomach is so loud Paige can probably hear it.  "Simon!" she calls out after him in line for the lift or wherever he is.  She heard his voice.

The speedster is already out of her bindings and preferring scrambling across the snow too quickly to using her board to glide in.  Safer this way probably.

Simon Lasker has posed:
Jubilee's cockiness has finally gotten to Simon and he feels the inclination to do something stupid. He bombs it (as much as you can on a bunny slope) down and launches him self off the same jump Jubes hit. He manages to stay upright on the landing and not hit anyone, but only just. There is a lot of flailing and there would be cursing, but he is determined to not act scared.

He is also inspired by all the talk of pizza and fries. He also manages dismount his skis without stopping, more stumbling, but no stopping. He briefly considers welding his skis to the rack out front, but it is wood. "Jeez, we barely got out here..." He clomps after Jubes as he loosens his ski boots. He clomps all the way to the lodge to eat.