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Chasing Skies
Date of Scene: 17 January 2021
Location: Rubin Museum of Art
Synopsis: Chasing a lead after the Hand's train robbery brings Elektra and Selene to a gala at the Rubin museum of art. They meet an old 'friend' of Elektra's and plans are made.
Cast of Characters: Elektra Natchios, Selene Corvinus

Elektra Natchios has posed:
The Rubin museum of art has been a place for preserving Tibetan's art and culture for years now. And while it certainly suffers pressure from everywhere there's quite a few patrons that have been keeping it steadily running, with a few galas happening from time to time to gather money for the effect. High end galas. Which meant high end money, along with those with the profile Elektra was interested in reaching towards..

Her pursuit of a certain crate taken from a train robbery the Defenders had intercepted a few days back, along with her obsession that it may be Black Sky related had led her here tonight, seeking a lead, and a way in the Roxxon building where she had thought that shipment would be in.

Elektra had sent word to her Gothamite ally. An high end gala. Come dressed accordingly. As for her, she was bearing a close-fitting dark red dress, it flowing down about her form and nearly touching the ground, shoulders bare yet a scarf about her neck, just enough to denote the cold being felt in New York. A large, warm coat was around her form but it was just now being discarded at the entrance as she sent a message on her phone.

> I am inside. Already here or fashionably late?

Selene Corvinus has posed:
Being a part of a very wealth collection of Vampire covens, Selene is in possession of a lot of fancy clothing. Parties a commonality amongst her people, and though she generally does everything in her power to avoid them this many generations in to her existence as a Vampire... Selene doesn't quite so much hold distaste for fancy events that aren't directly tied to her people.

So she comes, dressed to the nines, so to speak.

Arriving via one of her people's sedans, Selene finds Elektra within minutes. Her dark hair pinned up to the crown of her head with loose strands framing her face in large curls. She's wearing a black dress that is moving down her lithe frame in waves, backless and cut high on her thigh on her left side. It'd be scandalous... if she weren't also wearing a black leather motorcycle jacket over it all, really only revealing the small of her back beneath the waistline of the jacket.

> Arriving now. >

Selene had texted back, and within moments, she's visibly striding through those gathered on her way toward Elektra, showcasing a smile for the woman "Well then, this is a welcome surprise." The charismatic Vampire tells the equally charismatic ninja.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
A message is sent back.

> You will find me at the bar.

Not that Elektra has a problem with alcohol, but she does like her cocktails. And these parties always had the best, so when Selene makes her way over she is with her back to the bar counter, one elbow on it and watching the various people moving to and fro. All busy politicking, rubbing elbows, fake smiling... All Elektra had spent so many years learning.. She lets out a faint sigh, just about to take a sip from her drink when she spots Selene approaching, dark gaze watching her form and she not hiding some surprise. "I could say the same. It is quite the .., difference from where we met last." Noonan's sleazy bar. But she will be honest, at least the drinks were good! "The jacket makes the dress." she tells her, curling the corner of her mouth up into a faint smile.

"Unfortunate you could not join us last time."

Selene Corvinus has posed:
Selene's own eyes glance to and from a few other sets that look her way before she ends up at the bar with Elektra, on her right initially though she arrives and starts to sweep around the woman to the open seat on her left instead. "Not for lack of desire, I promise you." The Eastern European says to the other, her hands going to the edge of the bar now before her. Her eyes go to one of the tenders behind the bar, she smiles at them and places an order before she looks back to Elektra.

A glance is given down to her dress, then a tug is given to the lapel of her motorcycle jacket with her right hand. "The irony is that I don't even own an Harley Davidson. I just rather like the jackets that go with them." She looks up to Elektra again and shows her a light grin. "I've a terrible fashion sense. It goes part-and-parcel with being as dreadfully old as I am. I can't remember what -is- and -isn't- in style anymore."

She's joking, of course... mostly anyway!

"Thank you though, you look lovely as well." She shows a broader smile then to the other woman before giving a quick look around. "Quite an affair you've invited me to tonight. What's the occasion?"

Selene's drink arrives, she thanks the bartender and raises it up to her lips for a soft sip.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
There is a mix of amusement and a pleased look on Elektra's expression now. As allies came it was hard enough to find those with similar views to her, but so far Selene had proved herself to be quite .., open.., to what Elektra was along with being rather proficient where it came to a fight. "Regardless, I am glad you could join tonight." and a honest one at that, she lifting her drink up in ways of salute before tipping it back for a brief sip.

"It feels more like a rebel yell.." This said about the jacket after a brief laugh at Selene's explanation, "A cry that you will not be labeled by a dress. Us, we really aren't what society wanted to make of us, are we?" her gaze following Selene while she moves to settle at her left.

Attention then goes to the party at large when Selene asks what they are doing here. "Fundraiser. An opportunity for the museum to get some money and for these old hags to catch up on gossip and on their politicking." dark gaze trailing over a few groups, she chinjerking to a few, "Councilmen, business owners, real estate. Oh, so much dirt..." she muses.

"But tonight I am interested in one in particular.." gaze trailing to a tall gentleman, middle-aged asian with a light scar on a cheek. "Mr. Han. Roxxon's man, I was hoping he'd be here tonight. Once upon a time we trained together."

And while Elektra doesn't point it out it's clear the man has some security with him, heavy blokes that try to go unperceived but not hard to discern from someone with a trained eye for these things.

Selene Corvinus has posed:
Selene's glass is lowered back down to the bar beside her on to the coaster that the bartender had slid across the counter top to her with the drink. She has a grin spread across her lips at Elektra's commentary on her jacket, and their similar refusal to do anything less than blaze their own trails in life.

"Much to the chagrin of many who I associate with, it's very true." She replies on that subject, able to picture several people within her Coven who'd be very happy if she'd submit to their desires for her.

Selene's stare goes across the room to the individual that Elektra starts to speak on though, only given them a brief look before she lets her gaze roam further. "Quite the security presence, for a social gathering, I'd say." She ascertains quickly, her gaze going back to Elektra. "Perhaps he's donating a large sum tonight in cash? Make a show of it. These types rather like that sort've thing."

As it so happens too, some of the faces here, Selene has seen before, at her people's home here in Manhattan. Socialite parties do tend to draw a lot of the same people after all...

Elektra Natchios has posed:
"I can certainly drink to that.." Elektra replies, a sideways look of amusement given to the other woman, ".. To those who care to judge us with their old ways..." she leaning her glass over to tip in a toast with the other woman's. But just before she touches glasses she adds with just an hint of a wicked smile, "May they live in interesting times.." the traditional chinese curse.

Once the toast is done she trails her gaze over as well, nodding at her comment about security. "Yes, quite heavier than expected. Of course that with the ties the man has to the Hand, and the demise of the previous exec that had those same ties I suppose he's being smart about it.." it was a long story though, one that Elektra didn't seem inclined to go over right now.

Elektra casts a look over to a couple of paintings where subtle security cameras are placed on the wall atop. "Cameras though, so can't do much of a move while inside. But ....," and a brazen smile appears on her lips. "... shall we go and greet him?" Elektra, a bastion of politeness.

Selene Corvinus has posed:
The toast is shared with Selene, she grins to the other's words, then sips from her glass once more. But ultimately her eyes go back to Elektra's 'target' for the night as she gives him another glance-over before her gaze goes down, sweeps back and rises back up to the other's stare.

"The both of us?" She questions in good humor. "I can see you're not afraid to test the man's heart for strength and condition." She idly jokes. "But yes, I'd be happy to do that. All this talk of ... the things you're after, it's all rather been a nice escape from everything I do. Let us say I'm eager to learn more."

Another sip is taken by the pale skinned woman and she gives yet one more grin toward Elektra. "Come then, let us thicken the plot." She'll turn then and start to walk toward this Mr. Han.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
"Subterfuge has a time and place but for this ..." And Elektra starts dislodging herself from the counter, leaving her half-empty cocktail on it, "... perhaps the direct approach will work better. It will at least rattle the nest." and maybe that's the whole point. Making them nervous. And with Elektra having mentioned that they knew each other, it should most likely be 'fun'.

"I am after a great many deal, Selene. As you will learn. Yet I would lie if I said you do not intrigue me as well." This said as her dark gaze remains on Selene before they both begin their walk towards Mr. Han and his cohorts.

Thicken the plot? Certainly so! The man is currently speaking with an older woman. Old money too, and the type to go to these parties so someone that would most likely be recognizable to both Selene and Elektra. Yet their approach has Han look directly at them, a glance to his security to have them knit just a touch closer.

"Hello, Han." Elektra says in that non-challant manner of hers, "Such a long time, and a surprise to find you here.." no surprise.

Han nods his head just so. "Ms. Natchios." all polite, his accent thick, "I did not know arts interested you so much." his jaw tightening at the tension, but his eyes then go to Selene. "A friend of Elektra? Or simply being wrapped up in one of her schemes?" he then questions, not hiding a little bite on his voice, "I do not believe we have met, I am Han."

Selene Corvinus has posed:
Selene's gait alongside Elektra is casual, graceful and quite skilled in the black heels she's wearing on her feet that are boosting her height another handful of inches. She looks over to the other and smiles sweetly to her. "Intrigue is the spice of life, I would say to that." She quietly replies before taking another sip.

As the gala patrons between them and Mr. Han part, allowing she and Elektra to approach him, Selene's lowering her glass from her red-hued lips after partaking another soft sip from the content of the glass. She lets the two-- clearly acquainted already --address one another before Han speaks to her.

Selene's expression goes to a calm-surprise at his words and she looks between Han and Elektra, then back to Han again. "Oh, I assure you, I'm wrapping Ms. Natchios up in my schemes. We'll get to hers, eventually." She says in a convincing voice of light surprise before she offers him her right hand. "Selene." She introduces herself. "I've only just recently come to the United States for business, I'm... lets say... still making friends. It's a pleasure to meet you." She says in her soothing sultry voice, laced with the accent foreign to these shores.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
Han can't help but to smirk at Selene's reply. If he believes her though? That's still up in the air, "And now wanting to wrap me up on one of those schemes as well?" he asks, a mix of seriousness but also of jest. Or maybe just testing the waters to figure out where this woman stands. The hand is taken up in a polite enough manner even if it's noticeable the man's gestures are just a touch stiff, clearly surprised at running across Elektra here. Knuckles are brought up to lips, just shy of kissing them, keeping it traditionally polite. "I can assure you, the pleasure is all mine." clearly not one to be immune to the woman's allure.

"What kind of business are you into, Selene? It is important to make good friends from the start, and not let ourselves mistake foes for friends..." this last part being said while he looks at Elektra. Yep, nothing good between those two.

Elektra only smiles beatifically, "It has been so long, you should know it was only business.." she comments, currently standing near the others with her hip slightly jutted to the side, arms folded loosely about her waist.

Selene Corvinus has posed:
Selene's hand is a little room temperature-to-cold when Han takes it to kiss the back of her fingers, but she did just remove it from her glass so he'll probably pay little heed to that in this particular moment! Selene, of course, affords him a sweet smile at his kind chivalry. "Oh, I imagine you're quite adept at sniffing out a scheme before you're too tightly wound up within it." She tries to pay him a good return compliment to keep the game of social-flirtation afoot.

At his question of what kind of work she's in, Selene levels her gaze then, takes a second to form a more casual smile fore him. "Security." She replies. "For Semira Industries here in Manhattan." He may or may not know Semira Industries to be a small, but wealthy, medical research company that's been working out of Downtown for the past 5 years, having moved in to a rather ritzy building back in late 2015.

"I'm the head of security, as a matter of fact, and I've been consulting with the lovely Ms. Natchios here on ways of better training our officers on what to expect in this... rather wild world that is New York City. There's all types here, after all, wouldn't you say? She invited me to this lovely party tonight as a way of hopefully getting my mind off of work for a bit, and so far I'd say it's working splendidly."

Selene's eyes go back to Elektra who gets a smile as well. She looks back to Han then though. "Now I'm curious about your shared past, I'll admit, but my intuition tells me I shouldn't pry." She adds that with a hint of a grin.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
"Depends ..." Han replies, lifting a finger up to brush over that small scar, "Sometimes I get just a little too close for comfort." maybe a little souvenir from Elektra? "But I am hoping to have learned with the years.." his focus now fully on Selene, still with that studious look. Trying to place her.

"Semira.." The man echoes the name, hand brushing on his chin in thought. It takes him a bit, and while perhaps not a lot he does add, "Something in the medical business. The name does ring a bell.." but it's when Selene expands on it that he nods, a brow arching when she mentions being the head of security. It has him standing more upright. "You should be careful. Ms. Natchios' price is always steeper than one intended at first. But then again, I suppose one should expect that considering..." he looks just so towards Elektra. It's a comment that has Elektra cocking her head to the side, perhaps a touch surprised, or not exactly certain on what he means with it. "You flatter me too much." is what she manages as a reply, still with the smile.

"Han and I used to work together, back when I was in Japan for a time. Something similar to head of security. But Han was too loyal to a .., company that has none of our interests at heart." Han then replies, "And you were never loyal to begin with, were you?"

Elektra then rolls her eyes. "And now here you are with Roxxon, of all companies."

Han then looks back to Selene, "If you are interested in actual help that won't turn their back on you perhaps you should come do business with us, Ms. Selene. Our people are true professionals." and ninjas too. Hand ninjas.

Selene Corvinus has posed:
Selene is quick to nod her head once to the vague response as to the nature of the company she works for. All of that is true too, as Semira is a medical company working on technologies related to health and wellness, specifically in the fied of blood work and lengthening lifespans... it's one of the ways that the Vampires earn their wealth in this modern world, their scientists are well educated after hundreds of years after all.

The exchange of Elektra and Han's history has Selene reacting with a restrained amount of amusement, because well... there's clearly some 'bad blood' there. His offer to work with his people has her smiling toward him then. "We're always open for new options, new avenues. Closing doors never helped one progress further after all." She replies directly to the businessman before her eyes drift back over to Elektra.

"But so far, Miss Natchios has done nothing short of impress me. Why even when I was faced with a bit of a hairy moment, she was there to help me through it to the other side. Remove the sword from my neck, you might say." Selene states with a grin sent to Elektra, then a gaze back to Mr. Han.

"I certainly didn't mean to dig up any old wounds between the two of you, Mister Han, my apologies for that. This is a party after all, yes? We're here to... have fun, or something." Another smile is shown before Selene takes yet another sip of her dying drink.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
The talk about hairy moments and swords out of one's neck has Elektra laugh more openly, rich with amusement. It is clearly some kind of inner joke which just makes Han frown a touch. The man lets out a sigh. "Yes, I am sure she must be very impressive. But she does not value what's important. At least not yet, but she will..." again with the mysterious talk. And now it's Elektra's turn to frown. It's as if the man knew something she didn't. And that just doesn't go well with her. Of course that it could all be mindgames...

"Some are never willing to let old wounds close up for good. It is unfortunate." Elektra says, looking at Selene with a returning smile, "But you are right, we are here to have fun. Next round is on me?" small detail that drinks here are free!

As for Han, he looks at Elektra directly, saying. "Go fish elsewhere. I won't be helping with what you want." he then looking at Selene, dipping his head. "It was a pleasure. Maybe we can meet again one day and talk business." he reaches within his jacket for a card, extending it towards the woman. And with that he walks off.

Elektra's gaze seems thoughtful as she looks at the man leaving, along with his 'groupies'.

Selene Corvinus has posed:
"Hopefully we all can someday value what is most important to us." Selene replies to those initial words from Han before she sweeps her stare back on to Elektra and shows her another soft smile as they're both toying with this man, even if Selene has no real issues with him-- and she is admittedly trying to dance around toying while not being overtly cruel to him, as there's no real obvious reason for her to do such a petty thing in this instance.

Not... yet anyway. He hasn't earned it, yet!

The last of her current drink is downed then, and when the glass is lowered, Selene adds a "Music to my ears, that phrase." to the notion of Elektra taking charge for the next round of drinks to be had.

As Han offers his card though, Selene accepts it in to her non-glass-holding hand and twirls it over through her fingers before she holds it between thumb-and-forefinger, her eyes dropping down to it. "Why thank you, Mister Han. I'd offer mine in return, but I'm afraid I threw this dress on in haste and left everything behind by my phone and my--" She pauses and smiles at him. "Well yes." Now she's just being overtly flirty! Silly super old Vampire...

When he steps away she slides the card in to an inside pocket of her jacket and looks to Elektra once more to show her a sly grin. "Well that was fun." She says. "If I'm not mistaken..." She leans toward the other woman then, shoulder to shoulder. "I think he wants to murder you." She loud-whispers before drawing back again, holding her playful grin.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
It's the kind of flirting that no man in his right mind would ignore, no matter how murderous he may be towards a certain ninja assassin nearby. So he smiles, even chuckling briefly. "I believe I can forgive you for that." the man offering another glance down Selene's dress before he finally goes away. Really, why do good things need to come accompanied by sour, distasteful ones?! Life is unfair, at least to Roxxon-Hand affiliates like Han!

Elektra is snapped out of her thoughts by the shoulder to shoulder, "More than murder it seems." she replies in a low tone, slowly her more playful smirk returning even if there is an underlying tension there, shoulders just too strict, the lines on her expression a touch too tight. Bad blood between them, but maybe something more. "But he knows what's going on, along with what I am after. That much I am certain of."

Han continues his round with people, a casual glance given behind his shoulder from time to time. One of his security officers takes off, moving towards the exit.

Elektra taps fingertips to her chin before finally nodding towards the bar. "But I was at least speaking true when I said I'd offer the next round. Shall we get another drink?" she suggests, beginning to make way towards the bar again, posture elegant. "You were quite impressive back there. Do this often, do you?" she asks, a grin coming to her features.

Selene Corvinus has posed:
Selene just seems to be amused by it all, more than any shred of worried about Elektra's well-being. Not to say she doesn't believe the Hand are capable of backing up their threats, she just likely has a lot of confidence in Elektra's abilities after seeing her in action previously.

She too gives a lingering glance at Han as he steps off, but it's mostly to just gauge his conduct after separating from them... she notes the security shifting about and that's curious, but not unhread of after sizing up new people, and she announcing herself as 'security' and working with his enemy probably has him sending people off to research her and the company she said she works for, or... who knows!

The Vampire's eyes go back to Elektra's and she smiles quickly to her once more. "Another drink is of utmost importance." She adds as they venture back that way now. "And... yes, all too often. People are creatures of habits and patterns, and the older I get the more I feel like I'm less speaking to someone, so much as I am speaking to a series of patterns that have, and are yet continuing to, happen..."

She spares a visible glance in Han's direction before looking back to Elektra once more. "I like to toy with men like him too. They're... power-driven. They want to feel in charge, they want to feel their blood flow shift by the wiles of a woman paying them positive attention. They've worked hard to get where they are in life, make no mistake, and to have a person who... physically pleases them... pay them a bit of fun back and forth? Well it makes them, I hate to say it, but putty in one's hands." She smirks at Elektra.

"Or I'm just very glad to be away from Vampires and Werewolves for a night." And she grins again toward the other, as she deposits her empty glass on a passing waiter with a tray of other empties.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
When Selene mentions she sees others as patterns it brings a curious look out of Elektra, again that amusement. "Is this so. And what kind of patterns do you see in me?" she then questions, finally reaching the bar and resting an elbow on it. She gestures to the bartender. "A martini for me, and for my friend ...." she waits for an answer before then continuing, listening to her assessment about Han.

"It is unfortunate that when we are more than what they expected they always turn so ..., sour and upset. He did have potential though, very unfortunate on how things went in the past. But if there is one thing that the man is, that's loyal." which for the Hand does seem like it is a very big thing. But Elektra was never someone to do what was expected of her afterall. Always following her own agenda.

"This was what I did for .., a long time. Attending these parties, meeting with this dignitary, or another. It was never who I was though.." She gesturing to the gala itself. "So many masks that we keep on ourselves that sometimes we lose our true purpose." but then she chuckles. "Hairy moments though?" she bringing up the earlier talk. "I must admit that was a good line. You are making this .., return .., to being on one of these galas to be quite enjoyable."

As for Han, the man continues greeting a few more people but it's clear he is closer and closer to the exit, being as polite as possible but clearly on his way to leaving.

Selene Corvinus has posed:
When they reach the bar again and Elektra poses that question of her own patterns that Selene might see in her, she gets a small lopsided grin at the question. "Something very similar to myself. Which is why I suppose I'm more inclined to open up a bit in your company than I might otherwise do..." She gives a look around them. "With others." She states those last two words a bit more quietly before she looks back over to the bartender who's waiting on her order. "Bloody Mary." The Vampire pauses then adds on. "Extra blood."

Her eyes go back to Elektra then and she's grinning again while leaning against the bar on her hip. "Puns never leave you, even after hundreds of years at this." She says in that dry humor of hers. "Hairy moments, is a fun one to dredge now and then when appropriately eye-rolling. I can't... be oblivious to the absurdities of the world that I come from. I know how different it is from the rest of the world, the one that I was taken from. Even if the world I was meant to live in is long gone now, the... world we're supposed to live in today is just as boring as it ever was before."

When her drink arrives she thanks the bartender for a second time tonight for providing her with a beverage, wrapping her hand around its smooth surface to hoist it up. "Another toast then." Selene says to Elektra. "For entertaining each other this evening. For turning away the mundane elements of these social gatherings, and for squeezing them for all their fun juices hiding deep inside their veins." Her ghostly grin is laced with a silly fun before she takes a firs tasting sip of her new drink.

"Mmmf, that's even bloodier than I expected." She quips quickly there-after.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
A nod is offered at Selene's assessment of herself, Elektra casting a look around at the people about them, "I could say the same." this about opening up. Kindred souls of a sort one could say. Asking for a bloody mary does have Elektra snorting though. "It makes me wonder, can you savor it?" she asks about the drink, and perhaps of other things like food.

"It is good to never take ourselves too seriously. I mean, people walking around in black pijamas with katanas and masks?" she shakes her head a touch, "It is a very different world where we live in. Even justa few years made the difference. It all just seems too surreal though.." she gesturing vaguely with one hand. "As if we are living in a different world than all these other people.." those people that don't know what's hidden in the shadows, lurking and waiting.

"I will drink to that.." She touching her glass to the vampire's, "May they never dry up in the amusement they provide.." she adding before taking a long drink out of her martini.

As for Han, the man finally makes his way out of the party. "You know, I think I have an idea on how to pursue this. Interested in hiring out with dear, old Han? He did seem quite interested in you afterall.." her own dark gaze turning to roam briefly over Selene's dress and jacket. "Who can blame him though." an amused grin on her lips.

Selene Corvinus has posed:
The gala event they're at is in a rather interesting museum that Selene had not been to since coming to Manhattan, not that she's the most overly impressed with museums... considering she arguably belongs in one herself, but the atmosphere does intrigue her, as do the people wandering through it, she is a predator of sorts... the people around her do intrigue her in a number of ways that she's learned to control. Still though, it's invigorating to be surrounded by 'the living' from time to time.

"Savor it? Yes." She answers simply to that small question. "I process the alcohol very quickly though, very rarely feeling anything more than a slight buzz for a few moments, unless I sustain drinking for... hours on-end, then it reacts to my system in an odd way. It heightens my urges for ... well, the things you can imagine, I'm sure." She has to be careful with what she just throws out there verbally in a setting like this.

"But you're right. One of the dreadfully worse things about my people is that they're all generally a lot less capable of relaxing outside of their close-knit social circles. They thrives on each other's company, where... I never have." Her brown hued eyes glance down to the space between them before they bounce back up to Elektra's own and she smiles at her.

"More Han time?" She asks at the notion of aiding Elektra with more to do with this man. Selene's eyes go to search around for him, though she imagines he's already fled away to other parts of the gala. She darts her stare back to the other and grins. "I'd be happy to string him along a bit more, if it helps you get what you need."

Another sip of her vodka vegetable juice is had then before she lowers it down to grace her other fingertips beneath its base. "Just point me where you wish me to go, Miss Natchios. Anything that reminds me there's more to life than my obligations would like me to experience..."

Elektra Natchios has posed:
"I can imagine it well.." This followed by a brief arch of an eyebrow, Elektra perhaps surprised with it. Vampirism and it's details isn't something she is too aware of afterall. But she is learning. She reaches up to run one hand through her long hair, sliding it back behind an ear, now that Han appears to have moved on she letting herself enjoy the party more fully. The 'mission' was done. At least for now.

"They are not very different from mine. Or from me." She admits, pressing her lips to a line. "One never knows when a blade may be waiting for us. I am not immortal, something I have been reminded of time and time again." quite the close calls with death! But she has always survived so far.

The look given to that space between them isn't lost on her, Elektra smiling just so. "We are never what they want us to be, are we?" a callback to their earlier conversation at the start of the evening. Her eyes linger on Selene for a time longer, longer than the usual before they stray to the exit.

"It will. I know he has knowledge about all that is going on, along with a way to get to that shipment. In return, you know you will be able to count on me. But that much you should expect already by now." yet as she then hears those last words she smiles. "Likewise. As I told you earlier, your world, who you are, it intrigues me."

Selene Corvinus has posed:
Selene's leaned against the bar on her left hip with her elbow resting upon it's edge and her drink resting in the palm of that hand while her right holds around the glass itself. She glances away long enough to watch a couple walk past them on their way to explore the exhibits on display tonight, then ehr eyes go back to Elektra.

"Immortality is one of the fields that they're diligently working toward at Semira." She says playfully back to the secret ninja. "Perhaps you'll have a shot at it someday, without having to go quite the route that I did." Prolonging human life through blood work is a pretty popular field in science these days, and who better to uncover its secrets than a Vampire Coven? Probably a lot of people, but still.

"I will admit, however, that I probably am what the people I respect most want me to be. But I'm certainly not what the ones I hold little respect for wish I was." Which is her speaking of her Sire, the man who turned her to a Vampire, versus the men in her Coven who just... desire her company.

Another taste of her drink is had before Elektra's last words there garner another little grin from the pale skinned woman in black. "I'm more than happy to share with you as much of my world as you're willing to experience. You've seen enough of it so far to know that not all of it is pretty, and yet you're still here intrigued to maybe see more? That tells me you're capable of handling it. So then yes, I'm happy to shed as much light upon it all as you so desire." She holds her grin then shakes her head. "Just please, no sunlight. I find it disagreeable."