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Lodge Life
Date of Scene: 17 January 2021
Location: Ski Resort
Synopsis: School people meet up for dinner at the lodge after a day of skiing. Students and others meet Talia.
Cast of Characters: Noriko Ashida, Jubilation Lee, Talia Wagner, Simon Lasker, Tabitha Smith, Paige Guthrie

Noriko Ashida has posed:
It's not like the school is going to care to charter another bus to get the kids around just for meals.  Surely they must be within walking distance of something else, but when there are tired, cranky mutant kids, it's best to stick with what is tried and true.  And even if the teachers have plans, they will be thwarted by the few teens who have decided to use Warren's carte blanche funding (so they think) to throw down some calories, pretend the oppressive heating is 'cozy,' and find a spot that does not stink.  These areas are few and the lodge has done its best to keep everything swanky, but really people are distracted by trying to find a seat and getting some food.

While everyone in their right mind is bundled up and peeling off their winter gear to acclimate, Noriko is still sporting shorts, a t-shirt, and a thin shell of a windbreaker which she sheds as soon as she gets indoors.  She's been staking out the tables and finally claims one.  She belatedly pulls off her goggle and sets them on the table before resting her metal gauntlet-ed hands on the table.  There's been a lot of restraint from the Japanese girl today around complaining about food, but her forlornness when someone strolls by with a big fat juicy burger is evident now.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Noriko should have belayed her forlornness just a moment because the next burger to go by is being carried none other than JUBILATION LEE -- roommate to the stars. There's a styrofoam plate (c'mon, people, think of the environment!) loaded up with bland french fries and a ski lodge burger, balanced perfectly in her palm. On TOP of that is a big plate of cheese fries.

    "C'mon.... S'cuse me... Coming through....Hot soup!" she exclaims as she shimmies down the aisle of seats. "...No, not literally! I don't know if they have soup!"

    She's making friends down the whole aisle, it seems, before lowering herself in the seat adjacent to Noriko. "You know the deal -- you save me a seat and I save you a bite..." she exclaims, smiling brightly for a second before sliding the whole plate -- burger and fries -- in front of the other mutant. She keeps the cheese fries.

Talia Wagner has posed:
It has been an incredibly long week for TJ.

It started off Monday with narrowly defeating a Vampiric Avengers team and being dumped into this timeline not just unceremonously but rather roughly. It is ending at a Ski Resort with a whole lot of people she .. knows... but doesn't know at all really. She got brought by Illyana and Rictor for help and so far while there has been plenty of help her underlying problem has not been resolved.

She has avoided the slopes on Day 1 and Day 2 of the Ski outing, preferring to just relax in the lodge and stare out the window with hot chocolate and a laptop she borrowed.

Which is right where the velvety blue furred mutant is at one of the large dining tables near the window when people start to come in for food break and stake out places to sit and all that. She glances for a time back down to the laptop and continues to scroll through news feeds and wikipedia and the like.

At least until Noriko sits nearby and then Jubilee joins her. The hot chocolate is sipped as she studies them both down the table there for a quiet moment with those yellow eyes. Then she mutters, mostly to herself though the acoustics carry it "Gods you are both so young." and she is one to talk she looks twenty-ish.

Simon Lasker has posed:
Simon opens his jacket and reveals the tight beige thermal shirt (They were out of black when he went shopping.) Captain Beige's fantastic first appearance. Lunch! He doesn't have his usual apetite today. Part of it is that it hasn't been that long since breakfast, but also he isn't used to not using his powers for this long. Just a snack then.

He grabs two things of fries. One to sacrifice upon the altar of commradery, and one for him. He heads over to join his fellow mutants. "Ah well, I suppose you can have my second thing of fries. Wouldn't want you to starve."

He isn't sure how he feels sitting next to an adult. He knows she is an adult because she called him young. As he is 18, ergo she must be an adult. The classic teen deduction to spot one who is not one of them.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Okay...Jubilee making friends is not a moment.  And a moment for Jubilee is not the same moment for Noriko.  As she practically salivates while stuck in one of her speed-'slowed' stares, Noriko's face changes with all of her fortunes.  FOOOD!  NO JUBILEE NOOOOO!  It's like watching one's favorite teammate in slow motion.  Will she make it to home plate?!  Will she be struck out by that meaty guy's elbow to her temple?!

Noriko doesn't interfere.  She just suffers till it gets to her.  When Jubilee finally arrives (for her), the blue-haired speedster just squints and there's a blurry glance toward those cheese fries.  She could eat them.  She could eat them and maybe replace them with someone else's before Jubilee would ever notice (though suspected is another matter).

The lights of the lodge flicker suddenly which gives more than a few people a bit of pause.  And in that flickering, the hamburger and bland french fries are gone...as well as two clearly covered up finger pulls of the cheese fries.

Noriko didn't even notice Talia coming in.  It's sad, but true.  She only had eyes for food and the blueness just seemed to merge with that one guy's ski onesie behind her.  In an unseeable turn that just looks like a blip of a video skipping forward, Noriko looks at Talia.  "Yeah.  I guess that's why we're in high school and you're, what?  Not in high school?  It's hard to tell with my guidance counselor being my age and all."

Simon diiiiid say she could have some of his extra plate right?  Chomp chomp.  An eighth of the fries go missing.  This is called restraint, not that anyone would notice...anything but the missing food.

Noriko walks at a normal pace to get in line and wait, wait, wait, but she does pop back and forth to see if she's missing out on any conversation, not that she can make it out at that velocity.  She pops back into line without anyone feeling any effect other than one vaguely in the same category of deja vu as her position blips like stop motion.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Jubilee's eyes lift at Talia's words. "...Yeah..." She looks to Noriko for a second, searching for some cue for how to respond to that. Luckily(?), Jubilee takes a different approach. "...You got that right!" Her eyes close and she begins to sing a song no one can hear but her. "...We...are youuuunnnng....Let's set the world on fiiiiire....We can burn briiiighter..." You know the one. Jubilee giggles for the faintest moment, just long enough for Noriko to commit a hate crime on her lunch. She peers down as some of her cheese fries become casualties in a war they had nothing to do with.

    And then...she's sitting there by herself. Jubes turns her head and stares at the empty plate that used to have fries and then back towards the line for more food. Her shoulders tense, she clears her throat, and then refocuses on the supposed adult. Ooh, wait, not alone anymore. Alone. Not. Alone. Not.

    "Hey, don't pretend like you weren't on the bus up here!" Jubes accuses, pointing a cheese fry in Talia's direction.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabitha Smith comes into the major food area with a hurry, "What the fudge, you guys didn't tell me the food was ready," she complains. She grabs a food plate and heads toward the food line. She's wearing her Extra-Furry Coat <tm> so she must have just come in but has it unzipped so she doesn't get totally warm.

Talia Wagner has posed:
And ... the food is gone between blinks. Well that is a bit unsurprising all things said. The stop motion business though is something one never entirely gets used to as her eyes shift to glance between the food line and then back to where the teens are sitting and back again.

The whole mild snark from Noriko does make her smirk a bit. "I am indeed not in High School, though I guess technically I'm a high school drop out since I never finished my senior year..." she muses. The cheese fry gets a laugh though "I was on the bus yeah, figure no one wanted to leave me around the mansion alone Jubilee." which, okay the slightly maybe older young woman knows Jubilee's name at least.

The odd part about being unhinged from time is she sort of stopped aging as far as appearances go a few years ago. Which makes pinning down her actual age complicated. Much like the rest of her life. Complicated.

Her attention flicks to Simon and she just blinks a couple of times at him there. She marshalls though and asks in a friendly manner. "Hey what's your name.. I'm Talia."

Simon Lasker has posed:
Simon sighs "Yes you can have the one plate, but this one is all mine." He then pipes up "Well, how as the trip been for everyone?"

"Well tabby, It is a lodge. There was food this morning. There was food earlier and there will still be food after we are done."

"I'm Simon." He offers helpfully "So who exactly are you, blue lady? Or is this one of those 'I could tell you, but then I would have to kill you things'?" He is used to people deciding what he should and should not know. He hates it, but he has grow, to expect it by this point.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabitha Smith stands in line and gets some hot ass food, which is slopped onto her plate like a real cafeteria so she smiles knowingly. "Oh riiiiiiight, of couuuuuurse," she says with exaggeration as she passes by Simon to a seat nearby, "Jubilee, what the fudge, you're done eating already?" she asks her, "Gawd, you guys have been ahead of me the whole trip. What the fudge." She puts a brownie on Jubilee's plate from her own, "Did you have dessert?" she wonders, "I got the jello," she explains, holding up the bowl of jello so she can wobble it back and forth.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
It takes Noriko a little bit because that's what food takes when one is not just raiding a bunch of bananas from the school kitchen and powering through them, but she arrives back with three more plates of cheesy fries and a burger she must have made them put two patties on by sheer /force/ of personality.

More gobbling happens between sentences, listening to the others as they talk.  "Oh hey Tabby!"  Then her eyes hop over to Simon and she smirks, "Thanks Simon.  I'll let everyone else have a chance first."  Noriko stops when she gets to the cheesy fries.  Her gauntlets are already kind of messy from former food adventures.

"We're still eating Tabby.  Seems like you're ahead of us...did you.../make/ that jello?"  Noriko arches her eyebrows and then squints suspiciously about the jello-provenance.  "Did some guy trade you fries out in that corridor over there that has suspiciously few people in it?"  She gestures with a fork that just seems to materialize.

"Yeah...I never finished either," is all she says to Talia as if that were ages ago and not keen on interrupting her own priorities for now.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Jubes squints at Talia for a second or two, considering her answer before taking a bite of her cheese fry. Big deal. EVERYONE knows Jubilee. She's basically the school's unofficial welcome committee. She shoves the rest of the fry in there before she's done with the test bite. With a mouthful of food, Jubes fires a fry-eating grin at Talia. "So, Talia," she begins, hearing the name from the other mutant's exchange with Simon. "Which did you like best? Don't Stop Believing or Rainbow Connection?" she asks. The ukulele songs she played for everyone on the bus ride over. Wheels on the Bus had a brief moment before Kitty put it to death.

    Her brown eyes twinkle a little as she laughs at something Simon said -- or didn't say. "...I don't think so, Simon!" she corrects, grabbing another cheese fry while she still can, even smiling in his direction. Jubilee waggles the cheese fry in Tabby's direction as she busies on by. "Tabbbby," she calls out, even pushing a chair out with her foot to get it ready for her once she returns with her food. And then... there's a brownie on her plate.

    "Woah! Brownie City and I'm the mayor!" she cheers. "Thanks, Tabby!" Jubes smiles down at the brownie for a moment before her attention is captured again by Talia. "You didn't finish high school?" she asks, suddenly curious. Even conspiratorial. "...I'm not either. ... How does that work?" THATS WEIRD.

Talia Wagner has posed:
"Well don't follow my example, stay in school, heaven knows I would have stayed in if I had the option. Which I didn't. Which has probably greatly disappointed my father...." a little sourly there about the whole drop out business. Regardless she sips her hot chocolate and listens to the questions from Simon and Jubes.

She snakes a hand over and too steal a cheesy fry from Noriko though unless prevented by superspeed, or you know a polite mine or no.

""Talia Wagner." she answers Simon, same last name as Kurt interesting. "It is .. kind of complicated but I won't be killing here." she hopes. They seem so nice here and helpful.. welcoming.

Jubilee's question though. Hm. She actually looks thoughtful. "Well Rainbow Connection, though I am really having trouble getting used to Morph.. being Morph but...not.. " she trails off. "Ugn.. like I said. Complicated" she rubs her face. "Next thing I know I'll run into Blink."

Simon Lasker has posed:
"I didn't feel like getting dessert, I feel like I have no appetite out here."

"Jubilee is apparently a snowboard instructor in addition to everything else. Girl of many talents she is."

Simon remains silent on all the choices of songs. He won't admit to liking any of them. "Brownie city sounds like either a rather boring place for fairy land, or something entirely else. Taking some one down to brownie city sounds like a threat."

The name blink rings a bell for him. "I think I saw her around recently. She your ex or something?" He is just guessing here, but complicated could be alot of things.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabitha Smith sings, "Dont! Stop! Thinkin' about tomorrrooooooow!" she lets out, "You know that one Jubes?" she asks her, butching the notes once voiced perfectly by Fleetwood Mac.

Tabitha puts her jello down at a spot at the table across from ole Jubilee and settles into her chair. She has on some headphones down around her neck which are blaring some 90s rock music, so she turns it off before looking back at her jello, which is red. It is cherry. She glances back at the huge line of food, "Dang it, I forgot some hot chocolate."

Tabitha looks down the table at Simon and Talia, giving an exaggerated wave in the air like she's trying to signal somebody at a football game, "Hey you guys!" she grins.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
It just so happens that Noriko must have been getting those utensils when Talia was snatching.  Maybe Noriko just thought the trajectory of Talia's hand was headed for somewhere else.  Maybe she was just too busy hyperfocusing on scarfing food.  She is rather calorie deprived given her normal intake requirements.

"Is Kurt your brother or something?" Noriko barely stays slow enough to be discernible.  "Who gives a shit about fathers."  Once she's tucked in all but one plate of cheesy fries, Noriko sits back in her chair and pokes Jubilee's hip and reaches out.  Poke poke.  "Doesn't everyone have trouble getting used to Kevin?" she says with a smirk.

"Simon...I think you grabbed the wrong street in the wrong Brownie City....Hey Tabby.  Where'd you get the brownie from?"  Noriko asks with a hopeful arch of her brows.

Paige Guthrie has posed:
After having took a quick shower, followed by a call back home, Paige makes her way in with the rest of the gang, brows lifting upwards. "Ah' heard ya'll was setting up some food?" She asks with a hungry tone in her voice. She's back to wearing a pair of slim jeans with some destroy along the legs, a baggy Xavier sweater and her blonde hair pulled up behind her into a messy bun, along with a pair of glasses over her nose.

As she hears some type of singing amongst the rabble, she perks up a bit with a grin of amusement. "Did ah' hear someone say brownie?"

Brownies are her best friend.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Jubes looks down at her brownie, thoughtfully considering Talia's advice. She takes a breath and gives it a poke with her index finger. "Yeah....I know that one, Tabby..." she murmurs. Her mind has started wandering at the different possibilities of how to deal with her school situation. But... then... pokepokepoke.

    Noriko's finger, the one poking her in the hip, causes Jubilee to grin widely -- ear to ear. Her own hand comes down to take hold of the speedster's. It's all very clandestine and hush-hush. Jubes bites her bottom lip, trying to hold back a smile for a second before... Oh what the hell. Jubes leans over and whispers something into Noriko's ear. Something that brings color to Jubilee's cheeks. Jubes leans back and then...stands up, hanging onto Noriko's hand. Huh.

    "Pardon me, ladies and gentlemen, and Simon -- as the mayor of Brownie Town, I have urgent matters to attend to..." she announces before moving away from the table, still holding onto Nori's hand, apparently dragging her out of the food court.

Talia Wagner has posed:
"Eh I like my dad." she notes with a bit of sadness mixed in with amusement. Emotions are complicated.

She wiggles her three fingers back at Tabitha down the table "Hot Chocolate is over there." point. Then she laughs at the bit about Morph from Noriko. "I'm.. very used to Kevin being Kevin it is .. yeah kinda a mess and not his fault." she glances towards Simon "And .. great." probably about Blink "No not my ex, but it is going to make my life complicated and harder to fix the problem I am struggling with right now." she frowns at her hot chocolate and pulls the laptop over and runs a search in it then nearly spits her hot chocolate choking. "Royal guard for Genosha?" she coughs a little and closes the lid to the laptop, trying to stop breathing hot chocolate. It does seem imperative.

"And Kurt... uhm.. yeah I am definitely related to him I guess yeah. One way of putting it."

She watches the dragging going on and smiles a bit there. "Okay, that is either adorable or trouble... I mean probably both." she shakes her head and looks to the others still sitting.

Simon Lasker has posed:
"Well I suppose if you are offering... Sure!" He is feeling slightly more interested in hot chocolate than a whole meal.

"Hey, some sprinkles had a gang and they jumped me. I shudder every time I hear that name now. The brown and white were of no help what so ever."

"Hey Paige! Hey people. If we ever go to a place with horses, Paige has offered to teach us how to ride them." He volunteers people for things because he loves them

Simon smiles "Well I wouldn't want to interfere in official Brownie town business. Good luck!" He also looks at Nori and gives a congratulatory wink. It is good to see her turn it around.

"Oooh, Are you a clone? I bet you are a clone." As a resident of the X-mansion, he immediately thinks of clones.

He goes and finishes his supper peacefully.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabitha Smith frowns confusedly and looks at the line at Talia super helpfully points out where the hot chocolate is, so she bee lines over here for some, filling a little cup before returning to her seat to see that Jubilee and Noriko have disappeared without a trace, "Hey, what the fudge, where'd everybody go...?" she wonders.

She walks down the table to hover over Talia and Simon and now Paige, "Hey Paige!" she lets out, waving at her, "What up...!?" she says.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"I like him," Noriko adds to Talia with a toothy grin and then just shrugs when Tabitha doesn't answer about the brownies.  Kind of moot when Jubilee takes her hand.

Noriko grins, eyes snapping to Jubilee at the whisper.  There's a soft fast-forward chuckle and she rises a hair behind Jubes but ends up standing straight before the girl can.  Noriko smirks at Simon's wink.

Then Jubilee starts dragging Nori along.  She lets Jubes' pacing inform her own as she tries to stay in sync as they weave through the minefield of tables and bodies pressed in like sardines.

Paige Guthrie has posed:
Giving a wave as Jubilee and Noriko head off, Paige saunters over towards Tabitha and gives a grin. "Hey Tabby. How're you doing?" She asks with her country drawl creeping into her voice as she gives a glance about. Once she makes her way to the table, she plucks up a brownie and wraps it in a napkin, then takes a bite from it with a soft 'sigh' in her throat.

She gives an upwards nod of her head towards Talia as well, followed by another bite of her brownie. "Whatcha guys up to tonight?" She asks curiously.

Talia Wagner has posed:
Talia stretches and looks over at Simon. "Not a clone." she notes amused, well she does share a lot of DNA with Kurt, but still she is adamantly amused about not being a clone. "Good guess though." okay that is just pure teasing.

She doesn't teleport as she extracts herself with her laptop and hot chocolate from where she is seating with all the food folks. Despite no teleporting in the lodge, she does look like she is closely enough related to Kurt to be an acrobat as she waves to everyone at the table then starts to weave herself through the food area "Catch you kids later." she notes with her depature.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabitha Smith walks past Simon's table and pokes Paige inna shoulder, "OH you found the brownies? Nori was lookin for brownies and...I dunno where they all went. Hey c'mon, I think you can see the ski jump from up the road," she explains and finishes the hot chocolate. She walks off.

Paige Guthrie has posed:
"Coming, coming." Paige says as she crams another bite into her mouth, shuffling along after her with her boots.