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Blast From The Past
Date of Scene: 17 January 2021
Location: Shaw Studios
Synopsis: Oh how nice a friend came to visit. He's dead? Oh. That can't be good.
Cast of Characters: Michael Hannigan, Hank Pym, Nadia Pym-van Dyne

Michael Hannigan has posed:
With the primary holiday season being done with there is the eventual taking down of the decorations that come with. For Shaw Studios, that day happens to land on today. Sunday is the quietest day of the week for studio usage to begin with and with last week still being a bit busy with end of the year related tasks, maintenance schedules and whatnot. Taking down a tree was low on the priority list. But its happening now and a group of people are busy taking off ornaments and loading up boxes.

Larry, a familiar sight to the regular visitors is not present at his post. There appears to be another person situated there. Younger... the patch indicating him to be a temporary service this time around.

Mike is not helping with the decorations today. Nope. Instead he's making use of Wade's office. He's currently sprawled out on the futon, back to the door and sitting on it lengthwise. He manages a notepad in one hand and a pen in the other, perusing the lines already written within. There is no indication of a Wade in the building. But based from Mike still being in the office with the door open to show him being there, Security seems A-ok with him sitting in there alone.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym figured it was time he showed up at Mike's studio with some coffee and croissants and not to just burden him with his problems. Truth be told he was worried so much about being a lousy father lately, he was doubtless a lousy friend. Wiser heads told him he made things worse for himself with impossibly high standards. But bringing a snack and coffee wasn't very difficult. Besides he wanted to get out of the lab and enforce his relaxation schedule.

Of course he has a schedule to relax. Doesn't everyone? He enters and waits to be signed in or whatever he didn't let the guard do last time and be announced. He doesn't like being disturbed when he is creating.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
The opening of the door draws the attention of the guard over to Hank's entering. He turns his back to the activity in the lobby, grabbing for a clipboard. "Afternoon. Name please?"

A rather trim man with hair pulled back to a brown pony tail grabs an empty box. Breaking rank from the rest of the group he heads up the stairs. Likely to collect whatever decorations are on the second level. Man these music people love their holidays.

There's a slight trickle of noise off to the side of Mike. Lazily the songwriter turns, looking to the charging phone upon Wade's desk accusingly. He stays seated, letting it just continue its charge on the other side of the room. Eh, he can get it later.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym gives a glance at the man breaking ranks. Something strikes him as slightly off about him. One box seems inadequate for the floor's decorations from what he sees. Then too, the men are not done with the lobby here. It's two minor points and people are not always efficient but... this is what they do for a living. He gives his name to the security guard, trying to assess whether he would be of use if an event occurs.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
"Hank Pym...Hank Pym..." The guard repeats, keeping the name fresh in his thoughts as he searches through the list, "Did you have an appointment?" He flips to a different colored sheet, skimming through it.

A pen taps against the notepad as Mike closes his eyes, bobbing it to whatever tune is playing in his head. Lips parting as he quietly mouths out the lyrics written down. That is until he hears the lightest of sounds of something being gently set inside the open office. Mike glances to the clock behind Wade's desk. "Back already?"

Eyes widen as arms wrap around the musician from behind. "Hey wa-"

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym slaps a rectangle of plastic down in front of the guard. "Listen Larry, all kinds of super-powered hell may break loose in a minute so, just hit the red button on this card if I'm right. And tell those workers to get out now! Says Dr. Henry Pym, also known as Goliath!" With that he runs for the stairs. He's throwing the overcoat he wore aside revealing a blue and Yellow costume and utility belt. He leaves the hood and goggles off because he's running. Running for Wade's office.

Is he actually in the right place at the right time for once?

Michael Hannigan has posed:
The guard smiles, finger settling on aline of the second page "Alri-" He stops as something plastic is set down in front of him. Blinking he glances back to the Doctor, and then towards the group near the tree that's looking back. Flustered, and having already confirmed that the man is allowed in the building he nods, mouth still parted and trying to make some form of sound.

It isn't until Pym's halfway up the stairs that he recovers, looking over to the people with the tree. "Alright uh... How about you guys take a lunch break and come back in an hour?"

The hands grasping the sides of Mike's shoulders squeeze as the arms don't move from their position around the smaller, sitting man. An attempt for Mike to move his head to see the intruder is thwarted as his movement is redirected by a head taking the gap over his right shoulder.

Cheek to unknown cheek Mike starts to lean away from the unwelcome intrusion before the broken silence of the stranger causes for him to freeze.

"It's been awhile, Mikey."


Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym takes the steps two at a time, normal sized for now, until he assesses the situation. He creeps up to the door to Wade's office. Why is Wade never here when Hank is? Masybe they're the same person! Old superhero joke. If you were a superhero it'd be funny.

He is close enough to hear voices now.

"It's been awhile, Mikey."


Okay, not a double. But still it might be a stalker or fanatic. Hank steps into the doorway, slipping his hood into place and goggles beforehand. He watches the hug. Funny for such good friends you would think he'd know Mike's sexual orientation. It never came up. He waits, preparing to let the hammer fall.

Wait, Thor does that.

... preparing to prove size matters.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
There's a low chuckle in Mike's ear, "So you do remember." The voice confirms.

Mike's a bit quiet as he tries to get a look to the man's face. The inability to turn and close proximity mainly just giving him a blur of details.

The grip upon Mike loosens slightly as the older brunet glances down to the younger one. A satisfied smile forming across his features. "Miss me? I missed you."

Feeling the change in restraint, Mike takes advantage, pulling to the left slightly to allow himself the ability to turn to look to the man speaking to him. Which...doesn't do well for his sensibilities as he just stares. "Y-" A glimer of blue and yellow to the doorway behind Rod does manage to break into the peripheral vision. "I miss him."

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym is wondering whether he should simply turn around and leave before he interrupts further... then, a snippet from wiki about Mike's career comes to mind. That is Rod something or other who was a performer with Mike until a fatal car crash. A little older perhaps.

Well, crap.

He needed a double of a living native persone to really test his scanner. Compare one to the other to identify the 'artifacts' in the brain left by long term telepathic oppression. This is not optimal. Still... this man might be an important source of information and what the hell?

Hank removes a small round device from his belt and scans Rod. The signs of ZZGU might be enough to register on the EEG without recalibrating and having such a situation not end in a fight is always good. He never wants that. Not lately anymore. He pins that on Nadia.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Most sixteen year old girls are busy with things like fitting in at high school and what the best series to binge on Netflix is. Nadia is not most sixteen year old girls, many adult professionals would be hard pressed to keep up with, as SHIELD has learned the hard way. Currently she is involved in no less than SCIENCE!ing the Doppleganger invasion, trying to unravel Soviet plots and rescue a lost friend, and construct a spaceship to deal with yet more aliens. Yet when a distress signal comes over the Hymenoptera communication network, she drops everything and flies straight out one of the lab windows.

Worry clouds Nadia's expression as she flies, pushing her bio-synthetic wings hard enough that they'll probably need some repairs later, but given the situations that her father sometimes tends to wind up in she wastes no time in her pursuit, hurrying towards the source of the signal. In the back of her mind really hoping it isn't a Hank Doppleganger that has shown up.

A trained spy and assassin, Nadia knows better than to just barrel into an unknown situation. As she approaches the building which the signal is coming from, she all but disappears from sight, reducing herself to the size of a regular wasp as she buzzes up to an office window trying to get a look inside and see what sort of resistance she might be facing within.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Rod's ever strengthening smile halts, quickly deflating at the change in expected response. "...him."

Mike twists his body, breaking away from the losened grip. He reorients himself such that his back is towards the desk and not the door. Rod's still between him and the doorway but at least he's facing the surprise guest and the blue and yellow decked Hank behind him.

"Yes- HIM." Mike reiterates, glancing down to avoid looking at Rod, or Hank accidentally, "HE died in 2013. So you're not HIM." His hands clench into fists, "You're a little late to be trying to take over that bit."

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym calls from the doorway as he pockets the scanner. "Yes, maybe we should sit down and have a talk and do this the easy way. And please keep your hands where we can see them until we're all sure we're friends." He's using his Avengers voice now and looking for any signs of a weapon. Any place the man could conceal one. He moves out of the doorway forcing the man to watch either hm or Mike, neither a good choice really.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
The office window opens a crack in a feat of herculean strength from an otherwise very tiny girl, her hyper-condensed atomic structure making her just as strong as she was at her full size. Nadia flits into the room, taking her time observing the two men initially struggling and then conversing.

At the sound of Hank Pym's very much not distressed voice, a full sized Nadia suddenly appears in the room. One would be forgiven if they thought she teleported, the size shift takes a milisecond, nigh instantaneous. "You certainly don't sound like you are at the mercy of fearsome opponents facing certain Doom Dad!" She calls, perhaps ever so mildly annoyed at being called away from all her various projects and worry a bit, though still smiling with a friendly enough expression, in her full Waspette armor.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Hearing the voice come from behind him, Rod spins around in reaction, backing up towards Mike. Despite the warning the hands don't exactly reach for the sky, instead one is going into a pocket.

While the office can manage a few people sitting and standing around the futon and one behind the desk area, it's not THAT big. There's a bit of awkward shifting as Mike ends up hopping up from the futon to back away from Rod to behind the desk. This maneuver is short lived as the sudden appearance of Nadia in the space he was going to gets filled, leading to him having to back away from there. Watery eyes blink as they look over to the newest entrant to the office, losing sight of how close Rod's getting to him or the movement of the knife being drawn out.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym keeps his voice level. "The offer to sit and talk still stands. I know this must be scary, I know something of what you're coming from. But Mike is my friend as well as yours. Let us help each other. Put down the knife. It isn't going to be much help. take this from a man who made many shitty decisions and turned down offers of help. It will be better for you. But... we are not letting you leave or hurt anyone. On the bright side I brought croissants and coffee for everyone." Wih that he pulls his hood and visor off, letting Rod see his face. He smiles and the intense eyes soften.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Knives are generally pulled out for only a few reasons, cooking, woodworking, opening boxes, and stabbing. They are not in a kitchen, and there are no blocks of wood or boxes present, which only leaves stabbing.

Nadia rolls her eyes like this person is just wasting her time. In a flash she seems to disappear again crossing the short intervening distance on swift bio-synthethic wings before resizing to her full height right next to Rod. The wrist of the hand holding the knife is seized and twisted painfully, even as her other hand slaps his shoulder creating counter-motion, the arm pulled into a hammerlock behind his back even as she pivots slightly to kick out the back of his knees forcing Rod to kneel. It is quite a sight for one who has never seen her in action before, like something straight out of a Hollywood action movie, only more brutally efficient.

"Dad! This guy you were talking to tried to pull a knife on the other guy so I incapacitated him!" The teenager calls to her father in the hall.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
A lot of time could probably be taken to explain the why in someone's actions. But when presented with a 'We will not let you leave' scenario, along with the situation from whence one came- Sometimes stupidity does not need much time to explain?

The next few moments could probably be described by Rod as a blurr. Even though the movements of one Nadia brought Mike back within reach of Rod and his hand went towards the distracted musician as a result, it was futile. For the newest entrant to the office corrected for the one movement with a much quicker one and now, Rod is kneeling with his arm twisted behind his back.

Mike's head turns as Nadia vanishes from her spot, seeing the tail end of the movment and barely registering the clatter of the knife on the floor. The frown upon Mike's face is very much visible as he looks to the knife, back to the shifting expressions on the other musician's face. The elated smile at the end of the display is not comforting.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym steps into the office nonchalantly, pulling a pair of disposable cuffs from his belt. He quickly places them on Rod.

"Yes. Well done sweetie. I gave my signal device to the guard downstairs and he clearly overreacted. I'm sorry to worry you and drag you away." He gives her a quick kiss. "Mike how are you holding up... Mike, this is my daughter, Nadia. Nadia, this is my good friend Mike Hannigan. I'm sorry you had to meet like this. Anyway... Rod is a double of his deceased friend and obviously, Rod, you make very poor decisions. For what it's worth... you can still have that coffee and food after I run a couple non-invasive tests."

The smile on Rod's face is troubling.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia nods her head slowly as she is introduced to Mike and DoppleRod, "Nice to meet you Mike." she offers him a smile. She glances down at Rod, "Another Doppleganger. It figures." From the way her smile wavers, it is pretty clear her experiences with those from the ZZGU dimension have not exactly been positive.

Once Hank places the restraints on Rod she releases him and sets away looking between them. "He should be studied for dimensional resonance from the crossing. It is possible the electromagnetic polarity shifts within the portals may have left a detectable effect on his atoms." While she's here, she might as well mix in some of her own work.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym goes over to Rod and watches him as he grabs a phone to call for transport.

Before he finishes dialing he looks up at daughter and friend and says, "Why don't you two talk while I dealt with Rod here. My lab is closer. Mike has performed covers of Alison Blair, honey." He steps out of the way after saying this carrying Rod who is still grinning.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Mike stares at the unapologetic smile upon Rod's face. Why after all that is he still smiling? It's just-

Someone said his name.

Mike blinks, tuning in soon enough to get the introductions being made. He looks over to Nadia and gives a small smile, mirroring hers. "Hi Nadia." As Hank walks out with Rod, the musician gets one more glimpse of that smile which effectively kills his own. "Uh...Thanks to you two. I'm still a bit surprised by his showing up." He pauses, "...Sorry, I'm probably not the best conversationalist at the moment."

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia watches her father go before turning her attention back to Mike. There is some curiousity there, but even she can tell this probably isn't the time.

"Facing ghosts of the past can be hard, truuuust me, I know. It looks like you'll be okay though. Maybe I can hear you sing another time." She offers a reassuring smile and then, in an exit worthy of Batman, is just gone. A tiny Waspette once again slipping out of the window from whence she came.