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Sleepy Storm
Date of Scene: 19 January 2021
Location: Private Cabin A2
Synopsis: Ororo and Noriko visit Emma. Ororo falls asleep before she even makes it to the hot tub. Emma Dr. decides that the best medicine would be a spa day.
Cast of Characters: Noriko Ashida, Ororo Munroe, Emma Frost

Noriko Ashida has posed:
It's been a long day on the slopes and then the standard lodge dinner for some, most probably.  It certainly was for Noriko.  Noriko has been dressed like it's the height of summer.  Short shorts, made only nicer by having belt loops even if they are obviously empty, a t-shirt, and a light windbreaker to soothe other people's minds just a touch.

Noriko hasn't had that odd sensation of being starving while charged in a long time, if one doesn't count the whole weekend.  She just kicks off her soaked tennis shoes inside once she stomps on the mat.  The disarray of how they land...was she raised by Japanese society's dregs?

Ororo Munroe has posed:
The sound of falling snow is normally a quiet thing, a background event that one only notices with the best of intentions. There is a difference between that and the sound of all the snow faling at once though.

Ororo giggles as she's showered in the stuff, just outside the doorway, and is a moment behind due to this. She shakes off the snow easily, weather like this being no issue at all, and steps into the cabin. "Refreshing! Thank you for inviting me, Noriko dear. I should have a snow bath more often, though I admit there is now a need for warmth."

She still has the door wide open, letting out all of the heat. One must ask sometimes if she lives in the real world.

Emma Frost has posed:
    "Ororo, be a dear and get the door, would you?" Emma asks, having claimed a chaise lounge and relocated it nearer to the roaring fireplace, though when the door opened initially, the telepath brazenly shifted into her full diamond form. The crystal like strands of hair twinkle against themselves as she turns her head to face back to the fireplace and lowers the cup of steaming hot chocolate from her lips to rest on her toned belly. "It's cool out there and some of us are fighting it as best as we can." The woman in tight grey pants and long furry white boots cover most of her shins and feet. She wears a vest unzipped currently and she lays lavishly on the furniture. "Nori." She states before looking back to the fireplace.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko just looks over to Ororo and grins before closing the door behind the woman with her foot.  A stiff gauntlet is raised to the lounging diamond formed Emma.  "Hey," she says with a smile she normally doesn't reserve for anyone but her roommate.  The girl has been acting...well, more toward the Jubilee end of the color spectrum than her own, even if she's been cooped up in a way.

There's a blur before Noriko ends up sitting cross-legged in front of the fire and starts taking off her frozen gauntlets, the clasps making a cracking noise as if she's breaking the seal on a car door, only...smaller.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
With the door already being closed for her, Ororo takes a moment to towel off her hair. She wipes the towel over her head, the water doing what water does, dripping, and looks much younger than her age. What with the smile on her face.

"We have come to storm your fortress," she says, a pause to pull some snow out of her cleavage. "But the natural defenses are formidable. May be presume your hospitality?" She pauses to remove her boots, which takes yet another moment. She's not speedster, and ski boots are quite devious creatures.

Emma Frost has posed:
    Emma lifts her hand with the mug very carefully as Noriko goes zipping past and ends up by the fire place, and the mug finds a small end table near the lounge. Emma looks towards the student briefly before she scoots backwards and props her back and self up on the back of the lounge and looks towards Ororo with a hint of a glisten in her nearly see through smile. "You may presume, but that's a bold and risky game. What have you brought me as recompense for my hospitality?" Emma asks, smirking gleefully as if she might kick them out, but Ororo knows that wouldn't happen.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"I brought someone for you to talk to," Noriko quips ever so timely even if she's already invaded.  A beat later she's smirking over her shoulder in the other two's direction.  She continues removing her gauntlets carefully, even for someone without her powers.  Once her hands are out, she opens and closes them stiffly but doesn't hold them out to the flames.  Then she pushes them closer to the fire place...then they are straightened.

"Have you been staring at this all day?"  Noriko's eyes twitch between Emma and the fire as she's suddenly in profile so she can see everything and everyone with a glance.  Swifter than visible, she inspects what she can of the cabin instead of running off to go snoop around and return before anyone might notice.

Noriko's mind seems restless, unfocused, and jumbled with looping...teenage thoughts that invade and interleave all her other surface thoughts.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Silent for a moment to let Noriko answer, Ororo is finally freed of the torturous instruments known as ski boots. She must've been skiing, since she generally does not bother with cold weather gear as such, and only has on a light jacket.

"Oh I don't know Nori. If we stay with the original concept, we merely have to offer her her life, and perhaps to spare one or two of her servants. Historically that is the way to take a castle. Remind me to get you a book on the invasions of Ireland." Yes, she's managed to somehow turn this into a history lesson. Now that, is teaching talent.

She strips off her coat then, and then her shirt. "Is there a hot tub? I find myself wishing to be warmed through."

Emma Frost has posed:
    "Bringing a fellow invader isn't a gift Noriko." Emma retorts sighing though in this form she doesn't breathn and with a motion of her feet, Emma's legs swing off the lounge and onto the ground where the woman steps behind Noriko and swims her rock hard arm through the fire in a single motion. Still moving, she takes her now fire kissed arm and self closer to Ororo and she smiles. "There is a hot tub, or ... you could come cuddle with me by the fire Ororo." Emma says, ignoing the teaching moment for now and reaching out with her barely warmed arm for a hug of the teacher she most admires.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
History books are great!  They can go at Noriko's pace!  Formal history lectures are just made for naps, but luckily this one is relatively short and informal, so Nori doesn't nod off.

"It is if you are betraying them and offering them as a gift," Noriko beams over to Emma as she passes by.  When she feels the kiss of heat in the air where it should not be, Noriko quick-looks back to admire the pyro-diamond-arm technique.  Either she doesn't care about what Emma says enough for it to garner any distinct attention, she moves too fast to detect, or she's busy daydreaming in a stare that falls on the flame.  Emma would be able to tell it's the last one, naturally.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo leans in to Emma and kisses her on the cheek without the slightest hesitation or embarassment. She is wearing something under her shirt, but as per usual she has absolutely zero body shame. Have you see what she wears into combat sometimes?

I am hardly planning an actual assault. If I were, this cabin is situated perfectly for an avalanche to take out the front wall. There," she motions in the appropriate direction with a long, strong arm. "A team of operatives, Noriko perhaps, would enter through that direction. The avalanche would also deal with any ground-based defense systems. Nori, you would enter but not engage. Take out any defenses on the second floor."

She pauses, then tilts her head as Emma hugs her warmly. "What would we do next?"

Emma Frost has posed:
    Emma's return hug isn't any less caring, but the coldness and hardness of her skin leaves the embrace wanting, and she's trying to not squeeze Ororo hard enough to cause any prolapses or crush her organs or break any bones. Emma knows she's strong like this and she smiles back to Ororo when pulling away. With a whisper to Ororo's ear, "If you don't know how to deal with just me after that, I'm not going to give you any pointers, Ororo." Emma winks and then lowers herself and scoops up Ororo in her arms and smiles as she moves Ororo towards the stair case. "Hot tub time Nori. And if you betray Ororo, you wont be able to run." Emma smiles that stepford smile she mastered in her youth.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"I can try...but I'd help her with the invasion because that seems more fun."  Noriko flops back on the floor, putting her arms behind her head in a rare treat (an old habit stifled by the presence of those bulky gauntlets, normally), and stretching her be-socked toes out to the fire, but doesn't wiggle them or anything.

"Huh?"  Noriko is up on her feet and pads after the other two women to the location of this mysterious hot tub.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Intensely worried about the possibility of a hot tub dunking, Ororo allows herself to be lifted. Now that Emma sees her up close though, she can see how tired the dark-skinned mutant looks. She hasn't shown off her powers, not at all! But at the same time, she looks as if she could sleep for weeks. Ororo Munroe has not been taking care of herself, it seems.

Still. She continues the show, in order to take care of her charges. "Hot tub, Nori hon. Perhaps ground yourself first, though Emma and I are in no danger from you. We may be the only two of the staff who would not be."

Emma Frost has posed:
    Emma takes the opportunity with Ororo already in her arms to whisper, "You and me need a spa day. You're not taking care of yourself like you should." Emma whispers and then turns her head to Noriko. "Hurry up, no, you go first and get the water started, we'll be up after you, but you know, speedster." Emma shrugs and walks up the stairs towards the tub, knowing Noriko will zip past any moment now and her and the weather witch wont have a moment alone for a while to come.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"I-"  Noriko doesn't argue with Ororo or explain that she's tested this scenario, but she does backtrack to grab her gauntlets, the joints of which have largely thawed at this point.  She does give Emma's strength a blurry double-take over her shoulder as if her brain just came up from a little air from her racing thoughts and mild anxiety that flared up at the suggestion of the 'hot tub.'

The girl darts up ahead and tries to remember the settings she's seen others used...more little bouncy thoughts as she just eventually settling on...whatever even if she really had a lot of time left to deliberate.  She sighs and decides to give this a go again, knowing that the result will be largely harmless to the others, but rather uncomfortable to her.

Noriko sits on the edge of the hot tub after stripping off her socks and leans back, propping herself up by her suddenly gauntleted hands.  Then she dips her toe into the water and gets that stinging sensation crawling like jellyfish.  She's never understood this part of her power.  Tiny bits of electricity seem more drawn to the water where the electrons will flow more freely, but then she closes her eyes to see if she can channel it back through her gauntlets without expelling the charge beyond a trickle.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
And this is a wonderful thing, for Emma to offer, for Noriko to be willing to try. For friends to be willing to do things, with friends. Except that there turns out to be a big hitch in the whole plan, and for all the wonderful hopes and dreams for what might come that evening, the problem that occurs outweighs them all.

Ororo Munroe has fallen asleep.

She sits, in Emma's arms, as Noriko puts her toes into the water, taking swats at little electrical bits and bats and bytes, and her own eyes have drifted shut. She must've been doing too much of late, and only now has it caught up to her.

Though one could still put her in the hot tub. Or not. It's not healthy for the unconscious.

Emma Frost has posed:
    Emma stops as she nears the doorway to take Ororo and herself through to get to the tub and then she notices. "Aww, she's out." Emma whispers and looks towards Noriko through the threshhold and decides to do the decent thing. "Noriko, I'll be right back." And with that, Emma carries the goddess towards her bedroom, with the large plush bed and the most comfortable of linens and duvet.

    Carefully Emma helps Ororo out of her clothes, and makes sure the woman will be safe and comfortable, Emma places the mutant into her bed and covers her up nice and snug after making sure the pillow is beneath her head.

    Emma steals a diamond kiss of Ororo's cheek before moving out and walking as quietly as the heavy diamond woman can.

    Back at the tub she slowly dips herself in. "Ororo will make it to be with us later."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
A look of self-consciousness falls over Nori when the older women arrive and she pulls her feet out of the water to fold up on the side of the hot tub.  But the look is replaced by a flash of worry at the unconscious Ororo before she realizes yeah, it's been a long day for anyone and nods to Emma.

"Asleep?" Noriko guesses when Emma comes back, trying to appear more at ease with herself.  She watches somewhat innocently when Emma dips into the water.  It's hard not to be fascinated on multiple levels by Emma's diamond form and it causes her to look down at the water disruptions from the jets.

"Thanks for letting me tag along in here with her..." Noriko says quietly, carefully pacing out her words awkardly.

Emma Frost has posed:
    Emma climbs into the water, having shed her clothes in her room with the plan to stay diamond the entire time and enjoy the 'warmth' that she can't feel when in this form. Slipping into the tub and finding the seat with a heavy 'THUNK' as she joins it and frowns towards the student. "She's always trying to be a super woman and ignores her own care while caring for everyone else... We need to do something for her for once." Emma muses aloud.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"She has always been kind to me."  Ororo served as Noriko's legal guardian since she got here, but upon the age of 18, despite what her father did, the duty to that title has ceased to exist.  Kind might be an understatement, but Noriko believes Emma is reading her thoughts, and this seems to be something more delicate than she can express in words.  It doesn't take a telepath to see that, even if it might be misunderstood without clarification.

"I'm not sure me tagging along though would be, a break?"  Restful?  "I try to help with the gardens."  Not that Ororo, if she wasn't Ororo, would notice without a meticulous eye.  "But I know that's not really much."  She shrugs and tries to keep her mind here, from wandering back to her roommate (as far as the teachers are concerned, but they aren't idiots) and the image in her mind of her sleeping close.

"Have any suggestions?"

Emma Frost has posed:
    "You show her love with others that are better at her love language than you are." Emma says easily as she lowers herself so her chest is beneath the bubbling waters and she smirks at herself. "We make sure she gets care and attention from us, but provided by others that can truly do it better than we can." Emma explains before she looks to Noriko. "We get her a spa day, we get her a day where things are lavished upon her. Her whims and wants are taken care of." Emma smiles at her own devilish plan. "We let her be free of us, but we don't word it like that."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
If Noriko weren't trying her hardest to stay in this time frame, to wrangle her stray thoughts, to be respectful to the subject at hand in such things, maybe she'd have the brainpower left to see past the gist of what Emma is saying into any of the subtext, but she doesn't.  Her charge has been mounting all day while being run ragged by the slopes without any use of her speed whatsoever, not in ways that can truly balance her out.

She's smarter than me, Noriko thinks to herself, though not disparagingly.  Truth is, these subtler expressions of the English language are somewhat lost on her.  Keeping track of Emma's little covert twists and turns, trying to figure her out does nothing for Noriko's understanding, but Emma's semi-directness is all she decides she needs to know, so she nods.

Noriko yawns semi-quickly, only blurring at the edges.  "I don't feel well.  I'm going to go to bed."  It isn't a lie to let her escape to Jubilee.  At least her metabolism will slow when she takes a nap, though it's not like her sleeping lasts long in comparison to others'.

The girl's socks are on before she stops, just before leaving.  "She means a lot to me," but doesn't clarify why she said it at all.  "Night."  There is a swift blur into a bow of her head before she zips off.