4789/Another You: The Incredibly Shrinking Micronauts

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Another You: The Incredibly Shrinking Micronauts
Date of Scene: 19 January 2021
Location: Labs - Titan's Tower
Synopsis: In order for Gar to have more time to heal, Nadia takes the boys to a world... of pure imagination (and science.)
Cast of Characters: Nadia Pym-van Dyne, Terry O'Neil, Caitlin Fairchild, Kian, Gar Logan

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
One of the Titans Labs has been set up for something Nadia had never envisioned she would be doing. After all what teenage girl ever envisions a group of boys having a slumber party in her most private sactuary? But there was an arm to regrow and wrongs to right and time was not on their side.

The center of the room is occupied by a sized up Pym Capsule, the sort used to safely transport people at small sizes, now the size of a taxi cab. The inside has comfortable seating and straps to keep one from getting thrown around. Off to one side is a clothes rack with what appear to be three black jumpsuits hanging from it and some kind of respirator helmets on a shelf above. The helmets look similar to the ones the Wasps and Ant-Men wear but far less fancy. Not far from that, there is another large metal case that so far remains unopened.

"Okay! Adventure time!" Nadia grins showing her characteristic cheer, despite needing some convincing from Terry earlier. "So, shrinking to sub-atomic sizes can have some adverse effects on the body if you are not naturally full of Pym Particles, so Gar, Terry, and Kian will need to wear these suits and respirators..." she trails off, looking at the suits, looking back to Kian, "Maybe you'll be okay without the body suit? But you'll definitely need a respirator, at least for the trip down." She then gestures to the enlarged Pym Capsule, "To cut down on the amount of particules required for all of this, you'll share the same capsule, kind of like a shrinking taxi ride and I'll carry you down. They're specially constructed to assist in shifting the size of groups."

She then grins at Cait, "You're going to love this, I have something special for you Cait!" As she says this her gaze moves over to the last large metal container.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"I'm ok putting on the bodysuit," Terry says, dropping the backpack he had over his shoulders in order to head over to the clothes rack and begin changing, "Better safe than sorry and all that... technically speaking this will be the second time I'll have gotten shrink-rayed in less than a month. That's got to be a new record for non-Pym people, right?"

By now, he's gotten pretty used to doing quick-changes, ducking quickly out of sight behind the capsule. "Although, I think I stopped at three inches in height. This time it's going to be a lot smaller..."

He pauses. Then shudders. He finishes getting into the suit. "Gar, do you need help with yours?" because missing arm. And all.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Caitlin's shouldering her respirator when Nadia hails her. The redhead's pretty durable, enough that an environmental sleeve isn't really needed. The respirator runs much faster than most though, and Caitlin carries a highly pressurized atmosphere container due to how much more oxygen she consumes than the others.

"You got... me a present?" she inquires with a halting uncertainty, and examines the container with a wary eye.

Be wary of scientists who come bearing gifts, after all.

Kian has posed:
    Kían looks dubious at best.  He's given his word to Terry that he will help, but... "Nadia... I am a being of quan-tum effec's. It iss the basis of my /rhy'thar/ as far as we coul' tell before I... I came to this worl'.  Do you know what may happen to me in a worl' that iss dominate by quan-tum effec's? n I do not wan' to fall through another hole in the universe.  If I am not goin' home, I wan' to stay on this worl'."
    Well, there's a hell of an admission by the resident lost alien.  How many times has he said he wants off of this world?
    "If I feel... strange... I will tell you," he offers, hoping that means they can stop before he's thrown into another insane world that makes no sense.
    Before donning his mask, he bows to Cait and Nadia... and impulsively hugs both Gar and Terry.  They can sense he's scared... but determined.  He has given his word.

Gar Logan has posed:
"I still don't understand all of this," Gar says, gesturing to the outfits and things. "Do we have to wear that all the time where we're going? I'm gonna need time in the tank, too." That said, he's getting into one, eyeing the helmet and respirator setup along the way.

Focus shifts between Nadia and Caitlin before he shakes off Terry's question. "I can manage," he insists, as if needing to prove it to himself as much as anyone else, even if it takes a little more time. "So it's gonna be like a month in there, but a little over a day out here? If what you're thinking is true, Cait, everything might be just right by then. I've been spending more time in that hybrid form, too."

Kian is given a curious glance, mainly to see how the jumpsuit is going to work with him, and how he'll handle the Pym Capsule. "You gonna be okay?" He returns hugs and all, too.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia's expression darkens for a moment when Terry mentions the other time he was shrunk, she still needs to deal with that, but pushes it aside for the moment. "Maybe a record, though Scott Lang likes to do some pretty weird things with his gear." She rolls her eyes at the thought.

Nadia shakes her head Kian's question, smile returning, "You're not going quite to the Quantum Realm, that's even smaller, also a really cool place where the /craziest/ stuff happens. It's like this mushroom J.. someone gave me once but not a hallucination! But you should be fine Kian ...I think. I mean I've never brought someone like you, I've never brought anyone actually, so I can't say for certain..."

"Oh speaking of which," She walks over and opens the metal case revealing a suit that bears passing resemblance to her own though some might describe as a bit retro and trippy. "It's not a present Cait, only a loan." She pauses, "Technically Pym Tech doesn't know I borrowed any of this stuff, so please don't break any of it. Though judging by how deeply this was stashed back in a warehouse, I kind of think Janet wants to forget it ever existed... The size can be changed by adjusting the Pym Guage though, so it should fit you! This way you can fly in with me the regular way and leave if you need to!" Is that... it is isn't it... Janet's original Wasp suit?!

She shakes her head at Gar's question, "No, the suits and respirators are mainly for the trip down, non-augmented bodies can have difficulty dealing with the strain and sometimes severe respiratory difficulties. The lab itself has a specialized environment so you can take them off in there."

Once the capsule cadets are suited up, she walks over to her tablet and begins performing some final checks and once everyone is inside, seals the exterior before pointing one of her gauntlet mounted shrink rays at it and abbra cadabra the capsule seems to disappear. Of course in actuality it is only much much smaller and awaiting retrieval.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Caitlin stares at the outfit. "Well... thanks, Nadia," she says, finally. "That's really thoughtful of you. I promise I'll take good care of it. Give me a minute to get changed?" she requests, and ducks into a side room to get into the suit. She emerges a few moments later, adjusting it a little to fit her correctly.

Kian has posed:
    Kían looks a little mollified, although he doesn't look happy with the suit he's required to wear,  No one on this world knows how to tailor things to a an avian body... oh well.  This is for Gar /tavárik'h/, not for him.
    He closes his eyes, and awaits... well, whatever's going to happen.  This is outside his realm of experience.
    "I am thinkin'," Kían says, /a propos/ of nothing in particular, "if this does not interac' with my /rhy'thar/, this coul' be a good way to get me a home that iss the size I am use to...."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Don't worry, we'll be on our best behavior and won't break anything. I /can/ behave myself when the situation merits it." The redhead keeps an arm around Gar and squeezes him a little, "You'l be okay, Kian. We won't let you turn into uncertainty principles. If anything, I'm in danger... have you heard about Schrodinger's cat?" He pauses. He's not sure anyone has told Kian. "I'll tell you later."

He watches Gar put his suit on, but doesn't interfere.

"Dear goodnes, that suit is... something alright!" Terry believes Janet must have been doing some of those mushrooms, when that suit was designed. It wasn't ugly. It was just... well, the suit was the sartorial equivalent of retro-futurism doing cocaine off Doug Henning's navel while Deee-Lite played in the background.

The Cheshire side of him thought it was fucking fantastic.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan seems satisfied with the explanation, nodding as he finishes getting a couple bags of things loaded up. He's going to need material to keep him occupied. There may even be a few books downloaded to a tablet! "Okay. Got it. Well, the sooner we get started on all this, the sooner we get back. Is everything just sort of staying here once we're, you know, there?"

Any answers will be handled in due time, so he decides not to waste any more with questions that are beyond him. The helmet is slipped on and he tests it to make sure the breathing is working properly, then he settles in for the ride. Disneyland, you've got nothing on this. Oh. "Hey, that's pretty cool, Cait."

"Principles? Don't you mean particles?" is the last thing he says to Terry before things start happening. He doesn't say a word abut mushrooms, though. Definitely not now.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia beams at Cait, "Wow that looks so great on you! Super retro! Now it's like we're both Waspettes! "Okay, I added some of my bio-synthetic wings to the back and routed them through the insect comm, Janet had her own wings. So you just need to think about flying and you'll be able to do it! Then adjust this dial here, it regulates the flow of Pym Particles, not too fast, and you should be able to follow after me!"

She begins dwindling down in size, not at her typical milisecond lightning speed, but one where Cait waill be able to follow while figuring out how to work a Wasp suit. She swoops down and retrieves the Pym Capsule, now signficantly larger than it, before flying back up to where her crystal necklace has been placed on one of the lab tables.

"Okay we're just going to dial down our size steadily until we can fly between the molecules and then atoms of the crystal. Just follow me, and if you get in trouble just call out, I'll hear you over the Insect Telepathy comms." She gives Cait a big reassuring smile, part of her seems really excited to show her fellow lab friend all of this!

Smaller and smaller and smaller, outside the windows of the capsule, which are really just viewing monitors that Nadia turned on remotely, the world becomes a sea of pink as they enter the crystal. Slowly what seem to almost be asteroids or planets begin to resolve as they get smaller and the actual atoms start to become discernable in the distance of the sub-atomic space. Eventually everything opens up into a large empty clearing, sub-atomically speaking, within the center of the the necklace's gemstone and there floating amidist the particles of the landscape is a massive crystal palace of pinks and purples, looking more like the Taj Mahal or the Moscow Cathedral in Russia than a 'laboratory'. Nadia flies the capsule down to a flat plane outside of one of the entrances, setting it down, before reducing herself to a similar size and opening the doors. "Well, here we are. My lab."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Throughout the trip, Terry is pretty much speechless, which is in and of itself a feat. He's been into outer space ,and now he is basically in 'inner space', and it is kind of blowing his mind.

At least, until he sees the palace. This aesthetic, he understands. A pink cystal palace with onion domes... it's something that strikes to the core of him, in a way, and he betrays himself a little by saying the first thing that comes to his mind when he sees it:

"By the honor of Grayskull!"

So he might have to introduce yet another thing to Nadia.

When the journey is over, he's still pretty taken aback as he walks out through the doors, looking up and up at the towering crystal laboratory. "This... is amazing."

Kian has posed:
    Kían closes his eyes and shivers, hoping to arrive at the other end without... well, just hoping to arrive at the other end at *all*, regardless of Nadia's assurances.
    No one thought travelling by a perfectly normal tachyon drive would drop him through a hole in space, after all.
    He opens one eye experimentally.  To his relief, it still looks like the interior of the Pym Capsule -- thank the Gods, he didn't fall through another hole in space.
    And then he looks outside.  "Ohhh... /c'Rhys'yw/, that's beautiful...."  He follows Terry out, marveling at the sights.  "It iss almos' like the Imperial court, all crystal an' light...."

Gar Logan has posed:
Along the way, Gar too has no words.

And they have finally found a way to get both Gar and Terry to have nothing to say at the exact same time.

So the most Gar does vocalize during the trip is a "Whoa" that would impress Keanu Reeves, or a "Look!" while pointing, but most of it is a trip made in awe, especially as the massive-looking palace comes into view, but it's only massive inside the tiny crystal, which makes the rest of them ridiculously more tiny in comparison.

The landing is as good as any, really, and once the capsule is opened up for them to exit, he leaves it to turn a full circle, breathing normally enough as he stares up and all around. "I had no idea something like this was even possible," he says, and he tries a little hop in place to see how gravity works compared to normal. "This is wild." Then he nudges Terry. "No, dude. I think this is where we all end up pretty pretty princesses. And those wings are kind of cute, too."

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia smiles brightly when everyone has stepped out, "This is one of the first things I made when I began to understand Pym Particles back in the Red Room. They never knew about it, it was my secret sactuary. I could escape here for hours to be alone with barely any time passing in he macro world. It's also how I sometimes get things done in seemingly impossible timeframes. Like, I did most of the work on the T-Jet's new propulsion system over there in the East Tower and then just brought them back in pieces for final assembly in the regular labs." She does seem to be blushing a bit at all the praise of the place.

"I cleared out one of the western towers for you guys to stay in. I normally do a lot of biology stuff there anyway, so all the basic equipment is already there. There's a kitchen and some beds and showers, too. I can easily come in and out of here, so I will check in every couple hours to make sure you guys are okay. Any questions?" A pause, "You think my wings are cute?" Nobody has ever told her this before!

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"They are- it's like you're Tinkerbell, but more wasp-y." Terry pauses and glances at Nadia, "Ever read Peter Pan?" because that will be another one to file away in the 'to give to Nadia' list. He extends a hand and grabs Kian's shoulder, giving it a squeeze. "See? What did I say? You're still here, and now we're all about to spend several weeks in a crystal tower like some fantasy princesses. And I didn't even pack a ball gown." He grins. "Gar will be in his tank regenerating like Sleeping Beauty, and you can flap around like the Swan Princess and I'll be..." he tries to think of a cat princess in the fairy tale repertoire, but can't come up with any "Puss in Boots. Except I don't wear shoes as a cat."

"It's still blowing my mind that all of this is inside a necklace. Maybe Mary Poppins had Pym particles too?" he jokes as he approaches the entrance, pauses, and looks over his shoulder "... shall I add that one to the list, too?"

Kian has posed:
    "Wings are al-ways cute," Kían says impishly, spreading his as though he were about to kick into the air... or whatever passes for air here.  "Iss time... can we take travel suits off?  I haf to see this from above!"
    The birdman sounds genuinely excited, ready to explore a space that he considers sensibly sized.
    Well, okay, that he's sized so that it seems sensible.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan rolls a shoulder in a shrug. "I mean, it's a good costume. It works." That's right. Try to think of something normal in such an abnormal place, but still a fantastical place. "It's gonna take me a day or two just to see everything." Uh oh, did he just say the magic words?

"Anyway, so this is where you disappear to sometimes. If this all works the way we're thinking, I could be back in like a day and be ready to help deal with my other self." With Kian looking fit to take off, he asks, "It /is/ safe to fly around here, right? I mean, he's not gonna pull that bird thing where they splat against a window they can't see because he got to the end of the crystal, right?" Something, by the way, Gar has /never/ done before (he did).

He just arches a brow at the comparisons Terry lays on them, especially the Puss in Boots one. "Not touching that one, dude."

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
"Oh! I know that one! I was her for Halloween!" Nadia seems entirely too pleased with herself that she actually got one of Terry's pop culture and classical literature refferences that usually just go right over her head. "Read it? I watched an animated movie on one of Janet's streaming services that was really neat! It comes in book form?!" Well, she was at least partially familiar with what Terry was talking about, that's something right? "Mary who?" That one is apparently still a bridge too far. "Did she shrink things? You would be surprised what is all around us all the time, just really tiny. There are entire planets and other dimensions in the Microverse even beyond the Quantum Realm. Thinks you take for granted, that strawberry you eat, has untold depths within it." She talks about all of this almost a little too casually, though there is still an edge of excitement getting to show it to others.

"You can take off the suit, but be careful flying Kian, you're really really small." She warns. "So you're not really affected by Earth's gravity and more by the local gravity of objects here. The lab produces its own gravity sphere, though you might have some difficulty if you fly beyond it. I don't want you getting pulled into an electron or anything."

She kind of pauses when Gar mentions seeing /everything/. "Try to stay in the western tower. I specially cleared that one for you guys. There's some really dangerous stuff in here, unfinished experiments I got distracted from, and other things. Really it's better not to explore too much, especially when I'm not here." Oh no, what has she done.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry chuckles, "The movie is based on a book that was written fory years after the book I'm in was published. I'll get it for you! As far as I know, Neverland isn't actually real like Wonderland... but I don't dismiss anything at this point. And Mary Poppins... ask Janet to show you the first movie. It's also based on an old book. The movie is very different from the book, but Julie Andrews is a goddess and watching that movie is worth it just for that. You can borrow my Mary Poppins books after you watch it!" because of course he has the books.

He walks up to Gar and hooks his arm around his full arm, and pats his hand, "We will certainly only stay in the tower for which we are cleared and we will not in any way explore outside of our designated boundaries because we do not need any more injuries!" He smiles, and gives Gar a look. "Isn't that right, honey?"

Kian has posed:
    "Elec-trons are easy," Kían says, maybe too confidently, as he peels off his suit.  "That was the firs' thing I learn to con-trol when my /rhy'thar/ appear.  An' I haf flown in zero gravity before.  There iss always a zero gravity lounge on an Akiár star ship.  It iss popular wit' wing-less chil-dren, but there iss time always set aside for the fledged.
    Regardless of Nadia's warning, as soon as Kían is free of his suit, he kicks into the air -- although he doesn't stray far from the capsule yet.  "Ki-ai, this is amazin'!"

Gar Logan has posed:
"Did you say...experiments?" Gar's eyes light up. He has momentarily forgotten about what they're really here for. Are you regretting anything yet, Nadia? Huh? Huh?!

Then there's Terry trying to lay it on extra thick, which leads to a pout of a sort in Gar's expression. "Yeah. Sure. What he said. We'll try." Sometimes when a person tries, a person fails.

Those books might not get read on the tablet, after all.

He's still looking around at everything, and they haven't even set one foot inside yet. "Sooooo we should probably get stuff inside, right? And get out of these things?" He plucks at the suits, then taps at the helmet since Terry's got hold of his good arm. "We should also let Cait get things set up."

Stage whisper. "Did he just say 'wingless children?'" Wondered as Kian takes to flight.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia is about to fly straight to the Western tower, when she remembers that not everyone has wings or is in any shape to fly. "Okay, follow me!" She leads them forward, the massive doors leading into the 'Great Hall' seeming to open on their own at her approach. The inside matches up to the outside pretty well, like a teenaged girl's bedroom exploded inside a crystal castle in shades of pink and purple pastels. However, in addition to stuffed animals and unicorns and other such things there is also all manner of science equipment, work tables, strange looking devices in various stages of completion. One table they pass looks like she has been trying to figure out how to recreate the Milano's engines. Another looks like part of the dimensional breach technology now functioning in one of the Titans Tower labs but heavily modified for seemingly variant functions, while still another table has what looks like a functional and even improved version of the US Army TALOS personal exoskeletons that were scrapped as unfeasible.

"Try not to touch anything, some of these things can be a bit ...unstable." She tells them, wishful thinking perhaps, as she leads them towards one of the spiral staircases up to the western tower in question. "This way, the space I cleared is up here. I usually fly. Oh right, you could probably use the freight elevator if you don't want to take the stairs!" And sure enough there is a large pair of crystalline doors set into the wall that lead to something akin to the Great Glass Elevator, if it was for moving large lab equipment, were anyone so inclined.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Amazing... simply amazing." Terry says, looking around. "I don't know how you spend all your time here. Except... that if you did, I guess you'd age super fast in relation to the outside world. Everything comes at a price..." he glances around. "You know... in some ways, this place isn't /too/ different from my memories of the White Queen's castle. She's... kind of ditzy and absent-minded, but rather sweet."

He glances at Gar, and smiles "We can use the stairs to help rebuild your strength. Once we're set up. Some cardio and resistance." Yes. He has an exercise plan that he sussed out by consulting several people. He did tell Cait that he was ready to be a caretaker.

Kian has posed:
    Kían of course is ready to fly... but apparently he'd be the only one and he doesn't know exactly where they're going.  And crystalline or not -- elevator.  Not going to happen, not in this life or the next.
    So he follows along, marvelling at the sights.  "I coul' haf carried one of them an' you the other," he points out, quite sensibly, he thinks.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan could still turn into an Akiar and fly, but right now it's probably best to get situated and focus on the proper forms and healing. The rest can come afterward.

"Are we sure you didn't help design this, Terry? It's so very you." He's just poking at him. Mostly. "I think I saw some of this stuff in your old bedroom."

Oh no he didn't!

He sheds the suit and helmet, setting them aside as he looks this way and that, taking note of as much as he can. "Jeez, check out all this stuff," he adds, before following over toward the stairs with a roll of the eyes. "You say that like I've never had a workout routine before, dude," he mentions to Terry, giving Kian a glance as well to see how he's handling things. "Good so far?"

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia grins at Terry as she leads them up the spiraling stairs. "How would you even know if I did spent all my time here Terry? I sometimes spend a day or two working on things here when I want to get away and then just pop back up in the lab or my room a few hours later. But I mean I love but you do get used to it after awhile."

She grins at Gar's comment and then looks back at Terry, "Really?! Does your room look like this?" She has never seen his room, obviously. She smiles when Gar comments on the projects, "This hall mostly has things I am at least semi-actively working on." Like faster than light engines and exoskeletons apparently.

Nadia stops at the first landing of the tower, where just like she said there is a very large aquarium set up, already full of 'sea water'. You could probably fit a shark in there or maybe an orca, though it'd have less room to move. There's other equipment too, in fact the place could be a passable medical bay if not on par with some of the advanced facilities in the tower. "There's beds and showers on the next floor up, and above that is an observation deck in the top of the tower."

She pauses when Kian talks about carrying people up, "Oh, I hadn't thought of that! But they do have those bags.." She shrugs. She may be a super genius but she can still be kind of space cadet sometimes.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Oh, totally, my room did kind of look like that, although with more stuffed animals and fewer scientific devices. There's also a big poster of him over my bed from when I was sixteen," Terry says, grinning, since Gar is now technically included in the teen girl decor. Check, Logan. "Don't worry about the bags, I'll carry them up myself." He beams, "Conditioning and all that. I'd carry Gar up the stairs, but he'd slap me silly because it'd embarrass him." He obviously means it as a joke on a romantic gesture.

"He exhales, "What do you think, Kian? Think you can survive a few weeks cooped up with us in this tiny little place?" he grins. Because it is tiny. And huge. And tiny. And...

Kian has posed:
    Kían nods once at Gar, hurrying past the aquarium.  "It iss mos' interestin'," he says, a little breathlessly.  "I am lookin' forwar' to seein' the observation level, an' flyin' aroun' the area to see what there iss."
    Stairs aside, this is the scale of house Kían is accustomed to, at least from the outside.  Probably the interior rooms aren't as cavernous as those on his world -- or maybe some are.  Exploration will need to happen, outside and inside.
    The growing excitement in his voice is obvious to Terry.  "I haf made a good decision to come here wit' you, yis.  An' so far, no problem wit' my /rhy'thar/, although I feel a little... I do not know.  More awake, alert."

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan moves to the aquarium and runs his hand along the exterior. He lets them see his shift into the hybrid form he's been using, a combination of some sort of underwater creature and himself, and while it's going to be green regardless it just looks appropriate. Fins and frills, though the extra clothing hides most of it. "This is how I've been doing it so far, and as you can see, /Terry/, I /can/ walk. I don't need to be carried anywhere. Nadia, I'm guessing the water is cycled out to keep it clean?" He looks for evidence of such.

He makes no mention of any posters of himself from a few years back. It was probably some child/teen actor thing. 2016..he would have only just joined the Titans. "You look like you're happy here so far, Kian," he adds before asking Nadia, "Which way is all the food?"

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
"Outside is fine... inside, try to stay around this tower." Nadia tells Kian even as her eyes glance directly at Terry. This was not what he assured her!

"Oh!" She perks up realizing she forgot to mention something, at Gar's question. "The kitchen is upstairs with the rest of the living area. There should be plenty of food, you can just heat it up and ready to eat!"

The tank is much like a giant aquarium, including a filtration system to cycle the water and some plants to replenish its air. There is also a castle nearly the size of actual playground equipment and a little submarine, too. "Yes, it is cycled and filtered and the air levels maintained. Oh wow that is a neat form, like an amphibious human!" Because she's never seen Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry reaches over and pats Nadia's wrist, "They're just... giddy at the new environment. Don't worry. They'll settle down."

He is doing a phenomenal job of masking his own giddiness. But, he did promise. They were going to be careful. They were going to be responsible...

Nadia was going to kill him.

"I'll go get the bags and you can show Gar to the food. That should keep him occupied for a little bit," he smiles, walking back towards the staircase. He's going to have to find a way to keep Gar entertained. And Kian.

"... did I bring CLUE?" he asks himself.

Kian has posed:
    "I will do that, Nadia," the birdman says -- and of course he will.  It's a perfectly reasonable request from someone doing them a huge favor.  "I still haf trouble wit' your numbers, an' do not know your local measures an' standar's, so I woul' not be safe unsupervise in a lab yet."  He glances at Terry, then at Gar, then back at Terry again.
    He's not about to vouch for their behavior, he knows better.  Gar, maybe.  Terry -- especially transformed -- is dangerously curious even by Kían's own standards.
    "I thin' we shoul' haf no problem keepin' ourself's enter-tain," he says, without amplification.

Gar Logan has posed:
"I'll get some food after I've worked up more of an appetite," Gar says. He's already shedding his outer clothing, down to the black bike shorts. Now more of the frills along his back that match a few spanning the top of his head can be seen, and they even fan out slightly. Ever see a man mixed with a fish mixed with a peacock?

He points at the tank, "Look at the size of this castle. Way bigger than the one in the labs. And yeah, this was kind of Cait's idea and I looked up a few things to make it happen."

After walking up a set of stairs in the form of a rolling ladder, he dives into the water with hardly a splash at all and kick-swims his way around a few times as if he was born to do it - webbed feet and hand helps - coming back to pop his head above the surface to consider the three of them. "Looking at something?" he wonders.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia watches Terry retreat, eyes lingering on him a moment longer before she turns and smiles brightly at Kian, "Wonderful! I am actually really curious how your abilities function down here, since physics themselves manifest a bit differently at this scale, like the localized time effect of quantum gravity. If you need more help trying to figure out measures and time, just let me know. Though you probably shouldn't think too much about the way time works down here..."

"Cait is such a brilliant biologist!" Nadia says admiring the completely new and not actually existing species of lifeform, "Oh speaking of which, maybe I should go see if Cait needs some help with her equipment? She said she needed something from my genetics lab, though I am not as organized as she is, so she might not know where to look." Apparently Nadia doesn't have much issue letting Cait wander unsupervised. Maybe it's a girl thing, or a scientist thing, or a girl scientist thing.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry stops at the stairs and turns around, watching Gar do his acquatic demonstration. The redhead's mouth twitches into a half-smirk, half-smile, henceforth christened a 'smirl', and he says "Showoff." But he gives Gar a fond look before going back down again.

Then his voice rings out as he goes down, "Let's see you do that without the fish form!"

Kian has posed:
    Kían smiles back at Nadia.  "I will keep good notes, an' we can go over them an' see if we can learn anythin' more about my powers," he says.  "I haf studied what you call quan-tum physics; I am hopin' to see it in action direc'ly for once.  I will keep good notes on *that*, too," he promises.
    He flits up onto the edge of the tank, and peers down into it.  "You look like a decoratiff fish, Gar.  Like I haf seen pictures of.  Some people raise them; the water on my estate only has fish for eatin', not for lookin' at."

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan's eyes, which are more of a solid color in this form, settle almost unblinkingly on the others, ending with Kian. "Yeah, you just try that," he says, with him left looking up at the Akiar before he does what he did to Gar the first or second time he showed off this form (maybe both). A handful of water is cupped, more of it there than without the webbing between the fingers, and he sends it toward Kian! "Bet your fish never did that. Ain't no betta betta than me. Now let me swim. You can watch if you want." Maybe he'll even go in and out of the castle.