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Genosha: Ferris Air Charity Event
Date of Scene: 13 March 2020
Location: An airfield somewhere.
Synopsis: The Charity event is a success. Gabby wins the plane ride.
Cast of Characters: Carol Ferris, Hal Jordan, Sebastian Shaw, Tessa, Alanna Lyons, Hope Summers, Gabby Kinney, Karen Starr, Harley Quinn, Jean Grey, Kyani Kohanna

Carol Ferris has posed:
It is exactly what one might expect from a charity event that is hosted by an aeroplane company. There are planes!

Seriously, though. Ferris Air has set up a few of their top of the line planes out on the tarmac, with each one is a pilot and a few hired guns to keep people from getting the wrong idea about stealing a plane. All very friendly like.

There are concession stands all over, simulators set up for people to use to get the real inflight experience while remaining with both feet on the ground. But the big draw is the table with the list of those wanting to take part in the auction for the ride on one of those beautiful planes. It's at that table that the CEO of Ferris Air is standing, talking to someone that looks like they might work for her.

Hal Jordan has posed:
That someone that might work for her is one Hal Jordan, who will be the guy who takes whichever lucky kid wins the trip in the plane around in the skies. It will be a relatively gentle ride, particularly from a guy known for being fearless and pulling all sorts of crazy stunts in the air just because he can. Still, that's a lot of G force, and the safety of his passenger must come first.

"This is turning out pretty well. I think we're gonna be able to give a lot from this..." Of course, Hal's not the business person here, that's Carol, and Hal may not be taking expenses into account quite yet. He just sees money flowing in and thinks that's great and go help the people in need!

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
Sebastian Shaw may be one of the world's wealthiest men, but he's quite often pleased that he doesn't have quite so public a profile as Tony Stark or Lex Luthor. Most of the time, he can go out in public and few, if any will recognize him, (though at the very least there's a good chance Carol might). It helps that he's about as casual as anyone ever sees him, with a hunter green polo over a pair of black dress slacks and some Italian leather shoes. A pair of designer sunglasses shield his eyes from the glare of the sun, and of course a very pricey watch on his left wrist. He's ambling through the crowd at a leisurely pace, with Tessa on his arm, looking about with curiosity and a bit of mild amusement at the planes on display, and the people (mostly children) clambering on them under the supervision of the pilots.

But it's the table that Carol's standing on that is his ultimate destination, and though he's still got a bit of distance to cover, he asides to Tessa,

"Well, I suppose we'd best get signed up."

Tessa has posed:
    Tessa follows Shaw on his arm, dressed les formally for once in her life, in lack leggings, and a modest dark green dress and short heeled shoes, subtly complimenting Shaw's appearance, a pair of dark narrow-rimmed spectacles on her nose.
    She is, pehaps, the least impressed looking person ever to hold a spool of cotton candy.
    "Of course, Sir." She agrees, her eyes darting away from the planes and up to Shaw and directing him to the sign-up sheets if need being, accompanying him closely.

Alanna Lyons has posed:
Alanna Lyons, admittedly, is not super into jets. They're interesting, sure, but it doesn't capture her interest. She's the same way with cars. Appreciate from a distance but that's it. What she is into is charities, which is why she's come to an event that she might have skipped otherwise. It's the helping people part. Dressed in dark blue jeans and a dark purple shirt, her hair is tied back in a ponytail--she anticipated it would get everywhere. She's alone, and currently spending her time browsing the concession stands.

Hope Summers has posed:
A fundraiser to help mutants that involves fighter planes? Well there's no way there isn't going to be at least //one// Summers in attendance with that sort of thing going on. Today, it looks like the Summers in question is Hope. In jeans, tank top, sneakers, and a hoodie, she fits in with any of the high school or college age kids who've made it out for the fundraiser.

Hands in her pockets, she's distanced herself just enough from the crowds and the planes to see as many of them as possible from one vantage point. "There's some serious variety out here," she observes to her companion, grin flashing.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney wasn't really allowed to go many places without an escort, but luckily for her she knew quite a few people willing to provide that excuse for her. Standing near Hope she bounces on the tips of her toes to try and peer past some of the taller people toward some of the planes that had been set up for photographs and general up-close looks. "Oh I know! I wonder if they left fuel in them...?" There's an almost hopeful tone to her voice as she starts to let her mind wander. SURELY they wouldn't have left the demo plans in any state that someone who had at least been given training on how to start such equipment could do so. Yet she sure wanted to try. It was the lure of large machines and curiosity. Good thing there were guards around the plans.

Thankfully she also had the attention span of a squirrel.

"Oh! I smell food! I want to get something greasy and fried and sugary that should give me a heart attack!"

Carol Ferris has posed:
"It's going well, yeah." Carol agrees as she glances around, checking on her precious planes. All of them are still there, thankfully. She then glances back towards Hal, offering him a smile, "It's good...it was a great idea, Jordan."

She looks like she might be about to say more, but she notices the pair that are heading towards the table they are standing at, an elbow moving to nudge Hal and draw his attention around before she calls, "Hello, Mister Shaw! You going to put in a bid?"

Karen Starr has posed:
    In Metropolis, there is an invitation on the desk of one Karen Starr. To say that it's ignored would be incorrect, but it's the better for appearances of the alter-ego to just... Shear some silly amount of zeroes with a leading number off of the bank account and talk about how hard philanthropy is.

    Instead, the invitation that gets accepted occurred over Metropolis. A man in glowing green stopping Power Girl in her daily routine of lifting heavy things and punching people to let her know that if she's going to barge in on the antithesis of Pro-Mutant endeavors, she basically -owes- it to them to do the exact opposite. That being... Not... Barge into- She's on her way. That's the gist of it.

    For once, Karen is approaching a set of people that don't have sensors set up to detect objects flying in at Mach 50. The deceleration is instantaneous, and some of that momentum is converted into some forward velocity for the calm, quiet descent out of the sky. Part of her thinks it's slightly disingenuous to show up while flying effortlessly amongst all of the science and effort to cause the same effect.

    Regardless, Power Girl lands amongst the crowd as if she's less a celebrity and more... Someone attempting to be there in a normal capacity. Despite being, you know, six-foot-three in flats and built like several Mac Trucks welded together.

    She doesn't, for the moment, engage anyone. Mostly because, at the moment, she doesn't -know- anyone. Considering the excursion to Fillipe's banquet, that's probably about to change.

Hal Jordan has posed:
Hal is grinning away. "Ah, it's all for the people in need anyway. We're just putting on a show to drum up support."

And then somebody shows up that Carol seems to know, even if he doesn't. Hal should probably pay more attention to the business world. Then again, he has a heck of a lot of things to pay attention to, and Earth is only one of them. "Hello, Mr. Shaw."

...And hey, Power Girl showed up! Hal is glad to see her...at this sort of event, she's probably going to help the cause somehow, though he can't begin to guess how she might do that. Pose for pictures, maybe?

And yes, there's definitely fuel in one of those planes...the one Hal will fly around later with the winner.

Hope Summers has posed:
"Hell no on the is there fuel, hell yes on the fried foods," Hope grins to Gabby, taking her hand out of her pocket to count out a few dollars. It's probably better not to ask where she got cash, but at least it seems like a reasonable amount that probably didn't come from robbing a bank or anything. "I think we've got enough to enjoy one of half of the things at least."

Her brows rise as Power Girl comes to a landing and she leans over to Gabby, tipping her chin in that direction. "Who's that?" she asks, pointing toward the woman.

Alanna Lyons has posed:
Now that she's made the rounds once, Alanna follows a casual meandering path towards the table where people are signing up. She doesn't plan on trying to win the actual prize from the auction... it's just a matter of making a nice chunk of change available to support the cause. Once at the table, she looks about to see what's there so she can arrange something.

She's also peeking about to see if she can find some indicator of how much /other/ people are throwing in.

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
Sebastian removes his sunglasses as he arrives at the table, tucking the stem into the crook of his collar a moment as he smiles towards Carol, "Miss Ferris, a pleasure as always, and yes, I was thinking I just might." His blue eyes turn to Hal and he gives the man a slight nod, "Don't believe I've had the pleasure, Mr....ah, Jordan. Are you the jet-jockey for today's excursion?" Shaw picks the name off Hal's flightsuit. He has a very nice pen in his hand before he even has to ask for it, thanks to the ever-efficient Tessa. He briefly studies whatever paperwork there is before adding his name to the roster of eligible bidders. He looks like he's about to say something else when a bit of commotion causes him to spot the arriving Power Girl.

He glances to Tessa and says dryly, "Well Tessa, I guess the next time we really want to make an entrance we should consider skydiving."

And then he smiles once more as he spots another VIP member of the Club, "Ms. Lyons, good to see you here. Planning on providing some competition?"

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney digs into her own pocket as well pulling out a neat forty dollars with a bright grin as she shows it off to Hope. There would be ALL the fried things. "I just got my allowance," she explains. "I mean I could make more if she'd let me help her shake down the local gangs but 'No, Gabby, you're too young to be doing illegal things'," she quotes with an upward roll of her eyes and a quiet mutter of, "It's not *that* illegal."

At Hope's question she glances over to the flown in woman regarding her with a tip of her head as she thinks. It doesn't take long to plug the image of the woman into her memory to match with something familiar. "She goes by Power Girl. Kind of like Superman in powers and stuff. Not as reknown but she's starting to become more popular." Another whisper of, "I think it's the outfit." Then without missing a beat she squeezes Hope's hand tighter to tug, "Let's go say hi!"

Tessa has posed:
    Tessa takes the pen back from Shaw when he's done with it, just as silently as she gave it, seemingly well tuned to meet Shaw's needs without order, when possible. She nods politely to Carol, but doesn't introduce herself, though she does put in the effort to smile a little! So that's nice.
    At Shaw's comment, Tessa idly adjusts her glasses and says, "I will begin screening pilots, sir."
    She may or may not be serious.
    Though inwardly she studies Power Girl closely, to the extent that she can. At least one member of the Inner Cicle is notorious... not a fan of Superman, and the presence of anyone like him could be a problem for everyone in the long term.
    Outwardly, she seems perfectly composed, if a bit intense in her gaze, as usual.

Hope Summers has posed:
"Is shaking down gangs illegal?" Hope quirks a brow at Gabby, thinking it through. "I mean. I kind of feel like it's just...balancing things out. Personally." Whoever let Hope serve as Gabby's chaperone definitely didn't think that all the way through.

When Gabby takes off, she follows after her, though there's a surprised laugh at the suggestion. "What, to Power Girl? Sure, why not? She's not going to punch us, right?"

Alanna Lyons has posed:
Alanna's attention drifts over at the mention of her name, offering a small smile in Sebastian's direction. "Not sure if I'd say competition, but I'm certainly going to make sure whoever wins this pay their dues, Mr. Shaw." She glances briefly around. "I like to keep my competition to fields I'm reasonably certain I'll win at. This isn't one of them."

She looks over at the appearance of Power Girl. "I suppose that'll stir people up a bit. Maybe people could bet on a jet race."

Carol Ferris has posed:
The arrival of Power Girl is greeted with a halt to whatever it was that Carol was about to say, her mouth slightly open for a split second before she snaps it closed. No one mind her. She is not staring with a bit of star struck. Nope.

She shakes it off, then flashes a smile at Sebastian and Tessa, then Alanna as well before she grabs Hal's elbow, "This is one of our top pilots. He'll be the one taking the winner up in the air."

Karen Starr has posed:
    By virtue of being what she is, Karen has a foot in every conversation going on around her for a moment before she turns that off. She can let the others handle saving the world from itself for... A little while. Better to respect people's privacy... Though she does overhear her name in a couple of tones that she's not necessarily fancying. No reason for her to -worry-, though.

    Her attention is on Carol for a time, and the woman's short gawping session does make her smile, just a little bit.

    Her attention, though, does shift as she hears footsteps approaching her. That she turns to face Gabby and Hope when they come over is a little precognitive- but that's only because of those super-senses that she's toned down. A brow is raised.

    "Uh, hey there, you two." she greets, offering a billion-dollar smile as they reach her. "I'm not here to punch anybody. I just feel like I ought to attend, after stomping on the Pro-HUMANA thing. What can I do for you?" PR face. She's got it on. It's time to make people happy.

    To make them feel safe. That's why she's here, and not grandstanding.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"Right? That's exactly what I said! But apparently the police frown on it. Maybe because she keeps the guns." Gabby can only shrug helplessly over it. Really it didn't make much sense to her. They were making the streets safer after all. Laura knew how to use guns better than those guys. It's all said conversationally and in good cheer in spite of the topic because Gabby was, as always, just a bit on the hyper side.

"Why would she do that?" Punch? Why? It made no sense to Gabby who had stuffed her money back in her pocket and valiantly wriggles through the crowd past the fried Oreo booth--"We are SO doing that later!"--To finally make her way to where the crowd had lightly parted to make room for the newly landed Kryptonian.

The short dark haired girl with scars on her face grins widely up at Power Girl. With a bright, noisy greeting of, "Hi! I'm Gabby and this is Hope we wanted to say hi! You're awesome!"

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
"Excellent." Is Shaw's reply to Alanna, followed by a nod to Carol when she composes herself, "Good to know." Having gotten himself signed up to bid, Shaw offers his arm to Tessa once more, "Well, I suppose we'll wander a bit before the auction starts. See you when it's time for bidding." Shaw gives a nod to Carol, Alanna, and Hal and then moves to head back into the crowd with Tessa, not presently having any intention of joining the crowd around the Kryptonian. Nothing personal so much as just being somewhat more accustomed to super-people than the average fellow.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Any party that has fried Oreos, is a party without a dress code.

At least that's Harley Quinn's motivational thought processes where it pretains to her attire for tonights festivities. All doll'd up, the Clown Princess is sporting a pair of high pigtails dangling down either side of her face, alternating pink/baby blue tips through her beach bimbo blonde hair.

And make up! IT aint even smeared yet!

But there's a whole mess of it. Big black circles around her eyes to make her big ole blue eyes POP out... her cheeks are as rosey as Ivy's kisser and she's got lipstick on to match. But then she's wearing her usual shit. Baby-doll t-shirt cut too short for Disney+ but plenty long enough for DC Universe and shorts that are riding up in her buttcrack like a nerds corduroys after a visit from the Football team. Her sneakrs sit on knee high black/red socks with a thick studded belt, bracelet, choker, and HOOCHIE MOMMA hoop earrings.

Obstinately popping her bubblegum as she wiggles her hips through the crowds come to do whatever it is they came here to do... She jus' saw a bunch of people goin' to an airfield and figured what the H, might as well socialize.

"hhaha, yeh, I like guns.." Interjecting right into Gabby's conversation as if she was there the whole time. "Hi, I'm Ha'lee Quinn." Extending her hand over someones shoulder, then shoving someone (NPC life) out of her way to offer it more betterer to Gabs. "Ya look like tha murder hobo, y'all related?"

Hope Summers has posed:
"I don't know, there wasn't one on my-" Hope cuts herself off as Power Girl turns to face her and Gabby, turning on a friendly smile instead. "Uh, hi," she greets, raising her free hand to wave awkwardly. "Nice to meet you." She's going to let Gabby drive this one.

Of course, pushing through a crowd toward someone who's got a lot of attention means that the two of them are also at the edge of the spotlight. Quietly, she moves just enough to at least partially block an outsider's view of Gabby. Just in case.

Hal Jordan has posed:
Hal is just kinda watching the crowd. He's very happy at the turnout they're actually getting. The donations they're going to get from this is fantastic. Should be media attention too, soon enough. ...Ah, there it is. Reporters wandering around, working the crowd and filming everything.

They also set up an online donation support center, so people who want to donate from their phones or whatever are able to do just that in support of all this.

Jean Grey has posed:
Fried oreos are //not// something that Jean Grey would normally come within a hundred yards of. However, this is for charity, so it doesn't count for calories, right? Right.

So, wearing a gorgeous crimson dress of Wakandan make, Jean Grey makes her way towards said fried oreos on display. She made her donation, of course, and her identity is secret, though she's just here to socialize a bit and support a great cause.

Carol Ferris has posed:
"Of course." Carol offers back to Sebastian as him and Tessa move off, then she turns her attention onto Alanna, "If you want to sign up..." She points towards the sign up. For bidding and things for anyone that wants to receive a very mundane flight in a very normal jet. Probably not as alluring to some people, but by golly, others are all about their planes.

Two of them right there in their Ferris Air flight suits, in fact. "You don't have to stand here with me if you want to go mingle, Hal."

Alanna Lyons has posed:
Alanna glances towards Carol, giving her a bit of a nod as she heads to the sign-up. She reads it through and fills out what she needs to in order to donate a sizable amount, her name clear and legible on it. "If, somehow, I'm the one that wins that? Give it to one of the kids." She offers with a smile in Carol's direction.

Once that's taken care of, she takes a step back from the table and slowly makes her way back towards the concession stands.

Karen Starr has posed:
    Power Girl folds her arms. It's been mentioned before but, frankly, she shouldn't be allowed to. The League, and by now the Avengers, are probably drafting up Conduct Rules specifically for Power Girl, top of the list perhaps being- 'Don't fold your arms. It's not fair.'

    There's a sort of chuckle- which will quickly become Conduct Rule #2- as the two greet her. Hope gets that same smile, and a nod of acknowledgment before she speaks to the both of them. "Yeah. Hi. Thanks for the compliment, but- Are you okay? Is everything okay?" she asks, stepping forward then and, clearly, concerned over the young woman's facial scars. Someone has to ask.

    Before she can fully finish that thought, though, Harley is barging through the crowd in a way that is both expert and not, and she blinks a few times. "Okay. You're here. That's... Not bad yet."

    Tolerance. Harley's been out of Arkham for long enough that she probably hasn't done anything -that- bad. She's the Bat's problem, or something akin to it. She can stop herself from heroing for ten minutes. She swears.

Kyani Kohanna has posed:
    Having heard about another charity event being held, Kyani figured this one he would just go and check it out. He's not a mutant, but he was willing to help out if he could. He brings a few hundred dollars so he could donate, and well he's there at Ferris Air in no time. He walks through the main entrance and if there is any checks for weapons, he allows himself to be checked.

    Once he's admitted through, he begins walking around, a lot of people here he's never met and honestly he wasn't dressed up for this. It's rare that he ever does. Kyani begins making his way around, his messenger bag is slung along his shoulder but he didn't have anything to deliver this time around.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Panic. For just a moment panic and alarm slams through Gabby's mind. Not at Karen's question of her scars which earns a befuddled blink in response, and she begins to open her mouth to reassure the woman... But when Harley greets her asking if she's related to the Murder Hobo. That earns the spike of adrenaline in her that nearly causes her smile to falter as her eyes dialate and fixate on Harley.

Who thankfully doesn't look like any agent Alchemax would employ.

"Ah, which one?" she asks simply when instinctively shaking Harley's hand as she flashes a grin to make her remark seem as if it's a joke. A sidelong glance is shot toward Hope to make sure she's still there--She is--And then she regains her train of thought. As derailed as it often is.

"Oh, these?" Her free hand lifts to point at her cheeks with a softer smile. "It's okay, these were from years ago. A train--" -ing excersize gone wrong as the near madman in charge of her and her sisters training got pissed at being unable to tell them apart and cut all their faces so they'd look different. That wouldn't go over well though, so she catches herself with a little clearing of her throat.

"It was a long time ago, anyway, but thanks for asking! And I've got a few people I'm related to but I don't know anyone going by that name?" She adds looking back to Harley a bit confused.

Tessa has posed:
    Tessa glances around the gathering with a slightly furrowed brow, softly saying, "The crowd is as... eclectic as we expected, Sir. But not all of them Mutants, which is... surprising." Tessa doesn't especially like being surprised. "Perhaps greater precautions should be taken in the future."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"look't you ovah there-" Harley points at Power Girl, mimicing the cross army stand with a mock stoicism that just cannot survive the Clownettes super high energy level, "Ooo I'm so tuff... Come'on hunny, this is a pahtey! Ya gotta loosin' up a little, ya know? This one time, I was invit't ta a conference down in Los Vegas fer psychological junk I aint really so sure about no moah? Anyways, I was down there an they was all serious'n lookin' aroun' at each other wit their specticles ridin' low on their noses..."

Her pale forehead wrinkles... Blue eyes looking down at her hands, palms turned up so fingers can tic-toc clinch as if she's counting to ten. "I dun't remembah wha' I was talkin' bout, but I love yer boobs." Looking away from the Supah Heroine towards Gabby's question, "Ya know moah'n one Murder Hobo? Tha's impressive... I know a muder midget back in Gotham... Kid's like this-" Holding her palm down by her barely covered hip, "-big, but ya'd think he was sixty feet tall by how brazenly intent on breakin' peoples kneecaps he'es. But I thinks it's on account of that's as high as he can kick..." Chopping her own shin, knee brought up.

"Someone said there was food... I got a powahful lust fer somethin' fried, sweet, an' terrible for mah figgah."

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
"Not too surprising, we're here, aren't we?" Shaw replies to Tessa, which might seem odd, or might be calculated on the off-chance that (in)famous Kryptonian hearing might catch their conversation. "And besides, everyone likes an opportunity to feel like they're doing a good deed now and again." He grins to his assistant and gestures over to where some of the food stands are set up, "I suppose it's time to get some horrifically unhealthy concessions. Practically tradition for something like this, I think." And with that, Shaw and his companion head in that direction and hey! Much shorter lines now that the crowd's attention continues to veer towards Power Girl.

Hope Summers has posed:
As Harley approaches, Hope moves to Gabby's side, reaching a hand for the other girl's shoulder. To the casual observer, it probably looks like a sisterly or friendly gesture. To the more trained eye, it's a soldier's touch - at your back. Still, she keeps up that friendly smile, even if she's splitting it between Harley and Power Girl now.

"I think I saw one with fried twinkies, too," she notes to the clown, tipping her chin in the direction of one of the trucks. It brings Sebastian and Tessa into her line of sight, and the smile turns to a faint, furrowing of her brow at the familiarity of one of those faces.

Carol Ferris has posed:
For the most part Carol just lets people come and go, keeping an eye on those that arrive and want to make bids, or sign up to make bids, on the flight. Otherwise she just has a very pleased look, like she's already patting herself on the back for a job well done.

Karen Starr has posed:
    There is an expression that Karen gives Gabby. Something approaching a frown laced with empathy. She seems jumpy. She has scars. Karen can't help but want to help the girl- and for sure, she's certain that the story doesn't end with the words 'A Train.'

    "Yeah, you'll have to tell me the story someday. I know some people. We can get better safety measures on... Trains." she begins, moving forward and, thankfully, unlatching her arms from one another. "Maybe get a conductor fired. Maybe get a conductor -arrested.-" It's meant to be reassuring, replacing the unknowns with the victim of the Conductor. Somehow, she gives off this impression of Power- as if, somehow, if Gabby were to understand what she's getting at, even if Power Girl doesn't know who Gabby's talking about, she might be able to actually do it.

    Still, though, Harley can't be ignored. "Yeah. Thanks. That's exactly what I was going for." The sarcasm is laced so thickly that Karen is somewhat sure that even -Harley- will understand, and yet... She worries.

    Regardless, some levity. It's needed. She's got this one girl that she feels in some way deserves to be happy. Hope's gesture- and its somewhat hidden nature- doesn't escape the battle hardened heroine. She's seen that kind of protectiveness before. And then, there's Harley. Karen couldn't do something nice for these two without including her if she tried. There's a small sigh at that.

    "Okay. That's a good idea. I saw some fried oreos over there. My treat." She hopes Kal would be proud. "Let's go." With that, she starts moving the small crowd she's gathered in the direction of food that is unhealthy for a couple of the people she's with, but we can all excuse it, for now.

    Plus, she -does- really want those fried oreos.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Really? Ya mean this whole thing-" Waving both hands to indicate the design structure basically screaming look't these puppies, "Weren't no accident? Well good on ya girlfrien', yer a hero to every dick in'es room!" Double thumbs up for Peej.

Hope, however, mentions fried twinkies and Harley turns /all/ attention towards the girl, "Heah I was thinkin' ya couldn't improve upon the simplicity of spounge cake wit cream fillin's..." Her pale hands, black/red alternating nails, wave in the direction of the concessions. "Christ's butter nuts on a confression cracker, I'll be ovah here ruinin' twenty two yeahs worth of dietin' with one confection..." Walking backwards, through people, into people, around them... she don't care. Both index fingers point at Hope. "Good eye, buttah cup. I'll be back, we'll talk, get friendly.. don't move." Usually that's when people do precisely that.

Seriously, ask April. You should move.

The Clown Princess whirls around and nearly bumps into Jean at the fried Oreos, "Whoa... April, is tha' wait yer not April.." Squinting at the familiar hair, but with unfamiliar face. "Ha'lee Quinn." Maniacs grin, crazy eyes, hand extended.

"Could ya get the fuck outta my way? I want a fried oreo."

Jean Grey has posed:
Well, Jean does have a fried oreo now, and is eating them with as much dignity as one can manage. Which is to say, not very. But well, it's not like anyone that knows her is going to be at this thing...

Of course, that's before the amazing presence that is Power Girl decides to go for a fried oreo, which brings the Kryptonian coming right towards Jean. Jean, well, for her part looks suitably impressed by Power Girl, and would normally say, "Wow, I'm a huge fan, you're amazing..." Instead, well...

"Mmph mph mph mpph mphh."

(At least she covered her mouth with the napkin first.)

Then, when Harley speaks to her, Jean nimbly sidesteps, swallowing and clearing her throat before saying, "Careful... they can be tricky. Jean Grey." She smiles slightly over at Harley, looking apologetic for being in the way.

Alanna Lyons has posed:
Alanna makes her way over towards the nearest stand, retrieving a corndog in short order. She's taking it to-go. With the majority of the people distracted by jets and a celebrihero, it's not hard for her to make her way out unnoticed, corndog in tow.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney relaxes measurably at Hope's hand on her shoulder in that way. She might not have known Hope long, but it was good to know she had a friend if she needed one. Though between Hope, and Power Girl hinting at things that she's quick enough to catch up on, Gabby was already starting to feel immeasurably better.

Plus: "Fried Oreos heck yes," she agrees with a large grin at the thought. Sugar? Check. Fried? Check? Unhealthy as fuck? HECK YEAH.

Looking back over her shoulder to Hope she gives the her hand a squeeze in silent thanks in turn. Then Jean pops up already indulging in the fried goodness. "Looks like I'm gonna have to catch up. At least this is going to be TONS better than that beer last night. Stuff tasted like ass..." Pausing she mutters, "Oops. Jean is a teacher. My bad. You didn't hear that Jean. Uh. Cookies yes!"

Hope Summers has posed:
Hope grins as Karen brings up the oreos, relaxing a bit as well when Harley heads off with her attention centered elsewhere. Elsewhere is good, especially for anyone who recognizes Gabby enough to throw words like murder hobo around. "Oh, hey, Jean," she waves to the woman as their paths cross, doing her best innocent look.

Hope is terrible at innocent looks.

Kyani Kohanna has posed:
    Kyani takes a few moments to look around and as he does he finds one of the donations taker and he walks over to them, "Hello I would like to make a donation." he says and hands over a few hundred dollars. He then looks around and begins walkign through the crowd. He does look out of his element here, but he wanted to see who all he could meet if possible.

Karen Starr has posed:
    The sudden lack of Harley is replaced by the sudden presence of a redhead. Karen's brows raise. She seems to know the two Karen is temporarily fostering. That's comforting. That they're here with a proper chaperone is a relief. This is someone she can get an unedited story from.

    Despite that Jean talks with her mouth full right away, Karen hopes that she's about to meet a responsible adult. This hope strengthens when Gabby mentions her foray into drinking.

    "Yes, and beer remains gross and terrible for your entire life. Never drink it again." she states, before reaching into her glove to pull from it what is, for someone who shouldn't have any sort of income, an obscene amount of cash. She pulls quite a few bills out, and hands it to Hope, because Hope seems like the one with more maturity. "Get yourselves some, and get me six."

    So Kryptonians get to be unfair about their diets too. Assholes.

    Then, she finally, and fully, addresses Jean. "Yeah, probably, but I'm just loading them up with sugar before I give them back to you."

    She steps forward, and offers the other woman her hand to shake. "Power Girl. You're their teacher? They go to school in the city, is this a field trip?"

Harley Quinn has posed:
"I'll tryin' manage their trickery as best as I'm able..." Harley says, scoooooting past Karen and Jean towards the table of fried Oreos. Fishing, from a back pocket of course, April's wallet. Flicking fingers through until she's clutching several bills to hold out in the vendors direction. Exchanging monotary donation for vendored delicacy, she stands quietly, for a change, nibbling at it. A system to her eating, where in, she nips the crunch chocolate outter edge in a complete circle like some kind of crazy ass chipmonk trying to crack a nut.

Frequent breaks to lick her lips, smack, chew her bubblegum, and make the occational absent glance around herself... she is completely unaware that most sane people are avoiding her like she's the plague... Which isn't terribly far from the truth in certain circles. "Imma have ta vomit this up later... but God damn it's worth it..."

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean smiles over at Power Girl, "Well, that I'm used to, so it isn't really a big deal. I have ways of managing that." She blushes a little, "Actually, it's a private school, but yes, I'm a teacher." She takes the offered hand, her own grip rather human in comparison as she looks up at Power Girl, "Jean Grey. Teaching while I'm working on completing my psychiatry degree." Which might get Harley's attention... for better or for worse.

Kyani Kohanna has posed:
    Passing by Harley, "Hello." he says to her not knowing her from atom. "Do you come to these things often?" he asks her as he stops. He looks at hte food and grabs a sandwhich and begins eating. "I'm Kyani and who are you?" he asks as he looks to her.

Hope Summers has posed:
"Yes, ma'am," Hope smiles crookedly when Karen offers over the money, backing away from her and Gabby while ticking off numbers on her fingers in Gabby's direction. One? Two? Seven? She winks as she heads into the line, though she still keeps an eye on the others. Not that Jean can't handle things, just...she can't help it.

Of course it puts her back in Harley's orbit, but she seems more fascinated than nervous when it comes to the unusual woman. Besides, the circle of space around her means it's easy to get in an order for a dozen fried oreos.

Hal Jordan has posed:
Elsewhere, Hal is monitoring donations as they come rolling in. "...For all I've seen, the compassion of the world still amazes me sometimes. I just hope there's survivors watching this on TV or something. This is probably as uplifting as it gets...at least until they get the check in their own hands."

Yep. Definitely a good day.

Carol Ferris has posed:
Unless Ferris Air is one of those corporations that takes over fifty percent of the money donated, and lines their own pocket.

But that probably isn't the case here! Carol doesn't look like the sort to line her pockets, and she runs a tight ship.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney fidgets a moment at Karen's remarks about the drinking though she nods quickly. "Yeah it wasn't good. I only had a sip or two." Okay half a solo cup. She still wasn't fond of it herself, but even Berto had said it was terrible beer.

A grin is flashed at Jean as she skips off following Hope at least long enough to put some distance between 'potentially getting into trouble' and the food stand. When Hope gets in line it's her turn to watch after the other redhead with a sigh. That, and she stares at Harley herself. Throw it up? Ew.

Karen Starr has posed:
    Eating disorders aren't what Karen considers a joke, but neither is murdering people with a modified nerve gas, so in the grand scheme of things, she'll let this comment from Harley slide. She does glance that way with a raised brow, but that's all it gets, for now. She's sent the girls off on the errand of getting an irrational amount of Candied Candy for her and, ostensibly, themselves. She can let them enjoy that experience for a time.

    For now, her attention is on Jean, who seems to be impacted heavily by her presence. There's a weird dichotomy here because PG knows appearing more human is not only what she wants to do, but would be more comforting... But would you let a human lift a battleship and hit somebody with it?

    Either way, she gives her third billion-dollar smile for the evening to the redhead. "A private school? Mind if I ask which? They seem like good girls. There's just- I feel like maybe there's some history that -someone- ought to look into." Karen, clearly implying Gabby- and that maybe someone who can lift a battleship ought to be out punching somebody who hasn't been punched yet.

Harley Quinn has posed:
To Gabby, and maybe a little towards Karen, "This figgah don't keep itself, girl... Y'all figgah it out when yer older an' don't got that ten year old metabolism no moah... Shit like this?" Pointing at the oreos, "They goes right tah yer hips..."

Glancing over, mouth almost full, "Dont waste ya money on tha'.." Harley says unto Jean, over her oreo, licking her lips like a ravenous hyena... "I done it an' look't me.. Y'all be all excite't cus yer a big wig doctah an' next thing ya know yer holdin' some guys head undah watah cus he owes yer Puddin' money." Joker the extortionist. There's a genuine look of distaste on her face when she mentions Puddin...

But that's all gone by the time she's looking at Kyani, "No.. well, yeah, but not usually ta hob nob, ya know? Befoah I was heah wit a machinegun an' enough explosives ta blow a small crater in tha topography of Gotham..." She finishes her oreo, sucking the chocolate from the ends of her fingers, offering the wet digits out to him. "Ha'lee Quinn."

That said, and greetings given, she hikes up her shorts to ride them even further up her butt and saunters around to see what all this business is about.. Mostly on account of her not really belongin' at a thing like this, an' not havin' no money to donate no-how. She was last seen arguing, in friendly arguing terms anyhow, with one of the folks by the planes.. "It aint stealin' if ya just gimme tha keys though..." Blah blah blah, meander, grandious, nonsense.

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean flashes a quick grin to Hope and Gabby, tossing the latter a wink while sending to the former, <<Have fun you two, but not //too// much fun.>> She seems to chuckle mentally, then looks over at Harley, "Well, yes, but if you've seen a teacher's salary, there's really not much for alternatives."

Then she looks over at Power Girl, "Actually, I teach at the Xavier Institute. We have a very small studentbody, but we make up for in quality what we lack in quantity." She shrugs a bit, favoring the taller Kryptonian with a genuine smile, "I imagine you'd find the life of a schoolteacher horribly boring."

Hope Summers has posed:
Once Hope has two cardboard boats of fried oreos totalling one dozen deep fried treats, she offers one of them over to Gabby, coming back toward Jean and Karen with the other - and Karen's change. Because while her morals might be a little on the gray side, returning money to people who've been nice to you and are capable of flinging you out of range of the person with healing powers is just good practice.

"Six fried oreos and your change," she announces, providing a little distraction from the topic of the school. "Thank you," she adds with a quick smile. "I have to admit, I've never tried one of these."

Kyani Kohanna has posed:
    Kyani looks and notices that he is near Karen and Jean as well. He looks to Harley though as she speaks to Gabby first than to him. "Nice to mee'cha Ha'lee." he smiles to her. Though as she states before she would've pretty much blown this place up, he shakes his head and watches as she leaves, "Nice to have met you." he says to her. He than looks over to Karen and Jean. "Nice to meet you again Power Girl." he says to her. "I don't know who you are but hello." he says to Jean and Gabby.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney takes the much sought after fried Oreo in hand. It's held aloft above her head in both hands as if she were admiring the holy grail---Right before it descends and she taks a bit chomping bite out of it. It's only for this reason she can't outright respond to Kyani's greeting right away with more than a quick wave in responds, and a cheeky grin as she tries to keep her lips shut around the fried treat. Really how can you go wrong with an Oreo dipped in elephant ear batter and deep fried then dusted with powdered sugar? You can't. Simply can't.

The mouthful is gulped down finally so she can speak again, "It's kinda hot, don't burn your mouths. I think it's that hot. I guess. Maybe?" Really she wasn't sure. Her tongue felt a little numb, but that could just be the sugar overload. "I'm Gabby, nice to meet you," she adds toward Kyani. "Great event isn't it? I wonder if they'd let me in the cockpit of one of those jets." Probably no.

Karen Starr has posed:
    Karen watches Harley go, and for a moment she speaks to herself- "Probably ought to... No, He'll handle it." she states, laying the responsibility on Batman. If that responsibility even exists much anymore. She caught the look of distaste from Harley when she mentioned the Joker.

    Then, Hope has returned with treats. She smiles warmly at what the night has been missing, and takes the boat into her hand without really thinking. Getting the money back out and putting it away properly would require two hands. The change goes into the other pocket, for later fishing out. That'll become rule #3, that she's not allowed to do that either. So far we're up to folding her arms, any sort of chest-borne laugh or chuckle, and what just occurred.

    Her attention returns to Jean as she takes the first bite out of what is sure to be an -incredibly- still hot fried oreo. Doesn't seem to bother her, because of course it wouldn't. She's looking at Jean when Kyani arrives, but she does greet. "Good to see you again." she offers- returning the greeting, but not having much else to say. It's somewhat better to let Gabby and Hope interact. Karen's pursuing something adjacent to a lead.

    "Oh I don't think I would." she states, offering a friendly smile after swallowing a too-large bite of fried treat. "I mean, most of what I do is punching and going really fast. Doesn't get much more boring than that." she offers, friendly smile and all. To be fair, that's... A very much self-depreciative retrospect of what she does. The woman's seen more in her lifetime than anyone ever will, not all of it good. All the same, it's too easy for her to find joy in what some might call the 'smaller things'. It's why she sounds genuine- because she is. Although, she notices how Jean somewhat dodged the question. Probably for another time.

    "Private schools probably excel when they're smaller. Class sizes don't get crazy, then."

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean flashes a smile over towards Kyani, "Oh, hello, I'm Jean." She offers Kyani a hand to shake, giving him a curious look as she says, "It's a pleasure to meet you." And she does, at least, sound like she means it.

She does flash a grin over towards Power Girl, "Well, I think the whole 'saving the world' thing is a bit more involved than that, especially when people can't punch quite so hard or fly so fast... or at all, really." She chuckles, "Or eat fried oreos without having them go to your hips." She gives her own a wry look, "I might have to hit the treadmill a bit hard tomorrow to make up for it."

Kyani Kohanna has posed:
    Kyani smiles to Power Girl, but as she turns her attention back to Jean, he shrugs a little. THough when Jean offers a hand to shake and greet him, he smiles. "Nice to meet you Jean." he says to her and he shakes her hand. "I think this is the first charity Iv'e come to voluntarily and not have to deliver anything for." eh says. He quiets when Jean speaks, he does chuckle about her comment of the Oreos. "I don't like fried Oreos, just regulars are good enough for me. As for having to work food off, I'm glad I don't have to." he smiles. "I think I have an issue of taking on more calories I can before burning it off after working a few hours."

Hope Summers has posed:
Hope has never in her life had so much to eat that food going anywhere other than her stomach or undernourished muscles has even been something to consider. So as everyone talks about them going to their hips, she takes one of the fried oreos and just...starts eating, looking at them all like they've lost their minds.

"There's nothing small about this," she says, mouth half-full of oreo. "Like. Nothing. But it's definitely awesome."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney is quite fine with nibbling away on her Oreo. After that first monumental bite she's slowed down at least enough to enjoy it rather than inhale it. If it's too hot, she doesn't seem to really notice or mind any more than Power Girl herself does. This is, at least, one way that she can be made quiet. Eating. Her attention shifts away from the others to glance over to the planes again to look over the various models.

Karen Starr has posed:
    There's a small shrug, at that. Karen tries to look as blasé about it as she can. "It's really not all it's cracked up to be. Think of it like getting into the cosmic equivalent of a street fight, and you've got the glamor. It's nothing." Then, she's aggressively and shamelessly called out. All she can do is shamefully consume one of the fried oreos in a swift bite. There'd be tears, if Karen wasn't eating something so delicious. Once finished, she nods a time or two. "Yeah, I'm sure you'll be fine."

    Then, some of the last calls are issued regarding the jet flight. Karen ponders. An idea forms, in her head. About how she could do something really amazing for the girl she's just met.

    It takes some... Finesse. Kryptonian finesse. Power Girl's standing position shifts almost imperceptibly. To everyone present, it just looks like she moved slightly. It happens in the blink of an eye. The accomplishment, of course, is that she sends a number of commands via a small computer hidden in her glove. Luckily, she's holding the oreos with her right hand- because the right has the computer, the left has the storage compartments.

    In swift succession a series of emails are sent to the account associated with the fundraiser: "I'll be there soon! I'm on my way, promise!" Along with a truly egregious donation. "Put this towards getting me a flight with someone in a TIGHT jumpsuit~"

    A few seconds later, another email comes through: "What? It's ALMOST OVER? I won't be able to make it. If I win, give it to some impoverished youth. Preferrably an orphan, that looks really good for the press. I won't be there for any photos."

    Once this is finished, Karen takes another cookie, and eats it whole. She deserves a reward. She just threw money around. She looks somewhat unreasonably happy, too, but with a hint of smug. The Why is completely unfathomable.

    "So what do you teach at the Institute, Ms. Grey?" More small talk. The anticipation is building.

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean flashes a wry look at Kyani, "Honestly, I think I prefer fudge covered ones to fried, if I'm going to have to hit the treadmill anyway." She smiles warmly at him, then looks back to Power Girl.

"Actually, I teach a variety of subjects, depending on the need. This year has been civics, as well as some science classes for the younger students. Which is definitely interesting." She grins, about to say something else, then her phone buzzes at her. Checking the number, she frowns a bit, and smiles apologetically to PG, "Um, I have to take this... I'm really sorry, but I'd... I'd love to have the opportunity to talk further?" With that, she steps off to the side, moving through the crowd to find a quiet space to take the call.

Hal Jordan has posed:
And the polls close for donations, and..."Karen Starr has won the auction! Hmmm. And she's donating the plane ride to someone in the audience."

Hal looks around for someone who looks like a good candidate for a random selection for a plane ride. Surely there must be someone around who fits...ah, there!

Hal Jordan, flight jacket and all, approaches Gabby. "...What do you think about riding in an airplane?"

Hope Summers has posed:
When Hal approaches, Hope gives him a penetrating look. It's the sort of look that's actually checking his uniform, making sure he's not a plant just trying to separate her from the crowd. Even if Hope still has her mouth full of fried oreo. But she does remember seeing him earlier, next to the person in charge.

Swallowing her mouthful, she reaches over to rescue the rest of the fried oreos from Gabby before she can get airborne. "Fair warning, fried oreos have been consumed," she offers with a grin.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney was not expecting to be approached by a guy in uniform at this point. Her fingers were just tucked into her mouth licking the last greasy sweet remnants of fried Oreo off when he does. Still, a flight suit was less what she was used to as opposed to the regular camo worn by the 'guards' of Alchemax. The momentary alarm she started to feel is quelled almost instantly by that fact alone.

Plus he offers her a plane ride.

"For real!?" Her eyes widen with obvious excitement, and she glances to Hope, Karen and the others as if seeking an okay that she could do this. Though she's already nodding quickly. "I'd love to!'

Karen Starr has posed:
    Karen smiles as Hal picks the -exact- impoverished youth that she'd signaled in her email. It doesn't help that if he'd had any trouble, Gabby was going to end up held above the crowd.

    She finishes up her oreos, and her hands end up on her hips. There isn't much else for her to do when Hal approaches, and she's all smiles as her gambit paid off. It only cost several zeroes, and could have been squashed by a number of things, one of which just wandered off on her phone. Karen looks to Hal as Gabby looks to her, and responds.

    "As interim chaperone while the redhead is on the phone, I dub thee capable of doing the thing." she states, giving express permission to take a trip in a jet to a child that isn't her responsibility.

    To be fair, the jet could explode spontaneously midair, and Karen would still be able to save the both of them. Idly, she gestures for Gabby to follow Hal.

Kyani Kohanna has posed:
    Kyani isn't feeling comfortable much around and as he looks around, he knows this isn't his scene at all. He begins to make his way out to the exit, he smiles as he sees Gabby being picked to fly. "Have a good night everyone." he says as he makes his exit.

Hal Jordan has posed:
From there, Hal takes the girl towards the plane...and helps her up the ladder, like a proper gentleman pilot. The jet, like many fighter jets, is a 2 seater, so she's gonna get the back seat of the plane. For his own sanity, the controls of the back cockpit have been disabled. Good thing too, when a jet has two seats, the back seat usually controls the armaments. Not that anything's loaded anyway. Everything was carefully removed and inspected 3 times before this charity event even started.

"You should probably send Karen Starr a thank you note when you're done. She paid a lot for this plane ride." That...was quite a few zeros. Mr. Shaw is not easily outdone.

He takes time to make sure the girl is strapped in properly with all the safety equipment, including the cool helmet pilots get to wear, complete with the air mask and everything.

Once Gabby is secured in the plane, Hal takes the pilot slot, and smoothly slides in as if he'd been doing it for a decade. Which, basically, he has been. The reinforced glass of the cockpit comes down over both pilot and rider, and secures into place.

And then the plane starts to move...rolling towards the runway...and then...it accelerates. It goes faster, and faster...and wheee! Off the ground it goes!

Hope Summers has posed:
"Do the thing," Hope seconds Karen. Not only because it means there's still an oreo left for her to eat. It's also nice to see people enjoy things. And Gabby is the //best// at enjoying things.

Once Gabby's gone off with Hal, she looks over to Karen with a faint, crooked smile. "Well, she's going to be talking about how great //this// was for a while. Thank you," she adds, lifting the cardboard boat. "For the oreos. She'll remember that too."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney is led off to the sounds of her voice raising above the crowd with a hoot and holler of, "THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!" She has no trouble at all keeping up with Hal in the crowd even if she were kind of tiny. Tiny, but energetic and quite obviously NOT going to miss this! Not one bit!

Loaded up into the cockpit she automatically reaches for the five point harness to start buckling it as if she might have done something similar before... But Hal was also there to make sure she does it right. Plus the helmet, and oxygen. Oh yeah. It might be a bit large on her all around leaving her looking like some alien with an overly large bobble head.

"Can we buzz the tower? What's your call sign? OH! Do I need a call sign!?"

Hal Jordan has posed:
Hal grins in his helmet, and his voice appears through the onboard communications, "My call sign? Highball. As for you? ...Pick your own. But remember, whatever you pick, I'm gonna announce it to the crowd when I land, so pick a good one!"

Hal is considerably more gentle in his flying than usual, and the loops and twists he does are slowed down a lot, mostly to reduce the G force on his passenger. Still...he's going to make sure Gabby gets Karen's money's worth, and hey, this is a lot of fun!

Karen Starr has posed:
    Karen turns her attention off to Hope. There's another genuine smile, and she starts to rise up into the air. "Anytime. I might come by the school, too. Do something nice for everybody." Jean had, practically, invited her.

    However, there is one more spice for the evening that Power Girl can provide. She'd gone from the ground, to waiting in the wings, and then as Hal takes off, once he's gotten up to speed, she's alongside the plane. She pulls the same maneuvers in perfect synchronicity, but near the end, she offers the cockpit a wave, and breaks off.

    Putting some distance between them, she's still visible in the cockpit as she accelerates beyond the speed of sound, off into the distance like a blonde bullet, except oh so much faster.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"My own?" Gabby ponders quietly at this super-serious choice she had to make. A few things flip over in her mind: Borrowing Logan's codename, or Laura's, or... The motion of seeing Power Girl flying by the window catches her attention causing her to let out a whoop with hands rising in the air. "We got a wingman! Woman!" She cheers out quite happily at this whole event. Man, she was flying in more ways than one! Though nothing was quite as good as the piggyback rides that Rachel had given her.

"Oh! Pheonix Force! ... Wait, no, that would imply a team not a single individual."

Gabby rubs at her chin, or attempts to with the helmet and mask in place, continuing to consider her options. "Some kind of ... something awesome..."

"Oh, can I be 'Dropbear'?"

Hal Jordan has posed:
Hal gives PG the thumbs up as she flies by. He knows a Jet has no hope of keeping up with her, but she does make the experience more awesome for the young lady flying with him. Though she has some interesting ideas for a callsign. When she mentions Phoenix Force...Hal has to put some of his willpower to use to avoid making a crack about the perils of eating stars. Her second idea, though...

"Dropbear? ...Okay. Dropbear it is." The jet performs a few more loops and twists in the air before...he asks one more question. "I'm now taking a request. So, Dropbear, what do you wanna see this plane do?"

Hope Summers has posed:
Hope grins as Karen takes off, watching the progress through the air. It's a good day. In fact, she now has a few extra minutes to go and get herself something savory to enjoy in addition to the fried oreos. Gabby probably can't get in trouble inside a fighter jet. And if she can, well. There's not a lot Hope can do about it anyhow.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney is blissfully unaware of the thoughts she'd put into Hal's mind with that first choice. At least she came up with a suitable moniker for herself. Her gaze is tipped up toward the top of the canopy staring out at the sky, the ground... It's all taken in with the enthusiasm of, well, a kid.

"Seriously?" Another little happy squeal comes from her position behind him, and she practically stands up in her seat by digging her feet down. The harness worn could only go so tight on someone her size.

"Do a barrel roll!"

Was there any doubt as to what she'd ask?

Hal Jordan has posed:
That's not the first time he's heard that request. And after the first kid from a charity event asked a long time ago, he looked up the video game. Peppi Hare requests a 'barrel roll.' And then Fox does an aileron roll, because apparently video game developers can't be arsed to learn the difference. Well, they don't get paid to learn actual flight techniques, they get paid to make kids have fun.

"Okay, this is a barrel roll." And...Hal performs the real barrel roll. Which is nothing like what Peppi tells Fox to do. It completes a longitudinal revolution while following a helical path...that is, a corkscrew, of sorts.

Hal smiles, and without waiting for another request to be made..."And if you're referring that video game that's been lying to people for decades...this is actually an aileron roll." And then Hal performs a manuever familiar to all Star Fox fans, where the plane spins in midair.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"Aw. Well that was still kind of cool," Gabby has to admit at the slower actual barrel roll. When he goes into the other, explaining the difference though, she gives another whoop of excitement!

This is normally where someone who had been eating greasy, fried food might start to get a little sick to their stomach. Thankfully, miraculously, Gabby doesn't. Instead she cheers the entire ride through finally pausing for breath long enough to gasp out, "That was awesome!"

Hal Jordan has posed:
And with that, Hal throws one more bonus in...the loop de loop, as the plane does a wheel in the air...and after that, it's time to head back down to the ground. "Well...Dropbear, it's about time to announce your new call sign to the world..."

But first, the plane must land, and so it does, landing perfectly safely back on the ground. The plane comes to a stop, and Hal takes the time to help Gabby out of the back seat and back on to the ground.

Heading back to the podium and its microphone, "May I introduce call sign, Dropbear!"

And the crowd cheers, of course!

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney for her part is quite wound up after all that. Yet... Tired, too. Her body did just go through several more Gs than it was used to. While she might be recovering rather well she was feeling the urge for a nap coming on soon enough. Still, she follows along to the podium to give a brilliant grin to the crowd that cheers while waving her hands excitedly.

It doesn't register immediately that there are cameras, or phones, pointed at her. Once it does her smile plasters on a bit more and she calls out, "That was great! I need more fried Oreos now though!"

She's about to bolt off the stage but pauses, and whirls around toward Hal again. Like it or not he's about to get whammied with a quick hug that she throws around his waist. "Thanks that was great really!" Before bouncing off again.

Hope Summers has posed:
Once the plane is headed back to the runway, Hope heads over to meet Gabby when she lands. Which...is when she realizes that social media is a thing in this time period. The sudden realization drops like a stone in her stomach, probably right about when it hits Gabby. But done is done. They'll just have to cover their tracks when they leave the show so that no one can track them.

"Was that as awesome as it looked?" she asks when Gabby comes off the stage, offering over a corn dog with a grin. Food is love, after all.

Hal Jordan has posed:
Hal semi expected to get hugged there, and he returns it. They're going to have quite the check to drop off...they'll have to distribute it...some to the survivors in Wakanda, some to those still on the island...Hal can get anywhere he needs to go. And by 'cheating' a little bit, he can make sure Ferris Air is unusually efficient at getting money in the hands of refugees.

Speaking of which, Hal steps down behind the podium, and drops to one knee for a minute. When he gets up again, nothing has changed...nothing except the green piece of bling on his right ring finger.

Hal Jordan has posed:
Hal semi expected to get hugged there, and he returns it. They're going to have quite the check to drop off...they'll have to distribute it...some to the survivors in Wakanda, some to those still on the island...Hal can get anywhere he needs to go. And by 'cheating' a little bit, he can make sure Ferris Air is unusually efficient at getting money in the hands of refugees.

Speaking of which, Hal steps down behind the podium, and drops to one knee for a minute. When he gets up again, nothing has changed...nothing except the green piece of bling on his right ring finger.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney races back over to rejoin Hope with a grin. "OH man it was. That was almost better than Rachel's Phoenix-back-rides, only without the flames and stuff. No offense to her of course," she adds while reaching out to accept the corndog. As if she was going to refuse food? No way!

A quick bite is taken out of it with a look of pure bliss, but her eyes were already scanning the crowd warily. "So, I figure I've got a headstart since I don't think Alchemax has anyone this side of the country, but we might not want to stick around much longer, either," she points out.

Hope Summers has posed:
"Yeah, I was just thinking the same thing," Hope nods to Gabby, slinging an arm casually around her shoulders. With her free hand, she flips her hood up over her hair, starting to weave through the crowd. Nothing to see here, just a couple of kids out for a good time around all the airplanes and fun.

"I figure we can take the long way home, maybe stop somewhere on the way and burn a couple hours. Should give us a chance to make sure no one followed. Sound good?" It's nice to share hobbies, isn't it?

Hal Jordan has posed:
As Hal puts the ring back on, it notifies him of, <<Phoenix Force detected>>...no, not in the one he took for a plane ride, but in the other one...

So, it wasn't an entirely an accident that 'Dropbear' mentioned the Phoenix Force. It was mentioned cause that was in her friend. Hmmmm. Well, it can wait. The Phoenix Force does not appear to have fully manifested at this time, and until it does that, no stars will get munched. Really, he only has to get involved to protect stars. And the kids don't seem to be in any particular pain at this time...eh. He'll let it go...this time. If the Phoenix manifests in full, the ring will let him know immediately.

And so it is the charity event concludes, with money for all those victims soon to be distributed.