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One Night at Teddy's Tacos
Date of Scene: 20 January 2021
Location: Teddy's Tacos
Synopsis: Funky silliness happens in Teddy's Tacos.
Cast of Characters: Wade Wilson, Oliver Queen, Vanessa Carlysle, Karen Starr

Wade Wilson has posed:
It wasn't much to look at old Teddy's Tacos. A run-down children's restaurant sitting alongside the road by its lonesome, it had clearly gone out of business long ago with its faded paint and cracked parking lot, the interior barely visible through the filthy windows. With the Sun setting there was a bit of an eerie vibe perhaps helped by the line of trees that ran behind the small building and what little traffic did come this way, but then any quiet building at sunset might seem a bit creepy.

Or would perhaps if not for what it's in the parking lot. A dirty white panel van for starters, on its side crudely spray-painted 'No Drugs!' Yet somehow that wasn't the weirdest thing as the red and black suited, hyperactive masked individual zooms around with a handicam.

"Welcome back dear viewers to another episode of Deadpool's Ghost Smashers! Today we take you inside Teddy's Tacos, where enough kids went missing in the 80's and 90's that it was almost a Taco Alert, but that bitch Amber stole the spotlight. But you know what that means! One haunted as hell ballpit! And we have special guests today!" Deadpool cheerily announces, the camera swinging around the whole time he talks it's clear anyone watching this footage had best not have motion sickness. Now it spins about though relatively focusing on the trio of it not angry almost certainly annoyed trio of Green Arrow, Quiver, and Power-Girl. "Speedy, Mystique, and Supergirl have all agreed to stop by and lend a hand as my Ghost Smashing interns after I kindly requested their presence. Say hello to the audience pardners," he both lies and insults, the front lawn of the Justice League having found itself inundated with enough notes, all hand-written and tied off to various plastic arrows, bolts, and NERF darts that it filled the bed of a large pick-up truck once someone picked them all up.

Oliver Queen has posed:
Oliver hadn't been too happy with the Hall being shot. In fact, he had even gotten GRUMPY. And noone liked a grumpy Oliver. But he also decided this had to be looked on. It was too obsessive to just be a prankster. Maybe one of Batman's foes, like the Joker, or Nygma ... but even for them it seemed just a bit too much for them to try and tackle the Justice League itself. So he was also curious on WHO could be behind this.

He had made way with those others that had chosen to come look upon this situation, Quiver of course and getting the invaluable help of Power Girl.. As for him, he was dressed in the usual green leathers, quiver and bow on his back, a few more 'toys' on his belt and the hood and covering his identity.

"Deadpool? Really..?" He lets out a sigh, looking at Quiver and then back to the masked mutant, "You know there are better ways of getting our attention, right?"

He starts approaching, "What's going on here?" his senses staying sharp, looking around the place.

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
Quiver had debated whether it was just an adolescent prank. Though in the end, what she knew about the Gothamites who Oliver suspected might be responsible was enough for her to relent. And if it indeed was the Joker or someone like that, no way she was going to let Green Arrow go face them alone.

As they arrive she looks around the area before finally settling in on Deadpool as the one responsible and deciding this wasn't just some further part of the setup. "Like, say, a candygram," suggests the masked young woman, wearing a costume that is a female version of Green Arrows.

Also she sounds exactly like a young Kathleen Turner.

Karen Starr has posed:
    Power Girl, hyphen excluded, spends only so much time at the hall. It's this lack of presence that leads her to be present for the cleanup, but not the vandalism. Less irate, this time, than Ollie, Karen agrees to come along just on the off chance that someone needs to be hit with a car or a medium-sized building today.

    When they arrive and it turns out that their vandal is none other than Deadpool- a fact that, frankly, irritates her more than if they'd been called out by some nefarious villain who has a grudge.

    When Deadpool confronts them with the camera, Power Girl is likely to be the first to properly step forwards, unfolding her arms and making her way to Wade. Not to -greet- him, of course, but instead to grab a hold of the camera, and pan its lens up from where Deadpool was -definitely- holding it, so that it shows her resting scowl before she calmly crushes the camera- just barely, perhaps not intentionally, sparing Wade's hand.

    "As the man said, care to tell us what in the hell is going on, and why you had to spend your life's savings on arrows, bolts, and nerf darts demanding we meet you here?"

Wade Wilson has posed:
Deadpool seems fairly nonplussed at losing the camera other than giving his hand a quick shake and taking the time to count his fingers before his head snaps back and forth between Power-Girl and Oliver. He quickly makes his decision as he zips over to Oliver and plants an arm around his shoulder before he knows what's happening. "I know there are better ways to send a message but C4 is expensive and I already used it all getting Taiwan's attention last week. But I'm glad you asked my Sherwood sureshot. You see what we have here is, a MYSTERY. Ghostly sightings, lotta missing kids way back when, odd lights cropping up lately, a little uptick in 'where's Timmy?' getting muttered around here and I thought we could check it all out! I can't go in there alone, it's spooky after all! So I got a van and you guys! I'm Fred the fearless leader, you're Shaggy on account of that adorable hippie facial hair you've got, and I don't think I need to spell out which of those two is a Daphne and which is a Velma," Wade muttering the last in a sort of stage-whisper where it sounds like he's trying to lower his voice...but really isn't.

The whole time he's talking he's leading Oliver closer and closer to the front entrance of the decrepit playplace, pausing just outside the doors. The broken doors, one propped open with a brick, clearly having been busted open with a fairly new looking crowbar laying on the ground next to them.

"Anyway Scoobs I believe is waiting inside so lets go find us a masked realtor shall we? I want someone to use the word 'meddling' when describing me. ZOINKS!" Oliver was fast but trying to read what Deadpool was about to do was something not even Taskmaster had figured out how to do. The hand on his shoulder falls to the middle of Oliver's back and Wade gives a hard shove knocking him inside before he pivots about. "Ladies?" before he steps backwards into the shadows himself.

Inside was a dusty, dilapidated mess, all the usual fixings of a place like this. A small arcade, some of the machines still present but busted, others empty slots where the equipment had been sold off revealing bare floors. A ticket counter with scant few cheap prizes left inside. A ballpit and climbing nets, tunnels, other indoor playground equipment. And then towards the back the party area, rows of cheap tables and a tiny stage with a closed curtain. Only a couple other doors seem to be present, one leading to a kitchen, the other towards some soft of back office area.

"Ahhh, smell the black mold. Reminds me of home," Deadpool says, a powerful flashlight already in his hand and flicked on.

Oliver Queen has posed:
"Don't encourage him..." Oliver murmurs over to Quiver when she suggests candygram. But then again, he knows it's hopeless to say that. When she gets into her quip mode it's hard to get her out of it. But remember, still grumpy! PG's approach and subsequent smashing of the camera is met with a smile. "Nerf darts specially is a sin." he shaking his head just before Deadpool moves over to wrap that arm around him. He .., sort of allows it, but raises a brow under that mask.

"If I am the Sherwood sureshot what does that make you? Little John?" a roll of his eyes. Damn it, now he is getting into the man's game...

The talk about ghosts is sure to bring him down to earth though and he listens with at least some attention..

And now it seems they are the Scooby gang.

He is still processing all that, because Deadpool is the type of guy to make someone think on things, specially on how ludicrous they sound ..., until he is pushed in and stumbles into the room ahead. His bow comes out, one arrow knocked. A temptation to shoot Deadpool right there... But no, breathe in, breathe out.

He places the arrow back in place and draws a flashlight as well. "Ghosts?" his gaze goes to Quiver and to PG, "Are any of you buying this?"

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
Quiver lets the other two do most of the talking for a bit as she turns her attention on the former child restaurant playground once Deadpool has described its history. She steps a little to the side and might be heard saying, "Overwatch, can you check on the history of 'Teddy's Tacos', 400 block of W 14th street, New York?"

She turns back then as Green Arrow is drawn into the building, glancing over to Power Girl and shrugging before moving further inside. She doesn't draw her bow yet, leaving it folded in her quiver.

Quiver steps inside, glancing over to Deadpool as she does. "I actually kind of like the Nerf touch," she whispers to him in that Romancing the Stone-esque voice before moving in deeper to join Green Arrow. "I don't know. He seems like he kind of means well most of the time, doesn't he?" she asks, glancing back over her shoulder towards Deadpool. She pulls out her bow, still collapsed, but hits a stud on to turn on a forward mounted flashlight on it, capable of illuminating where she's aiming if the bow were being used. "Deadpool, are you saying someone is actually missing now?"

Karen Starr has posed:
    One hip cocks to the side as Deadpool buddies up to Ollie. She stares off into the distance, taking a few moments to question all of the life decisions she's made that have led her here.

    "I'm Velma." she mutters to herself, under her breath, as the merc and the archer are inexorably drawn into the den of childhood happiness for many. Her arms calmly fold, and she starts scanning the place with her x-ray vision, using it in combination with a switch over to UV in order to help her see in the dark. She hasn't taken a step into the place yet, and doesn't seem like she's going to.

    "So you brought us out here because you're worried about ghosts? And someone went missing?" she asks, rocking her head back. As Quiver moves to head in, she looks at the woman. "Listen, I'm pretty sure there's a restraining order involved in keeping him out of places like that, so keep an eye on the guy. I'll make sure nobody goes running out the back door if there really -is- a kidnapping case involved."

    Power Girl staying outside has nothing to do with a fear of animatronics.

Wade Wilson has posed:
"Ghosts. Ghouls. Goblins. Garbagemen. Something creepy, do I look like a man with all the answers. And yes someone is missing, what part of me talking hasn't been clear as a broken window so far?! Three people all less than two miles from here all in the last two weeks!" Deadpool cries out in exasperation at Quiver as she asks for DETAILS. Were these people even listening?! He stomps forward like an upset child towards the ticket redemption counter and promptly vaults over it, calling out more loudly, "And that restraining order only applies in 33 states!" The sound of smashing glass follows as he loots the remaining handful of dry-rotted pencil toppers, cheap plastic rings, and a bouncy superball. This he chucks to watch it bounce around the room a bit, his flashlight following it for a while until it stops and peters out on the floor.

This seems to decide things as Wade suddenly says with surprisingly as much enthusiasm as he had when they arrived, "OK, I'm bored now. Pack it in, lets go home." That, that was it? Attention deficit disorder was quite the ailment but before anyone can call him on it something DOES happen.

Simultaneously all their flashlights begin to flicker and the room somehow grows...darker. Outside Power Girl would find even her superior vision having difficulty, like shadows were swallowing up the interior of the restaurant though glimpses might be caught here and there. Like how way in the back lights around that tiny stage suddenly click on despite this place not having paid a power bill in decades. A little jingle begins to play as if sung by some high-pitched annoying cartoon choir.

"Teddy, Teddy, come and play with Teddy! Games and grub, you'll love his club, you'll never want to leave!" On the last line the curtains begin to part with a mechanical whirr revealing the rotting forms of the band behind it.

Several smaller animatronics about the size of medium dogs appear to be anthropomorphic Mexican foods, a taco, a burrito, and a tortilla chip. Larger than them was a flat-billed duck person holding a sax, a cow sitting at a piano, a pig with a guitar. And front and center, Teddy, eight feet tall and nearly as wide. All of them probably made a kid or two scream when they were brand new. Now with their 'flesh' dry-rotting revealing metal endoskeleton and tattered clothes like zombies, they were truly nightmarish as they stood there on stage, music beginning to play as Teddy sung a non-trademarked birthday song.

Oliver Queen has posed:
There is a moment Oliver lifts a finger as if he is going to retort to what Wade is saying. Maybe about the states? But then ..., no. Do not feed the beast! Instead he focuses on doing what he does best. Investigating, being ready for trouble and helping in saving whoever may be here. Hopefully live ones... He slaps the flashlight against his bow to serve as light and nods at Quiver when she asks for info from Overwatch.

"No way we are going home--" It's when the light start to flicker, making him stop on what he was saying and look around, attentively..

When the lights come out on the back and then the song starts it makes the man blink, but also those shoulders to tense. "Be ready.." he says to Quiver close to him.. Clearly there was something going on here besides the crazy antics of Deadpool..

The zombies prove it ... So arrows start leaving his bow, a couple pointed towards Teddy.. The target? His head of course. Always go for the head where it comes to zombies... That's one of the rules, right? And doubletap..

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
As Deadpool smashes the prize counter, some of the contents go flying out along with the falling glass. One such item bounces across the floor to Vanessa. She bends over to pick it up, straightening and holding it up to see a creatively shaped eraser. "Now I can erase-" she starts to say, before pausing and looking at the eraser and over at Deadpool as if something is tugging at a memory.

She shakes her head and tosses the eraser aside.

Quiver reacts as Green Arrow does as the lights falter but ones that shouldn't be working come on. She moves over to his side, protecting his flank and finally making a little flourishing motion with her collapsed compound bow, the metal segments snapping into place. A moment's consideration and then an arrow selected and drawn. She fires it, not at any of the animatronics, but at the ceiling above them. When it hits it emits a brighter light to illuminate the room. But the light quickly falters just like their flashlights. "Is anyone back there!?" she calls, hoping to hear one of the abducted answer.

Karen Starr has posed:
    Outside, Power Girl is adamant that this isn't her gig. She's not wearing fishnets, and wouldn't fit in the corset anyway. Folding her arms and continuing to scan the building, she pipes in over the Justice League comms after a few moments.

    "I don't see anything special, but I think the missing persons reports check out- It's just a matter of whether or not we can trust a criminal insane killer for hi-" she states, before narrowing her eyes.

    "Hold... On a moment. What is that..." trailing off, Karen takes to the air a bit, slipping forward just a few feet off of the ground as she watches her vision of the inside grow cloudy. "There might be more to this than- honestly, anyone sane would have thought. Something's stopping me from seeing inside."

    As soon as she starts hearing arrows get knocked and loosed, Power Girl bursts through the door they'd entered- but without her x-ray vision, she has to find Ollie and Vanessa the old fashioned way. Which means, for the moment, she's moving slowly through the halls of this haunted building, keeping her wits about her.

    Stupid video game and its stupid jump scares they didn't HAVE those on Krypton nobody WARNED her.

Wade Wilson has posed:
Wade is positively giddy behind the counter. Like actually bouncing on his toes and clapping his hands together. "Eeeeeeee! It's happening! Evil furries! Finally we have proof!" he cheers before the arrows start slapping into Teddy's face.

And do precisely nothing as he keeps singing to the end of the song only now with more of a 'attacked a porcupine' vibe about him. Once the recorded ditty is over though something seems to change from the animatronics on stage. Such simple cheap robots more than a quarter century old should do nothing more than move about in their little pre-recorded routine, giant blind white eyes nothing more than for show. And yet somehow every one of the creatures on stage turn to look at them with a mechanical whirr. Teddy holding a comically small microphone in one paw reaches up with his other and pulls the arrows free, a few more bits of his faux skin and fur coming with it.

"Well hey there pardners. Welcome to Teddy's Tacos. But you know the rules," he drones out in a staticy slow drawl, that meaty paw dropping the several arrows and then pointing to a nearby wall. Another spotlight seems to shine on a sign there from nowhere. It reads simply 'No Adults Without Child Supervision.' Clearly just a fun little play on words, right?

The lighting shifts though, the ones illuminating the stage taking a red tint, and the moment they flick the faces of every animatronic shift as well, goofy grins becing sharp-toothed snarls. Stubby fingers become razor claws. Limbs seem lankier, longer, faster.

Somewhere from the kitchen presumably Wade has procured a trashbag of 25 year old stale popcorn and torn it open, his mask half up as he shoves it in his mouth, watching raptly when he hears Power Girl struggling through the shadows at the entranceway. "Keep an eye on Animal Farm the musical, I'll get Stripperella up here, she needs to see this!" Wade announces as he starts heading in the direction he hears her.

"You want the ones who are ours? You'll be with them soon enough!" Teddy's voice shifted as well, deeper, darker, nastier as he pats his colossal belly. "But first, like the sign says...NO ADULTS!" The lights go out again rendering them in total darkness, and then the flashlights flicker about once more. Casting them on stage reveals it's empty, the animatronics loose in the building. Casting them on themselves reveals something else though...they're suddenly all a whole lot younger, their clothes and costume thankfully having shrunk down somehow with them. Their weapons? Not so much, and quite a bit more awkward and heavy for the seemingly now 10 year olds to handle.

Oliver Queen has posed:
"Power Girl.., are you okay?" Oliver asks over his shoulder as they have lost track of her when they got in. Still, she hopes she is nearby, and at least his voice should help her guide herself to them.. The man takes a step back when the arrows don't seem to affect the creature. Though when it starts to shed 'skin' and look a lot more like a demon-like creature it's when he casts a look at Quiver, "Guess we will have to use the special ones." the explosive arrows most likely. Explosions have a way of solving things. With care though, they still needed to figure out where the kids were..

The quiver was already whirring to give him the proper arrow when the lights go out again. And then they feel..., different?

"Quiver? You look, a lot smaller.." his voice sounds .., younger. Thank God for that modulator he uses to disguise his voice though. Oliver doesn't think his rep would survive if someone heard him talking like a ten-year old.

With the bow feeling so heavy he flicks it so it parts in two, the escrima sticks he uses but in this case they should be good enough to use with both hands.

"I hope we didn't just turn into the Losers Club." an allusion to IT, the movie about the clown assassin!

"Let's go find this thing and take it out."

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
Quiver looks down at her small hand holding the big bow. She'd set the tension for just the perfect amount for adult Vanessa Carlysle to use. Ten-year-old Vanessa Carlysle? Not so much.

"See now why you gotta abduct people," she calls to the animatronic critters. Her voice at least still seems like Kathleen Turner. Confirmation to Oliver at least that her power is still functioning. "I mean, if you can do this, think of the killing you could make in the beauty market," she calls out.

The pint-sized Arrowette looks over to the rest. "Maybe 'killing' wasn't the best choice of words?" she admits.

She draws out an arrow that she keeps in hand, and the other she draws a collapsing bo staff, but keeps it compact since it's a better fit for her elementary-school aged body. "We need to find the kidnappees," she says as she starts to move carefully through the tables and chairs, circling about the room towards the stage.

Karen Starr has posed:
    Floating through the halls, Power Girl's stony expression is accompanied by a set of faintly glowing eyes, keeping tuned to different forms of light and EM so that she still has a good sense of sight even in the pitch black of the Teddy's Tacos. "Stupid game." she mutters, as if something has her on edge, despite the fact that she could probably hit the building with itself.

    "Yeah you come and get me, find out what happens to you." she calls at Deadpool, following his voice towards where the others had found themselves. Of course, when he arrives, she's a good couple feet shorter, and though it's clearly the same person, there are some details that don't quite fit the bill. Her costume doesn't even have a hole in it.

    The problem is, the -first- thing she does is snap turn in his direction and, with all the restraint that she lacks in the maturity of the two decades of aging she just lost, Power Girl aims a still startlingly strong uppercut right at the approaching Deadpool.

    "Teach YOU to call me NAMES. I'm not gonna be bullied for the way I look."

    Is it -used- to look or -will- look?

Wade Wilson has posed:
"Speak for yourself, Goonies for life!" Wade cries out from the darkness, his voice certainly squeaker even if Oliver and Vanessa got to cheat their way around that particular embarassment. It was usually rather difficult to shame Wade though.

As Power Girl comes floating into view though he stops his running. His mask is back down, his costume a bit baggier than usual but otherwise just looking like a tinier Deadpool. "Gods I wanted to trip on you in the dark but this would just be disa-" his words cut off by the uppercut. His tiny frame sails up and slams into the drop ceiling and then crashes back down through again falling at her feet in a cloud of dust that billows around him. Any normal person should be dead, or at least seeking a hospital after a blow like that.

Deadpool instead lays there for all of about 8 seconds before continuing, "-pointing...hey while we're on it I wonder if I look better!" he ponders as he sits up and shoves his hands up under his mask, feeling at himself. His mask is shoved up enough that Power Girl can plainly see his tumorous scarred visage is still there, whatever this magic was hadn't healed him and Deadpool quickly likely figures that out himself by touch. He keeps at it a second or two though before he lets out a loud girlish scream as of terror. Had he seen a monster?! "My ACNE is back!" he wails, as if a pimple made a difference on his mug. The mask is tugged down firmly and everyone can hear him click the safety off a handgun, a katana far too big for himself unsheathed in the other hand. "Alright! Now it has to die!" he declares.

It's about then all Hell breaks loose, the animatronics having waited long enough. In front of Power Girl's eyes Wade seems to practically vanish as he's bullrushed by a demonic mechnical duck from the side which seems to practically coaelsce from the shadows. That might not be her biggest concern though since ahead of her is the pig. It lets out a screeching squeal and charges at her, fake eyes whirling madly in its head, tusks it did not have before made of gleaming steel protruding from its mouth. It wasn't huge, a bit less than six feet tall. But it certainly looked far bigger now.

Vanessa and Oliver would find themselves in no better situation. The three small Mexican foods with faces flitter out of the darkness wielding chef's knives and bouncing at them, while the cow with glittering steel bullhorns lets out a roar from the other direction. Teddy is nowhere to be seen as yet.

Oliver Queen has posed:
"Quiver, I .., don't think there's a best choice of words in this situation.." And it's not as if Oliver could rightfully explain the situation. Sure he has had some experience with the supernatural, mostly with the Justice League, but when you added Deadpool's chaos they were walking in uncharted waters here. And clearly full of sharks wanting to eat them. And by sharks he meant demons. Same thing.., almost.

"Power Girl, glad you could ---" it's when the punch comes and sends Deadpool slamming to that ceiling. " ... join us." a nod of respect given at that uppercut. Yes. Deserved.

"I have no intention of being served for dinner tonight." The arrow murmurs when they start charging at them with their chef's knives. "Take the left one?" he asks of Quiver before moving to the one of the right. One escrima stick flies through the air to get the plate off balance before he moves in, swinging with that ten-year old body. It's perhaps not as effective as if he was using the large, stronger body. But hey, at least he's nimble! Turns out the thrown stick is good on getting the wicked mexican food out of balance, so the swing that comes after sends it crashing down the hallway...

As for the middle one, he waits for Vanessa to handle hers and then goes for a joint effort on the middle one.

"This isn't ..., taco tuesday day."

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
The pint-sized female sidekick meets Left Taco, her collapsed staff batting aside a slash of the knife. "Left Taco. It's kind of like Left Shark, but I bet you can dance better," she says to the homicidal bit of mechanics.

She backs away under the Taco's assault, batting the knife to one side and the other. She lands a few blows but the result is just a clang of metal on metal.

The Taco jumps up on a table and then leaps at her, knife held in both hands overhead. Little Quiver waits until the last second and rather than blocking the knife, she steps forward and falls to her back, thrusting up with her short staff as hard as she can. It penetrates deep and smoke starts to roll out of the Taco.

Little Quiver does a martial arts kick to quickly regain her feet. She turns to join Oliver on the middle Taco, but that's when the cow charges her! It hits, Little Quiver just managing to turn sideways, the sharp steel horns just missing her to the front of back. But the impact sends her flying and she bounces off a wall and falls to the ground. There is no delay from the cow. It lowers it's head and charges at her, intending to gore her.

Wade Wilson has posed:
The duck slams Wade and keeps carrying him in a full body tackle, slamming through a claw machine which explodes in glass and rotted stuffed animals, straight through into the ballpit that lays under the indoor playground of climbing nets and tunnels. Faded, dusty plastic balls roil and roll, churning up into the air like there's a shark feeding frenzy below. Now and again one or the other combatant briefly surfaces only to be pulled back down and there's even the sounds of muffled gunfire, the muzzle flashes slightly visible given how dark it is. Meanwhile the playground section above, weakened from years of neglect groans and begins to come apart. Nets snap, bolts bend, and finally the whole thing crashes down just as the fight under the balls seems to end.

And who should pop up but, the duck? Its head peeks maliciously from the balls, but as it rises up it's Deadpool's body underneath, wearing the head like a second mask. As he steps out he grabs the duck's lower bill and pulls it down revealing his own masked face and glaring towards the two archers.

"I heard that Hawkeye! Your shots might not miss but your jokes sure can!" he critiques. His head turns then, following towards the swinging kitchen doors that Power Girl had gotten slammed through by the pig. Squeals from the beast and the sound of clanging metal are quite noisy from there, and even a gout of flame at one point spews out of the door.

Wade merely calls out, "You got him honey! Daddy's proud of you!" Meanwhile he starts pacing towards the backrooms, red light pouring out from under the doorframe. Still wearing his duckhelmet he reloads his handgun and taunts, "Hey Teddy! I saw the price you guys set on skeeball, and that was 90's EXTREME money. You're gonna die you greedy fuck!"

Oliver Queen has posed:
"Don't make me turn you into a porcupine." Is what Ollie replies to Wade at the part about his joke being no good. Pfffttt! He dodges away from a nasty cleaver slice from the taco left standing, a glance given towards Vanessa when she is tossed away. But he couldn't go for her now, not with the taco here. Grrr, he hates going back to being little..

He kicks one of the fallen mexican foods towards the taco, making it tumble forward until it finds a fist!

It doesn't have the desired effect, as little Arrow doesn't have the same kind of punch as the big one. Besides, that HURT.

The next swing takes a piece of his armor away, too close for comfort, but after a roll and picking up a cleaver from the ground he connects a blow, slicing the taco up.., and then stopping. Chop chop chop.

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
Little Quiver manages to get to hands and knees, her ten-year-old body there on all fours with her head hanging down. Seemingly unaware of the mechanic cow that rushes at her, those steel horns glinting in the light as it seems intent on making sure they gore the green-clad young archer.

It stampedes in, lowering its head to bring the points right on line with her body. At the last second Little Quiver pushes off, jumping into the air. The cow passes beneath her, horns slamming into the wall that the girl hit a moment before.

The arrow she'd pulled out earlier is still in Little Quiver's hand, and she jams it home into the cow's neck. Lines of blue electricity zap and crackle and shoot between its limbs and head as the electric arrow discharges its payload.

Little Quiver's gloves insulate her from the worst of it, though she lands hard beside the cow, muscles trembling from what voltage made it through. "Well, better than a Nerf one," she mumbles as she staggers back to her feet and gives Oliver a thumbs up that she's ok. She starts following Deadpool then towards the back.