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In a family way
Date of Scene: 20 January 2021
Location: Avengers Mansion - First Floor
Synopsis: Talia and her mother meet for the first time in this reality, and all conversations still have to happen over food.
Cast of Characters: Talia Wagner, Wanda Maximoff

Talia Wagner has posed:
It has been a very long week for Talia.

Eight days ago she was in San Fransisco a literal world away fighting Vampire Avengers, which thankfully did not involve her Mom or Uncle.

Now she is standing in front of an Avengers Mansion.

Sure the X-men have been very helpful, even took her on the annual ski trip. Cerebro though hasn't seen any sign of her teammates. Looking for Blink or Morph just turns up one of each and they are supposed to be in this reality.

Which means TJ has to consider something has gone very, very wrong and she may be here for a while.

So she may as well scratch that itch in the back of her head, metaphorically, because she has been vibing a bit where the connection to her mom usually is. Based on all the heavy internet sluething and talking to people at Xaviers the Avengers and all seem upright and not Vampires.

Which leads her to pressing an ID against the badge scanner at the side gate. I mean her hand is blue, though there are only three digits not Dr. McCoys normal number. Also she is bundled up really well to avoid winter weather, paparazzi, and security cameras.

She probably should have just asked Hank about borrowing his ID but she is too engrained in the habit of being a bit clandestine these days.

Anyhow in she goes, for the moment under Jarvis's nose as she has the right credentials. Starting to explore the ground floor trying to follow the feeling that prompted the visit to begin with.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
While the Christmas decorations are removed from the mansion's walls, the coziness that remains behind as winter settles in is no less felt, for most. Fires are lit in the fireplaces, hired staff has come and gone in order to give the far-flung team some semblance of a 'home cooked meal', so there is the hint of baked chicken, asparagus with bacon (or is that bacon with asparagus?) and mashed potatoes in the air coupled with the deep wooden freshness of a clean stately manorhouse.

The halls are quiet, well, quieter than normal. There are no Asgardian gods roaming the corridors in shorts and hawaiian shirt, bellowing to JARVIS as to where his shoes may be, no small gatherings in the studies. It's almost eerie, the silence of the house.

There is something, however, if one listens. It comes from upstairs; a hint of notes from a guitar, quietly picked then strummed in a quiet melody of somewhere that isn't the East Coast of the US. It stops, starts, the notes briefly staccato'd, then it stops once more, not to begin again.

Wanda sits in her room, in the middle of her floor, seemingly settled in for the evening. Green eyes are closed as she concentrates on the music, the notes, the phrases as she works her fingers over the chords, both picking and lightly strumming as needs. It's a grounding for her in a way that other things aren't; a direct way to quiet her thoughts, to pull her back to a reality, her reality with sounds, and the tactile touch of strings against a wood frame.

In a heartbeat, it stops as her eyes open, widening as the entrance isn't so much heard but //felt//.

It's a strange feeling; one that Wanda honestly hadn't felt, or rather, hadn't felt so closely before now. It began a little while ago, a niggling in the back of her head, a presence, a //feeling//. But, other, more frightening things had taken precidence, and things got moved, thrown into a corner to be dealt with at a later date.

Wanda rises easily to her feet, the guitar set deliberately back on its stand. The motion itself gives that dose of reality as well; she'll expect that it'll be where she places it upon return.

Now, Wanda moves through her open door upstairs not far from the landing of the grand staircase, with the study atop, her expression holding confusion, expectancy and curiosity all vying for primacy on her face. She's dressed down; jeans, boots, a red sweater with long red hair down behind her. As she approaches the top of the stairs, she looks down the staircase, her head tilting as she investigates.

Talia Wagner has posed:
TJ looks around slowly in the foyer now, head tilted having tested the air and inhaled the home cooked smells. "Cozy." she murmurs to herself, mindful to keep it really to herself because too loud and Jarvis may clue in and tune in.

He is really like an annoying smart home speaker, just infinitely smarter. Always listening and scanning for opportunities to be helpful around the mansion. Which makes sense when you have to babysit someone like Stark.

This doesn't stop her though from ducking through the kitchen as she explores to steal a bit of bacon, licking her fingers clean afterwards.

The head is cocked the other way as she hears faint guitar music stop, from somewhere up those grand stairs in the manor. That is the direction she is pretty sure her quarry is as well. Still she would rather not knock on a bedroom door and try to explain all of this if she can help it.

The figure when Wanda arrives at the top of the stairs is peering up from the bottom. Bundled in a poofy winter coat with the hood up, hands shoved in the coats pockets, and wearing a pair of winter boots. The eyes though are very yellow without a hint of pupil or iris.

TJ blinks a couple of times. "Gosh.. so young." then holds up both hands in the universal sign of don't shoot. Of course those hands are dark blue with three digits each.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
JARVIS is actually currently busy with another problem occuring within the walls of the Mansion. There is an interdimensional creature lurking, one that Captain America, Clint, Tony and sadly Pepper have come across, each with varying results. The supercomputer is now working on how to pluck the Stark Industries PA from the side dimension. As a result?

He's probably already quickly threat assessed the blue, fuzzy young lady and found her a 'non threat'. (He's sneaky that way!)

A step is taken to descend; that creature that has been 'haunting' the mansion has appeared at the periphery of her sight, but always as a thing of wispy form and no substance. Still, it's created something of a twitch for Wanda, tugging at the edges of her brain.

This, however, is new, and as Talia comes into view, Wanda looks puzzled, her mouth slightly open as if to say something, but nothing comes immediately. Not until bright, shining yellow pupiless eyes lift in tandem with blue, three-fingered hands in that 'I'm not armed' gesture.

Wanda ceases her descent, only a couple of steps from the top, and she leans against the wide, dark-wooded ballistrade, questions all playing on her face... if one can only read it! The first, however, does manage an exit, and it's soft, the Eastern European lilt so very plain.

"Who are you?"

The question isn't a challenge, not demanding. It's seeking to understand, and with that?

"Why are you here?"

Talia Wagner has posed:
Well nothing has shot lasers or disabling beams from the walls. I mean knowing Uncle Tony it would probably be repulsor beams anyhow. Maybe a forcefield cage. Something.

Talia considers the best course of action. Heck she isn't even sure that 'mom' up there can even feel the same tug that TJ can. This was probably unwise all around but still a chance to see a perfectly normal Scarlet Witch on this lay over in this timeline was too much to resist for the temporal waif. Though Vorpal would call her a ragamuffin.

"Uh.. good question." she notes with a bit of wry amusement. Those hands reach up and pull the hood back and down revealing a young woman with velvety short blue fur, elven ears, and darker blue hair pulled back for the moment. "My name is Talia Wagner, and I came here to see you." she hesitates. "I'm not sure if you can feel that.. tug.. but I've been vibing off it a bit since I got here last week..." she hesitates once more "And I really wanted to meet you before I go..."

Even at risk of meddling with this timeline a bit.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
A hint of a smile quirks at the initial response, 'Good question', simply because there is nothing in Wanda's life that even begins to hint at 'normal', that is, there is rarely a 'normal reason' for anything. She watches at the unveiling, as it were, and her brows rise at her self identification. Before she can hold the words in, they escape, "Of course you are." In all senses of the statement. "You bear striking family resemblance." So, score one for the fact Wanda actually knows a 'Wagner'.

Finally, however, Wanda departs her 'perch' on the steps and begins the descent once more until she's face to face, only a raised step or two away from the temporal waif. There is a //look// on her face as she pushes inward, searching before she speaks again, "Is you." That's what she feels, had felt.

"Is you," is repeated, and she nods, her hand rising to spin a finger lightly in the air in gesture, "In back of head. A presence. A.. need?" Fear? Loss? Loss of direction?

"The bells rang for you." That, perhaps, needs to be explained, and the witch raises her head to look up before she looks back to the young fuzzy blue lady. "There is museum in Central Park. Cloisters. Old monestary. Has no church bells, but bells ring anyway. Always announces something." But they've been ringing more often, as portents possibly? "This month, has been several times. One time, I felt presence like no other." She smiles, possibly pulling some of the creepiness from the entire moment, finishing with, "Not even like Pietro." As if she'd know who he is? "He is noisier."

Talia Wagner has posed:
TJ smiles a bit at the of course you are statement, the flash of white teeth against the blue skin. "Yeah definitely family resemblance, I Guess you could say that in the looks department I take after my father more than I do my mother. I got other things from her in the deal."

Her look gets thoughtful as she watches Wanda head down the stairs towards her. The thought she verbalized at first sight is thought once more, gosh Wanda is so young here. Like Kurt. Time is so funny sometimes. Also her mom back home is more seasoned, balanced, comfortable with herself and her power. With age comes experience after all.

"The bells..." she murmurs and then nods "You always were good with omens and signs." a light shrug rolling her shoulders there in that puffy coat. The bit about Pieetro being noisier gets a laugh. "Uncle Pietro is really much... it might be the way he vibrates the world around him though." she blushes a bit, the blue skin and blush has an interesting effect. She sort of gestures. "I'm..."

Deep breath.

"I'm not from around here... probably just visiting though for the moment I seem to be stuck. Wheels fell off the cosmic bus or something like that.... it's just been a while since I got to see you.. even if your not my ..m.. you."

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
"Well," Wanda begins softly, green eyes shining with her smile remaining, "you are lovely." Could that be the sound of a mother complimenting her grown daughter? Something all mothers say in comfort. All that would be missing in the statement is the gesture of a hug, a brief embrace, though the warmth of the words might suffice.

It is true, however. Wanda isn't balanced, isn't firm in herself, in her abilities; she's only truly beginning to understand them, and the need for her anchors in the tumults of her storms is there. And she knows it, and at times, still fears it.

Could this be one of those warped realities, pulled in without her knowledge?

Wanda's long since learned, however, that there are tells. And this, the presence that is before her and in her mind are one in the same, here and now. In that, the witch finds her peace.

"Talia." She's trying out the name before she nods her agreement, a touch of a bemused, fond laugh exiting. "The only reason he can 'sneak' is because of speed. So noisy."

It's her visitor's next words that bring the smile from her face, but it's not in rejection. It's more.. a quiet acknowledgment, a tacit understanding without understanding. And therein?

"Oh.." and there is the clue. The clue by four, perhaps? She's beginning to follow things along; she's no stranger to alternate realities. Microverses. Pocket universes where things just don't go the same way as one would think. After all, isn't there word of doppelgangers from a different reality moving through? (She'd heard that through the Avenger grape-vine!)

A step is taken down, bringing her closer, and Wanda looks to have made a decision and gathers herself. She holds out a hand to the other young lady for her to take it, ready to lead, "Come with me to kitchen. We will eat, before you have to go."

Talia Wagner has posed:
Talia watches the various reactions, the face is very familiar to her after all, and at the same time so young and alien. "Talia Josephine, or TJ to my friends." she smiles a touch and tilts her head as she continues to watch Wanda.

"I'm real and I'm not a doppleganger from a crazy planet. I had a wonderful childhood somewhere safe where I was loved... can't say monster free because hey lives of superheroes and blue kids are crazy sometimes..." she notes sliding it in there, reassuring in tone or at least attempting to be. She looks relieved though as Wanda notes that they will eat and sit before she has to go. "I mean.. he may be noisy and not very sneaky.. but he gives a real mean piggy back ride." falling into humor if nothing else.

She also steps in to take the hand, some hesitation there but she does it. "I'm not actually sure how long I have here. I mean.. need to return Dr. McCoy's ID card to him... but other than that...." she just sighs. "I've got a job to do but right now I seem stuck here and no idea when I will be pulled out and sent back to work..." she sounds worried. "Far as I can tell though ... this place is safe so not worried about it all falling apart on us..."

She should probably explain all that, maybe soon in the kitchen.. right now she just seems to relax being led there holding her 'moms' hand.