4810/Return of the Tanuki-chan

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Return of the Tanuki-chan
Date of Scene: 20 January 2021
Location: Brooklyn
Synopsis: Spider-Man and Owari re-connect.
Cast of Characters: Peter Parker, Chizue Nakamura

Peter Parker has posed:
Another night, another plot, another bit of research in his personal project. It would make an interesting thesis, but the AMA would never publish papers on the criminal underworld.

Spider-Man had been on the trail of a group of ten ninja who had been tasked with assassinating a visiting dignitary from Okinawa. The dignitary was now under guard, talking to the NYPD, while six of the ninja were webbed to walls, to the floor, one of them even to the ceiling, in VERY unflattering positions.

And now, he was chasing the four that escaped, hoping to run them to ground before gate-crashing their hideout and making them wish they'd have never even HEARD of New York City...

Chizue Nakamura has posed:
    She had watched the stalk and take down with interest, and now the chase as well. She circles around, dropping down into an alley and waiting for whomever these punks are to take the obvious "safe" route. Letting that familiar cloak thrum to life and render her all but invisible as she looses her digital corruption on the local cellular networks. Good Ninja didn't carry cellphones of course, but New York had a distinct lack of -good- Ninja. Pinging every cellphone hitting the nearest tower, and cranking their ringers all at once.

    Then comes the smoke grenades, brilliant neon purple for tonight it seems. Only then does she roll forward onto the balls of her feet, and explode forward into the smoke after these unfortunate souls. A brilliant digitized blur of color, a single flying leap hopefully bringing her within striking range of the first of these punks.

Peter Parker has posed:
First off, she can see the signs. Ninja usually don't wear insignia identifying who they are killing for, but the subtle tells - a knot tied a certain way, a certain fabric, a personalization of stance - says these are pros, from one of the Houses in the Lower Kingdoms. The Kenishi family, who were suspected of mixing it up in Okinawa and Guam.
And they do have a good, solid bolthole, but they are still fifty yards away when the smoke cloud billows into existence.

It evokes a memory in Peter's mind as he closes in on the four ninja...

But she's gone, she went back out of duty...

The four slow down drastically as the smoke issues in all directions, instantly going to battle stations.

Chizue Nakamura has posed:
    Theres no shout, just a blur of color. A fusilade of hairlike glass needle shuriken, followed immediately by everyone's favorite cyberninja. She draws and attacks in a single smooth motion, a blur of superhuman speed as that glass sword hurtles towards the first Ninja's neck. Fast enough to all but cut the smoke itself, the swing sends a telltale ripcurl of the purple stuff outward to create a small pocket of clarity amidst the dark alley.

    That brilliant red and white polygonal Tanuki mask can only mean one clan, and the burning red eyes burried within do not speak towards kindly diplomatic relations. Owari pauses post swing, sizing up the situation before falling back into a classic high stance. The Haga's best swordswoman, Owari live and in the flesh.

    She spits her japanese like the insult it is, and even if you don't speak the language the intent should sail across just fine. <<Kenishi amatuers, you have come to America to find only your end. Come and die well you fools!"

Peter Parker has posed:
Spider-Man, for a moment, stares wide-eyed at the new arrival.


He stifles the urge to just go up and hug her. Because y'know, four ninja...

...JUST became three. Ouch. That looked like it hurt. But, y'know, Owari is as efficient as always.
Spider-Man landed near the tall female ninja, who whipped around and lunged at him with a sword.

This close, Owari can see how Spider-Man fights. He certainly hasn't forgotten his training, and his movements are precise. They are...slightly askew, though, and it takes .0457 seconds for Chizue to realize he isn't ignoring his training...he's ADAPTING it to his own physical attributes, following the flow of his own superhuman body. It has a beat and you can dance to it, that's for sure.

Chizue Nakamura has posed:
    Enemy Ninja and Spider Men, sure feels like New york alright!

    She wastes no time, dashing forward as she unleashes another fistfull of shuriken. She ducks without missing a beat, letting an errant sword swing go sailing just barely overhead before she simply slides in under the unfortunate Ninja's guard. Slicing him from hip to shoulder, not entirely in half but close enough to send him immediately to the ground with a clatter of his sword. An extra flourish of that blade to shake the blood free, and that blade is resheathed without missing a beat.
    "Stop playing games, these are real Ninja."Comes the electronic growl of Owari, as she races towards the last remaining Ninja without a dance partner, empty handed no less!

Peter Parker has posed:
"Nice to have you..." Dodge. "...back, Owari, but..." Jump. "...you oughtta know how I..." Duck, uppercut, and then the kunoichi is sent flying to get webbing to a wall at a 78-degree angle. "...ROLL!"

He looks over at the last ninja who is going after Owari with a sai in each hand...

Chizue Nakamura has posed:
    A flash of her left, hurling a pair of grenades. Another eruption of smoke, followed by a blinding flash and Owari vanishes. *Poof ninja* for real.

    She emerges from the smoke above, mid triple axle before somersaulting back down into the melee to land directly behind her foe, before delivering the sort've roundhose kick to the kidneys that's liable to be heard back in Queens. Followed by a single right hook to the back of the head, oh and another knee to that already struck kidney just for good measure. That cloak of hers erupting in pixelated colors for a moment longer, before it begins struggling to blend in once more. "I would have called to say hello, but you were busy."And a momentary pause as she flashes a glance back towards Peter "Just got back, glad to see your poor fighting hasn't gotten you killed yet."

Peter Parker has posed:
Spider-Man turns to face her as the last one hits the ground, his face unreadable behind the mask.

And then he hugs her. Pow, right there in a fraction of a second, arms around her, even lifting her slightly off the ground by a few inches as his infectious laugh cannot be held back.

"Owari! Welcome back to New York! SO glad you're back in town!" He lowers her to the street, then looks at her. "Sorry about the break in decorum, but I couldn't help myself. I thought I'd never see you again."

Chizue Nakamura has posed:
    Hugging is not expected, and well for a moment she's stiff as a board until she can summon the presence of mind to give Spider Man a pat and soften up a little bit. "Yes well, you can't get rid of me that easily."And well she can't -wink- in that mask, but she cocks her head to one side and the backlight on one eye cuts out for a second. "Ninja stuff happened, got to spend a few weeks doing the superhero thing. I would have sent an invite, but there was all this talk about going to Paris and then not."Theres a shrug there as she unwrinkles her cloak, before moving towards one of the downed ninja.

    "Not too bad for jetlagged though, right? Only been back a few hours, haven't even unpacked anything yet. Did bring you some presents, of course."She produces her short sword, before kicking over one of the Ninja she cut down, and carefully slices the back of their gi open to look for a tattoo.

Peter Parker has posed:
Yep. The kanji of the Kenishi clan, in the Old Japanese. Some things never change.
"Ah, you didn't have to do that, Owari. I figure you're back in town because of business, but I am happy to see you. Even if you ARE denigrating some of my adaptations of what you taught me." Spidey looked back the way he came. "There's six more in police sutody, but the web-angel against the wall there is the mastermind. Think you can get something out of her WITHOUT havin' her guts fer garters? I think people would take my accounts of ninja in New York more seriously if I could show them...well, actual NINJA."

Chizue Nakamura has posed:
    "If I were her, I'd have swollowed by cyanide tooth by now."Does she have one of those? Well who knows, it's Owari right? Anyway she rises, sheathing that sword and circling around to fix her gaze upon the unfortunate Shinobi on the wall. <<I will allow you the honor of a noble death, if you tell me what I want to know. Otherwise I will let the police take you into custody, and dishonor your family with not only failure but capture by mundane authorities.>>

    Slowly Owari lifts a gloved hand to sweep her hood back, before gently plucking that polygonal mask away to expose the Haga clan kanji scrawled across her armored faceplate beneath. <<If you chose seppuku, I offer my services as your second. You must tell this man all he desires, in English no less. These are my terms, take them or leave them Ninja.>>And back on that mask, no wait it's a slightly different Tanuki mask.

Peter Parker has posed:
The Kunoichi smiles at Owari under her mask. "Let them deal with me as they wish. This is only the BEGINNING, and you and your subhuman kind will soon bow to the true power in the shadows..."
And that is when her mouth gets webbed shut.

"Never could tolerate rudeness." Spidey sighs. "Want to talk on the roof? The cops will be here any minute, and I've already sent them the rundown. I can brief you on what I found out up there."

Chizue Nakamura has posed:
    "Such a shame you are, generations of ancestors and all their hardship only to produce you. You dishonor your clan, your ancestors and your comrades. Take this opportunity to recognize your weak spirit, because you are certainly no Ninja. Just another girl playing dress up."Smackdown delivered, Owari just shakes her head for a moment. "Yes yes, that would be excellent."She throws a line, and oh hey that webcaster built into her gauntlet isn't the one gifted to her!
    Anyway she makes short work of the climb, landing on the rooftop with narry a sound of course. She glances off to the side, undoubtably peering after god knows what in cyberspace before swiveling that polygonal mask around to lock onto Peter. "And now you've got these punks sniffing around, when did these fools start showing up? Figures it'd be whilst I'm away."

Peter Parker has posed:
"Yeah, well...guess they think it's true. If you make it HERE, you can make it ANYWHERE..."

Three minutes later, Spider-Man vaults up to the roof, eyeing Owari. "I hope you aren't sharing that design with anyone else, Owari..." he said quietly.

Chizue Nakamura has posed:
    "The Haga do not steal from their allies, it has been decreed none but I may use this technology."She replies casually, before letting her cloak fade and presenting that gauntlet for inspection. "The engineers were very complimentary never the less, they were very impressed with your form factor."That gauntlet is notably more sleek and slender, but still houses the bevy of cable ports and rubberized buttons as before. The web shooter however is radically different, it's been repackaged as slender and long so as to fit into that gauntlet all the easier. Nestled between a shuriken ejector and the wire spool for her garrot. A marvel of engineering as all Haga gear is.

    "Higher flow rate, larger resevoir. Shorter lines, but stronger and easier for me to throw bigger webs in close combat. Not dramatically improved in function really, just easier for me to use as it's integrated better."Free hand reaching under her chest rig to offer a USB stick. "I was authorized to offer these to you as thanks for the opportunity to examine something interesting, they had a few suggestions to stop the line feathering and make refilling easier. There's also some code for the wireless network I had time to write myself, should clarify things a little better and give you limited access to networks I've compromised. Fair enough for you?"

Peter Parker has posed:
Spidey takes the USB, looking impressed even through the mask. "I've also been thinking of expanding the network, making it viable in cities like Metropolis and Gotham City. I've had to visit them for...various reasons...and I realized how helped the Spider-Comm network could be if it was up and running there. I'm not going to go ALL the time, but...well, I know a couple of people who work in those other places, and I'm finding links in various criminal enterprises to those other cities, and their criminal structures."

Chizue Nakamura has posed:
    "That's very dangerous, as I'm far from the only hacker out there. The larger the network becomes the easier it gets to breach, the more damaging it would be to rip apart."She cocks her head to one side for a moment. "I would be happy to help write a toolbox for heroes in other cities to use, but tying the networks together directly is bordering on suicidal. Consider the damage done with a deep penetration, because no matter the security measures it's never a question of "if" but of "When". You'll note I'm still not fully integrated into your network for that very reason."

Peter Parker has posed:
Spider-Man smiled wryly. "Well, I'm still keeping it in the 'family' so it's still using secrecy as its primary line of defense. To date, it's never been breached." He looks around. "Mostly because apart from its users, almost no one knows it exists."

Chizue Nakamura has posed:
    "Just because it hasn't happened yet, does not mean that it won't in the future. Paranoia is it's own reward Spider Man."Everyone's favorite cyberninja hacker, autographs after the event. "Anyway, I got you stuff. Some from the Haga as thanks for your assistance, some from me, even Kuro Neko thought to send a gift for you back with me. You're very popular in Tokyo these days, you even had somebody dress up in your colors and try to stop crime."She gives a little shrug to that. "We put a stop to that, but he was inspired never the less you know."

Peter Parker has posed:
Spider-Man chuckled. "That's nothing. There is a planet, light-years from here, where a race of shapeshifting aliens made a statue of me out of gold. Appreciation for me helping to save their race a year ago. Long story. Anyway, it's 500 feet high. And I was also told if there are any statues of anyone else in the galaxy that are taller, they will remake my statue to make sure it's the tallest. Weirdest aliens I ever met, but it's nice to think there is a statue of me out there in the universe."

Chizue Nakamura has posed:
    "You have a five hundred foot gold statue, on an alien planet?"That takes a moment to process before nodding finally "Well earned I suppose, now I just need to save somebody so we get a huge statue of the Yellow Scarf Buster made out of Platinum I suppose. I was just hoping for a statue in the Museum of Heroes back in Tokyo, I mean they have one of Lockbuster now. You ever heard of Lockbuster, that super popular hero from Pittsburgh?"

Peter Parker has posed:
Spider-Man shakes his head. "I've been focusing more on the criminal underworld. Maybe if I ever go to Pittsburgh, I'll look him up." He looked around, then added, "If I may ask, what brings you back to New York? I'm happy you're back, but you never travel frivolously, as far as I know."

Chizue Nakamura has posed:
    "Yeah I don't know who he is either, some guy from the seventies apparently."Theres a little shrug there as she finds a convient AC unit to lean back against. "There are still Ninja here, so I'm here until there are no Ninja in New York or I'm dead. I mean I'm happy to see you again, and it's not like I can just go back to the way things were. My Ex moved on, Kuro has an apprentice sidekick now and I felt like a third wheel running around with a pair of witches."Theres a pause there as she lets her gaze drift out over the cityscape "Not like I fit in there anymore anyway, Especially now. They revoked my Tokyo Justice Society badge, so I can't really go back to hero work anymore anyway. So the Yellow Scarf Buster will fight in New York exclusively now."

Peter Parker has posed:
Spider-Man nodded. "Well, you can always consider yourself welcome in New York." He pauses for a moment, then says, "And if you would like a meal with more American fare, I know someone who always likes to cook for a guest."

Chizue Nakamura has posed:
    "Ah American hospitality, which I am yet to indulge in."Theres a pause there "Soon I will come for dinner, I promise. First I must make sure I haven't been followed to New York, I was in Japan on Business you understand? I may have attracted the attention of somebody very dangerous, and they are not going to be afraid to involve civilians to get to me."She rolls onto her boots, stepping towards the building ledge. "If you see a blind man with a sword, or see a blind man asking about Ninja? Just stay away from him and contact me immediately, if you try and fight him He's liable to kill you."And with that she offers a little wave. "I'll keep in touch." and off the ledge she goes, poofing as Ninja are prone to do.