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Homecoming, sort of
Date of Scene: 21 January 2021
Location: Main Foyer
Synopsis: Kurt, Logan, and Kitty greet Talia and make her feel really welcome. Kid from the future? Must be Tuesday.
Cast of Characters: Talia Wagner, Logan Howlett, Kurt Wagner, Kitty Pryde

Talia Wagner has posed:
Taking place hours after Talia ended up crashing face first into the concrete of Time Square on January 11th.

Needless to say this has been one hell of a day for the young mutant woman. It started with her frantically fighting vampiric Avengers and slaying with the aid of her team the Vampire King, Captain America and thn the new Vampire King, Union Jack.

Who unfortunately threw some sort of curse at her and her team, a major curve ball, that has somehow messed up the jump to the next timeline to repair. So she has no idea where the other eXiles are. She has no idea when she will be leaving this timeline. She has no one to turn to.

So she turned to with the help of the Titans the one group she knows best, the X-Men.

Rictor and Magik picked up the wayward mutant from Titan's tower, on a call from the Titans claiming to have a mutant who needed help picked up. While she explained it to the two of them, she has no idea what has been relayed to the X-men.

Evidently enough to get Kurt and Logan to show up for the arrival of the stepping disc portal and a the two X-men and a very familiar but not looking young lady.

Her fur is a velvety short blue. Her eyes vivid yellow. She honestly looks like Kurt startling. Which is probably why Rictor and Illyana leave Talia in the foyer to be greeted by the others heading off on their business. I mean they did eat a lot of pizza with the Titans...

Logan Howlett has posed:
Another night, another beer...or seven, and another eveing roaming the grounds. Logan would like to believe he is protecting the students of the school, but really, he was fending off dark spirits and the pizza he had eaten earlier.

Logan was wearing jeans, a dark brown leather jacket, cowboy hat, boots to match, and carrying...would you believe...a carrot? Not a beer. Random. He was trying to be better. We'll see how long that lasts.

Standing in the foyer after munching on the carrot, Logan frowns but doesn't say anything. Sniffing the air, Logan then sneezes, and says, "Huh. Well. Looks like we're letting anyone in now."

Kurt Wagner has posed:
Alas, Kurt most definitely has not been eating pizza. Nor has he managed to sneak out of his responsibilities to play Pirate Captain or Robin Hood in the Danger Room either for that matter. Tonight the fuzzy blue elf and resident history teacher here at the Xavier School for the Gifted has been sadly burdened with actual work. This is the problem with assigning papers to students. They actually end up completing them eventually and then he has to grade them. Instead of playing pirate. Or finding other amusing diversions. As much as he values his role as teacher it does have an unsettling habit of getting in the way of play time.

Growing up sucks. Oh for those heady days when he was responsibility free. Like last Tuesday. Ahhhh, so much fun.

It would seem that Rictor and Magik have been up to no good. Or at least have chosen to not entirely share just what -- or more specifically whom -- they were bringing back from Titan's Tower. They just insisted that Kurt should be there. So as difficult as it is to pull himself away from teenaged history papers, the indigo-furred mutant makes that sacrifice, bamfing into the main foyer of the mansion just moments after Logan arrives, arriving in a rapidly dissipating cloud of inky black mist, a hint of brimstone and oh so much style as he perches in a crouch atop the bottom of the bannister that lines the stairwell leading up to the second floor.

"Rude, Logan," he chides gently, tilting his head quizzically as he looks over Talia. "Mein gott," he says, his words a quiet exhale. "I do not mean to be rude frauline, but,,," he says, not quite completing the sentance. He probably doesn't need to. Who is this person who looks so much like him and where the heck does she come from!

Talia Wagner has posed:
Logan's presence, carrot, and comment get a wry smile from Talia. "Well.. I mean.. you don't look younger.. but then you never did seem to age." she hesitates. "I imagine you aren't a professor here though or .. uh.. what do they call you in these parts Logan?"

The bamfph in, well it is something that Talia is very used too and attuned to. Her attention snaps from Logan to Kurt up on the balcony and then smiles, a bit uneasy as she spreads her arms. The clothes, well armor in appearance, looks very durable and servicable as well as stylish. "Hey." she calls back and then shrugs a little "Surprise?" then hesitates before adding. "Oh... not a shapeshifter or a doppleganger from an evil dimension that is currently invading this one either for the record. Logan can probably sniff that out if need be... I ... well this is complicated."


"My names Talia Wagner."

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan hurumphs, shakes his head, and bites into the carrot once again. "Rude. Me? Naw. Never Fuzzy Elf. What I wouldn't do for a stoogie right now though..." Looking down at the carrot while chewing, Logan crinkles his nose, and almost tosses the carrot over his shoulder before deciding not to.

Looking at Kurt then at Talia, Logan sniffs again, and sneezes again. "Damn. What is it about you two that make me sneeze like I inhaled a whole Legion a' pepper? It is like yer related or something."

Looking at Talia, Logan's eyes narrow, ever so slightly, at her familiarity of him. "I am not a Professor here...I am a Guardian. Logan. Wolverine." Logan looks at her again. "Do I know you, Talia?"

Kurt Wagner has posed:
Well... that doesn't seem like it is a coincidence, now does it? I mean, Wagner is far from the most uncommon name, but it does seem a little unlikely that there would be two WAgners, looking like they do, and yet not related. And yet he certainly has never met her before. It certainly is possible that he has other siblings on his mother's side that he doesn't know about but given that his father died so shortly after his birth? She definitely looks a little younger then him at least. And some how he rather doubts that he has a whole lot of other relations out there.

Of course, there was that demon... thing Kurt had the misfortune to run into recently that suggested that his heritage might not be everything he thought it was so there is that. But it's not particularly reassuring in this particular circumstance.

"I am going to go out on a limb and guess that you too are of the Barovian Wagners," he says drily, hopping down from his perch and taking the last few stairs a few at a time, crossing over towards her, ever glancing away, and stopping only a few feet shy. He does toss a quick glance Logan's way as he mentions that their scents are similiar. "I think we can trust my friend's nose here, which would certainly seem to suggest that you are. But to my knowledge I have no relations that look, well... like me..." he says slowly.

Talia Wagner has posed:
TJ glances at Logan "I mean yes and know. I know you... you don't know me though." she frowns a bit. "Where I'm from you are actually Professor W, you run this school and lead the team. Well. Not in the field though." she sort of vaguely gestures to Kurt. "Kurt is field leader."

She nods to Kurt. "My dad is uh yeah.... my mom is of the German Lensherr line." which is definitely a known quantity of a name too.

Deep breath.

"No easy way to explain this so I'm just going to dive right in.. a telepath like Au... Jean could verify it if she is alive?" almost said Aunt.

"I'm not from here.. I'm from another timeline. My dad is Kurt Wagner.. my mom is the Scarlet Witch. I got unhinged from time a few years ago and have spent them jumping from timeline to timeline with my team trying to stop the collapse of the multiverse.... I ended up in this timeline on our last jump and I have no idea where they are or what we are supposed to fix here and I really need help..."

Heartbeat is calm as can be, if a little heart broken about it all. She seems very sincere and genuine. Course she could be a shapeshifting demon.

She is standing in the foyer, fuzzy, blue, and peering up at Kurt on the stairs.

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan finishes the carrot with a crunch. Crunch, crunch. Remaining where he was when all this started, Logan keeps all expression and emotion off his face. Somehow this was not the strangest thing he had seen in his 100+ years of life. His eyes stay on Talia, quietly assessing her as a threat.

Logan knows Kurt. Would trust him with his life. He did not know Talia. At least, not yet. His instincts though, were, not to stabby stab stab her...for now.

"Well now. A family reunion, Elf. Two elves. Nice." Logan smiles. The smile had little amusement, and was guarded, but it was the best he could do considering the circumstances. "How about a welcome hug then?" His eyes look at Kurt first, letting him know he was teasing. Kind of.

At the sound of Talia's voice, Logan's eyes return to Talia's. "I...run the team? Where you are from? Hmm." Logan had experienced alternate universes, so this wasn't too big a shock. "Now this makes more sense. You aren't from here." Then he listens to the rest.

"Kurt. I believe her. She isn't lying."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Those with sufficient hearing might catch sounds of footfalls around the corner in one of the hallways. Kitty Pryde steps around the corner, wearing a pair of boxer shorts and a long-sleeved, knit top whose warmth seems meant to make up for the shorts. A pair of slippers are on her feet, while in her hand she has a carrot stick which Kitty has just taken a bite of.

She stops where she is as the first words she hears are 'My dad is Kurt Wagner.. my mom is the Scarlet Witch.'

Kitty looks from Talia, to Kurt, to Logan. Then slowly backs up around the corner again.

Kurt Wagner has posed:
For some, this would be a shocking revelation. My god, a daughter from another dimension? With a woman he only knows in passing? How terribly shocking! Surely she must be a liar! This must be some sort of trick! No doubt from one of their many, many enemies!

But c'mon, this is the X-Men. How many alternate future children have shown up for Scott and Jean? If it's Tuesday it must be time for another one to appear. Which might be part of the reason why he enjoys that day so. Merrily watching those two deal with yet another revelation of surprise, you're kinda parents.

Of course the same is pretty much to for Logan as well. Hey, it's another clone. It's probably why Kurt only flashes a grin towards the feral mutant at the teasing. He has had the opportunity to do much of the same to him on more then one occasion afterall.

So it is a surprisingly calm Kurt Wagner that takes in the revelation that he is a father. Kind of. He only gives a slow nod and then speaks the words that would seem so unlikely, so out of place almost anywhere else in the world. "Well of course you are. It's the only thing that makes sense," he offers up with a gentle smile, extending a hand towards Talia.

Really, alternate dimension daughter is a whole lot easier then trying to figure out how he could have some sort of clear relation, so close in appearance to him, in this world.

"Again, I think it is safe to take Logan's word for it. His nose is rarely wrong. And if you are familiar with some other version of this school, then perhaps you too have noticed how... frequent we seem to attract familiar visitors from other timelines or universes," he says with a note of wry humor. "You are of course welcome here Talia. I have to say, I'm rather pleased to meet you," he says before flashing a grin, those golden eyes glinting merrily. "Even if I am far to young and carefree to be a father," he teases gently.

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan's hearing picks up the other person around the corner and his sense of smell confirms that it is the Kat. Plus, it appears she was snacking on the same thing he had earlier. Great minds think alike...or great stomachs at least. Maybe the carrot had been a good choice.

"It is the only thing that makes sense..." Logan repeats back to Kurt. "Well. Sounds like you two need to catch up then. I know that Kat is around the corner here, she can help if you need her." Logan turns as if to leave when Kurt extends a hand.

Looking back over his shoulder, Logan allows himself to add a touch of warmth to his voice, as he says, "Welcome aboard L'il Elf." Then, he was gone, back towards the kitchen.

Talia Wagner has posed:
TJ is a little amped up and glances towards Kitty as she tries to back away. "Woah.. you are .. well as young as everyone here Kate."

Then her attention bounces back to Logan "Yeah.. the Professor.. Xavier was possessed by the Shadowking... it didn't go um.. well" she is leaving something out. "He ended up dead and you were crippled, so you took over leading the school and the team sir."

Then back to Kurt as he approaches and extends a hand. She reaches out with her own to put it in his, three fingers a match really. "Yeah... I think it is a testament to how messed up our lives are that this isn't shocking or faint worthy. For the record." a light bit of a sad smile there as she looks Kurt over closer now. "Pretty sure our timelines are out of phase, you are all so young." pause "That and well this is an Avengers and Justice league timeline... I've never seen both at once before. Super weird."

"I mean.. I think being young and care free is how you end up a father. For the record..." she struggles. She has no idea what to call Kurt because Dad seems wrong. Kurt sounds wrong in her head. At least she can tease at a moment like this though. "Right before I left we actually had a Kitty from the past show up and displace our Kate.. so yeah I do kind of know how that rolls.."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde comes back around the corner as people took note of her. "Professor W. I think the one with the Sentinels might be preferable," she murmurs under her breath, loud enough she knows Logan will hear it, and knows that he'll know she knows he'll hear it.

Which is why there's that faint grin at the corner of her lips as she approaches them again. "It seems I'm destined to be known by Kate," she comments, eyes going to Kurt quickly, gauging how he's handling this, then back to Talia.

Kitty walks over and says, "Wait, I'm going /forward/ in time now? That's a new twist. We had it the other way around," she says. Yes, not her first go around with people coming back from the future, so she's handling it well.

Kitty offers her hand. "So you know me then, though, well most people call me Kitty but not like people don't call me Kate sometimes too. Or a dozen other names. But you are... and if you say Kurtina you will make my day," Kitty says, giving Talia a playful smile to make it a joke.

Kurt Wagner has posed:
They do indeed live unique lives. Some people consider that a sort of curse right?

Perhaps it is part and parcel of being a mutant. Perhaps this place has something to do with it. Perhaps a certain mansion in Westchester always attracts the strange and unusual and makes it feel somehow familiar after a period of time. It's all a little metaphysical in Kurt's eyes.

Ahem. Sure, Kurt can be a little bit of a rake. But he likes to think, when called for, he can exhibit a degree of responsibility. He is a teacher afterall. right? But if he needed a little bit of reinforcing of the point, perhaps this unexpected visit has done just that. "Mmmmm, I shall take that under advisement. Perhaps I shall change my disreputable ways," he offers up with roguish grin that suggests that at best there are only even odds on that possibility. Maybe he should look up the Scarlet Witch.

Seeing Kitty join them, he offers a grin for her -- missing the comment about Professor W, not that he would blame her -- but certainly catching the bit about Kate. He certainly seems relatively unphased, but then he usually does. "Look, I'm part of the club!" he says, again that teasing note in his voice as he ushers Talia forward. Not that he needs to make introductions obviously -- not to his daughter from another Kurt.

"Please Kitty, show some faith in me. Even my alternate self would never be so cruel," he chides playfully, those golden eyes still dancing merrily before flickering back to his fellow fuzzy blue elf. Hurray, two elves are always better then one. "By the sounds of it this is hardly the first new dimension that you have found yourself in..." he says, again letting that unasked question hang there.

Talia Wagner has posed:
"I mean.. not sure you should. I turned out pretty decent and even in your advanced years you were still a rogue and pirate. Definitely hadn't slowed down sword fighting and mom seemed very happy with everything..." teasing tone.

"Surprise" she notes again amused as Kurt ushers her forward though she does step to meet Kitty and offer her hand in a hand shake.

"Talia Josephine Wagner-Lehnsherr to be precise... so no not Kurtina... pretty sure mom would have cursed dad over pitching that even."

She looks back to Kurt "For the last.. I dunno three or four years I have been in a new dimension every couple of days.. give or take some minor downtime if one of us needed to heal from a battle. I guess you could say the eXiles are temporal janitors..." she frowns "Only by fixing the collapse can we hope to become rehinged in time and go back home according to the timebroker."

"Which is why I need help.. I need to locate Blink and the others. She has the device which tells us what we need to do to fix this dimension before it collapses.... but she didn't land in time square when I did.. nor did the others."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
"Agreed, a much prettier name. Your mother has some sense then," Kitty says, flashing a teasing grin over to Kurt. After Talia shakes her hand, Kitty holds out an arm suggesting a more friendly greeting of a hug, but giving the other girl a chance to decline or not. When Talia doesn't, Kitty offers her the kind of warm hug that she might have expected from Kate Pryde. "Being around people that you know, but don't, can't be easy," she says. "But you're still family."

Kitty will let the hug linger just long enough so Talia can feel the genuineness of it before letting her go then. "What's the threat to us? Or, you don't know? But, there is one, somehow?" Kitty asks, not sure if she's missing some of an earlier conversation or what on the talk about their dimension collapsing.

Kurt Wagner has posed:
Dimensions collapsing is definitely new to Kurt and some of that playful irreverence vanishes. He might still be welcoming the smile eases from his features and that agile tail flicks behind him, perhaps the only obvious sign of concern besides the more serious light in his eye. "I see. It sounds like you'd have a lot of stories to tell," he says with a certain gravity. That is another thing that residents of the mansion tend to pile up as well. Some of them happy to be sure. Some... not so much. These sound like many of them would fall into that other category.

"If there is some way to help you we will of course endeavor to do so. All the moreso if there is some sort of threat to our world," he says, brow furrowed ever so slightly, that fine indigo fur almost seeming to ruffle. "If your friends are mutants it is possible that Professor Xavier or Jean might be able to assist in finding them," he says, unsure if they have a Cerebro in her world. But chances are if not she has at least encountered one that does, if she is as well travelled as she seems. "There is a Blink here -- she might be on Genosha right now, perhaps Lorna would know -- but I don't imagine she is who you are looking for. So far as I'm aware she has no device with instructions on how to fix dimensions. At least it has never come up," he notes, tone going dry with humor for a moment. Even in the face of IMMENSE DANGER it is pretty difficult to completely stifle his natural spirit.

Talia Wagner has posed:
It is very true. Almost none of TJ's stories have happy endings. I mean sure with the sheer number of worlds some of them are just innane or happy but so many were not good at all.

The hug is accepted from Kitty though and Talia just hugs her back and means it. This is a hug with a whole lot of feeling behind it. She hasn't hugged a Kitty, or Kate, in a long time now and it gets really old honestly not to have family around. Even if they are not exactly family she grew up with. They are so similar. "That means a lot Ka.. Kitty." she notes doing her best to keep collected after the hug is broken.

"Not sure what the threat is or what needs to be fixed.... it isn't always straight forward or dangerous. One timeline had us eat a cheese danish, last in a shop, before it sold out. I think it was probably a butterfly effect thing. Other times it is much more... dire. The last place I was in had vampiric Avengers. Baron Blood turned Rogers... who defeated him and became Vampire King. Big mess but we had to kill them all before Cap became immortal and invulnerable and enslaved the western seaboard with a dark ritual..." hands spread sort of helpless.

"I saw your Blink is a royal guard.. which is totally messed up for the record. I can't see it at all. IF we could get the Professor or Jean, who I'm glad is alive, to use Cerebro.. maybe we coulde see if there are two of any of my team...?" a smile there "That is why I figured if anyone could and would help me.. it would be coming home.. because well... this stuff happens all the time around here and my team is all mutants... Sunfire... Morph.. Mimic Magik and Sasquatch..." when she says that though she blinks. "Fuck." which may hurt Kurt's sensitive ears. "I... I'm sorry. I need to find Mimic.. I think maybe I hit my head harder than I thought. Blink got sent home a couple missions ago. Magik replaced her on the team... Calvin has the Tallus now." helpless gesture "Blink.. led us for most of the last three years is all... hard to think of anyone else sorting us out."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde senses what is in Talia's hug, and after they let go she stays there, slipping an arm around Talia's waist, letting her continue to feel having that care being there with her. "Kate's fine, really. Kitty, Kate, Kat, Kit, Kit-Kat, Kitty Kat... ok maybe not the last one, anyway, I've got more nicknames than you can shake a stick at. And Rachel still calls me Kate sometimes. She's... Jean and Scott's daughter from a different future," Kitty explains. Talia won't have to feel unusual now in that regard.

Kitty just nods then as Talia explains about the situation. "We can grab either one. I'm sure the Professor will want to hear about this too," she says. Kitty then nods towards what Kurt said. "Lorna would be good to track Clarice down. Oh, and... ah I'm not sure what kind of relationship you have with your grandfather. But, Magneto here isn't someone you should trust. He needlessly left a hundred thousand mutants and humans to die, recently. Not that I'd expect you to run into him. But, better forewarned."

Kurt Wagner has posed:
Look, if Talia is truly here as a harbinger of some massive trouble that could collpase their entire dimension, that is pretty serious business. If this is going to be one of those times that everything can be fixed by eating a cheese danish, well, obviously not so much. Kurt is obviously rooting for the later scenario naturally -- they have enough problems, thank you very much. Either way, no one can really expect him to stop being himself. "Too late," he opines almost immediately that impish grin returning to his features all at once. "For now and forever I shall only refer to you as Kitty Kat," he promises. Kitty has no one to blame but herself. He can hardly be expected to pass on that sort of opportunity.

"We will help you get everything sorted," he adds as a promise, turning back to his not-daughter with a reassuring smile. With Kurt, there is nothing false or forced about it. Being positive, being optomistic clearly comes very easy to the fuzzy blue elf. "I will see if the Professor is available or if Jean is about and might be able to assist," he promises. The nice thing about bamfing is that it doesn't take him very long at all to check the mansion. Of course, there's hardly a guarantee either one will be available immediately, but at least one of them should be able to assist her before too long. "If you do not have a place to stay -- and if you just arrived I would preumse that you do not -- of course you will stay here in one of the guest rooms. It gets a little rowdy and noisy at times, but perhaps you are used to that as well," he says with that ready smile. "The kitchen is right through there," he says, gesturing towards one of the side hallways. "If you're hungry, make yourself at home and grab something to eat. You are, afterall, family of sorts. Otherwise the rec room is through there," he says, gesturing in the other direction. "Just be prepared to answer a barrage of questions if you go that way," he notes wryly. "Either way, I shall be back shortly," he says with an overly florid bow and a wink. And then that familiar *bamf* as he begins his search.

Talia Wagner has posed:
Talia looks after where Kurt was, not pulling away from the supportive arm Kitty gives her. She looks really devastatingly sad for a moment there.

Then she manages to get herself back together.

Happy to fill in the Professor and Jean so they can help once .. Kurt finds them. The sooner we can find Mimic the faster we can make sure nothing bad happens here." she says that softer, god she hopes this nice place isn't one of the rough trips where they have to make sure someone dies that is intended to die. Thankfully brutal acts of cold blooded slaughter is left to Weapon X.

"I ate... way too much pizza at the Titans base though and could use an escort to a guest room if that is okay Kitty?" she yawns a little bit unable to help it at this point. "Maybe we can pick up the hunt for Calvin in the morning... it's been a long .. thinks about it I dunno thirty two hours at this point."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
"Sure," Kitty tells Talia. "We've got a few rooms that are free. My dad is one of them actually. He... ah, well, long story. I thought he was dead the last 11 months, but he survived. So if you hear me crying in the next room, they are still tears of happiness," Kitty says, blushing just a tad at the admission.

She pulls out her phone, unlocking it with a quick thumb scan, password and retinal scan, then texting Kurt. "Just telling Kurt I'm taking you to one of the guest rooms," she says. Kitty gives a motion of her head for Talia to follow. "If you need any clothes we can get you some, take you shopping or find some things that fit if no time for that. Or, other stuff. I'm gathering you're more of an old hand at this dimension hopping than we are. So I will leave off the suggestions of not telling people too much about themselves unless they ask. Especially if it's not positive."

Kitty takes Talia off to one of the guest rooms then, with a nice view of the lake.