4819/A Mountainside Dance

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A Mountainside Dance
Date of Scene: 21 January 2021
Location: Oliver's Room
Synopsis: Oliver and Vanessa enjoy dancing and dinner at the ski lodge while on vacation.
Cast of Characters: Vanessa Carlysle, Oliver Queen

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
The ski lodge has dinner most nights and then dancing or a concert. Tonight is the former, a prime rib dinner with basked Alaska for dessert. Vanessa put on a slinky dress for the evening, checking her coat the door and walking into the dining room with the dance floor in the middle and pausing to take in the ambience.

The Christmas decorations are down but there is a winter theme to the decorations that remain. White and silver tinsel criss-crossing the ceiling, and crystal icicles hanging down and sparkling in the effects lights that are slowly sweeping white light across the ceiling to illuminate them.

Vanessa turns to wait for Oliver, standing with that elegant poise that she has and which seems to come out stronger when she's dressed up and feeling beautiful.

Oliver Queen has posed:
Lessons had continued about skiing, some harder to learn than others for the snow and the mountain can be an harsh mistress. As harsh as Oliver when teaching someone apparently! But being the perfectionist that he is he wants to make sure the lesson is learn correctly. So is this truly a vacation? Or a carefully disguised training camp where Vanessa is the vic--, *cough* trainee?

Regardless, tonight was for relaxing, Oliver dressing up with black pants, white shirt and jacket. Very proper and fitting the man, he making way out of the room and moving to join Vanessa at the lodge. His jacket is left by the door as well and he comments. "Already looking over the dance floor I see.." he comments, moving close to Vanessa and offering his arm for her to wrap her own about it.

"Some dancing to start the evening? Or would you prefer to do it with your belly full?" He most probably already knew the answer, the mellodic sounds from the ball room heard, other tourists and skiiers moving about, either joining for dinner or already out to retreat to their own cabins.

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
As Oliver joins her, Vanessa slips her hands about the crook of Oliver's arm. "You're looking rather dashing," she tells him, the woman's sloe eyes shining with an open warmth for Oliver. The hostess gestures for them to follow her as she leads them to one of the better tables, up front with a view of the band and the dance floor.

The band is playing a slow, sultry song, with a woman standing at the mike but not yet singing. "Oh, this is a nice song," Vanessa comments. "Maybe start with a little dancing and work up some extra appetite. Not that you didn't already accomplish that on the slopes," Vanessa says. She adds in a soft whisper, "Slave driver!"

Oliver Queen has posed:
"Only rather?" Oliver teases at Vanessa, starting to lead them along. It also gives him the chance to take a better look at Vanessa, and her dress, an appreciative smile on his blue eyes and a grin after, "I did not know you had brought that dress. It suits you." he murmurs, leaning over to place a kiss on the side of her head, "It makes those eyes shine out." his own appreciation of the confidence the dress seems to bring Vanessa certainly not appearing to be forgotten.

His eyes go to the band and he laughs. "I knew it. And of course, your wish is my command. Least I can do after the..." and he pauses when she says those last words, appearing rather amused, "... drill sergeant act. But it's working."

There was certainly progress in Vanessa's skiing. He was confident there would be no falls tomorrow!

The man leads them to the dance floor, looking at a few people gathering to dance already, not many but just enough to not have it feel empty but also not too crowded. Just perfect, "Will you give me the honor of this dance, madam?"

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
Vanessa's eyes move to Oliver's as he chooses a spot on the dance floor to stop and face her. The mention of dancing and the expression Oliver receives make her thoughts easy enough to divine even without J'onnz help. Thinking about the night they met, at a small, down and out diner in Bushwick.

She moves nearer to Oliver, one hand moving into his, the other going up to slide her hand across his shoulder until it comes to a rest along his upper back. She relaxes in against Oliver, pressing close. The subtle amount of perfume she's wearing becomes noticeable with her up close against him. When he begins dancing she moves with him nimbly enough, following his lead and letting him guide her as she puts herself in Oliver Queen's hands. "Always, Oliver," she tells him, gazing into his eyes. "Always."

Oliver Queen has posed:
It mirrored his own thoughts, that moment they had danced together for the first time an year ago, both unsuspecting on how much their lives would change, or the kind of effect they would have on each other. His smile deepens, the man turning to receive Vanessa and bring her in to his arms, one sliding about her lower back, keeping her close while the other takes her hand.

He keeps them both in that position for a moment, just to watch her face and eyes, the lines of her dress, taking it all in before he finally starts to move, leading across the floor, those words coming out her lips making him reply, "As I shall always ask it."

He moves with her across the dance floor, bodies close, intimate, swaying at the gentle words coming from the singer on stage.. Not that he pays it much attention, his focus on those dark orbs of her eyes, losing himself to them.

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
Resting against Oliver, his arm folded around her, would make the meanest back alley or parking lot into a place of romance for Vanessa. But the expensive ski lodge's dance floor is far from lacking when it comes to romance, making the moment even more special for Oliver's woman.

She drifts with him, moving lightly on her feet. Her face tucks in against his cheek, brushing the softest and sweetest of kisses to his skin. She slides her hand over to touch the spot. "Mmmm, I like it when you still have a little bristle," she says of his whiskers, and then softly nuzzles her cheek against the mildly rough spot.

Vanessa straightens her head so she can look across into Oliver's eyes as they continue moving around the dance floor. There's no one else for her right now. Just the man that she loves, resting safe and secure in his arms. The singer finally joins the song, adding a sultry, soft set of vocals to the smooth sounds of the rest of the band.

Oliver Queen has posed:
No back alleys up there. But there could still be a villain or two prowling about. One never knows. Such is life of a superhero. Yet it's perhaps a good thing that *none* has invaded this ball room considering how unaware Oliver is right now, focused fully on Vanessa. He moves at a rhythm, those years of his past as a playboy having come to grace him as a bit of a dancer himself. Clearly no two left feet on this one!

"I could always let it grow more." He suggests at her with an amused smile, his chin resting against the side of her head briefly as they continue their dance, slow and steady.

His arms feel firm about her, clearly leading through right now, his voice heard against her ear, "I trust you are enjoying yourself in this vacation then?" a question that perhaps doesn't need to be done but he asks it anyway, grinning at her, "It's been satisfying enough for me." satisfying! But there's a grin on his lips when he says that.

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
Vanessa Carlysle's fingers move back to Oliver's jaw. Curling across his skin as if imagining there being a beard there. "I wouldn't mind a bit of scruff on you," she confirms, smile growing at the thought of it. "Maybe a winter beard while it's still cold?" she suggests.

The young woman lets her body melt against Oliver's, sighing contentedly to be within his embrace on the dance floor. The pair moving with a light grace, effortlessly gliding about as Oliver leads her. "I am definitely enjoying it," she says with a smile. Her fingers work back around to the back of his neck, teasing over the skin. "Sometimes I wonder how I ended up with someone so wonderful. I'm pretty sure I didn't earn it. Which means I probably have a lot of karma to balance out ahead of me," she teases.

Oliver Queen has posed:
"A winter beard sounds good. As long as people don't start calling me Santa." Oliver replies, arching a brow up at Vanessa. He's clearly having fun at the dance, and being there with Vanessa. "Well, everyone except Roy." he already knew the young man would do so the first time he saw him like that. Haha, very funny Roy. Now give me 20 pushups...

"Karma, mmm?" That has Oliver consider for a few moments, "Not sure if I'd say there's some balancing force in the universe that takes attention to such things. The future is what we make of it, more often than not it doesn't have to do with who deserves it more or not but a question of willpower.

A brief pause as he grins teasingly. "But if you *insist* on karma, I can certainly arrange for us tomorrow to have a double training session. Perhaps we can previously work your athletic balance before we hit the ski tracks, mmm?" it's always easy for Oliver to suggest more training. Drill sergeant!

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
Vanessa's head tilts back as she laughs. "I don't think that hard workouts actually count towards the karmic balance, if there is one. Helping others, doing good deeds. Things like that," she says teasingly.

She moves her other arm up so both are about Oliver's shoulders now. "Besides, this is a vacation. We'll probably have to deal with... abominable snowmen soon enough. Let's enjoy it while we can?" she suggests.

Vanessa leans in to give Oliver a slow, tender kiss, and sighing when their lips part again. "Shall we see what's on the menu for tonight? I think I saw prime rib mentioned."

Oliver Queen has posed:
"Oh, come now." Oliver scoffs quietly. "You say that as if we get into outfits and cloaks and go out into the night looking for heroics.." right? A millionaire and his mysterious girlfriend? Vigilantes? Only in people's wildest dreams! "But .., I agree. Good deeds and helping others is a good way to keep it balanced." then a brow arching. "And so what I can conclude by this is that you help others to backup on the karma so you can go rampant with mischief?" the arm around her squeezing just so to show her he's teasing her.

"He lets out a sigh about 'abominable snowmen'. In their terms it meant villains like Cupid, or perhaps another invasion off-world against Metropolis. "I agree, lets use this time to rest and relax. Problems will find us soon won't they?"

As they start to reach the ending of their dance he eventually comes to a stop, hand still holding Vanessa's and he nodding towards the dinner area. "Then prime rib it shall be. Let's be on our way."

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
Vanessa brushes a soft kiss to Oliver's cheek, then slips her hand down into his as they leave the dance floor and return to their table. They aren't there for long when a waitress comes over to take their drink orders. "A glass of red wine," Vanessa orders, glancing to Oliver who by now will know he's welcome to suggest the exact wine for her.

A look at the menu shows a few choices, including the prime rib, a vegetarian dish, chicken and fish. Vanessa considers for a few moments before saying, "I'll take the prime rib, with the baked potato, all the toppings, and the steamed green beans."

That taken care of, she reaches over, resting one hand on Oliver's leg as she watches the dancers while he orders.

Oliver Queen has posed:
Oliver specifies of course, going with a, "Merlot. A glass for me as well." He settles down on his seat and leans back to relax, his gaze following Vanessa's to inspect the dancers, one leg comfortably moving over the other, "I will have the chicken. Baked potatoes. But please, no green beans." Nope, no beans. But don't let Moira know that.

When the drinks arrive he lifts his glass for a small toast with Vanessa, "To our vacations, may the abominable snowmen remain just that."