4822/Afterlife: Night Moves

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Afterlife: Night Moves
Date of Scene: 21 January 2021
Location: Afterlife
Synopsis: Matt explores Afterlife during the night and finds out things are not all as they seem.
Cast of Characters: Daisy Johnson, Matthew Murdock, Bobbi Morse

Daisy Johnson has posed:
The teleport to Afterlife was a sudden affair. Dizzying to some, troubling for others.. They were finally here and now it was time to figure out exactly what Afterlife was about. With Bobbi having already chosen the *best* bed and readying to sleep and Daisy going into another one to .., stay awake for most of the evening it was up to Matt to go and investigate the place...

The doors have closed just moments ago and for his attuned senses those steps from Jiaying are still heard, soft and quiet and soon joined by others who walk with her. Silent for now but slowly getting further away from it..

The room itself falls into a silence and outside there aren't any noticeable signs of breathing, or talking. They are truly alone in this house. Perhaps a gift of trust.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Once Jaiying's steps were far enough gone Matt made his own way out of the house through the back, taking long deep breathes as he went trying to adjust to the higher altitudes. He had to be more than good on his scouting mission, he had to be invisible, it wouldn't take much to figure out what was going on if he was seen. Stopping by the bed Daisy had chosen he says, "Back soon," resting his hand on hers before he pulls up the hood of his hoodie and makes for the back of the house and steps into the night. Once there, he finds a patch where there should be shadow to crouch in while he lets his senses feed him details of his surroundings.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Daisy looks anything but fine, smiling nervously back at Matt but the squeeze she gives his hand is a fierce one. Be careful, come back to me it seems to say. As Matt leaves her voice is heard, a whisper but easy to pick up for those senses. She is talking to Bobbi. "Do you think she liked me? I didn't see her smile..." poor Bobbi. She was going to get Daisy-talk but for a good while before she was able to sleep...

Stepping outside it does feel like quite a new world. Certainly no skyscrapers here, or the sounds of the street that are so common in Hell's Kitchen. Instead there is a peacefulness, a cool mountain air, the wind brushing past what most likely are trees and sparse houses scattered, it finding little obstacle to it's course..

Attuning to his surroundings bring him to feel a few people sleeping on other places, also scattered, though sounds of Gordon talking reach his ears, "What do you think? Can we trust them?" the response then coming from Jia, "History tells us we cannot. But we may need them. And what they can bring us. You know what they have." there is a small time of silence after it and then another question. "What about your daughter?" but no response comes, only steps heard moving further away.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi huffs a touch and says, "She didn't grow up in America. Where ever she's from she's got the whole 'public' vs 'private' face thing going on. Don't take it personally. I'm sure you'll find out what she thinks of you tomorrow. Get some sleep."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt squeezes Daisy's hand back to say: I will then he slips out a nod to Bobbi as he goes. Out in the quiet of Afterlife he fixes on the sounds of Gordon and Jia and begins to follow them, the quiet making it easy to pick out their voices while keeping a safe distance between them. Moving along side the cobbled walkways using the plentiful trees as cover, he continues to follow them.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Most likely China, don't you think? I'd bet on it. I mean, it's visible by her face. It probably means I am half-chinese too." Yes, if Bobbi thought she'd be out of trouble anytime soon ... Nope! So Daisy continues on.., and on.

Their steps continue to be heard visibly while they walk down the pathways, quiet but not to those senses.. Yet soon enough another pair joins them, this one barely audible. There is something familiar to it even if not by sounds but there's a whiff of a smell.., the other Inhuman that was with them before at the bar, the one that looks partially animalistic. Dangerous.. This one doesn't say nothing but is accompanying the duo while they make way.

"Maybe we can have them see our need. Mark says.." Gordon is saying but gets interrupted by Jia. "Mark is a good man, but he is an idealistic. He believes in the good in people. But then see what happens... What happened to Jacob. What happened to me." Jia's voice a flatline, firm and relentless on what she is saying, brooking no doubt.

They continue moving out of the outskirts, beginning to near a nearby rock outcropping that leads to caves by the mountain. The silent Inhuman that was with them pauses for a moment though, the sound of a 'sniff' being 'heard' by Matt. Is he detecting something? Maybe heightened senses is one of his powers.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi smirks a touch against her pillow and says, "Don't take this the wrong way Daisy, but I thought that was obvious.." she yawns in to the air. Good, she'll be able to sleep soon even with Daisy talking a million miles an hour. "Besides, you remember what your dad said? she doesn't age. For all you know she's 800 years old..." there.. that'll REALLY get her thinkin'. "Now get some sleep."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt takes note of that name, Mark, and adds it to the mental org chart he's building in his brain for this place. Though the sniff has him pull up short, freezing crouched at the base of a tree a little ways behind the trio. "Damn it," he mutters not thinking they might have some abilities like his own. He begins to move closer to one of the buildings hoping the scents of those inside might help mask his own.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Oh, that certainly gets her thinking. And that's just more fuel to the conversation. "800 years old .., It'd make sense I would have other brothers or sisters, doesn't it?" now you have done. Will she start seeing family everywhere? Well, maybe not. But it's still food for thought. "Not getting old .., imagine that. The things she must have seen already, all she must have been through in her years.."

Gordon and Jia continue on for a moment. At least until they notice the other has stayed behind. "Something wrong, Lash?" asks Jia, a glance over a shoulder. A guttural voice is the response, "Thought I sniffed something..." the man has turned fully towards the rest of the settlement, eyes trailing over the dark, about the buildings...

Nearing of the houses to mask the scent turns to be a good idea as Lash then adds, "Might just be remnants of that city scent still lingering in my nose.. Bah." no, this isn't the type to be out much in a city. But considering how people would look at him in the street? Who can blame him.

Gordon then speaks up. "You always get like that when we go somewhere. Come on." they resume their walk, Lash following soon after..

When they reach that cave though there are more sounds that begin to get perceptible. Some shouts, an .., explosion? It doesn't sound like an attack though. Maybe training of some sort?

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    "Or may be she never had a kid until she met Cal and had you," Bobbi says with a smirk and sighs, "I can't imagine it." She doesn't want to imagine it - it's going to happen to her if a bullet doesn't find her brain. A future argument, no doubt, with Lance. He will age - she will not. And the worse part.. she will see him die and lose him for the rest of her long life. She grips her pillow tighter and groans in to it, "Go the fuck to sleep Daisy."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt breathes a little easier once the trio continue on towards the cave, he follows, this time taking care to stay upwind from them so his scent wouldn't carry further than it had to. "What are they doing?" he mutters to himself at the sounds, once the three have gone deeper into the cave Matt makes his way towards the entrance but stops short of entering trusting his senses to give him the picture of what's inside.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Bobbi cursing? Not that usual. But it does get Daisy to go quiet for a while, shifting her eyes to look at her friend. Sure, she can tell when there's something wrong. So eventually she does speak up, because Daisy does worry about her friends. "Are you alright?"

Allowing his senses to expand Matt starts to get a picture of what is going on. People inside are gathered, some in groups, others separate and apparently engaged in training. Powers surging can be felt from time to time. Some sonic, others with the tang of fire, or the cold of ice. It doesn't appear like they are amateurs either, instead as if they have been at this for a time. "You have kept them sharp, as I knew you would, old friend.." Jia says, most likely towards Gordon..

"Do you think they will be ready when the time comes?" The response coming soon after, "They will have to be."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi considers throwing her pillow at Daisy. But then she wouldn't have a pillow. Tactical thinking. "You have a big day tomorrow Daisy. So do I. Either get some sleep or let me get some sleep. Articles 4 of action in potentially hostile territory. Have a clear head, get rest when you can. Your mum is your mum. She's not going to be who you want her to be, just like your Dad. Parents never are. You have to take them as they are. Okay?"

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Crouched by the entrance Matt takes time to try to get a sense of everyone training in the cave so he can recognize them again in the future. The Daredevil version of taking a couple of snapshots, sadly they can't be shared with the others. As for them being ready, Matt keeps in position awhile longer to see if they say more.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"You are right about not being able to choose who your family is. I mean, I got you as a aunt." Daisy says in a soft tone back to the other woman. She does keep herself protected with her pillow just in case, but the intent seems to be something meant to relax, "I will shut up now." honestly. She will! Most likely...

They linger for a time on those caves, watching and mingling. Small talk, but enough for Matt to get those 'snapshots' of those down here. It isn't more than perhaps twenty others down here besides the trio that entered. But if they all have powers? They could certainly do damage..

Eventually Jia calls out. "Let's go. We have a big day tomorrow." Gordon then replying. "Yes, you do, Jia. Are you ready?" a pregnant pause before a reply. "I do not wish to talk about it." and that seems to bring about the end of it.

They begin to walk back out of the cave, bound to go back to their own places to rest.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    "Not my parents. Saints. Couldn't have had a better childhood," she taunts for a touch of revenge. Much better than throwing a pillow.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt curses under his breath as the trio start back out of the cave, he flips backwards and then quickly moves to conceal himself behind some sort of local flowering bush he hoped would help mask his scent. Twenty people with powers, trained to use them. More than twenty trained powered people and with Gordon they had the ability to project that force wherever they wished. For a sleepy little community hidden from the world Afterlife had sharp teeth.

He crouches low letting the trio pass before he plans his way back to the Guest House to report in.