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Another You: My Own Worst Frenemy
Date of Scene: 23 January 2021
Location: Harry's Hideaway (Bar)
Synopsis: Hunter meets (ugh) Babs and Lancelot, bullets fly, fists are thrown, and everyone leaves alive, for now, but worst of all his double supports Manchester United.
Cast of Characters: Lance Hunter, Bobbi Morse

Lance Hunter has posed:
Hunter was sitting at Harry's alone tonight, what with Bobs off with Daisy, who knows where. He wasn't worried more than the usual amount he worried when Bobs was on a mission but it still left him at loose ends. "Harry mate," he says slapping the bartop after finishing his current pint, "Another of the same," he says before holding out a bill for the man to cover the cost and a healthy tip. You always wanted to tip your bartender well, general rule of spycraft and life.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Harry looks at the bill and says, "What about the other two drinks? You're really packing them away tonight eh?" Harry says and seems to not be joking about it, he has kept track of your purchases and it included two more beers.

    "Oh come on you cocking bastard learn to use your eyes," the other Lance Hunter says yelling at a tv down the far end of the bar. The game is barely a minute in and he's gone from quiet.. to not at all quiet.

    Slowly he turns and walks toward the bar and moves up next to Lance. Elbows on the bar top, "Another thanks Harry." He seems pretty at ease with the situation, glancing over at Lance, "Make it two, one for my friend here."

    There's no trace of malice in his voice. "It's good when they're away, some quiet time. No second guessing or worry about extra spyware on your phone." Harry, for his part, stares at the twin Lance's and then shrugs, getting out two more beers and putting them on the counter top, then wandering away.

Lance Hunter has posed:
"What other two?" Hunter asks before his attention moves to the somewhat familiar voice belonging to a very familiar face. His breath catches seeing his long sought doppleganger watching footie in his own bloody favourite bar. His thoughts goes to the sidearm on his hip, but he doesn't reach for it yet, counting on his other self to be sharp enough to spot the move and draw quick enough to make it a toss up. "I find the key is to never let her know which one is your real phone, got to keep a few spares about to keep her guessing," he offers about the spyware, knowing Bobbi had likely cottoned on to the ploy already. "So," he says conversationally taking the beer when Harry brings it, having watched the barman hadn't spiked it with anything. "How is this going to go?" he asks the Doppleganger.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Lance picks up the beer and brings it to his lips, drinking a bunch of it. He shrugs and says, "Obviously you're paying mate." He heads back over to the tv and flops down on the couch like he owns the place, feet going up on the coffee table, one ankle crossed over the other.

    "Cooome oooon how can you be so bad at a sport you're paid millions of dollars to practice and play?," he complains lifting the beer toward the TV. "Your welcome is right bonkers mate. So many people, hardly anyone armed, no giant space monster forecasts as regular as weather forecasts. No psycho super bitch blasting you to bits if you look at her funny."

Lance Hunter has posed:
"Guess so, don't think Harry takes Dopple Dollars," Lance says putting a bit more money down on the bartop before moving to one of the comfy chairs by the TV, shifting his position that he could still draw his weapon if he needed to. "Super bitch?" he asks curious. "And sounds like bloody hell mate, still got Liverpool though?"" he asks nodding at the screen where Liverpool and ManU were tied with a point a piece.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Lance gives you a look of amusement and says, "Yeah. You think just because the world bloody ends that football stops? when hell freezes over mate." He offers his beer for a clink and says. "Yeah I noticed people worship your Kryptonian buddies here. We had a whole city of them in the sky at one point. Crazy. They put up these big holograms everywhere telling us not to worry they were here to help blah blah blah."

    He drinks more of the beer, "So they fly down and get in a big fight with the monster, fly away.. they'd do this every few weeks. It became a pass time to watch the latest Kryptonians vs Zed battle. You know? Any way, finale episode of the K v Zed show and this young Kryptonian, Kara Zor-El," he pauses in his explanation and shudders, "She switches sides. Bam. Kryptonian bits everywhere. It was a bloody shit show. Declares herself ruler of the planet and then starts making sure people know it too."

Lance Hunter has posed:
The tension never really leaves Hunter's body but he makes a good show of pretending otherwise, like he did when he was around Spud. "Good to hear somethings don't change, even for the end of the world," he says lifting his glass to his other self.

"Guess bloody Supergirl saw her chance and took it," he says taking a sip. "Good on her," he says. "But who's this Zed then?"

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    "Supergirl? is that what you call her? can't trust 'em mate. Kryptonians. All liars and despots." He reaches over and grabs some pretzels. Tossing a few up and catching them in his mouth he pauses and cheers when Manchester United scores a goal, "Best bloody world yeah. Best team in all of the Europe and on this Earth they bloody score goals. Cheers," he says and lifts the beer up again, then takes a long drink.

Lance Hunter has posed:
"Yeah, goes with the whole theme, Superman, Supergirl... " he says with a shrug. "And you'll really like the new president talking like that," he says with a smirk. Though that smirk turns to a look of horror as the other Lance cheers, "They got the jerseys mixed up in your world? That was Man U that just scored you muppet."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Lance pauses and frowns, "Too right it's Man U. Best blood team in Europe." Daggers. Suddenly he's staring daggers. "Right, I'm going to tell it to you straight because I respect you too much to mess you around. I put C4 under the chair you're sitting on. Stand up and you go boom."

    A lie? not a lie? how well does Lance know himself. The door to Harry's jingles as in walks Bobbi.. Nope! That's Barbara Hunter-Morse. She sits down at the bar and Harry brings her a beer. She glances over to the two Lance's and waves with a bit of a deadly grin on her lips.

    "So shut up and do as I say because I'm trying to give you a chance here mate," he says as if life were a conspiracy. "You've got it sweet here on this Earth. You don't even know what you've got because you've never lost it all. So I'm going to give you a shot. You're going to go back to my Earth and you get to live, while I stay here. Got it? ..._mate_"

Lance Hunter has posed:
Hunter's eyes flick from Bobbi Hunter-Morse, to the chair he's sitting on, back to his other self, weighing his options. He'd picked the chair randomly, how likely was it that he'd trap them all on the odds of luring him into one. On the other hand Babs was clearly waiting for him. "Yeah, you might have asked me that before you told me how shite the place was, poor salesmanship, mate," he says. "Can't really reward that, for your own good really," he says with false sympathy. "Besides never could trust a bloke who's team tries to buy their way to glory."

Lance rocks forward out of the chair shouting "Everyone down!" as he uses his momentum to leap for cover, hand going to his gun, if he doesn't blow to a million pieces he was going to need his weapon to take on the couple (literally) from hell.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Other Lance's eyes widen in surprise as he's tackled by his doppelganger. He throws a few quick kidney punches in to his side as they wrestle on the couch. Nothing goes boom, there was no C4. There was, however, a few gun shots whisking past Lance's head from Babs as she drew her gun and started advancing on them.

    Harry quickly retreated in to the storage room and the other patrons duck down at Lance's command. "I told you reasoning with him was a waste of time Lancelot," Babs says. Lancelet? Babs? these two really ARE the worst. "We should have just shot him with the harpoon gun," she says as she slowly starts to advance on their position.

    The other Lance sees the gun and starts grappling with it and the pair flop off the couch, spilling beers and pretzels everywhere. Liverpool fans on the television go wild as their team scores a goal in response to Man U's goal.

Lance Hunter has posed:
Lance ducks and takes a fist in the face for his trouble. Two on one really wasn't fair, but that wasn't what was really on his mind. "Lancelot? You go by bloody Lancelot? You really are from hell!" he says before turning to the advancing Babs. Leaning forward he bites the hand that (ugh) Lancelot is using tying to get the gun away, putting an elbow in his face for good measure. Yanking his teeth back trying to rend flesh he says, "New deal, you two surrender and maybe we throw you in a cell instead of shoving you back through the portal. Best deal you're ever going to get." And one Lance can't enforce but if they're going to cheat so is he.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    "Oh yeah well you call Babs Bobbi. What is she, your bloody jailer," he says and then arrrghs as his hand is bitten. He pulls it back and tries to headbutt Lance. "No deal," says Babs as she watches the pair struggling on the ground against each other, clearing enjoying the show. Her gun waves about trying to get a clear line of sight on Lance and avoiding shooting Lancelot.

    Harry sneaks up behind Babs and wallops her over the head with a chair. She stumbles forward and grabs at the back of her head, her gun skids across the ground. "Aahhh sunnova! that's it Harry I've had enough of your crap," she says and turns on him as he starts to run for it. Babs gives chase, leaving the two Lance's alone for the moment. Lancelot suddenly lets go of Lance and scrambles for Babs's dropped gun.

Lance Hunter has posed:
Lance reels as his dopple's headbutt breaks his nose. "You bloody bastard," he exclaims, 90% angry 10% impressed.

Though when Harry intervenes he shouts,"Run Harry," before lifting his gun and aiming it at Babs. "Both of you stop right there, or Babs dies," he tells them both. It would work on him, he hoped like hell it would work on his double.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Lancelot pauses as he lifts up the gain aimed at Lance. Babs says, "Shoot him!" But Lancelot holds his position. Harry keeps running. Somehow the rest of the patrons have managed to escape from the place too. "You're pathetic Lancelot, just shoot him!" He goes a little cross eyed and his hand is wavering as he almost pulls the trigger on Lance. "Can't risk it Babs. Sorry..." he says and slowly starts to back away toward the door.

    "So here's how it's going to be then _Lance_," he says stressing what he considered a weird way to say his name. "Compensating much?," he says having a jab. "Me and Babs are walking out this door.. a regular stalemate," he says and Babs starts inching toward the door too.

Lance Hunter has posed:
Lance keeps his gun aimed on Babs, but has his double in a corner of his eyes. As Lancelot's fingert tenses so does Lance's. "Easy mate," he warns, his expression dead serious.

rThe jab about his name gets a grimace. Easy there Lancelot, keep talking big like that Babs might think you might want to start wearing the pants in the relationship."

As for the new deal, he nods. "Alright, fair one," he says. "But we'll be seeing you two again." Hopefully with Bobbi around to even the odds.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Babs and Lancelot inch their way out of the bar. When the door shuts... Harry lets out a sigh of relief and wanders back in. He rests against the bar top and says, "Evil Doppelgangers? why didn't he have a goatee?" The sound of sirens can be heard not far away, police responding to the shooting.