4876/Afterlife: Doubts

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Afterlife: Doubts
Date of Scene: 25 January 2021
Location: Afterlife
Synopsis: Doubts arise in Daisy about this place when Matt tells her what they have found at Afterlife. They plan what to do next and Bobbi comes along bearing gifts in the form of bacon and they talk more about the mission and themselves.
Cast of Characters: Matthew Murdock, Daisy Johnson, Bobbi Morse

Matthew Murdock has posed:
After talking with Bobbi, Matt drifted back to the bed he shared with Daisy, kicking off his shoes and laying back on top of the covers waiting for Daisy to return. He was tired but his mind was still running over everything he'd seen and heard. Working through the plan he'd made with Bobbi to help get them out of here, as well as how best they could help if the metal men showed up.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
It had been ..., quite the morning. Meeting with her mother, talking about her life and the search she had done all her life.. Then finding *some* connection back to her powers. It was all she had dreamed of and more. So it was with a bit of a starry-eyed look, including the mark of tears on her cheeks, that Daisy gets into their room.

"Hey.." She says quietly when it seems that Matt is awake, closing the door behind them, "I met with my mother. She .., it was fantastic." not yet noticing Matt's more stern expression. She was too busy feeling happy!

She slides down on the bed next to Matt and placing one hand on his chest. "I am glad you are here to share it with me."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt can practically feel the joy radiating off Daisy and smell the salt of her tears. He lets out a sigh before she comes over, he'd been hoping this was going to be easier. He still takes her hand from his chess and brushes a kiss against it's back before he settles it back to his chest his own hand resting on top of it. "Daisy, I'm glad it went well," he says. "I know how much you were looking forward to meeting her," he says not yet pushing to the bad news, finding he needs a moment more before he tells her what he's found.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
There is something else different in her, as if her happiness was having her resonate with the old song again, the one she appeared to radiate when she was in full control of her powers. Still, it's still a very weak thing, barely perceptible even to those sharpened senses of Matt. A fleeting thing.

"I am sure we can make this work." She says quietly. "People here seem gentle and kind, nothing like what Bobbi was fearing.." she still very much blind to it all. Doesn't help that on her way back she talked with a few other Inhumans, along with watching the children wandering about. It does seem like quite the perfect place on the surface.

Yet Daisy isn't entirely oblivious, and she has met Matt long enough to know things aren't ..., as she expected. "Are you okay?" she asks, not hiding some concern.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt can't keep the heartbreak from showing on his face when he feels that song in Daisy again. Still there was no point in waiting any longer, it was now or never. "Daisy, I followed your mother, Gordon and Lash to a place where they're training Inhumans to fight, they said SHIELD had something they wanted, I'm not saying the two are related but we need to go into this with our eyes open. Your mother and her people have been through a lot and that can make people lose perspective."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
That Matt was out exploring was something Daisy knew, but that he had followed her mother? Sure, she is a spy, that's what she would do too. Follow the leader, check what they talk about. But there's something to say about emotion clouding judgement. And as everyone knows Daisy can be quite emotional. "You followed her?" the tone is just briefly accusing before she takes in a breath, nodding her understanding..

She stays in silence for a small bit, the squeeze on Matt's hand relaxing and she biting on her lower lip, processing what's being said, "What did they say?" she then asks, "Are you certain they are being trained to fight or is it training powers?" she wonders, "My mother offered to help me train and regain my powers too. I .., felt it again this morning." her tone hopeful even if it's also mixed with some dread at what Matt is saying.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt is calm in the face of the accusatory tone, he was ready for it. "I did," he says of following her mother. As for what they said? "That SHIELD had something they wanted and that they weren't able to trust us," he says, meaning all of them, not just SHIELD. "And I'm sure it was combat, there were explosions and all the powers they were using were the sort that do damage. They were being prepared for something. Which might be a good thing, because I met another Inhuman who said she could see the future, she said metal men were coming. Anyhow I don't know what your mother is planning if she's just getting ready to keep this place safe or if she has other motives but I wanted to make sure you knew so you could go into things with your eyes open."

He smiles and presses a kiss to her lips though when she mentions she felt her powers again. "I'm glad, whatever is going on here, I'm glad you met your mother and that she's helping you."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Another long breath follows, gathering her focus, Daisy considering what's being said. She has no reason to doubt Matt, and that was one of the reasons he was here too, to keep her objectiveness. "I wonder what it is. Hmmm.." she looks at Matt again, "I trust you spoke with Bobbi about this, did she tell you of any suspicions on what it might be?"

She leans to return the kiss, smiling faintly even if she is still quite disturbed. Specially when he speaks about those metal men, and danger. "Do you think they will be attacked? Maybe that's why she is training them, to protect this place." the way she says it, does seem like she'd fight to protect this too.

"There is a lot we still don't know but .., I will keep my eyes open. I will talk with my mother and ..., I am her daughter, right?" That should help, maybe.

"Things are never simple with us, are they?"

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Nodding Matt says,"I did tell Bobbi, if she had an idea of what it was, she didn't say," he says. "And talking to your mother might be a good idea, though maybe not ask her directly what she wants from SHIELD, she will probably wonder how you know that," he says, and his powers were one of their very few cards in their hand right now. "But maybe mention those metal men, I got the sense the person that told me about them isn't listened to, so maybe coming from you it might be, even if she's wrong, it's good to be prepared."

He continues, "This woman also called you The Destroyer, Bobbi the Combiner, and me the Balance, not sure what it all means but figured you should know in case you stumble onto something that might give us some clues about it."

Reaching out to pull Daisy close to him, he kisses her forehead, "No, they're not, but I really hoped this would be simple for you, you deserve it after searching for so long."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
When Matt suggests that she shouldn't ask directly about things he receives a little poke on the side with a finger. And yes, Daisy knows how tickly he can be. "Have you forgotten that I am an actual spy?" it perhaps having helped in getting some tension away from her, "I will poke about it indirectly." she says, then registering the part about the metal men, thoughtful.

"Are you sure that woman wasn't just pulling your chain?" A pause before she shakes her head, "Well, it's not as if people can normally lie to you without you being aware so.., I suppose not." brows furrowing at those names. "The destroyer..?" it brings her back to those first times she had her powers, when she couldn't control them, always scared of hurting her friends.

Suddenly learning to use her powers again doesn't seem as enticing. She does smile at the kiss on her forehead though, resting against Matt's warm form, head resting on his chest. "Thank you for being here with me."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"Sorry," Matt says laughing at the poke. "I know you've got this," he tells her, with a smile and another kiss on her forehead. "Let me know if you need some back up, otherwise I'm going to go talk to this Mark guy and see what I can find out from him," he says. Not that he's doing that now, it's late and this bed with Daisy beside him is way too comfortable to consider leaving. "Don't know, I know she believed what she's saying, but I also believe she's the sort of person to twist things to her advantage, so I believe her, but I'm not sure how much I trust her yet, but I do trust you Daisy, so do what you need to do to get better," he says understanding how that name might give her pause. As for being here, he smiles, "Where else was I going to be? You needed me, and I'm happy to see you find your mom." he says without a bit of hesitation or doubt.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Mark?" That's a new name for Daisy, she lifting her head up to look at Matt for a moment before relaxing again, "Someone here in the settlement? What's with him?" she questions. But indeed, not that Daisy would let Matt go *just* yet. Nope. "Whoever that woman was though, sounds like the type that tells you what you want to hear, and then uses you." clearly not her favorite kind of person considering the small frown that comes to her expression.

"Hell's Kitchen still needs you. Besides, there's Foggy. And you can't let him eat *all* the pie.." she says in a bit of a joking tone, some of the tension seeping away.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"One of the people here, runs the clinic, your mother and Gordon think he's an idealist, I figured that might give him and me some common ground," or you know make him an easy mark. "Could be, I know the type, but if she can see the future, it might be worth the risk. How many times have we had choices to make that we wished we could see the possible outcomes?" he reasons.

He laughs about Foggy, "They need me but so do you, so right now, it's your turn to come first, besides Karen's still there to look after Foggy," he adds, smiling.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Oh, she certainly is the type to keep Foggy in line." Daisy had met her already, and liked the confident secretary. It all sounded a touch distant now though, from some other world. Hell's Kitchen, SHIELD, their other lives... Even with Matt's warning words she was still living that dream.. And while she was more alert she also believed there was hope. Maybe there was an explanation for it all..

"Bobbi put you up to it, didn't she?" She then asks about meeting Mark, quirking a brow. Look, she knows a thing or two about how Bobbi operates. And besides, she still felt somewhat betrayed. But she'd have time to process that about Bobbi later. No good trying to think about that now.

"And mmm, I am not sure about the future, and knowing it. I feel it takes away our freedom of choice. Do I need to know the future to be aware of what the right choice should be?" before she admits, "But I do suppose knowing that the place may be in danger is .., important."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi wanders back in to the guest house with a plate covered in food. "So hungry today for some reason," she muses to herself and sees the two cuddling in bed. "Hey Daisy, how was your morning?," she sits down on the edge of her bed and munches away on bits of bacon and some veggies.

    Ahh, there's a glow about her. She must have had a good first meet with her mother. That might be a bad thing. She can hear it from Maria now - everyone pushed so hard to get let her become an agent, and then when she meets her mother she quits. Noo.. Daisy wouldn't do that. SHIELD means too much to her.

    It doesn't take too much of a guess to imagine Matt shared everything, "So I've been mulling over some sort of metal armor suits to protect SHIELD from these powers the Inhumans have. I think we could conquer this village in under 5 minutes flat," she jokes just to see how Daisy reacts to the idea of SHIELD being the 'metal men'.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt nods. "We agreed to switch, I'm talking to this Mark, she's talking to Reina," he says of the plan. As for the future, "We've always got free will Daisy, but sometimes it'd be nice to see the end of the road we're choosing before we walk down it." Even if he and the church had very different views about those sorts of things.

Matt smells the food before Bobbi arrives, he kisses Daisy's forehead again and sits up. "Hey, they're serving breakfast?" he'd lost track of time. He pulls his shades back on for the moment, though not before rolling his unfocused eyes at the joke about the metal men.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"I don't know. Wouldn't you feel conditioned on your choices if you knew what the future brings..?" Whatever Bobbi just walked into seemed to be getting into some kind of philosophical debate. So maybe it's good that she stepped in! Because food is good! And she feels her stomach grumbling in complaint. "So thoughtful of you..." she leeaaaaans over to steal a piece of bacon off Bobbi's plate like a savage..

"And morning was great, I got to meet Jiaying.." yet her tone is a bit more reserved. Clearly Matt has told her a few things now. And then Bobbi goes on with the joke and that makes her squint her eyes.

"Funny. Or not. Maybe we should start thinking about protecting them instead.." She murmurs, munching on her piece of bacon. "Matt told me they might be preparing to fight. What are your thoughts? What do you think is going on here?"

Yet with that answer, it doesn't seem as if she feels SHIELD would be the type to attack this place.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi raises an eyebrow as Daisy takes some of her bacon. She must be getting soft in her old age, she lets it happen. "I think that security is an illusion and too many people here have bought in to the notion that this place is safe," she says waving a piece of bacon about like a conductors baton.

    "And I think that Gonzales will have found started looking for the radiological signal by now and will likely be here in a day or two. I hope we can convince them that SHIELD can be a friend and that we can help protect them," she eats the bacon.

    "And I really want to know what it is they think we have that they want or need.. but it's a good bargaining chip. I also want to discuss with Jiaying why I have identified at least two wanted felons living here," she adds as a final bit of confusing on top of it all for Daisy.

    "How's your mum?," she adds at the end.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"It's possible to know the outcome of your choices and still be the one to make the choice," Matt reasons, well so long as one believes your choice matters and everything isn't already written. Sitting up, he noteably doesn't try to steal bacon, but then Daisy has known Bobbi for longer and pull it off without a baton in the face for her troubles. "So, SHIELD is likely already on the way?" he asks, "And who are the felons?"

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"It's not a long time for us to find much." Daisy admits with a small sigh, "You guys haven't found any satellite signal either, have you?" she asks, looking between Matt and Bobbi. "We *know* they have some means of contact though, even if it's some antiquated radio somewhere.. They could be using an old, existing system here in the area." she muses but then just sighs, "I don't know if Jia -- my mother, will be ready for them.."

She mirrors Matt's question, "Felons here?" she quirks a brow but then adds, "Well, this *is* a place for people to start again.., but .., yea. Who are they?"

Look, don't dangle a plate of bacon in front of Daisy. She reaches over again to the plate but this time it's to get one for Matt. Honest!

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    "What _are_ you two talking about?," she quizzes on the odd philosophical conversation that is taking place. "As for breakfast, I get that this place is a bit of a commune. If you live here you pitch in. I hate that kind of thing.. oh so very very much. I prefer using money as an abstract to allow me to choose how I get it and how I spend it... also the locals get upset when you call it a cult. Typical cult response."

    Bobbi is in a good mood. Mostly because of the bacon. The weird 'you're one of us' speech she's gotten twice now does not have the same affect on her as it does on Daisy. She has always been on the popular kid. Her finely honed snark skills didn't come from no where.

    "The first one popped out to me immediately. Weiss Hobb. Explosives. Blew up several buildings in Europe a few years back. Seemed to be politically motivated. People died, he disappeared. The second one is Yvette Horne, who has had seven husbands in seven years, each one dying from heart failure in their 40s. Even if this is a 'start again' kind of place, they aren't exactly the sort of people you'd want to start again around. We have metahuman prison for a reason."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt isn't above receiving stolen bacon and taking what's offered by Daisy he says, "Thanks," to them both before taking a bite. "We're talking about Reina's predictions and what it means to know the future," he says. "And no, no signal yet, but that's likely something we'll find when we check out the generator under the clinic.

As for the commune stuff, he shrugs. "Close to how Daisy and I grew up we all had to pitch in with chores around the orphanage, but I think my law partne would agree with you about preferring money," he says with a smile. "Not the best people," he says of Hobb and Horne. "If SHIELD comes is this Gonzales going to try and arrest them?"

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Dangerous people.." Daisy says in agreement, furrowing her brows. She is curious about what Gonzales would do indeed. "Doesn't feel like it would go well if he tried that.." she says, "If my mother speaks of this place whe Inhumans will be safe."

She nods about the commune part, "Either that or get the stink eye from the nuns all day long.." a sigh. That happened more than once to her. Hey, she had things to do besides chores ok?!

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    "I've been in Daisy's van, no chores were ever done in there," she says and hoards the rest of her breakfast from Daisy. "So, predicting the future. I've heard some mindnumbing conversation from Fitz about how time works. I don't recommend it." She smiles and says to Matt, "Fitz is a guy we work with. Extremely smart." As if SHIELD had any other kind of people working there.

    "He's probably initiate negotiations for their extradition. It's not us who wants them, it's interpol.. but they are our ally and they are dangerous people. May be Jiaying things she's doing a good thing - but what is she going to do when someone turns up dead every year from a heart attack?"

    She shrugs her shoulders pondering how much worse these people get when they have super powers. "I'm going to go chat with Reina after lunch. Are you seeing your mother again Daisy? I know Matt has a busy dance card already..."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Smiling about the bit with the nuns, he says, "Don't know what you're talking about Sister Maggie never gave me stink eye for missing chores," calling back to their chat at the church some weeks past. "From what I've seen of her I don't think Jaiying is going to let anyone be taken from this place for any reason, it would kill the trust her people have in her. Might be best to make sure she knows their crimes and deals with it how she sees fit, I doubt she wants to see her own people dropping like flies next time Horne gets it in her head to kill again."

"I've slept in the van once, I know what you mean," he says before nodding about Fitz. "The one who helped make Daisy's gloves along with, Jemma?" he asks the both of them.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"We already established you were Sister Mags's favorite, Matt." Daisy murmurs back, quirking a brow at Matt as if daring him to challenge what she is saying. They know it's true! Gaze then going back to Bobbi. "Ah, I may have told him about Fitz already. And Fitzsimmons." because one doesn't come without the other!

"I don't remember you complaining about the van when you slept there.." Noone likes her van! Betrayers! But she at least grins about it, "At least it's loyal and always there for me..." except when the engine fails. Which is often enough. But she doesn't have to share that.

"And I agree, might be best to let her know. I can.., try to broach things with her perhaps." one more thing to ask about. "I am going to meet her again soon. She is going to help me regain my powers again." that bringing a more wide smile from Daisy.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    "Once we've established some kind of repore I can bring their wanted notices from interpol and share them with her. There has to be a line you don't cross if you want a community like this to thrive and survive... besides which apparently this place is going to be destroyed by the metal men," she says with a slightly concerned look on her face.

    "Did you two grow up in the same orphanage or something?," she says with a raised eyebrow. That'd be an interesting coincidence.. "Now that you've met Jiaying Daisy.. and you heard what I said about her. What is your impression of her?"

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt rolls his eyes, even with his shades on it's clear that's what he's doing. "She pulled me by my ear back to the kitchen plenty of times, I was nobody's favourite," a beat. "Especially Sister Theresa," that was the poor woman who had to teach them catechism and got the brunt of Matt's knack for picking apart arguments and finding loopholes. He smiles at the memory.

"And yeah, we grew up in the same place, it's where we ran into each other four years ago too," he says.

He falls silent then, curious to see what Daisy thought of Jaiying.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"He can't see it like I do." Daisy says about whether Matt was the sister's favorite or not.

The question about her mother has Daisy focus on that, looking thoughtful for a time before she finally answers. "I think she has been through a lot but .., she seems to really care about the people here and ..., she is a lot like I imagined her to be.." or daydreamed about most likely. Which may also explain why she has been so starry-eyed since she came here. Even with the supposed bad news.

"I really felt a connection when we talked and .., she knows a lot about our powers, how we gain them, how we can train them. She has been doing this for a long time. But yes, I figured she didn't tell me everything when we were talking." yet by her tone it seems as if she understands on why not. They have only just met afterall.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi hmms softly and nods her head, "Well. Remember your training," she says - talking about her spy training that is. Not to wear rose tinted glasses. She knows that might be beyond Daisy in this case. Her life long goal of finding her parents has finally come to an end. Dad was a bumpy road.. but Mum 'feels' like winning the lottery.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"Didn't think blind jokes were on the calendar," Matt grins giving Daisy a bit of an elbow as he does. He does nod about what Jia is like. "I can see those parts of her in there, I am hoping in this case your instincts are better than mine," he says though there's a slight turn in Bobbi's direction a quiet little gesture towards saying it'll be up to the two of them to watch Daisy's back.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"New place, new calendar. What do you want me to say?" Daisy quips back at Matt with a quiet chuckle before she takes in a breath. She nods about the training part. "I know. I haven't forgotten who I am." that's good news at least!

She gets up to her feet slowly, "I am going to see about talking with my mother again. You two be careful, don't do anything I wouldn't do and all that." and with that kind of cheekiness she is known for she goes over to tryyyy stealing one last piece of bacon..

One for the road! But regardless of success or not she is then out of the room.